Saturday, 12 February 2011

Uses for snow

The start of December was meant to be lots of fun – Lis was finally going to come up and visit and I had all sorts of things planned (most – if not all – of which would never have actually happened), but due to the travel disruption caused by the snow, she couldn’t get up (well, she probably could have, but we didn’t know how long it would take so we postponed the visit).

The one really good thing I did during this period was to start self defence classes. Given some of the situations I (or we) put ourselves in, I appreciate that we’ve been fairly lucky so far in that nothing bad has happened. I doubt I’m ever going to be able to fight off a group of attackers so do much damage to anyone who knows what they are doing, but even just in the last few months I feel that I’ve learned enough to ‘dissuade’ someone from trying to hurt/rape us. Of course, the more sensible option (which we’re going to take) is to try to make sure that we aren’t in as many risky situations – but we still intend to have fun so don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more to write about (I hope).

Mike came up to see me the following weekend and brought up some of my toys from York. I was planning ahead and had a selection of things for him to take back so that we had them for when Jen would be there after Christmas (but I obviously didn’t want to be bereft of things to use throughout December). He didn’t get here until quite late (the trains were still being disrupted due to the wrong kind of snow). I had gone out with friends from work and then gone home a little bit before he got there. He hadn’t eaten, so I prepared a quick meal for him and met him at the front door wearing just a small apron (this was a rather poorly thought through idea as it was freezing outside and his clothes were also freezing when he hugged me. Once the door was shut, he got his coat off and we headed back into the kitchen it was a bit better though. He demonstrated just how cold it was outside (as if I didn’t know) by eating me while I leant against the kitchen cabinets. Of course, having my pussy glued to his face also helped to warm his face up, but in the meantime, his cold skin added something to the experience. I thought he was just going to give me a little lick, but he kept going, holding me against his face (as if I was going to move away) and it didn’t take too long for me to cum.

He then stood up and kissed me so I could taste my juices and then (despite his obviously hard cock), he said that he needed some food before we went any further. I let him eat and we chatted while he did this. As he neared the end of dinner, I started to rub his jeans with my foot and felt his cock harden again. I thought it was only fair to get him off and so once his jeans had been removed, I first sucked him, then positioned myself over him and slid down onto his cock. I rode up and down, enjoying the feeling of him filling me and when he said that my cunt felt so hot, I had an idea. I told him to wait on the bed and I went to the front door with a bowl. I carefully stepped out (still naked) and scooped up a pile of fresh snow. I ran back into the room and rubbed a bit of it on his cock. After repeating this a couple of times, I quickly mounted him again and I could feel them temperature difference. Of course, it made me cunt feel a lot warmer to him as well and we decided to see how far we could go with this.

After dismounting him again, I retrieved a towel for him to lie on and took his cock in my mouth. I then scooped up a much larger amount of snow and held it around his cock – only for about 10 seconds as it got too cold for him after that. I mounted him again and he said that my cunt now felt like it was on fire (and his cock certainly felt very cold inside me – until it warmed up again that is). We repeated this a few times, making sure not to keep the snow in place for too long (I didn’t want him getting frostbite). We both really enjoyed the feeling when he slid into me and I tried contracting myself around him to enhance the sensation. After about 5 or 6 rounds of this, a lot of the snow had melted and Mike said that he couldn’t take much more and wanted to fuck me. I squeezed my cunt around him again and told him to do his best.

I was pulled down on top of him, he grabbed my ass and pounded into me. I got a running description of how much he loved the way my cunt felt (even more so when I squeeze) and how he was going to fill me with his cum. I wanted to cum again but wasn’t getting quite enough stimulation in the position we were in, but told him to go ahead and empty himself inside me. He pulled me against him even harder and came with a loud moan. Had hoped that he would keep going for a little bit and I might have been able to cum, but apparently the sensation was too strong and he just held me against him while I tried to milk him try by contracting around him. Even when he stopped pulling me to him, I stayed speared on his cock for a while before we rolled over (so he was on top). He lifted my legs up and told me to hold them in place (which I did) and he pulled out of me. He then went down on me, holding my pussy lips wide apart and concentrating his licking on my clit.

It was very messy licking – I could feel his saliva on me, but this was intentional. He licked away and drooled into me until I came (it didn’t take long as I had also been enjoying the ride) and continued to lick (but more gently) until my orgasm had finished. I was told to hold my pussy and stand up and when I did, a flood of saliva and cum ran down my legs. He said that he knew he had cum a fair amount in me, but had wanted to get as much liquid in me as possible (hence the way he licked me), and I caught as much of it as possible and rubbed it around my thighs and pussy. Even though I’d just cum, I grabbed a dildo, sat on a chair and fucked myself with it, to the accompaniment of lots of wet squelching sounds. I hadn’t intended to go all the way, but Mike knelt beside me and rubbed my clit so I thought I may as well and fucked myself to my third orgasm of the evening. By the time I finished, the chair was somewhat wet and I was pretty tired. Mike was still hard (or hard again – I hadn’t really been paying attention).

We climbed back into bed and I told him that while I was spent, he was free to use me if he wished. He pushed back into my cunt and moved gently, but said that he would save up the next batch for the morning fuck, so we fell asleep with his cock pressed deep inside me and continuing to slowly pump in and out of me.

As he had promised, I woke the following morning with his cock rubbing against my ass. I needed to pee before we did anything, so we went and brushed our teeth at the same time (it’s not as if he hasn’t seen me pee before – or even seen me pee on Jen!). When we returned to bed, we resumed the spooning position, and got started, but then switched to me kneeling and him taking me doggy style. He would usually rub my clit in this position, but I used an egg on myself and he used a second egg on my ass – pressing it against the asshole. It was an enjoyable experience and because Mike didn’t have to try to lean around me to get to my clit, he could move much more freely and give me a good fucking. We managed to get up a good enough rhythm to get the bed knocking on the wall. As we got close to cumming (we were trying to cum together), Mike stopped using the egg on my ass so he could use both hands to spread my cheeks and get that little bit deeper in me. We don’t know if this actually works, but it certainly *feels* like it does (both for him and me).

He used long strokes, the end of his cock just about bumping my cervix (note to guys – you don’t want to actually hit it as it damn hurts!). I had the egg on my clit on high by this point and was rocketing towards cumming myself (and making enough noise that he knew that). We think we came at about the same time – I certainly felt him jam his cock the whole way in as my orgasm started, but he was able to still move a little bit as well. I moaned into the pillow and Mike made a couple of long strokes into me, slamming against my ass and them pressed a finger slightly into my asshole and wiggled it around. I felt like I could have kept cumming, but I dropped the egg (for some reason it was wet and slippery – no idea why that would be!). I rubbed myself a little, but my orgasm started to fade and I just panted as to how good it had felt.

When Mike pulled out, I felt some if his cum dribble out and down my leg (but nowhere near as much as the previous night), and I fell /rolled sideways onto the bed. Mike rested for a bit before going to prepare breakfast. He returned 5-10 minutes later with a tray of food and coffee. I was lying on my side with my top leg drawn up and he stood to appreciate the view (this is one of his favourite positions – we have lots of pics of girls in similar positions). I watched his cock rise to attention again (apparently the cum leaking out of my pussy was a nice additional touch).

When he came over to me, I sat up and gave his cock a little lick, then stole some of the marmalade from the toast and rubbed it on the end of his cock before sucking it off. I would have happily gone straight into round 2, but I sometimes forget that Mike doesn’t recover as fast as I do (except sometimes when he seems to somehow manage to do so). We had breakfast and I gave him a couple more licks, then we moved into the bathroom.

Round 2 consisted of me leaning against the wall (facing it) and Mike taking me from behind while reaching around to rub my clit. At one point he slipped out of me and when he went to push himself back in, he ended up at my ass. I wasn’t bothered (both feel good) so I pushed back against him and he slowly entered me. My ass is obviously much tighter and while we fucked, Mike commented on how nice it felt and teased me about my flabby pussy. I knew that my pussy is still relatively tight (despite the amount of use it gets) so I retorted that if that was how he felt, then he wouldn’t be allowed to use it in future. He told me that I wouldn’t survive if I wasn’t regularly fucked and I pointed out that I had Jen to take care of me, but he said that I would still miss having his cock buried in me (he’s right, a dildo just isn’t the same). In the end he relented and said that my cunt was still nice and tight, but that he was now about to unload in my ass. He had been frigging my clit the whole way through this conversation and I was fairly close as well so I told him to wait for a bit, but it turned out that I was closer than he was anyway. He made me cum first as he loved the feeling of me cumming when he is buried in my ass and it wasn’t until I had finished that he came.

With the shower out of the way, we had to decide what to do that day. It was too cold out to play around, so I decided to wear a pair of jeans for a change (I thought I’d done quite well at making it this far into winter before giving up my skirts). We wrapped up and took a walk into town (waiting for the bus was rather pointless as they kept being cancelled). By the time we got there, we were rather cold and a bit tired so we went for a coffee and cake to recover. With this out of the way, we wandered round the shops and did a bit more Christmas shopping. After a while (and picking up some food for that night), we went home and warmed up under the covers (just warmed up at this point). Once we had warmed up though, we thought that we should make use of the fact that we were already in the bedroom.

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