Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 11

Just a short post today to finish off the day from the previous entry...

After a bit of time to recover, I went back to join Jen and Mike went off to the shower. Jen was fully rested and we went down to watch some TV while waiting for Mike. When he surfaced, we decided that we should go out and get some air and went for what turned into a fairly long walk away from town. It was still a very cold day and we were mostly wrapped up well apart from Jen who I had instructed to wear one of her short skirts (with long socks so she didn’t freeze). When we were a little way out, Mike said that he needed to pee and disappeared behind a tree. Jen thought that this was a very good idea and we wandered a little bit off the path so she could find somewhere suitable. She found a log, pulled off her panties, lifted her skirt and sat down. She spread her legs and peed, letting out a rapid stream that splattered the ground in front of her, leaving patterns on the snow. I’d half expected her to put on a proper display and to make herself cum, but Mike was there with us (she says that this had nothing to do with it) and she just continued to pee until she had finished. As would be expected, her thighs were a bit damp by the time she finished and she used her panties to wipe herself clean before handing them to Mike and suggesting that he keep them in his boxers. He stuffed them down the front of his trousers (where there was already a bulge) and Jen suggested that I relieve myself as well.

I pointed out that this would be a bit more difficult for me as I had tights on, but after a bit of nagging, I agreed and with Mike helping me balance, I removed my tights. I opened my coat and pulled my skirt up before sitting on the log near where Jen had sat. I was shocked at how cold the snow felt on my ass (yes, I know snow is cold, but it was still a shock). I repeated what Jen had done and even had a little play with my clit while I peed – not enough to get me off, but enough to feel nice. Mike fished Jen’s panties out and wiped me down before stuffing them back into his shorts while Jen helped my put my tights back on. We left the area of yellow snow and headed back home to warm up and have some food.

We didn’t have any more plans for the day so just sat around and chatted. Jen and I wanted to know what Mike had got up to with Lis and Vicky and he told us about his evening (or the part of it he spent with them). They had quite liked having him along and not having to hide their relationship. Mike hadn’t mentioned anything about Lis being upset about not being about to spend Christmas with Vicky and he said that she had seemed pretty happy. They hadn’t been all over each other, but had been holding hands and sharing the occasional kiss (which even though Mike gets to see Jen and I kiss quite often, he still finds quite arousing). Vicky’s sense of humour was as dirty as ever and they all had a good time before he went off to see another couple of friends (and then got summoned home).

We got round to talking about Jen’s watersport fetish and she relayed some of the things that she had done in the past (I’ve written about some of them in here so Mike knows, but it was the first time she had told him face to face about a number of events). She tried to explain why she enjoys it so much and a lot of the outdoor stuff sounded very familiar to me from my own exhibitionist tendencies – not that Jen actually wanted to get seen or caught, but I think a large part of it is still the element of risk. Once exhibitionism had been raised, Mike dared me to go out and make use of the dildo on the patio doors. I pointed out how cold it was outside but they both promised to look after me when I returned. Mike started to build a fire while Jen went up to get the dildo. She went out and stuck it to the door and said that we should leave it for a little while to get cold. I wasn’t completely sure how this would feel, but between them, Mike and Jen peeled off my clothes and gently fondled me to prepare (and distract) me.

Once ready, I slipped on a pair of shoes, Jen handed me a remote control egg (to help things along) and I wandered out into the back garden. Having come from the warm room, I immediately good goose bumps, but it was the first time I’d been completely naked outside for a while and I enjoyed the feeling. The light was just beginning to fade, so it was still fairly light and I ran my hands over my body before walking over to the dildo and checking it was attached. Jen had lubed it up but it was freezing cold and I knew that it was going to be a shock to my pussy, but the longer I put things off, the colder I would get, so I bend over, lined it up with my pussy and pushed back against it.

It felt like the times we play with ice and the deeper it got into me, the more sensitive I was to the cold. Of course, it soon warmed up once it was in me and I was sliding back and forth on it, but the rest of me was still cold. I decided to just go for it and indicated that I wanted the egg turned on (Mike and Jen were watching from indoors). I felt it start to buzz in my hand and I pressed it to my clit. My nipples felt really hard and I used my spare hand to play with them while I fucked the dildo. Despite the cold, it felt really exciting to be fully naked outside again and I really enjoyed it. I pressed back harder on the dildo so I felt the balls on the dildo banding against my pussy and my ass cheeks squished against the window. I knew that I wanted to keep going until I came and I concentrated on the feelings growing inside me and in my clit. The cold (or excitement) made my nipples feel a lot more sensitive than usual and I pulled a little harder on them. I pushed back on the dildo faster and pressed the egg hard against my clit as I came and I allowed myself to be fairly loud as I came. It probably sounded much louder than it was as the snow was still blanketing sound, but as my orgasm faded, I did worry a bit that I might have been a tough too loud and I pulled myself off the dildo and dashed back into the house.

I was shivering by this time and went to sit in front of the fire to warm up. Mike and Jen cuddled me and ended up playing with my still hard nipples. My skin apparently felt freezing and between them, I was gradually massaged back to warmth and then the touching continued. Mike suggested that they try something and I wondered what I was going to be subjected to, but said that I was willing to go along with whatever it was. Mike fetched a couple of cushions so I could lie comfortably on my side and he got Jen to sit beside him. He pushed one thumb into my ass and the other into my cunt and asked Jen to do the same. I felt her thumbs joining his inside me and it felt very strange. They practised pumping in and out of me and tried both cunt and ass simultaneously as well as in an alternating fashion. I thought that this was an excellent way to distract me from being cold and when they asked if it felt nice, I told them to continue and go faster. This was all they needed to hear and I was double-double finger fucked to another orgasm. This was a first (and I always like it when we get to do new things) and we made it our New Year’s resolution to try and find lots of new things to do throughout the year.

I have also resolved to drink less – both in terms of general health (not that I was quite at the point of alcoholism, but I’ve certainly been drinking more than I should) as well as to help with my continued dieting in preparation for my wedding. The one problem that this might cause is that I won’t be able to blame being drunk when I ‘decide to go along with’ various suggestions that Jen makes while I’m down visiting her. I think we might be past that stage though as her friends now know full well that I’ll do whatever she suggests and have seen how much I enjoy doing it.

Mike and Jen kept their thumbs pressed into me for a little while after I’d cum and eventually pulled out. I decided to reward Jen by letting her cum and ordered her to strip off. As expected, Mike was banished upstairs (but it was his night to have me, so he didn’t mind) and once he had gone, I send Jen out into the garden to fuck the dildo. I sat inside the patio doors and watched her cunt swallow the dildo and her fingers working on her clit. Even though I felt satisfied, it was still an incredible turn on and I considered masturbating, but just settled for gently toying with my pussy. It took Jen a little longer to cum (but she isn’t quite as much of as exhibitionist as I am) and when she came back in, we called Mike down and curled up in front of the fire to help her warm up. She didn’t mind Mike pressed up against her (he was wearing clothes) and I had a suck on her nips to help them thaw out (they were even harder than mine had been).

Jen and I were pretty worm out but Jen could attest to the fact that Mike was still aroused (she could feel his cock pressed up against her ass through his jeans). He said that he was happy to wait until later to play with me and so now that Jen was no longer cold, we decided to make dinner. It was only a few days before I had to head back up North, so I spent a little while starting to get my things sorted and we had a fairly chilled rest of evening. We arranged for Lis and Vicky to come over the following evening and ended up getting a fairly early night. As promised, Mike was ready for action when we went to bed and we ended up doing things twice (once in a 69 position and once ‘properly’ with me on top). We tried to fall asleep with Mike inside me, but he didn’t stay hard for very long (something about having just cum twice fairly quickly...) and I ended up spooning against his back (he likes the feel of my breasts pressed up against him).


  1. I'm sure you could create some sort of cold dildo where you plug it in and it keeps it cold. That would be interesting.

    Another thought, you could hang a white sheet up and you, Jen and a light are on one side having sex while mike is on the other enjoying a "shadow show". That would be very hot for everyone involved and be within the rules!

  2. So now you know that Jen will let Mike cuddle her when she is naked as long as she needs to be warmed up - here's looking forward to the next cold snap :)

    Nice to see Lis and Vicky being open with Mike too.

    Cheers, John

  3. I think Jen now knows that Mike isn't going to try to do anything with her unless she wants him to (and she knows that I completely trust him).

    Mike is quite close friends with Vicky and Lis knows that I share pretty much everything with him. I think they like having someone that they don't have to hide their relationship from.

  4. I forgot to comment on the sheet idea - this is a wonderful idea (and Jen seems happy with it) so we might put it into practice the next time the three of us are together.

    How on earth did we not come up with this?