Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 13

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By the time he arrived, Jen was showered and dried off and was just wearing her dressing gown. While we told Mike about Lis & Vicky’s visit, Jen had to sit with one of our more powerful eggs inside her, running on the high setting. I knew that this wouldn’t make her cum, but it does a good job of making her very sensitive (which is what I was aiming for). Mike thought the whole thing sounded incredible and quizzed Jen on what it felt like having Lis and Vicky jacking her off. She admitted that she came quite close to cumming and would have been more than happy if they had continued. By the time we finished our conversation, Jen was squirming around and I suggested that it was time to head upstairs and take care of her.

I obviously wanted to get some revenge for the previous day’s torture that she had helped with (but I’m not too vindictive, so I wasn’t planning on going quite as far). Once in the bedroom, I pulled the egg out and got her to lie on the bed and I tied her arms and legs to the bed, pushed some pillows under her ass and went down on her. She assumed that I was just going to tease her as she (and Mike) had done to me, but I intended to go in another direction. I spread her lips to expose her clit and attached my mouth to it. I licked and sucked on it as fast and hard as I could and as Jen’s moaning and wriggling increased in intensity, I tried to lick even harder. This assault didn’t lead to Jen’s usual cute mewing as her orgasm built – she was making much more lustful guttural sounds. She was pretty loud when she came and she got even louder when I didn’t let up on my assault.

Jen isn’t often multi-orgasmic, but we think that I managed to get her to cum three times. By her third orgasm, she was panting moaning and almost screaming for me to stop and I finally relented and gave her a break. Of course, all the moaning had made me feel rather horny and I regretted having leant the strap on as I would have loved to put it on and pound away into her cunt until I came (and hopefully she came another couple of times). I debated getting her to eat me, but wasn’t sure she would be able to concentrate on pleasing me when I resumed playing with her. As a compromise, I climbed over her face and ordered her to lick me while I prepared round two. I lubed up one end of our short double dildo with tingle gel and pushed it into Jen’s pussy. I then added some of the heat gel to each of her nipples and massaged it in before pulling myself away from her mouth and pulling the pillows out from under her ass. I plopped myself down on the dildo and after a bit of playing around, had to untie one of her legs to get into a proper scissor position.

I ground myself against her pussy, rubbing my lips against hers and then added another dollop of the tingle gel to her clit. I alternated between pumping up and down on the dildo and gyrating my body to move it around in both of us. I then added the egg back into the mix and held it directly against Jen’s clit. This produced quite a reaction from her and she let out a series of expletives. I watched her body flush and her back arch as an orgasm rocketed through her. I pushed myself down on the dildo so I could get my clit in contact with the egg as well and stayed there while my own orgasm built. I could only imagine what it much have felt like for Jen – she was shaking her head from side to side and let out another loud series of expletives as she came yet again. I was fairly close by this point and humped against her (still keeping the egg working on our clits) and I came pretty soon afterwards.

My own orgasm felt pretty strong and I decided not to torture her any more. I had made her cum five times in a relatively short space of time (I think it was well under 30 minutes) and Jen isn’t really used to that. I humped up and down on the dildo for a little while, but compared to the stimulation she had been getting, that was nothing and she didn’t seem to mind. I climbed off her, withdrew the dildo and then untied her. She was still breathing heavily and rolled over onto her side and pulled her legs up. This gave me a wonderful view of her ass and per pussy lips peeking out between her legs (I don’t know why, but I really love this pose and a number of my favourite porn pics are of girls lying like this). I lay behind her and started to gently kiss around her ass (just the cheeks) and then pushed my mouth between her legs to kiss her pussy. At first she tried to push me away, but I told her that she had to do what I wanted (but I assured her that I wasn’t going to do anything too intense). We spent a little while like that, me just gently kissing around her pussy and giving it the occasional lick (but avoiding her clit). I ended up with my head between her legs (still lying against her back) and I slowly coaxed her back into a state of arousal.

By the time I was using full licks up the length of her pussy (now including the clit), I could tell that she was ready for some more action and I slowly licked around the inside of her pussy and spent a little while gently teasing her clit. As she got more excited, I decided that we had gone far enough and I pulled away and said we should go downstairs. Jen thought this was unfair, but I reminded her about what she had done to me and she decided to stop complaining (I think just in case I decided to tease her for hours). I insisted that she go down naked and Mike said that he loved the view of her pussy covered in her juices and my saliva. Jen’s lips aren’t as open as mine, so he couldn’t see a great deal, but I know he has a good imagination (helped by my detailed descriptions of what her inner lips and vagina look like).

It was time for dinner and while we prepared it, I would occasionally run my hand over Jen’s ass or give her nips a rub. I didn’t do anything too much to her, it was just meant to be enough to keep her interested. Once we had eaten, Mike took the plates into the kitchen and I got Jen to sit up on the table and I fingered her. I told her to stay where she was while I went to help get the dessert and I soon returned with three bowls. Mike carried out the cream and I got Jen to scooch forwards to the edge of the table. I placed a bowl under her pussy and got her to spread her lips. I dribbled the cream over her pussy and let it drip into the bowl, then did the same with the next two bowls. Mike sat on the chair behind Jen (so he was facing her back) and I knelt in front of her and gave her a thorough licking to ensure she was clean. I didn’t make her cum (or even get her *that* close), but she was flushed by the time I finished. We then ate our dessert (which was made all the better by the cream having a hint of Jen in it) and settled down to watch a film for the evening.

We couldn’t find anything good to watch, so ended up taking turns to make selections from our favourite ‘special’ video clips and pictures. It’s quite fortunate that we tend to like similar images (although Jen also likes pictures of large breasted girls). We watched a couple of lesbian clips and a couple of Pavlina being fucked and cum over and eventually ended with a gang bang video where the girl ended up completely covered in cum.

It was Jen’s turn to sleep with me that night, but I didn’t want to leave Mike to his own devices, so we left Jen to select her own clips and headed upstairs. As you would expect, he was feeling quite horny from the videos (and the naked Jen) and we quickly got down to things. I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous with him so I could play more with Jen and so I was quite happy when he bent me over the bed and slipped into me. We fucked like that for a while and then climbed up on the bed to finish off.

Mike selflessly suggested that I remain ‘clean’ for my last night with Jen and offered to not cum in my cunt, but fuck my ass instead (isn’t he generous). I was fine with this and he worked his cock into my ass and we resumed fucking. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit, then curled a finger round to fuck my cunt as well. This felt nice and Mike worked his cock deeper into my ass, using long strokes. We took our time enjoying the position but I knew that I was going to cum soon and told him to hurry up. He changed the way he was moving and said that it wouldn’t take him too long so I increased the speed I was rubbing my clit. We timed it to cum together and got fairly close (Mike was just first). I was sure that I could actually feel his cum squirting to my ass, but it could have been my imagination. I let him go a little soft before he pulled out and he gave me a slap on the ass and told me to go take care of Jen.

I headed back downstairs and found Jen happily watching a video of a couple of girls showing themselves off to a webcam (just playing with themselves). I sat beside her and we had a little play while we finished watching it (they both came). It was then time for us to head upstairs so we turned off the lights and went up. Jen said that she wanted to copy something she had been watching, but wanted me to agree to it before we started. I took a chance and agreed and I was instructed to lie down on the bed. It turned out that she had been watching a fisting video and wanted to try this again.

We kissed and played for a while to get warmed up and then Jen wanted to get down to business. I got her to move the mirror so that I could see what was happening, and when she had it in the right place, she sat over a vibe and slipped it into her (keeping it in her with the floor) and added some lube to her hand and my pussy. I relaxed myself and spread my legs and watched her push a couple of fingers into me, then add a third and fourth. She slowly pumped her hand back and forth and then pushed the thumb in as well. I could see my pussy stretched around her fingers and watched (and felt) as she pushed her hand deeper into me.

As before, she made it most of the way in – almost up to the widest part of her hand – and I felt incredibly full (that’s not actually a good way of describing it as most of my pussy didn’t feel full, but the entrance to my pussy did). She pumped her hand in and out for a little while and then pulled it out of me in one movement. Jen held my pussy open and I could see a little way into myself until she planted her face over it and I felt her tongue push up into me. She couldn’t actually get any deeper into me than she usually can (her tongue may be fairly long, but it’s not *that* long). It felt nice though as she lapped away at the inside of my pussy and when she climbed back up my body, her face was covered in my juices and we kissed. I told her to move around to a 69 so we could get properly messy and she swirled around.

We dived into each other’s pussy and then switched back so that we could kiss and taste ourselves. We humped against each other’s legs until they were slick with our juices (my leg was wetter than Jen’s, but I’ve come to expect that) and we kept this up until we were both pretty turned on. Without stopping, we debated how we should finish things off and decided that we didn’t want to use any toys and just stick with our bodies. We opted to go with the scissor position, and seeing as Jen was already on top, she would start things off. She positioned herself between my legs and rubbed her pussy against mine. The whole area was very slippery and it felt amazing – I reached down and rubbed our clits (in turn) and Jen did a good job of rapidly rubbing against me.

I took over so that she didn’t have to do all the work and pushed my cunt hard against hers. She took over the clit rubbing and I was soon getting quite close to cumming, so told her to just rub herself. It would have been idea for us to cum together, but that’s quite difficult in this position so Jen stopped playing with herself and just let me rub away until my orgasm hit me. I kept going until I had completely finished cumming (still hoping that I could get Jen to cum), but then had to admit defeat and lie back to let her take over. She quickly resumed humping against me and I watched as she got more flushed and mewed her way to her own orgasm. She looks so beautiful (and sexy) when she cums and from what I could see, she certainly enjoyed it. By the time she had finished, our pussies were really wet and Jen thinks that she might have actually squirted a little bit when she came. We lay with our legs entwined and kissed for a while. I was tempted to go in and see Mike to let him see how wet we had got, but decided I was happy where I was.
I pushed my fingers down between us but Jen said that she didn’t think she could cum again. I gave her a little grin and said that we would see about that and started to finger her. I smooshed some of our juices onto her breasts and moved down her body so I could lick and suck them clean while my fingers worked on her. I really wanted to eat her, but was also enjoying the position I was in where I could rub myself against her leg. Despite her claiming to be spent, after a little bit of sucking and fingering, her body reacted to my ministrations and she arched back against me. I knew she was tired so didn’t want to drag things out and I concentrated my fingers more on her clit and I nibbled on her nips with a bit more force. Jen was still protesting that she couldn’t cum again, but her panting/mewing/flushing was making it obvious that she clearly *could* cum again, so I kept going. She had her second orgasm of the evening and I frantically humped myself against her leg until I came.

We were both now very sticky and dirty (and it felt incredible). I moved back up Jen’s body to kiss her and we kissed deeply and slowly for quite a while. It was clear that I had exhausted her and I realised that we should probably get some sleep. I’m fairly convinced that I would have been able to go for another round, but I wasn’t going to leave Jen, so we curled up together and I kissed her while she dozed off. I very nearly had a quick play with myself before going to sleep, but decided to just fantasies about things in the hope that it would lead to interesting dreams (it did – although they were very bitty).


  1. So nice for Mike to see the cream being dribbled over Jens wet pussy then eating it in his pudding :)

    I hope its not too long before Jen lets him get his cock out - it must be straining and very uncomfortable in his pants.

    Be carefull with the fisting. Hot as it is to read about, I don't want you to get hurt!

    Cheers, John

  2. Fisting isn't something we do too often - Jen is aware (as am I) that too much of it could alter how things feel when Mike and I do stuff. See the next post for a little more though...

    I don't think he'll be regularly naked around Jen anytime soon (but he can hope...)