Sunday, 17 April 2011

Airplane cum

I'm back from York - and have another busy week at work lined up. Just a quick entry tonight as I need to get some rest, part 2 will come in a few days


Only one event of real note happened during the week. I was looking around for some cleaning products and noticed a tap that I hadn’t seen before. We had always been confused as to why the pressure on the shower was so bad given there are a couple of floors above us and after a few adjustments I found that the pressure was much more suitable for playing with. I only found this just before I had to head out to work in the morning, so I didn’t get to play with it, but Jen was arriving that evening and I looked forwards to showing her my discovery.

The weather had warmed up a bit, but was now very wet. I found that wearing one of my short skirts (not ridiculously short, just short enough so it was hidden under my coat) and long socks (which I changed when I got to work), meant that I was mostly dry for the rest of the day. It also meant that when I went to the airport to meet Jen, it really looked like I had nothing on under my coat. Jen looked very happy when I saw her and I could tell from her grin that I was either in for a treat of some sort, or something interesting had already happened. It turned out to be the latter: she had finally managed to join the mile-highsterbation club (and had beaten me to it). Of course, I’ve played with myself while flying, but I haven’t managed to actually get myself off (I consider it cheating if I have to go hide in the toilet to manage it).

As per the standing instructions, she had worn a short skirt, no panties and long socks to travel with (the socks are optional, but it was cold). She had made it through security without being frisked (despite having left her belt on) and had got a seat near the back of the plane. The flight is usually fairly busy, but this time, she ended up sitting on a row by herself. She knew that she had to make use of the opportunity and once the plane had taken off, she spread her legs and carefully played with herself. There were people directly in front of her, but she remained silent and got some good action going with her fingers. She had to stop once when a stewardess walked past, but once she had gone, Jen resumed work on her clit. She used two fingers and used a small but rapid circular motion and managed to keep this up without further interruption until she came.

Jen had told me this story while we were on the way back home and had been whispering it in my ear – I really wished that I had been there to watch her and was feeling quite jealous that she had managed to do this first. I whispered back to her the things I wanted her to do to me when we got home and we got into a fairly explicit whispered conversation despite being surrounded by people. When we arrived back in town, we went straight home, both wanting the same thing.

As soon as we were in the door, I pulled Jen’s coat off and was impressed at how short her skirt was (ironically I don’t actually like the look of really short skirts, but I do enjoy them for their exhibitionist capabilities). I pushed her back against the door and knelt down in front of her. It had only been a week and a half since I had last seen her, but after the intense time we’d had over Christmas, I had really missed her. I briefly admired the little patch of hair, which didn’t seem quite as long as mine, but didn’t let this distract me for long. I spread her lips and pushed my tongue into her, delighting in the way she tasted. Jen let out a little moan and I licked and ate for all I was worth. Jen left me in no doubt that she was enjoying what I was doing and I couldn’t resist playing with myself while I ate her.

I told her to undress and she pulled her jumper off and then, after a bit of a struggle, her top joined it on the floor. She said that the door felt cold on her back, but stopped complaining when she started to cum. As soon as she started, I pulled away from her and told her that it was my turn. She asked me to continue, but I told her that I wanted her nice and horny so we could have a proper play and she said that if I wanted her to eat me, then she would do just that.

I swapped places with her and gazed down on her as she pushed her face between my legs. Her tongue snaked between my pussy lips and up inside me, then pulled out and flicked back and forth over my clit. I told her that she could play with herself if she wanted, but that she wasn’t allowed to cum. She made a sarcastic ‘oh, gee, thanks’ comment but I promised her that I would make it worth her while later on and her mouth returned to my pussy. She continued to lick me and I pushed her away just before I was going to cum. I pulled Jen up and we made our way into the bedroom.

I pulled off my top on the way and was going to remove my bra as well, but then changed my mind as I decided what I wanted us to do next. We both still had skirts and stockings on and I got Jen to climb u onto the bed and kneel on all fours. She assumed that I was going to use the strap on, but I pulled out the short double ended dildo and rubbed it up and down her pussy. Once I had worked it into her, I climbed up onto the bed and pushed myself back onto the dildo. Jen had obviously figured out what we were going to do and she slowly pushed back against me until we had the dildo swallowed between us and our asses were rubbing together. We then started fucking the dildo properly – slowly at first and getting faster as we got into the rhythm of it. It felt really good as we pushed together and we felt the dildo fill us both and our asses slapped together. We recalled the time we got Sue to help us and did this with two dildos shared between us (which of course led to Jen remembering how she got to lick Sue).

We continued fucking like this for a while and then decided that we’d had enough of teasing and it was time to finish things off (or the first round of things anyway). I pulled myself off the dildo and got Jen to lie on her back. I remounted the dildo in the scissor position and we pumped back and forth on it and rubbed out pussies together until we were both fairly close to cumming. I reached down and rubbed Jen’s clit until she came (this didn’t take long) and then switched to rubbing my own clit (I didn’t take long either). I pulled myself off the dildo and crawled up to kiss Jen (pulling the covers over us as I did so). We stayed like that for a while, just kissing and talking, until I started to rub myself against her leg and press my thigh against her pussy.

I love the warm, wet feeling of Jen’s pussy against my leg and as she started to grind back against my thigh, I could feel her juices coating my skin. I reached down and rubbed her, just to get some of her juices on my fingers and then made a show of licking one of the fingers clean before offering her the other one. Jen has no problems tasting her own juices (I hear that some women don’t like this, but I have no idea why) and she sucked my finger clean. We continued to kiss and grind for a while before deciding that we should taste each other properly again. I rolled off Jen and got her to climb on top of me in a 69 position and we got to work. I pushed two fingers into Jen and asked her to do the same to me and we finger fucked each other while licking clits.

I tried to hold back and concentrated on what I was doing to Jen – I managed to get her close to cumming a couple of times – not right to the edge, but certainly on the way – and then backed off. I really enjoyed watching my fingers sliding in between her lips and seeing her inner lips folding around me as I pushed in and then grasping at me as I pulled out. We spent about 20 minutes playing with each other and by this time, no matter how hard I was concentrating on Jen, I couldn’t ignore what she was doing to me. I knew Jen wasn’t far off cumming and told her that I wanted her to do whatever she could to make me cum. She pushed her fingers deeper into me and wiggled them around and I felt her tongue apply more pressure to my clit. I let out a few moans to let her know she was heading in the right direction and I sped up the pumping of my fingers into her pussy.

I now focused on what she was doing to me (but continued to play with her) and I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I told her what to do (how hard/fast) and within no time I was cumming. I pushed my fingers as deep into her as I could and attached my mouth to her clit. Jen didn’t stop working on me and I moaned my way through my orgasm while lashing her clit with my tongue and trying to get my fingers even deeper into her. I had hoped to make her cum before I had finished, but I didn’t quite manage this. I continued to play with her and it wasn’t long before she started to pant and mew. I could feel her breath on my wet pussy and reached down to push her head against it. After a couple of pushes, she realised what I wanted and returned to licking me. I was still very sensitive, but I had recovered a little bit so it felt quite nice. Jen still gets distracted by her orgasm and so didn’t lick me continually, but even the sporadic licking felt quite good. As her orgasm faded, I pulled my fingers out and just licked her, then eased off until I was gently licking and kissing her pussy. She then turned around so we could kiss and taste our own juices and I pulled her tight against me while we kissed.


  1. So now there is an airplane seat coated in Jen's cum :)

  2. It may have a faint trace of her scent, but sadly that's probably all...