Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shower, bottle and table play

We had just finished 69ing in the last entry...


Jen mentioned how much of a mess we were and I told her about having found out how to improve the water pressure on the shower. We agreed that we would spend a while experimenting with it in the morning, but that it was no probably time to get some sleep. We discussed what the rules were for Lis’ visit and determined what I was and wasn’t allowed to do (assuming that Lis would want to do or let me do anything). It actually took a while for us to both drift off (probably due to the interesting nature of our conversation) – we chatted and I fell asleep first.

In the morning, I woke Jen in the usual way (eating her awake for any new readers) and then let her return the favour. We decided to have breakfast before showering (to give us some time to recover) and ended up lazing around and watching some TV. It wasn’t that interesting so we mostly chatted over it and after an hour or so, decided that we should get ready and go out. Of course, we still had to shower and knew that this may take a little while, so we got towels out and headed into the bathroom.

Jen turned the shower on and I adjusted the under-sink taps until it was hot enough and had a good pressure. The shower head wasn’t anything fancy and we couldn’t get much of a sensation from it, but we did end up enjoying the water. We took turns at lying down in the bath with our pussies directly under the mixer tap and turned it on full. This gave a nice stream of water that felt good when it hit us. It wasn’t enough to make us cum by itself, but was a nice added stimulation while we rubbed our clits. As much as I love making Jen cum, it is still really hot being able to watch her play with herself and being able to fully concentrate on her expressions as she has her orgasm.

We did a little comparison of how our patches of pubic hair were growing – it had only been a couple of weeks, so it’s not as if either of us had long hair, but mine was certainly longer than Jen’s. I told her that I would get Mike’s clippers (we wanted to have a small patch of hair kept fairly short) to take care of things.
Once we had showered and dressed (in the usual style) we headed out. We now had an aim for the day (new shower head with pulse setting) and went to purchase this first. We ended up buying a couple to try (after checking we could take them back of course) and then went for a coffee. We found a little place that was very cosy with sofas to sit on. I knew it would be the ideal place to have some fun and I carefully selected somewhere to sit that was in view of a number of other tables, but out of the way of the main area. Once we had our drinks, we took our seat and I told Jen that she had to let her skirt ride up. She wriggled around a little and moved so her ass was near the front of the seat and she was leaning back into the sofa. This meant that she only had to open her legs slightly to allow people to see up her skirt.

There were a couple of small groups who were in our line of sight – one was a group of three guys and another of three guys and a girl. I slid down on the sofa so it looked like I was getting on the same level as Jen so we could talk and I felt my skirt slide up a lot more than I had intended it to. I covered myself up again (partially) and we started talking. We noticed a couple of our audience members looking over towards us but pretended that we hadn’t seen them and I got Jen open her legs and place her left foot o her right knee. We assumed that this would give a really good view up her skirt and Jen said that she felt very exposed and could feel the air against her skin. We pretended to continue to be lost in our conversation, but I was now whispering to Jen about having lots of people’s gazes roaming over her pussy and what it would be like to get the girl to come over, kneel down and eat her in front of everyone (the girl wasn’t actually my type – or Jen’s for that matter). I described how the guys were probably all rock hard from the view she was giving them and how they would use the image later to get off. (Jen may not be interested in having sex with men, but she does now enjoy using her looks and body to tease them.) As a final parting gift, I got her to idly drop her hand between her legs and give herself a little rub, as if she was just scratching an itch – I was impressed that she actually did this and rubbed for about 10 seconds before bringing he hand back up.

I thought that we had probably pushed our luck as far as we safely could (or possibly a bit beyond), so we finished up our drinks and headed off. We did a bit more shopping and had a quick fondle in a dressing room (but it was too busy to spend enough time to get each other off). After having lunch, I considered heading to one of the sex shops and getting Jen to put on a display for whoever was there, but it was raining fairly heavily and we couldn’t be bothered walking to any of them so jus decided to go home.

We were soaked through by the time we arrived home and so stripped off as soon as we got in. We decided that the easiest way to warm up would be to jump into the shower and try out the new shower heads. The first one wasn’t bad – you could concentrate the spray into a fairly powerful jet, but it didn’t really pulse. The second one was much better and gave a very powerful spray with two different pulse settings – one with short pulse and one with longer ones. The third one was okay (and I’m sure I would have been quite happy with it if we hadn’t discovered the second one), but after a quick test, it was removed and we settled on the second one.

I sat on the corner of the bath and spread my legs while Jen crouched between them. I held my lips open and pulled the skin back from my clit and told Jen to let me have it. I started off with the long pulse setting, directed around my pussy and then at my clit. It felt really nice and Jen got me to contract my pussy so she could see it moving. The water was set quite hot, which meant it wasn’t quite as powerful as it could have been, but the warmth felt really good. It took a little while, but was definitely having an effect on me and as I got closer to cumming, Jen switched it to the short pulse setting and aimed it squarely at my clit. This felt surprisingly more intense and I let out a little squeal. Jen could see how good it felt and was impatient to have a try, but I intended to fully enjoy the experience and didn’t want to hurry it along. I didn’t have much say in the matter though as the rapid patter on my clit was propelling me rapidly towards cumming (and I wasn’t exactly trying to hold back). It wasn’t a really deep orgasm, but it was fairly intense – almost as strong as using an egg on my clit, but better in the sense that the stimulation wasn’t too strong so it could keep going through the orgasm.

As my orgasm faded, I let go of my lips and Jen played the spray over my pussy, helping to bring me down slowly. I told her that this was definitely the best shower head we had tried and as soon as I got my breath back, we swapped places so I could show her. I switched the shower back to the long pulse setting and directed it at her pussy – she liked the way it felt and enjoyed it even more when she pulled her lips apart and exposed her clit to the jet. I used the same method she had – starting with the long pulse and using that until she was nice and excited and then switching to the short pulse. Jen agreed that it felt incredible and I could see her getting flushed as her orgasm build. She asked if I minded if she peed and I told her to go ahead. The effect of the new shower head (coupled with the newly found high water pressure) was that the jet effectively stopped her from getting me wet (or at least drastically reduced the amount that hit me – which of course wasn’t quite what Jen wanted, but she was enjoying what the water was doing to her too much to really care. I watched her face closely as she came (but had to keep looking down to check that I was still aiming the shower at her clit). As had been the case with me, she came relatively quickly after I switched it to the short pulse setting, but her orgasm seemed to last for quite a while (certainly much longer than usual for her).

Eventually, she finished cumming and I switched back to the long pulse and played the jet around her pussy while she recovered. I was impressed that it’d had such an effect on her and offered her a second go (after a bit of time to rest of course) but she said that she didn’t think she could go another round for a while and wanted to rest. We dried off and went in to lie down for a bit but ended up dozing off for a couple of hours. When we woke up, we were getting hungry, so decided to start working on an early dinner. We spent a while preparing and cooking it, so by the time we actually sat down to eat, it was after 7. We had a leisurely meal and moved onto the sofa to decide on our plan for the rest of the evening. Neither of us had much money left after Christmas and travel expenses, so we weren’t going out anywhere, but I had bought a couple of beers (I was doing quite well at sticking to my not drinking as much resolution).

About halfway through our beers, I decided that I could probably find a better use for the bottle and emptied what I had left into a glass. I knelt between Jen’s legs, got her to pull up her t-shirt and spread her legs and I positioned the neck of the bottle at her pussy. I warned her that it would probably feel cold and slowly pumped the bottle into her, working a bit more of the neck in with each push. Once I had a reasonable length inside her, I used my thumb on her clit and really got her going. The advantage of using a bottle is that it opens up the pussy and allows me to see right up inside her. I absolutely love this view and Jen was enjoying what the bottle and my finger were doing to her, so everyone was happy. As she got closer to cumming, I pushed the bottle harder into her – it wasn’t going to go any deeper (it had a straight neck up until the point where it got wide and I really doubt that Jen could take the full width of the bottle), but she liked the way it felt when the body of the bottle pounded against her pussy. I told her I wanted to watch her cunt contracting around the bottle as she came and almost as I said that, she started to cum. I kept working her until her orgasm had ended, then pulled out the bottle and glued my mouth to her cunt.

She tried to push me away, but I held onto her legs and then looped by hands around her and pulled her ass towards me. I broke contact briefly to remind her that she had to do whatever I wanted and then immediately returned to lashing her cunt with my tongue. I didn’t intend to be at all gentle or take account of the fact that she had just cum and my aim was to get her off again as quickly as possible. Jen’s ability to cum multiple times has been slowly improving (at first she really needed a break before being able to do anything), and after having resigned herself to her fate, she allowed me to eat away. It wasn’t long before she was in the build up to cumming and I continued my work until she let out another series of moans and was happily panting away.

When I pulled my face away from her pussy, it had a fair amount of her juices on it and I knelt up so that we could kiss. I told her that it was my turn now and I hopped up onto the sofa and spread my legs. She asked if I wanted the same treatment and I said I did, so she grabbed the beer bottle and pushed it into me. She repeated what I had done to her (but spent a while trying to examine up inside me while using the bottle to hold me open) and as soon as my first orgasm had finished, she went down on me. Now I don’t always enjoy doing things straight away after cumming, and I did feel a bit too sensitive for it to be enjoyable at first, but I thought it was only fair given I’d done it to Jen. Between sucking on my clit, I could feel her long tongue snaking up inside my pussy and scouring the walls, but she didn’t spend long doing this and mostly concentrated on making me cum again. It took me a bit longer to cum, but she got me there and I wrapped my legs around her head to hold her in place (not that she was trying to stop). I held her in place for as long as I could take it and then finally released her and pushed her away. My pussy was still tingling and I felt very hot (but satisfied). Jen moved up beside me so that we could kiss and we rested for a while.

We were pretty much spent for the evening and debated playing some games outside (I was going to send Jen out into the rain in just a thin dress) but decided against it. We didn’t do anything else until bedtime when we used the long double dildo and spooned against each other. Jen started off behind me and moved the dildo while I rubbed my clit, then we swapped round so I was lying against Jen’s back and I was responsible for moving the dildo while she got herself off. We stayed in that position, with the dildo still buried in us while we chatted and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to roll over, so had to pull it out of me. If I had been a little more awake, I would have probably taken the opportunity to ravish Jen once more, but I don’t think that I fully woke up so the thought didn’t even occur to me.

By the time we woke up in the morning, the dildo had fallen out of Jen (she can’t remember removing it) and it was a bit messy, so we decided not to use it for our morning session. Before we started, I pulled the curtains fully open and then rejoined Jen in bed. We imagined everyone opposite was watching us as we kissed, fingered and licked each other to orgasm and then got up (still naked) for breakfast.

After we had showered (we had a quick play with the pulse spray, but didn’t cum) and I decided that I wanted to know just how much of what I do was visible from outside during the day (it’s fairly obvious that if I have the lights on at night I’m going to be quite visible). I chose a suitable outfit for Jen (including one of her shortest skirts, which only barely covers her pussy and ass) and pushed one of the remote control eggs into her. We moved some furniture around and she was then sent out with an umbrella and her phone. I called her, then stood at the back of the room and moved forwards until she said that she could make out my outline and then told me when she could see me clearly. We tried this with her standing on our side of the street (where she couldn’t see as much as the flat is half a story up from the pavement) and then on the other side of the street.

I got her to come back indoors and we moved the table to a suitable position It was a lot closer to the windows than Jen had expected it to be, but I pointed out that she was the one who had decided where the ‘safe’ position was. I stripped Jen naked and got her to climb up onto the table, facing the window with her legs spread. She said that she felt really exposed and I climbed up behind her and reached around her body to play with her breasts and pussy. I then had a better idea and got her to move so I could lie down on the table. I lay so that my head was where she had been sitting, with my pussy closer to the window and then got her to crouch over my face. I ate her while playing with myself, knowing that while Jen was probably hardly visible from outside, my pussy was a lot closer to the place where people might be able to make out enough to figure out what I was doing. Of course, this was the whole fun of it, but there weren’t many people who walked past and Jen said that she didn’t notice anyone looking in.

When we had both cum, I told Jen to stay sitting up on the table where she had been and I threw on a coat and shoes. I handed Jen her mobile and went outside to confirm how much was visible. I couldn’t really see Jen so I called and told her to scooch forwards. When she was sitting a couple of feet closer to the window (about where my pussy had been), I could see her and could tell that she was naked. I rejoined her indoors and we had a quick snack before getting her stuff packed up and preparing to head off to the airport. I allowed Jen to wear a longer skirt in order to go through security (but still no panties).

I considered getting her to take the strap on down with her, but we had decided that whoever was visiting would have to take it with them and so it remained with me. We mae it to the airport fairly quickly and so had time for a coffee. I reminded Jen that even though she had managed to cum on the flight to see me, she had to still try every time she flew. When it was time for her to go through security, I stood and watched as she got searched, but the woman’s hands didn’t go too far up under her skirt and then headed home.

Next entry - Lis' visit...


  1. I'm sure Mike would love to use his clippers to trim your pubic hair - and Jen's too :)

    Do you think anyone saw you naked at the window when you pulled the curtains open ?

    I'd love you to come and live opposite me, I would be looking in your window at every opportunity!

    Have a big orgasm before you go through security next time so they can smell your sex, it might be enough to get a sexy frisk.

    Looking forward to Lis's visit.

    Cheers, John

  2. just so you know...26 April 2011 at 21:08

    using an unsealed bottle as a sex toy is very dangerous because it could create a vacuum and seriously hurt you. But I'm sure the edges of the lid on a sealed one could cause cuts, so either way it's risky business. And that's a tough one to explain to the safe!

  3. John,

    I know that some of the people opposite watch me/us (that's part of the fun).

    We often cum before going through security - so far neither of us have actually been groped (but hands have come fairly close).

    Just so you know: I'd obviously considered the damage that a bottle top could do(just the thought of having the rough edges tearing me up is enough to make me wince and cross legs tightly) but I hadn't thought about the vacuum thing. It hasn't happened so far but I'll look into it a bit more.