Thursday, 24 March 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 9

We're up to New Year now - and Jen and my anniversary. Jen's coming up tomorrow but we haven't got much planned for the weekend - at least it looks like the weather is going to be better so we might be able to have some fun outdoors.


We all had a long lie in the following day – partially because it was the holidays but mostly as Jen and I wanted to make sure we were properly awake for our anniversary celebration that evening. When we finally woke up, Mike and I had an extended but gentle morning session and then went to drag Jen out of bed to get some brunch. We had a fairly chilled afternoon and specifically tried to avoid anything that would lead to us having sex but I eventually decided that I wanted a quick shave to ensure I was fully smooth for that night (it had only been a few days, but I wanted things to be perfect).

I went up and showered and made sure that I used lots of hot water on my pussy before calling Mike up to take care of the actual shaving. It didn’t take very long and once I had been rinsed clean, he gave me a quick tongue test but only for long enough to check for stubble, not to get me off. As we left the bathroom, Jen said that she would pop in and make sure she was nice and smooth – Mike offered to shave her if she wanted but she thought she could handle it by herself so turned down his offer. While she was showering and shaving, I had Mike help select my outfit for the evening. I was obviously going to go with a schoolgirl outfit (what I was wearing when Jen and I met) but I hadn’t decided on some of the finer points.

I tried on a couple of different skirts but in the end decided to go with my actual old school skirt. I stripped off and tried on a couple of sets of underwear but ended up going with one of my white lacy sets. The final choice was what I would wear on my legs. As you know, I love the long white socks look, but decided to go with the opaque tights in keeping with the night we met. I laid out my outfit on the bed and got my patent leather shoes out ready before donning my dressing gown and heading downstairs.

Jen had finished up in the shower and (I think) partially in conciliation for refusing his help to shave, she let him help choose her outfit for the evening. I don’t think that he actually made any changes to her outfit (school skirt, white bikini panties, long white socks, white blouse and no bra), but he appreciated the opportunity to watch her try different things on. Once Jen had her outfit for the evening laid out, she and Mike joined me downstairs (Jen also had her dressing gown on) and we debated whether or not we should have tried to get people back to York for a party (although it was obviously too late to do anything about it). As the afternoon wore on, we had a quick bite to eat (mostly for Mike’s sake) and didn’t get up to too much else.

I was making dinner that night for Jen and I – Mike gave me a hand, but worked under my direction and we soon had all the things prepared that we could do before the actual cooking started. Mike wasn’t heading out until about 8 to meet up with people so we had scheduled our dinner for 9. At 7ish, Jen asked Mike to give her a hand getting ready and they disappeared upstairs together. I assumed that this was just another chance to let him see her partially naked. He returned about 30 minutes later and said that he wanted to see me in my full outfit before he left so I went up with him and got dressed while he watched. A couple of times he rubbed up against me or pressed his fingers against my pussy but I told him that I belonged to Jen that night. It’s not like I didn’t rub back against him, I just didn’t intend to let myself be sidetracked into doing anything more. Mike asked me if I was going to do anything with my hair and I told him that I was just planning on putting it up in a ponytail (I think I’m getting a bit too old for bunches now  - even when in the schoolgirl outfit). Once this was done, we headed down and I was greeted by Jen.

Her hair had an almost perfect French pleat in it (this is what Mike had been helping her with – I didn’t even know he could do that) and she looked so cute. I could have pounced on her straight away (this is what happens when I go a whole day without doing things) but we had plans so I restrained myself. Mike thought we both looked very pretty (or fuckable to use his term) and he wished that he could stay and join in (or at least watch) our evening. He wasn’t allowed to though and after he had built a fire for us, he was herded out the door to go drinking with his friends. He’d lined up a few groups to meet up with and we had arranged to call him when he was allowed to return (although by the time he got back, we planned to be in bed anyway so it wouldn’t make too much difference).

Once we had the place to ourselves, we sat down on the sofa and gently explored each other with our fingers. There was no touching under skirts, just tracing along legs and the occasional touching of breasts. We kissed for a little while, but made sure that we didn’t get too carried away. We decided to get dinner out of the way a littler earlier than planned and went to the kitchen to finish making it. We had a couple of nice steaks with fries and veg so it didn’t take too much time of effort to prepare the meal and we soon sat down to a candlelit meal (the fire was still going and giving out some extra light). Over dinner we chatted about a number of things and we went over the events of the night we met and how things had happened so quickly (if anyone hasn’t read the entry, you can find it here). I got Jen to describe how she knew that I was interested in her and she helpfully told me that she wasn’t sure, but she could tell that I had been admiring her throughout the party and had guessed that I liked her from our chats and gentle touches. When she asked me to follow her upstairs (and I did), it was obvious that I wanted something to happen. Both Jen and I had assumed that each other was more experienced (with girls) than we actually were (Jen was my first and I was the first to do anything more than finger her).

We discussed how things could have turned out if I hadn’t gone back to talk to her, or if she hadn’t taken the initiative and invited me upstairs and how we were both incredibly glad that we had both been sufficiently bold, drunk and horny to take the chance and let things happen that night. Jen had been especially bold given that she hadn’t told her family that she was gay at that point (and her brother was at the party). We decided that we had been fairly lucky and that all in all, we were happy with how things had worked out. While we ate dessert (a really light lemon mousse), we talked about some of the things that we had got up to over the past couple of years and how it seemed like we had been together for much longer than that (in a good way).

With dinner out of the way, we moved back onto the sofa and decided that we should have a read through the blog entry I wrote about our meeting and we compared how our memories of the evening compared to what I had written. After a bit of discussion, we agreed that my entry was probably as close as we could get, although Jen is still convinced that I did a bit more of the initial touching while we were talking (before we had headed upstairs). The evening was now getting on a bit and we thought that we had been well enough behaved and should get down to reliving the more interesting parts of the evening. We debated staying downstairs to play around, but decided to do things as closely to our first night as possible so went up to bed. We thought that it would be better to use Mike’s bed and so fell onto the bed and kissed. Having just read what we had originally done, we tried to re-enact it as closely as possible. This involved me cumming first and then me fingering Jen and carefully watching her cum. Of course, this time we had the lights on full so I could see things properly.

Once we had finished our relatively brief re-enactment, we progressed onto a more substantive session. I removed my tights and panties (technically I should have removed my panties from under my tights before we started, but it didn’t stop Jen from making me cum) and we kissed and rolled around on the bed while grinding our pussies against each others’ thighs. I licked, sucked and nipped Jen’s nipples and her fingers plunged into my cunt. I returned the favour and we fingered each other for a little while before moving into or own room to use our selection of toys.

We decided not to use the strap on that night – partly as we had been playing with it a fair amount since Mike had presented it to us, but also because as much fun as it is, when I am with Jen it is because I want to be with a girl. I know that we often use dildos and vibes that are shaped like cocks, but it is still very different from doing that and actually fucking/being fucked with the strap on which is much closer to being fucked by a guy. We decided to use the short double ended dildo in the scissor position and after giving one end of it a quick rub over Jen’s cunt, I slipped it into myself and pushed the other end into Jen. It easily slid into her and our pussies met. We humped against each other, continually having to pull our skirts up and out of the way so we could watch. Jen reached down and rubbed my clit and I surrendered myself to her. She alternated between rubbing me and rubbing herself for a while until we were both fairly close to cumming. It would have been very easy to finish off this way, but we wanted to do something a bit more energetic and took turns lying down while the other person rode the dildo and slapped their cunt against the cunt of the person lying down. We took turns of about a minute each so that we could move fairly vigorously without getting tired out. By the third round, Jen was on the verge of cumming, so she extended her turn and fucked the dildo (and me) until she came. I then had my go and fucked her for a couple of minutes until my orgasm hit me and I pressed hard against her pussy and humped back and forth, feeling the wonderfully soft and slippery skin of her pussy lips rubbing against mine.

I fell back on the bed, the dildo still shared between us. Jen reached down and slid it back and forth, but it kept coming out as I was no longer pressed right up against her. I had to go and pee and when I returned I realised just how much the room smelt of sex (I’m not sure why it was so strong as we hadn’t been doing things for that long). We lay and kissed each other for a while and had a little session of breast play. Jen then asked if I wanted to call Mike back so that we could all spend New Year together. I thought this was a good idea and I called him and told him to be home by 11.50 so we could celebrate midnight and he assured us that he would be there.

I decided to thank Jen for letting him come and share our anniversary by flipping round and burying my head under her skirt. I wasn’t sure if she would be up for another round so soon, but she gladly opened her legs and I pushed my mouth to her pussy and started to lick her and taste her delicious juices. Between licks, I recalled what it was like the first time she let me do this to her (not the first night we met) and she pulled my legs so that I was over her in a 69 position and started to eat me while helping me with my description of our second night together (which was our first whole night together). As we got more involved, the time spent licking became longer and the time describing less until we were just concentrating on getting each other off another time. Jen seemed really wet and my face was covered with her juices and (for the brief time I thought about it) I thought that I felt pretty well lubricated myself.

I felt Jen push a finger slightly into my ass and wiggle it around so I did the same to her and we rapidly pumped fingers while licking. Even though I had started licking Jen first, I had also spent more time describing the past so I ended up cumming first. I didn’t break my stride in licking Jen though and vigorously finger fucked her ass while continuing to lick and suck her clit while moaning into her cunt. I had completely finished cumming before Jen came, but this meant that I could concentrate on her properly and I did a fairly good job at altering the speed and pressure of my licking so that I could keep going right through her orgasm and beyond (very gently by this time).

We were both rather warm and messy by now and needed some time to recover so we went back downstairs and finished off the bottle of wine. We opened the front door for a while to get some fresh (and very cold) air in, so by the time Mike returned, we were no longer as sweaty (but still smelt of each other’s juices). Mike had to rush to the toilet to empty his bladder but Jen told him to hurry back as she had an idea for midnight. When he returned, she told us of something she had read about where people start fucking just before midnight so that they can say they’ve had sex that spanned 2 years. I quite liked this idea and Jen said that she thought it would be even better if we did things that involved all of us. I briefly got my hopes up (as did Mike) that she meant a proper threesome, but she quickly specified that this wasn’t going to be like the time Mike got his reward for getting Sue involved in things and he would only be allowed to do things to me. She suggested that she lie on her back, I eat her and Mike fucked me.

This sounded like a good idea to me and after throwing a couple of extra logs onto the fire and getting the champagne out of the fridge, we got into position. We had 5 minutes to go before 2011 started and so Jen lay back on the rug in front of the fire and pulled her skirt up. Her blouse was still undone and she still had the long white socks on so I know Mike appreciated the view. I climbed on top of her and we kissed for a minute or so. I flipped my skirt up and let Mike watch me rub myself against her thigh, before edging down her body so that my face was between her legs. Mike had removed his clothes while we had been playing and it was only a couple of minutes before midnight so we decided to get started and I spread Jen’s lips and pushed my tongue into her. I kept my ass raised up high and felt Mike’s cock nudge against my pussy, my lips being spread and him working his way into me.

By the time midnight came, we were well into things, but I didn’t want to hurry things up too much as I couldn’t think of many better places to be than stuck between Mike’s cock and Jen’s cunt (okay, so I can, but it would involve Jen letting Mike do more things with her). Fortunately, neither Mike nor Jen seemed to want to finish things up too quickly either and we carried on like this for a while. When I looked up over Jen’s stomach, I could see her tweaking and teasing her nips and Mike reached around and started to rub my clit while pushing his thumb a little way into my ass (he didn’t know that we’d already done that earlier in the evening). I pushed a finger partially into Jen’s ass and another a little way into her cunt (I assumed that I wasn’t breaking ‘the rules’ as my head was in the way and hiding the penetration from Mike’s view). Jen didn’t complain so I started to pump them in and out of her – not to deep, just enough to add a bit of extra stimulation.

Mike asked Jen to let him know how close she was to cumming so that he could cum in me at the same time she came. She was up for this and Mike started using longer faster strokes in me. Jen did a good job of keeping us informed and Mike asked me to lick her in time with his strokes in me. This was actually really fun as it felt like I was being a conduit and passing whatever he did to me directly on to Jen. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and would have loved to cum at the same time as them, but it was rather difficult for me to tell them how close I was without breaking contact with Jen’s pussy, so I just tried to keep up. Mike asked Jen to give him about 10 seconds notice before she came and when she said she was almost there, he pumped even faster into me and rubbed my clit harder. Jen mewed and panted away and let out a little yelp as she came (then went back to the mewing) and I heard Mike let out a long ‘oh fuck’ and he pushed hard into me a number of times.

I continued licking Jen in time with his thrusts and still had fingers in her cunt and ass and could feel my own orgasm annoyingly close. I wriggled my ass against Mike and he resumed rubbing my clit rapidly. I knew I wasn’t going to cum before they had finished, but I wanted it to be as close as possible and I concentrated on the image of the three of us and it helped to speed things along. I continued to eat and finger Jen even when she tried to pull away and moaned into her cunt as my orgasm pulsed through me. It wasn’t as strong as the ones I’d had earlier in the evening, but I would love to be able to always cum in that position.

As my orgasm waned, I toned down the force I was using to lick Jen and pulled my fingers out of her. I kept kissing around her pussy and gently licking up and down the lips for a few minutes and Mike continued to fuck me. I had intended to ask him to not cum in me so that I could remain clean for Jen (I know she likes the taste of his cum in me, but this was mostly our night). I could tell that he had squirted a fair amount of cum into me from the squelching sound that my pussy was making as he moved in me. I then felt his cum start to run down my legs and when he pulled out and rubbed his cock against my ass, I felt more cum trickle down my legs.


  1. Great way to spend New Years Eve !

    Finally Mike was naked with Jen - even though you were between them.

    I'm sure Mike must have got a glimpse of Jen's pussy just as she must have seen his cock.

    Did you turn round so Jen could lick you out as you cleaned Mike's cock ?

    Cheers, John

  2. Andi,
    You never said when you and Jen got into position was it in a 69 position so Jen could see Mike fucking you or the other way around so Mike could see Jen's face as she came?

  3. Mike was naked with Jen at the end of the summer as well (when we had our first semi-threesome). He's also seen her pussy quite a few times now (he just isn't allowed to do anything with it).

    No - we weren't in a 69 - Jen was lying on her back and I knelt between her legs so I could lick her and Mike could take me from behind. This meant that Mike could see her face as he fucked me