Monday, 21 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 8

I had a wonderful weekend in York – the sex party was as much fun as ever and I got to meet up with the gang on the Saturday for a fun night out (not fun in quite the same way unfortunately).


Hmm, I think I should have included the next couple of paragraphs in my last posting, but I guess it was long enough anyway...


While I lay there, my arms were untied and I carefully moved them down onto my chest (they were numb and ached at the same time). The vibes were pulled out of my ass and cunt and Mike and Jen lay on either side of me and gently caressed my body. It was quite a while before I stopped panting and I took a feeble swing at each of them. Mike said that I needed to be punished again for this and he dived down between my legs and started to eat me. I instinctively tried to push him away, but my arms still had no strength in them and Jen easily held me down. I wasn’t sure if he was about to start teasing me all over again, but resigned myself to just lying there and taking whatever I was given. He pushed his tongue into me (not as far as Jen can reach) and then used long broad strokes up the whole length of my pussy before moving on to sucking my clit. Unsurprisingly, I was still very sensitive but he didn’t lick me too hard and as tired as I was, I realised that I would cum again if he kept going.

Jen pointed out that I looked like I was enjoying what he was doing and she gave my nips a little tweak while I concentrated on his tongue. I was in no state to hide what I was feeling and moaned along as my orgasm built. This one wasn’t quite as strong as the last one (which is just as well) but it felt a bit better because of that. It seemed to last for quite a long time and Mike held me in place while he continued to lash at my cunt. When I finished cumming, I saw Mike and Jen kiss (he was covered in my juices again), but I wasn’t really paying much attention as I was completely spent. I curled up into a ball and someone pulled the covers over me – I don’t remember much more as I think I just passed out.

I was woken a bit later to the smell of lunch (a rather late lunch given how long I had been used as a plaything), slipped on my dressing gown and went down to join Mike and Jen. I was told that I still looked rather shattered but I said that I felt fine now and just needed some food. Over lunch, Mike and Jen tried to get me to describe just what the morning’s events had felt like and as hard as I tried, I don’t think I did it justice (I don’t think I’ve even managed to get across in this blog just how strong the need for orgasm ended up being). I got them to promise me that I wasn’t going to be further tortured that afternoon and having got their assurances, we cleaned up and headed out for a walk.

Feeling much refreshed (if a little cold), we later returned and Jen felt that it was her turn to get to have some fun. Mike said that he really wanted to see the strap on in use and I was surprised when Jen agreed to let him watch us in action (for a little while). Of course this meant that she was the one who would be wearing it due to the rule of Mike not being allowed to see things entering Jen’s pussy, so Jen and I went upstairs and got things ready. I stripped off and then gave the strap on a quick clean before lubing it up and helping to strap it on to Jen.

We summoned Mike and he sat and watched while I assumed the appropriate position for Jen to fuck me doggy style (she really loves the view). I felt her spread my ass cheeks and the head of the dildo press against and then slide into my pussy. Jen moved back and forth, fucking me with the whole length of the dildo and I reached down and rubbed my clit. Mike got me to describe what I was feeling and how it felt different from his cock and then got Jen to describe what the internal dildo felt like.

In return for Jen’s lesson on how to play with breasts, he gave her a lesson on how to fuck. He remained clothed, but showed her the best way to lean over me and reach around to rub my clit or finger my ass. He then go her to use different speeds, depths and strengths of strokes as she pushed into me and they had a conversation about how my pussy grasped at the dildo as she pulled out  and swallowed it as she pushed in. Mike spread my outer lips wide and Jen tried fucking me like that (this feels strange as I can obviously feel the dildo inside, but there isn’t the same sensation of it actually entering/leaving). Jen had a quick session and demonstrated what she had learned and showed Mike the best way to move to transfer the feelings back to her pussy and he said that he wanted to have a feel of the dildo itself.

She pulled out of me (but promised that she would finish things off soon) and let Mike have a feel. He was pleased with how wet the dildo was (my juices) and he demonstrated how he would jerk himself off. Jen said that it didn’t really do anything for her and I showed him the up and down / side to side movement that we had discovered that transferred through really well to the internal dildo. Mike gave this a try and soon got the hang of it, but said that if he did that with his own cock it would hurt. He kept going for a little while and tried a circular movement as well which Jen said felt nice, but not as good as the way we had shown him. He returned to the previous method of jerking and she soon told him to stop. He had known full well what he was doing and it was obvious that Jen had been enjoying it – Mike had hoped that he would have been able to keep going until she came (but also knew that he wouldn’t actually be allowed to do this).

He was banished from the room so that Jen and I could continue and we resumed from where we had left off. Jen moved around a bit more so that she could feel more, but in the end we settled on her getting me off first (with fucking and fingering my clit). As soon as I had recovered, I got her to lie on her back and I mounted the dildo. I had intended to move back and forth to give her as much stimulation as possible, but I ended up enjoying a bit more than I had expected. Although I could have cum again, I was meant to be taking care of Jen, so I ended up dismounting her and jerking the dildo back and forth while licking my juices from it. I ended up sitting between her legs and pressing the harness (and internal dildo) against her pussy with a knee while jerking the main dildo – this put a lot more pressure on her clit and she had what seemed like a very enjoyable orgasm.

I let Jen recover for a bit and then mounted her again. Now that we had both cum, I could allow myself to get a bit more carried away and I intended to try to rock back and forth on her body to see if it would be sufficient to get us both off at the same time (I wasn’t actually trying for simultaneous orgasms as I assumed that would take a lot of practice if it was even possible).

We were really getting into things when the phone rang. Jen and I ignored it but Mike answered it and called up that it was Lis. I told him to bring the phone up and once he had been shooed out of the room again, I leant forwards so that Jen and I could talk to Lis at the same time. I turned speakerphone on and placed the phone beside Jen’s head and resumed my forwards/backwards motion on the dildo. I had intended to try to continue to fuck Jen (and if possible to get one or both of us to cum) while we talked to Lis, but it soon became clear that Lis was upset about something and so I pulled myself off the dildo and Jen and I moved up to the head of the bed so that we could talk properly.

It turned out that Lis was upset that she hadn’t been able to spend Christmas with Vicky. Vicky’s parents don’t know about Lis (or even know that Vicky is bi). Lis knew that the plan had been for them to spend Christmas apart, but had really been hoping that Vicky would change her mind and either invite her along or go to Lis’ parents’ house, but in the end, neither happened. Neither Jen or I were really sure what we could say to cheer Lis up. It was obvious that Vicky wasn’t prepared to ‘out’ herself (and it didn’t seem like this was about to change any time soon), but we didn’t say that to Lis. On a lighter note, they would at least get to spend New Year together as they would both be back in York (Lis was already back and Vicky was returning the following day). We discussed meeting up and decided that we would wait until after New Year (Lis wanted to be able to enjoy having Vicky back with her for a little while). Lis knew that New Years Eve was the anniversary of Jen and I meeting and so when I said that we weren’t planning on going out, she understood and wasn’t insulted.

As the conversation had moved on from Lis being upset, Jen and I had started to gently play with each other once more. It was obviously much easier for Jen to do things to me as she was still wearing the strap on – her fingers were alternating between rubbing around my pussy and pushing up inside me. I was doing what I could and jerking the dildo back and forth but thought that if we were going to play, that we should try to resume our earlier antics. While still talking to Lis, I got Jen to lie down on her back and I once again mounted the dildo. I humped back and forth, much more energetically than before (I’d had time to rest). Both Jen and I managed to keep our voices fairly level while we fucked away – I was having some success at grinding my clit against the harness and the movement was certainly working on Jen. As good as it felt though, I couldn’t move enough to have any real effect without it being really obvious that we were up to something and so I just continued rocking back and forth until we finished our conversation. As soon as we hung up, I kissed Jen forcefully and really went to work, almost throwing myself back and forth.

Jen really seemed to like this (I guess it goes with her generally liking things rough) and I continued to ride her until she came (fairly noisily). I wasn’t quite there yet (I had ended up lubricating the harness with my juices so I wasn’t getting as much friction) and ended up sitting up so I could rub my clit while pumping up and down on the dildo. I tried to put on a good show and matched Jen’s level of noise (and crudeness) and kept going until I had completely finished cumming. I was quite out of breath by this time and flopped forwards onto Jen so that we could kiss. I would usually stay in this position until Mike went soft, so Jen and I kissed for quite a while before I conceded that the dildo probably wasn’t going to fall out of me by itself and I climbed off.
We both got partially dressed (it was a bit cold) and went downstairs. Mike commented on how much noise we had been making (bed shaking) and hoped that we had enjoyed ourselves. I suggested to him that he try to meet up with Lis and Vicky on New Year’s Eve while Jen and I had our anniversary celebration and he gave Vicky a call and arranged to see them for at least a part of the evening.

We didn’t do much else for the rest of the evening – just sat in front of the fire, played cards and chatted (and had dinner of course). We ended up going to bed quite late (by design, so that we would be ready for the late night for New Year) and I went with Mike. We only had a gentle session that night – starting off in the missionary position and then moving on to him spooning me while rubbing my clit. We didn’t entirely stop after we had cum, Mike spent a while stroking my neck and I flexed myself around his cock. I could feel another orgasm very slowly building and while originally Mike hadn’t thought that he would cum again, as I got closer, he decided that it would just be rude to not join in properly and so he started moving in me. He tried to continue with the neck stroking, but it wasn’t as effective when combined with his other movements and so we switched to me being on top. The long build up meant that we were both pretty much ready to cum so we went straight in to me lying on top of him while he held my ass and pounded rapidly into my cunt. This is one of the few ways that I can cum just from him fucking me as the force of our bodies slamming together seems to generate enough stimulation on my clit. His fingers traced around my asshole and rubbed over it while I came, moaning into his mouth. He continued to pound into me until I had finished and he came fairly soon afterwards.

I stayed on top of him for a while with his cock still in me and continued to contract myself around him while we kissed. Only when he finally went soft and fell out did we decide that it was time to go to sleep and I rolled off him and spooned behind him.


  1. Andi,
    What are the rules Mike/Jen have? I am a little confused. Do you have a list or is it played by ear most of the time?

  2. More pictures would make this blog better

  3. Dear Andi,

    Wow! What a Woman! And You DID go for a walk! I didn't think You'd be able to walk for a week!


  4. I know Jen has enjoyed kissing Mike before so its not surprising that she kissed him when your cunt juices were smeared all over his face - but it was still nice to hear :)

    And Mike gave Jen some tips on fucking you - how noble of him !

    Once more my cock stayed stiff all the way through, thanks.

    Cheers, John

  5. Anon: Oh the rules... I don't actually know what they are (and I'm not entirely sure if Mike and Jen do, but they claim to do so and they are the ones that agreed them). As far as I can tell, they weren't meant to see each other naked (although Jen seems to have relaxed that one a bit). Obviously, Mike isn't allowed to have sex with her and he isn't allowed to see anything penetrating her pussy.

    I think there are others, but as I've said, they won't tell me...

    Sheldon: I decided a while ago not to post any more pics of me (or Mike, Jen or Sue), but I try to put some nice galleries up from time to time and post links to interesting sites occasionally. If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to trade site links.

    Nancy: I didn't go for a walk straight away - I ended up sleeping for a bit first to recover. The second orgasm was enough to finish me off for a while!

    John: Glad you enjoyed it. Jen will occasionally let Mike kiss her (or she kisses him). We (Mike and I) are still hoping that the rules are gradually fading and we have have a full blown threesome some day.

  6. Another blog I follow posts pictures from the neck down. Basically it allows the pictures to be posted but because the face is not visible it preserves the anonymity of the poster. This may be a compromise.

  7. One other option is to have your own masked ball like in "Eyes Wide Shut"