Friday, 8 April 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 14

I'm off to visit Jen again - I have no idea what will be in store for me this time, but it's always fun going down to see her...


I woke up a couple of times during the night, still feeling fairly horny - as I said at the end of the last post, I’d been having interesting dreams, but none of them went far enough for me to cum (in the dream). I resisted the urge to play with myself (mostly – there was a little bit of fingering) and considered pouncing on Jen and forcing her to do things yet again, but she looked so peaceful that I couldn’t bring myself to wake her. By the time morning came, I wasn’t feeling quite as considerate and at about 6ish, I gave in and decided I had waited long enough.

I started things off by myself and lay back and played with myself in the same way I do when I’m at home by myself. I brought myself to the edge of cumming and then climbed down between Jen’s legs and pushed my face into her very sticky pussy. She woke up with a start (I wasn’t being gentle), but I held her thighs and kept my face in place. She didn’t put up much of a fight but did complain a bit that it was still early. I didn’t pay much attention to this though and continued to eat her until she came. I immediately climbed out from between her legs and planted my pussy on her face and said that I needed to cum, then we could get some more sleep. To her credit, Jen did a good job of eating me and I came fairly quickly. We curled up together again (me spooned against her back) and I fell asleep much easier than I had the previous night.

We slept for a couple more hours and when I woke up, I was still pressed up against Jen with an arm draped over her. She was in a fairly deep sleep and I managed to partially lift her leg over mine – enough to get access to her pussy anyway – and I started to gently rub her. I wanted to see how long I could do this before she woke up and I think I got her fairly aroused. I could certainly hear a change in her breathing and her pussy got wetter as time went on. I really wanted to use my other hand on her breasts, but I didn’t think I would be able to push it under her, so I just continued what I was doing. I moved on to directly rubbing her clit (her pussy was producing more than enough moisture to lubricate my fingers) and Jen was fidgeting around and breathing very heavily by this point. She finally woke up and asked if I ever stopped feeling horny, but spread her legs wide and asked me to continue.

I focused on her clit and leant over to suck her nipples and got her to cum in a very short space of time (but she’d had a very good start before waking up). I told her that it was time for me to cum and that we should repeat the previous evening and do things without toys. I was acutely aware that the room stank of our juices and I could still feel the remainders of the previous night on my body, so thought the best thing to do would be to add to this. I got Jen to sit over my neck and rub her pussy against me while I played with my pussy. I got myself quite close to cumming again before getting Jen to rub herself over my face (which also meant I could give her a little lick – but I didn’t want to do this too much as I wanted all our juices to be *on* our bodies). I considered just getting myself off, but decided that as our last morning together (for a while), it should be about doing things to each other, so I got Jen to lie on top of me and finger me while sucking my nipples and humping against my leg (as I had done to her the previous night).

I could feel Jen’s juices wetting my leg again and I felt fairly moist myself, but was concentrating a lot more on how what she was doing felt. I encouraged her to keep going and I felt my pussy start to contract and pulse as my orgasm got closer. I pushed back against her fingers and tried to press my leg against her pussy. I lay for a while just concentrating on the feeling with my eyes closed, but realised that I wanted to see Jen so I opened them to watch her sucking and licking around my breasts. It would be safe to say that she didn’t look her usual well groomed self, but she still looked incredibly sexy and I wished that I didn’t have to go back to my job and leave her (and Mike). I didn’t dwell on this for too long though as I had decided to just enjoy the time we still had (and I was getting very close to cumming). I got Jen to push a couple of fingers up inside me and finger fuck me until I was really close and then return her attention to my clit. When I came, it felt incredible – I pulled Jen’s head tight against my breasts and held her as I rode out my orgasm. As it faded, Jen eased off on the rubbing and pushed her fingers back inside me. She then moved up my body and we kissed, still sliding our pussies against each other – but much more gently.

We considered dozing off once more, but I wanted to see Mike as well so we got up and I led Jen in to see him. Surprisingly, he had slept through our antics (but I don’t think we had been that loud) and we jumped onto the bed to wake him (and nearly gave him a heart attack in the process). Once he woke up and calmed down, he immediately smelt the scent that we were giving off. We told him what we’d been up to the previous night and how we thought Jen had squirted on me and he asked for a taste of her from my body. I knelt over him and let him have a lick of my pussy and he said that he could only really taste me, so I directed him to the leg that Jen had been humping and he said that definitely tasted of her. Mike started to explore the rest of my body and Jen went off to make breakfast so he could ‘explore’ properly.

The smell seemed to be a really strong enticement for him and he kissed and licked all the places where it was strongest and then slid his cock into me. We didn’t do anything fancy – just used the missionary position and had a good deep fuck. He came inside me, pushing his cock as far in as he could and then got me to hold my hand over my pussy while we went downstairs. When we got to the kitchen, I was allowed to remove my hand and we all watched his cum dribble out of my pussy and run down my legs. There wasn’t a great deal of it, but it was enough to add to the sense of dirtiness – now I had both Jen and Mike’s cum covering my body.
We ate breakfast and decided that it was probably time to get cleaned up (we needed to go buy some food). Jen and I went into the shower first and washed each other down (very thoroughly). Jen then called Mike in and asked if he wanted to watch her wash my pussy (which of course he did). I sat on the corner of the bath and spread my legs and Jen aimed the jet at my pussy. She used a couple of fingers to clean me out (licking them clean between cleaning sessions) and when she said that all his cum was gone, got me to pull my lips open and set the shower to pulse mode. Jen helped things along by giving my clit a rub, but when I got closer, she stopped doing this and just relied on the water jet. It took a little while for the rest of my orgasm to build, but it gradually did and I came with them both intently watching my pussy.

Jen said that Mike could stay and watch me do the same to her but he would have to sit on the toilet (away from the bath) and the shower curtain would have to be pulled (it is see through, but it meant that he only got a very blurred view). Mike thought that this was better than nothing and Jen and I switched places. She was already clean, but I gave her a good licking to get things started and then switched to just using the shower jet. I helped to hold her lips open and expose her clit and the slow but inexorable build towards her orgasm started. This is the ideal way to get Jen to mew lots and Mike said afterwards that he found it to be such an incredibly sexy sound that he almost had to masturbate (but he held back). Jen came quite loudly and I half expected her to squirt pee over me, but she didn’t and I gave her a few gentle licks to help bring her back down.

Mike handed towels to us both and once I was mostly dry, he dragged me back into his room to have another quick session. It was pretty quick (I guess Jen’s mewing really had got to him) – I lay on my front and he pressed an egg against my clit while he took me from behind. I could feel him pistoning in and out of me and he said that he could feel the vibrations from the egg. I came first and he continued to pump into me, using harder and faster strokes as he got close to cumming. He buried himself in me and emptied his load. I hadn’t expected there to be a great deal, but when I stood up, more came out than had from our first session. I didn’t bother trying to clean it up and just pulled on a pair of long socks. I knew it was still quite cold out (there was still snow on the ground), but I felt like being a bit more daring and so I complimented the socks with one of my shorter skirts and a warm top.

As I stood and directed Jen on what she should wear (a pretty similar outfit), I could feel the cum still slowly leaking out and making the top of the socks rather damp, but I refrained from wiping any of it off. Mike soon joined us and we got ready to go out. By the time Jen and I had our coats on, neither of our skirts were visible and I felt even more naked. When we stepped outside, I could feel the freezing air directly on my wet pussy and it felt exhilarating. As we walked down the street to the main road, I slipped my hand under Jen’s coat and skirt and gave her pussy a little rub. She did the same back to me, but we were much closer to the road when she did it. We behaved for most of the rest of the journey (too many people around) and mostly behaved at the supermarket (we crouched down a couple of times with legs spread when there was nobody else around).

On the way back, we stopped off in an alleyway that we’ve used a number of times before (at night) and Jen kept an eye out while Mike gave me a rub and fingering. Not enough for me to cum, but enough to make me start to feel good. I’d already cum 4 times that morning so wasn’t desperate to cum again, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to enjoy myself. Mike switched places with Jen and I fingered her for a little while. If it hadn’t been so cold, she would have happily wet herself for me, but the thought of walking the rest of the way home with soaked socks wasn’t too appealing for her.

We went the rest of the way home without misbehaving and when we got in, Mike gave me another quick fondle before letting Jen take her turn with me. Jen didn’t think that she would be able to cum again just yet, but i told her to go out into the garden and have a play with the dildo anyway. She needed to bring it in to wash it, but then went back out, stuck it on the patio door and pushed herself back against it.

Mike was well behaved and stayed in the kitchen (so he couldn’t see) and I watched Jen fuck herself for a little while, before conceding that she didn’t seem to really be getting into it. She suggested that if I was still horny, I should use it, but Mike had a better idea. He wanted to see Jen repeat the fisting from the previous night to see how far she could get her hand into me. I told him that it wasn’t really any further than before, but he still wanted us to try it anyway. Jen thought it would be fun as well (and it’s not as if I don’t enjoy it), so I decided to go along with them. We watched the video that had given Jen her inspiration the previous night (it was a proper full-fisting) and decided to try it on the sofa instead of going up to bed. Once Jen had fetched some lube, I pulled my skirt up and got comfortable (it was a fairly short skirt so I didn’t see the need to remove it). Mike helped Jen get a reasonable amount of lube on her hand any my pussy and then he sat back to watch.

I was instructed to hold my pussy open and Jen worked a couple of fingers into me, then quickly added a third. She pumped them back and forth a few times and worked her fourth finger in. I could feel my pussy being stretched and watched as Mike looked on and rubbed the bulge in his jeans. Jen said she was going to add her thumb and I watched her pull her hand out slightly, fold her thumb it against it and then push back into me. The thumb adds quite a bit of width and she worked her hand back and forth, slowly getting a little deeper inside me. When she was as far as she could go (or as far as I would let her go), she was almost the whole way in, but I couldn’t take any more.

Mike came over to help and dribbled a bit of the tingle gen onto my clit and massaged it in. This felt rather nice and got a lot better when he pulled out one of our eggs and started rubbing it over my clit (not always directly on it, but close enough that it was a fairly strong sensation). He asked Jen if he could sit behind her and she agreed. Jen was half kneeling on the floor and Mike pressed up against her ass (which was still technically covered by her skirt, but only partially as the skirt was as short as my one). She didn’t seem surprised at the bulge in his jeans and Mike resumed rubbing my clit with the egg. Jen had pulled her hand out slightly and it felt really good being so full and having the egg vibrate at the same time. Jen asked if we should call Vicky and Lis to come and watch me cum, but I told her that I only had to do things like that when i was visiting her, and if she called them, she would be the one to put on a show for them.

Jen got me to describe what I would make her do and I came up with a fairly good fantasy of having her in the position I was in and Vicky and Lis eating and fingering her while moved between them, using the strap on. Jen liked the sound of this and her and Mike helped out with the fantasy and I could feel my orgasm approaching. I concentrated more on the sensations radiating out from my clit and prepared myself to cum. As I started to cum, I felt my pussy stretch and then ease off. It was only when I felt her pull out a little that I realised she was stretching me from inside and she had managed to get her whole hand into me. I didn’t want to interrupt my orgasm so I grabbed her hand and held it inside me – it didn’t actually hurt, but I felt incredibly full and when she moved it back and forth, I could feel the bumps of her joints pushing against the walls of my vagina. I was sufficiently distracted that it wasn’t the strongest of orgasms, but it still felt good (how many orgasms don’t feel good?) and when it finished, I relaxed back into the sofa.

Jen’s hand was still buried in me and she pumped it back and forth slowly – she seemed as amazed as I was that she had got the whole thing in. Her fingers bumped against my cervix a couple of times and I very quickly told her to not go that deep (that isn’t a good feeling) and she decided it was time for her to pull out. I tensed up the first couple of times she tried (which just made things worse), but after calming down and thinking about the fact that she made it in there without it hurting, I was able to relax enough to let her pull her hand out without it being too sore. Mike and Jen examined my pussy – it felt like I had a massive gaping hole for quite a while, but they said it didn’t look too bad. I then found out that Mike had taken hold of Jen’s arm and slowly pushed her hand into me just as I started to cum, so I told him that if it meant I ended up with a big flabby cunt that was too big for him, it was his fault.


  1. See thru shower curtain now that's even better than the sheet idea! Enough to give a little show and hazy enough to obscure it just enough that it makes it all that more hot!

    Though I must caution you about the fisting. That part of a woman is made to stretch so it won't "break" anything but unless actions are taken (i.e. kiegel exercises) nature doesn't have that much of a provision of "bouncing back". That could lead to problems with Mike AND Jen as you'll be craving toys larger than what Jen can handle. :-(

  2. I bet Mike wanted Jen to let him lick your cum off her body too :) At least she is happy to be naked with him, did he manage to touch her when you both jumped onto his bed ?

    Behind the shower curtain, Jen is beginning to let Mike see her having sex. I hope this leads to more openness this summer!

    It sounds like Jen pushed her ass back against his erection When Mike sat behind her and helped with the fisting - again be careful with that.

    I love the fantasy of Jen lying back while Vicky and Lis eat her pussy and you fuck each of them with the strap-on! Maybe Mike could fuck Vicky while you do Lis - too much of a fantasy ?

    Cheers, John

  3. The shower curtain was nice (and Mike enjoyed it), but he really likes the sheet idea as we can do a lot more on the bed than we can in the shower.

    I've taken the warnings on board - fortunately it doesn't seem to have done any harm yet and I don't intend to let Jen fist me too often.

    John - No, Mike didn't get to touch Jen - just see her naked. He's used to this now (but still likes it).

    As much as a fivesome with Vicky, Lis, Jen and Mike would be great, I can't see it happening the way things are now (sadly). It makes a damn good fantasy though, but Mike is greedy and wants to fuck all of us in turn, in the specific order of Jen, Lis, Vicky then me (he says that he can get his cum in me anytime...)