Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 11

Just a short post today to finish off the day from the previous entry...

After a bit of time to recover, I went back to join Jen and Mike went off to the shower. Jen was fully rested and we went down to watch some TV while waiting for Mike. When he surfaced, we decided that we should go out and get some air and went for what turned into a fairly long walk away from town. It was still a very cold day and we were mostly wrapped up well apart from Jen who I had instructed to wear one of her short skirts (with long socks so she didn’t freeze). When we were a little way out, Mike said that he needed to pee and disappeared behind a tree. Jen thought that this was a very good idea and we wandered a little bit off the path so she could find somewhere suitable. She found a log, pulled off her panties, lifted her skirt and sat down. She spread her legs and peed, letting out a rapid stream that splattered the ground in front of her, leaving patterns on the snow. I’d half expected her to put on a proper display and to make herself cum, but Mike was there with us (she says that this had nothing to do with it) and she just continued to pee until she had finished. As would be expected, her thighs were a bit damp by the time she finished and she used her panties to wipe herself clean before handing them to Mike and suggesting that he keep them in his boxers. He stuffed them down the front of his trousers (where there was already a bulge) and Jen suggested that I relieve myself as well.

I pointed out that this would be a bit more difficult for me as I had tights on, but after a bit of nagging, I agreed and with Mike helping me balance, I removed my tights. I opened my coat and pulled my skirt up before sitting on the log near where Jen had sat. I was shocked at how cold the snow felt on my ass (yes, I know snow is cold, but it was still a shock). I repeated what Jen had done and even had a little play with my clit while I peed – not enough to get me off, but enough to feel nice. Mike fished Jen’s panties out and wiped me down before stuffing them back into his shorts while Jen helped my put my tights back on. We left the area of yellow snow and headed back home to warm up and have some food.

We didn’t have any more plans for the day so just sat around and chatted. Jen and I wanted to know what Mike had got up to with Lis and Vicky and he told us about his evening (or the part of it he spent with them). They had quite liked having him along and not having to hide their relationship. Mike hadn’t mentioned anything about Lis being upset about not being about to spend Christmas with Vicky and he said that she had seemed pretty happy. They hadn’t been all over each other, but had been holding hands and sharing the occasional kiss (which even though Mike gets to see Jen and I kiss quite often, he still finds quite arousing). Vicky’s sense of humour was as dirty as ever and they all had a good time before he went off to see another couple of friends (and then got summoned home).

We got round to talking about Jen’s watersport fetish and she relayed some of the things that she had done in the past (I’ve written about some of them in here so Mike knows, but it was the first time she had told him face to face about a number of events). She tried to explain why she enjoys it so much and a lot of the outdoor stuff sounded very familiar to me from my own exhibitionist tendencies – not that Jen actually wanted to get seen or caught, but I think a large part of it is still the element of risk. Once exhibitionism had been raised, Mike dared me to go out and make use of the dildo on the patio doors. I pointed out how cold it was outside but they both promised to look after me when I returned. Mike started to build a fire while Jen went up to get the dildo. She went out and stuck it to the door and said that we should leave it for a little while to get cold. I wasn’t completely sure how this would feel, but between them, Mike and Jen peeled off my clothes and gently fondled me to prepare (and distract) me.

Once ready, I slipped on a pair of shoes, Jen handed me a remote control egg (to help things along) and I wandered out into the back garden. Having come from the warm room, I immediately good goose bumps, but it was the first time I’d been completely naked outside for a while and I enjoyed the feeling. The light was just beginning to fade, so it was still fairly light and I ran my hands over my body before walking over to the dildo and checking it was attached. Jen had lubed it up but it was freezing cold and I knew that it was going to be a shock to my pussy, but the longer I put things off, the colder I would get, so I bend over, lined it up with my pussy and pushed back against it.

It felt like the times we play with ice and the deeper it got into me, the more sensitive I was to the cold. Of course, it soon warmed up once it was in me and I was sliding back and forth on it, but the rest of me was still cold. I decided to just go for it and indicated that I wanted the egg turned on (Mike and Jen were watching from indoors). I felt it start to buzz in my hand and I pressed it to my clit. My nipples felt really hard and I used my spare hand to play with them while I fucked the dildo. Despite the cold, it felt really exciting to be fully naked outside again and I really enjoyed it. I pressed back harder on the dildo so I felt the balls on the dildo banding against my pussy and my ass cheeks squished against the window. I knew that I wanted to keep going until I came and I concentrated on the feelings growing inside me and in my clit. The cold (or excitement) made my nipples feel a lot more sensitive than usual and I pulled a little harder on them. I pushed back on the dildo faster and pressed the egg hard against my clit as I came and I allowed myself to be fairly loud as I came. It probably sounded much louder than it was as the snow was still blanketing sound, but as my orgasm faded, I did worry a bit that I might have been a tough too loud and I pulled myself off the dildo and dashed back into the house.

I was shivering by this time and went to sit in front of the fire to warm up. Mike and Jen cuddled me and ended up playing with my still hard nipples. My skin apparently felt freezing and between them, I was gradually massaged back to warmth and then the touching continued. Mike suggested that they try something and I wondered what I was going to be subjected to, but said that I was willing to go along with whatever it was. Mike fetched a couple of cushions so I could lie comfortably on my side and he got Jen to sit beside him. He pushed one thumb into my ass and the other into my cunt and asked Jen to do the same. I felt her thumbs joining his inside me and it felt very strange. They practised pumping in and out of me and tried both cunt and ass simultaneously as well as in an alternating fashion. I thought that this was an excellent way to distract me from being cold and when they asked if it felt nice, I told them to continue and go faster. This was all they needed to hear and I was double-double finger fucked to another orgasm. This was a first (and I always like it when we get to do new things) and we made it our New Year’s resolution to try and find lots of new things to do throughout the year.

I have also resolved to drink less – both in terms of general health (not that I was quite at the point of alcoholism, but I’ve certainly been drinking more than I should) as well as to help with my continued dieting in preparation for my wedding. The one problem that this might cause is that I won’t be able to blame being drunk when I ‘decide to go along with’ various suggestions that Jen makes while I’m down visiting her. I think we might be past that stage though as her friends now know full well that I’ll do whatever she suggests and have seen how much I enjoy doing it.

Mike and Jen kept their thumbs pressed into me for a little while after I’d cum and eventually pulled out. I decided to reward Jen by letting her cum and ordered her to strip off. As expected, Mike was banished upstairs (but it was his night to have me, so he didn’t mind) and once he had gone, I send Jen out into the garden to fuck the dildo. I sat inside the patio doors and watched her cunt swallow the dildo and her fingers working on her clit. Even though I felt satisfied, it was still an incredible turn on and I considered masturbating, but just settled for gently toying with my pussy. It took Jen a little longer to cum (but she isn’t quite as much of as exhibitionist as I am) and when she came back in, we called Mike down and curled up in front of the fire to help her warm up. She didn’t mind Mike pressed up against her (he was wearing clothes) and I had a suck on her nips to help them thaw out (they were even harder than mine had been).

Jen and I were pretty worm out but Jen could attest to the fact that Mike was still aroused (she could feel his cock pressed up against her ass through his jeans). He said that he was happy to wait until later to play with me and so now that Jen was no longer cold, we decided to make dinner. It was only a few days before I had to head back up North, so I spent a little while starting to get my things sorted and we had a fairly chilled rest of evening. We arranged for Lis and Vicky to come over the following evening and ended up getting a fairly early night. As promised, Mike was ready for action when we went to bed and we ended up doing things twice (once in a 69 position and once ‘properly’ with me on top). We tried to fall asleep with Mike inside me, but he didn’t stay hard for very long (something about having just cum twice fairly quickly...) and I ended up spooning against his back (he likes the feel of my breasts pressed up against him).

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 10

I pulled away from Jen and grabbed Mike’s boxers to sit on so that I didn’t stain the carpet. He went up to get his dressing gown (he’s not meant to be naked around Jen – but given the session had been her idea, she didn’t complain). When he returned, we opened the champagne for a belated toast to 2011 and hoped that the New Year would be a good one. Our session had lasted for a little over 15 minutes and we thought that we could now definitely say not just that we had fucked over 2 years, but that it had been a threesome (even if not quite the way that Mike and I would like).

I was now sitting on very wet boxers and told Jen that I wanted to clean out my pussy before we did anything again (it didn’t even occur to me that we had already cum 4 times that evening and that we would be stopping). I headed up to the bathroom, stripped off my remaining clothes and hosed out my pussy with the shower. I cheated a little bit and used the pulse setting – not to get myself off, but just to keep me interested in doing more. Once I had dried off, I got dressed again but popped into the bedroom and added a pair of long white socks to the outfit. When I got back down, I asked Mike if he minded leaving us to finish our anniversary evening and he said that after what had happened, he would gladly give us whatever we wanted.

Jen and I curled up on the rug in front of the fire and resumed our gentle kissing and touching from earlier in the evening. I thanked her for letting Mike join in and she said it was fine as long as I enjoyed it (I assured her that I did). We finished off the champagne (it was only a half bottle) and I asked Jen what we were going to do next. She said that in return for the threesome, she wanted me to do something for her. I assumed that this would involve Jen’s watersports fetish and agreed to do whatever she wanted. I was instructed to go upstairs and collect a couple of towels and meet her in the kitchen. When I returned, I had to spread them out on the floor and then sit on a chair above them. Jen straddled my lap, sat down and kissed me deeply. She broke the kiss and undid my blouse before pulling my bra over my breasts so that my nipples rubbed against her. We kissed some more and I tried to reach under her skirt to play with her, but she said that she wanted to do that.

Our kissing continued and I felt her hand moving and assumed (correctly) that she was fingering herself. Between kissing, I told her that I wouldn’t finger her, but offered to help hold her pussy open and she agreed so I reached around under her skirt and did this. I could feel her fingers quickly moving over her pussy and as her breathing got more ragged she said that it was time for her to have some fun. I was expecting it, but it was still strange as I felt the front of her skirt get wet and then felt her pee dripping onto my skirt and legs. She stood up and pressed herself against my chest and I now had her pee running down my front and soaking my blouse and skirt. Jen rubbed herself up and down my body and then sat back in my lap and kissed me while she came. My skirt was now dripping wet, but she got off me, told me to stand up and then sat in the chair and asked me to do what she had just done.

I straddled her and kissed her while I played with myself. I didn’t think I had that much pee in me, so waited until just before I came before I let it go and emptied myself over Jen as she had done to me. When I had finished, I returned to sitting over her lap and kissing her and asked if she had enjoyed what we’d just done, but I could tell from her face that she had. Our clothes were dripping wet and I felt a little cold so I asked if she minded if I undressed. We both stripped off and Jen pressed herself against me and kissed me deeply while her fingers pushed into my cunt. I was surprised that she still wanted more, but I’m not known for turning down an opportunity to cum so I pushed her against the fridge and dropped a hand to her pussy to rub her.

We toyed with each other for a while and then I suggested we have a quick shower and get into bed to finish things off. Jen was happy with this idea, but on the way upstairs, she got me to bend over and licked around my cunt then pushed her tongue into me and licked me out. I loved what she was doing to me, but wanted to get cleaned up before I did anything more, so pulled away from her and told her I wanted to finish things off properly. We showered quickly and dried off before diving into bed to warm up. Fortunately, we had plenty of ways to keep warm and ended up sharing the long double dildo while Jen lay on top of me and we kissed. We humped against each other for a while, but ended up discarding the dildo and moving round to a 69 position to have our final orgasm of the night. Neither of us tried to be particularly quiet and I couldn’t help but think of Mike next door and wondered if he was listening in and jerking off to the sounds of our pleasure.
We fell asleep with Jen curled up against me, her head resting on my chest and one of her legs draped over mine so her pussy was pressed up against my thigh. It had been an amazing anniversary and as we fell asleep, we chatted about ideas to make sure that our third year together would be as good as the first couple.

The following morning, we woke up fairly late and I realised that we had left our wet clothes dumped in the middle of the kitchen (as well as our underwear in Mike’s room). I went downstairs and found that Mike had already gathered them up and thrown them in the washing machine. He helped me make breakfast to take up to Jen and popped into his room to retrieve Jen’s panties on the way up. They were rather damp and he explained that he had used them to masturbate with the previous night while listening to us and then again that morning (before we were awake). The time in the morning, he had sniffed my panties and imagines what Jen and I had been doing while he came into her panties again. Jen pulled the panties on and pressed them against her pussy and once she had pulled the covers over her legs and crotch, she proceeded to gently massage around her cunt to tease Mike. He thought that this was unfair (but very hot) and said that after breakfast, I would have to go take care of him.

I wasn’t adverse to this, but thought that it would be a good idea to tease him a bit more, so while we ate, I sat up beside Jen, spread my legs and fingered myself. Occasionally, I let Jen suck my fingers clean and she pulled her hand out from under the covers and let me do the same. I could tell from the taste that she was actually rubbing her pussy and told this to Mike. He asked if she was up for a repeat of the previous night, but she said that she was happy to just tease. Jen reached over to me and pushed her hand onto my pussy and started to rub. I put my coffee down and kissed her as a couple of her fingers curled up into my pussy and started to fuck me. I told Mike that I would gladly take care of his needs, but that I hadn’t had my morning session with Jen yet, so he was sent out of the room and Jen and I got started properly.

I pulled the covers off her and mounted her. Her panties were soaked – now with her own juices as well as Mike’s cum and as she moved her hand in them I could feel the material pressing against my pussy. I very quickly started to feel a really strong urge to cum and told Jen that I didn’t want to play around too long. She later said that she could see a real look of lust in my eyes and so she pushed me off her and pulled her panties down. She grabbed the double dido and an egg and sat over my face. She pushed the dildo into my pussy and started fucking me with it, then turned the egg on and pressed it against my clit. It felt very strong, but I didn’t really care and I pulled her to my mouth and ate her.

It was a pretty frenzied session, Jen pounded the dildo into my cunt and rubbed the egg around my clit. I knew I was going to cum fairly quickly with such intense stimulation and I was working on Jen as hard as I could. As I got closer to cumming, I really went to town on her and licked as hard and fast as I could. I could hear from her moans and mewing that she was enjoying what I was doing and I tried as hard as I could to keep going when I started to cum. I licked and moaned in her pussy and rubbed her clit. I had to tell her to ease off a bit as my orgasm ended, but I kept going on her until she came and then ate her through her orgasm until she cried for me to stop.

My pussy felt rather tender due to the force that Jen had used when fucking me, but I also still felt horny and wanted some more. With hindsight, I guess it was the same as over the summer – having a period of time to spend just enjoying myself seems to increase my sexual appetite. Jen seemed to be satisfied for now, but I knew that I had Mike to take care of (and to take care of me). I wasn’t sure what Mike would want to do so I wiped Jen’s pussy with my hand and smeared her juices onto my cunt (so no matter where he kissed, he would get a chance to taste her), and scampered into his room.

Mike was waiting for me (he’d obviously been listening to us) and his cock was nice and hard. I didn’t wait to find out what he wanted to do and clambered up onto the bed and pushed myself straight down onto his cock. As I kissed him, I started to ride up and down and then told him I wanted him to fuck me hard. I had caught him off guard a bit, but he soon adapted and grabbed my ass. While his fingers found and toyed with my ass, he started to pump back into me, harder and faster until he was going at full speed. I really let myself get into it and kept telling him to go faster harder and deeper (not that he could really do any more than he was). This is normally how we would finish up a session and I’d thought that we would just carry on until we’d both cum, but (as I’m slowly learning from using the strap on with Jen), this can take a fair amount of energy and Mike wanted to shift position.

I rolled off him and onto my back and he knelt between my legs. I had a couple of pillows stuffed under my ass and he lifted my legs up and slid back into me. This always feels really deep and Mike used long strokes so I could feel him sliding in and out of the entire depth of my pussy. I know he really enjoys the feeling this gives him and I didn’t want to prolong things so I asked him to get an egg to use on my clit. He said that there wasn’t any need and asked me to hold my legs back as far as I could. I did this and he spread the skin at the top of my pussy with one hand started to directly rub my clit with the other. This felt really strong and I pulled my legs up as far as I could to give him access and tried to push my pussy back against his cock in time with his strokes. I could feel my orgasm building rapidly and told him this and he said that he wasn’t too far off either. As usual, he held out until I had cum and I (once again) moaned my way through my orgasm (but this time I didn’t have Jen’s pussy to muffle my moans). Mike fucked me for a little while longer and just before he came he pulled out of me. He had wanted to cover me in cum, but he only ejaculated a small amount (probably due to him having cum into Jen’s panties not too long before). He seemed to enjoy it anyway even if I didn’t end up as a cum-sodden mess.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 9

We're up to New Year now - and Jen and my anniversary. Jen's coming up tomorrow but we haven't got much planned for the weekend - at least it looks like the weather is going to be better so we might be able to have some fun outdoors.


We all had a long lie in the following day – partially because it was the holidays but mostly as Jen and I wanted to make sure we were properly awake for our anniversary celebration that evening. When we finally woke up, Mike and I had an extended but gentle morning session and then went to drag Jen out of bed to get some brunch. We had a fairly chilled afternoon and specifically tried to avoid anything that would lead to us having sex but I eventually decided that I wanted a quick shave to ensure I was fully smooth for that night (it had only been a few days, but I wanted things to be perfect).

I went up and showered and made sure that I used lots of hot water on my pussy before calling Mike up to take care of the actual shaving. It didn’t take very long and once I had been rinsed clean, he gave me a quick tongue test but only for long enough to check for stubble, not to get me off. As we left the bathroom, Jen said that she would pop in and make sure she was nice and smooth – Mike offered to shave her if she wanted but she thought she could handle it by herself so turned down his offer. While she was showering and shaving, I had Mike help select my outfit for the evening. I was obviously going to go with a schoolgirl outfit (what I was wearing when Jen and I met) but I hadn’t decided on some of the finer points.

I tried on a couple of different skirts but in the end decided to go with my actual old school skirt. I stripped off and tried on a couple of sets of underwear but ended up going with one of my white lacy sets. The final choice was what I would wear on my legs. As you know, I love the long white socks look, but decided to go with the opaque tights in keeping with the night we met. I laid out my outfit on the bed and got my patent leather shoes out ready before donning my dressing gown and heading downstairs.

Jen had finished up in the shower and (I think) partially in conciliation for refusing his help to shave, she let him help choose her outfit for the evening. I don’t think that he actually made any changes to her outfit (school skirt, white bikini panties, long white socks, white blouse and no bra), but he appreciated the opportunity to watch her try different things on. Once Jen had her outfit for the evening laid out, she and Mike joined me downstairs (Jen also had her dressing gown on) and we debated whether or not we should have tried to get people back to York for a party (although it was obviously too late to do anything about it). As the afternoon wore on, we had a quick bite to eat (mostly for Mike’s sake) and didn’t get up to too much else.

I was making dinner that night for Jen and I – Mike gave me a hand, but worked under my direction and we soon had all the things prepared that we could do before the actual cooking started. Mike wasn’t heading out until about 8 to meet up with people so we had scheduled our dinner for 9. At 7ish, Jen asked Mike to give her a hand getting ready and they disappeared upstairs together. I assumed that this was just another chance to let him see her partially naked. He returned about 30 minutes later and said that he wanted to see me in my full outfit before he left so I went up with him and got dressed while he watched. A couple of times he rubbed up against me or pressed his fingers against my pussy but I told him that I belonged to Jen that night. It’s not like I didn’t rub back against him, I just didn’t intend to let myself be sidetracked into doing anything more. Mike asked me if I was going to do anything with my hair and I told him that I was just planning on putting it up in a ponytail (I think I’m getting a bit too old for bunches now  - even when in the schoolgirl outfit). Once this was done, we headed down and I was greeted by Jen.

Her hair had an almost perfect French pleat in it (this is what Mike had been helping her with – I didn’t even know he could do that) and she looked so cute. I could have pounced on her straight away (this is what happens when I go a whole day without doing things) but we had plans so I restrained myself. Mike thought we both looked very pretty (or fuckable to use his term) and he wished that he could stay and join in (or at least watch) our evening. He wasn’t allowed to though and after he had built a fire for us, he was herded out the door to go drinking with his friends. He’d lined up a few groups to meet up with and we had arranged to call him when he was allowed to return (although by the time he got back, we planned to be in bed anyway so it wouldn’t make too much difference).

Once we had the place to ourselves, we sat down on the sofa and gently explored each other with our fingers. There was no touching under skirts, just tracing along legs and the occasional touching of breasts. We kissed for a little while, but made sure that we didn’t get too carried away. We decided to get dinner out of the way a littler earlier than planned and went to the kitchen to finish making it. We had a couple of nice steaks with fries and veg so it didn’t take too much time of effort to prepare the meal and we soon sat down to a candlelit meal (the fire was still going and giving out some extra light). Over dinner we chatted about a number of things and we went over the events of the night we met and how things had happened so quickly (if anyone hasn’t read the entry, you can find it here). I got Jen to describe how she knew that I was interested in her and she helpfully told me that she wasn’t sure, but she could tell that I had been admiring her throughout the party and had guessed that I liked her from our chats and gentle touches. When she asked me to follow her upstairs (and I did), it was obvious that I wanted something to happen. Both Jen and I had assumed that each other was more experienced (with girls) than we actually were (Jen was my first and I was the first to do anything more than finger her).

We discussed how things could have turned out if I hadn’t gone back to talk to her, or if she hadn’t taken the initiative and invited me upstairs and how we were both incredibly glad that we had both been sufficiently bold, drunk and horny to take the chance and let things happen that night. Jen had been especially bold given that she hadn’t told her family that she was gay at that point (and her brother was at the party). We decided that we had been fairly lucky and that all in all, we were happy with how things had worked out. While we ate dessert (a really light lemon mousse), we talked about some of the things that we had got up to over the past couple of years and how it seemed like we had been together for much longer than that (in a good way).

With dinner out of the way, we moved back onto the sofa and decided that we should have a read through the blog entry I wrote about our meeting and we compared how our memories of the evening compared to what I had written. After a bit of discussion, we agreed that my entry was probably as close as we could get, although Jen is still convinced that I did a bit more of the initial touching while we were talking (before we had headed upstairs). The evening was now getting on a bit and we thought that we had been well enough behaved and should get down to reliving the more interesting parts of the evening. We debated staying downstairs to play around, but decided to do things as closely to our first night as possible so went up to bed. We thought that it would be better to use Mike’s bed and so fell onto the bed and kissed. Having just read what we had originally done, we tried to re-enact it as closely as possible. This involved me cumming first and then me fingering Jen and carefully watching her cum. Of course, this time we had the lights on full so I could see things properly.

Once we had finished our relatively brief re-enactment, we progressed onto a more substantive session. I removed my tights and panties (technically I should have removed my panties from under my tights before we started, but it didn’t stop Jen from making me cum) and we kissed and rolled around on the bed while grinding our pussies against each others’ thighs. I licked, sucked and nipped Jen’s nipples and her fingers plunged into my cunt. I returned the favour and we fingered each other for a little while before moving into or own room to use our selection of toys.

We decided not to use the strap on that night – partly as we had been playing with it a fair amount since Mike had presented it to us, but also because as much fun as it is, when I am with Jen it is because I want to be with a girl. I know that we often use dildos and vibes that are shaped like cocks, but it is still very different from doing that and actually fucking/being fucked with the strap on which is much closer to being fucked by a guy. We decided to use the short double ended dildo in the scissor position and after giving one end of it a quick rub over Jen’s cunt, I slipped it into myself and pushed the other end into Jen. It easily slid into her and our pussies met. We humped against each other, continually having to pull our skirts up and out of the way so we could watch. Jen reached down and rubbed my clit and I surrendered myself to her. She alternated between rubbing me and rubbing herself for a while until we were both fairly close to cumming. It would have been very easy to finish off this way, but we wanted to do something a bit more energetic and took turns lying down while the other person rode the dildo and slapped their cunt against the cunt of the person lying down. We took turns of about a minute each so that we could move fairly vigorously without getting tired out. By the third round, Jen was on the verge of cumming, so she extended her turn and fucked the dildo (and me) until she came. I then had my go and fucked her for a couple of minutes until my orgasm hit me and I pressed hard against her pussy and humped back and forth, feeling the wonderfully soft and slippery skin of her pussy lips rubbing against mine.

I fell back on the bed, the dildo still shared between us. Jen reached down and slid it back and forth, but it kept coming out as I was no longer pressed right up against her. I had to go and pee and when I returned I realised just how much the room smelt of sex (I’m not sure why it was so strong as we hadn’t been doing things for that long). We lay and kissed each other for a while and had a little session of breast play. Jen then asked if I wanted to call Mike back so that we could all spend New Year together. I thought this was a good idea and I called him and told him to be home by 11.50 so we could celebrate midnight and he assured us that he would be there.

I decided to thank Jen for letting him come and share our anniversary by flipping round and burying my head under her skirt. I wasn’t sure if she would be up for another round so soon, but she gladly opened her legs and I pushed my mouth to her pussy and started to lick her and taste her delicious juices. Between licks, I recalled what it was like the first time she let me do this to her (not the first night we met) and she pulled my legs so that I was over her in a 69 position and started to eat me while helping me with my description of our second night together (which was our first whole night together). As we got more involved, the time spent licking became longer and the time describing less until we were just concentrating on getting each other off another time. Jen seemed really wet and my face was covered with her juices and (for the brief time I thought about it) I thought that I felt pretty well lubricated myself.

I felt Jen push a finger slightly into my ass and wiggle it around so I did the same to her and we rapidly pumped fingers while licking. Even though I had started licking Jen first, I had also spent more time describing the past so I ended up cumming first. I didn’t break my stride in licking Jen though and vigorously finger fucked her ass while continuing to lick and suck her clit while moaning into her cunt. I had completely finished cumming before Jen came, but this meant that I could concentrate on her properly and I did a fairly good job at altering the speed and pressure of my licking so that I could keep going right through her orgasm and beyond (very gently by this time).

We were both rather warm and messy by now and needed some time to recover so we went back downstairs and finished off the bottle of wine. We opened the front door for a while to get some fresh (and very cold) air in, so by the time Mike returned, we were no longer as sweaty (but still smelt of each other’s juices). Mike had to rush to the toilet to empty his bladder but Jen told him to hurry back as she had an idea for midnight. When he returned, she told us of something she had read about where people start fucking just before midnight so that they can say they’ve had sex that spanned 2 years. I quite liked this idea and Jen said that she thought it would be even better if we did things that involved all of us. I briefly got my hopes up (as did Mike) that she meant a proper threesome, but she quickly specified that this wasn’t going to be like the time Mike got his reward for getting Sue involved in things and he would only be allowed to do things to me. She suggested that she lie on her back, I eat her and Mike fucked me.

This sounded like a good idea to me and after throwing a couple of extra logs onto the fire and getting the champagne out of the fridge, we got into position. We had 5 minutes to go before 2011 started and so Jen lay back on the rug in front of the fire and pulled her skirt up. Her blouse was still undone and she still had the long white socks on so I know Mike appreciated the view. I climbed on top of her and we kissed for a minute or so. I flipped my skirt up and let Mike watch me rub myself against her thigh, before edging down her body so that my face was between her legs. Mike had removed his clothes while we had been playing and it was only a couple of minutes before midnight so we decided to get started and I spread Jen’s lips and pushed my tongue into her. I kept my ass raised up high and felt Mike’s cock nudge against my pussy, my lips being spread and him working his way into me.

By the time midnight came, we were well into things, but I didn’t want to hurry things up too much as I couldn’t think of many better places to be than stuck between Mike’s cock and Jen’s cunt (okay, so I can, but it would involve Jen letting Mike do more things with her). Fortunately, neither Mike nor Jen seemed to want to finish things up too quickly either and we carried on like this for a while. When I looked up over Jen’s stomach, I could see her tweaking and teasing her nips and Mike reached around and started to rub my clit while pushing his thumb a little way into my ass (he didn’t know that we’d already done that earlier in the evening). I pushed a finger partially into Jen’s ass and another a little way into her cunt (I assumed that I wasn’t breaking ‘the rules’ as my head was in the way and hiding the penetration from Mike’s view). Jen didn’t complain so I started to pump them in and out of her – not to deep, just enough to add a bit of extra stimulation.

Mike asked Jen to let him know how close she was to cumming so that he could cum in me at the same time she came. She was up for this and Mike started using longer faster strokes in me. Jen did a good job of keeping us informed and Mike asked me to lick her in time with his strokes in me. This was actually really fun as it felt like I was being a conduit and passing whatever he did to me directly on to Jen. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and would have loved to cum at the same time as them, but it was rather difficult for me to tell them how close I was without breaking contact with Jen’s pussy, so I just tried to keep up. Mike asked Jen to give him about 10 seconds notice before she came and when she said she was almost there, he pumped even faster into me and rubbed my clit harder. Jen mewed and panted away and let out a little yelp as she came (then went back to the mewing) and I heard Mike let out a long ‘oh fuck’ and he pushed hard into me a number of times.

I continued licking Jen in time with his thrusts and still had fingers in her cunt and ass and could feel my own orgasm annoyingly close. I wriggled my ass against Mike and he resumed rubbing my clit rapidly. I knew I wasn’t going to cum before they had finished, but I wanted it to be as close as possible and I concentrated on the image of the three of us and it helped to speed things along. I continued to eat and finger Jen even when she tried to pull away and moaned into her cunt as my orgasm pulsed through me. It wasn’t as strong as the ones I’d had earlier in the evening, but I would love to be able to always cum in that position.

As my orgasm waned, I toned down the force I was using to lick Jen and pulled my fingers out of her. I kept kissing around her pussy and gently licking up and down the lips for a few minutes and Mike continued to fuck me. I had intended to ask him to not cum in me so that I could remain clean for Jen (I know she likes the taste of his cum in me, but this was mostly our night). I could tell that he had squirted a fair amount of cum into me from the squelching sound that my pussy was making as he moved in me. I then felt his cum start to run down my legs and when he pulled out and rubbed his cock against my ass, I felt more cum trickle down my legs.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 8

I had a wonderful weekend in York – the sex party was as much fun as ever and I got to meet up with the gang on the Saturday for a fun night out (not fun in quite the same way unfortunately).


Hmm, I think I should have included the next couple of paragraphs in my last posting, but I guess it was long enough anyway...


While I lay there, my arms were untied and I carefully moved them down onto my chest (they were numb and ached at the same time). The vibes were pulled out of my ass and cunt and Mike and Jen lay on either side of me and gently caressed my body. It was quite a while before I stopped panting and I took a feeble swing at each of them. Mike said that I needed to be punished again for this and he dived down between my legs and started to eat me. I instinctively tried to push him away, but my arms still had no strength in them and Jen easily held me down. I wasn’t sure if he was about to start teasing me all over again, but resigned myself to just lying there and taking whatever I was given. He pushed his tongue into me (not as far as Jen can reach) and then used long broad strokes up the whole length of my pussy before moving on to sucking my clit. Unsurprisingly, I was still very sensitive but he didn’t lick me too hard and as tired as I was, I realised that I would cum again if he kept going.

Jen pointed out that I looked like I was enjoying what he was doing and she gave my nips a little tweak while I concentrated on his tongue. I was in no state to hide what I was feeling and moaned along as my orgasm built. This one wasn’t quite as strong as the last one (which is just as well) but it felt a bit better because of that. It seemed to last for quite a long time and Mike held me in place while he continued to lash at my cunt. When I finished cumming, I saw Mike and Jen kiss (he was covered in my juices again), but I wasn’t really paying much attention as I was completely spent. I curled up into a ball and someone pulled the covers over me – I don’t remember much more as I think I just passed out.

I was woken a bit later to the smell of lunch (a rather late lunch given how long I had been used as a plaything), slipped on my dressing gown and went down to join Mike and Jen. I was told that I still looked rather shattered but I said that I felt fine now and just needed some food. Over lunch, Mike and Jen tried to get me to describe just what the morning’s events had felt like and as hard as I tried, I don’t think I did it justice (I don’t think I’ve even managed to get across in this blog just how strong the need for orgasm ended up being). I got them to promise me that I wasn’t going to be further tortured that afternoon and having got their assurances, we cleaned up and headed out for a walk.

Feeling much refreshed (if a little cold), we later returned and Jen felt that it was her turn to get to have some fun. Mike said that he really wanted to see the strap on in use and I was surprised when Jen agreed to let him watch us in action (for a little while). Of course this meant that she was the one who would be wearing it due to the rule of Mike not being allowed to see things entering Jen’s pussy, so Jen and I went upstairs and got things ready. I stripped off and then gave the strap on a quick clean before lubing it up and helping to strap it on to Jen.

We summoned Mike and he sat and watched while I assumed the appropriate position for Jen to fuck me doggy style (she really loves the view). I felt her spread my ass cheeks and the head of the dildo press against and then slide into my pussy. Jen moved back and forth, fucking me with the whole length of the dildo and I reached down and rubbed my clit. Mike got me to describe what I was feeling and how it felt different from his cock and then got Jen to describe what the internal dildo felt like.

In return for Jen’s lesson on how to play with breasts, he gave her a lesson on how to fuck. He remained clothed, but showed her the best way to lean over me and reach around to rub my clit or finger my ass. He then go her to use different speeds, depths and strengths of strokes as she pushed into me and they had a conversation about how my pussy grasped at the dildo as she pulled out  and swallowed it as she pushed in. Mike spread my outer lips wide and Jen tried fucking me like that (this feels strange as I can obviously feel the dildo inside, but there isn’t the same sensation of it actually entering/leaving). Jen had a quick session and demonstrated what she had learned and showed Mike the best way to move to transfer the feelings back to her pussy and he said that he wanted to have a feel of the dildo itself.

She pulled out of me (but promised that she would finish things off soon) and let Mike have a feel. He was pleased with how wet the dildo was (my juices) and he demonstrated how he would jerk himself off. Jen said that it didn’t really do anything for her and I showed him the up and down / side to side movement that we had discovered that transferred through really well to the internal dildo. Mike gave this a try and soon got the hang of it, but said that if he did that with his own cock it would hurt. He kept going for a little while and tried a circular movement as well which Jen said felt nice, but not as good as the way we had shown him. He returned to the previous method of jerking and she soon told him to stop. He had known full well what he was doing and it was obvious that Jen had been enjoying it – Mike had hoped that he would have been able to keep going until she came (but also knew that he wouldn’t actually be allowed to do this).

He was banished from the room so that Jen and I could continue and we resumed from where we had left off. Jen moved around a bit more so that she could feel more, but in the end we settled on her getting me off first (with fucking and fingering my clit). As soon as I had recovered, I got her to lie on her back and I mounted the dildo. I had intended to move back and forth to give her as much stimulation as possible, but I ended up enjoying a bit more than I had expected. Although I could have cum again, I was meant to be taking care of Jen, so I ended up dismounting her and jerking the dildo back and forth while licking my juices from it. I ended up sitting between her legs and pressing the harness (and internal dildo) against her pussy with a knee while jerking the main dildo – this put a lot more pressure on her clit and she had what seemed like a very enjoyable orgasm.

I let Jen recover for a bit and then mounted her again. Now that we had both cum, I could allow myself to get a bit more carried away and I intended to try to rock back and forth on her body to see if it would be sufficient to get us both off at the same time (I wasn’t actually trying for simultaneous orgasms as I assumed that would take a lot of practice if it was even possible).

We were really getting into things when the phone rang. Jen and I ignored it but Mike answered it and called up that it was Lis. I told him to bring the phone up and once he had been shooed out of the room again, I leant forwards so that Jen and I could talk to Lis at the same time. I turned speakerphone on and placed the phone beside Jen’s head and resumed my forwards/backwards motion on the dildo. I had intended to try to continue to fuck Jen (and if possible to get one or both of us to cum) while we talked to Lis, but it soon became clear that Lis was upset about something and so I pulled myself off the dildo and Jen and I moved up to the head of the bed so that we could talk properly.

It turned out that Lis was upset that she hadn’t been able to spend Christmas with Vicky. Vicky’s parents don’t know about Lis (or even know that Vicky is bi). Lis knew that the plan had been for them to spend Christmas apart, but had really been hoping that Vicky would change her mind and either invite her along or go to Lis’ parents’ house, but in the end, neither happened. Neither Jen or I were really sure what we could say to cheer Lis up. It was obvious that Vicky wasn’t prepared to ‘out’ herself (and it didn’t seem like this was about to change any time soon), but we didn’t say that to Lis. On a lighter note, they would at least get to spend New Year together as they would both be back in York (Lis was already back and Vicky was returning the following day). We discussed meeting up and decided that we would wait until after New Year (Lis wanted to be able to enjoy having Vicky back with her for a little while). Lis knew that New Years Eve was the anniversary of Jen and I meeting and so when I said that we weren’t planning on going out, she understood and wasn’t insulted.

As the conversation had moved on from Lis being upset, Jen and I had started to gently play with each other once more. It was obviously much easier for Jen to do things to me as she was still wearing the strap on – her fingers were alternating between rubbing around my pussy and pushing up inside me. I was doing what I could and jerking the dildo back and forth but thought that if we were going to play, that we should try to resume our earlier antics. While still talking to Lis, I got Jen to lie down on her back and I once again mounted the dildo. I humped back and forth, much more energetically than before (I’d had time to rest). Both Jen and I managed to keep our voices fairly level while we fucked away – I was having some success at grinding my clit against the harness and the movement was certainly working on Jen. As good as it felt though, I couldn’t move enough to have any real effect without it being really obvious that we were up to something and so I just continued rocking back and forth until we finished our conversation. As soon as we hung up, I kissed Jen forcefully and really went to work, almost throwing myself back and forth.

Jen really seemed to like this (I guess it goes with her generally liking things rough) and I continued to ride her until she came (fairly noisily). I wasn’t quite there yet (I had ended up lubricating the harness with my juices so I wasn’t getting as much friction) and ended up sitting up so I could rub my clit while pumping up and down on the dildo. I tried to put on a good show and matched Jen’s level of noise (and crudeness) and kept going until I had completely finished cumming. I was quite out of breath by this time and flopped forwards onto Jen so that we could kiss. I would usually stay in this position until Mike went soft, so Jen and I kissed for quite a while before I conceded that the dildo probably wasn’t going to fall out of me by itself and I climbed off.
We both got partially dressed (it was a bit cold) and went downstairs. Mike commented on how much noise we had been making (bed shaking) and hoped that we had enjoyed ourselves. I suggested to him that he try to meet up with Lis and Vicky on New Year’s Eve while Jen and I had our anniversary celebration and he gave Vicky a call and arranged to see them for at least a part of the evening.

We didn’t do much else for the rest of the evening – just sat in front of the fire, played cards and chatted (and had dinner of course). We ended up going to bed quite late (by design, so that we would be ready for the late night for New Year) and I went with Mike. We only had a gentle session that night – starting off in the missionary position and then moving on to him spooning me while rubbing my clit. We didn’t entirely stop after we had cum, Mike spent a while stroking my neck and I flexed myself around his cock. I could feel another orgasm very slowly building and while originally Mike hadn’t thought that he would cum again, as I got closer, he decided that it would just be rude to not join in properly and so he started moving in me. He tried to continue with the neck stroking, but it wasn’t as effective when combined with his other movements and so we switched to me being on top. The long build up meant that we were both pretty much ready to cum so we went straight in to me lying on top of him while he held my ass and pounded rapidly into my cunt. This is one of the few ways that I can cum just from him fucking me as the force of our bodies slamming together seems to generate enough stimulation on my clit. His fingers traced around my asshole and rubbed over it while I came, moaning into his mouth. He continued to pound into me until I had finished and he came fairly soon afterwards.

I stayed on top of him for a while with his cock still in me and continued to contract myself around him while we kissed. Only when he finally went soft and fell out did we decide that it was time to go to sleep and I rolled off him and spooned behind him.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 7

I'm back in York for another sex party. For some reason, it's on a Friday this time (tonight) so I ended up taking a half day off work to get here on time. I've been looking forwards to this all week and I hope it's as good as the past few. I'm sitting naked on the bed and just about to jump in the shower so that Mike can shave me, I actually can't keep my hands away from my pussy but I'm going to be strong and not cum before the party. I still haven't decided what to wear (for the brief period I'll be wearing clothes).

Back to Christmas (I know it's taking me a long time to write this up). This is a fairly long entry that I considered splitting into two, but it's probably better to experience it in one go (just as I had to). If anyone intends to use this for masturbation material, try to hold out until the very end (you'll understand why soon enough, but be warned that it ends fairly suddenly).


When we woke the following morning, I went down on Jen but she was still somewhat sore and didn’t want me to use my fingers in her. Licking her was fine though so I just did this until she came. Having woken her up, it was my turn and Jen went down on me and ate me while pumping a couple of fingers into my pussy. I didn’t have a particularly strong orgasm, but it was still nice enough and always the right way to start the day. After having retrieved Mike from his bed (he was still asleep), we went down for breakfast and chatted for a while. We debated going out for another walk but I was feeling slightly strange and a bit restless and wanted to play around for a bit, so we postponed the walk until the afternoon.

Mike suggested that seeing as Jen couldn’t do quite as much as usual (he was aware of the tenderness of her pussy), that it might be a good idea for him to start things off and lat Jen help out later on if she was in the mood. This sounded like a good idea to me and so I wandered upstairs with him. He started off by giving my pussy a more thorough inspection (to check that Jen had shaved me properly the day before). He spent a long time licking up and down my outer lips and only gently pushing his tongue between them to trace it over my inner lips and clit. I was really enjoying what he was doing and when he suggested that I put on a blindfold I was quite happy to oblige.

He resumed licking and teasing me and when I got sufficiently aroused that I was squirming around, he suggested that my hands be tied to the bed so I couldn’t move as much. I realised that he was going to tease me for a bit and knowing that this usually leads to quite a good orgasm, I agreed again and felt my hands being tied to the bedposts. He licked me for a while longer (still without having applied much pressure to my inner lips or clit) and then called Jen up. I heard them discussing what they were going to do (but couldn’t hear the details) and then felt Jen’s hair brush against my thighs and her tongue push into my pussy. This was a bit of a surprise after just having been teased for so long, but it was a welcome one and I pushed back against her face. I asked Mike if it meant that I was allowed to cum now, but Jen told me (between licks) that he wasn’t there and it was her turn – and then added that I still wasn’t allowed to cum.

She did a good job of eating me out – literally – her tongue pushed up inside my cunt and licked around the inner walls, but she didn’t apply any pressure to my clit (other than the occasional contact with her nose/face). She kept this up for a while and then called Mike back in. I was feeling pretty horny by this time and was definitely ready to cum, but that wasn’t how things were meant to play out.

Mike and Jen lay on either side of me and Jen said that she would give him a lesson in how to play with breasts (using my breasts as the props). As regular readers are probably aware, Jen is a breast girl – both in the sense that she loves having her breasts played with and in that she loves other people’s breasts (specifically mine). Mike however isn’t that much of a breast man – in polite company, he would say he is a leg man (and to some extent he is – that’s why he loves white socks and opaque tights so much), but he is really a pussy man (which is the main reasons why he enjoys eating me so much). Jen thinks this is something of a waste and so has been meaning to teach him how to appreciate my breasts ‘properly’ for a while.

They started off by just caressing them – gently stroking around the whole breast and slowly circling in to the nipples, but not actually touching the nips. They then kissed, nipped and gently licked in the same fashion – getting close to, but not touching my nips. They kept this up for a while and then Jen got Mike to watch as she very gently dragged her lips over my nipple and lapped at it with just the tip of her tongue. It felt really nice – and felt even better when Mike started working in the same way on the other nipple. After teasing me like this for a while, they moved on to sucking and licking my nipples a bit more forcefully and Jen showed Mike how to gently use his teeth (I don’t mind a bit of gently biting, but nothing like as forcefully as Jen enjoys).

Having both breasts played with simultaneously was doing more for me than breast play usually would (and the fact that it followed on from the extended pussy teasing helped). My nips were very hard and were beginning to feel more sensitive than usual and when Mike and Jen returned to just using gentle licks, kisses and nips, they felt even better. I was squirming around a fair bit (mostly the lower half of my body as my hands were still tied to the bed) and they decided that I should be held still a bit more. After a bit of scrabbling around, I felt my legs being taken one at a time and being tied to the posts at the foot of the bed – we’ve done light bondage a few times before so I’m used to having my hands tied, but it’s rare that I’ve been completely immobilised like this (fortunately I trust them both).

They both returned to my side (the other way round to the way they were before) and resumed playing with my breasts. After getting my nips hard again (they had wilted slightly while I was being tied up), Mike said that they should ‘lend me a hand’ elsewhere (I could hear the quotes even while blindfolded). They each slid a hand down my body, over my stomach and pussy and onto my thighs. Mike directed Jen and they slowly traced up and down the inside of my thighs – sometimes bumping against my pussy, but not really doing much more to it. The breast kissing then resumed and occasionally one of them would kiss me – sometimes deeply and sometimes just a quick kiss on the lips.

From time to time, one of them would run their fingers over my pussy and as things progressed, this happened more frequently. Mike then moved up from my breast and started to kiss my neck which felt incredible when combined with everything else I was feeling. After a little while, he lay down beside me and Jen moved in to the same position on the other side and they kissed each side of my neck. It is the front of my neck that is the most sensitive so this didn’t feel as nice as when Mike had been kissing my neck before, but Jen was lying with one of her legs over mine so her thigh was pressing against my pussy and I tried to hump against her. This was a mistake and I was told off and they debated what punishment they should give me.

I heard the drawer being opened and shortly after, felt something press up against my pussy. It was pushed into me and when I felt it start to rotate in me, I recognised it as our rabbit. It was worked the whole way into me so that the clit attachment pressed up against my clit and I felt Jen’s mouth clamp on to a nipple, one of her hands on my other breast and Mike returned to my neck (I knew which was which as I could feel Jen’s hair and Mike’s stubble). This we just what I needed and in hardly any time, I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. I was getting quite close (not actually on the verge of cumming, but getting there) and the vibe was unceremoniously pulled out from my cunt and Mike and Jen stopped kissing me.

I was just about to complain when I felt some fingers push into my cunt and start pumping in and out while my clit was rubbed. Once again I felt my orgasm start to build and I got a bit closer to cumming this time before they stopped. I was panting away now and Mike and Jen discussed who should get to have me first – I said that I didn’t care who it was as long as one of them made me cum (but I was ignored) and Mike ended up getting first go. Jen left us and I soon felt Mike climb onto the bed with me (but I could feel that he was now naked). He lay on top of me and kissed my neck a bit more, then moved up my body and slid his cock straight into my cunt. We had a long fuck in the adapted missionary position (if missionaries were into bondage that is) and it felt nice, but Mike didn’t do much to stimulate me other than a bit of nibbling on my earlobe, so while I enjoyed it, it was still frustrating. We kissed quite a lot during the fuck though and our tongues duelled in each other’s mouths. I could tell that Mike was getting close and I told him to cum in me, but he sat up, pulled out and I felt his cum landing on my body. It squirted up onto my breasts but mostly landed on my stomach and I felt the last few drops drip onto my pussy.

Once he had got dressed (there was a little wait and it sounded like that’s what he was doing), he called Jen back in. She said that I looked a bit of a mess (I could feel his cum running down my sides and could imagine how I looked) and she started to rub it into me. Mike joined in and I later found out that he also rubbed his cum onto the strap on and then joined Jen is making sure that it was especially well rubbed into my neck and breasts. They did this for a while and then Jen spent a while licking my neck clean until I was squirming around again. I felt the harness for the strap on being worked under my ass and then tightened up. The internal dildo was still in place and once it had pushed into me, I felt the familiar tingle of the gel starting to work. Mike reminded Jen to not let me cum then left us and I felt Jen mount me.

She rode me and rubbed my clit from time to time. Once again it felt really nice and I begged her to make me cum (I was feeling quite desperate by this point), but she said that I still needed to be punished for humping against her earlier. She did use an egg on my clit for a little while, but just as I was starting to really enjoy it, she removed it and used it to finish herself off. She overplayed her own orgasm a bit, but I think that was just to let me know how much fun she was having and rub in the fact that I wasn’t being allowed to cum. She stayed on the dildo for a minute or so after she had cum and bent forwards to kiss me (at least Mike had kissed me the whole time he was fucking me). When she dismounted, I felt her crawl up my body and rub her pussy against my breasts and then had it rubbed over my face. I was instructed to lick her clean (which I did) and she said that I deserved a treat, so she moved round into a 69 position and started to jerk the dildo back and forth.

This movement transferred to the internal dildo and I tried to hump back against it, but this didn’t make much difference, so I just tried to concentrate on eating Jen. My plan was to get her turned on enough that she would get carried away and when she said that she wanted to remove the strap on to eat me properly. I thought my plan was working. She moved off me and after a brief struggle with the clasps, freed my pussy. She then climbed back on and I felt her head dip between my legs and her tongue make contact with my very wet and very desperate cunt. I would have wrapped my legs around her head of I could and held her in place, but I was still at her mercy, so concentrated on licking her as best I could while enjoying what she was doing to me. Jen seemed to really get into it and used her hands to spread my lips so she could lick all around my cunt. I could feel my orgasm approaching but just concentrated on her pussy so as to not give away how close I was and just as I was about to cum, she stopped (I guess after two years, she can read my body about as well as Mike can).

I let out a long cry and called her a few names – I was hanging on the edge of orgasm but no matter how much I begged, she wouldn’t do anything to get me off and I felt my near orgasm slowly recede. Jen called Mike back up and he found me lying on the bed panting away (as if I could have gone anywhere). He knelt between my legs and had a quick lick at my pussy – not enough to get me close to cumming again, but I was pretty sensitive by this point so I still felt a lot. Mike congratulated Jen on getting me into the state I was in and they set about making things worse.

Mike pushed one of the eggs up into my pussy and turned it on and then they both returned to kissing my nipples, neck and my lips. I was straining against my ties now and trying (unsuccessfully) to do anything to get some pressure on my clit. After what seemed like another age of this torture, mike pulled the egg out of me and gently ran it over my pussy and clit. Every time it touched my clit, it felt like a shock went through me and I couldn’t help myself from pushing back against the egg – but of course, Mike always pulled it away so I didn’t get too much pressure.

My next torture involved Mike and Jen sitting on either side of me and Mike using two fingers in my pussy and other in my ass while Jen rubbed my clit. They brought me close to cumming a number of times and then stopped. Sometimes they stopped completely and let me back away from the edge and other times they then gently stimulated me (either with gentle rubbing or gentle tapping of my clit) so I stayed close to cumming. I really wanted to cum but still wasn’t allowed to. I had an idea and told them I needed to pee (which once I thought about it, I realised that I actually did). The plan was that I would be allowed to go to the bathroom and could then quickly get myself off. The plan didn’t work though as Jen dashed out and returned with a couple of towels. These were folded and partially worked under my ass before being curled up over my pussy. Jen pushed her hand between my body and the towels and continued her earlier gentle teasing of my pussy and told me to pee. At first, I wasn’t going to, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it had been quite a while since I had last been to the toilet (I’d been tied up for a couple of hours) and eventually I let myself go and peed over Jen’s hand into the towels.

It felt really good – much better than any of the other times I had indulged Jen in her watersports fetish. She wasn’t rubbing me hard enough that I thought I was going to cum, but just the sensation of my pee squirting out of me was amazing. Jen seemed to be enjoying what I was doing as well, and when I was finished, Mike took the towels downstairs while Jen continued to gently stroke and then slowly lick me. When Mike returned, she had her head fully buried between my legs again and her tongue was pushed up into my pussy (but infuriatingly, not making much contact with my clit). Mike told her to be careful as I was obviously very sensitive (and desperate) and she reminded him that she has made me cum enough times herself. She started to lick me really hard and fast and it took me completely by surprise so I let out a yelp. I knew I was close already so thought that this would be the time I would get to cum, but she only kept it up for a very short while and then pulled away. I wasn’t as close to cumming as they had got me before, but i still swore at her and Mike said that I should be punished again for being rude to Jen.

I knew full well that I would have been ‘punished’ no matter what I had said or done, so I let them decide what they wanted to do next without arguing. The moved to the foot of the bed and each untied a leg – they then moved up to the head of the bed and looped the ties around the bedposts and pulled on them so that my legs were lifted up pulled over my body until my back was arched and my ass was in the air. This was deemed to be the appropriate position and the ties were attached to the bedposts. Mike knelt on the bed and proceeded to lick me ass and cunt (but hardly licking my clit). After getting me close to cumming (yet again), he stopped and when I had calmed down, it was Jen’s turn. Mike had a dig through our selection of toys (or at least the ones left in York) while Jen worked on me and had finished by the time she pulled away (with me being left close to cumming once more).

After another short period to calm down, Jen positioned herself over my face (this was a bit tricky and involved her crawling through the ropes attaching my arms and legs to the bed and then pushing her way through my legs. I was instructed to lick her and she tried to do the same to me. Because I was bent over she couldn’t really manage this, so I ended up either her crouching above my head so she could bend over and lick my pussy while Mike flicked his tongue over my ass. I tried to do everything I could to not show how close I was to cumming, but I was also too far gone to have enough self control to do this properly and so each time as I approached orgasm, they pulled back and let me suffer (and by this point I was really suffering).

After a couple of rounds of this, Mike squirted a generous amount of the tingle gel over my pussy and ass and rubbed it in. He then handed Jen our gel covered vibe (the one that is the same as Valerie’s) and when she had rubbed it over me to get it lubricated, he did the same thing with one of our small vibes. These were then positioned at the entrances to my ass and cunt and slowly pushed in at the same time. Once they were both inside me, they turned them on and sat back to watch. Jen climbed out from her position by my head and I had to describe what I could feel. Obviously I could feel both the vibes working as well as the gel making everything tingly, but I was so sensitive that the feelings were a lot more intense than usual and seemed to spread out from my pussy.

Mike said that he was thirsty and so he and Jen went downstairs to get a drink, leaving me with the vibes buzzing away inside me. I tried to wriggle around to see if I could get a hand to my pussy to do something (or *anything*) to myself, but I failed miserably. The soon returned and I asked if I could have a drink as well (which they gave me – they were being mean, and cruel, but not malicious. Mike pumped the vibes in and out of me and then pulled them both out and asked Jen to get the ice cream. I hadn’t noticed that they had brought up a small bowl and a small dollop was placed on my pussy and rubbed around the area before Mike ate me clean. He was very thorough and licked into my cunt and ass and gave my clit a good thrashing. He kept going right up to the point I was about to cum and then stopped and I swore at him (again). A few minutes later and it was Jen’s turn to do the same thing. She didn’t get me quite as close to cumming before she pulled away, but I couldn’t take much more by this point.

Jen left us so that Mike could have a bit more fun with me. With the position I was in, he had to be inventive, but after stacking up a number of pillows to kneel on, he managed to find a position where he could half kneel in front of me and support his upper body by holding on the headboard. This put a lot of his weight on my pussy when he slid into me and it felt like he was really deep inside me. He spent a while fucking me and alternated between long slow strokes and fast hard pounding. When he pounded against me I could feel him slapping against my pussy and I thought that I would be able to cum if he continued – but he always shifted back to the slower strokes before my orgasm could build too far. He then pushed deep into me and used short strokes – we don’t do this often as I don’t feel a great deal (I can feel what is happening, but it doesn’t give me much stimulation – but then again, I guess that was the whole point). After doing this for a short while, I could tell that Mike was getting close, and he resumed pounding into me. He continued pounding into me this time and again my orgasm started to build, but he pushed deep into me and let out a moan before I could cum. I was now way beyond desperate and pleaded with him to let me cum, but he said that he wanted to let Jen taste our combined juices for a while first and climbed off me.

I was beginning to ache a bit from the awkward position I was in, so Mike untied my legs and let me lie flat on the bed again. He went to fetch Jen and returned with her and a lolly. His cum had started to leak out of me and Jen rolled the lolly in it and then sucked it clean. She then proceeded to fuck me with the lolly, stopping from time to time to lick it clean. She then started to rub my clit with her thumb. I could now move around a bit (my legs hadn’t been tied up) and they didn’t stop me while I wiggled around trying to get myself off. Jen continued to fuck and rub me until I was about to cum and (as expected) she then stopped and took a few long slow licks of my pussy – enough to drive me wild, but not enough to make me cum. She continued this for a little while, keeping me fairly close to cumming. Mike kissed me and played with my nipples and neck and I was begging to be allowed to cum and finally he looked down at Jen and asked if she wanted to do the honours.

Jen stopped licking me and asked if it was really time and they had a little discussion as to whether I should be allowed to cum or not. By the time they had decided, I had calmed down a little bit (but was still extremely desperate) and Mike said that he would start things off. I had a couple of pillows put under my ass to raise me up slightly and Mike knelt between my legs and licked around my cunt and ass. In no time I was approaching orgasm again and he stopped to let Jen take over. Between her licks, he pushed the small vibe back into my ass and turned it up high, then worked the other one into my pussy (Jen had to stop licking me and move out of the way). A bit of tingle gel was dribbled onto my clit and rubbed in, followed by more being added to my nipples and neck.

I didn’t really believe that they were actually going to let me cum, but once Mike started kissing my neck and stroking my nips and Jen started licking my clit while moving the vibes in me, the only thing I wanted was for them to keep doing what they were doing. They say that I was almost blathering away and I couldn’t help but make noise as my orgasm got closer and closer. I was still trying to steel myself for when they pulled away, but this time they kept going and my long awaited orgasm tore through me. It was so strong that it wasn’t actually that pleasant and was almost like being stabbed in the clit (I’ve never actually been stabbed in the clit and I don’t want to find out what it feels like). I screamed at Jen to be gentler and she *sort* of backed off a bit, but still continued to lick and suck me. My language was very unladylike and I thrashed around a lot and was in tears by the time I finished cumming.

My whole body felt like it was pulsing and my cunt was tingling ferociously, I was covered in sweat and still panting and moaning. It was by far the most intense teasing session I had ever experienced and I was actually glad it was over as I think I nearly broke!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 6

Once Mike had showered, we decided to go out and get some fresh air. I made Jen wear a short skirt and thigh high socks. The skirt was sufficiently short that it wasn’t visible under her coat and I’ve come to really appreciate this look recently (I’ve seen so many people on the way to work dressed like this and it’s fun imagining that they don’t actually have skirts on). We didn’t go too far as it was still fairly icy and decided that while we were out, we may as well go to the shops and pick up a few things. On the way, we found a bench surrounded by snow that looked very pretty so I got Jen to pose on it for us. As you would expect, the posing involved a couple of positions that showed off her pussy and ended up with me rubbing a (small) amount of snow over her lips (which elicited a delightful squeal). I only did this briefly though (mindful of the fact that she would get her retribution during my next trip to visit her) and we resumed our journey to the shops.

I only got her to do one thing in the shop and that was to just bend right over to pick something up and give a man (probably in his mid 30s - early 40s) a nice view of her pussy and ass. He didn’t say anything, but he certainly looked (it’s amazing just how long it can take Jen to pick something up!).

With this completed, we headed home and after warming up, had lunch and relaxed for a bit. Jen thought that I had been mean to her while we had been out and I pointed out some of the things that she had made me to in the past. Mike wanted Jen to describe some of our adventures during my visits to her (he always hears about them from me, but he wanted Jen’s view to see how they compared). Mike really enjoyed the descriptions and asked Jen to choose an event and demonstrate it to him. She went and got my lacy top and panties and I had to change into them, then lie on the sofa with my head on Jen’s lap so that she could stroke my neck. Jen went over (again) the first time she did this to me in front of people and how everyone watched as I came. I pictured the event in my mind and soon felt my pussy start to tingle. I told her that it felt good and she suggested that Mike should gently stroke my panties, which he started to do.

He didn’t apply very much pressure – and if Jen hadn’t been stroking my neck, then I doubt it would have had any effect (other than possibly tickling me). They continued to gently stroke me and as the feeling built up, I started to squirm around. Mike spread my legs (as best he could given the position I was lying in) and started to gently kiss me through my panties. I automatically tried to push back against his face but was told that I had to lie still and let them do whatever they wanted to me, so I tried as hard as I could to stay still. Mike kissed and licked my panties with a little more force and I knew that it probably wouldn’t take too much longer for me to cum. Jen suggested that he remove my panties and they were pulled off, revealing my cunt. He resumed licking me, but avoided my clit and didn’t push his tongue between my outer lips, so even though it was more stimulating that before, it still wasn’t much.

Jen had continued to stroke my neck and I was now on the verge of cumming. Mike pulled my lips open and gently licked up and down my inner lips (still mostly avoiding my clit) and he had to hold my hips down to stop me trying to hump against his face. I was at the really frustrating part now where I was sooo close to cumming, but not quite there – fortunately it didn’t last as long as it would have if the only stimulation had been from Jen stroking my neck and I soon felt waves of pleasure start to spread out from my pussy. It wasn’t an overpoweringly strong orgasm, but it felt like it was very deep in me and emanating from both my pussy and neck. As much as I love cumming in a sharp strong way, I think these ones are my favourite as I almost get to feel the individual waves roll through my body. Mike and Jen kept up the stroking and gentle licking the whole way through my orgasm and because they weren’t doing anything forcefully, it still felt nice when they continued after my orgasm had ended.

Only when I had completely finished did Mike push his tongue into me and lick me properly (he said he wanted to taste me). I was quite wet and he ended up kissing Jen (properly) so that she could taste me as well. My head was still in Jen’s lap and it was pretty obvious to me that Mike’s cock was hard and pressing against his jeans so I decided to utilise my power over Jen a bit more and give him a present. I was still limited by ‘the rules’, but I wanted to see how much I could get her to do so told Mike to take off his jeans and sit on the sofa. I told Jen to give him a lap dance and to get him as turned on as possible. She was still wearing the outfit that she had been in when we went out (minus the coat of course) so had the short skirt with no panties. Jen stepped over his legs and ground her ass against his boxer shorts.

I wasn’t satisfied with just getting her to do that so made her turn around and face him and press herself fully against the bulge of his cock. Mike held her waist and helped guide her back and forth and I suggested that she also strip off her top and let him kiss her nipples. She was happy to remove her top (he’s seen her breasts enough times before), but the kissing was out of the question. To be fair to her, she did grind herself against him properly and Mike really enjoyed it. Jen also seemed to enjoy it (although maybe not quite as much) and when I finally told her that she could stop, his boxers were fairly damp with her juices. I once again tried to convince Jen to let Mike do a bit more with her, but she refused and said that I was the only one allowed to play with her properly.

Mike was sufficiently worked up by this point that he wanted to go and finish things off, so I headed upstairs with him and told Jen that she wasn’t allowed to play with herself. She gave me a pouty look, but sat down to watch some TV while I was pulled upstairs by Mike. We fell onto the bed and managed to somehow get naked fairly quickly while still kissing. I pressed against Mike’s cock and slid my pussy back and forth against it. He partially slipped into me a couple of times, but I wanted to just rub against him for a while. I asked him how much he had enjoyed humping Jen (or having her hump him) while we played and he said that it felt really good, but would have been a lot better if she had been rubbing directly against his cock.

I really wanted to do things properly now and told Mike it was time for him to be inside me. I moved forwards and he pulled my ass open. The idea was that he would slip straight into me when I pushed back, but we got our timing a bit wrong and he ended up pushing into my ass – not the whole way, but enough to catch me by surprise. Seeing as he was already part way in, Mike thought that we may as well carry on and with a couple more strokes, he was buried half way in my ass. I sat up slightly and moved into a better position and then sat up fully. Mike pulled his feet towards his ass a bit so that his knees were in the air and this helped provide me with some support. I rode up and down his cock and squeezed myself around him (much easier to do when he’s in my ass). In return, he played with my pussy, rubbing my clit at first and then pushing his thumb into me the whole way. This felt really nice (and reminded me that he hasn’t used just his thumbs to make me cum for a while). He said that he could clearly feel his cock moving in me and I could certainly feel where the skin between his thumb and index finger was pressed up against my clit.

My legs were getting tired and Mike was pushing deeper into my ass (and not in a comfortable way), so we decided to change position. Of course, instead of being sensible and me dismounting him, we decided to see if we could continue without breaking contact. We (slowly) rolled over onto our side and I then managed to extricate my leg from underneath him. I ended up with my legs pulled up so my feet were up by my head and Mike was almost facing me. Now that he was on his side, he could move much more freely and he took over responsibility for moving. He couldn’t reach my pussy in this position though, so I ended up moving my left leg over his body and resting the foot on his hip. He fucked me ass while rubbing my clit and I squeezed myself around him and told him that I wanted him to empty his cum into me. He said that he wasn’t going to have any problem doing that but wanted me to cum as well so he slowed his movements and concentrated on playing with me a bit more. Once I was a bit closer, he resumed fucking me and we came fairly close together (he came first).

We lay there with his cock still buried in my ass and realised what a strange position we were in – not that we did anything to move until he had softened and easily pulled out of my ass. I went to the bathroom wipe up his cum as it dripped out of me and then joined Mike and Jen downstairs (he was properly dressed again now). Mike had already told Jen what we’d been up to and she suggested that she should fuck my ass with the strap on at some point, but I said that I would need a bit of time to recover from what we’d just done.

We didn’t get up to much else that afternoon – just more lazing around and playing games (board games). We decided that we could do with a shave and so after a quick shower (to soften the stubble), I shaved Jen and then she shaved me. We did a quick lick test on each other (not to orgasm) and Mike gave me an additional lick test when I went downstairs (but once again, not to orgasm). Jen wore her nice see-through silk nightdress and I wore my long blue satin one for the rest of the evening After dinner, we ended up watching a film (Enter the Void – which is a somewhat strange film) and it was then time for us to head up to bed.

I was with Jen that night and once we had brushed teeth and generally got ready for bed, I felt that it was time for us to have another play with our new strap on toy (or at least time for me to have a play with Jen while using it). I decided to give it a go without the internal dildo as I thought I would then be able to do a lot more to Jen without any fear of over-stimulating myself. I had quite enjoyed doing her doggy style the previous day so thought that we should start off like that.

Once I had the strap on attached, and had applied a generous amount of tingle gel, I got Jen to kneel on the bed and I easily slipped into her from behind. We basically repeated what we had done before (me fucking her while rubbing her clit). Without the internal dildo in place, I wasn’t being distracted by any pleasurable feelings (other than those I got from hearing Jen enjoying herself) and I was able to concentrate a lot more on mixing up the speed and depth I was using on her. I think I did a pretty good job and I made sure that I didn’t use too much stimulation on her clit so that it was a little while before she actually came. When she actually came, I pushed into her and diddled her clit through her orgasm and we then lay on the bed with me still buried in her.

I gave her a few minutes to recover and then said that it was time for the second round. She was still a bit out of breath, but I invoked the ‘it’s my house’ rule and so she surrendered and rolled over. While she had been recovering, I had looked out the heat gel (I’m not that keen on it, so it was hidden in the back of the drawer). Jen quite likes it on her nips though, so I added a small amount and rubbed it in. This time, I wanted to take her missionary style and so lay on top of her and pushed into her. We tried a number of different positions including me pressed against her (good for kissing) and me holding my body up so my breasts could swing and our nipples rub together (I’m sure this is a good position for looking good in porn movies, but not that practical). Once I was sure that Jen was getting into it, I decided to show her another one of my favourite positions that Mike uses on me.

Keeping the dildo buried in her, I knelt between her legs and lifted her feet so that her legs were resting on my shoulders. I found it slightly harder to pump into her than I had expected, but I intended to give her another good fucking and so I tried hard and emulated how Mike fucks me like this. I got Jen to rub her clit and between us, we had her cumming again in not too much time. I continued to energetically fuck her the whole way through her orgasm and even when she had stopped playing with herself, I kept going until she said she couldn’t take any more. I stopped moving (but didn’t pull out of her) and let her legs back down so that I could once again lie on top of her so we could kiss. Jen was quite sweaty and had clearly cum fairly hard both times, but I told her that she would have to wear the internal dildo while she took care of me.

She tried to object to this, but I told her that it wasn’t up for debate (but as a compromise, I would go on top to give her a rest). I was feeling fairly horny anyway so didn’t expect it to take too long, but I wanted to get a at least a little bit more revenge on Jen. I removed the harness and reattached the internal dildo, squirted on some tingle gel and helped attach it to Jen. Once she was lying on her back, I played with the dildo for a little bit, knowing full well how to best move it to transfer the feeling onto the internal one and therefore onto her already rather pink and tender pussy. I was surprised at how quickly she started to respond (Jen can’t usually cum many times close together) and I debated continuing jerking her off and trying to get a third orgasm out of her, but I also wanted some action myself (and didn’t want to break her).

I fished out one of the remote control eggs, mounted the dildo and pressed the egg against my clit. It felt really good and as I rode up and down the shaft, I described to Jen what I could feel. I alternated my movements, so that I sometimes moved back and forth (to keep the stimulation going for Jen) and as I got closer, I moved around a lot more (in both directions). I really wanted Jen to cum again, but she wasn’t anywhere near close enough so I just did whatever felt good until my own orgasm hit. Jen was helping out, pumping her hips up and down and driving the dildo deep into me and then pushing hard into me while my orgasm pulsed out from my cunt.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed for a while (Jen kept moving around inside me, but the feeling wasn’t too intense and just felt nice). As I recovered, I started to rock back and forth again and asked Jen if she wanted to go for her third cum. The tingle gel had worn off by this point though and she said that her pussy felt a bit too tender, so we decided to call it a night and I helped her take the strap-on off.

Her pussy was very pink and slightly swollen and we thought it would probably be a good idea to wash out any of the remaining gel. A quick trip to the bathroom was needed and after a bit of sponging off, she was mostly clean. I helped by gently licking her clean inside – and would have happily continued licking but she was still a bit too tender. On the way back to bed, I decided that I was still in the mood for another orgasm and so let Jen go back to her room while I popped into see Mike. I didn’t want to leave Jen alone for too long (it was her night to have me after all) and so I told him that I just wanted a fairly quick orgasm. We ended up 69ing (me on top). Mike lapped away at my cunt and clit and I alternated between sucking and jerking him off. As usual, I came first and then knelt on the floor between his legs. I kept my mouth around his glans and used my tongue on him while he rubbed the shaft and I was soon rewarded with his cum squirting into my mouth. I swallowed some and let some of the rest drip out over my breasts before giving him a goodbye kiss and returning to Jen to snuggle up to her. Her pussy was feeling a bit better already, but we just went to sleep to give it time to recover properly.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 5

It's Lucy's birthday today - we've just been in to wake her with breakfast in bed and will be taking care of her for the rest of the day, then will be finishing off with a party. I will report back on anything fun and interesting that happens...


Jen said that the guy seemed to appreciate the view she gave him and Mike complained that if anyone else got to see her, then he was meant to as well. Jen rearranged herself so that she was sitting cross legged on the floor with us and he said that it was a much nicer view, but that she should turn around, bend over and open the food (which she did). Mike was happy to eat now that he’d got his fix of Jen’s pussy. We ate the main course and then retrieved the ice cream from the bag. It was slightly melted and so Mike suggested that we make better use of it than just eating it. He fetched a towel and laid it out on the sofa and I was instructed to sit down. I pulled my legs up and he dripped a bit onto my pussy and licked me clean. Jen then had a go and she and Mike took turns licking me. The interruptions caused by them changing places meant that it took quite a while before I even got close to cumming and in the end I had to ask for one of them to eat me properly.

Mike said that as it was his turn to spend the night with me, Jen should get to make me cum now and so she knelt between my legs and started to lick me properly. She did a good job and licked me clean as well as licking up inside me (I love her long tongue). Mike sat over by the fire and clearly enjoyed the view he had – he couldn’t really see what Jen was doing to me as her body was in the way (although he could see the effect it was having on me) – but he got a good view of Jen’s ass which was wriggling around while she worked on me. He suggested that she should play with herself and she *did* use a finger briefly, but it was only to tell him to fuck off. It didn’t take me long to cum once she started working on me seriously but I didn’t let her keep going afterwards as I didn’t want to be too sensitive to enjoy doing things with Mike.

I saw that there was a little ice cream left in the pot (it was completely melted by this time) and I said that I should return the favour to Jen. I assured her that I wouldn’t do anything that she didn’t want Mike to see and once she had assumed the position I had been in, I poured a little of the remaining ice cream over her pussy and let it drip down. Once she was nice and messy, I positioned myself where she had been and lapped away at her. Mike now had a good view of my ass and he commented how my pussy was gleaming in the firelight (mostly due to Jen’s saliva) and I interrupted my licking to tell him that I wanted him to make it even wetter when we went up to bed. I had the feeling that he was pretty much reaching his limit so I got Jen going as quickly as I could and once she was moaning away, I pulled back and stopped.

I could now see what Mike was talking about as the firelight caught Jen’s now very wet pussy and Mike came over to have a closer look. I told Jen that she had to go fuck the dildo on the washing machine and make sure that Mike and I could hear her upstairs. She almost started to protest, but remembered that she was meant to do whatever I wanted when in York, so she got up and told us to go upstairs. Mike didn’t need to be told again (as much as I’m sure he would have enjoyed watching Jen some more) and we were soon up in bed. We left the door open and heard the spin cycle starting and I took hold of Mike’s cock to get things started.

He was obviously hard already and I slowly rubbed up and down the shaft before taking the head in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it. Mike let out a moan and held my head in place. I asked him (in a muffled way) if he wanted me to just suck him or if he wanted to do things properly and he said that he wanted me properly, but was enjoying what I was doing and wanted me to continue for a little while. I was quite happy to do this and so alternated between swirling my tongue around the head and rapidly flicking it back and forth over the very tip. Mike lay back on the bed and I took the opportunity to shout down to Jen that we wanted her to be louder. I was rewarded with a series of moans, pants and ‘oh fuck, yeah’s’.

It was time for us to get a bit more serious now and seeing as Mike was already on his back, I climbed over his cock and pushed myself down onto it in one movement. I ground myself against his body, trying to get as much pressure on my clit as I could and it felt surprisingly good. I alternated between moving up and down, back and forth and using my pussy muscles. Whenever Mike tried to move, I told him that I was now in charge and he had to wait until I wanted him to cum. He found it quite difficult to not move at all, but did a good enough job and so I was able to control exactly what I (and he) felt. I yelled down to Jen to try to be even louder, but to not cum yet and she did as she was told. We continued like this for a little while and I got Mike to rub my clit until I was really close to cumming. I then called down to Jen to cum whenever she wanted, but to make sure that she let us know when it was happening.

Jen had obviously been holding back as she called up that she was about to cum very quickly and I told Mike to rub my clit faster. I had wanted to cum at the same time as Jen, but couldn’t catch up with her (despite having been fairly close myself). We heard her cum and I told Mike to imagine that he was in a threesome with us and it was his tongue that was responsible for making Jen cum. I described how wet she gets and got him to picture her cunt glued to his face with her juices being smeared over his mouth and sliding down her throat. As expected, Mike really enjoyed this image and I allowed his to start moving against me. I told him I was really close to cumming and he asked me to hold on for a bit, but I said I wanted to cum next and then he could finish off inside me. My pussy muscles were a bit tired by this point, but I did what I could to squeeze myself around him (it certainly makes my orgasm feel better) and he bounced back against me while I vocally came. He wasn’t too far behind me though and pushed hard into me as he squirted his cum into my cunt.

The session had taken quite a while (and quite a bit of energy), so we snuggled up to recover and heard Jen coming upstairs. I congratulated her on her performance and she warned me that I would end up doing something similar for her (which I had assumed would be the case) and I told her to do her worst. She went into her room and Mike and I dozed off for a little while before deciding that we should actually go to sleep properly. Mike said he wanted to fall asleep inside me and so after a quick rub, he was hard enough to slide into me and we gently spooned while we drifted off to sleep (actually, I fell asleep fairly quickly and Mike said he considered fucking me awake, but he was quite tired too so he restrained himself).

The following morning, I was woken up by Mike moving in me. I’m always amazed when he was managed to get me wet enough and slip into me before I actually wake up (but I guess he’s had a fair amount of practice). I don’t know if it was his cum from the previous evening, but I was sufficiently wet that my pussy was making squelching sounds as he fucked me. I love it when I sound like that as it just sounds so slutty and dirty. I told him to pump as much cum into me as he could (as if he has any control over how much he cums!) and pushed his hand onto my clit. It was a fairly vigorous fuck and involved quite a lot of dirty talk, but we weren’t being overly loud. Mike pumped in and out of me and varied the pressure he used on my clit so we could cum together and he actually came first (but not by a lot). It meant that he couldn’t keep fucking me the whole way through my orgasm, but I still enjoyed it and we lay pressed together for a bit until he started to go soft. I delayed this by squeezing myself around him and bringing his cock back to life a couple of times, but he didn’t think he could go again straight away so I gave up and let him slide out.

When I felt his cum start to trickle out, I put my hand over my pussy and waddled in to Jen’s room. She was still asleep but she woke up as I knelt over her and rubbed my pussy over her body (mostly her breasts, stomach and legs). I told her that we should go get some breakfast, but that she had to stay naked and she complained it was cold. Mike was already downstairs clearing out the fire and setting a new one, so I told her that she would only have to put up with the cold for a few minutes and then after breakfast, I would find other ways to warm her up. She padded downstairs with me and we waited while Mike finished building the fire. Once it was lit, we warmed up in front of it and I continued to wipe the mixture of my juices and Mike’s cum from my pussy to Jen’s body. By the time we were ready for breakfast, the house reeked of sex and my teasing of Jen’s nipples had got them fairly hard. Once we had eaten, she asked if it was time for her and I to go and play and I told her that as a reward for being naked, she could choose what we did.

Jen said that she thought it would be a good idea to get cleaned up first, so we headed up to the shower. Once the water was warm enough, we stepped into the bath and began to clean each other off. Of course, we concentrated on certain areas and it wasn’t long before our fingers were in each other and the cleaning had stopped. I thought it only fair that Jen get to cum first and I offered her the choice of how we should achieve this. She opted for a bit of everything, so I retrieved the dildo from the sink (where she had dumped it the previous night) and Jen sat on the edge of the bath. We alternated between me licking her, using the dildo on her and using the pulse setting on the shower aimed at her clit. As she got more excited, Jen said that she wanted to squirt while she came and I told her to go ahead and do whatever she wanted. She braced herself against the corner and spread her legs as wide as she could. She spread her lips while I pumped the dildo in and out of her cunt as fast as I could (and I was slamming it into her quite hard) and used my other hand to direct the shower spray at her clit. Jen mewed a lot as she got close to cumming and started to pee as her orgasm hit her. Between the shower spray and me fucking her with the dildo, it went pretty much everywhere, but she really enjoyed it so I didn’t mind. As she reached the end of her orgasm, she told me (through her pants) to be more gentle with the dildo, so I slowed down my movements and concentrated on keeping the shower jet on her clit. I then withdrew the dildo completely and watched her pussy contracting. She had finished peeing by this point so I gave her a few licks then sat up to kiss her.

She had an incredible glow about her and looked very satisfied. I wished that we had been in bed at that point as I would have loved to just curl up beside her and hold her, but I did the best I could in the shower and we kissed for a little while until she had caught her breath. She was soon ready to service me and decided that she would wash my pussy out so that she got to taste just me and not Mike’s cum. There was a lot more fingering and stroking involved than was really necessary to get me clean, but I was fine with that. The downside was that by the time she had finished, I wasn’t well enough lubricated to get the dildo into me. We considered calling Mike up to bring some gel in, but I decided to just let Jen lick me. I stood under the shower, leaning against the wall and Jen knelt between my legs and glued her mouth to my cunt. Her hands held my ass in place and as she worked away with her tongue, she pushed a thumb into my ass. Could feel her tongue sliding up into my pussy and licking over my clit and as she kept going, my orgasm started to build.

Jen knew that I was getting close and she moved her mouth away from me (to my dismay) and replaced it with her other hand. She sat up slightly so she could kiss my mons and her thumb rubbed away at my clit. She told me to let go and cum and I knew that she meant that she wanted me to pee as well. I waited until my orgasm was just about to start and pushed as hard as I could. I (or Jen) was rewarded with a fairly powerful stream that splashed over her chest and ran down my legs. Jen kept encouraging me to keep going, but I would have done so anyway as it felt really good. Her thumb in my ass also felt amazing and even though my orgasm probably wasn’t as strong as her one, it still felt very good. When I finished, Jen stood up and pressed herself against me while we kissed. We now needed to shower again, but this didn’t take too long and we finally finished up and dried ourselves off (being in a slightly wrinkly state after we’d spent so long in the water).