Tuesday, 15 February 2011

How to pass the time when snowed in

I'm going to have an extended visit to Jen next weekend (I haven't figured out quite how long I'll be staying for yet). For now though, here is the end of the weekend I started writing about in the last entry...


Mike requested that I put the Japanese schoolgirl uniform on so I dug it out of the wardrobe and disappeared into the bathroom (I think it is more effective if I can appear with it all on rather than letting someone watch as I get dressed). I did the full thing and also put my hair up into bunches. Mike was waiting naked in bed for me and he seemed to appreciate the effort I had gone to. The only think I had left off was the shoes (but then we were indoors and I’m informed that the Japanese are very particular about not wearing outdoor shoes indoors anyway, so I guess I was doing it right). I climbed up onto the bed and straddled Mike, lifted my skirt and rubbed my panties against his cock. We kissed and he caressed my outer thighs – helping to guide my movement – and then pushed his hands into my panties and onto my ass.

We rolled around for a bit and I ended up with one of his legs between mine (which I used to hump against). I could feel his cock pressed against my leg and he was moving against me so I told him that we should do things properly and just fuck. Mike moved down between my legs - my skirt was already up around my waist so he just pulled the crotch of my panties aside and pushed into me. I quite like being fucked with my panties on (which is odd as I generally don’t like wearing them). He lifted my legs up and held them against his shoulders (he really likes this position when I’ve got my long white socks on) and started off using long steady strokes into me. At first he just fucked me but after a while, he lowered one leg and rubbed my clit. I assumed from this that he was really enjoying it (he knew that this would make me cum fairly quickly and therefore he must have wanted to cum fairly quickly). I rocked my body back and forth against his strokes and helped to hold my panties out of the way so he could get better contact with my clit. This worked very well and I told him that I was getting really close.

He told me to hang on for as long as I could and I did everything I could think of to keep myself from cumming (and even half planned a new experiment in the process). I couldn’t hold back forever though (not even experimental design was dull enough to stop the sensations his cock and fingers were giving me) and I let him know that I was about to lose the battle. Mike sped up his movements and said that I’d done pretty well and he was having trouble holding back anyway. I told him to unload in me and fill my cunt with his cum and I let all thoughts of science leave my head and once again concentrated on the pleasure. I was actually closer than I had realised and my orgasm very quickly built up and exploded through me. Mike kept telling me to keep going for as long as I could, but he didn’t cum until a little after I had finished. He jammed his cock hard into me a number of times and each time I felt my pussy almost pulse around him. He ended up buried in me, not moving and then finally let me other leg drop.

When he pulled out, he quickly pulled my panties back over my pussy and while we kissed, I could feel them getting damp (but I was a bit distracted by the fact that his cock was still pressing against them). After we had kissed for a while (some of which was him kissing my neck and getting me nice and aroused again), I asked if we wanted another round (he was still hard), but he said he needed a bit longer to recover. He figured that I was ready though and fished out one of the remote control eggs. Between us, we worked it into my panties and positioned it against my clit. Mike pressed himself against me to help hold it in place and he resumed kissing my neck while it buzzed away. We had to push it back into place a couple of times, but it stayed in place remarkable well otherwise and between it and my neck being kissed, it was a very enjoyable experience. We only used the low power setting, which wouldn’t have been enough to make me cum by itself, but it felt like I could feel the buzzing spreading up and the neck kissing/licking spreading down.

Even with the egg, it took quite a while and I ended up lying across the bed with my head over the edge. This obviously made it easier for Mike to kiss and stroke my beck, but also increases the amount of blood in the head, which is meant to make orgasms feel better (I say *meant to* because I’m not entirely sure I can tell the difference, but my orgasms are quite variable in intensity, depth and length anyway so it’s difficult to tell). This orgasm certainly felt very good though (but I attribute that to the double stimulation and the long build up). Mike was lying beside me when I came so the egg wasn’t pressed hard against my clit (and when I tried to push it against myself, I was told to leave it alone). My orgasm seemed to fill my body and rolled along for what felt like a long time (probably due to the relatively gentle stimulation). Even when I finished cumming, the vibration of the egg still felt nice against my clit. Mike kept kissing and stroking my neck in the hope that I would cum again – and I enjoyed what he did, but after another few minutes it was clear that I wasn’t about to become multi-orgasmic, so we stopped and I fished the egg out of my panties.

By this time, Mike was more than ready for some fun and I went down on him while I let my pussy have a break. I took about half his cock in my mouth and bobbed up and down, then flicked my tongue over his glans and then swirled it around the head. Mike said that he wanted to cum in me and I thought that I was probably ready (if a bit tired). He wanted to take me from behind again so I knelt on the bed and he pulled up my skirt. My panties were pulled down slightly (to mid-thigh level) and he pushed into me. Mike really likes this position when I’m in uniform (especially the Japanese one) as he loves the view he has of his cock sliding into me with the white panties, white socks and pleated skirt. He described the view to me down to how my cunt grasped at him as he pulled out and I decided that I probably had enough energy left in me for another orgasm after all. I picked up the egg and rubbed it against my clit and around his cock and he fucked me. This time we worked really hard to cum at the same time (although Mike still made things last). When I was getting close, we gave a running count of how close we thought we were to cumming and would slow down or speed up to compensate. After a couple of false starts, we pretty much nailed it.

I actually think it’s better when Mike cums a few seconds after me as he can then keep fucking me for longer, but this was still nice. I came and he followed almost immediately. He pushed hard into me and managed to still move a little bit, but mostly it was the egg that did the work at this point. My orgasm wasn’t anywhere near as deep this time, but Mike seemed to enjoy his one and when he pulled out, asked me to stay in the kneeling position for a minute so he could admire the view. A little cum trickled out and ran down my leg, but nothing like the previous time. I reached back with both hands and spread my lips for him and he asked if I wanted him to use a vibe on me. As much as I love dressing up and being in such an exposed position, I’d had enough for that night so we decided to just relax and watch a film until we fell asleep.

I was going to get undressed but Mike wanted me to leave the uniform on. This had a somewhat strange effect as even though he knew he wasn’t capable of anything more, he was still hard and kept stroking my legs and panties. After a while, I asked if he wanted to do anything else, but he said he didn’t think he could cum again, but could make me cum if I wanted. I briefly debated letting him go down on me or finger me, but decided that I’d actually cum enough and felt fairly satisfied. We decided to compromise and I hiked up my skirt, pulled my (somewhat soggy) panties aside and Mike pushed into me. We then fell asleep spooning – at one point I thought we were about to launch into a proper session, but nothing came of it.

I got up to pee in the night and decided to prepare a surprise for Mike (I washed his cum out of my pussy and put on a fresh pair of panties before returning to bed). This meant that when he woke in the morning and slipped down between my legs (and up under my skirt), there was a clean pussy waiting for his mouth. He made good use of this and I had a proper wake up orgasm (I was awake before he started, but I was even more awake by the end). After a short recovery period, Mike peeled my panties off and said I could choose the position. I decided to go on top but also wanted to watch so I moved a mirror to the end of the bed and mounted him, facing away from him. I hadn’t really considered that this gave him the same view as when he took me from behind, but he likes that anyway – I just wanted to see what the image was like of me fucking as a Japanese schoolgirl. I started with the skirt down, spread around me and then lifted it so I could watch my cunt swallowing his cock. His fingers rubbed over my ass and then one pressed into me so I decided to complete the tri and played with my clit. I came first by quite a long way and then Mike took over and pumped into me. I was quite sensitive from my orgasm, but I enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me, getting faster as he got closer to cumming.

When we finally got up, it was clear that the uniform would need a serious wash, but we had used it for almost 12 hours and fucked a number of times. I ended up wearing it while we went into the shower and then Mike slowly peeled the wet items off me, leaving me with just the socks on. He really wanted to use the shower on me, but the water pressure is nothing like in York (or at Jen’s place), so he ended up eating me again while I stood with my back to the wall and the shower running over me. By the time I’d cum (third one of the day), I needed breakfast, so I peeled off the wet socks, dried myself off and we went to eat (food).

The snow was still quite bad so we ended up heading into town early (so Mike didn’t miss his train). Of course, this was delayed, so we spent quite a long time just sitting in Starbucks, going for lunch, then back to another coffee place (it was too cold to be out for long). Once Mike finally left, I had the task of getting home alone (buses were mostly cancelled or delayed), but I made it back and once again dived under the covers to warm up. I called Jen and told her about the weekend and we lamented the fact that we weren’t going to see each other for another couple of weeks. She had generously let me go to York the following weekend for another sex party (but then again, Mike had paid for her to come up and visit during my viva weekend). She promised that we would have another play with the Japanese outfits over Christmas and we ended up having phone sex (just so she didn’t feel left out).

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