Saturday, 12 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 5

It's Lucy's birthday today - we've just been in to wake her with breakfast in bed and will be taking care of her for the rest of the day, then will be finishing off with a party. I will report back on anything fun and interesting that happens...


Jen said that the guy seemed to appreciate the view she gave him and Mike complained that if anyone else got to see her, then he was meant to as well. Jen rearranged herself so that she was sitting cross legged on the floor with us and he said that it was a much nicer view, but that she should turn around, bend over and open the food (which she did). Mike was happy to eat now that he’d got his fix of Jen’s pussy. We ate the main course and then retrieved the ice cream from the bag. It was slightly melted and so Mike suggested that we make better use of it than just eating it. He fetched a towel and laid it out on the sofa and I was instructed to sit down. I pulled my legs up and he dripped a bit onto my pussy and licked me clean. Jen then had a go and she and Mike took turns licking me. The interruptions caused by them changing places meant that it took quite a while before I even got close to cumming and in the end I had to ask for one of them to eat me properly.

Mike said that as it was his turn to spend the night with me, Jen should get to make me cum now and so she knelt between my legs and started to lick me properly. She did a good job and licked me clean as well as licking up inside me (I love her long tongue). Mike sat over by the fire and clearly enjoyed the view he had – he couldn’t really see what Jen was doing to me as her body was in the way (although he could see the effect it was having on me) – but he got a good view of Jen’s ass which was wriggling around while she worked on me. He suggested that she should play with herself and she *did* use a finger briefly, but it was only to tell him to fuck off. It didn’t take me long to cum once she started working on me seriously but I didn’t let her keep going afterwards as I didn’t want to be too sensitive to enjoy doing things with Mike.

I saw that there was a little ice cream left in the pot (it was completely melted by this time) and I said that I should return the favour to Jen. I assured her that I wouldn’t do anything that she didn’t want Mike to see and once she had assumed the position I had been in, I poured a little of the remaining ice cream over her pussy and let it drip down. Once she was nice and messy, I positioned myself where she had been and lapped away at her. Mike now had a good view of my ass and he commented how my pussy was gleaming in the firelight (mostly due to Jen’s saliva) and I interrupted my licking to tell him that I wanted him to make it even wetter when we went up to bed. I had the feeling that he was pretty much reaching his limit so I got Jen going as quickly as I could and once she was moaning away, I pulled back and stopped.

I could now see what Mike was talking about as the firelight caught Jen’s now very wet pussy and Mike came over to have a closer look. I told Jen that she had to go fuck the dildo on the washing machine and make sure that Mike and I could hear her upstairs. She almost started to protest, but remembered that she was meant to do whatever I wanted when in York, so she got up and told us to go upstairs. Mike didn’t need to be told again (as much as I’m sure he would have enjoyed watching Jen some more) and we were soon up in bed. We left the door open and heard the spin cycle starting and I took hold of Mike’s cock to get things started.

He was obviously hard already and I slowly rubbed up and down the shaft before taking the head in my mouth and swirling my tongue around it. Mike let out a moan and held my head in place. I asked him (in a muffled way) if he wanted me to just suck him or if he wanted to do things properly and he said that he wanted me properly, but was enjoying what I was doing and wanted me to continue for a little while. I was quite happy to do this and so alternated between swirling my tongue around the head and rapidly flicking it back and forth over the very tip. Mike lay back on the bed and I took the opportunity to shout down to Jen that we wanted her to be louder. I was rewarded with a series of moans, pants and ‘oh fuck, yeah’s’.

It was time for us to get a bit more serious now and seeing as Mike was already on his back, I climbed over his cock and pushed myself down onto it in one movement. I ground myself against his body, trying to get as much pressure on my clit as I could and it felt surprisingly good. I alternated between moving up and down, back and forth and using my pussy muscles. Whenever Mike tried to move, I told him that I was now in charge and he had to wait until I wanted him to cum. He found it quite difficult to not move at all, but did a good enough job and so I was able to control exactly what I (and he) felt. I yelled down to Jen to try to be even louder, but to not cum yet and she did as she was told. We continued like this for a little while and I got Mike to rub my clit until I was really close to cumming. I then called down to Jen to cum whenever she wanted, but to make sure that she let us know when it was happening.

Jen had obviously been holding back as she called up that she was about to cum very quickly and I told Mike to rub my clit faster. I had wanted to cum at the same time as Jen, but couldn’t catch up with her (despite having been fairly close myself). We heard her cum and I told Mike to imagine that he was in a threesome with us and it was his tongue that was responsible for making Jen cum. I described how wet she gets and got him to picture her cunt glued to his face with her juices being smeared over his mouth and sliding down her throat. As expected, Mike really enjoyed this image and I allowed his to start moving against me. I told him I was really close to cumming and he asked me to hold on for a bit, but I said I wanted to cum next and then he could finish off inside me. My pussy muscles were a bit tired by this point, but I did what I could to squeeze myself around him (it certainly makes my orgasm feel better) and he bounced back against me while I vocally came. He wasn’t too far behind me though and pushed hard into me as he squirted his cum into my cunt.

The session had taken quite a while (and quite a bit of energy), so we snuggled up to recover and heard Jen coming upstairs. I congratulated her on her performance and she warned me that I would end up doing something similar for her (which I had assumed would be the case) and I told her to do her worst. She went into her room and Mike and I dozed off for a little while before deciding that we should actually go to sleep properly. Mike said he wanted to fall asleep inside me and so after a quick rub, he was hard enough to slide into me and we gently spooned while we drifted off to sleep (actually, I fell asleep fairly quickly and Mike said he considered fucking me awake, but he was quite tired too so he restrained himself).

The following morning, I was woken up by Mike moving in me. I’m always amazed when he was managed to get me wet enough and slip into me before I actually wake up (but I guess he’s had a fair amount of practice). I don’t know if it was his cum from the previous evening, but I was sufficiently wet that my pussy was making squelching sounds as he fucked me. I love it when I sound like that as it just sounds so slutty and dirty. I told him to pump as much cum into me as he could (as if he has any control over how much he cums!) and pushed his hand onto my clit. It was a fairly vigorous fuck and involved quite a lot of dirty talk, but we weren’t being overly loud. Mike pumped in and out of me and varied the pressure he used on my clit so we could cum together and he actually came first (but not by a lot). It meant that he couldn’t keep fucking me the whole way through my orgasm, but I still enjoyed it and we lay pressed together for a bit until he started to go soft. I delayed this by squeezing myself around him and bringing his cock back to life a couple of times, but he didn’t think he could go again straight away so I gave up and let him slide out.

When I felt his cum start to trickle out, I put my hand over my pussy and waddled in to Jen’s room. She was still asleep but she woke up as I knelt over her and rubbed my pussy over her body (mostly her breasts, stomach and legs). I told her that we should go get some breakfast, but that she had to stay naked and she complained it was cold. Mike was already downstairs clearing out the fire and setting a new one, so I told her that she would only have to put up with the cold for a few minutes and then after breakfast, I would find other ways to warm her up. She padded downstairs with me and we waited while Mike finished building the fire. Once it was lit, we warmed up in front of it and I continued to wipe the mixture of my juices and Mike’s cum from my pussy to Jen’s body. By the time we were ready for breakfast, the house reeked of sex and my teasing of Jen’s nipples had got them fairly hard. Once we had eaten, she asked if it was time for her and I to go and play and I told her that as a reward for being naked, she could choose what we did.

Jen said that she thought it would be a good idea to get cleaned up first, so we headed up to the shower. Once the water was warm enough, we stepped into the bath and began to clean each other off. Of course, we concentrated on certain areas and it wasn’t long before our fingers were in each other and the cleaning had stopped. I thought it only fair that Jen get to cum first and I offered her the choice of how we should achieve this. She opted for a bit of everything, so I retrieved the dildo from the sink (where she had dumped it the previous night) and Jen sat on the edge of the bath. We alternated between me licking her, using the dildo on her and using the pulse setting on the shower aimed at her clit. As she got more excited, Jen said that she wanted to squirt while she came and I told her to go ahead and do whatever she wanted. She braced herself against the corner and spread her legs as wide as she could. She spread her lips while I pumped the dildo in and out of her cunt as fast as I could (and I was slamming it into her quite hard) and used my other hand to direct the shower spray at her clit. Jen mewed a lot as she got close to cumming and started to pee as her orgasm hit her. Between the shower spray and me fucking her with the dildo, it went pretty much everywhere, but she really enjoyed it so I didn’t mind. As she reached the end of her orgasm, she told me (through her pants) to be more gentle with the dildo, so I slowed down my movements and concentrated on keeping the shower jet on her clit. I then withdrew the dildo completely and watched her pussy contracting. She had finished peeing by this point so I gave her a few licks then sat up to kiss her.

She had an incredible glow about her and looked very satisfied. I wished that we had been in bed at that point as I would have loved to just curl up beside her and hold her, but I did the best I could in the shower and we kissed for a little while until she had caught her breath. She was soon ready to service me and decided that she would wash my pussy out so that she got to taste just me and not Mike’s cum. There was a lot more fingering and stroking involved than was really necessary to get me clean, but I was fine with that. The downside was that by the time she had finished, I wasn’t well enough lubricated to get the dildo into me. We considered calling Mike up to bring some gel in, but I decided to just let Jen lick me. I stood under the shower, leaning against the wall and Jen knelt between my legs and glued her mouth to my cunt. Her hands held my ass in place and as she worked away with her tongue, she pushed a thumb into my ass. Could feel her tongue sliding up into my pussy and licking over my clit and as she kept going, my orgasm started to build.

Jen knew that I was getting close and she moved her mouth away from me (to my dismay) and replaced it with her other hand. She sat up slightly so she could kiss my mons and her thumb rubbed away at my clit. She told me to let go and cum and I knew that she meant that she wanted me to pee as well. I waited until my orgasm was just about to start and pushed as hard as I could. I (or Jen) was rewarded with a fairly powerful stream that splashed over her chest and ran down my legs. Jen kept encouraging me to keep going, but I would have done so anyway as it felt really good. Her thumb in my ass also felt amazing and even though my orgasm probably wasn’t as strong as her one, it still felt very good. When I finished, Jen stood up and pressed herself against me while we kissed. We now needed to shower again, but this didn’t take too long and we finally finished up and dried ourselves off (being in a slightly wrinkly state after we’d spent so long in the water).

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  1. Yet another hot post - my cock stays really hard all the way through, thanks!

    Jen certainly enjoys teasing Mike - in a very friendly way :)

    When you waddled in to Jen’s room with a cunt-full of spunk I thought you were going to get Jen to lick you out.

    She was good to stay naked in front of Mike once more over breakfast.

    As you are in charge at York how about insisting Jen stays clothed while Mike is naked and has to obey her, it could be fun !

    Happy Birthday to Lucy xxx

    Cheers, John