Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Christmas 2010 - Part 15

Finally - the end of the Christmas entries... I meant to post this yesterday, but was so tired when I got home I zonked out. I feel a bit more awake today and intend to eat dinner then settle down with a selection of toys and have an enjoyable evening while chatting to Mike and Jen. I'll try to post the next entry on Thursday to make up for this one being late (and on Friday I'm heading down to York for the next sex party). I hope that I'll get to write about it (and the previous two that I haven't yet documented) fairly soon.


We cleaned up and I went up to rinse myself out (we had used a fair amount of lube). When I returned, we decided it was time for lunch and then Jen and I had a look at the toys we had in York to determine if we should take any of them with us (I promised Mike that I would bring an equivalent number back for him to use on me). I was going to be back in York at the end of the week and would collect the strap on from Lis and Vicky so I wasn’t worried about getting it back before I left. As the afternoon wore on, we decided to give each other a quick shave to make sure that we were still nice and smooth. Once we had everything ready, I suggested that we try leaving a little patch of hair on our montes (I had to look that word up, apparently that is the plural of mons – who knew?) and Jen agreed to this. We obviously wanted to keep our lips shaved (much nicer for eating/rubbing) and we decided on how large a patch to leave. It was only stubble at this point, but we agreed to keep growing it out until it got to a suitable length to trim (we weren’t going for a big bushy patch).

As regular readers will know, we had to ‘test’ the smoothness of the shave by participating in a 69, and after a bit of writhing around and licking each other to orgasm, we headed downstairs. Mike then wanted to test how good a job Jen had done, so I was made to lie down on the dining table while Mike went to work and made me cum again. If it had been the two of us, he would have probably then fucked me, but he didn’t mind too much as he really wanted to wait until we went to bed to do things properly. He and Jen then examined my pussy to see what effect the fisting had – by this time I seemed to have returned to normal, but he said that he would report back once he got his cock into me.

The rest of the evening involved finishing packing up to get ready to head off the next morning. I’m always amazed at how long this can take, but it wasn’t helped by people tickling me and ‘accidentally’ touching me whenever I bent over to pick things up or pack them into my bags. We finished off the evening with a late dinner which we ate by candlelight (and firelight). It was a nice romantic dinner but was somewhat strange with the three of us there – not that we don’t eat together all the time, but we generally do the ‘romantic’ thing just in pairs. Once dinner was over, Mike and I decided to head up to bed and say goodbye properly (Jen stayed down to watch a film).

It was only going to be a few days before I would see Mike again (and a couple of weeks before I would see Jen), so it wasn’t like I was going to be apart from them for long. Nonetheless, we still wanted to have a decent final night and so got ready for bed and climbed under the covers (which then got kicked off as the house was fairly warm due to the fire being lit). I hadn’t bothered with any costumes and just presented my naked body to Mike and asked him what he wanted to do. He was quite interested in finding out what Jen’s fisting had done to my pussy and so we had an exploratory session. We used the missionary position and Mike slipped inside me. We agreed that there was a bit of a difference from the previous day (and he claimed that he thought he noticed I was a little looser that morning, but he didn’t say anything at the time). I tried to squeeze my pussy around his cock and he said that he could certainly still feel that, so we decided that I hadn’t been ruined and that I still had a perfectly functional cum-receptacle.

Seeing as he was already inside me, we stayed in them missionary position to finish things off. I wrapped my legs around Mike and he reached down to my pussy to rub my clit. I came first and he continued to pump into me, hoping to get me to cum a second time, but I wasn’t quite ready for that. I told him that I wanted to feel him cum in me, so he carried on until he came – I have to say that the fisting didn’t seem to make much difference to his ability to cum in me!

Mike wanted to give my pussy another examination to check that the shaving had been done properly (he is very particular about such things). He gave me a good tongue lashing (mostly around the outside of my pussy as the inside was covered with his cum) and licked my clit to bring me off for my second orgasm of the session. We kissed for a while after that – Mike may not be as good of a kisser as Jen is, but he’s still not bad – and things slowly escalated. His cock slipped into me a couple of times while we were kissing, but it wasn’t until the third time this happened that I decided we should do more. I told him it was my turn to go on top and he rolled over so I could mount him. A lot of his cum had already leaked out, but as I slid down his cock, we both felt more drip out and get the whole area rather wet.

I leant forwards and kissed him, promising that if he did a good job, I would lick his cock clean afterwards. Mike liked the sound of this and once I sat up again, he reached down to rub my clit while I rode his cock. At his request, I played with my nipples, gently pinching and sucking them (I can just about reach them with my tongue – it really depends on the time of the month). It all felt rather good and I urged him to keep going and make me cum again. He let me get close a couple of times before slowing down his movements and then on the third build up, pulled me down on top of him and started to pound away into my cunt. As usual when we use this position, he held onto my ass and let his fingers run over my asshole – we used a fair amount of dirty talk, half whispered to each other, and he kept telling me to hold back until he was ready to cum. I did the best I could, but in the end I couldn’t resist any longer and started moaning away as my orgasm built and exploded out from my cunt.

Mike started to pound into me even faster and continued the dirty talk – my orgasm seemed to last for quite a while and near the end he started to cum. Unusually, he didn’t slow down straight away (which he later said made his orgasm feel really intense), but he only kept going for a little while before he stopped moving completely and just held himself still deep inside me. I tried to flex myself around him a couple more times, but I was feeling fairly tired so didn’t do this for long. We stayed in that position and kissed for a while before I climbed off him – I didn’t feel too much more cum leak out, but he reminded me of my promise and I crawled down his body to see what I had agreed to.

His cock had already started to go soft, but was very sticky with a mixture of our juices. I slowly licked up and down the shaft, then took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I felt it begin to harden again, so I carried on until he was fully erect again. I would have kept going, but Mike said he didn’t think he could cum again and wanted to be hard enough to fall asleep in me, so I went back to just cleaning him off. He asked if I minded being messy and I said I didn’t, but he asked again and I figured out that he was hinting that he wanted to eat me. He doesn’t usually like licking his own cum out of me, but didn’t seem to mind when I climbed over his face and he pulled my pussy to his mouth. It was a nice bonus that I hadn’t been expecting and as he worked away at my pussy, I slurped away at his cock. Despite him claiming that he didn’t want to do anything more, he didn’t seem to mind what I was doing to him. I didn’t manage to make him cum before he made me cum though and as soon as my orgasm had ended he said that he wanted to spoon. We got into position and he moved slowly inside me and I tried to flex myself around him (but couldn’t do too much as I was quite tired). I had assumed that he was going to cum in me again, but we just kept spooning and slowly moving against each other until we fell asleep.

I was woken up a few hours later (neither of us know what time it was) by Mike fingering me. He said that he had been having a dream, had woken up hard and thought that he should take advantage of it. We don’t usually do things in the dark, but neither of us wanted to stop and put the lights on. Mike rolled on top of me and slipped straight into me and we had a short session that was loud enough to wake Jen up (which she complained about the following morning). We quickly fell asleep afterwards and when I woke the following morning, Mike was still sound asleep, so I decided to try and get things started myself.

I was still quite wet – mostly with Mike’s cum, but just to make sure, I gave myself a little finger and teased my clit until I was sure I was ready. I then gently stroked Mike’s cock until he was hard. This was a little tricky as he was still lying on his side against my back, but by being careful, I managed to do this without waking him. The more difficult part was trying to get him inside me. I used one hand to hold my lips open and tried to guide the head of his cock into me while pushing back against him. I just about managed to get the head into me before he work up and asked what I was trying to do. When I told him I was trying to take advantage of him, he said that was disgraceful and pushed the whole way into me in one go. Things quickly progressed and we were soon pumping against each other. I felt very wet – which was mostly due to Mike having cum in me during the night – and my pussy was making wonderful squelching sounds as we fucked. Mike reached around and rubbed my clit and I contracted myself around him as hard as I could (I’m getting better at doing this and can keep going for longer – all the practise has paid off!).

I told him I wanted us to cum together and he eased off rubbing my clit until he had caught up with me. With a couple of adjustments, we made it to the point of cumming and came pretty close together. I could hear him moaning in my ear and telling me that he was emptying his load into me and I didn’t leave him in any doubt that I was cumming. We stayed in the spoon position while we recovered and I bent my neck around so we could kiss. We were going to go for a second round when we heard a knock at the door and we invited Jen in (it would have been something of a surprise if it had been anyone else!). She had made breakfast for us and carried the tray over to the bed. Mike pulled out of me and I could feel his cum tricking out of my pussy and mentioned how much of a mess he had made of me. Jen wanted to have a look, so I pulled the covers back and she said that I was indeed a mess. I offered to let her lick me clean but she said there was too much of his cum even for her.

I considered getting Mike to hold her down while I pulled off her nightdress and rubbed my pussy over her body and then planted myself on her face – I would have probably been happy to do it if I’d been with Lucy, Lis or one of the other girls, but I am somewhat wary about getting Mike involved in anything that involves restraining her just in case. I settled for covering my hand in our juices and reaching under her nightdress to push as much into her pussy as I could. Of course, I didn’t want to get her nice new nighdress ruined, so as soon as I finished I suggested that she remove it (which she did). We ate breakfast and chatted – I could tell Mike was enjoying the view as I could feel his cock rubbing against me under the covers and he slipped inside me as we were finishing up. He didn’t try to do anything more though and even suggested that I go shower with Jen.

Jen liked this idea and so we headed in to the shower and cleaned each other off (I needed a fair bit more cleaning). Jen pushed a couple of fingers up deep inside me and cleaned out all the ‘icky boy goo’ (but then licked the last few bits of it out of me, so it wasn’t *that* icky). Her tongue felt really good and I told her that if she kept going, I could cum and then take care of her. She did as I asked and I felt a warm rush flow through my pussy as I came. It actually felt like a flood of juices dripping out of me, but I was no wetter than usual when she finished. We swapped places and I went straight to work on Jen before I had even got my breath back. I ate her in the same way she had done to me and then got her to turn around and face the wall, presenting her ass to me. I pulled her cheeks apart and licked her cunt and ass using long strokes. I reached around and used a thumb on her clit and got her quite close to cumming while alternately spearing her holes with my tongue. I had considered not making her cum and leaving her aroused after I had left, but she was sounded so sexy that I couldn’t resist and licked around the whole area while I rubbed her clit until she came.
Now that we had all cum (twice in my case), I went to dress and finish packing up the last few items while Mike showered. We had a little time to kill before my train and so just sat around and chatted over coffee. 

Eventually, the taxi arrived and we made it to the station. Although I’d cum twice that morning, I had a feeling I would be in a playful mood on the train so I had worn a fairly short skirt and black hold-ups. I had insisted that Jen dress in a similar manner. We both had fairly long coats on, sufficiently long that when I gave Mike a goodbye kiss, he was able to reach around and under my skirt to my pussy – and when Jen and I kissed, we could do this to each other. The station was too busy for either of us to do enough to get too aroused, but it was still a nice way to leave them. Unfortunately, the train was pretty busy (other trains had been cancelled due to the snow) – I had a seat, but I knew I wasn’t going to get any privacy to have fun during the journey. The one positive was that I was surrounded by adults so I ended up settling for ‘falling asleep’ with my legs slightly further open than was reasonable. I knew that with the short skirt on, the people opposite would be able to see my pussy and I helped things along by recounting some of the things we’d done over the holiday while I practised contracting my pussy (if only I had thought to pop an egg in beforehand so I had something to push against). I did actually fall asleep for a part of the journey and had some nice dreams – by the time I woke up I really wished that I was alone, but had to wait until I got home to take care of things.

Jen stayed down in York until Friday (unfortunately she had to go back to Uni so she wasn’t there when I returned). She stayed so that she could meet up with my friends to arrange my hen party – I don’t know exactly what she has planned, but she knows that she can only go so far as not all my friends are adventurous as hers. I can’t really imagine what Jo or Clare would say if we took them to the hardcore club (although it would be interesting to see their reaction!).

I got her to do a couple of things while I was gone – some during the day (sent to her via txt) and some during the evenings when Mike was around. He got to spend an evening with her just wearing a short t-shirt and she was made to answer the door to collect food again with just t-shirt and panties on. Each morning, Mike would use a pair of her panties to masturbate with and Jen had to wear them for the whole day (whenever she was allowed to wear panties). For her journey home, I had her wear one of her thongs (that Mike had cum on) with her short skirt and she assures me that she sat in such a way that her panties were visible with her lips peeking out around the edges. I wasn’t the only one who had gotten used to cumming lots – Jen seemed to be especially horny when we spoke in the evenings and this had the added benefit of Mike getting to hear her play with herself while we chatted.

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  1. What a great time you all had - and I'm glad the fisting didn't do you any lasting stretching too.

    I really liked the idea of Mike cumming in Jen's panties that she then had to wear. All that ‘icky boy goo’ sticking to her pussy must have made her feel a really dirty girl :)

    looking forward to your sex party posts.

    Cheers, John