Friday, 18 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 7

I'm back in York for another sex party. For some reason, it's on a Friday this time (tonight) so I ended up taking a half day off work to get here on time. I've been looking forwards to this all week and I hope it's as good as the past few. I'm sitting naked on the bed and just about to jump in the shower so that Mike can shave me, I actually can't keep my hands away from my pussy but I'm going to be strong and not cum before the party. I still haven't decided what to wear (for the brief period I'll be wearing clothes).

Back to Christmas (I know it's taking me a long time to write this up). This is a fairly long entry that I considered splitting into two, but it's probably better to experience it in one go (just as I had to). If anyone intends to use this for masturbation material, try to hold out until the very end (you'll understand why soon enough, but be warned that it ends fairly suddenly).


When we woke the following morning, I went down on Jen but she was still somewhat sore and didn’t want me to use my fingers in her. Licking her was fine though so I just did this until she came. Having woken her up, it was my turn and Jen went down on me and ate me while pumping a couple of fingers into my pussy. I didn’t have a particularly strong orgasm, but it was still nice enough and always the right way to start the day. After having retrieved Mike from his bed (he was still asleep), we went down for breakfast and chatted for a while. We debated going out for another walk but I was feeling slightly strange and a bit restless and wanted to play around for a bit, so we postponed the walk until the afternoon.

Mike suggested that seeing as Jen couldn’t do quite as much as usual (he was aware of the tenderness of her pussy), that it might be a good idea for him to start things off and lat Jen help out later on if she was in the mood. This sounded like a good idea to me and so I wandered upstairs with him. He started off by giving my pussy a more thorough inspection (to check that Jen had shaved me properly the day before). He spent a long time licking up and down my outer lips and only gently pushing his tongue between them to trace it over my inner lips and clit. I was really enjoying what he was doing and when he suggested that I put on a blindfold I was quite happy to oblige.

He resumed licking and teasing me and when I got sufficiently aroused that I was squirming around, he suggested that my hands be tied to the bed so I couldn’t move as much. I realised that he was going to tease me for a bit and knowing that this usually leads to quite a good orgasm, I agreed again and felt my hands being tied to the bedposts. He licked me for a while longer (still without having applied much pressure to my inner lips or clit) and then called Jen up. I heard them discussing what they were going to do (but couldn’t hear the details) and then felt Jen’s hair brush against my thighs and her tongue push into my pussy. This was a bit of a surprise after just having been teased for so long, but it was a welcome one and I pushed back against her face. I asked Mike if it meant that I was allowed to cum now, but Jen told me (between licks) that he wasn’t there and it was her turn – and then added that I still wasn’t allowed to cum.

She did a good job of eating me out – literally – her tongue pushed up inside my cunt and licked around the inner walls, but she didn’t apply any pressure to my clit (other than the occasional contact with her nose/face). She kept this up for a while and then called Mike back in. I was feeling pretty horny by this time and was definitely ready to cum, but that wasn’t how things were meant to play out.

Mike and Jen lay on either side of me and Jen said that she would give him a lesson in how to play with breasts (using my breasts as the props). As regular readers are probably aware, Jen is a breast girl – both in the sense that she loves having her breasts played with and in that she loves other people’s breasts (specifically mine). Mike however isn’t that much of a breast man – in polite company, he would say he is a leg man (and to some extent he is – that’s why he loves white socks and opaque tights so much), but he is really a pussy man (which is the main reasons why he enjoys eating me so much). Jen thinks this is something of a waste and so has been meaning to teach him how to appreciate my breasts ‘properly’ for a while.

They started off by just caressing them – gently stroking around the whole breast and slowly circling in to the nipples, but not actually touching the nips. They then kissed, nipped and gently licked in the same fashion – getting close to, but not touching my nips. They kept this up for a while and then Jen got Mike to watch as she very gently dragged her lips over my nipple and lapped at it with just the tip of her tongue. It felt really nice – and felt even better when Mike started working in the same way on the other nipple. After teasing me like this for a while, they moved on to sucking and licking my nipples a bit more forcefully and Jen showed Mike how to gently use his teeth (I don’t mind a bit of gently biting, but nothing like as forcefully as Jen enjoys).

Having both breasts played with simultaneously was doing more for me than breast play usually would (and the fact that it followed on from the extended pussy teasing helped). My nips were very hard and were beginning to feel more sensitive than usual and when Mike and Jen returned to just using gentle licks, kisses and nips, they felt even better. I was squirming around a fair bit (mostly the lower half of my body as my hands were still tied to the bed) and they decided that I should be held still a bit more. After a bit of scrabbling around, I felt my legs being taken one at a time and being tied to the posts at the foot of the bed – we’ve done light bondage a few times before so I’m used to having my hands tied, but it’s rare that I’ve been completely immobilised like this (fortunately I trust them both).

They both returned to my side (the other way round to the way they were before) and resumed playing with my breasts. After getting my nips hard again (they had wilted slightly while I was being tied up), Mike said that they should ‘lend me a hand’ elsewhere (I could hear the quotes even while blindfolded). They each slid a hand down my body, over my stomach and pussy and onto my thighs. Mike directed Jen and they slowly traced up and down the inside of my thighs – sometimes bumping against my pussy, but not really doing much more to it. The breast kissing then resumed and occasionally one of them would kiss me – sometimes deeply and sometimes just a quick kiss on the lips.

From time to time, one of them would run their fingers over my pussy and as things progressed, this happened more frequently. Mike then moved up from my breast and started to kiss my neck which felt incredible when combined with everything else I was feeling. After a little while, he lay down beside me and Jen moved in to the same position on the other side and they kissed each side of my neck. It is the front of my neck that is the most sensitive so this didn’t feel as nice as when Mike had been kissing my neck before, but Jen was lying with one of her legs over mine so her thigh was pressing against my pussy and I tried to hump against her. This was a mistake and I was told off and they debated what punishment they should give me.

I heard the drawer being opened and shortly after, felt something press up against my pussy. It was pushed into me and when I felt it start to rotate in me, I recognised it as our rabbit. It was worked the whole way into me so that the clit attachment pressed up against my clit and I felt Jen’s mouth clamp on to a nipple, one of her hands on my other breast and Mike returned to my neck (I knew which was which as I could feel Jen’s hair and Mike’s stubble). This we just what I needed and in hardly any time, I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. I was getting quite close (not actually on the verge of cumming, but getting there) and the vibe was unceremoniously pulled out from my cunt and Mike and Jen stopped kissing me.

I was just about to complain when I felt some fingers push into my cunt and start pumping in and out while my clit was rubbed. Once again I felt my orgasm start to build and I got a bit closer to cumming this time before they stopped. I was panting away now and Mike and Jen discussed who should get to have me first – I said that I didn’t care who it was as long as one of them made me cum (but I was ignored) and Mike ended up getting first go. Jen left us and I soon felt Mike climb onto the bed with me (but I could feel that he was now naked). He lay on top of me and kissed my neck a bit more, then moved up my body and slid his cock straight into my cunt. We had a long fuck in the adapted missionary position (if missionaries were into bondage that is) and it felt nice, but Mike didn’t do much to stimulate me other than a bit of nibbling on my earlobe, so while I enjoyed it, it was still frustrating. We kissed quite a lot during the fuck though and our tongues duelled in each other’s mouths. I could tell that Mike was getting close and I told him to cum in me, but he sat up, pulled out and I felt his cum landing on my body. It squirted up onto my breasts but mostly landed on my stomach and I felt the last few drops drip onto my pussy.

Once he had got dressed (there was a little wait and it sounded like that’s what he was doing), he called Jen back in. She said that I looked a bit of a mess (I could feel his cum running down my sides and could imagine how I looked) and she started to rub it into me. Mike joined in and I later found out that he also rubbed his cum onto the strap on and then joined Jen is making sure that it was especially well rubbed into my neck and breasts. They did this for a while and then Jen spent a while licking my neck clean until I was squirming around again. I felt the harness for the strap on being worked under my ass and then tightened up. The internal dildo was still in place and once it had pushed into me, I felt the familiar tingle of the gel starting to work. Mike reminded Jen to not let me cum then left us and I felt Jen mount me.

She rode me and rubbed my clit from time to time. Once again it felt really nice and I begged her to make me cum (I was feeling quite desperate by this point), but she said that I still needed to be punished for humping against her earlier. She did use an egg on my clit for a little while, but just as I was starting to really enjoy it, she removed it and used it to finish herself off. She overplayed her own orgasm a bit, but I think that was just to let me know how much fun she was having and rub in the fact that I wasn’t being allowed to cum. She stayed on the dildo for a minute or so after she had cum and bent forwards to kiss me (at least Mike had kissed me the whole time he was fucking me). When she dismounted, I felt her crawl up my body and rub her pussy against my breasts and then had it rubbed over my face. I was instructed to lick her clean (which I did) and she said that I deserved a treat, so she moved round into a 69 position and started to jerk the dildo back and forth.

This movement transferred to the internal dildo and I tried to hump back against it, but this didn’t make much difference, so I just tried to concentrate on eating Jen. My plan was to get her turned on enough that she would get carried away and when she said that she wanted to remove the strap on to eat me properly. I thought my plan was working. She moved off me and after a brief struggle with the clasps, freed my pussy. She then climbed back on and I felt her head dip between my legs and her tongue make contact with my very wet and very desperate cunt. I would have wrapped my legs around her head of I could and held her in place, but I was still at her mercy, so concentrated on licking her as best I could while enjoying what she was doing to me. Jen seemed to really get into it and used her hands to spread my lips so she could lick all around my cunt. I could feel my orgasm approaching but just concentrated on her pussy so as to not give away how close I was and just as I was about to cum, she stopped (I guess after two years, she can read my body about as well as Mike can).

I let out a long cry and called her a few names – I was hanging on the edge of orgasm but no matter how much I begged, she wouldn’t do anything to get me off and I felt my near orgasm slowly recede. Jen called Mike back up and he found me lying on the bed panting away (as if I could have gone anywhere). He knelt between my legs and had a quick lick at my pussy – not enough to get me close to cumming again, but I was pretty sensitive by this point so I still felt a lot. Mike congratulated Jen on getting me into the state I was in and they set about making things worse.

Mike pushed one of the eggs up into my pussy and turned it on and then they both returned to kissing my nipples, neck and my lips. I was straining against my ties now and trying (unsuccessfully) to do anything to get some pressure on my clit. After what seemed like another age of this torture, mike pulled the egg out of me and gently ran it over my pussy and clit. Every time it touched my clit, it felt like a shock went through me and I couldn’t help myself from pushing back against the egg – but of course, Mike always pulled it away so I didn’t get too much pressure.

My next torture involved Mike and Jen sitting on either side of me and Mike using two fingers in my pussy and other in my ass while Jen rubbed my clit. They brought me close to cumming a number of times and then stopped. Sometimes they stopped completely and let me back away from the edge and other times they then gently stimulated me (either with gentle rubbing or gentle tapping of my clit) so I stayed close to cumming. I really wanted to cum but still wasn’t allowed to. I had an idea and told them I needed to pee (which once I thought about it, I realised that I actually did). The plan was that I would be allowed to go to the bathroom and could then quickly get myself off. The plan didn’t work though as Jen dashed out and returned with a couple of towels. These were folded and partially worked under my ass before being curled up over my pussy. Jen pushed her hand between my body and the towels and continued her earlier gentle teasing of my pussy and told me to pee. At first, I wasn’t going to, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it had been quite a while since I had last been to the toilet (I’d been tied up for a couple of hours) and eventually I let myself go and peed over Jen’s hand into the towels.

It felt really good – much better than any of the other times I had indulged Jen in her watersports fetish. She wasn’t rubbing me hard enough that I thought I was going to cum, but just the sensation of my pee squirting out of me was amazing. Jen seemed to be enjoying what I was doing as well, and when I was finished, Mike took the towels downstairs while Jen continued to gently stroke and then slowly lick me. When Mike returned, she had her head fully buried between my legs again and her tongue was pushed up into my pussy (but infuriatingly, not making much contact with my clit). Mike told her to be careful as I was obviously very sensitive (and desperate) and she reminded him that she has made me cum enough times herself. She started to lick me really hard and fast and it took me completely by surprise so I let out a yelp. I knew I was close already so thought that this would be the time I would get to cum, but she only kept it up for a very short while and then pulled away. I wasn’t as close to cumming as they had got me before, but i still swore at her and Mike said that I should be punished again for being rude to Jen.

I knew full well that I would have been ‘punished’ no matter what I had said or done, so I let them decide what they wanted to do next without arguing. The moved to the foot of the bed and each untied a leg – they then moved up to the head of the bed and looped the ties around the bedposts and pulled on them so that my legs were lifted up pulled over my body until my back was arched and my ass was in the air. This was deemed to be the appropriate position and the ties were attached to the bedposts. Mike knelt on the bed and proceeded to lick me ass and cunt (but hardly licking my clit). After getting me close to cumming (yet again), he stopped and when I had calmed down, it was Jen’s turn. Mike had a dig through our selection of toys (or at least the ones left in York) while Jen worked on me and had finished by the time she pulled away (with me being left close to cumming once more).

After another short period to calm down, Jen positioned herself over my face (this was a bit tricky and involved her crawling through the ropes attaching my arms and legs to the bed and then pushing her way through my legs. I was instructed to lick her and she tried to do the same to me. Because I was bent over she couldn’t really manage this, so I ended up either her crouching above my head so she could bend over and lick my pussy while Mike flicked his tongue over my ass. I tried to do everything I could to not show how close I was to cumming, but I was also too far gone to have enough self control to do this properly and so each time as I approached orgasm, they pulled back and let me suffer (and by this point I was really suffering).

After a couple of rounds of this, Mike squirted a generous amount of the tingle gel over my pussy and ass and rubbed it in. He then handed Jen our gel covered vibe (the one that is the same as Valerie’s) and when she had rubbed it over me to get it lubricated, he did the same thing with one of our small vibes. These were then positioned at the entrances to my ass and cunt and slowly pushed in at the same time. Once they were both inside me, they turned them on and sat back to watch. Jen climbed out from her position by my head and I had to describe what I could feel. Obviously I could feel both the vibes working as well as the gel making everything tingly, but I was so sensitive that the feelings were a lot more intense than usual and seemed to spread out from my pussy.

Mike said that he was thirsty and so he and Jen went downstairs to get a drink, leaving me with the vibes buzzing away inside me. I tried to wriggle around to see if I could get a hand to my pussy to do something (or *anything*) to myself, but I failed miserably. The soon returned and I asked if I could have a drink as well (which they gave me – they were being mean, and cruel, but not malicious. Mike pumped the vibes in and out of me and then pulled them both out and asked Jen to get the ice cream. I hadn’t noticed that they had brought up a small bowl and a small dollop was placed on my pussy and rubbed around the area before Mike ate me clean. He was very thorough and licked into my cunt and ass and gave my clit a good thrashing. He kept going right up to the point I was about to cum and then stopped and I swore at him (again). A few minutes later and it was Jen’s turn to do the same thing. She didn’t get me quite as close to cumming before she pulled away, but I couldn’t take much more by this point.

Jen left us so that Mike could have a bit more fun with me. With the position I was in, he had to be inventive, but after stacking up a number of pillows to kneel on, he managed to find a position where he could half kneel in front of me and support his upper body by holding on the headboard. This put a lot of his weight on my pussy when he slid into me and it felt like he was really deep inside me. He spent a while fucking me and alternated between long slow strokes and fast hard pounding. When he pounded against me I could feel him slapping against my pussy and I thought that I would be able to cum if he continued – but he always shifted back to the slower strokes before my orgasm could build too far. He then pushed deep into me and used short strokes – we don’t do this often as I don’t feel a great deal (I can feel what is happening, but it doesn’t give me much stimulation – but then again, I guess that was the whole point). After doing this for a short while, I could tell that Mike was getting close, and he resumed pounding into me. He continued pounding into me this time and again my orgasm started to build, but he pushed deep into me and let out a moan before I could cum. I was now way beyond desperate and pleaded with him to let me cum, but he said that he wanted to let Jen taste our combined juices for a while first and climbed off me.

I was beginning to ache a bit from the awkward position I was in, so Mike untied my legs and let me lie flat on the bed again. He went to fetch Jen and returned with her and a lolly. His cum had started to leak out of me and Jen rolled the lolly in it and then sucked it clean. She then proceeded to fuck me with the lolly, stopping from time to time to lick it clean. She then started to rub my clit with her thumb. I could now move around a bit (my legs hadn’t been tied up) and they didn’t stop me while I wiggled around trying to get myself off. Jen continued to fuck and rub me until I was about to cum and (as expected) she then stopped and took a few long slow licks of my pussy – enough to drive me wild, but not enough to make me cum. She continued this for a little while, keeping me fairly close to cumming. Mike kissed me and played with my nipples and neck and I was begging to be allowed to cum and finally he looked down at Jen and asked if she wanted to do the honours.

Jen stopped licking me and asked if it was really time and they had a little discussion as to whether I should be allowed to cum or not. By the time they had decided, I had calmed down a little bit (but was still extremely desperate) and Mike said that he would start things off. I had a couple of pillows put under my ass to raise me up slightly and Mike knelt between my legs and licked around my cunt and ass. In no time I was approaching orgasm again and he stopped to let Jen take over. Between her licks, he pushed the small vibe back into my ass and turned it up high, then worked the other one into my pussy (Jen had to stop licking me and move out of the way). A bit of tingle gel was dribbled onto my clit and rubbed in, followed by more being added to my nipples and neck.

I didn’t really believe that they were actually going to let me cum, but once Mike started kissing my neck and stroking my nips and Jen started licking my clit while moving the vibes in me, the only thing I wanted was for them to keep doing what they were doing. They say that I was almost blathering away and I couldn’t help but make noise as my orgasm got closer and closer. I was still trying to steel myself for when they pulled away, but this time they kept going and my long awaited orgasm tore through me. It was so strong that it wasn’t actually that pleasant and was almost like being stabbed in the clit (I’ve never actually been stabbed in the clit and I don’t want to find out what it feels like). I screamed at Jen to be gentler and she *sort* of backed off a bit, but still continued to lick and suck me. My language was very unladylike and I thrashed around a lot and was in tears by the time I finished cumming.

My whole body felt like it was pulsing and my cunt was tingling ferociously, I was covered in sweat and still panting and moaning. It was by far the most intense teasing session I had ever experienced and I was actually glad it was over as I think I nearly broke!


  1. Wow, I think the male term for this is "blue balls". When you are so turned on you can't stand it and when you finally orgasm it's more painful than pleasurable. Who would have thought a girl can get blue balls?

  2. Dear Andi,



    I can't believe You've just left us hanging there!

    So, did You go for a walk then or what?



  3. Anon: Yep - Mike said something like that. I think the only difference was that I was then able to cum in a more normal way (start of next post).

    Nancy: As you'll see - they hadn't completely finished with me - then I passed out!

  4. "If anyone intends to use this for masturbation material" - IF ? I love to wank off to your posts :)

    That was an incredible teasing session and I have to read the next part right now.

    Cheers, john