Thursday, 3 February 2011

PhD Weekend - Part 2

I saw the cutest girl while waiting for the train on the way home today. The platform was packed (the trains were delayed due to strong winds) and she was standing there fiddling with her iPhone. Blonde hair, really nice skin and wearing opaque tights (unfortunately her skirt was just above the knee, but it was still cute). She got off at my stop as well, but didn't go in the same direction I did (and I wasn't about to start stalking her). I'll have to be more observant and see if I run into her again.

Back to the second half of my weekend in York...


Vicky and Lis were sitting up on the bed beside each other, Jen was in a chair with her legs crossed and I was sitting on the end of the bed. It all started out innocuously enough and after an initial catch up, I asked if Vicky and Lis were still a ‘secret’. A couple of people knew, but Vicky still didn’t want it to be generally known, so they still weren’t publicly a couple. I said that I thought this was a pity as they went together really well and seemed very happy together (at which point they hugged). We got to chatting about what we had been up to and Jen related the tale of having made me cum in front of people at her birthday party. I was bright red by the end of it and told Jen that if she wasn’t careful I’d get her to do something where she was sitting. Now Lis knew about whoever was visiting having to do whatever the other one said, but Vicky didn’t (at least she didn’t know fully – I think Lis had told her something before), so we explained the rules of the game and how it all started (which we think was during my visits to Jen at Uni a year or so ago).

We had to edit some of the details of things over the summer as we obviously didn’t want to let on that Sue had been involved, but a lot of the other details came out (Lis already knew most of this and had probably told V some of them before). The atmosphere in the room had certainly changed and I think it was obvious that we were all affected by our conversation so we decided to have fourseome and spent the afternoon having sex.... Oops, got distracted and drifted off into fantasy land there for a moment... Okay, so there were no fourseomes, but we *were* all affected and I was subtly squeezing my thighs together.

When Vicky disappeared off to the toilet, I asked Lis if she minded if I asked something personal and when she said it was fine, I asked if she had got round to shaving herself completely. She said that she had and that Vicky had as well and without thinking about it, I said that I bet it looked really nice. She doesn’t like the fact that she have to keep shaving so often or the stubble rubs on her panties and I said that was the main reason (other than my exhibitionist tendencies) that I don’t wear panties if at all possible. I lifted my skirt and showed her that I was naked under my tights and Vicky returned and asked what I was doing. We caught her up with our conversation and she said that was all well and good, but not useful if wearing trousers. I told her that on the contrary, while I rarely wear trousers, it can feel really nice if you don’t wear panties and have the trousers tights enough that the seam rubs against your pussy (providing it’s not rough material of course). I told her to give it a try (he had jeans on) and we clapped and had a chorus of ‘take ‘em off’ (her panties).

Of course she didn’t do this and said that she wasn’t about to strip in front of us so I reminded her that she had already flashed me in the toilet when we’d been out on our double date. I only remembered after I’d said this that I hadn’t actually seen her pussy (just Lis’) and had only really seen Vicky in the mirror after I’d said that, but Vicky didn’t pick up on it. I got off the bed and moved over to Jen and said that it wasn’t as if it was a big deal anyway, pushed Jen’s skirt up (not difficult given how short it was) and pulled her panties aside. I restrained from fingering her, but held her panties out of the way for long enough for both Vicky and Lis to get a good look at her. I didn’t pull them back into place, but they mostly covered her when I let go and I did pull her skirt back down (again – this didn’t make much of a difference). As I went back over to the bed I continued and said that Lis had seen my pussy often enough while we’d been chatting and that Lis had shown us (well, me – Vicky had obviously seen Lis’ before) at the club.

I know that Vicky isn’t really reserved (both from some of the things I’ve heard from her and from Lis) and I felt that this was quite a good opportunity so I didn’t intend to let it go (unless I got the feeling I was pushing too far). I said to Lis that if she showed me hers, I’d show her mine (and then added that this probably wasn’t much of an offer as she has seen mine before anyway), but I was pleased (and a bit surprised) when she said okay. She stood up and slipped her panties down her legs before sitting back down on the bed. She very coyly hiked her skirt up (she had a longer skirt on – just below the knee) and spread her legs a bit. It wasn’t as if she spread them wide apart and opened her pussy, but it was enough to get a look and she was indeed completely shaved. I kept my end of the bargain up and pulled my tights down and sat cross legged on the bed facing Vicky and Lis. I really wanted to touch myself (or finger myself to orgasm), but I just looked straight at V and said that it was her turn – and if she didn’t, then Jen and I would hold her down and I’d get Lis to pull her jeans off.

I didn’t really know what I expected Vicky to do, but she sighed and unzipped her jeans, wiggled then down her legs and showed us. Her pussy is quite similar to mine – the inner lips are fairly visible. After sitting like that for a few seconds, she asked if I was satisfied and I said that I was and I thought they had both done a really good job of shaving. Vicky pulled her panties and jeans back up and I pulled my tights back up. I noticed that Lis just kicked her panties off (but pulled her skirt down) and I looked over at Jen and told her that maybe as part of my revenge, she should go home pantiless. At my instruction, she got up, removed her panties and handed them to me and sat back down. Her skirt was still mostly covering her pussy and I asked if I should get my revenge properly. Vicky asked what I meant and I said that given what Jen had done to me over the past year, I could do anything they wanted including getting her to dance around naked and masturbate for us. I get the feeling that Lis might have actually been up for this if it had just been the three of us, but Vicky said that would be too cruel and I decided that I had probably gone as far as I safely could.

I told Jen that she had gotten a reprieve, but that I would find another way to get my own back and I sat back down on the bed. Of course, this hadn’t helped with how turned on I was and I was convinced that I could smell my own arousal (although that could have been a mix of all of us). I kept picturing Lis’ pussy in my mind and knowing that she was naked under her skirt meant I was continually hoping that she would switch position and let me get another look. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and we just chatted for a bit longer before deciding that we should head back and meet up with Mike for dinner. There had been rumblings of another outing that night, but enough people said that they didn’t want to trudge out through the snow that it was cancelled. We arranged to meet for coffee before Jen and I left the next day and headed home.

On the way out, I gave Lis a hug and told her that I was glad she had convinced Vicky to go bald and how I was sure she would enjoy eating her more – Lis whispered back that it was better and we would talk. Of course, I gave Vicky a hug too, but (despite what happened earlier) I’m still not as used to talking dirty around her so I just told her to look after Lis for me. As we walked home, we discussed the afternoon and I made Jen slip her skirt off so she was semi naked under her coat (it wasn’t as if it was doing a lot to keep her warm anyway). After a bit of encouragement from her, I did the same (but I still had my tights on) and we wandered home through the snow. By the time we arrived, we were both fairly cold, but Mike had a fire going, so we sat down in front of it to warm up. Jen was still without skirt and panties and I removed my tights to keep her company. We told Mike what had happened and described as best we could what Lis and Vicky’s pussies looked like and he clearly enjoyed the image. He said it was a great pity that Jen hadn’t got to cum in front of them but maybe we had made the first step in that direction (or even having a foursome).

We debated on what we should do that evening and decided that we’d had enough of the cold so would stay in and watch a film. Both Jen and I stayed semi naked while we did this (but we kept the fire going to keep nice and warm). We called a few people up and convinced them to brave the snow and meet up for brunch the next day and settled down with food. After the film, we just chatted and finally went to bed around midnight. I was in with Mike and we had our usual fuck before going to sleep.

On Sunday morning, I woke up first and sucked him awake (I woke him before I really got to do anything as my hair ticked him), but he didn’t seem to mind too much and enjoyed my ministrations. I was going to stop before he came and let him fuck me, but decided that as I had started things, I should finish them off and so continued sucking him until he came. I told him he could relax for a bit and I would return for round two and headed in to Jen’s room. She was already awake and had heard Mike’s moans as I had tended to him so she was ready for some attention herself. I let her choose what we should do and she said that seeing as she felt quite rested, we should go all out on something strenuous. We decided to go for the long double dildo and after lubing it up, I worked one end into Jen and mounted the other end.

We took turns at humping it and then also took turns lying on top and humping until we came (the person on the bottom held the dildo in place so the one on top had something to push against). We put quite a bit of effort into it and had worked up quite a bit of heat by the time we had both cum. I couldn’t rest straight away though as I had promised Mike that I would return to him for his second round, so after just a short respite, I took the dildo with me and went back to our bedroom.

I let him taste Jen off the dildo (he had to guess which end she had used and he got it right). As his reward, he got to fuck me (this would probably have been his penalty as well). I let him choose the position and he said that he wanted me on top, facing away from him. I dutifully mounted his cock and slid down it until he was fully inside me. Once I started rocking back and forth, he rubbed a thumb around my ass – not actually in me, but just pressing slightly into me. I clenched my pussy around him which moving up and down and also rubbed my clit. It was a wonderful mix of sensations and neither of us took too long to cum. I did need a bit of a rest after this and Mike got up to make a light breakfast for us.

Jen joined him downstairs and they brought it up to me and we all ate (breakfast) together on the bed. By the time we had showered, it was nearly time to head out to meet people for brunch, so we took turns showering, got dressed and headed out. I had selected another fairly revealing outfit for Jen (oh I wish I was young again and immune to cold) and I considered getting her to remove her skirt once more while we walked, but decided against it (I probably should have got her to do this – she could have gone to the toilet to get dressed again without anyone seeing). We had a nice time and I was pleased that things didn’t seem awkward with Lis and Vicky (despite the fact I like pushing things, I am aware that not everyone is as adventurous as we are).

I didn’t have much of an opportunity to do anything with her as we were in the middle of the cafe, but (despite appearances from this blog), I sometimes enjoy things other than sex and we had a good time. My train was a couple of hours before Jen’s, so after they had both seen me off at the station, they wandered around for a bit and went to a pub for a drink. Even though Mike and Jen talk on the phone regularly, this was the first time they had seen each other for a while, so it was probably good for them to have some time to catch up. Jen spent the time teasing him – almost letting his see up her skirt, brushing against him and describing various things that she and I have done. Mike had to spend a bit of time calming down before he could walk her to the station and just before she left, she gave him a big kiss and pressed herself firmly against him until she felt him grow hard again.

She texted me to tell me this and I dozed off and had a dream about the two of them having sex in the middle of the pub, so woke up very excited that we would now be able to have the ‘proper’ threesome that I dream of, but had to wait until I got home to actually play with myself. I called Mike and we masturbated together while imagining him fucking Jen (I was sitting on her face and we then switched round). Once we had both cum, I called Jen and told her what we’d just done and she promised to tease him more the next time she sees him (Christmas – which has of course already happened, but I won’t write about it for a couple of weeks).


  1. Hi Andi

    Sorry I've been away from the blog for a bit - I've really missed it!

    Nice to see Jen happy to be semi-naked alongside you with Mike in the room. I hope this moves on and your threesome fantasy comes true.

    Cheers, John

  2. I'm glad you've returned - it's always nice to know that someone is reading this!

    Yep, Jen is happy to be naked around Mike, but still no proper threesome (where we all can do things to each other).