Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lis Visit - Part 2

Mike’s arriving tomorrow morning – we don’t have anything planned (and probably won’t be watching the Royal Wedding), but if the weather holds up it will be a good chance to get some outdoors action in.

I saw a girl on the train on the way home tonight who was wearing a lacy partially see through top similar to my outfits. She was quite pretty and I spent most of the journey staring at her while trying to hide the fact that I was staring. The top was black and she had a nice black bra on underneath. It was sufficiently see-through that the bra was clearly visible and I ended up having a quick finger session when I got home (and then posted this).

I’ll post part 3 on Saturday (as long as I remember).


We had used up a fair amount of the morning, so took a leisurely journey into Uni and met up with people for lunch. Once this was done, I showed Lis to the appropriate place and we arranged for her to call me when she had finished. I went into my office to get a bit of work done, but didn’t achieve much as I had no idea how long she would be so didn’t want to start anything big. A couple of hours later, we met up, had a wander round some more of the Uni and stopped off for a drink in a coffee shop. I actually ended up breaking one of my rules so I could show off to Lis. We sat near the window and I lifted my right foot up to rest it on one of the cross supports of the chair. This allowed my skirt to slide down (or up) my thigh and I could then tilt my leg to the side to expose my pussy. Lis couldn’t believe that I was doing this and I told her again (in a hushed voice) of what I had got Jen to do and reminded her in general of what I was made to do when visiting Jen.

My display had the desired results and on the way home, we had a much more in depth conversation about exhibitionism and why I enjoyed it. Lis finally seemed to realise that I really enjoy all the things that Jen makes me do (and also the things that I make her do when she is visiting me). After we arrived back home, I asked her if she had enjoyed moving the strap on when Jen had been wearing it. Lis said that she was amazed that Jen had allowed her to do it and I told her that if it hadn’t been for Vicky’s apparent disapproval, I would have been quite happy to let her continue until Jen had cum. Lis said that it wasn’t so much that Vicky disapproved of it, it was just that she didn’t quite understand why we (or Jen) is so willing to be naked around them (Lis and Vicky). It was a bit of a stretch, but I saw this as the opportunity to move to the next phase of my plan and told Lis that as far as I could tell, it was fairly common for girlfriends (even the non-gay kind)to be naked around each other and even play with themselves.

Lis thought I was exaggerating and so I told her that I had proof and would show her. She was a bit confused, but when I got the laptop and opened up the porn folder, she realised what I meant by ‘proof’. I’ve got a number of videos of girls (mostly college girls) in pairs and groups, doing displays on various video chat sites. They aren’t sorted in any way, so we ended up seeing girls just stripping (to varying degrees), playing with themselves and playing with each other (from kissing, through tentative touching, through to full on sex). We spent quite a while looking through these and a couple of times I allowed my hand to slip under my skirt and give myself a quick (very quick) rub. I desperately wanted to cum and felt pretty wet, but managed to restrain myself.

We had a break for dinner and talked about how we came to realise that we liked girls and I found out that Lis may actually not be completely gay. I knew that she’d had a couple of boyfriends before (and has even fooled around with a couple of them), but since she told me she was gay, she has always given me the impression that she is only interested in girls. Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t think she actually wants to have another boyfriend, but she doesn’t seem as completely opposed to the idea as I had assumed she was.

I think that Lis still finds it hard to believe that I had no interest in girls before Mike started to ‘train’ me. We’d shared a bottle of wine over dinner (I know this breaks my resolution to drink less) and I was feeling slightly drunk so I told her the sorts of things he used to get me to imagine. Of course, Holly and Rach featured a lot in his early fantasies for me and as I started to get more involved in them I brought Jo into them. Over time, almost all of my friends (or at least the cute ones) were involved and I told Lis how he would start to describe me doing things with them while we (Mike and I) were getting warmed up and then how I would have to take over the fantasy as I got closer to cumming. I showed her some of the naked pictures (which she has seen before) of people who we think look like our friends and described how we would use them to enhance the fantasies. Of course, the folder entitled ‘Lis’ was amongst these and I ended up opening it. I told her how much better the fantasies could have been if we’d known that Lis fancied Holly and when she made a comment about having used them both in a fantasy, I admitted that we may have done so a couple of times.

I couldn’t resist any more and pulled up my skirt to point out that I had decided to grow the little patch of hair as I had thought it looked so cute on her pussy. After Lis had looked, I didn’t keep holding my skirt up, but I didn’t pull it down properly either so I was semi-exposed. Lis didn’t seem to mind this so I returned the conversation to the pictures of ‘her’ and pointed out how similar she and Vonda (her porn-double) were in a number of ways (Vonda has larger breasts). I asked Lis how similar she thought her pussy was to Vonda’s and after a bit of giggling, she said that she couldn’t really tell and asked how different it could be. Of course, I had an answer to this and flicked through a number of pictures showing very different pussies. I returned to Vonda and said that Mike, Jen and I were curious and asked her what it was like to be worshipped as a sex-goddess who was able to make so many people cum. Lis blushed a really deep shade of red and said that she thought it was quite odd but that she didn’t mind.

I decided to go for it and pressed her on the difference between the pictures of Vonda and her actual body. I knew what I really wanted to happen (spoiler alert, I didn’t get what I *really* wanted), but I was still surprised when she giggled and said that if I really wanted to see, that she would show me. I watched carefully as she stood up, undid her jeans and slid them down her legs. Possibly due to Mike’s leg fetish, I have come to appreciate a nice pair of legs (and undoubtedly this is the foundation for my long socks/opaque tights fetish) and Lis’ legs are beautifully slim. I asked to see the patch of skin where she had cut herself while shaving and took the opportunity to stroke up and down the leg. Of course, I had to compare the skin with the other leg, so I had a chance to have a quick feel of both her legs before telling her that it really wasn’t that noticeable (apparently Vicky quite likes it and often gently strokes back and forth over the scar).

Lis had been standing in her panties and I wondered if I had broken the momentum so told her to get them off so I could see how her pussy compared to Vonda’s. She giggled a bit more and slipped them down her legs before stepping out of them. She didn’t try to cover herself up, but didn’t really spread her legs either until I told her that I couldn’t really see. She sat on the bed facing me and opened her legs wide and I felt a rush of adrenaline. Just as I remembered from the club, her lips were shaved and she had the little patch of hair on her mons. The difference was that this time I got more than just a quick glimpse and could see her properly. I had sat down with my legs spread and skirt up and I gently stroked the patch of hair on my mons. Lis’ was much lighter than mine – not as light as her hair, but certainly heading in the direction of blonde. I commented that her lips were fairly similar to Vonda’s (a little bit more closed) and then compared them to my lips which are a bit bigger and a little more open.

As things were going so well, I decided to chance my luck and asked if we could compare with her lips spread. Lis blushed even more and said that she couldn’t show me that much, but I called up a picture of Vonda spreading her lips and quickly turned back and said it was no big deal. To demonstrate this, I spread my own lips and told her that it was only us two who could see (ignoring the fact that the curtains were still open) and she slowly pulled her outer lips apart. My pussy was on fire and I really wanted to rub myself and allow my body to fall forwards and plant my mouth onto her pussy. I did a little comparison and from my viewpoint, I couldn’t see much difference. Lis let go, closed her legs and moved so she was sitting with them cutely folded under her (but she didn’t try to put her panties back on).

I really needed to cum and considered asking if she minded me masturbating in front of her, but I was pretty sure that would have been a step too far (I wish I had asked though). I told her that after looking at all the videos I felt really horny and needed to cum. I went and fetched an egg from my drawer of toys and told her that I would be back shortly. I also told her that if she wanted to use anything from the drawer ‘to take care of business’ then she was free to do so. I dashed into the bathroom and pushed the door shut, sat on the toilet seat and pushed the egg against my clit. After having got such a good look at her pussy, knowing that she knew what I was doing and being able to picture her still half naked on the bed – possibly playing with herself – I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum. I grabbed her hairbrush again and pushed it into myself. I didn’t think it would be wise to put on a full vocal display for her, but I didn’t worry about being too quiet and let myself fully enjoy my orgasm.

I had no idea if Lis was indeed taking my advice and masturbating, but on the offchance that she was, I went for a second round (I was also enjoying having her hairbrush inside me and wanted to make full use of the opportunity). I was a little less restrained this time and made enough noise to let her know that I was still doing things. I concentrated a lot more on how the handle of her hairbrush felt as it slid in and out of me and pictured Lis kneeling between my legs working it. I ditched the egg and went for the manual approach by using my fingers on my clit (again, imagining that it was Lis doing it to me). As I got closer to cumming, I pictured Lis kneeling between my legs eating me while Jen lay behind her and ate Lis. I don’t think the orgasm was any stronger or that I was much louder when I came this time, but it seemed to be a bit more drawn out and by the time I finished cumming, I was out of breath.

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