Saturday, 2 April 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 12

Only a couple more posts before the Christmas arc is finished (just as well really as we're into April now). Mike is up at my place and we're going to head out and meet up with some of my work friends in a couple of hours.


By the time we woke up the following morning, our positions had reversed and Mike was rubbing his cock against my ass and tweaking one of my nipples. I needed to go and pee before we did anything, so we decided to get up and brush our teeth so we could kiss properly. Mike decided that he may as well empty his bladder while we were there and he managed to pee between my legs while I was sitting on the toilet (he actually has fairly good aim – which I confess isn’t something I’ve paid much attention to before!). We then brushed our teeth and when I bent over to rinse out my mouth, he slid into me from behind. This caught me off guard and I banged my head on the sink, but not too hard and I told him to keep going. We fucked like this and he then took his toothbrush and used the back of it on my clit. We’ve done this a number of times before and I wished that I had one of the soft heads so he could have used the bristles on me, but had to cope with the vibration.

In order to continue with trying new things, we ended up sitting on the edge of the bath (well, he sat on the edge and I was sitting on his lap with his cock still in me). I spread my legs and pulled the skin back from my clit and he used both our toothbrushes, pressing the back of the head against each side of my clit. I used Jen’s toothbrush as well and this created quite an intense feeling and I contracted myself around him, trying to milk his cock for cum. Of course, I came first but we returned to our former position with me bent over the sink so that he could finish off and empty his load into me.

I had quite enjoyed the session and decided that Jen should get to experience it as well so I took our toothbrushes in to her and described what I’d just done. As I’ve described before, she is used to being ‘brushed’, but was curious what it would be like with three different brushes so I climbed over her. Jen spread her legs and exposed her clit and I leant forwards (balancing on my elbows) and set two of the toothbrushes going. I wasn’t actually intending on Jen doing anything to me (even though I was crouched over her with my pussy near her face), but she decided to sample Mike’s cum so I allowed her to lap away at my cunt. I handed Jen the third toothbrush and she tried to get some contact with her clit and partially managed this (her clit is a bit smaller than mine and she was having trouble completely exposing it). She said that she could feel the difference the three brushes made and thought it was very interesting having three different vibrations doing through her. We kept going and I listened to how her breathing changed and hew mewing started. I could see her pussy pulsing from time to time and wished I had a third hand to play with her (or a really long tongue so I could snake it around the toothbrushes and plunge it into her). The vibration from the brushes isn’t incredibly strong so it took a little while, but when she came, it seemed to be a good orgasm and she used really long hard licks along the length of my pussy, pushing her tongue into me and then flicking it out as her head moved back.

By the time she had finished cumming, I was feeling a lot more interested in doing something more and decided that Mike would probably be my best bet while Jen caught her breath. I returned to him and asked if he would finish what Jen had started. He licked and sucked my clit for a bit while I described what Jen and I had done and then he suggested using some of the eggs on me. One was pushed up into my pussy and set going and he used two more on my clit. The eggs are (obviously) much more powerful than the toothbrushes and it was a bit too intense, but we’d started and I wanted to finish, so I endured the sensation to see what would happen. It took hardly any time and my orgasm was very sharp (and he had to remove the eggs as soon as I came) – it certainly wasn’t as pleasant as my first orgasm had been, but I no longer felt horny so it had half done the job.

We had breakfast together and lazed around for a while before deciding that it was probably time to get dressed for the day. We showered separately and while Jen was showering, I selected her outfit. She knew that I had something in mind, but I hadn’t chosen anything too outrageous (and had even allowed her to wear panties) so she wasn’t suspicious. We all went to the shops to get some cakes for Lis and Vicky’s visit then returned and had lunch. Jen had to wear an egg in her panties (pressed up against her clit) while we ate, but only to tease her, not to make her cum and after lunch, I gently toyed with her pussy (through her panties) while we sat and chatted. I didn’t get her really close to cumming, but she was being affected by what I was doing (her panties ended up fairly damp) and I ended up putting the egg back in them and leaving it turned on.

Mike headed out a little while before Lis and Vicky turned up (he went for a wander round the shops) and I had Jen sitting on the sofa with her legs spread and the crotch of her panties pulled to the side so I could eat her until we heard a knock on the door. I used Jen’s skirt to wipe my face clean and answered it while Jen straightened herself up. I got a nice hello kiss from both Lis and Vicky (and wished that I hadn’t wiped Jen’s juices off my face) and then Jen greeted them both. We chatted about what we’d been up to over the holidays, presents and New Year (they were curious what Jen and I had done for our anniversary – we gave them an edited version, omitting the semi-threesome that we’d had with Mike).

We found out that Vicky and Lis had headed home not long after Mike left them to have an ‘intimate’ celebration, and that they had spent midnight in a bath together drinking champagne before moving into bed. I thought that this was the right time to try the next stage of my plan and admitted that we had received a present that I hadn’t mentioned yet. I whispered to Jen to go upstairs and put on the strap on (including the internal dildo) and then return. Vicky and Lis were curious as to what our mystery present had been and seemed rather surprised when Jen returned a couple of minutes later with a cock sticking out from her skirt. They gradually asked a few questions about it and I got Jen to undo her skirt and slip it off (it was a bit tricky getting it past the dildo). I ran my hand up and down the dildo and showed how firmly attached it was, then described how it was connected to the internal dildo.

Vicky asked if I was doing this to get revenge for some of the things that Jen had made me do in the past and I acted sweet and innocent and said that I would never do such a thing, but then proceeded to describe to them how the internal dildo could be moved by jerking back and forth on the cock (and then doing this). I was rewarded with a gasp from Jen and wished that I had added some of the tingle gel to the internal dildo in preparation or that I had decided to get her to put it on earlier when she was even more turned on. I let Jen sit down between us but continued to absently play with the cock (well, it was meant to look like I wasn’t paying attention, but I was moving it in a very specific way to try to get the maximum pressure on her clit). Vicky asked what it felt like and I told her that it was silicon coated just like our favourite dildo (I nearly said Valerie’s dildo – but that would have led to questions about how we knew what dildo Valerie has).

Lis asked if she could feel it and I watched her gently trace her fingers over it. I told her that she could be a bit more forceful and she gripped it properly. She gave it a bit of a wiggle and I asked Vicky if she wanted to see how it felt (she does have more experience with real cocks than Lis). Vicky took a firm hold of it and said that it did indeed feel nice (and fairly realistic). I then confessed that I *might* be doing this to get a bit of revenge on Jen (as if they didn’t know) and that she could always demonstrate how she would get a guy off. Never one to back down from a challenge, Vicky demonstrated a pretty good hand job and I said I was impressed, but once again described how it needed to be moved to feel good for the wearer. Vicky was happy to play along and jerked it back and forth as a pretty good speed. I could see Jen getting more flushed but Vicky didn’t keep going for too long. I asked Lis if she wanted another go and she took the dildo much more confidently this time and jacked it off with as much enthusiasm as Vicky had.

Jen’s breathing was now noticeably ragged and I stretched her t-shirt against her chest and asked Vicky if Lis’ nipples got as hard as Jen’s (which were making hard little points in the t-shirt). I decided to go a bit further than I had planned and gave one of her nips a little pinch (still through her top). I asked Lis if she wanted to keep going and Vicky said that we couldn’t make her cum in front of them, so I reminded her of the number of times that Jen had done things to me in front of her friends. I think Lis would have been quite happy to continue (or let me continue), but I sensed that Vicky wasn’t as happy with the situation any more, so decided to back off. Jen was pretty flushed by this point (but hadn’t started mewing yet, so she wasn’t *that* close to cumming) and when Lis let go of the dildo, I resisted the urge to take over. I didn’t get Jen to take it off straight away though and she sat there with her cock standing firm for a few minutes before I started to unbuckle it. I got her to stand up to finish pulling it off and was rewarded with the sight of the internal dildo slipping out of her very wet pussy (wet enough that her juices briefly stretched out in strands between her and the dildo).

I wiped the dildo clean with her skirt and then allowed her to put the skirt back on (but she was now pantiless) and she sat down again. We discussed what it was like to use and how it felt different to a real cock (obviously Vicky and I were the ones who could give real input here) and in the end I said that they were welcome to borrow it if they wanted, as long as they got it back before I would next see Jen. I didn’t think they would take up the offer, but Vicky said it would be interesting to try. It was only after they left that I wondered if Lis’ little pussy would actually be able to take it (it is a fairly large dildo).

We chatted for a good while longer, touching on sex a few more times, but not to the extent that we had earlier. When Vicky went up to the toilet, I asked Lis if she thought that Vicky was uncomfortable with me showing Jen off. Lis said that Vicky had told her that Vicky didn’t quite get the whole exhibitionist thing and I said that was a pity as I could have got Jen to do anything. Jen was sitting with one leg folded under her which nicely spread her pussy, so I ran a hand up her leg and rubbed her pussy, pressing my fingers between the lips and seeking out her clit. I told Jen to lift her skirt and asked if Lis minded, to which she whispered ‘no’. We heard the toilet flush and I pushed a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy, but pulled them out when we heard the bathroom door open and Jen covered herself.

I gave Lis a little conspiratorial smile as Vicky rejoined us and after we’d chatted for a bit longer, they decided it was time to head home. Lis put the strap on in her bag and I told them to have fun playing with it. Once they had left, Jen and I chatted about what had just happened and Vicky’s response. I asked Jen what she would have done if Lis or Vicky had been willing to keep going and she said that if I had wanted her to cum, then she would have let them continue. When I pointed out that this wasn’t quite what I had asked, she admitted, that she would have been quite happy to let them continue and would have been more than willing to play with Vicky’s breasts to repay her (not that Jen has a breast fetish and Vicky is our only friend in York who’s breasts are larger than mine).

I decided that Jen should be either rewarded for her behaviour or punished for not insisting that she cum and so dragged her out into the garden (I let her put shoes on first). The dildo was still stuck to the window from the previous night and I gave it a quick wipe down and told Jen that she could fuck herself on it and do whatever she wanted to enjoy herself. She only had her little skirt and t-shirt on and I decided to let her keep them on. As she mounted it, Jen said that the dildo was freezing, but she worked it into her very well lubricated pussy and started to gyrate her body on it. I moved beside her and reached under her to rub her clit and then pulled her t-shirt up so I could use my other hand to play with her nipples. Jen raised a hand to her other breast and that was the point that I knew she was enjoying herself. I told her to be a bit more vocal and to describe everything she could feel and she started to do this. The dildo had warmed up by now and I stopped rubbing her clit (she took over) and used my hands to spread her ass cheeks and watched her swallowing the dildo. I used a finger to rub around her asshole and reached back under her to play with her clit. I knew that she was getting close (she told me) and she said that she wanted to really let go. I told her to do whatever she wanted and as she got close to cumming, I felt the warmth on my hand as she started to pee and then saw her spray all over the window. She became a lot more excited and I pushed the tip of my finger into her ass and focused on keeping my fingers on her clit. Jen slid back and forth on the dildo and I could see that her legs were getting quite wet, but she was clearly having fun. I pushed my finger a bit deeper into her ass and wiggled it around and she let out a fairly loud ‘unnggghh’ as her orgasm ended. I kept my finger in her and my other hand on her clit and then slowly withdrew them before drying my hand on her top.

Jen pulled herself off the dildo and looked at the mess she had made – her skirt was mostly dry (it had been pulled up out of the way), but her legs, the patio doors and the ground around her were soaked. I gave her another quick rub and we decided to head in before she started to feel too cold. Jen went up to shower and clean off and I called Mike to tell him he could return anytime he wanted. I gave him an account of what we had just done and promised to tell him about what had happened with Lis and Vicky when he returned.


  1. Nice to see the strap-on getting another outing. I'm sure Lis and Vicky will have fun with it :)

    How naughty is Lis watching you rub Jen's clitty while Vicky was in the bathroom, maybe she would like to do it with you ?

    Cheers, John

  2. We would love to do things with Lis (me especially), but we'll have to wait and see if anything ever happens between us