Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lis visit - Part 1

Oops - I thought I had posted this on Saturday, but I was with Jen and was 'distracted'. I'll post part 2 in 2 days time to make up for the delay.


Lis arrived up to visit me on the Tuesday. As you can imagine, I had been looking forwards to this visit for a while and had planned a number of things (with Mike and Jen). I was under no illusions as to whether I would end up actually doing things properly with Lis (she hasn’t exactly shown any real interest up until now, although she has been getting a bit more adventurous), but we hoped that I might be able to push things at least a little further with her.

She wasn’t arriving until the afternoon, so I spent the morning in work, trying to get as much done as possible. I set off for the station just after lunch and had to wait around for her train to arrive. As expected from Lis, she had brought a bag big enough to cope with going away for a couple of weeks, but once I had helped her get it off the train and out of the way, we excitedly hugged hello. I was a little disappointed to see that Lis had a pair of jeans on (I had a skirt and opaque tights on – without panties of course) but I hoped to get her into cuter clothes as quickly as possible. We headed back to my place and I gave her the grand tour (which took all of a minute). We sat down and chatted, just catching up with things at first, but as per usual, we quickly got onto talking about our relationships (especially Lis and Vicky).

Lis was still unsure how long they were going to be together – she really likes (possibly even loves) Vicky, but from what Lis says (and what Mike can gather) their relationship might just be more physical to Vicky. There’s no doubt that Vicky enjoys sleeping with Lis, but she still doesn’t want people to know that they are dating and I don’t think she feels as strongly about Lis. Having said that, I know that she cares about her as a friend and doesn’t want to hurt her – I just don’t think that she is looking for things to last long term. Hopefully I’m wrong (and Lis is damn cute, so if anyone can convince Vicky to turn completely away from men then Lis can).

I told Lis that I had arranged to go out and meet up with a couple of people from work. It wasn’t going to be a late night, but Lis is beginning to look around for jobs and it would be great if she ended up here with me (so to speak). We had a quick dinner and I suggested that we get changed before heading out as we were going somewhere fairly nice. I knew that Lis would have brought a range of clothes with her and so this wasn’t a problem. We had already dumped her bag in the bedroom and I offered to go and get changed in the living room (but commented on how she had already seen me completely naked anyway) and after just a little hesitation, she said that it was fine.

I selected my outfit (or pretended to, I already knew what I would wear) and started to undress while chatting to Lis. I watched her pull her top off and saw that she had a plain white bra on. I had removed my bra by this point and I commented (again) on how I wished I had small breasts like hers and how much easier (and comfortable) life would be. I know that Lis is a bit self-conscious about her bust which is why I always try to compliment how she looks. I slipped off my tights and then unhooked my skirt and let it slide down my legs. I was now naked and I slowly sorted out my clothes and put my bra on. I continued talking to Lis and watched as she slipped her jeans off – she had a pair of thong panties on that left me in no doubt that she was still pretty well shaved (or at least mostly shaved) and I slipped my skirt on.

I stayed half dressed while I finished freshening up my makeup and then after putting my top on, I sat on the bed facing her and put on a pair of long socks, raising up each leg in turn as I put the sock on. Lis had selected a simple little skirt (which had involved her bending over to get out of her bag) and a cute little blouse and I watched as she finished getting dressed. I suggested that she wear some tights for warmth and tidied up (still watching out of the corner of my eye) as she put them on).

I was happy with how things were going and intended to try to keep things heading in the right direction as much as possible. We got our coats and headed out. On the way I mentioned to her that I thought she was missing an opportunity by always wearing panties and how much more fun it was going without them. I told her a little about what I had got Jen to do at the coffe shop during her visit at the weekend and Lis couldn’t believe that we were that brazen (until I reminded her of some of the things that Jen had got me to do when I was visiting her). We arrived at our destination giggling about things Jen and I had done and Lis was beginning to open up a bit more about things that Vicky and her had tried. I would rather have kept walking (or gone home) and continued the conversation, but I had invited people out, so we went in to meet them. Our conversation had certainly had an effect on me and it took me a little while to settle down – I introduced Lis to the people who were already there and they all seemed to like her.

Once I calmed down, I enjoyed the evening a bit more – we didn’t stay too long and arranged to meet up with people for lunch. I only had one drink (I’m still behaving) but a couple of the guys bought cocktails for Lis (did I mention that she is quite cute). She wasn’t drunk, but a bit tipsy and so she was grateful for the fresh air on the walk home. When we arrived, we sat and chatted for a bit while having some tea to warm up. I asked her what it was she wanted to do about the sleeping arrangements. Lis knew that I only had one bed but I had procured a spare duvet and pillows from someone at work and had offered to sleep on the sofa. She said that it was fine and she didn’t mind sharing the bed with me. We decided to get into bed to warm up and once we had brushed our teeth and finished all the other girly preparations, we moved into the bedroom.
I stripped off (which watching her undress) and when she pulled a pair of PJs out of her bag I told her that I usually slept naked, but would find something to wear. She said that it was okay and we were both girls, but I pointed out that we were both girls who happened to like other girls and I might wake up in the middle of the night to find her playing with my breasts. She said that it was more likely that she would wake up to find me doing things to her after all the tales of debauchery I had told her and I saw the best way to extend our previous conversation.

I watched Lis slip off her panties and saw that she still had her little patch of hair, but was otherwise neatly shaved. I pointed out that this was the look I was going for as well and when she pulled on her PJ bottoms, said how much of a shame it was to cover up such a beautiful sight. She slipped her top on while I climbed into bed and then joined me.

We lay facing each other with the covers pulled up around our necks (it wasn’t actually that cold) and I slowly pushed my hand between my legs and pressed my fingers against my clit. I told Lis how Jen (or Mike) and I usually wake each other up and asked if Vicky and her ever did things like that. She said that they occasionally did, but it was rare for one of them to wake the other up in this way (of course they sometimes did things first thing in the morning, but usually only starting when they were both awake). I told her how nice it was to be woken up by Jen’s tongue sliding into my pussy and how sometimes we could get quite far along before the other person actually woke up. We had a long conversation about or sex lives, favourite positions/things and I really couldn’t stop myself from pressing my fingers harder against my clit and slipping them between my lips to gently rub myself. I was very discreet so I don’t think Lis noticed but I was getting incredibly turned on and knew I was getting close to the point that I didn’t want to have to hide what I was doing.

I didn’t think that it would be a good idea to actually masturbate in front of her and so apologised and said I needed to go to the bathroom. As soon as I closed the door, I sat down and started to frantically rub myself. I pictured Lis’ naked body and imagined what it would look like with Jen sitting over her face, and then (just for good measure) imagined Mike pumping his cock into her cunt. I knew I couldn’t take long to cum, but saw Lis’ hairbrush sitting by the sink, so I grabbed it and pushed the handle into my pussy. I fucked myself with the brush and rubbed my clit and ended up cumming quite quickly. Lis was still awake when I returned, but was dozing off, so I said goodnight to her and we went to sleep. While falling asleep, I allowed a hand to wander back down between my legs, but having just cum, I was easily able to resist going much further and just applied gentle pressure to my clit.

It felt very strange going to sleep in a bed with someone, but not being curled up against them – I half expected to wake up with my arms around Lis (or even better, with hers around me), but no such luck. I woke up at my usual time in the morning and looked over to see Lis still sound asleep. As is usually the case, I woke up feeling horny and was just about to creep out of bed and go make further use of Lis’ hairbrush, when I decided that if Jen could get herself off while in bed with Rach, then I could give it a try with Lis.

I slowly rolled onto my back and spread my legs a little. I slipped my hand down between my legs, pushed a couple of fingers between my lips and spread my moisture around over my clit. As much as I was enjoying what I was doing, I didn’t want to dawdle just in case Lis woke up, so I went straight to work and mostly concentrated on my clit. I concentrated on keeping my breathing fairly steady and only used small movements, but as I got closer to cumming (and Lis still hadn’t woken up), I got a bit braver and used my other hand to reach around under my leg and pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy. I was still being careful and not making any large or rapid movements and I could feel my orgasm approaching. I pushed my fingers deeper into my pussy and continued rubbing my clit until my orgasm started. I closely watched Lis for signs of her waking (she was facing away from me, which wasn’t ideal as I couldn’t see her face, but I thought was probably for the best as she also couldn’t see me). I managed to keep myself fairly quiet as I came (all the practice in dressing rooms had come in handy) and as my orgasm faded, I eased off and just gently rubbed myself.

It had been a very pleasurable experience and I lay there enjoying the afterglow with both hands still on/in my pussy. I pulled my fingers out and licked them clean, but kept my other hand on my clit – not really doing much, just occasionally stroking it. I dozed off again for a little while and didn’t wake up again until Lis started moving around next to me. I somehow still hand my hand between my legs, but left it there and applied a little pressure to my clit. Lis finally came round properly and rolled over to chat to me. As I moved, I could smell the scent of sex wafting up from under the covers and I quickly pulled my hand away from my pussy so I could roll over and face her. We went through the usual morning pleasantries and discussed what we were going to do for the day. We had to spend a little while in the Uni for Lis to talk to some people she was interested in working with in the afternoon, so decided to laze around for the remainder of the morning before heading in to meet people for lunch.

I pulled the covers back and climbed out of bed to search for my dressing gown. The belt had ‘mysteriously disappeared’ and I mentioned to Lis that it had probably been used to tie one of us up and then thrown in the wardrobe and said that I hadn’t noticed it was missing before as we usually don’t wear much while indoors. I asked Lis if she minded me being mostly naked and she said it was fine. We had breakfast and I let Lis use the shower first. Before she went in, I told her to make full use of the pulse setting on the shower and explained how Jen and I had been experimenting with it just a few days before. Lis said that I was incorrigible, but when she returned from the shower and I asked her if she had played with it, she just said that she had given it a try and it did indeed feel quite nice. Of course, I wanted to know just how much of a try she had given it and quizzed her further. She wouldn’t elaborate and I considered grabbing her and tickling her, but thought that might be taking things a bit too far.

I made good use of that image while I was in the shower though – Lis and I rolling around on the bed, my dressing gown coming open and her towel sliding off, then my fingers ticking her all over her body and eventually sliding between her lips and getting her off. My fantasy (coupled with the shower spray) gave me a pretty good orgasm, but I assumed that I could afford to make a little noise and the shower would muffle it. Once satisfied, I finished washing myself off and gave my pussy a quick shave, then headed out to join Lis. She was (unsurprisingly) dressed by this time and we chatted while I got dressed (again she commented on my lack of underwear).


  1. Lis seems comfortable with your nudity - even in bed, shame she wears pjs though. I do hope she relents in part 2 :)

    Try the tickle treatment and see where your hands can get to.

    Cheers, John

  2. Don't think I didn't consider having a completely innocent (honest) tickle fight. I came close to starting one when we were talking and she just had a towel on (which would have obviously fallen off almost immediately) - the thought of writhing around on the bed with her and our hands roaming over each other was very tempting...