Thursday, 24 February 2011

December Sex Party - Part 3

I'm back home now having spent a good part of the week with Jen. It would have made more sense to stay there and go straight to visit Mike in York, but I have a meeting tomorrow that I have to be at...

This is the final chapter of the sex party - next post will start the events over Christmas.


At his direction, I sat on the sofa and he pulled me forwards so I was lying on it with my ass almost at the edge of the seat. He went down on me again (despite my pussy having multiple loads of his cum in it – although I guess quite a lot had leaked out through the evening). I thought he was just going to get me warmed up (not that I wasn’t still wet), but he ended up going all out and eating me to orgasm, licking both my cunt and ass and sucking on my clit until I came. Almost as soon as my orgasm finished, he lifted me up and held me against the wall while he pushed his cock into me and started to fuck me. I had to hold on to him to keep myself upright, but he ended up lifting up one of my legs so he could get deeper into me which helped. I whispered to him that I didn’t think I could cum again, but he told me that everyone was watching us and I just had to concentrate on the fact that I had that many eyes focused on my cunt. Admittedly, this helped, but I still didn’t think I would be able to cum – in order to help things along further, we ended up moving into the kitchen and I leant against the counter so Mike could fuck me from behind and reach around to rub my clit. As he continued to pump into my cunt, I began to feel the pleasure building up and realised that I would be able to cum if we kept going.

I tried to clench myself around him, but was too tired to manage this well, so just wiggled my ass a bit and told him to keep going. A few people had wandered in to watch while the rest watched something else that was happening in the living room which we could hear but not see. The kitchen had much stronger lighting and I pictured the view that our audience had. I replayed the scenes we had seen from earlier that night and imagined everyone fucking at the same time, all the guys cumming over me and giant cock guy’s cock sliding deep inside me and squirting so much cum into me that it exploded out around his cock and poured down my legs (I know, I’ve been watching too much anime). I told Mike I was going to cum and he said to try and hold on for a little bit (and stopped stroking my clit). He quickly resumed doing this though and pushed deep into me and started making shorter faster strokes. I was now really close, but he came first and pushed hard up against my ass. He continued to rub my clit though and I quickly joined him in cumming. My legs started to weaken and I had to tell him to hold me up – it wasn’t that my orgasm was so incredibly strong, I think it was just exhaustion catching up with me.

Once I had finished cumming and Mike pulled out of me (no cum leakage this time – I think I had milked him dry earlier), I sat down in the kitchen and said that I couldn’t take any more. There was still something happening in the living room, but I didn’t have the energy to go watch until Mike helped me up and we went to sit on the other sofa. The small girl that we had watch giant-cock guy fuck earlier was with another guy. She looked quite drunk, was completely naked and on top riding his cock. She sounded like she was really enjoying it and he was fondling her breasts as they bounced back and forth. Mike saw that I was interested in what they were doing and dropped his hand to rather pink and tender pussy. I swatted it away and told him that I’d cum enough (not something I sat often). I offered to suck him off if he wanted (he didn’t – he had also cum enough for one night). We watched the small girl finish herself off (she was still riding the guy, but was also playing with herself) and she then lay on top of him and kissed him. I remember thinking once again that she had the cutest little ass and wondered if he had ever been ‘converted’ by bi-girl (but was too tired to bother asking).

We decided that we really needed to get home or end up sleeping where we were (which I think would have been an option). Mike tried to call a taxi but was told that it was unlikely they would get one to us so we decided to just brave the cold and walk. I wandered around trying to find all of my clothes and after my little rest on the sofa, was at least awake enough to remain naked while doing this and make sure than whenever I bent over to look under something, I gave a decent pussy view. I found my blouse and skirt but couldn’t find my bra or panties (Mike had lost my panties). They were only a plain pair so I wasn’t too bothered, but asked for people to let me know if they turned up. I pulled my skirt on to save carrying it, then pulled my jeans back on. Finally I put my blouse, shoes and coat on and we headed off.

On the way home, we realised that we should have dared people to go out into the garden naked and play with the snow. I’m fairly sure that this would have been fun, but we did plenty at the party so wasn’t too sorry that we didn’t think of it earlier. It wasn’t too bad a walk home (other than the freezing cold and nearly falling over on the ice multiple times). The cold air definitely woke us up, but sadly didn’t give us any more energy. It was one of the rare times that we went to bed and didn’t do a single thing (not even spooning with Mike inside me). I had some amazing dreams that night though.

I had recovered by the time I woke up the following morning, but Mike said that his balls still ached a bit, so he just went down on me instead of us having sex. This didn’t turn out quite the way he’d hoped though as he gets quite turned on by eating me so ended up with a raging erection that caused his balls to ache even more. Once I’d cum (he was determined to at least manage that), we went to have breakfast. It was clear from the news that my journey back was in some doubt and I hoped that I would have the excuse of my train being cancelled to stay for an extra day. Of course, usually being trapped in York with heavy snow would be a great opportunity to spend the whole day in bed, but between Mike’s discomfort and the fact that we’d spent the previous evening cumming, we decided a better course of action would be to have a restful day.

We started off just watching TV and then decided to go make good use of the snow and went and built a snowman in the back garden. Following on from this, we had a snowball fight and then returned indoors for lunch. Mike was feeling a bit less sort by now and I had an idea to help him recover properly. I used small amounts of snow and gently rubbed it into his balls. He said that this felt good so I continued. I obviously didn’t want to get them too cold but this was solved by the fact that the rubbing seemed to convince Mike that he might be ready to try doing a bit more. I treated him very gently (in a patronising sort of way) and gently stroked his cock, then started to kiss and lick the shaft, before finally sucking on the head and swirling my tongue around it.

He was even more convinced that he was ready to do things by this point, so we returned to bed and had a gentle lovemaking session. He was on top most of the time (good old missionary position) but we rolled around a bit in the middle and I had a turn on top before we returned to missionary – with my legs partly wrapped around him – to finish off. We checked the trains again and confirmed that I wasn’t going to be leaving York and spent a little while sorting through some of our porn collection (you’ve seen a number of the galleries that we sorted out).

Mike didn’t want to cum too many times (in case his balls started to hurt again), but was quite happy to satisfy my lust. He ended up using the long double dildo with one end in my ass and the other in my pussy (with tingle gel of course). We determined that the original position we used for this was the best (me on all fours) and he rocked the dildo between my ass and cunt while I held an egg against my clit. When I came, I asked him to leave the dildo buried ne me for a while and I practiced contracting myself around it (I’ve got fairly good at this now). They say that exercising these muscles leads to having stronger orgasms – I’m not sure if that is actually true, but Mike enjoys it when I squeeze myself around him so it’s a useful trick to have.

I debated on trying to meet up with some people, but it wasn’t the weather for going out and walking too far so just ended up calling some friends and chatting. Mike took this as a challenge to see how much stimulation I could take while in a conversation and he tried a number of different things. At first, he just fingered me, then rubbed my clit, used a vibe, fucked me (quietly) and then went down on me. I managed a whole conversation with Clare without letting on (I think) what was happening but I didn’t fare so well during my conversation with Jo. Of course, I was already pretty turned on from him toying with me during the previous conversation, but I think knowing that it was my cute fuzzy Jo on the other end of the line also helped a bit.

Mike started off by going down on me again and when I started to squirm about (I had kept my voice reasonably steady), he moved up beside me, rolled me onto my side and pushed his cock into me. I continued my conversation with Jo while he fucked me – all was going well until he reached around and started to rub my clit at the same time and then I realised that he was going to make me cum. A part of me wanted to bat his hand away but I also liked the idea of cumming while talking to Jo, so I pulled the foot of my upper leg towards me to spread my legs further and pushed back against his cock.

Mike knew well enough that this meant I wanted him to continue and he started to fuck me a bit harder. I knew that my breathing was getting a bit heavier so I told Jo that we had been outside building a huge snowman and having a snowball fight (which technically we had been – just a number of hours ago) and that I was still a bit out of breath. I concentrated really hard on listening to her and replying with short answers and couldn’t help picturing her there with us (with me being the one doing things to her). I let out a little yelp when I came, but then said that Mike had been tickling me. I let him continue to fuck me while we talked and he came in me after a minute or so and then he stayed pressed deep in me, listening to our chat.

He was still hard when I hung up (but not ready to do anything else), so I just enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside me. We discussed what I wanted to do with Jo (I’m sure you can imagine) and what it would be like to get Jen, Lis, Vicky and myself all doing things to her at the same time and making her cum over and over again. Jo was the subject of so many of my early lesbian fantasies (while Mike was still ‘training’ me to be bi) that she holds a special place in my fantasy world and I once again got fairly turned on. Mike suggested that if I wanted to use my imagination, he could just stroke my neck and we could take a while to give me my next orgasm. I quite liked this idea but we decided to have a toilet break and quick snack before we started.

Once refreshed, we returned to bed and Mike set up the laptop to display a slideshow of our pictures of Beth from Nubiles (who really reminds me of Jo). Mike sat against the headboard and put a pillow on his lap and I lay on the bed with my head on the pillow so I could see the laptop. At first I just relaxed and let him stroke my neck and then once it started to feel a bit better than just ‘nice’, I also started looking at the images of Beth. We rehashed one of the fantasies from years ago – Jo was sleeping over and things ended up developing so we made each other cum. Mike continually stroked and gently tickled my neck while we worked our way through the fantasy and while I pictured sliding my tongue between her pussy lips and hunting out her clit, I could feel the tingling building in my own pussy.

It takes quite a while for me to cum with just neck stroking and Mike kept telling me to stop squeezing my legs together or do anything that helped to stimulate myself. As my passion increased, he also gently teased my nipples with his other hand and it reached the stage where I couldn’t stop myself from opening and closing my legs. This is such a delicious way to cum – although it’s also torturous when I’m so close, but know that it’s still going to take a while to get to release. For the final part, we returned to the fantasy of Jen, Lis, Vicky and I all fucking Jo and driving her wild. I pictured her sweet naked body writing around as orgasm after orgasm tore through her and them imagines planting myself on her face and feeling her tongue explore my pussy. As my orgasm started, I imagined spreading her pussy lips and burying my tongue in her and I felt the warmth spread out from my pussy and engulf my body.

A ‘neck orgasm’ isn’t usually anywhere near as strong as some of the other ways to cum (direct clit stimulation, fingering, fucking...) but it can be very satisfying. It’s is usually much deeper – as if the feeling is rolling or pulsing throughout my whole body, emanating out from my pussy in waves. This orgasm felt just like that and I continued to imagine how Jo’s pussy felt and tasted and how her body would writhe under me as I made her cum. I really wanted to stroke myself, but the only (physical) stimulation I was allowed was Mike’s hands on my neck and nipples. I moaned a fair bit and as my orgasm tailed off, I felt an incredible sense of well-being and steeled back against Mike. My head was still in his lap and he was rubbing my hair against his cock. I mentioned that he had earlier said that he wasn’t ready to do anything more, but apparently in this age of equality, if a woman has the right to change her mind, so does a man. He said that my hair felt really nice so I suggested that he keep going for a while until I recovered, and if he happened to cum before I had recovered, then I would just end up with sticky hair (until we showered).

Mike gather up a bit more of my hair and wrapped it around his cock – I couldn’t really turn my head to watch, but could see out of the corner of my eye. We once again returned to the early fantasy – whenever I got to do thing with Jo (or any of my other friends), he also got to join in with us, so we continued with him joining us and sliding his cock into her wet pussy while she continued to eat me. It’s been quite a while since Mike has used my hair to cum, and he really enjoyed it. Before he actually came I said that I would help out if he wanted, but he opted to carry on as he was and came directly in my hair. He wiped his hand over my neck and across my body and untangled his cock from my hair. There wasn’t too much cum (he’d cum not too long before), but I needed to wash my hair so once we had relaxed for a while, we went to shower.

After a lazy dinner and realising that there was nothing good on TV, we decided to give Sue a call. We chatted for a bit but soon found out that her bf was with her, so it limited the conversation we could have somewhat. Or so I thought, but Mike ended up going down on me and getting me to describe to her what he was doing. Of course, she couldn’t say much in return, but she got to hear me cum and then Mike threatened to go straight into fucking me (but he was only teasing as he’d cum enough). He had a quick chat with her and when we had hung up, we joked that her bf was probably about to get lucky.

We didn’t do much for what was left of the evening and decided to get a reasonably early night. Other than having a tickling match, we didn’t do anything in bed and just curled up to keep warm while we fell asleep. The following morning, Mike woke up and mounted me and we had a fairly intense (but short) session before he went to work. I really wanted to just stay for the rest of the week, but needed to get back up north to pick up presents and things to take home for Christmas. As I said, Mike still had to go into work anyway, but it would have been a good chance for a couple of extra days holiday to meet up with friends. After checking the trains were running (sort of), I made my way to the station and waited for ages. Fortunately, they allowed me to use my ticket from Sunday’s cancelled train and I finally made it back by late afternoon. It then took me a fair while to get back to my place (which was freezing). I wasn’t at all tired that night as I had been dozing on the train, so ended staying up quite late chatting to Jen. I gave her a full description of our weekend and we couldn’t wait to see each other (it had been a couple of weeks).

We had lots of plans for our time together and I ended up talking her into playing with herself while I was on the phone (as you can probably imagine, it didn’t take much to convince Jen to want to cum). Of course, I didn’t make her do things by herself and I broke out a selection of toys and pleasured myself at the same time. Jen came before I did, but gave me a nice visual image to cum to by describing what she would do to Lis and Vicky if she was given the chance (when I actually came, she was describing sharing the long double dildo with Vicky while they both ate Lis – it wasn’t clear if Vicky was eating Lis’ pussy and Jen licking her ass, but I wasn’t really concerned about the details).

By the time we finished playing, I was ready for bed (well, I’d been *in* bed for a while, but I was ready for sleep). I said goodnight to Jen, had a quick chat with Mike and went to sleep alone. I didn’t feel as lonely as usual after returning from visiting one of them as it was a short week and I knew we would be spending the holiday together.


  1. Hi Andi

    I loved your sex party - I read all three parts before commenting.

    It was great to read about all the other people fucking and watching you being fucked by Mike. Its a good job he can cum so many times!

    Do you think you might get big cock guy to fuck you using a condom next time or maybe Mike fucks bi girl while you lick her clitty ?

    Cheers, John

  2. I don't think I'm quite up for other guys fucking me (despite it being my greatest fantasy). It would certainly be interesting to find out what giant cock guy feels like though and if he could cum a huge amount I would love to sit on the floor in front of him and have his cover me with cum

  3. Once he has covered you in spunk the other girls could lick you clean !

    How exciting would it be to feel all those hot tongues wriggling over your tits and lapping up his cum ?

    Cheers, John

  4. Mmm - that would indeed be quite nice. I think Jen would get a lot more out of that than I would though (with her hyper sensitive nipples).

    I still have the fantasy about being fucked properly by a whole group of guys and girls and having them cum over me and lick me clean - if only STDs didn't exist I'm sure I could get people at the party to help me out with this...