Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 6

Once Mike had showered, we decided to go out and get some fresh air. I made Jen wear a short skirt and thigh high socks. The skirt was sufficiently short that it wasn’t visible under her coat and I’ve come to really appreciate this look recently (I’ve seen so many people on the way to work dressed like this and it’s fun imagining that they don’t actually have skirts on). We didn’t go too far as it was still fairly icy and decided that while we were out, we may as well go to the shops and pick up a few things. On the way, we found a bench surrounded by snow that looked very pretty so I got Jen to pose on it for us. As you would expect, the posing involved a couple of positions that showed off her pussy and ended up with me rubbing a (small) amount of snow over her lips (which elicited a delightful squeal). I only did this briefly though (mindful of the fact that she would get her retribution during my next trip to visit her) and we resumed our journey to the shops.

I only got her to do one thing in the shop and that was to just bend right over to pick something up and give a man (probably in his mid 30s - early 40s) a nice view of her pussy and ass. He didn’t say anything, but he certainly looked (it’s amazing just how long it can take Jen to pick something up!).

With this completed, we headed home and after warming up, had lunch and relaxed for a bit. Jen thought that I had been mean to her while we had been out and I pointed out some of the things that she had made me to in the past. Mike wanted Jen to describe some of our adventures during my visits to her (he always hears about them from me, but he wanted Jen’s view to see how they compared). Mike really enjoyed the descriptions and asked Jen to choose an event and demonstrate it to him. She went and got my lacy top and panties and I had to change into them, then lie on the sofa with my head on Jen’s lap so that she could stroke my neck. Jen went over (again) the first time she did this to me in front of people and how everyone watched as I came. I pictured the event in my mind and soon felt my pussy start to tingle. I told her that it felt good and she suggested that Mike should gently stroke my panties, which he started to do.

He didn’t apply very much pressure – and if Jen hadn’t been stroking my neck, then I doubt it would have had any effect (other than possibly tickling me). They continued to gently stroke me and as the feeling built up, I started to squirm around. Mike spread my legs (as best he could given the position I was lying in) and started to gently kiss me through my panties. I automatically tried to push back against his face but was told that I had to lie still and let them do whatever they wanted to me, so I tried as hard as I could to stay still. Mike kissed and licked my panties with a little more force and I knew that it probably wouldn’t take too much longer for me to cum. Jen suggested that he remove my panties and they were pulled off, revealing my cunt. He resumed licking me, but avoided my clit and didn’t push his tongue between my outer lips, so even though it was more stimulating that before, it still wasn’t much.

Jen had continued to stroke my neck and I was now on the verge of cumming. Mike pulled my lips open and gently licked up and down my inner lips (still mostly avoiding my clit) and he had to hold my hips down to stop me trying to hump against his face. I was at the really frustrating part now where I was sooo close to cumming, but not quite there – fortunately it didn’t last as long as it would have if the only stimulation had been from Jen stroking my neck and I soon felt waves of pleasure start to spread out from my pussy. It wasn’t an overpoweringly strong orgasm, but it felt like it was very deep in me and emanating from both my pussy and neck. As much as I love cumming in a sharp strong way, I think these ones are my favourite as I almost get to feel the individual waves roll through my body. Mike and Jen kept up the stroking and gentle licking the whole way through my orgasm and because they weren’t doing anything forcefully, it still felt nice when they continued after my orgasm had ended.

Only when I had completely finished did Mike push his tongue into me and lick me properly (he said he wanted to taste me). I was quite wet and he ended up kissing Jen (properly) so that she could taste me as well. My head was still in Jen’s lap and it was pretty obvious to me that Mike’s cock was hard and pressing against his jeans so I decided to utilise my power over Jen a bit more and give him a present. I was still limited by ‘the rules’, but I wanted to see how much I could get her to do so told Mike to take off his jeans and sit on the sofa. I told Jen to give him a lap dance and to get him as turned on as possible. She was still wearing the outfit that she had been in when we went out (minus the coat of course) so had the short skirt with no panties. Jen stepped over his legs and ground her ass against his boxer shorts.

I wasn’t satisfied with just getting her to do that so made her turn around and face him and press herself fully against the bulge of his cock. Mike held her waist and helped guide her back and forth and I suggested that she also strip off her top and let him kiss her nipples. She was happy to remove her top (he’s seen her breasts enough times before), but the kissing was out of the question. To be fair to her, she did grind herself against him properly and Mike really enjoyed it. Jen also seemed to enjoy it (although maybe not quite as much) and when I finally told her that she could stop, his boxers were fairly damp with her juices. I once again tried to convince Jen to let Mike do a bit more with her, but she refused and said that I was the only one allowed to play with her properly.

Mike was sufficiently worked up by this point that he wanted to go and finish things off, so I headed upstairs with him and told Jen that she wasn’t allowed to play with herself. She gave me a pouty look, but sat down to watch some TV while I was pulled upstairs by Mike. We fell onto the bed and managed to somehow get naked fairly quickly while still kissing. I pressed against Mike’s cock and slid my pussy back and forth against it. He partially slipped into me a couple of times, but I wanted to just rub against him for a while. I asked him how much he had enjoyed humping Jen (or having her hump him) while we played and he said that it felt really good, but would have been a lot better if she had been rubbing directly against his cock.

I really wanted to do things properly now and told Mike it was time for him to be inside me. I moved forwards and he pulled my ass open. The idea was that he would slip straight into me when I pushed back, but we got our timing a bit wrong and he ended up pushing into my ass – not the whole way, but enough to catch me by surprise. Seeing as he was already part way in, Mike thought that we may as well carry on and with a couple more strokes, he was buried half way in my ass. I sat up slightly and moved into a better position and then sat up fully. Mike pulled his feet towards his ass a bit so that his knees were in the air and this helped provide me with some support. I rode up and down his cock and squeezed myself around him (much easier to do when he’s in my ass). In return, he played with my pussy, rubbing my clit at first and then pushing his thumb into me the whole way. This felt really nice (and reminded me that he hasn’t used just his thumbs to make me cum for a while). He said that he could clearly feel his cock moving in me and I could certainly feel where the skin between his thumb and index finger was pressed up against my clit.

My legs were getting tired and Mike was pushing deeper into my ass (and not in a comfortable way), so we decided to change position. Of course, instead of being sensible and me dismounting him, we decided to see if we could continue without breaking contact. We (slowly) rolled over onto our side and I then managed to extricate my leg from underneath him. I ended up with my legs pulled up so my feet were up by my head and Mike was almost facing me. Now that he was on his side, he could move much more freely and he took over responsibility for moving. He couldn’t reach my pussy in this position though, so I ended up moving my left leg over his body and resting the foot on his hip. He fucked me ass while rubbing my clit and I squeezed myself around him and told him that I wanted him to empty his cum into me. He said that he wasn’t going to have any problem doing that but wanted me to cum as well so he slowed his movements and concentrated on playing with me a bit more. Once I was a bit closer, he resumed fucking me and we came fairly close together (he came first).

We lay there with his cock still buried in my ass and realised what a strange position we were in – not that we did anything to move until he had softened and easily pulled out of my ass. I went to the bathroom wipe up his cum as it dripped out of me and then joined Mike and Jen downstairs (he was properly dressed again now). Mike had already told Jen what we’d been up to and she suggested that she should fuck my ass with the strap on at some point, but I said that I would need a bit of time to recover from what we’d just done.

We didn’t get up to much else that afternoon – just more lazing around and playing games (board games). We decided that we could do with a shave and so after a quick shower (to soften the stubble), I shaved Jen and then she shaved me. We did a quick lick test on each other (not to orgasm) and Mike gave me an additional lick test when I went downstairs (but once again, not to orgasm). Jen wore her nice see-through silk nightdress and I wore my long blue satin one for the rest of the evening After dinner, we ended up watching a film (Enter the Void – which is a somewhat strange film) and it was then time for us to head up to bed.

I was with Jen that night and once we had brushed teeth and generally got ready for bed, I felt that it was time for us to have another play with our new strap on toy (or at least time for me to have a play with Jen while using it). I decided to give it a go without the internal dildo as I thought I would then be able to do a lot more to Jen without any fear of over-stimulating myself. I had quite enjoyed doing her doggy style the previous day so thought that we should start off like that.

Once I had the strap on attached, and had applied a generous amount of tingle gel, I got Jen to kneel on the bed and I easily slipped into her from behind. We basically repeated what we had done before (me fucking her while rubbing her clit). Without the internal dildo in place, I wasn’t being distracted by any pleasurable feelings (other than those I got from hearing Jen enjoying herself) and I was able to concentrate a lot more on mixing up the speed and depth I was using on her. I think I did a pretty good job and I made sure that I didn’t use too much stimulation on her clit so that it was a little while before she actually came. When she actually came, I pushed into her and diddled her clit through her orgasm and we then lay on the bed with me still buried in her.

I gave her a few minutes to recover and then said that it was time for the second round. She was still a bit out of breath, but I invoked the ‘it’s my house’ rule and so she surrendered and rolled over. While she had been recovering, I had looked out the heat gel (I’m not that keen on it, so it was hidden in the back of the drawer). Jen quite likes it on her nips though, so I added a small amount and rubbed it in. This time, I wanted to take her missionary style and so lay on top of her and pushed into her. We tried a number of different positions including me pressed against her (good for kissing) and me holding my body up so my breasts could swing and our nipples rub together (I’m sure this is a good position for looking good in porn movies, but not that practical). Once I was sure that Jen was getting into it, I decided to show her another one of my favourite positions that Mike uses on me.

Keeping the dildo buried in her, I knelt between her legs and lifted her feet so that her legs were resting on my shoulders. I found it slightly harder to pump into her than I had expected, but I intended to give her another good fucking and so I tried hard and emulated how Mike fucks me like this. I got Jen to rub her clit and between us, we had her cumming again in not too much time. I continued to energetically fuck her the whole way through her orgasm and even when she had stopped playing with herself, I kept going until she said she couldn’t take any more. I stopped moving (but didn’t pull out of her) and let her legs back down so that I could once again lie on top of her so we could kiss. Jen was quite sweaty and had clearly cum fairly hard both times, but I told her that she would have to wear the internal dildo while she took care of me.

She tried to object to this, but I told her that it wasn’t up for debate (but as a compromise, I would go on top to give her a rest). I was feeling fairly horny anyway so didn’t expect it to take too long, but I wanted to get a at least a little bit more revenge on Jen. I removed the harness and reattached the internal dildo, squirted on some tingle gel and helped attach it to Jen. Once she was lying on her back, I played with the dildo for a little bit, knowing full well how to best move it to transfer the feeling onto the internal one and therefore onto her already rather pink and tender pussy. I was surprised at how quickly she started to respond (Jen can’t usually cum many times close together) and I debated continuing jerking her off and trying to get a third orgasm out of her, but I also wanted some action myself (and didn’t want to break her).

I fished out one of the remote control eggs, mounted the dildo and pressed the egg against my clit. It felt really good and as I rode up and down the shaft, I described to Jen what I could feel. I alternated my movements, so that I sometimes moved back and forth (to keep the stimulation going for Jen) and as I got closer, I moved around a lot more (in both directions). I really wanted Jen to cum again, but she wasn’t anywhere near close enough so I just did whatever felt good until my own orgasm hit. Jen was helping out, pumping her hips up and down and driving the dildo deep into me and then pushing hard into me while my orgasm pulsed out from my cunt.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed for a while (Jen kept moving around inside me, but the feeling wasn’t too intense and just felt nice). As I recovered, I started to rock back and forth again and asked Jen if she wanted to go for her third cum. The tingle gel had worn off by this point though and she said that her pussy felt a bit too tender, so we decided to call it a night and I helped her take the strap-on off.

Her pussy was very pink and slightly swollen and we thought it would probably be a good idea to wash out any of the remaining gel. A quick trip to the bathroom was needed and after a bit of sponging off, she was mostly clean. I helped by gently licking her clean inside – and would have happily continued licking but she was still a bit too tender. On the way back to bed, I decided that I was still in the mood for another orgasm and so let Jen go back to her room while I popped into see Mike. I didn’t want to leave Jen alone for too long (it was her night to have me after all) and so I told him that I just wanted a fairly quick orgasm. We ended up 69ing (me on top). Mike lapped away at my cunt and clit and I alternated between sucking and jerking him off. As usual, I came first and then knelt on the floor between his legs. I kept my mouth around his glans and used my tongue on him while he rubbed the shaft and I was soon rewarded with his cum squirting into my mouth. I swallowed some and let some of the rest drip out over my breasts before giving him a goodbye kiss and returning to Jen to snuggle up to her. Her pussy was feeling a bit better already, but we just went to sleep to give it time to recover properly.


  1. Glad to see your new present has been very useful. It also seems to have settled the Jen/Mike debate. She is not attracted to him "in that way" and she can still get a good strong fucking when she wants one. Hopefully the tension between the two will start to cool off now!

  2. Jen tastes your cunt juice from Mike's kiss again - very nice. Then she rubs her pussy against his boxers feeling his stiff cock against her pussy lips - very nice indeed.

    Now she has enjoyed you fucking her with the strap-on I don't suppose it will take many more fucks before she begins to wonder how Mike's cock would feel insider her :)

    Cheers, John

  3. Jen (and I) enjoy the strap on, but as I've said in my posts, I wouldn't want us to use it all the time. I can get my fill of cock from Mike and when I'm with Jen I want to actually feel her (a woman) and experience her body.

    Not that I've got anything against using dildos/vibes (obviously), but the strap on does somewhat limit access to her beautiful little pussy - and something that wonderful shouldn't be hidden away!