Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lis visit - Part 3

We've had quite a nice day today - it hasn't been hot, but sunny enough to be out in a light summer dress. We're heading off to meet up with some work friends soon but won't be staying out late so we can head back for a decent session.


I needed to sit down somewhere a bit more comfortable and was no longer so worried if Lis had finished (to be honest, what I really wanted was for her to still be going and for me to be able to witness it, but I was still being good, so I made enough noise as I left the bathroom that she would definitely hear me and didn’t rush back to the bedroom). She was sitting with her waist under the covers and I was pretty sure that I could smell the scent of arousal in the room and said that I hoped she had taken the opportunity to have some fun, but I didn’t press the matter any further. I put the egg back into the drawer and sat down to continue our conversation as if nothing had happened. We ended up looking through another few videos of college girls (or girls of a similar age) playing with themselves and each other, either in pairs or groups and I felt that I was making some headway with Lis in convincing her that such behaviour is quite common. I didn’t get her to suggest that we try doing things with each other (that was only ever going to happen in my imagination).

While we talked, I stripped off and joined Lis in bed. We ended up sitting next to each other so we could watch the videos together. I could feel her bare leg pressed up against mine and even though there was no touching, (with hands) it felt very sensual and I had to restrain myself from rubbing up against her or playing footsie under the covers. Jen called and interrupted our viewing. I told Jen that I was lying naked beside Lis in bed and Jen asked if this meant that I had got to do things with her. I told her that Lis was a good girl and we chatted a bit more before she left us to get on with our evening. When I had hung up, Lis asked if Jen minded me being naked with her there, but I told her that Jen would like nothing more than to have the chance to get down between Lis’ legs and pleasure her. Lis blushed when I said this (I love the way she can be discussing explicit details about our sex lives one minute and then get embarrassed about things the next minute – plus she has a really cute look when she is embarrassed). Lis didn’t believe that I would be fine with letting Jen do things to her but I assured her that if she ever wanted, I would tell Jen to do as much to her as she could take. I then added that I was pretty sure I could ‘convince’ Mike (I used air quotes around ‘convince’) to do anything she wanted to her as well and that I couldn’t really think of anything that would be sexier to watch than having someone pleasure her repeatedly.

This led to us discussing multiple orgasms and extended sessions. I told Lis about my record of cumming 36 times in a day but that I rarely had an actual multiple orgasm. She doesn’t think that she’s ever had a ‘real’ one, but has sort of cum one and a half times when doing things with Vicky.

It was getting fairly late now so we decided to go to bed properly. We had a quick trip to the bathroom to brush teeth & prepare for bed. I was completely naked and Lis seemed a lot more comfortable being semi naked (she still had her top on, but hadn’t covered up her lower half). When we got back to the bedroom, I watched her undress completely and then put her PJs on. I had been trying to think of a subtle way to suggest that she sleep nude but hadn’t been able to come up with anything. I did ask if she always wore PJs to bed or if she ever slept naked (adding that I much preferred sleeping naked even when I was by myself). She said that she almost always wore something to bed – even when she was sleeping with Vicky. She climbed into bed while we were still talking and I pointed out that this made it much harder to do something spontaneous. I was under the covers already and told her that it would make our (Jen and I) morning routine somewhat difficult. I spread my legs and raised my knees so that she could see my legs were spread and told Lis to imagine waking up in the morning with Jen (and then added ‘or Vicky in your case, but you can imagine Jen if you want’) already between her legs licking away and getting you nice and wet.

Lis conceded that this sounded quite nice and I told her that she should sleep nude more often and make sure that Vicky did the same thing. Again, reality got in the way and she sadly didn’t get up and strip off ‘just to practice sleeping naked’ (why isn’t life more like a porn movie?). We did chat about a number of ideas for things for Lis and Vicky to do and I basically went over a lot of the things that I’ve done with Mike or Jen. Lis certainly doesn’t seem to be a natural exhibitionist (although Vicky might have a streak of this in her) so some of my ideas weren’t to her liking, but enough of them appealed to her that I think Vicky is in for a treat.

I had been lying with my hand between my legs for quite a while – not really rubbing myself, but with my fingers pressed up against my clit, applying pressure and easing off. I knew that I would need to cum again before I could get to sleep and considered going elsewhere to take care of myself, but I had enjoyed cumming with Lis asleep beside me and decided that I would wait until she fell asleep and repeat what I had done that morning. We chatted for a while longer, mostly (but not exclusively) about sex and my desire began to get the better of me. I pushed a couple fingers into my pussy and was dangerously close to actually rubbing myself, but I’ve learned from Mike that holding back can lead to good things so I resisted.

Eventually, I could see that Lis was starting to drift off to sleep and I pretended to do the same. I gently rubbed my clit for a while, heightening my arousal even further, while I waited for her to go to sleep properly and then rolled over onto my back. As I spread my legs, I listened to her breathing to make sure I hadn’t disturbed her and then increased the speed of my finger movements. I felt very wet and dipped my fingers into my pussy a couple of times to spread my juices over my lips and clit, but then returned them to my clit. I had waited long enough and didn’t want to play around so concentrated on rubbing my clit with small circular motions. I almost pushed my other hand down so I could finger myself at the same time, but remembered that I had to try to be as still and quiet as possible. Instead, I slid my hand up my body and cupped my right breast so I could gently play with the nipple (I may not be as much of a breast person as Jen or Sue, but thanks to Jen’s tutoring, I certainly appreciate my breasts a lot more than I used to).

My orgasm was just about to hit me when Lis rolled over. I froze (okay, so it wasn’t *just* about to hit me or I would have probably just kept going). I glanced over at her and saw that she was still asleep (or at least her eyes were closed and she looked asleep) so I decided that I would continue. It only took a few seconds more of rubbing to bring myself off (I think the extra adrenaline rush helped) and I felt my body tense up. I pinched my nipple and pressed even harder against my clit and concentrated on muffling my moans as a pretty good orgasm tore through my body. It felt like it lasted a while and as it eased off, I continued to rub myself, but with much less pressure. I was breathing fairly heavily and looked over at Lis (who was still asleep). In my post-orgasmic glow, I pictured all sorts of scenarios and imagine her waking up and sucking my fingers clean (then going down on me to get more). I wondered if she rolled back over, if I would be able to get away with curling up behind her and sleeping with my arm draped over her and imagined ‘accidentally’ cupping one of her cute little breasts and feeling the nipple stiffening under my hand. I almost worked myself up enough to go for a second round, but stopped my fantasies before I’d passed the point of no return and pulled my hand out from between my legs. I sucked my fingers clean, then rolled back onto my side so I could look at Lis while I fell asleep.

I had some nice dreams that involved me watching Jen and Lis do things and if I’d woken up during the night, I’m certain that I would have gone for round two, but I slept right through until morning and when I woke up, Lis was already awake. As you would expect after a night of ‘interesting’ dreams, I was fairly horny and was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have a chance to play with myself while Lis was still asleep. We got up for breakfast (me still naked) and as we sat and ate it at the table while we looked out the window. I was sitting with one leg curled up under the other and had a hand between my legs, slowly rubbing myself to keep my arousal high (Lis couldn’t see this as she was on the other side of the table). I told her that she could shower first and quickly dumped the plates in the sink while she got her things ready.

I joined her in the bedroom and hoped that she would undress there, but she was still wearing her PJs when she went into the bathroom. I didn’t waste the opportunity though and sat down on the bed, spread my legs and started to finger myself properly. I grabbed her panties from the previous day to get her scent (her pussy smells really nice – or at least her panties did) and I ended up grabbing a clean pair of her panties to rub against my crotch. I only did this briefly as I obviously didn’t want her to realise what I’d been doing. I came with her used panties over my face, imagining it was her pussy and I was licking her out. I came while pumping a couple of fingers into my cunt and using my other hand to rub my clit. I must have taken longer than I thought as I heard the bathroom door open while I was still lying with my legs spread and I quickly had to stuff the panties back into Lis’ bag.

I was glad that she seemed completely comfortable being around me while I was naked and I didn’t hurry to have my own shower. We chatted while Lis got her clothes ready and I helped to brush her hair, then helped her to dry it. She just had a white towel wrapped around her which gave me a good view of her legs and I knew that I would be making use of the pulse setting during my shower. I watched closely as she got dressed and pulled on the pair of panties I had rubbed against my pussy just a few minutes before. Sadly, she put a pair of jeans on and I then lost sight of her breasts as she pulled on a t-shirt, followed by a sweater.

I headed off for my shower and went straight for the rapid pulse setting. It didn’t take me long to cum and was quite an intense orgasm (too intense to enjoy for long), but it did the job of calming me down a bit. I quickly washed my hair and wandered back out to see Lis. We chatted some more while I got ready (despite the cold, I went for no panties and long socks – taking my final opportunity of the visit to show myself off to Lis) and then helped her gather up her things. She wasn’t heading off until early afternoon so we decided to head into town and take her bags with us. This turned out to be a mistake, but between us (and a taxi) we made it into town and decided to just sit and have a coffee and lunch until it was time to head to the station.

We found a suitable place and I demonstrated to Lis how to flash people (with my usual method of sitting with an ankle folded up under the other knee). I sat like this for ages, apparently oblivious to the people opposite who could see up my skirt and when Lis asked how much I was enjoying it, I leant over and whispered to her that I would have to go home and play with myself once she had left. She told me it was a pity she was going or she might have helped out and I called her bluff by telling her that she was more than welcome to stay and we could go home so I could teach her lots of interesting things to pass on to Vicky. Lis said that she didn’t think Vicky or Jen would be too pleased if we did that and I told her that I was sure Jen would be more than happy if it meant that she got to have a turn with her. I knew that Lis was just flirting, so didn’t push things any further and turned the conversation to one more suitable for our location. When we stood up to go, I demonstrated one more method of flashing to Lis - I bent over to pick up and spent a few seconds sorting out some things. I srated off with my ass pointing towards Lis so that she could see that my skirt rode up sufficiently to expose my pussy and then turned so that my audience from before were the recipients of the view.

We headed off to the station and Lis’ train wasn’t delayed by too much. I was much sadder saying goodbye to her than I had expected to be. We had a proper hug and I got her to promise to come up and visit again. Of course we would still be seeing each other when I visited York, but that was usually with Vicky – and while she is also my friend (and has been for longer), Lis is a lot more fun when she is by herself. We hugged and gave each other a little kiss and I told Lis that I would need more than that to keep me going until I got home so I kissed her full on the lips and held her tight against me. She didn’t pull away so I kissed her properly, then broke it off and said that I now really needed to get home and play with myself. Lis blushed a little when I said this, but gave me another hug before I helped her get her bag onto the train. I went back to the platform and stood beside the train, drawing messages on the window beside when Lis was sitting and she would breathe on the glass and write back to me.

When the train pulled out, I hurried back home, stripped off my clothes and gave Jen a call. We’d been sending texts (Jen, Mike and I) to discuss how things had been going, but this was the first time I’d been able to talk properly to her and tell her all the details of the visit. Jen was very interested to get the proper description of what Lis’ pussy was like and she liked the idea that I had managed to cum a couple of times in bed with her, but said that if I was that willing to do things around other people, then I would have to pay when I next visited. I told her that I didn’t care and I just wished that she had been there with us and described what I could remember of my dream from the previous night of her fucking Lis.

I had Jen on speakerphone and while we talked, I bunched up Lis’ pillow and crouched over it so I could rub my pussy against it. I stopped a couple of times to smell the scent of her hair off it – until my own scent overpowered it. I really got into it and described to Jen how it would be to have Lis lying on her back while Jen ate her and I imagined Lis’ body writhing underneath me while I rubbed my pussy against her face, mouth and tongue. Once I had cum and was a little more composed, I went over the remainder of the visit with Jen and she thought that things sounded quite promising. I personally think that we don’t stand any chance of ever actually doing anything with Lis, but I know Jen really likes the idea (so much for her liking large breasts) and it’s a nice fantasy to play with.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lis Visit - Part 2

Mike’s arriving tomorrow morning – we don’t have anything planned (and probably won’t be watching the Royal Wedding), but if the weather holds up it will be a good chance to get some outdoors action in.

I saw a girl on the train on the way home tonight who was wearing a lacy partially see through top similar to my outfits. She was quite pretty and I spent most of the journey staring at her while trying to hide the fact that I was staring. The top was black and she had a nice black bra on underneath. It was sufficiently see-through that the bra was clearly visible and I ended up having a quick finger session when I got home (and then posted this).

I’ll post part 3 on Saturday (as long as I remember).


We had used up a fair amount of the morning, so took a leisurely journey into Uni and met up with people for lunch. Once this was done, I showed Lis to the appropriate place and we arranged for her to call me when she had finished. I went into my office to get a bit of work done, but didn’t achieve much as I had no idea how long she would be so didn’t want to start anything big. A couple of hours later, we met up, had a wander round some more of the Uni and stopped off for a drink in a coffee shop. I actually ended up breaking one of my rules so I could show off to Lis. We sat near the window and I lifted my right foot up to rest it on one of the cross supports of the chair. This allowed my skirt to slide down (or up) my thigh and I could then tilt my leg to the side to expose my pussy. Lis couldn’t believe that I was doing this and I told her again (in a hushed voice) of what I had got Jen to do and reminded her in general of what I was made to do when visiting Jen.

My display had the desired results and on the way home, we had a much more in depth conversation about exhibitionism and why I enjoyed it. Lis finally seemed to realise that I really enjoy all the things that Jen makes me do (and also the things that I make her do when she is visiting me). After we arrived back home, I asked her if she had enjoyed moving the strap on when Jen had been wearing it. Lis said that she was amazed that Jen had allowed her to do it and I told her that if it hadn’t been for Vicky’s apparent disapproval, I would have been quite happy to let her continue until Jen had cum. Lis said that it wasn’t so much that Vicky disapproved of it, it was just that she didn’t quite understand why we (or Jen) is so willing to be naked around them (Lis and Vicky). It was a bit of a stretch, but I saw this as the opportunity to move to the next phase of my plan and told Lis that as far as I could tell, it was fairly common for girlfriends (even the non-gay kind)to be naked around each other and even play with themselves.

Lis thought I was exaggerating and so I told her that I had proof and would show her. She was a bit confused, but when I got the laptop and opened up the porn folder, she realised what I meant by ‘proof’. I’ve got a number of videos of girls (mostly college girls) in pairs and groups, doing displays on various video chat sites. They aren’t sorted in any way, so we ended up seeing girls just stripping (to varying degrees), playing with themselves and playing with each other (from kissing, through tentative touching, through to full on sex). We spent quite a while looking through these and a couple of times I allowed my hand to slip under my skirt and give myself a quick (very quick) rub. I desperately wanted to cum and felt pretty wet, but managed to restrain myself.

We had a break for dinner and talked about how we came to realise that we liked girls and I found out that Lis may actually not be completely gay. I knew that she’d had a couple of boyfriends before (and has even fooled around with a couple of them), but since she told me she was gay, she has always given me the impression that she is only interested in girls. Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t think she actually wants to have another boyfriend, but she doesn’t seem as completely opposed to the idea as I had assumed she was.

I think that Lis still finds it hard to believe that I had no interest in girls before Mike started to ‘train’ me. We’d shared a bottle of wine over dinner (I know this breaks my resolution to drink less) and I was feeling slightly drunk so I told her the sorts of things he used to get me to imagine. Of course, Holly and Rach featured a lot in his early fantasies for me and as I started to get more involved in them I brought Jo into them. Over time, almost all of my friends (or at least the cute ones) were involved and I told Lis how he would start to describe me doing things with them while we (Mike and I) were getting warmed up and then how I would have to take over the fantasy as I got closer to cumming. I showed her some of the naked pictures (which she has seen before) of people who we think look like our friends and described how we would use them to enhance the fantasies. Of course, the folder entitled ‘Lis’ was amongst these and I ended up opening it. I told her how much better the fantasies could have been if we’d known that Lis fancied Holly and when she made a comment about having used them both in a fantasy, I admitted that we may have done so a couple of times.

I couldn’t resist any more and pulled up my skirt to point out that I had decided to grow the little patch of hair as I had thought it looked so cute on her pussy. After Lis had looked, I didn’t keep holding my skirt up, but I didn’t pull it down properly either so I was semi-exposed. Lis didn’t seem to mind this so I returned the conversation to the pictures of ‘her’ and pointed out how similar she and Vonda (her porn-double) were in a number of ways (Vonda has larger breasts). I asked Lis how similar she thought her pussy was to Vonda’s and after a bit of giggling, she said that she couldn’t really tell and asked how different it could be. Of course, I had an answer to this and flicked through a number of pictures showing very different pussies. I returned to Vonda and said that Mike, Jen and I were curious and asked her what it was like to be worshipped as a sex-goddess who was able to make so many people cum. Lis blushed a really deep shade of red and said that she thought it was quite odd but that she didn’t mind.

I decided to go for it and pressed her on the difference between the pictures of Vonda and her actual body. I knew what I really wanted to happen (spoiler alert, I didn’t get what I *really* wanted), but I was still surprised when she giggled and said that if I really wanted to see, that she would show me. I watched carefully as she stood up, undid her jeans and slid them down her legs. Possibly due to Mike’s leg fetish, I have come to appreciate a nice pair of legs (and undoubtedly this is the foundation for my long socks/opaque tights fetish) and Lis’ legs are beautifully slim. I asked to see the patch of skin where she had cut herself while shaving and took the opportunity to stroke up and down the leg. Of course, I had to compare the skin with the other leg, so I had a chance to have a quick feel of both her legs before telling her that it really wasn’t that noticeable (apparently Vicky quite likes it and often gently strokes back and forth over the scar).

Lis had been standing in her panties and I wondered if I had broken the momentum so told her to get them off so I could see how her pussy compared to Vonda’s. She giggled a bit more and slipped them down her legs before stepping out of them. She didn’t try to cover herself up, but didn’t really spread her legs either until I told her that I couldn’t really see. She sat on the bed facing me and opened her legs wide and I felt a rush of adrenaline. Just as I remembered from the club, her lips were shaved and she had the little patch of hair on her mons. The difference was that this time I got more than just a quick glimpse and could see her properly. I had sat down with my legs spread and skirt up and I gently stroked the patch of hair on my mons. Lis’ was much lighter than mine – not as light as her hair, but certainly heading in the direction of blonde. I commented that her lips were fairly similar to Vonda’s (a little bit more closed) and then compared them to my lips which are a bit bigger and a little more open.

As things were going so well, I decided to chance my luck and asked if we could compare with her lips spread. Lis blushed even more and said that she couldn’t show me that much, but I called up a picture of Vonda spreading her lips and quickly turned back and said it was no big deal. To demonstrate this, I spread my own lips and told her that it was only us two who could see (ignoring the fact that the curtains were still open) and she slowly pulled her outer lips apart. My pussy was on fire and I really wanted to rub myself and allow my body to fall forwards and plant my mouth onto her pussy. I did a little comparison and from my viewpoint, I couldn’t see much difference. Lis let go, closed her legs and moved so she was sitting with them cutely folded under her (but she didn’t try to put her panties back on).

I really needed to cum and considered asking if she minded me masturbating in front of her, but I was pretty sure that would have been a step too far (I wish I had asked though). I told her that after looking at all the videos I felt really horny and needed to cum. I went and fetched an egg from my drawer of toys and told her that I would be back shortly. I also told her that if she wanted to use anything from the drawer ‘to take care of business’ then she was free to do so. I dashed into the bathroom and pushed the door shut, sat on the toilet seat and pushed the egg against my clit. After having got such a good look at her pussy, knowing that she knew what I was doing and being able to picture her still half naked on the bed – possibly playing with herself – I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum. I grabbed her hairbrush again and pushed it into myself. I didn’t think it would be wise to put on a full vocal display for her, but I didn’t worry about being too quiet and let myself fully enjoy my orgasm.

I had no idea if Lis was indeed taking my advice and masturbating, but on the offchance that she was, I went for a second round (I was also enjoying having her hairbrush inside me and wanted to make full use of the opportunity). I was a little less restrained this time and made enough noise to let her know that I was still doing things. I concentrated a lot more on how the handle of her hairbrush felt as it slid in and out of me and pictured Lis kneeling between my legs working it. I ditched the egg and went for the manual approach by using my fingers on my clit (again, imagining that it was Lis doing it to me). As I got closer to cumming, I pictured Lis kneeling between my legs eating me while Jen lay behind her and ate Lis. I don’t think the orgasm was any stronger or that I was much louder when I came this time, but it seemed to be a bit more drawn out and by the time I finished cumming, I was out of breath.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lis visit - Part 1

Oops - I thought I had posted this on Saturday, but I was with Jen and was 'distracted'. I'll post part 2 in 2 days time to make up for the delay.


Lis arrived up to visit me on the Tuesday. As you can imagine, I had been looking forwards to this visit for a while and had planned a number of things (with Mike and Jen). I was under no illusions as to whether I would end up actually doing things properly with Lis (she hasn’t exactly shown any real interest up until now, although she has been getting a bit more adventurous), but we hoped that I might be able to push things at least a little further with her.

She wasn’t arriving until the afternoon, so I spent the morning in work, trying to get as much done as possible. I set off for the station just after lunch and had to wait around for her train to arrive. As expected from Lis, she had brought a bag big enough to cope with going away for a couple of weeks, but once I had helped her get it off the train and out of the way, we excitedly hugged hello. I was a little disappointed to see that Lis had a pair of jeans on (I had a skirt and opaque tights on – without panties of course) but I hoped to get her into cuter clothes as quickly as possible. We headed back to my place and I gave her the grand tour (which took all of a minute). We sat down and chatted, just catching up with things at first, but as per usual, we quickly got onto talking about our relationships (especially Lis and Vicky).

Lis was still unsure how long they were going to be together – she really likes (possibly even loves) Vicky, but from what Lis says (and what Mike can gather) their relationship might just be more physical to Vicky. There’s no doubt that Vicky enjoys sleeping with Lis, but she still doesn’t want people to know that they are dating and I don’t think she feels as strongly about Lis. Having said that, I know that she cares about her as a friend and doesn’t want to hurt her – I just don’t think that she is looking for things to last long term. Hopefully I’m wrong (and Lis is damn cute, so if anyone can convince Vicky to turn completely away from men then Lis can).

I told Lis that I had arranged to go out and meet up with a couple of people from work. It wasn’t going to be a late night, but Lis is beginning to look around for jobs and it would be great if she ended up here with me (so to speak). We had a quick dinner and I suggested that we get changed before heading out as we were going somewhere fairly nice. I knew that Lis would have brought a range of clothes with her and so this wasn’t a problem. We had already dumped her bag in the bedroom and I offered to go and get changed in the living room (but commented on how she had already seen me completely naked anyway) and after just a little hesitation, she said that it was fine.

I selected my outfit (or pretended to, I already knew what I would wear) and started to undress while chatting to Lis. I watched her pull her top off and saw that she had a plain white bra on. I had removed my bra by this point and I commented (again) on how I wished I had small breasts like hers and how much easier (and comfortable) life would be. I know that Lis is a bit self-conscious about her bust which is why I always try to compliment how she looks. I slipped off my tights and then unhooked my skirt and let it slide down my legs. I was now naked and I slowly sorted out my clothes and put my bra on. I continued talking to Lis and watched as she slipped her jeans off – she had a pair of thong panties on that left me in no doubt that she was still pretty well shaved (or at least mostly shaved) and I slipped my skirt on.

I stayed half dressed while I finished freshening up my makeup and then after putting my top on, I sat on the bed facing her and put on a pair of long socks, raising up each leg in turn as I put the sock on. Lis had selected a simple little skirt (which had involved her bending over to get out of her bag) and a cute little blouse and I watched as she finished getting dressed. I suggested that she wear some tights for warmth and tidied up (still watching out of the corner of my eye) as she put them on).

I was happy with how things were going and intended to try to keep things heading in the right direction as much as possible. We got our coats and headed out. On the way I mentioned to her that I thought she was missing an opportunity by always wearing panties and how much more fun it was going without them. I told her a little about what I had got Jen to do at the coffe shop during her visit at the weekend and Lis couldn’t believe that we were that brazen (until I reminded her of some of the things that Jen had got me to do when I was visiting her). We arrived at our destination giggling about things Jen and I had done and Lis was beginning to open up a bit more about things that Vicky and her had tried. I would rather have kept walking (or gone home) and continued the conversation, but I had invited people out, so we went in to meet them. Our conversation had certainly had an effect on me and it took me a little while to settle down – I introduced Lis to the people who were already there and they all seemed to like her.

Once I calmed down, I enjoyed the evening a bit more – we didn’t stay too long and arranged to meet up with people for lunch. I only had one drink (I’m still behaving) but a couple of the guys bought cocktails for Lis (did I mention that she is quite cute). She wasn’t drunk, but a bit tipsy and so she was grateful for the fresh air on the walk home. When we arrived, we sat and chatted for a bit while having some tea to warm up. I asked her what it was she wanted to do about the sleeping arrangements. Lis knew that I only had one bed but I had procured a spare duvet and pillows from someone at work and had offered to sleep on the sofa. She said that it was fine and she didn’t mind sharing the bed with me. We decided to get into bed to warm up and once we had brushed our teeth and finished all the other girly preparations, we moved into the bedroom.
I stripped off (which watching her undress) and when she pulled a pair of PJs out of her bag I told her that I usually slept naked, but would find something to wear. She said that it was okay and we were both girls, but I pointed out that we were both girls who happened to like other girls and I might wake up in the middle of the night to find her playing with my breasts. She said that it was more likely that she would wake up to find me doing things to her after all the tales of debauchery I had told her and I saw the best way to extend our previous conversation.

I watched Lis slip off her panties and saw that she still had her little patch of hair, but was otherwise neatly shaved. I pointed out that this was the look I was going for as well and when she pulled on her PJ bottoms, said how much of a shame it was to cover up such a beautiful sight. She slipped her top on while I climbed into bed and then joined me.

We lay facing each other with the covers pulled up around our necks (it wasn’t actually that cold) and I slowly pushed my hand between my legs and pressed my fingers against my clit. I told Lis how Jen (or Mike) and I usually wake each other up and asked if Vicky and her ever did things like that. She said that they occasionally did, but it was rare for one of them to wake the other up in this way (of course they sometimes did things first thing in the morning, but usually only starting when they were both awake). I told her how nice it was to be woken up by Jen’s tongue sliding into my pussy and how sometimes we could get quite far along before the other person actually woke up. We had a long conversation about or sex lives, favourite positions/things and I really couldn’t stop myself from pressing my fingers harder against my clit and slipping them between my lips to gently rub myself. I was very discreet so I don’t think Lis noticed but I was getting incredibly turned on and knew I was getting close to the point that I didn’t want to have to hide what I was doing.

I didn’t think that it would be a good idea to actually masturbate in front of her and so apologised and said I needed to go to the bathroom. As soon as I closed the door, I sat down and started to frantically rub myself. I pictured Lis’ naked body and imagined what it would look like with Jen sitting over her face, and then (just for good measure) imagined Mike pumping his cock into her cunt. I knew I couldn’t take long to cum, but saw Lis’ hairbrush sitting by the sink, so I grabbed it and pushed the handle into my pussy. I fucked myself with the brush and rubbed my clit and ended up cumming quite quickly. Lis was still awake when I returned, but was dozing off, so I said goodnight to her and we went to sleep. While falling asleep, I allowed a hand to wander back down between my legs, but having just cum, I was easily able to resist going much further and just applied gentle pressure to my clit.

It felt very strange going to sleep in a bed with someone, but not being curled up against them – I half expected to wake up with my arms around Lis (or even better, with hers around me), but no such luck. I woke up at my usual time in the morning and looked over to see Lis still sound asleep. As is usually the case, I woke up feeling horny and was just about to creep out of bed and go make further use of Lis’ hairbrush, when I decided that if Jen could get herself off while in bed with Rach, then I could give it a try with Lis.

I slowly rolled onto my back and spread my legs a little. I slipped my hand down between my legs, pushed a couple of fingers between my lips and spread my moisture around over my clit. As much as I was enjoying what I was doing, I didn’t want to dawdle just in case Lis woke up, so I went straight to work and mostly concentrated on my clit. I concentrated on keeping my breathing fairly steady and only used small movements, but as I got closer to cumming (and Lis still hadn’t woken up), I got a bit braver and used my other hand to reach around under my leg and pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy. I was still being careful and not making any large or rapid movements and I could feel my orgasm approaching. I pushed my fingers deeper into my pussy and continued rubbing my clit until my orgasm started. I closely watched Lis for signs of her waking (she was facing away from me, which wasn’t ideal as I couldn’t see her face, but I thought was probably for the best as she also couldn’t see me). I managed to keep myself fairly quiet as I came (all the practice in dressing rooms had come in handy) and as my orgasm faded, I eased off and just gently rubbed myself.

It had been a very pleasurable experience and I lay there enjoying the afterglow with both hands still on/in my pussy. I pulled my fingers out and licked them clean, but kept my other hand on my clit – not really doing much, just occasionally stroking it. I dozed off again for a little while and didn’t wake up again until Lis started moving around next to me. I somehow still hand my hand between my legs, but left it there and applied a little pressure to my clit. Lis finally came round properly and rolled over to chat to me. As I moved, I could smell the scent of sex wafting up from under the covers and I quickly pulled my hand away from my pussy so I could roll over and face her. We went through the usual morning pleasantries and discussed what we were going to do for the day. We had to spend a little while in the Uni for Lis to talk to some people she was interested in working with in the afternoon, so decided to laze around for the remainder of the morning before heading in to meet people for lunch.

I pulled the covers back and climbed out of bed to search for my dressing gown. The belt had ‘mysteriously disappeared’ and I mentioned to Lis that it had probably been used to tie one of us up and then thrown in the wardrobe and said that I hadn’t noticed it was missing before as we usually don’t wear much while indoors. I asked Lis if she minded me being mostly naked and she said it was fine. We had breakfast and I let Lis use the shower first. Before she went in, I told her to make full use of the pulse setting on the shower and explained how Jen and I had been experimenting with it just a few days before. Lis said that I was incorrigible, but when she returned from the shower and I asked her if she had played with it, she just said that she had given it a try and it did indeed feel quite nice. Of course, I wanted to know just how much of a try she had given it and quizzed her further. She wouldn’t elaborate and I considered grabbing her and tickling her, but thought that might be taking things a bit too far.

I made good use of that image while I was in the shower though – Lis and I rolling around on the bed, my dressing gown coming open and her towel sliding off, then my fingers ticking her all over her body and eventually sliding between her lips and getting her off. My fantasy (coupled with the shower spray) gave me a pretty good orgasm, but I assumed that I could afford to make a little noise and the shower would muffle it. Once satisfied, I finished washing myself off and gave my pussy a quick shave, then headed out to join Lis. She was (unsurprisingly) dressed by this time and we chatted while I got dressed (again she commented on my lack of underwear).

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shower, bottle and table play

We had just finished 69ing in the last entry...


Jen mentioned how much of a mess we were and I told her about having found out how to improve the water pressure on the shower. We agreed that we would spend a while experimenting with it in the morning, but that it was no probably time to get some sleep. We discussed what the rules were for Lis’ visit and determined what I was and wasn’t allowed to do (assuming that Lis would want to do or let me do anything). It actually took a while for us to both drift off (probably due to the interesting nature of our conversation) – we chatted and I fell asleep first.

In the morning, I woke Jen in the usual way (eating her awake for any new readers) and then let her return the favour. We decided to have breakfast before showering (to give us some time to recover) and ended up lazing around and watching some TV. It wasn’t that interesting so we mostly chatted over it and after an hour or so, decided that we should get ready and go out. Of course, we still had to shower and knew that this may take a little while, so we got towels out and headed into the bathroom.

Jen turned the shower on and I adjusted the under-sink taps until it was hot enough and had a good pressure. The shower head wasn’t anything fancy and we couldn’t get much of a sensation from it, but we did end up enjoying the water. We took turns at lying down in the bath with our pussies directly under the mixer tap and turned it on full. This gave a nice stream of water that felt good when it hit us. It wasn’t enough to make us cum by itself, but was a nice added stimulation while we rubbed our clits. As much as I love making Jen cum, it is still really hot being able to watch her play with herself and being able to fully concentrate on her expressions as she has her orgasm.

We did a little comparison of how our patches of pubic hair were growing – it had only been a couple of weeks, so it’s not as if either of us had long hair, but mine was certainly longer than Jen’s. I told her that I would get Mike’s clippers (we wanted to have a small patch of hair kept fairly short) to take care of things.
Once we had showered and dressed (in the usual style) we headed out. We now had an aim for the day (new shower head with pulse setting) and went to purchase this first. We ended up buying a couple to try (after checking we could take them back of course) and then went for a coffee. We found a little place that was very cosy with sofas to sit on. I knew it would be the ideal place to have some fun and I carefully selected somewhere to sit that was in view of a number of other tables, but out of the way of the main area. Once we had our drinks, we took our seat and I told Jen that she had to let her skirt ride up. She wriggled around a little and moved so her ass was near the front of the seat and she was leaning back into the sofa. This meant that she only had to open her legs slightly to allow people to see up her skirt.

There were a couple of small groups who were in our line of sight – one was a group of three guys and another of three guys and a girl. I slid down on the sofa so it looked like I was getting on the same level as Jen so we could talk and I felt my skirt slide up a lot more than I had intended it to. I covered myself up again (partially) and we started talking. We noticed a couple of our audience members looking over towards us but pretended that we hadn’t seen them and I got Jen open her legs and place her left foot o her right knee. We assumed that this would give a really good view up her skirt and Jen said that she felt very exposed and could feel the air against her skin. We pretended to continue to be lost in our conversation, but I was now whispering to Jen about having lots of people’s gazes roaming over her pussy and what it would be like to get the girl to come over, kneel down and eat her in front of everyone (the girl wasn’t actually my type – or Jen’s for that matter). I described how the guys were probably all rock hard from the view she was giving them and how they would use the image later to get off. (Jen may not be interested in having sex with men, but she does now enjoy using her looks and body to tease them.) As a final parting gift, I got her to idly drop her hand between her legs and give herself a little rub, as if she was just scratching an itch – I was impressed that she actually did this and rubbed for about 10 seconds before bringing he hand back up.

I thought that we had probably pushed our luck as far as we safely could (or possibly a bit beyond), so we finished up our drinks and headed off. We did a bit more shopping and had a quick fondle in a dressing room (but it was too busy to spend enough time to get each other off). After having lunch, I considered heading to one of the sex shops and getting Jen to put on a display for whoever was there, but it was raining fairly heavily and we couldn’t be bothered walking to any of them so jus decided to go home.

We were soaked through by the time we arrived home and so stripped off as soon as we got in. We decided that the easiest way to warm up would be to jump into the shower and try out the new shower heads. The first one wasn’t bad – you could concentrate the spray into a fairly powerful jet, but it didn’t really pulse. The second one was much better and gave a very powerful spray with two different pulse settings – one with short pulse and one with longer ones. The third one was okay (and I’m sure I would have been quite happy with it if we hadn’t discovered the second one), but after a quick test, it was removed and we settled on the second one.

I sat on the corner of the bath and spread my legs while Jen crouched between them. I held my lips open and pulled the skin back from my clit and told Jen to let me have it. I started off with the long pulse setting, directed around my pussy and then at my clit. It felt really nice and Jen got me to contract my pussy so she could see it moving. The water was set quite hot, which meant it wasn’t quite as powerful as it could have been, but the warmth felt really good. It took a little while, but was definitely having an effect on me and as I got closer to cumming, Jen switched it to the short pulse setting and aimed it squarely at my clit. This felt surprisingly more intense and I let out a little squeal. Jen could see how good it felt and was impatient to have a try, but I intended to fully enjoy the experience and didn’t want to hurry it along. I didn’t have much say in the matter though as the rapid patter on my clit was propelling me rapidly towards cumming (and I wasn’t exactly trying to hold back). It wasn’t a really deep orgasm, but it was fairly intense – almost as strong as using an egg on my clit, but better in the sense that the stimulation wasn’t too strong so it could keep going through the orgasm.

As my orgasm faded, I let go of my lips and Jen played the spray over my pussy, helping to bring me down slowly. I told her that this was definitely the best shower head we had tried and as soon as I got my breath back, we swapped places so I could show her. I switched the shower back to the long pulse setting and directed it at her pussy – she liked the way it felt and enjoyed it even more when she pulled her lips apart and exposed her clit to the jet. I used the same method she had – starting with the long pulse and using that until she was nice and excited and then switching to the short pulse. Jen agreed that it felt incredible and I could see her getting flushed as her orgasm build. She asked if I minded if she peed and I told her to go ahead. The effect of the new shower head (coupled with the newly found high water pressure) was that the jet effectively stopped her from getting me wet (or at least drastically reduced the amount that hit me – which of course wasn’t quite what Jen wanted, but she was enjoying what the water was doing to her too much to really care. I watched her face closely as she came (but had to keep looking down to check that I was still aiming the shower at her clit). As had been the case with me, she came relatively quickly after I switched it to the short pulse setting, but her orgasm seemed to last for quite a while (certainly much longer than usual for her).

Eventually, she finished cumming and I switched back to the long pulse and played the jet around her pussy while she recovered. I was impressed that it’d had such an effect on her and offered her a second go (after a bit of time to rest of course) but she said that she didn’t think she could go another round for a while and wanted to rest. We dried off and went in to lie down for a bit but ended up dozing off for a couple of hours. When we woke up, we were getting hungry, so decided to start working on an early dinner. We spent a while preparing and cooking it, so by the time we actually sat down to eat, it was after 7. We had a leisurely meal and moved onto the sofa to decide on our plan for the rest of the evening. Neither of us had much money left after Christmas and travel expenses, so we weren’t going out anywhere, but I had bought a couple of beers (I was doing quite well at sticking to my not drinking as much resolution).

About halfway through our beers, I decided that I could probably find a better use for the bottle and emptied what I had left into a glass. I knelt between Jen’s legs, got her to pull up her t-shirt and spread her legs and I positioned the neck of the bottle at her pussy. I warned her that it would probably feel cold and slowly pumped the bottle into her, working a bit more of the neck in with each push. Once I had a reasonable length inside her, I used my thumb on her clit and really got her going. The advantage of using a bottle is that it opens up the pussy and allows me to see right up inside her. I absolutely love this view and Jen was enjoying what the bottle and my finger were doing to her, so everyone was happy. As she got closer to cumming, I pushed the bottle harder into her – it wasn’t going to go any deeper (it had a straight neck up until the point where it got wide and I really doubt that Jen could take the full width of the bottle), but she liked the way it felt when the body of the bottle pounded against her pussy. I told her I wanted to watch her cunt contracting around the bottle as she came and almost as I said that, she started to cum. I kept working her until her orgasm had ended, then pulled out the bottle and glued my mouth to her cunt.

She tried to push me away, but I held onto her legs and then looped by hands around her and pulled her ass towards me. I broke contact briefly to remind her that she had to do whatever I wanted and then immediately returned to lashing her cunt with my tongue. I didn’t intend to be at all gentle or take account of the fact that she had just cum and my aim was to get her off again as quickly as possible. Jen’s ability to cum multiple times has been slowly improving (at first she really needed a break before being able to do anything), and after having resigned herself to her fate, she allowed me to eat away. It wasn’t long before she was in the build up to cumming and I continued my work until she let out another series of moans and was happily panting away.

When I pulled my face away from her pussy, it had a fair amount of her juices on it and I knelt up so that we could kiss. I told her that it was my turn now and I hopped up onto the sofa and spread my legs. She asked if I wanted the same treatment and I said I did, so she grabbed the beer bottle and pushed it into me. She repeated what I had done to her (but spent a while trying to examine up inside me while using the bottle to hold me open) and as soon as my first orgasm had finished, she went down on me. Now I don’t always enjoy doing things straight away after cumming, and I did feel a bit too sensitive for it to be enjoyable at first, but I thought it was only fair given I’d done it to Jen. Between sucking on my clit, I could feel her long tongue snaking up inside my pussy and scouring the walls, but she didn’t spend long doing this and mostly concentrated on making me cum again. It took me a bit longer to cum, but she got me there and I wrapped my legs around her head to hold her in place (not that she was trying to stop). I held her in place for as long as I could take it and then finally released her and pushed her away. My pussy was still tingling and I felt very hot (but satisfied). Jen moved up beside me so that we could kiss and we rested for a while.

We were pretty much spent for the evening and debated playing some games outside (I was going to send Jen out into the rain in just a thin dress) but decided against it. We didn’t do anything else until bedtime when we used the long double dildo and spooned against each other. Jen started off behind me and moved the dildo while I rubbed my clit, then we swapped round so I was lying against Jen’s back and I was responsible for moving the dildo while she got herself off. We stayed in that position, with the dildo still buried in us while we chatted and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to roll over, so had to pull it out of me. If I had been a little more awake, I would have probably taken the opportunity to ravish Jen once more, but I don’t think that I fully woke up so the thought didn’t even occur to me.

By the time we woke up in the morning, the dildo had fallen out of Jen (she can’t remember removing it) and it was a bit messy, so we decided not to use it for our morning session. Before we started, I pulled the curtains fully open and then rejoined Jen in bed. We imagined everyone opposite was watching us as we kissed, fingered and licked each other to orgasm and then got up (still naked) for breakfast.

After we had showered (we had a quick play with the pulse spray, but didn’t cum) and I decided that I wanted to know just how much of what I do was visible from outside during the day (it’s fairly obvious that if I have the lights on at night I’m going to be quite visible). I chose a suitable outfit for Jen (including one of her shortest skirts, which only barely covers her pussy and ass) and pushed one of the remote control eggs into her. We moved some furniture around and she was then sent out with an umbrella and her phone. I called her, then stood at the back of the room and moved forwards until she said that she could make out my outline and then told me when she could see me clearly. We tried this with her standing on our side of the street (where she couldn’t see as much as the flat is half a story up from the pavement) and then on the other side of the street.

I got her to come back indoors and we moved the table to a suitable position It was a lot closer to the windows than Jen had expected it to be, but I pointed out that she was the one who had decided where the ‘safe’ position was. I stripped Jen naked and got her to climb up onto the table, facing the window with her legs spread. She said that she felt really exposed and I climbed up behind her and reached around her body to play with her breasts and pussy. I then had a better idea and got her to move so I could lie down on the table. I lay so that my head was where she had been sitting, with my pussy closer to the window and then got her to crouch over my face. I ate her while playing with myself, knowing that while Jen was probably hardly visible from outside, my pussy was a lot closer to the place where people might be able to make out enough to figure out what I was doing. Of course, this was the whole fun of it, but there weren’t many people who walked past and Jen said that she didn’t notice anyone looking in.

When we had both cum, I told Jen to stay sitting up on the table where she had been and I threw on a coat and shoes. I handed Jen her mobile and went outside to confirm how much was visible. I couldn’t really see Jen so I called and told her to scooch forwards. When she was sitting a couple of feet closer to the window (about where my pussy had been), I could see her and could tell that she was naked. I rejoined her indoors and we had a quick snack before getting her stuff packed up and preparing to head off to the airport. I allowed Jen to wear a longer skirt in order to go through security (but still no panties).

I considered getting her to take the strap on down with her, but we had decided that whoever was visiting would have to take it with them and so it remained with me. We mae it to the airport fairly quickly and so had time for a coffee. I reminded Jen that even though she had managed to cum on the flight to see me, she had to still try every time she flew. When it was time for her to go through security, I stood and watched as she got searched, but the woman’s hands didn’t go too far up under her skirt and then headed home.

Next entry - Lis' visit...

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Airplane cum

I'm back from York - and have another busy week at work lined up. Just a quick entry tonight as I need to get some rest, part 2 will come in a few days


Only one event of real note happened during the week. I was looking around for some cleaning products and noticed a tap that I hadn’t seen before. We had always been confused as to why the pressure on the shower was so bad given there are a couple of floors above us and after a few adjustments I found that the pressure was much more suitable for playing with. I only found this just before I had to head out to work in the morning, so I didn’t get to play with it, but Jen was arriving that evening and I looked forwards to showing her my discovery.

The weather had warmed up a bit, but was now very wet. I found that wearing one of my short skirts (not ridiculously short, just short enough so it was hidden under my coat) and long socks (which I changed when I got to work), meant that I was mostly dry for the rest of the day. It also meant that when I went to the airport to meet Jen, it really looked like I had nothing on under my coat. Jen looked very happy when I saw her and I could tell from her grin that I was either in for a treat of some sort, or something interesting had already happened. It turned out to be the latter: she had finally managed to join the mile-highsterbation club (and had beaten me to it). Of course, I’ve played with myself while flying, but I haven’t managed to actually get myself off (I consider it cheating if I have to go hide in the toilet to manage it).

As per the standing instructions, she had worn a short skirt, no panties and long socks to travel with (the socks are optional, but it was cold). She had made it through security without being frisked (despite having left her belt on) and had got a seat near the back of the plane. The flight is usually fairly busy, but this time, she ended up sitting on a row by herself. She knew that she had to make use of the opportunity and once the plane had taken off, she spread her legs and carefully played with herself. There were people directly in front of her, but she remained silent and got some good action going with her fingers. She had to stop once when a stewardess walked past, but once she had gone, Jen resumed work on her clit. She used two fingers and used a small but rapid circular motion and managed to keep this up without further interruption until she came.

Jen had told me this story while we were on the way back home and had been whispering it in my ear – I really wished that I had been there to watch her and was feeling quite jealous that she had managed to do this first. I whispered back to her the things I wanted her to do to me when we got home and we got into a fairly explicit whispered conversation despite being surrounded by people. When we arrived back in town, we went straight home, both wanting the same thing.

As soon as we were in the door, I pulled Jen’s coat off and was impressed at how short her skirt was (ironically I don’t actually like the look of really short skirts, but I do enjoy them for their exhibitionist capabilities). I pushed her back against the door and knelt down in front of her. It had only been a week and a half since I had last seen her, but after the intense time we’d had over Christmas, I had really missed her. I briefly admired the little patch of hair, which didn’t seem quite as long as mine, but didn’t let this distract me for long. I spread her lips and pushed my tongue into her, delighting in the way she tasted. Jen let out a little moan and I licked and ate for all I was worth. Jen left me in no doubt that she was enjoying what I was doing and I couldn’t resist playing with myself while I ate her.

I told her to undress and she pulled her jumper off and then, after a bit of a struggle, her top joined it on the floor. She said that the door felt cold on her back, but stopped complaining when she started to cum. As soon as she started, I pulled away from her and told her that it was my turn. She asked me to continue, but I told her that I wanted her nice and horny so we could have a proper play and she said that if I wanted her to eat me, then she would do just that.

I swapped places with her and gazed down on her as she pushed her face between my legs. Her tongue snaked between my pussy lips and up inside me, then pulled out and flicked back and forth over my clit. I told her that she could play with herself if she wanted, but that she wasn’t allowed to cum. She made a sarcastic ‘oh, gee, thanks’ comment but I promised her that I would make it worth her while later on and her mouth returned to my pussy. She continued to lick me and I pushed her away just before I was going to cum. I pulled Jen up and we made our way into the bedroom.

I pulled off my top on the way and was going to remove my bra as well, but then changed my mind as I decided what I wanted us to do next. We both still had skirts and stockings on and I got Jen to climb u onto the bed and kneel on all fours. She assumed that I was going to use the strap on, but I pulled out the short double ended dildo and rubbed it up and down her pussy. Once I had worked it into her, I climbed up onto the bed and pushed myself back onto the dildo. Jen had obviously figured out what we were going to do and she slowly pushed back against me until we had the dildo swallowed between us and our asses were rubbing together. We then started fucking the dildo properly – slowly at first and getting faster as we got into the rhythm of it. It felt really good as we pushed together and we felt the dildo fill us both and our asses slapped together. We recalled the time we got Sue to help us and did this with two dildos shared between us (which of course led to Jen remembering how she got to lick Sue).

We continued fucking like this for a while and then decided that we’d had enough of teasing and it was time to finish things off (or the first round of things anyway). I pulled myself off the dildo and got Jen to lie on her back. I remounted the dildo in the scissor position and we pumped back and forth on it and rubbed out pussies together until we were both fairly close to cumming. I reached down and rubbed Jen’s clit until she came (this didn’t take long) and then switched to rubbing my own clit (I didn’t take long either). I pulled myself off the dildo and crawled up to kiss Jen (pulling the covers over us as I did so). We stayed like that for a while, just kissing and talking, until I started to rub myself against her leg and press my thigh against her pussy.

I love the warm, wet feeling of Jen’s pussy against my leg and as she started to grind back against my thigh, I could feel her juices coating my skin. I reached down and rubbed her, just to get some of her juices on my fingers and then made a show of licking one of the fingers clean before offering her the other one. Jen has no problems tasting her own juices (I hear that some women don’t like this, but I have no idea why) and she sucked my finger clean. We continued to kiss and grind for a while before deciding that we should taste each other properly again. I rolled off Jen and got her to climb on top of me in a 69 position and we got to work. I pushed two fingers into Jen and asked her to do the same to me and we finger fucked each other while licking clits.

I tried to hold back and concentrated on what I was doing to Jen – I managed to get her close to cumming a couple of times – not right to the edge, but certainly on the way – and then backed off. I really enjoyed watching my fingers sliding in between her lips and seeing her inner lips folding around me as I pushed in and then grasping at me as I pulled out. We spent about 20 minutes playing with each other and by this time, no matter how hard I was concentrating on Jen, I couldn’t ignore what she was doing to me. I knew Jen wasn’t far off cumming and told her that I wanted her to do whatever she could to make me cum. She pushed her fingers deeper into me and wiggled them around and I felt her tongue apply more pressure to my clit. I let out a few moans to let her know she was heading in the right direction and I sped up the pumping of my fingers into her pussy.

I now focused on what she was doing to me (but continued to play with her) and I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I told her what to do (how hard/fast) and within no time I was cumming. I pushed my fingers as deep into her as I could and attached my mouth to her clit. Jen didn’t stop working on me and I moaned my way through my orgasm while lashing her clit with my tongue and trying to get my fingers even deeper into her. I had hoped to make her cum before I had finished, but I didn’t quite manage this. I continued to play with her and it wasn’t long before she started to pant and mew. I could feel her breath on my wet pussy and reached down to push her head against it. After a couple of pushes, she realised what I wanted and returned to licking me. I was still very sensitive, but I had recovered a little bit so it felt quite nice. Jen still gets distracted by her orgasm and so didn’t lick me continually, but even the sporadic licking felt quite good. As her orgasm faded, I pulled my fingers out and just licked her, then eased off until I was gently licking and kissing her pussy. She then turned around so we could kiss and taste our own juices and I pulled her tight against me while we kissed.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Snow delays

Back to York tomorrow for another sex party - I've got a bit more adventurous at them and have something planned for this one, but you'll have to wait to hear about that. now that I've finished writing about the holiday period, I'll probably get through the intervening time a lot quicker...


This is from the first weekend in January: I arrived back in York on the Friday evening and headed straight out to meet up with people for drinks. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to drink less (both for general health and in order to help with my diet for wedding) – I actually don’t find it that much of a loss (and I haven’t given up entirely, just cut back a lot). It was still good to see everyone – I hadn’t seen a lot of them over the Christmas break as I’d headed back up so soon, so we had a long catch up session. I was smartly dressed (I’d had a funding meeting last thing before I got the train) and got lots of compliments – little did they know that I was naked under my skirt and sopping wet in anticipation of my evening with Mike. I was enjoying the feeling though, so as much as I wanted to start fooling around, we waited until everyone headed home before we left.

It was still very cold out, but we still had a quick fondle on the way home. We stopped in our usual alleyway and Mike pulled my skirt up. His hands went to my pussy while we kissed and I pulled open the front of his jeans. I worked his cock out and rubbed it while his fingers sought out my clit. I tried to pull his cock towards my pussy and he said that if I was that desperate, he would oblige me. He pushed me against the wall and reached under me – I was lifted up and felt his cock rub over my pussy a few times before pushing into me. Mike held me up and I wrapped my legs around him – I could feel the cold biting my skin, but didn’t really care too much. Mike nearly slipped over a couple of times and we decided in the interests of safety that we really had to stop before one (or both) of us got hurt. Mike pulled out of me and lowered me down – I gave his cock a quick suck, he buttoned himself back up and we hurried home.

He had prepared a fire and lit it as soon as we got in. We got undressed very quickly (although I left my stockings on) and Mike dived between my legs and started to eat me. I told him I wanted to continue our earlier fuck and he climbed up my body and slipped into me. Between thrusts, I complained that I wanted to do things the same way we had been – up against a wall and he reluctantly pulled out and helped me up. I hadn’t counted on the wall feeling so cold, but wanted to continue anyway and when Mike pushed into me, I grabbed on to his shoulders and wrapped my legs around him again. Our mouths locked together and he pumped away inside me. It felt really nice but neither Mike nor I had a free hand to do anything to my clit so I knew I wasn’t going to cum. I told Mike that I wanted him to cum in me anyway but he said he really wanted to eat me properly (and he doesn’t like eating his own cum that much) so I conceded that he could eat me until I came and then we could find a better position to fuck in.

I was dumped onto the sofa and he pulled my legs and lifted my ass up onto the arm. He knelt beside the arm of the sofa and dived into my pussy, licking and eating me and lashing my clit with his tongue. As much as I had originally wanted to do things properly to start off with, I was soon distracted enough to no longer care. As my head was lower than most of the rest of my body, I could feel the blood rushing to my head and knew that this generally leads to an interesting orgasm. I didn’t have to wait too long to find out how it would feel – the expectation of the evening, playing on the way home and our partial fuck had got me more than excited enough and I humped against his mouth as my orgasm built and then flooded out through my body. It wasn’t as strong as I had hoped it would be, but I put up with it anyway, in the knowledge that we were just about to do more.

I was a little light headed when I sat up but soon recovered. Mike was eager to get the second round underway. We resumed our earlier position on the rug in front of the fire and he pushed back into me. We started off with him on top but ended up in a semi-spooning position, with me half on my side and Mike half leaning behind me, holding up my upper leg. This meant that it was left to me to rub my clit (but I *do* have some experience in that area) and it felt really nice having the heat of the fire radiating out onto me. I didn’t try to make myself cum too quickly so we could both enjoy things. Mike held back for a reasonably long time, but I could tell that he was getting increasingly excited as he pumped in and out of me. As we often do, we discussed various situations involving various friends and how we would like them to be involved in our sessions and we settled on finishing off while imagining that Jo was there with us. I came while imagining my tongue pushing between her lips and her having a screaming orgasm – I really wish I knew what her pussy actually looks like so I could imagine it better (of course, I *really* wish I knew what it tasted like as well). Mike played along with the fantasy and came in me while imagining it was Jo (who was crouched over my face so I could see his cock sliding in and out of her). I described how I would lick them both (and having some experience of this I now know it isn’t that easy to do), but the whole image was enough for Mike and he came inside me.

Instead of going up to bed, we decided to spend the night in front of the fire – the sheepskin rug may not be quite as comfortable as the bed, but it was a lot more romantic (and despite the impression that this blog probably gives, I do try to keep some romance in my relationships). Mike dashed upstairs to grab the duvet and some pillows (and a towel for me to drip onto). When he returned, we arranged our makeshift bed snuggled up under the covers (with him inside me of course).

I woke up a couple of times during the night and briefly considered the idea of waking Mike so we could go out front and fool around while everyone was asleep, but the air in the room felt quite cool so the thought of going out into the snow (or what was left of it) didn’t appeal too much. When we woke up in the morning, we found our own way of generating heat, which was good for warming up, but didn’t help when we had to actually climb out from under the duvet. After he’s got a dressing gown, Mike rebuilt the fire to help warm the place and we had breakfast. We didn’t have any real plans for the weekend other than meeting up with some friends in the evening and a visit to Lis’ place to pick up the strap on.

We showered and got dressed before heading into town for a wander. The sales didn’t seem that good (and we didn’t have much money left either) so it wasn’t that interesting, but we met up with a couple of friends for lunch and then I headed off to see Lis. I ended up walking to her place as the buses seemed to be rather confused by the snow. I was pretty cold by the time I arrived but a cup of coffee helped me defrost. We went up to Lis’ room to fetch the strap on and ended up staying there (her bed is more comfortable to sit on than the sofa). I asked Lis if they had enjoyed using the strap-on and she said that they had. Lis had found it a little bit too large for comfort initially, but Vicky took it slowly and had managed to get a good length of it into her when they fucked. Vicky hadn’t had the same problem and seemed to enjoy Lis fucking her with it quite a bit. They had also practiced jerking it back and forth (as they had done when Jen was wearing it) and Lis found this to feel particularly nice. She assured me that she had cleaned it thoroughly and I said that Jen would probably be disappointed as she would have been quite happy to taste their juices off it.

I was sitting facing Lis with my legs crossed, but I had a pleated skirt of reasonable length on (almost down to my knees), so she wasn’t able to see that I was naked under it. I pulled the external dildo out of the harness and pushed it under my skirt while telling Lis that Jen and I had also had great fun using it and how good the doggy position was for seeing what was happening. Lis could tell that I was only pretending to fuck myself with the dildo (it was only just under my skirt), but when I told her how Mike had watched Jen use it on me and given her tips, I allowed the head to rub over my pussy a couple of times.

We got on to talking about the other toys that Lis and Vicky had used and Lis even showed me a couple of them. The most powerful vibrator they have is a big pad that you can attach various fittings to. With Lis’ approval, I gave it a quick try (through my skirt) and it did indeed feel quite strong. When I said how good it felt, Lis said that she needed to visit the bathroom to pee and I assumed that she was giving me tacit approval to have a ‘proper’ play with it. She was only gone for a minute, but it was long enough to slide it under my skirt and directly onto my pussy – it did feel really good and I debated whether I should really go for it and just let Lis wander back in and find me with my legs spread, but I decided to be a good girl (for once) and wiped it clean before she returned.

We made arrangements for her to come up and visit me (following her previous failed attempt) and hoped that the snow wouldn’t interfere this time. I was looking forwards to showing her around my new town and having her all to myself for a number of evenings. Of course I had plenty of plans (but you’ll hear about those soon enough). Lis gave me a bag to hide the strap on it to carry it home and we said goodbye (we would be meeting up again with everyone later on that evening). I hurried home to Mike to have a quick play and take care of the feelings that had built up while chatting with Lis. He was waiting for me and when I told him about our conversation, he understood why I was feeling so turned on.

The house was a bit warmer now, but we decided to head up to the bedroom so that we could be comfortable. I was doing to undress, but Mike liked the idea of just flipping my skirt up and taking me as I was (as you know, he has a thing for pleated skirts – and also seems to be enjoying the long black socks/stocking look quite a bit). I climbed up on the bed and offered myself to him – he quickly stripped off and climbed up behind me. He teased me for a little while by rubbing the head of his cock around my pussy and then pulled away to dribble some of the tingle gel onto his cock. This was then pushed into me (which did a good job of getting the gel up deep into me) and we started. Mike dripped a little more of the gel over my ass and rubbed it over my asshole as we fucked. The tingling soon started and he added a little to my clit, but didn’t keep rubbing me there after he had smeared it in.

I told him that I had told Lis about him watching Jen take me in this position (which is why I had knelt on the bed that way) and he asked me to describe what I could have done with Lis’ vibe if I had been a bit braver. I described how I would have kept going when she returned from the bathroom and would have lifted my skirt so she could watch what I was doing. We imagined Lis climbing up onto the bed with me and taking hold of the vibrator, then rubbing it against my pussy as I pulled her top off and started licking her delicious little nipples. We (fantasy Lis and I) ended up in a 69 and I (the real me) ended up playing with my clit while Mike fucked me until we both had cum. I stayed in position when he pulled out of me and felt a small amount of his cum trickle out and run down onto my stockings. I rubbed as much of his cum into my thighs as I could and did then again when I sat up and a bit more cum ran out (I intended to keep the same outfit on when we went out later, so didn’t want the cum to be visible below the hem of my skirt).

Mike’s cock was softening, but I brought it back to life by sucking it clean. I imagined Lis behind me, using the strap-on while I sucked him, but I thought it would be good to wait a little while before doing anything more and so only sucked until he was clean. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around, had something to eat and then headed out to meet up with people at about 8. Almost everyone was there and we had a fun evening – not much of interest (sexually) happened though and I wished I had worn a shorted skirt so I could have at least tried to ‘accidentally’ show off. After the pub, we went to a club for a couple of hours and I tried my usual trick of standing at the edge of the balcony, but once again was foiled by having worn a skirt that was too long, so I just ended up dancing (as badly as ever) until we decided to head home.

We walked part way home with Cindy and her bf – the downside of this was that we didn’t get to stop off in one of our usual spots to have a play. I had been hoping to do things properly and for us to both cum, but resigned myself to having to wait until we got home. To make up for it, we decided to do things in the front garden (and by garden I mean a tiny paved area with a low wall). It was late enough that nobody else was about on the street and our place is at the end, but there was still a little risk we could get caught (but then the risk is the thing that makes it fun). I leant against the wall and Mike fipped my skirt up and rubbed my pussy to get me wet. He then opened his jeans and pushed into me. While we fucked, I remember wondering why it is mostly during the winter that we do things in this spot (okay, the nights are darker, but the street is usually fairly quiet after midnight in the summer). I didn’t worry about this too much and ignored the cold as his fingers found my clit and played with it.

I had made the mistake of not wearing gloves, which had been fine when walking, but my hands were getting very cold while leaning on the wall and I told Mike that he would have to hurry. Fortunately, he enjoys doing things outdoors almost as much as I do, so he was well on the way to cumming anyway. It was a bit rushed, but still felt quite exhilarating and I forgot about the cold for a little while when I came. Mike wasn’t far behind me and we went in as soon as we had finished. Mike hadn’t even pulled his jeans up and so as soon as the door was closed, I took a hold of his still hard cock and he jumped (my hands were still frozen). It was quite amusing, but I needed to warm up, so we went up to bed, undressed and crawled under the covers. We teased each other for a while by pressing cold parts against warm parts (not in a sexual way – mostly hands and feet on arms and legs) and once we had warmed up, we decided it was probably time to get some sleep. Mike wasn’t up for doing anything else – he offered to eat/play with me, but I decided to wait until the following morning. With a little coaxing (only a very little), he got hard and we spooned while we fell asleep.

I was woken the following morning by him climbing down between my legs. I spread them, giving him full access to me and enjoyed the feelings as he licked me. Once I had cum, he asked if I would suck him off and I moved onto the floor, so I could sit between his legs (he was sitting on the edge of the bed). I spent a little while licking up and down the shaft, then took the head in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. I got a good rhythm going and bobbed up and down – I got a fair amount into my mouth, but I can’t do deep throat so I can’t get anywhere near the whole length in. Mike didn’t seem to mind this though and between sucking and a bit of hand action, I got him close to cumming. He said that he wanted to cum over me, so I finished him off with my hand and just a bit of tongue action on the head until he said he was about to cum. I pulled back slightly and watched his cum squirt out – some onto my face, then breasts and the last bit dribbling out onto my legs. I gave him a final (gentle) suck clean and then rubbed his cum in to my body and hair, before we headed down for breakfast.

We had a long chat about what had happened with Sue over Christmas. Mike had spoken to her at the end of the week and she had agreed that we shouldn’t really have let things go as far as they had. She said that despite that, she had really enjoyed what we had done and that it had been nice to be able to do things with Mike again. She didn’t specifically mention me licking her and Mike wisely decided that he wouldn’t bring it up. He said he found it very hard to tell if she was saying that she had enjoyed being able to do things with him or had enjoyed the whole situation (including my involvement). He once again told her to speak to her boyfriend about their sex life and she said that she would.

Along with reducing our alcohol intake (Mike has agreed to do this with me), we also resolved to not do anything more with Sue while she was dating her bf (or any other person). I think the temptation is always going to be there to let her watch us do things, but we will have to decide if we can ever do that without letting things go further (and if not, we won’t even let he watch).

Of course, not being allowed to do things with her physically, doesn’t mean that we can’t still fantasise about it or replay some of the things that we’ve done and we decided to return to bed to do just this before I had to get ready to catch my train. We recalled a whole variety of situations during the session, back from when we first let her spy on us while we had sex, to doing things openly in front of her, Mike licking and fingering her, then fucking her, threesomes with Mike between us, Jen having a lick of her pussy and finally up to Christmas where he humped against her and I licked them both.

We had been doing various things while recounting all of this, fingering fucking and sucking (when only one of us cold talk), but neither of us had cum yet (but we were both pretty worked up). We decided to move on to fantasy and extended what could have happened at Christmas to Sue and I in a 69 position while Mike took turns fucking us. I have a feeling that it’s actually not that easy to get a cock into a pussy and also get good tongue contact with the clit at the same time, but then again, I can’t imagine that Sue would actually want to 69 with me, so I guess reality doesn’t matter too much here (it *is* called a fantasy after all!). We finished off while I imagined her juices flowing into my mouth (much easier now I know properly what she tastes like). Mike came first this time and stayed pressed hard into me until I had cum. It had been quite an intense session and because we had been under the covers to keep warm, we were actually fairly sweaty.

We had a quick shower (we had spent longer than intended doing things) and I packed while Mike made a quick lunch. After eating this, we headed to the station and found out that the trains were barely running. After waiting around for a while (with many other people), we were told that the few trains that were running were so busy that I would be better trying again the following day. Now if I’d known that, we could have just stayed in bed and not come out into the cold (although I doubt we could have done much more straight away after our extended session). We headed back home and then went out to do Mike’s weekly shopping. When we got back, we settled down to watch some TV while we warmed up – there wasn’t much on so we ended up dozing off together and didn’t wake up until the evening. We both felt rather groggy when we awoke and didn’t properly come round until after we had eaten dinner. We had a fairly chilled evening and kept checking on the information about the trains. When we finally went to bed, we just had a simple session before falling asleep.

When we woke up the following morning, we had a quick fuck (spooning). This was a bonus session for me and I remember thinking how much nicer it is having someone there to do things with rather than just having to use my fingers or a vibe. Unfortunately Mike had to go into work so I was left to find my own way to the station and had to wait around for a train. Fortunately I had expected the boredom and had planned ahead. I was wearing the strap on (minus the external dildo of course) and I found that fidgeting around caused the internal dildo to rub against me – not a great deal, but enough to feel nice.

When the train finally arrived, it was packed and took ages. I had to stand for quite a bit of the journey and tried to pass some of the time by accidentally pressing my ass against various crotches, but soon realised that the harness for the strap on was far too solid to really allow me to feel anything. When I finally got home, I decided it wasn’t worth trying to go into Uni for the rest of the day, so just worked from home before popping out to stock up on food. It was a lot colder than it had been in York, but I went out without panties anyway (I had removed the harness when I first got in). Once dinner was out of the way, I curled up in bed, gave Jen a call and had a play with myself while we talked (Jen was playing with herself as well). I then had a quick chat with Mike (but no more playing) and got a relatively early night.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 15

Finally - the end of the Christmas entries... I meant to post this yesterday, but was so tired when I got home I zonked out. I feel a bit more awake today and intend to eat dinner then settle down with a selection of toys and have an enjoyable evening while chatting to Mike and Jen. I'll try to post the next entry on Thursday to make up for this one being late (and on Friday I'm heading down to York for the next sex party). I hope that I'll get to write about it (and the previous two that I haven't yet documented) fairly soon.


We cleaned up and I went up to rinse myself out (we had used a fair amount of lube). When I returned, we decided it was time for lunch and then Jen and I had a look at the toys we had in York to determine if we should take any of them with us (I promised Mike that I would bring an equivalent number back for him to use on me). I was going to be back in York at the end of the week and would collect the strap on from Lis and Vicky so I wasn’t worried about getting it back before I left. As the afternoon wore on, we decided to give each other a quick shave to make sure that we were still nice and smooth. Once we had everything ready, I suggested that we try leaving a little patch of hair on our montes (I had to look that word up, apparently that is the plural of mons – who knew?) and Jen agreed to this. We obviously wanted to keep our lips shaved (much nicer for eating/rubbing) and we decided on how large a patch to leave. It was only stubble at this point, but we agreed to keep growing it out until it got to a suitable length to trim (we weren’t going for a big bushy patch).

As regular readers will know, we had to ‘test’ the smoothness of the shave by participating in a 69, and after a bit of writhing around and licking each other to orgasm, we headed downstairs. Mike then wanted to test how good a job Jen had done, so I was made to lie down on the dining table while Mike went to work and made me cum again. If it had been the two of us, he would have probably then fucked me, but he didn’t mind too much as he really wanted to wait until we went to bed to do things properly. He and Jen then examined my pussy to see what effect the fisting had – by this time I seemed to have returned to normal, but he said that he would report back once he got his cock into me.

The rest of the evening involved finishing packing up to get ready to head off the next morning. I’m always amazed at how long this can take, but it wasn’t helped by people tickling me and ‘accidentally’ touching me whenever I bent over to pick things up or pack them into my bags. We finished off the evening with a late dinner which we ate by candlelight (and firelight). It was a nice romantic dinner but was somewhat strange with the three of us there – not that we don’t eat together all the time, but we generally do the ‘romantic’ thing just in pairs. Once dinner was over, Mike and I decided to head up to bed and say goodbye properly (Jen stayed down to watch a film).

It was only going to be a few days before I would see Mike again (and a couple of weeks before I would see Jen), so it wasn’t like I was going to be apart from them for long. Nonetheless, we still wanted to have a decent final night and so got ready for bed and climbed under the covers (which then got kicked off as the house was fairly warm due to the fire being lit). I hadn’t bothered with any costumes and just presented my naked body to Mike and asked him what he wanted to do. He was quite interested in finding out what Jen’s fisting had done to my pussy and so we had an exploratory session. We used the missionary position and Mike slipped inside me. We agreed that there was a bit of a difference from the previous day (and he claimed that he thought he noticed I was a little looser that morning, but he didn’t say anything at the time). I tried to squeeze my pussy around his cock and he said that he could certainly still feel that, so we decided that I hadn’t been ruined and that I still had a perfectly functional cum-receptacle.

Seeing as he was already inside me, we stayed in them missionary position to finish things off. I wrapped my legs around Mike and he reached down to my pussy to rub my clit. I came first and he continued to pump into me, hoping to get me to cum a second time, but I wasn’t quite ready for that. I told him that I wanted to feel him cum in me, so he carried on until he came – I have to say that the fisting didn’t seem to make much difference to his ability to cum in me!

Mike wanted to give my pussy another examination to check that the shaving had been done properly (he is very particular about such things). He gave me a good tongue lashing (mostly around the outside of my pussy as the inside was covered with his cum) and licked my clit to bring me off for my second orgasm of the session. We kissed for a while after that – Mike may not be as good of a kisser as Jen is, but he’s still not bad – and things slowly escalated. His cock slipped into me a couple of times while we were kissing, but it wasn’t until the third time this happened that I decided we should do more. I told him it was my turn to go on top and he rolled over so I could mount him. A lot of his cum had already leaked out, but as I slid down his cock, we both felt more drip out and get the whole area rather wet.

I leant forwards and kissed him, promising that if he did a good job, I would lick his cock clean afterwards. Mike liked the sound of this and once I sat up again, he reached down to rub my clit while I rode his cock. At his request, I played with my nipples, gently pinching and sucking them (I can just about reach them with my tongue – it really depends on the time of the month). It all felt rather good and I urged him to keep going and make me cum again. He let me get close a couple of times before slowing down his movements and then on the third build up, pulled me down on top of him and started to pound away into my cunt. As usual when we use this position, he held onto my ass and let his fingers run over my asshole – we used a fair amount of dirty talk, half whispered to each other, and he kept telling me to hold back until he was ready to cum. I did the best I could, but in the end I couldn’t resist any longer and started moaning away as my orgasm built and exploded out from my cunt.

Mike started to pound into me even faster and continued the dirty talk – my orgasm seemed to last for quite a while and near the end he started to cum. Unusually, he didn’t slow down straight away (which he later said made his orgasm feel really intense), but he only kept going for a little while before he stopped moving completely and just held himself still deep inside me. I tried to flex myself around him a couple more times, but I was feeling fairly tired so didn’t do this for long. We stayed in that position and kissed for a while before I climbed off him – I didn’t feel too much more cum leak out, but he reminded me of my promise and I crawled down his body to see what I had agreed to.

His cock had already started to go soft, but was very sticky with a mixture of our juices. I slowly licked up and down the shaft, then took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I felt it begin to harden again, so I carried on until he was fully erect again. I would have kept going, but Mike said he didn’t think he could cum again and wanted to be hard enough to fall asleep in me, so I went back to just cleaning him off. He asked if I minded being messy and I said I didn’t, but he asked again and I figured out that he was hinting that he wanted to eat me. He doesn’t usually like licking his own cum out of me, but didn’t seem to mind when I climbed over his face and he pulled my pussy to his mouth. It was a nice bonus that I hadn’t been expecting and as he worked away at my pussy, I slurped away at his cock. Despite him claiming that he didn’t want to do anything more, he didn’t seem to mind what I was doing to him. I didn’t manage to make him cum before he made me cum though and as soon as my orgasm had ended he said that he wanted to spoon. We got into position and he moved slowly inside me and I tried to flex myself around him (but couldn’t do too much as I was quite tired). I had assumed that he was going to cum in me again, but we just kept spooning and slowly moving against each other until we fell asleep.

I was woken up a few hours later (neither of us know what time it was) by Mike fingering me. He said that he had been having a dream, had woken up hard and thought that he should take advantage of it. We don’t usually do things in the dark, but neither of us wanted to stop and put the lights on. Mike rolled on top of me and slipped straight into me and we had a short session that was loud enough to wake Jen up (which she complained about the following morning). We quickly fell asleep afterwards and when I woke the following morning, Mike was still sound asleep, so I decided to try and get things started myself.

I was still quite wet – mostly with Mike’s cum, but just to make sure, I gave myself a little finger and teased my clit until I was sure I was ready. I then gently stroked Mike’s cock until he was hard. This was a little tricky as he was still lying on his side against my back, but by being careful, I managed to do this without waking him. The more difficult part was trying to get him inside me. I used one hand to hold my lips open and tried to guide the head of his cock into me while pushing back against him. I just about managed to get the head into me before he work up and asked what I was trying to do. When I told him I was trying to take advantage of him, he said that was disgraceful and pushed the whole way into me in one go. Things quickly progressed and we were soon pumping against each other. I felt very wet – which was mostly due to Mike having cum in me during the night – and my pussy was making wonderful squelching sounds as we fucked. Mike reached around and rubbed my clit and I contracted myself around him as hard as I could (I’m getting better at doing this and can keep going for longer – all the practise has paid off!).

I told him I wanted us to cum together and he eased off rubbing my clit until he had caught up with me. With a couple of adjustments, we made it to the point of cumming and came pretty close together. I could hear him moaning in my ear and telling me that he was emptying his load into me and I didn’t leave him in any doubt that I was cumming. We stayed in the spoon position while we recovered and I bent my neck around so we could kiss. We were going to go for a second round when we heard a knock at the door and we invited Jen in (it would have been something of a surprise if it had been anyone else!). She had made breakfast for us and carried the tray over to the bed. Mike pulled out of me and I could feel his cum tricking out of my pussy and mentioned how much of a mess he had made of me. Jen wanted to have a look, so I pulled the covers back and she said that I was indeed a mess. I offered to let her lick me clean but she said there was too much of his cum even for her.

I considered getting Mike to hold her down while I pulled off her nightdress and rubbed my pussy over her body and then planted myself on her face – I would have probably been happy to do it if I’d been with Lucy, Lis or one of the other girls, but I am somewhat wary about getting Mike involved in anything that involves restraining her just in case. I settled for covering my hand in our juices and reaching under her nightdress to push as much into her pussy as I could. Of course, I didn’t want to get her nice new nighdress ruined, so as soon as I finished I suggested that she remove it (which she did). We ate breakfast and chatted – I could tell Mike was enjoying the view as I could feel his cock rubbing against me under the covers and he slipped inside me as we were finishing up. He didn’t try to do anything more though and even suggested that I go shower with Jen.

Jen liked this idea and so we headed in to the shower and cleaned each other off (I needed a fair bit more cleaning). Jen pushed a couple of fingers up deep inside me and cleaned out all the ‘icky boy goo’ (but then licked the last few bits of it out of me, so it wasn’t *that* icky). Her tongue felt really good and I told her that if she kept going, I could cum and then take care of her. She did as I asked and I felt a warm rush flow through my pussy as I came. It actually felt like a flood of juices dripping out of me, but I was no wetter than usual when she finished. We swapped places and I went straight to work on Jen before I had even got my breath back. I ate her in the same way she had done to me and then got her to turn around and face the wall, presenting her ass to me. I pulled her cheeks apart and licked her cunt and ass using long strokes. I reached around and used a thumb on her clit and got her quite close to cumming while alternately spearing her holes with my tongue. I had considered not making her cum and leaving her aroused after I had left, but she was sounded so sexy that I couldn’t resist and licked around the whole area while I rubbed her clit until she came.
Now that we had all cum (twice in my case), I went to dress and finish packing up the last few items while Mike showered. We had a little time to kill before my train and so just sat around and chatted over coffee. 

Eventually, the taxi arrived and we made it to the station. Although I’d cum twice that morning, I had a feeling I would be in a playful mood on the train so I had worn a fairly short skirt and black hold-ups. I had insisted that Jen dress in a similar manner. We both had fairly long coats on, sufficiently long that when I gave Mike a goodbye kiss, he was able to reach around and under my skirt to my pussy – and when Jen and I kissed, we could do this to each other. The station was too busy for either of us to do enough to get too aroused, but it was still a nice way to leave them. Unfortunately, the train was pretty busy (other trains had been cancelled due to the snow) – I had a seat, but I knew I wasn’t going to get any privacy to have fun during the journey. The one positive was that I was surrounded by adults so I ended up settling for ‘falling asleep’ with my legs slightly further open than was reasonable. I knew that with the short skirt on, the people opposite would be able to see my pussy and I helped things along by recounting some of the things we’d done over the holiday while I practised contracting my pussy (if only I had thought to pop an egg in beforehand so I had something to push against). I did actually fall asleep for a part of the journey and had some nice dreams – by the time I woke up I really wished that I was alone, but had to wait until I got home to take care of things.

Jen stayed down in York until Friday (unfortunately she had to go back to Uni so she wasn’t there when I returned). She stayed so that she could meet up with my friends to arrange my hen party – I don’t know exactly what she has planned, but she knows that she can only go so far as not all my friends are adventurous as hers. I can’t really imagine what Jo or Clare would say if we took them to the hardcore club (although it would be interesting to see their reaction!).

I got her to do a couple of things while I was gone – some during the day (sent to her via txt) and some during the evenings when Mike was around. He got to spend an evening with her just wearing a short t-shirt and she was made to answer the door to collect food again with just t-shirt and panties on. Each morning, Mike would use a pair of her panties to masturbate with and Jen had to wear them for the whole day (whenever she was allowed to wear panties). For her journey home, I had her wear one of her thongs (that Mike had cum on) with her short skirt and she assures me that she sat in such a way that her panties were visible with her lips peeking out around the edges. I wasn’t the only one who had gotten used to cumming lots – Jen seemed to be especially horny when we spoke in the evenings and this had the added benefit of Mike getting to hear her play with herself while we chatted.