Sunday, 6 March 2011

Christmas - Part 3

Oops - I should have posted this yesterday, but I've had a pretty crap weekend. I was meant to be visiting Jen, but I'm not feeling well (it's only a cold, but I feel completely drained). I'll be seeing her next weekend anyway for Lucy's 21st party.


Once Sue had left us, we had a hushed (but excited) conversation about what had happened. Mike wanted to know all the details (obviously he had a vague idea as he had felt my tongue working on his cock, but he hadn’t been able to see exactly what I was doing). I told him that there had been a lot more contact than we had intended (the plan had been for me to just get a couple of licks in). We were relieved that Sue didn’t seem to be worried about what had happened (or hadn’t really noticed) and Mike was given the task of bringing it up with her at some point to see what she thought of it. Of course, we had to phone Jen to tell her what had happened and she said that she was quite jealous and Mike offered to let her do the same thing (taking my place) and added that he was sure he could get Sue to agree (whether he could or not I have no idea). We ended up having sex (quietly, but holding the phone close enough for Jen to hear) while Jen played with herself and Mike whispered to me about me sliding my tongue into Sue’s pussy. Jen didn’t help matters much as she described her fantasy of her, Sue and I in a threesome and I (once again) came with this image in my mind. Jen came next and then Mike came in me and stayed pressed deep into my cunt until we had finished chatting with Jen and I hung up. Mike stayed inside me while we fell asleep (well, until he went soft and fell out anyway) and then just stayed snuggled up behind me.

The following morning we woke up a bit later than we had intended. If we had been alone, we could have had a quick session, but being quiet tends to make things take longer, so we decided to hold off and do things properly when we got back to York (Jen would also be arriving, so I knew that between her and Mike, I would get to cum as much as I wanted). This didn’t stop a certain amount of touching happening while we got dressed and Mike had to be careful how he zipped his jeans up he was nice and hard.

After packing everything up and having breakfast, we headed off to the station (Mum drove us) and we said goodbye. The train was absolutely packed (so no opportunity to play) and we dozed, chatted and read for the duration of the journey. When we finally arrived (after being delayed for a couple of hours), we were starving (due to the trolley service not being able to make it through), so we stopped off for a bite to eat before heading back to the house. I gave Jen a call to find out how her journey was going and found out that she had actually arrived early and was waiting at home for us. We hurried through our meal and got back home quickly (which was now at least warm as she had got the heating turned on).

Mike lit the fire and Jen and I had a quick hello kiss (well, it was quite an involved kiss, but no more than that). Mike got a fairly good kiss from Jen as well and we opened a bottle of wine and sat in front of the fire to have a chat and catch up. As expected, Jen wanted us to go through what had happened with Sue again and we recounted the story of Mike’s cock sliding between her lips while I licked him (and her). I had obviously tasted her before from Mike’s cock, fingers or mouth, but it was the first time I had tasted her directly and Jen wanted to know if I had enjoyed it. I told her that I had and Jen said that I was a naughty dirty girl, so I pointed out that she was the one who wanted to have both of us at the same time.

The warmth of the fire, wine and conversation had certainly heated things up and I pointed out that neither Mike nor I had cum yet that day (it turned out that Jen hadn’t either). I knew that we weren’t going to have an actual threesome, but I had kind of hoped that we could have started out together or they could have both teased me for a bit. I hadn’t known that they had already agreed that I would be with Jen that night, so Mike got to have first go with me. I guess I could get annoyed that they just allocate me amongst themselves, but I win either way, so I don’t really mind too much (but it would still be nice to be asked).

We (Mike and I) had the choice of staying down by the fire or heading up to the bedroom and we decided to take the bedroom so Jen could stay by the fire while we were busy. We headed up and stripped off before we climbed under the covers (the bedroom was still pretty cold) and started to play with each other. We lay beside each other and kissed while Mike’s fingers played with my pussy and I stroked his cock. I wanted things to proceed a bit fasted and kept trying to pull him towards me – eventually he shifted closer and I moved so that I could rub the head of his cock against my pussy. We had played for long enough and I rolled onto my back and told him that I wanted to feel him inside me. He mounted me and slid into me and we slowly fucked. Mike started to kiss my neck and I repaid him by describing a group session involving so many different girls that he couldn’t keep track of who was fucking whom. I wrapped my legs around him (we’ve started using that position a lot recently as we both really like it) and pumped my hips back against him.

The gentle fucking turned into something a lot more energetic and we ended up rolling over so I was on top. Mike held me in place by my ass (which also meant his fingers could play with my asshole) and he pumped in to me rapidly. He kept this pace up until I had cum (which didn’t take too long as it was my first orgasm of the day) and then carried on for a little while until he finally came in me. I stayed on top of him for a few minutes while we caught our breath and then dismounted. There was a bit of dripping when I climbed off him, but I wasn’t too worried as I knew that Jen would take care of any mess.

I headed downstairs and Mike slipped his dressing gown on before following us. Jen had turned out the lights and was sitting beside the fire just wearing the new nightdress I had got her for Christmas (sheer white silk). In the light of the fire she looked stunning and I stood and admired the view until Mike caught up with me. I saw that he was carrying a package and he told me it was Jen’s Christmas present. We joined her by the fire and he handed it to her and said that it was actually a present for both of us, but Jen could unwrap it. She quickly tore the paper off it and we were greeted with a box holding our first strap on. As we unwrapped it, mike explained that it has two attachments, one in the obvious place and another that can be fitted so the person wearing it has something inside them. We took it out and had a look at it – the main dildo is a little smaller than Mike’s cock (but still a fairly good size – especially as it was going to be used on Jen). It is shaped lick a cock with a soft silicone/gel coating and the smaller internal unit is shaped to be a good fit and apply some friction to the clit.

We obviously wanted to try it out and I said that I would try wearing it first. We practised strapping it on and securing it firmly (apparently it’s nowhere near as effective if it isn’t tied on properly). Once we had figured this out, I removed it and we tried fitting the bit on the inside. It clips in to the main dildo so that (once you’re wearing it), if you move the main dildo, this movement is transferred through to the smaller one. Both Mike and Jen took turns jacking me off (which felt very nice) and we further adjusted the straps to get the best contact between the internal dildo and my pussy/clit.

We were fairly certain that we knew what we were doing by this point, so Mike was banished upstairs and Jen and Jen and I sat together by the fire. We realised that in a way, Jen was about to give me her virginity – of course she’d had plenty of things in her pussy before (a good proportion of them being put there by me), but this would be the first time that she had been fucked in the ‘traditional’ sense (if you see what I mean). Jen reached down and started to stroke my cock (it feels somewhat odd writing that!) and I reached over to finger her. We kissed for a short while before deciding that we should proceed and find out just how well the strap on would work. We debated briefly what position to use and having decided, I lay on my back and Jen straddled me. She still had her nightdress on and I loved how innocent it made her look. She lifted her nightdress slightly so we could see her pussy and knelt up above the dildo. I positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and she slowly slid down the shaft – pumping a little more of it into herself each time.

She managed to get most of it into her pussy and I told her to start riding it. This took a little practice, but she soon figured out what felt good and alternated between pumping up and down and sliding back and forth. Every time she moved (especially when she moved back and forth), it moved the internal dildo in me and rubbed it back and forth across my clit. Jen lifted her nightdress over her head and stretched her body back as she continued to ride the dildo. She started to play with her breasts I told her that she looked like a natural porn star. I reached down and rubbed her clit with my thumb (she liked this a lot) and I decided that I should use everything I had learned from Mike fucking me to make her ‘first time’ as good as I could.

I told her to lean forwards onto me so that we could kiss. She did as requested and I reached around and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I tried to piston myself in and out of her (as Mike had just done to me) and I realised that it took a lot more effort than I had realised (when Mike is doing it to me, I don’t have to do very much other than just enjoy it). I kept this up for as long as I could though and it felt really good for me as the internal dildo was rapidly rubbing against my clit and moving around inside me. Jen wasn’t getting much pressure on her clit, but was enjoying me fucking her. My fingers explored her ass as I pounded into her and I told her that I was going to cum if we continued. I got her to sit up again and she went back to riding the dildo while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. We continued this until she was really close to cumming and I then pulled her down on top of me again and resumed fucking her rapidly. I had got Jen close enough to cumming, that I was able to finish her off without any further clit stimulation and she started to cum. I continued to fuck her - it was very tiring, but I could feel my own orgasm approaching (and that always helps!). I told Jen to hold on a bit longer (she had already cum, but I meant to hold on and let me keep going inside her) and I managed to make myself cum. It felt good, but wasn’t as strong as I’d thought it would be (but it was certainly nice to cum with Jen on top of me and me hugging her). I carried on for a little while, trying to draw out my orgasm (or make it feel stronger), but when it started to fade, I slowed down to allow Jen’s pussy to recover.

We were both fairly breathless (Jen from cumming and me from the effort) and we stayed in the same position (with the dildo buried in Jen) while we kissed and recovered. Of course the dildo has the advantage that it never goes soft, but Jen wasn’t up for another round just yet (and I don’t think I would have had the energy for it either). Jen climbed off me and we went upstairs together. Halfway up the stairs, I grabbed hold of Jen’s hips and got her to kneel down on all fours so I could slide into her. There wasn’t really enough light to see properly, but I could still tell why Mike enjoyed this view so much and after slowly sliding in and out of her a few times, I pulled out and we resumed our journey to bed.

Once there, Jen removed the strap on from me and we experimented with fitting it to her. At first we didn’t use the internal dildo so that we could figure out how tight to make it and then we clipped that back into place and I applied some tingle gel to it before we put the whole outfit back onto Jen. The gel was already working on her by the time we had it done up and I started by jerking her off and letting her feel how the movement transferred onto her clit and into her pussy. I asked her how she wanted me and she opted to do me doggy style, so I assumed the position on the bed and felt the head of the dildo bump against my pussy a couple of times before she slipped it into me.

Jen also appreciated the view and described what she could see while she fucked me. The dildo actually felt really nice - quite similar to the silicon coated one that we got after playing with Valerie’s, but even better as it was shaped and textured like an actual cock. I quite fancied the idea of using some of the gel on myself, but wanted to see what the strap on felt like without any additional things. Jen did a good job of fucking me and I reached down between my legs to play with my clit (she didn’t think she was quite up to learning the new position and balancing while she reached around to do it for me). I came but while Jen had been enjoying the way the dildo felt, doggy style didn’t give enough back and forth movement to get enough friction on her clit for her to cum. I had no intention of leaving her high and dry though and so played with the dildo to find the best way to transfer the movement to her pussy. We found that this involved jerking the dildo back and forth in a way that would probably cause great pain if it was an actual cock, but it did a good enough job to get Jen off and she lay panting on the bed with her cock pointing in the air.

I partially licked the dildo clean, before helping Jen undo the harness and then licked the internal dildo clean. I then licked Jen for a little bit – but just to clean her up, not to make her cum again (unfortunately she was too tired for this). We placed our new toy on the bedside table and curled up together to go to sleep. Jen wanted me to describe to her again what it was like to lick Sue and I gave her a nipple a tweak as punishment (which of course for Jen, isn’t actually punishment). She slid her fingers along my pussy, started to play with my clit and told me that if I told her, I could cum again. I pushed her hand away and told her that I could cum whenever I wanted and didn’t need her and she said fine, I could just play with myself in that case.

I didn’t really need to cum again (three times in fairly quick succession is usually enough for me), but I wasn’t going to give in, so I pulled the covers back and let her watch as I pushed fingers into myself and rubbed my clit. Jen rolled over and pretended to not be paying attention so I curled up against her back and kept fingering myself while I described in detail what Sue’s pussy had felt and tasted like. My description got much more explicit and animated as I got closer to cumming and Jen rewarded me by rolling me onto my back and going down on me (but just to be clear, I could have quite easily reached orgasm with just my fingers). As my orgasm hit, I was describing the texture of Sue’s lips and how easy it would have been for Mike to pull back entirely and for my tongue to push right into her and eat her to orgasm. Jen liked this idea a lot and did exactly the same to me and my orgasm was stronger than I had expected it to be. I was left panting and swearing and she moved up to kiss me so I could taste myself. I assumed that she would want to cum again, but she still doesn’t have quite the stamina (or sexual stamina anyway) that I do. As repayment I gently nuzzled her nipples for a little while (which she enjoys even if it isn’t going to lead to anything more) and we then finally fell asleep.


  1. Hi Andi.

    Nice to hear that Mike got a good kiss from Jen - with tongues ?

    I think you are working on Jen, talking about licking Sue's pussy while Mike's cock was rubbing her cunt lips. Then using a strap-on to fuck Jen so she can get used to the action.

    I hope it isn't too long before she agreees - just to compare - to Mike slipping his cock in her :)

    Cheers, John

  2. That will still be a while (if ever), but yes, I (and Mike) really like the fact that she will let him play a little bit. He still hasn't had any direct cock-pussy contact with her though - we would love to repeat what I did with Sue with her if we got the chance.