Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lis visit - Part 3

We've had quite a nice day today - it hasn't been hot, but sunny enough to be out in a light summer dress. We're heading off to meet up with some work friends soon but won't be staying out late so we can head back for a decent session.


I needed to sit down somewhere a bit more comfortable and was no longer so worried if Lis had finished (to be honest, what I really wanted was for her to still be going and for me to be able to witness it, but I was still being good, so I made enough noise as I left the bathroom that she would definitely hear me and didn’t rush back to the bedroom). She was sitting with her waist under the covers and I was pretty sure that I could smell the scent of arousal in the room and said that I hoped she had taken the opportunity to have some fun, but I didn’t press the matter any further. I put the egg back into the drawer and sat down to continue our conversation as if nothing had happened. We ended up looking through another few videos of college girls (or girls of a similar age) playing with themselves and each other, either in pairs or groups and I felt that I was making some headway with Lis in convincing her that such behaviour is quite common. I didn’t get her to suggest that we try doing things with each other (that was only ever going to happen in my imagination).

While we talked, I stripped off and joined Lis in bed. We ended up sitting next to each other so we could watch the videos together. I could feel her bare leg pressed up against mine and even though there was no touching, (with hands) it felt very sensual and I had to restrain myself from rubbing up against her or playing footsie under the covers. Jen called and interrupted our viewing. I told Jen that I was lying naked beside Lis in bed and Jen asked if this meant that I had got to do things with her. I told her that Lis was a good girl and we chatted a bit more before she left us to get on with our evening. When I had hung up, Lis asked if Jen minded me being naked with her there, but I told her that Jen would like nothing more than to have the chance to get down between Lis’ legs and pleasure her. Lis blushed when I said this (I love the way she can be discussing explicit details about our sex lives one minute and then get embarrassed about things the next minute – plus she has a really cute look when she is embarrassed). Lis didn’t believe that I would be fine with letting Jen do things to her but I assured her that if she ever wanted, I would tell Jen to do as much to her as she could take. I then added that I was pretty sure I could ‘convince’ Mike (I used air quotes around ‘convince’) to do anything she wanted to her as well and that I couldn’t really think of anything that would be sexier to watch than having someone pleasure her repeatedly.

This led to us discussing multiple orgasms and extended sessions. I told Lis about my record of cumming 36 times in a day but that I rarely had an actual multiple orgasm. She doesn’t think that she’s ever had a ‘real’ one, but has sort of cum one and a half times when doing things with Vicky.

It was getting fairly late now so we decided to go to bed properly. We had a quick trip to the bathroom to brush teeth & prepare for bed. I was completely naked and Lis seemed a lot more comfortable being semi naked (she still had her top on, but hadn’t covered up her lower half). When we got back to the bedroom, I watched her undress completely and then put her PJs on. I had been trying to think of a subtle way to suggest that she sleep nude but hadn’t been able to come up with anything. I did ask if she always wore PJs to bed or if she ever slept naked (adding that I much preferred sleeping naked even when I was by myself). She said that she almost always wore something to bed – even when she was sleeping with Vicky. She climbed into bed while we were still talking and I pointed out that this made it much harder to do something spontaneous. I was under the covers already and told her that it would make our (Jen and I) morning routine somewhat difficult. I spread my legs and raised my knees so that she could see my legs were spread and told Lis to imagine waking up in the morning with Jen (and then added ‘or Vicky in your case, but you can imagine Jen if you want’) already between her legs licking away and getting you nice and wet.

Lis conceded that this sounded quite nice and I told her that she should sleep nude more often and make sure that Vicky did the same thing. Again, reality got in the way and she sadly didn’t get up and strip off ‘just to practice sleeping naked’ (why isn’t life more like a porn movie?). We did chat about a number of ideas for things for Lis and Vicky to do and I basically went over a lot of the things that I’ve done with Mike or Jen. Lis certainly doesn’t seem to be a natural exhibitionist (although Vicky might have a streak of this in her) so some of my ideas weren’t to her liking, but enough of them appealed to her that I think Vicky is in for a treat.

I had been lying with my hand between my legs for quite a while – not really rubbing myself, but with my fingers pressed up against my clit, applying pressure and easing off. I knew that I would need to cum again before I could get to sleep and considered going elsewhere to take care of myself, but I had enjoyed cumming with Lis asleep beside me and decided that I would wait until she fell asleep and repeat what I had done that morning. We chatted for a while longer, mostly (but not exclusively) about sex and my desire began to get the better of me. I pushed a couple fingers into my pussy and was dangerously close to actually rubbing myself, but I’ve learned from Mike that holding back can lead to good things so I resisted.

Eventually, I could see that Lis was starting to drift off to sleep and I pretended to do the same. I gently rubbed my clit for a while, heightening my arousal even further, while I waited for her to go to sleep properly and then rolled over onto my back. As I spread my legs, I listened to her breathing to make sure I hadn’t disturbed her and then increased the speed of my finger movements. I felt very wet and dipped my fingers into my pussy a couple of times to spread my juices over my lips and clit, but then returned them to my clit. I had waited long enough and didn’t want to play around so concentrated on rubbing my clit with small circular motions. I almost pushed my other hand down so I could finger myself at the same time, but remembered that I had to try to be as still and quiet as possible. Instead, I slid my hand up my body and cupped my right breast so I could gently play with the nipple (I may not be as much of a breast person as Jen or Sue, but thanks to Jen’s tutoring, I certainly appreciate my breasts a lot more than I used to).

My orgasm was just about to hit me when Lis rolled over. I froze (okay, so it wasn’t *just* about to hit me or I would have probably just kept going). I glanced over at her and saw that she was still asleep (or at least her eyes were closed and she looked asleep) so I decided that I would continue. It only took a few seconds more of rubbing to bring myself off (I think the extra adrenaline rush helped) and I felt my body tense up. I pinched my nipple and pressed even harder against my clit and concentrated on muffling my moans as a pretty good orgasm tore through my body. It felt like it lasted a while and as it eased off, I continued to rub myself, but with much less pressure. I was breathing fairly heavily and looked over at Lis (who was still asleep). In my post-orgasmic glow, I pictured all sorts of scenarios and imagine her waking up and sucking my fingers clean (then going down on me to get more). I wondered if she rolled back over, if I would be able to get away with curling up behind her and sleeping with my arm draped over her and imagined ‘accidentally’ cupping one of her cute little breasts and feeling the nipple stiffening under my hand. I almost worked myself up enough to go for a second round, but stopped my fantasies before I’d passed the point of no return and pulled my hand out from between my legs. I sucked my fingers clean, then rolled back onto my side so I could look at Lis while I fell asleep.

I had some nice dreams that involved me watching Jen and Lis do things and if I’d woken up during the night, I’m certain that I would have gone for round two, but I slept right through until morning and when I woke up, Lis was already awake. As you would expect after a night of ‘interesting’ dreams, I was fairly horny and was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have a chance to play with myself while Lis was still asleep. We got up for breakfast (me still naked) and as we sat and ate it at the table while we looked out the window. I was sitting with one leg curled up under the other and had a hand between my legs, slowly rubbing myself to keep my arousal high (Lis couldn’t see this as she was on the other side of the table). I told her that she could shower first and quickly dumped the plates in the sink while she got her things ready.

I joined her in the bedroom and hoped that she would undress there, but she was still wearing her PJs when she went into the bathroom. I didn’t waste the opportunity though and sat down on the bed, spread my legs and started to finger myself properly. I grabbed her panties from the previous day to get her scent (her pussy smells really nice – or at least her panties did) and I ended up grabbing a clean pair of her panties to rub against my crotch. I only did this briefly as I obviously didn’t want her to realise what I’d been doing. I came with her used panties over my face, imagining it was her pussy and I was licking her out. I came while pumping a couple of fingers into my cunt and using my other hand to rub my clit. I must have taken longer than I thought as I heard the bathroom door open while I was still lying with my legs spread and I quickly had to stuff the panties back into Lis’ bag.

I was glad that she seemed completely comfortable being around me while I was naked and I didn’t hurry to have my own shower. We chatted while Lis got her clothes ready and I helped to brush her hair, then helped her to dry it. She just had a white towel wrapped around her which gave me a good view of her legs and I knew that I would be making use of the pulse setting during my shower. I watched closely as she got dressed and pulled on the pair of panties I had rubbed against my pussy just a few minutes before. Sadly, she put a pair of jeans on and I then lost sight of her breasts as she pulled on a t-shirt, followed by a sweater.

I headed off for my shower and went straight for the rapid pulse setting. It didn’t take me long to cum and was quite an intense orgasm (too intense to enjoy for long), but it did the job of calming me down a bit. I quickly washed my hair and wandered back out to see Lis. We chatted some more while I got ready (despite the cold, I went for no panties and long socks – taking my final opportunity of the visit to show myself off to Lis) and then helped her gather up her things. She wasn’t heading off until early afternoon so we decided to head into town and take her bags with us. This turned out to be a mistake, but between us (and a taxi) we made it into town and decided to just sit and have a coffee and lunch until it was time to head to the station.

We found a suitable place and I demonstrated to Lis how to flash people (with my usual method of sitting with an ankle folded up under the other knee). I sat like this for ages, apparently oblivious to the people opposite who could see up my skirt and when Lis asked how much I was enjoying it, I leant over and whispered to her that I would have to go home and play with myself once she had left. She told me it was a pity she was going or she might have helped out and I called her bluff by telling her that she was more than welcome to stay and we could go home so I could teach her lots of interesting things to pass on to Vicky. Lis said that she didn’t think Vicky or Jen would be too pleased if we did that and I told her that I was sure Jen would be more than happy if it meant that she got to have a turn with her. I knew that Lis was just flirting, so didn’t push things any further and turned the conversation to one more suitable for our location. When we stood up to go, I demonstrated one more method of flashing to Lis - I bent over to pick up and spent a few seconds sorting out some things. I srated off with my ass pointing towards Lis so that she could see that my skirt rode up sufficiently to expose my pussy and then turned so that my audience from before were the recipients of the view.

We headed off to the station and Lis’ train wasn’t delayed by too much. I was much sadder saying goodbye to her than I had expected to be. We had a proper hug and I got her to promise to come up and visit again. Of course we would still be seeing each other when I visited York, but that was usually with Vicky – and while she is also my friend (and has been for longer), Lis is a lot more fun when she is by herself. We hugged and gave each other a little kiss and I told Lis that I would need more than that to keep me going until I got home so I kissed her full on the lips and held her tight against me. She didn’t pull away so I kissed her properly, then broke it off and said that I now really needed to get home and play with myself. Lis blushed a little when I said this, but gave me another hug before I helped her get her bag onto the train. I went back to the platform and stood beside the train, drawing messages on the window beside when Lis was sitting and she would breathe on the glass and write back to me.

When the train pulled out, I hurried back home, stripped off my clothes and gave Jen a call. We’d been sending texts (Jen, Mike and I) to discuss how things had been going, but this was the first time I’d been able to talk properly to her and tell her all the details of the visit. Jen was very interested to get the proper description of what Lis’ pussy was like and she liked the idea that I had managed to cum a couple of times in bed with her, but said that if I was that willing to do things around other people, then I would have to pay when I next visited. I told her that I didn’t care and I just wished that she had been there with us and described what I could remember of my dream from the previous night of her fucking Lis.

I had Jen on speakerphone and while we talked, I bunched up Lis’ pillow and crouched over it so I could rub my pussy against it. I stopped a couple of times to smell the scent of her hair off it – until my own scent overpowered it. I really got into it and described to Jen how it would be to have Lis lying on her back while Jen ate her and I imagined Lis’ body writhing underneath me while I rubbed my pussy against her face, mouth and tongue. Once I had cum and was a little more composed, I went over the remainder of the visit with Jen and she thought that things sounded quite promising. I personally think that we don’t stand any chance of ever actually doing anything with Lis, but I know Jen really likes the idea (so much for her liking large breasts) and it’s a nice fantasy to play with.


  1. I do hope that you have planted a seed with Lis and next time she visits she will sleep with you naked.

    Next time she calls you get Jen/Mike to lick your cunt then describe whats happening - it may just encourage her :)

    Hope the sunny weather means we have some outdoor sex to read about soon. I flashed from a motorway footbridge last weekend.

    Cheers, John

  2. We'll see - but I'm not too hopeful. I'm actually planning on trying something, but you'll find out about it in due course when I get to writing it up (given I'm only writing about February, it might be a while).

    She knows that she has heard people doing things to me (not that we won't try this again).

    I've done things from a bridge a couple of times - it's nice standing with a foot up on one of the bars of the railings, giving a good view straight up my skirt :)