Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Christmas - Part 2

This was where things went a bit further than we had planned over Christmas - as you will see, Mike didn't technically have sex with Sue, but things developed further in another way... Mike has used this story to cum many times since then, so I hope it will help some of you out.


We didn’t actually wake up too early, but early enough to have a gentle session (we could hear Mum moving around downstairs, so had to be careful to not make too much noise). We just went with missionary (with my legs wrapped around Mike) and rocked back and forth. Mike then reached down between us and rubbed my clit and after I’d cum, I contracted myself around him to help him along. We lay and relaxed for a bit until we were summoned for Christmas breakfast. Mike quickly got dressed and I threw a dressing gown on. We met Sue in the hall who showed us that she still had the same nightdress on (but had also put a dressing gown over it to hide the stains).

We had breakfast together and opened our presents. Mike and I had agreed to not spend much money on each other (still saving for the wedding) and he got me a necklace that I had seen a while ago. With breakfast out of the way, we went back upstairs to get dressed and then returned to help prepare lunch/dinner (we eat mid-afternoon so it’s difficult to decide which it is). I helped Mum prepare lunch while Mike and Sue watched the anime that we had got her for Christmas (the clean kind). The afternoon consisted of chatting, eating and resting. As Mum and I had made dinner/lunch, Mike and Sue got the task of doing the washing up.

Once they had finished, they had a chat about her sex life. She had been talking to him about a few ‘problems’ over the previous month or so (I think he knows more about her than I do – or at least he would do if he didn’t tell me what they talk about). I don’t think it is anything serious, but her bf doesn’t quite have the staying power that Mike does and Sue doesn’t always end up satisfied by the time he has cum.

Mike advised her to talk to him about it, but in a roundabout way – maybe to let him know that she enjoys cumming a few times or likes it when things take a while. I had suggested to Mike that he should convince her to train her bf how to eat her out properly (this always works for me). Sue was quite worried that he is just going to cum even quicker once they stop using condoms and she wants him to be able to last much longer. He didn’t have much advice to give in this department other than getting her to keep telling him to hold back while they are fucking and make it into a game to see how long he can last. He ended up making her an offer – if she came back up to York with us and was willing to have full on sex with Jen, then he would convince me to let him fuck her. He described Jen’s fantasy of having a threesome with Sue and I, One of us eating her with the other sitting over her face, then swapping round time and time again until we have all eaten and been eaten by each other. Unsurprisingly, Sue He hhhhhhhasddfwasn’t prepared to do this and they rejoined us in the living room.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet – we watched dull TV and chatted some more before deciding to turn in for bed. While Sue was in the bathroom, Mike suggested that we help her out a bit. Once we had used the bathroom, we returned to our room and I dug my powerful wired egg out of my bag. I went downstairs and found some wrapping paper and we wrapped the egg up. Now all we needed was Sue, but we were fairly confident that we could lure her in... I left the door slightly ajar and lay on the bed so Mike could go down on me (so even if she hadn’t turned up, I would have enjoyed myself anyway). As expected, she appeared at the door within minutes of me starting to moan and asked if she could join us again. We invited her in and Mike resumed licking me – taking his time and doing a very good job. I could see that Sue was watching him closely and so between us, we put on a good show (and I had a pretty good orgasm as well).

Sue was fiddling with herself by the time we finished and Mike wiped his face clean on her nightdress before saying that she should really take it off (which she eagerly did). Mike pulled out the freshly wrapped present and gave it to her, saying that it might help with her ‘situation’. She unwrapped it and gave it a quick try (it’s been used on her before, so she knows how powerful it is). She thanked us and said that it would certainly come in very handy and Mike suggested that she work it in to sex with her bf – maybe say that it was a joke present from a friend at home who didn’t know that she had a bf.

Sue asked if she could use it properly and we had no intention of stopping her. She propped herself up against the headboard and spread her legs and Mike moved around so he could see properly. Just because he couldn’t fuck her, it didn’t mean that he wanted to waste the opportunity and so he ended up lying with his face near her pussy and one of her legs over his neck/upper chest. This gave him a front row view of what she was doing and he got me to climb onto his cock and ride him. I know that he was wishing he could eat her, but he had to content himself with the view (and sounds and scent). Sue used the egg to make herself cum while we fucked and Mike rubbed my clit until I came and then he emptied himself into me.

We chatted for a while longer – all three of us lounging around naked – and it felt like the time we spent in York over the summer (but without Jen of course). Sue seemed quite happy with her new toy and we discussed how she could get her bf to use it on her. She eventually decided to return to her room and have another play with it while calling him and Mike and I ended up having another play before falling asleep (spending a whole day not doing very much is really quite tiring).

On Boxing Day, we woke up fairly late and once again had to be quiet while we had our morning session. Sue wasn’t up by the time we had finished breakfast so we decided to be nice and took breakfast in bed up to her. She was sound asleep and we had to wake her, but given we had fresh orange juice, cereal and toast, she forgave us. Her nightdress was beside her on the bed and she had slept naked after having phone sex with her bf. We left her to have breakfast (just in case Mum came up and wondered why she was happy being naked with Mike around) and decided to go out for a walk. The walk didn’t actually last too long (or rather we didn’t go very far) as it was very icy and we kept slipping around. We had a mini-snowball fight and made snow angels before returning to the house for some lunch (leftovers).

We went for another walk in the afternoon, but took Sue with us and had another snowball fight and then spent the rest of the day watching TV, dozing and chatting. We had another batch of leftovers for dinner and Mike and Sue went up to her room to watch some more of the anime that he got her for Christmas while I chatted with Mum. After a while I went up to check on them (only a tiny part of me thought that something might have happened). I should have known better though as they were just lying on the bed watching giant robots battle in space (or something similar – I’m only really interested in anime if it’s the pornographic kind). I returned to chat with Mum some more and Mike and Sue joined us again for a nightcap.

We all headed up to bed and Mike suggested that we could have a bit more fun with Sue (but promised that he wouldn’t go further than we had agreed). He told me that he had been priming her while they had been watching anime – nothing had actually happened, but he had been going over some of their fantasy scenarios and so was pretty certain that Sue would be interested in cumming (but given she’s related to me, I think it’s a given that she’ll be interested in cumming at almost any given moment). We decided to go with the same lure as the previous night – I lay on the bed and let Mike go down on me with the door slightly ajar. When Sue left her room to go to the bathroom, she realised what we were doing and came in (without even asking this time). Mike kept going and used a couple of fingers on me while licking my clit and he brought me off fairly quickly. He wiped his face on her nightdress again and she took this as the sign to remove it.

I took an opportune toilet break so Mike could suggest something to Sue. She knows full well that he would love to fuck Jen and he told her about his ‘reward’ for getting Sue involved in things over the summer (his semi-threesome with Jen and I). Mike told her that he had asked Jen to try something out but she had refused and wondered if Sue would be willing to give it a try. He wanted to slide his cock between her legs and rub against her pussy while I sucked him, so that when he came over my face it would be like she was cumming over me. Sue didn’t think that I would allow him to do that, but that she would be willing to give it a try if she got to cum as well.

When I returned, Mike ‘convinced’ me that this would be a good idea and promised that he wouldn’t accidentally slip inside Sue. Once I had ‘agreed’, we figured out the best position and ended up with Mike standing against the wall with Sue pressed up against him. He slipped his cock between her legs and nestled it up against her pussy. He pumped back and forth so the shaft of his cock rubbed against her and I moved into position to lick the head. Sue tried leaning forwards (this didn’t work quite as well as I couldn’t get close enough to lick him as easily) so she returned to standing up straight. I tried licking Mike’s cock as he moved and positioning myself so that he could just fuck my mouth.

Mike pulled Sue’s lips open so that his cock could slide right between them and get better pressure on her clit. I helped things by pressing his cock up against her and Sue said that it felt really good (I think she was also enjoying something lasting longer than just five minutes). As she got more excited, I began to taste her juices on his cock (especially when I was sucking the head). Mike rubbed Sue’s clit for a bit to give her even more stimulation and when he did this, he changed the way he was moving against her. He pulled back a bit, which meant that when I licked him, my tongue would occasionally brush against Sue’s pussy. Mike was playing with her nipples and nibbling on her ear and from what I could see (and hear), she was really enjoying what we were doing. We knew that we would be able to make her cum, but I did want to get Mike to cum as well, so I told him to slow down so I could suck him properly. He did as I asked but used long strokes that moved his cock from being pushed right through her legs (where it was easy to take it in my mouth) to being pulled almost the whole way back through.

He was using a hand to keep her lips spread again so that he could always rub against her clit and as he pulled back, I chased his cock with my mouth until it disappeared through Sue’s legs. My own fingers were busy working away on my pussy and I was moaning away, letting them know that I was having fun too. The closer we all got to cumming, the less careful I was with my tongue and when Mike pulled his cock back, I was ‘accidentally’ licking Sue more often. She either didn’t care, was just too horny to notice or too horny to want to stop. I could hear that Mike was saying filthy things to Sue and when I asked if he thought he could cum he said that he thought he could if I just kept going a bit longer. I redoubled my efforts and swirled my tongue around the head (and pushed my fingers deeper into my own cunt). Sue sounded very close to cumming and I made sure that Mike’s cock was making good contact with her clit when he pushed forwards, (and that my tongue made occasional contact with it when he pulled back). She was the first one of us to cum and she bent her neck round so that she could kiss Mike (which we had also said we wouldn’t let happen, but it was a fairly passionate moment). Mike kept fucking between her legs and I kept licking until her orgasm reached its peak. I pulled my head back slightly so I wasn’t licking her anywhere near as much and reached around to pull Mike forwards slightly. He figured out what I wanted him to do and stopped pulling back quite as much.

When Sue stopped cumming, I asked Mike again how close he was and he said he was very nearly there so I took the whole head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it (just like Sue had taught me). I did this for a short while and he said that he was really close and started pumping back and forth again. I flicked the end of his cock with my tongue (and got a few small licks of Sue in) and he started to cum over my face. A few squirts (and a bit more pumping) later and he was done and he slowly slid his cock back and forth between Sue’s pussy lips. I still hadn’t cum yet but was pretty close so decided to just finish myself off. My fingers were rapidly rubbing away at my clit and I ended up dropping my other hand to my pussy to try and finger myself as well (not easy while kneeling, but I managed to get a bit of a finger in me). I looked up and Mike and Sue, who were both watching me and Mike was still rubbing his cock back and forth against Sue’s pussy. Just before I came, I took his cock in my mouth again and sucked it, tasting both his cum and Sue’s juices and then moaned around it as my own orgasm pulsed out from my pussy.

I kept sucking until I had finished cumming and then finally sat back against the bed. Mike’s cum had mostly dripped down off my face onto my breasts (and the carpet) and I used her nightdress (it was a clean one) to wipe my face and breasts clean. I then wiped my fingers and pussy and finally cleaned up Mike’s cock and Sue’s pussy, before handing the nightdress back to Sue to put on. We sat on the bed to relax and I asked Sue if she considered what we had just done to be cheating on her bf – she considered this for a while and said that it couldn’t be cheating because Mike was her onee-chan and he had done things to her before her bf did. It didn’t seem like the strongest argument, but Sue seemed satisfied with it and we had ‘technically’ managed to stick to our original goal of making sure that she didn’t end up having sex with Mike. We chatted a bit more and then decided that we should probably get some sleep as we had to be up reasonably early (for a holiday) to get the train back to York the next day.


  1. "it couldn’t be cheating"!

    Christ, maybe this guy isn't very good in bed, but she should at least put him out of his misery instead of playing around behind his back (assuming this story is real). Or at least stop pretending she isn't cheating - if it's not cheating, she can tell him all about it, right? Hmmm, maybe not. Or if he did the same with another girl, presumably that would be ok.

    PS. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading about it, but to try and pretend she's being faithful to her bf, come on...

  2. Yeah, okay, we know. We really set out with the intention of not doing anything with her. We didn't mind her watching us, but one thing led to another and things went way beyond what should have happened.

    If it is any consolation, we do feel rather guilty about it and have sworn that we *really* won't let anything like that happen again (even if that means that she can't even watch us in future).

    The odd thing is that she really seems to like him (her bf) but I think she was a bit frustrated at the sex they were having (or not having).

    I think things are a little better now that he is trying a bit harder, but she still isn't getting everything she wants.

  3. I agree with anaon, while he may be getting better, in the end they are just not compatible. I was in a relationship like that and I was unfaithful because no matter how hard they try their basic nature is not compatible with yours and you naturally go looking for other means to fulfill your needs (My GF wanted sex only once every 2 weeks or so...+/- 5 days). The ethical thing would be to cut him lose and keep searching rather than string him (and yourself) along on what is clearly not a good match.

  4. What a devious way to get to lick Sue's pussy!

    Rubbing Mike's cock between her pussy lips is just a short stroke away from it accidentally slipping into her cunt. If he cums inside her then you get to find out what its like for Jen to lick his spunk from your cunt as you will inevitably clean out Sue's pussy too.

    That makes me hard imagining the scene :)

    Cheers, John

  5. Anon 2 - You may well be right, they might just not be compatible. I don't think it's that her bf doesn't like having sex - he just doesn't seem to be able to last as long as she would like (but is now making up for it in some other ways).

    She does really like him, and we're not going to let anything happen between her and us again (at least while she's dating him). I don't think she will go off and cheat with someone else, but if she does I would certainly recommend that she split up with him.

    John - Mike *has* cum in Sue many times before but I somehow can't see her letting me lick her properly (she only let Jen have a single lick of her after Mike had 'convinced' her). We still aren't entirely sure if she realised just how much I licked her or if she was just too caught up in the moment to notice.

    I think that actually eating out my 'lil sis might be going a step too far, but it would certainly be interesting to be involved in a threesome with her and Jen - I know Jen wouldn't have any qualms about pushing her tongue as far into Sue's cunt as she could!