Sunday, 27 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 10

I pulled away from Jen and grabbed Mike’s boxers to sit on so that I didn’t stain the carpet. He went up to get his dressing gown (he’s not meant to be naked around Jen – but given the session had been her idea, she didn’t complain). When he returned, we opened the champagne for a belated toast to 2011 and hoped that the New Year would be a good one. Our session had lasted for a little over 15 minutes and we thought that we could now definitely say not just that we had fucked over 2 years, but that it had been a threesome (even if not quite the way that Mike and I would like).

I was now sitting on very wet boxers and told Jen that I wanted to clean out my pussy before we did anything again (it didn’t even occur to me that we had already cum 4 times that evening and that we would be stopping). I headed up to the bathroom, stripped off my remaining clothes and hosed out my pussy with the shower. I cheated a little bit and used the pulse setting – not to get myself off, but just to keep me interested in doing more. Once I had dried off, I got dressed again but popped into the bedroom and added a pair of long white socks to the outfit. When I got back down, I asked Mike if he minded leaving us to finish our anniversary evening and he said that after what had happened, he would gladly give us whatever we wanted.

Jen and I curled up on the rug in front of the fire and resumed our gentle kissing and touching from earlier in the evening. I thanked her for letting Mike join in and she said it was fine as long as I enjoyed it (I assured her that I did). We finished off the champagne (it was only a half bottle) and I asked Jen what we were going to do next. She said that in return for the threesome, she wanted me to do something for her. I assumed that this would involve Jen’s watersports fetish and agreed to do whatever she wanted. I was instructed to go upstairs and collect a couple of towels and meet her in the kitchen. When I returned, I had to spread them out on the floor and then sit on a chair above them. Jen straddled my lap, sat down and kissed me deeply. She broke the kiss and undid my blouse before pulling my bra over my breasts so that my nipples rubbed against her. We kissed some more and I tried to reach under her skirt to play with her, but she said that she wanted to do that.

Our kissing continued and I felt her hand moving and assumed (correctly) that she was fingering herself. Between kissing, I told her that I wouldn’t finger her, but offered to help hold her pussy open and she agreed so I reached around under her skirt and did this. I could feel her fingers quickly moving over her pussy and as her breathing got more ragged she said that it was time for her to have some fun. I was expecting it, but it was still strange as I felt the front of her skirt get wet and then felt her pee dripping onto my skirt and legs. She stood up and pressed herself against my chest and I now had her pee running down my front and soaking my blouse and skirt. Jen rubbed herself up and down my body and then sat back in my lap and kissed me while she came. My skirt was now dripping wet, but she got off me, told me to stand up and then sat in the chair and asked me to do what she had just done.

I straddled her and kissed her while I played with myself. I didn’t think I had that much pee in me, so waited until just before I came before I let it go and emptied myself over Jen as she had done to me. When I had finished, I returned to sitting over her lap and kissing her and asked if she had enjoyed what we’d just done, but I could tell from her face that she had. Our clothes were dripping wet and I felt a little cold so I asked if she minded if I undressed. We both stripped off and Jen pressed herself against me and kissed me deeply while her fingers pushed into my cunt. I was surprised that she still wanted more, but I’m not known for turning down an opportunity to cum so I pushed her against the fridge and dropped a hand to her pussy to rub her.

We toyed with each other for a while and then I suggested we have a quick shower and get into bed to finish things off. Jen was happy with this idea, but on the way upstairs, she got me to bend over and licked around my cunt then pushed her tongue into me and licked me out. I loved what she was doing to me, but wanted to get cleaned up before I did anything more, so pulled away from her and told her I wanted to finish things off properly. We showered quickly and dried off before diving into bed to warm up. Fortunately, we had plenty of ways to keep warm and ended up sharing the long double dildo while Jen lay on top of me and we kissed. We humped against each other for a while, but ended up discarding the dildo and moving round to a 69 position to have our final orgasm of the night. Neither of us tried to be particularly quiet and I couldn’t help but think of Mike next door and wondered if he was listening in and jerking off to the sounds of our pleasure.
We fell asleep with Jen curled up against me, her head resting on my chest and one of her legs draped over mine so her pussy was pressed up against my thigh. It had been an amazing anniversary and as we fell asleep, we chatted about ideas to make sure that our third year together would be as good as the first couple.

The following morning, we woke up fairly late and I realised that we had left our wet clothes dumped in the middle of the kitchen (as well as our underwear in Mike’s room). I went downstairs and found that Mike had already gathered them up and thrown them in the washing machine. He helped me make breakfast to take up to Jen and popped into his room to retrieve Jen’s panties on the way up. They were rather damp and he explained that he had used them to masturbate with the previous night while listening to us and then again that morning (before we were awake). The time in the morning, he had sniffed my panties and imagines what Jen and I had been doing while he came into her panties again. Jen pulled the panties on and pressed them against her pussy and once she had pulled the covers over her legs and crotch, she proceeded to gently massage around her cunt to tease Mike. He thought that this was unfair (but very hot) and said that after breakfast, I would have to go take care of him.

I wasn’t adverse to this, but thought that it would be a good idea to tease him a bit more, so while we ate, I sat up beside Jen, spread my legs and fingered myself. Occasionally, I let Jen suck my fingers clean and she pulled her hand out from under the covers and let me do the same. I could tell from the taste that she was actually rubbing her pussy and told this to Mike. He asked if she was up for a repeat of the previous night, but she said that she was happy to just tease. Jen reached over to me and pushed her hand onto my pussy and started to rub. I put my coffee down and kissed her as a couple of her fingers curled up into my pussy and started to fuck me. I told Mike that I would gladly take care of his needs, but that I hadn’t had my morning session with Jen yet, so he was sent out of the room and Jen and I got started properly.

I pulled the covers off her and mounted her. Her panties were soaked – now with her own juices as well as Mike’s cum and as she moved her hand in them I could feel the material pressing against my pussy. I very quickly started to feel a really strong urge to cum and told Jen that I didn’t want to play around too long. She later said that she could see a real look of lust in my eyes and so she pushed me off her and pulled her panties down. She grabbed the double dido and an egg and sat over my face. She pushed the dildo into my pussy and started fucking me with it, then turned the egg on and pressed it against my clit. It felt very strong, but I didn’t really care and I pulled her to my mouth and ate her.

It was a pretty frenzied session, Jen pounded the dildo into my cunt and rubbed the egg around my clit. I knew I was going to cum fairly quickly with such intense stimulation and I was working on Jen as hard as I could. As I got closer to cumming, I really went to town on her and licked as hard and fast as I could. I could hear from her moans and mewing that she was enjoying what I was doing and I tried as hard as I could to keep going when I started to cum. I licked and moaned in her pussy and rubbed her clit. I had to tell her to ease off a bit as my orgasm ended, but I kept going on her until she came and then ate her through her orgasm until she cried for me to stop.

My pussy felt rather tender due to the force that Jen had used when fucking me, but I also still felt horny and wanted some more. With hindsight, I guess it was the same as over the summer – having a period of time to spend just enjoying myself seems to increase my sexual appetite. Jen seemed to be satisfied for now, but I knew that I had Mike to take care of (and to take care of me). I wasn’t sure what Mike would want to do so I wiped Jen’s pussy with my hand and smeared her juices onto my cunt (so no matter where he kissed, he would get a chance to taste her), and scampered into his room.

Mike was waiting for me (he’d obviously been listening to us) and his cock was nice and hard. I didn’t wait to find out what he wanted to do and clambered up onto the bed and pushed myself straight down onto his cock. As I kissed him, I started to ride up and down and then told him I wanted him to fuck me hard. I had caught him off guard a bit, but he soon adapted and grabbed my ass. While his fingers found and toyed with my ass, he started to pump back into me, harder and faster until he was going at full speed. I really let myself get into it and kept telling him to go faster harder and deeper (not that he could really do any more than he was). This is normally how we would finish up a session and I’d thought that we would just carry on until we’d both cum, but (as I’m slowly learning from using the strap on with Jen), this can take a fair amount of energy and Mike wanted to shift position.

I rolled off him and onto my back and he knelt between my legs. I had a couple of pillows stuffed under my ass and he lifted my legs up and slid back into me. This always feels really deep and Mike used long strokes so I could feel him sliding in and out of the entire depth of my pussy. I know he really enjoys the feeling this gives him and I didn’t want to prolong things so I asked him to get an egg to use on my clit. He said that there wasn’t any need and asked me to hold my legs back as far as I could. I did this and he spread the skin at the top of my pussy with one hand started to directly rub my clit with the other. This felt really strong and I pulled my legs up as far as I could to give him access and tried to push my pussy back against his cock in time with his strokes. I could feel my orgasm building rapidly and told him this and he said that he wasn’t too far off either. As usual, he held out until I had cum and I (once again) moaned my way through my orgasm (but this time I didn’t have Jen’s pussy to muffle my moans). Mike fucked me for a little while longer and just before he came he pulled out of me. He had wanted to cover me in cum, but he only ejaculated a small amount (probably due to him having cum into Jen’s panties not too long before). He seemed to enjoy it anyway even if I didn’t end up as a cum-sodden mess.


  1. Happy New Year !!!

    As you pulled away to sit on Mike's boxers Jen must have got a good view of his (then probably limp) cock.

    I'm not surprised Mike was wanking while listening to you and Jen but a bit surprised that Jen put her panties on when they were coated with his spunk.

    Mike's lucky in that you are both happy to finger each other while he is there but it would have been fairer on him if you both let him lick the pussy juice off your fingers once.

    Happy Anniversary - I have really enjoyed reading about your first two years together and look forward to many more adventures :)

    Cheers, John

  2. She's seen his cock once before, when we had the semi-threesome back in the summer (and he was allowed to hump against her panty-covered pussy).

    Mike didn't actually get to see Jen fingering herself (her pussy was under the covers), but he could see that she was enjoying what she was doing.

    Jen quite likes Mike's cum on her pussy - she's had her cum inside his pussy before (with it having got there via me). He usua;;y gets to taste her off me, so he is fairly familiar with her taste.