Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 4

I'm heading down to see Jen on Friday and on Saturday we're having Lucy's 21st birthday party. I'm still not completely recovered from my cold but I feel much better than I did last weekend and I'm looking forward to being in Jen's arms again (and in other parts of her as well of course).


The following morning, we were woken by Mike, who was bearing breakfast in bed for us (of course, he mostly does this so he gets another chance to see Jen naked). I thwarted his plan by suggesting that she show off her new nightdress to us properly (now that we had actual light) and Jen slipped it on. The material is very fine and partially see through (at least when there is light behind it). With Jen standing by the window, we could see a beautiful outline of her body and Mike had to concede that she looked good in it (even if it covered the bits he wanted to see the most). He asked how we had got on with the strap on and we told him about the previous evening. He was glad that we had enjoyed it and said that you could get additional parts for it (both the main and internal dildos could be swapped for vibrators) and I think we may have a few birthday presents lined up now!

When we had finished eating, Mike was banished and we turned to a different (and more fun) form of eating. We had a quick 69 session and then got up. Once we had got ready for the day (including me spending a little while teasing Mike in the shower), we headed out for a walk to enjoy the nice scenery (York is very pretty in the snow). We had another snowball fight and headed off to get some supplies before returning home for lunch. While preparing it, Mike suggested that it might be a good time to make the ‘special side salad’ that he and I had shared before. Jen was quite up for this and so while he prepared the main course, we went into the living/dining room to do our bit. Mike promised not to peek (even though Jen doesn’t mind (as much) him seeing her naked, she still doesn’t want him watching while I do things to her) and Jen and we had a play with the various bits of food.

We each had cherry tomatoes pushed into our pussies and we then deposited them in a bowl. Carrots were fairly easy – we peeled them, fucked each other and then chopped the up into batons. The courgette only went into me (Jen still doesn’t think she is quite big enough to take it) and then sliced. In return, she used the cucumber to rub herself with before we sliced and added that (I don’t think I could manage to get a cucumber inside me and Jen certainly couldn’t). We licked each other clean and then mixed the salad together with some lettuce before dividing it into three bowls. It was now Mike’s turn to help out and I joined him in the kitchen (because ‘the rules’ still say that Jen doesn’t want to see him fucking me). Neither Jen nor I had cum yet, so she sat on a chair in the dining room and played with herself while listening to us fucking. Mike was already hard when I joined him (he had been listening to what we had been doing which I think had helped quite a bit) and we ended up just fucking doggy style with me leaning against the worktop.

Mike described the view he had to Jen and she agreed that it was really nice being able to watch my cunt as it was being fucked (I know I enjoyed it when I had briefly done it to Jen on the stairs and was looking forward to further experimentation). Mike reached around and rubbed my clit until I came and then spent a bit longer fucking me before finally cumming deep inside me. Jen had cum at some point between the two of us cumming and I was instructed to stand up but hold my pussy shut while brought in the bowls of salad. She insisted that Mike have at least a little bit on his salad and so I crouched over the bowls and allowed his cum (probably with a nice mix of my juices) to drip out. I tried to make sure that Jen’s bowl got the most, then mine and a couple of drips for Mike, and once I had (mostly) stopped leaking, the salad was taken through.

The main course wasn’t quite ready yet so I ended up sitting up on the worktop while Jen ensured I was completely clean. After she had licked me for a couple of minutes, Mike asked if he could help out and I had both of them trying to lick me at the same time. It wasn’t anywhere near as intense as either one of them doing it properly, but I liked the fact that they were sharing me (and Mike liked the fact that it meant he got to half kiss Jen). As nice as it felt, I knew I wasn’t going to cum like that and while Mike was getting lunch out of the over, Jen took over again and ate me to another orgasm. By the time I was done, lunch was ready and we moved into the dining room. Jen just wore her new nightdress (she hadn’t got dressed again properly after we had played with the food) and I remained naked as the house was warm enough.

Mike had cum a fair bit, so Jen had a fairly good dollop of his cum on her salad and I now understood why he hadn’t wanted to cum while we had been playing in the shower earlier that day. Over lunch, he tried to convince her to sample his cum directly from him, but didn’t have much luck. We pointed out that a number of readers of this blog had said that she should do this, but she reads this too, so already knows about the suggestions (and had replied in a couple of cases). I chimed in further and pointed out how much more fun we could have if we could all do things properly with each other, but it turns out that my lesbian girlfriend isn’t actually that interested in men (other than occasionally teasing them), so we admitted defeat (well, *I* admitted defeat, but I know that Mike isn’t giving up).

Mike took great pleasure both in watching us eat his cum and enjoying the flavouring that Jen and I had added to the salad. We agreed that we would do this more often and Jen wondered if we would be able to get Sue involved (but we pointed out that if she started having unprotected sex with her bf, that we would then end up with his cum as well – and Mike really wasn’t too keen on tasting that!). Once we finished lunch, I decided that I wanted to have another play with the strap on, so Jen and I headed upstairs while Mike did something else.

I wanted to have first go at wearing it again and Jen added some of the tingle gel to the internal dildo before helping to strap it onto me. I lubed up the main dildo with the gel (not for lubrication, just so Jen could feel all tingly as well) and we took a little longer to actually examine it. As I’ve said before, in size it was slightly smaller than Mike’s cock, but it has that wonderful gel texture that gives it quite a realistic feel – slightly soft on the outside, but wonderfully hard underneath. It is also incredibly lifelike (while I may not have seen that many cocks ‘in the flesh’, I’ve seen enough pictures and now have at least a bit more firsthand experience due to the sex parties). By the time we got round to starting, the gel had been working on me for a couple of minutes and I felt quite sensitive.

Even though I didn’t expect it to do a great deal for me, I desperately wanted to do Jen doggy style so I could properly enjoy the view that it gave, so I got her to kneel on the bed and positioned myself behind her. I rubbed the head of the cock up and down her slit and dripped a little more gel onto her ass and let it run down over her pussy. Once I was satisfied that she would get the full effect from the gel, I pulled her cheeks apart and spread her pussy. I slowly pushed the dildo into her and I’ll admit that it was a wonderful sight. We’ve obviously used dildos/vibes before in a similar position to this, but there was something extra special about watching how her cunt lips moved, stretching around the dildo as I pushed it into her and then grasping at it as I pulled out. I told Jen how nice the view was and she described what she could feel as I slowly worked in and out of her. I intended to use everything I had learned from Mike and I rubbed a thumb back and forth over her asshole – not pushing into her, but stimulating it. She liked this, so I continued doing it while I worked the dildo deeper into her until it was most of the way in and I was using long strokes in and out.

As nice as I imagined this felt, I knew it wasn’t going to make her cum, so I stopped playing with her ass and leant forwards so I could reach around between her legs and rub her clit. The nature of this position meant that I was fairly deep in her and not able to pull out the whole way, but I think the clit stimulation helped make up for any loss of movement. My breasts were rubbing against her back and I stopped to add a little bit of the gel to my nipples (if they were going to be stimulated, I thought that we may as well do it properly). I leant back over Jen and reached around to rub her clit again and as my breasts swung back and forth, they rubbed against her back. Of course, my nips aren’t anywhere near as sensitive as hers, but it still felt nice. Jen pointed out that Sue would really love this position (she likes having her back stroked) and I pointed out that it was somewhat unlikely that we would be able to convince Sue to let me fuck her with the strap on. This didn’t stop Jen fantasising about it though and she was already describing how Sue could be kneeling between us, with me fucking her, rubbing her clit and my breasts rubbing against her back while Sue’s head was buried between Jen’s legs, eating her out.

I may not have helped things by suggesting that instead of me rubbing Sue’s clit, Jen could be in a 69 position with her and lick her clit while I was buried in Sue. Jen really liked this idea and (with what I was doing to her) was enough to send her over the edge and she came. She had obviously really been enjoying the fantasy as she came quite hard. I continued to fuck her right the way through her orgasm and ended up buried the whole way in her. I wish I could feel what her cunt felt like around the dildo (but I don’t actually wish I had a cock as it’s much easier to discreetly play with a pussy in public!). Jen wanted to lie down, so I pulled out of her and let her catch her breath. She looked very happy and I assumed that she was still playing out her fantasy in her head. Maybe I will have to try to convince Sue to fuck Jen (although I have no idea how I would manage that) as Mike has certainly been a lot less fixated on her since he got to fuck her (as as the earlier posts will attest to, by ‘fuck her’ I mean ‘make her cum in almost every way imaginable’).

I was feeling pretty horny myself but wasn’t that close to cumming, so decided that it was Jen’s turn to do something to me. I unbuckled the strap on and offered it to her – she had recovered and was ready to give it another try, so I added a bit more tingle gel to the internal dildo and we strapped it on to her. She added some gel to the main dildo and I lay on my side (I wanted to try spooning with her). Jen curled up behind me and after a few attempts, managed to get the dildo inside me (it’s not really at quite the right angle to spoon with). She soon got the hand of fucking in this position and I showed her how Mike either reaches around to rub my clit or rubs it from behind and she tried both of these methods. It felt really good and she nuzzled the back of my neck while she fucked and fingered me so it wasn’t long before I was about to cum. I told her to use long strokes in and out of me (she doesn’t need to be told how I like having my clit rubbed) and I allowed myself to be quite loud as my orgasm hit me. Jen kept fucking until it had finished and we lay together with her still buried inside me.

Jen called Mike up to see us using his toy (or at least see the results of us having used it). I guess I wasn’t too surprised that she didn’t mind him seeing her wearing it as her whole pussy and ass were covered by the harness, so he couldn’t see anything of the internal dildo. He thought it was a very sexy view, the two of us curled up together with ‘Jen’ inside me and he even offered to lick me while Jen fucked me again. She did at least seem to consider this for a moment before saying no (she’s still worried that one thing might lead to another and he would end up licking her then fucking her). When Jen finally pulled out of me, I sucked the dildo clean and offered to make Jen cum again, but she declined, so she removed the harness (while Mike turned his back) and then offered him the internal dildo so he could taste her (which he enthusiastically did).

We lazed around for another chunk of the afternoon and chatted. At one point I was sent out into the garden while just wearing some shoes to get some more wood for the fire and I considered offering to put the dildo on the window and fuck it, but it was a bit too cold to be naked outside for long. As the time for dinner approached, we wandered into the kitchen to have a look at what we could eat. I decided that I wanted to make use of the fact that I was on home territory (so Jen had to follow my orders) and said that we should order take-away. We dug out a Chinese menu and ordered and I also decided that now I was no longer living in York, that I could also get away with a lot more.

I went upstairs to get the dildo with the suction cup and dug out a couple of outfits for Jen. I hadn’t decided how I wanted her to be dressed when she answered the door, so got her to try on her lacy panties (with and without the matching bra), just her robe (without the belt to tie it of course) and a t-shirt of Mike’s that didn’t quite cover her ass. We (Mike and I – Jen didn’t get a say in it) really couldn’t decide (she looked good in all of them and they exposed her in very different ways), so tossed a coin a number of times and we went with the t-shirt. While we waited for the food to be delivered, I got Mike to help pull the washing machine out a bit and we set it onto the spin cycle. I attached the dildo to the top of the machine and once we had put the money out, I got up onto the machine and placed myself on the dildo. I alternated between Mike and Jen taking turns to lick my clit while I sat with my weight fully on the dildo and humping against it. I didn’t want to actually cum before the food arrived, so they had to ease back on the licking a couple of times.

When the doorbell rang, Mike quickly went upstairs (so he was out of sight) and Jen wandered over to the door. I humped against the dildo and rubbed my clit, allowing myself to make a bit of noise to show how much I was enjoying myself. Jen opened the door and invited the guy to come in so she could close it (it was still very cold out and she only had the t-shirt on). She took the food and bent over to put it down, giving him a good shot of her ass and pussy. She then asked how much it was (which of course we knew) and had to bend over again to carefully count the money that we had placed on the low coffee table. Meanwhile, I was still fucking the dildo on top of the spinning washing machine. While I was out of sight of the delivery boy, I wasn’t out of earshot as he asked Jen if I was all right (so we know that he heard my moaning). Jen handed him the money and told him that I was fine and was just having a good time playing with myself. Apparently, he didn’t have any come back for this and just ended up leaving. I heard the door shut and wished that I had been able to actually cum while he was there, but I hadn’t been able to hear what was happening. Jen came into the kitchen and Mike came back downstairs in time to watch me finish myself off and once I had cum, they helped me down from the washing machine and I went and sat down by the fire to recover.


  1. So Jen is ok with licking your pussy along with Mike even though their tongues inevitably wriggle together sometimes :)

    Hopefully she will come round to the idea of rubbing Mike's cock along her pussy lips while you suck him off as you did with Sue, that would be so hot.

    As an alternative maybe you could convince her to think of Mike's cock not as something to fuck with but as an appliance that dispenses cum - she rubs it and spunk squirts out for her to eat, just like a big ketchup bottle for a hot dog!

    Cheers, John

  2. I have only been following for a little while but it seems to me that Jen's issue is more with the apotheosis of masculinity than a "boys are icky and gross" kind of thing that she can be convinced out of. My guess is masculinity was misused and/or misrepresented in her life and in some way harmed her emotionally, physically or psychically and repulsion to it is completely understandable, as no one is attracted to that which harmed us.

    That said, she may one day come to do things with Mike but only after years of genuine love and trust. Then she may be willing to do things with Mike seeing him more as someone she truly trusts and loves vs. a male to have sex with. My guess is that more success will be had if people back off on the Mike/Jen thing and instead spend more time getting to know her, find common interests and forming more of a bond. She will probably only do things with Mike if she can fell for him the same she feels for Andi but not until then.

  3. Jen was once attached by a 'boyfriend' (nothing actually happened), but she knew that she was gay before this happened. She doesn't think that it affected her view of men (although it affected her view of *him*).

    She doesn't even think that boys are icky - it's just that she is attracted to women. Mike understands this as he doesn't find the idea of having sex with another man attractive or appealing.

    I think that especially over the past year, Jen has grown to care about Mike a lot more and she now understands that he isn't a rival for my affections and isn't going to suddenly ask me to stop seeing her or anything. She knows that I love her as much as I love Mike and I know that she is growing to love him in a way as well.

    She trusts him quite a bit (given she is now comfortable being naked around him (at least some of the time) and even allowed him to have the partial threesome over the summer (he was only allowed to do things with me).

    She also knows that we're just teasing her and would never try to force her to do things that she didn't want to. She knows that if she ever wants to let him do things with her, he will do as much or as little as she will allow him and in the meantime, she seems to enjoy teasing him (so it's not all one sided).