Thursday, 14 April 2011

Snow delays

Back to York tomorrow for another sex party - I've got a bit more adventurous at them and have something planned for this one, but you'll have to wait to hear about that. now that I've finished writing about the holiday period, I'll probably get through the intervening time a lot quicker...


This is from the first weekend in January: I arrived back in York on the Friday evening and headed straight out to meet up with people for drinks. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to drink less (both for general health and in order to help with my diet for wedding) – I actually don’t find it that much of a loss (and I haven’t given up entirely, just cut back a lot). It was still good to see everyone – I hadn’t seen a lot of them over the Christmas break as I’d headed back up so soon, so we had a long catch up session. I was smartly dressed (I’d had a funding meeting last thing before I got the train) and got lots of compliments – little did they know that I was naked under my skirt and sopping wet in anticipation of my evening with Mike. I was enjoying the feeling though, so as much as I wanted to start fooling around, we waited until everyone headed home before we left.

It was still very cold out, but we still had a quick fondle on the way home. We stopped in our usual alleyway and Mike pulled my skirt up. His hands went to my pussy while we kissed and I pulled open the front of his jeans. I worked his cock out and rubbed it while his fingers sought out my clit. I tried to pull his cock towards my pussy and he said that if I was that desperate, he would oblige me. He pushed me against the wall and reached under me – I was lifted up and felt his cock rub over my pussy a few times before pushing into me. Mike held me up and I wrapped my legs around him – I could feel the cold biting my skin, but didn’t really care too much. Mike nearly slipped over a couple of times and we decided in the interests of safety that we really had to stop before one (or both) of us got hurt. Mike pulled out of me and lowered me down – I gave his cock a quick suck, he buttoned himself back up and we hurried home.

He had prepared a fire and lit it as soon as we got in. We got undressed very quickly (although I left my stockings on) and Mike dived between my legs and started to eat me. I told him I wanted to continue our earlier fuck and he climbed up my body and slipped into me. Between thrusts, I complained that I wanted to do things the same way we had been – up against a wall and he reluctantly pulled out and helped me up. I hadn’t counted on the wall feeling so cold, but wanted to continue anyway and when Mike pushed into me, I grabbed on to his shoulders and wrapped my legs around him again. Our mouths locked together and he pumped away inside me. It felt really nice but neither Mike nor I had a free hand to do anything to my clit so I knew I wasn’t going to cum. I told Mike that I wanted him to cum in me anyway but he said he really wanted to eat me properly (and he doesn’t like eating his own cum that much) so I conceded that he could eat me until I came and then we could find a better position to fuck in.

I was dumped onto the sofa and he pulled my legs and lifted my ass up onto the arm. He knelt beside the arm of the sofa and dived into my pussy, licking and eating me and lashing my clit with his tongue. As much as I had originally wanted to do things properly to start off with, I was soon distracted enough to no longer care. As my head was lower than most of the rest of my body, I could feel the blood rushing to my head and knew that this generally leads to an interesting orgasm. I didn’t have to wait too long to find out how it would feel – the expectation of the evening, playing on the way home and our partial fuck had got me more than excited enough and I humped against his mouth as my orgasm built and then flooded out through my body. It wasn’t as strong as I had hoped it would be, but I put up with it anyway, in the knowledge that we were just about to do more.

I was a little light headed when I sat up but soon recovered. Mike was eager to get the second round underway. We resumed our earlier position on the rug in front of the fire and he pushed back into me. We started off with him on top but ended up in a semi-spooning position, with me half on my side and Mike half leaning behind me, holding up my upper leg. This meant that it was left to me to rub my clit (but I *do* have some experience in that area) and it felt really nice having the heat of the fire radiating out onto me. I didn’t try to make myself cum too quickly so we could both enjoy things. Mike held back for a reasonably long time, but I could tell that he was getting increasingly excited as he pumped in and out of me. As we often do, we discussed various situations involving various friends and how we would like them to be involved in our sessions and we settled on finishing off while imagining that Jo was there with us. I came while imagining my tongue pushing between her lips and her having a screaming orgasm – I really wish I knew what her pussy actually looks like so I could imagine it better (of course, I *really* wish I knew what it tasted like as well). Mike played along with the fantasy and came in me while imagining it was Jo (who was crouched over my face so I could see his cock sliding in and out of her). I described how I would lick them both (and having some experience of this I now know it isn’t that easy to do), but the whole image was enough for Mike and he came inside me.

Instead of going up to bed, we decided to spend the night in front of the fire – the sheepskin rug may not be quite as comfortable as the bed, but it was a lot more romantic (and despite the impression that this blog probably gives, I do try to keep some romance in my relationships). Mike dashed upstairs to grab the duvet and some pillows (and a towel for me to drip onto). When he returned, we arranged our makeshift bed snuggled up under the covers (with him inside me of course).

I woke up a couple of times during the night and briefly considered the idea of waking Mike so we could go out front and fool around while everyone was asleep, but the air in the room felt quite cool so the thought of going out into the snow (or what was left of it) didn’t appeal too much. When we woke up in the morning, we found our own way of generating heat, which was good for warming up, but didn’t help when we had to actually climb out from under the duvet. After he’s got a dressing gown, Mike rebuilt the fire to help warm the place and we had breakfast. We didn’t have any real plans for the weekend other than meeting up with some friends in the evening and a visit to Lis’ place to pick up the strap on.

We showered and got dressed before heading into town for a wander. The sales didn’t seem that good (and we didn’t have much money left either) so it wasn’t that interesting, but we met up with a couple of friends for lunch and then I headed off to see Lis. I ended up walking to her place as the buses seemed to be rather confused by the snow. I was pretty cold by the time I arrived but a cup of coffee helped me defrost. We went up to Lis’ room to fetch the strap on and ended up staying there (her bed is more comfortable to sit on than the sofa). I asked Lis if they had enjoyed using the strap-on and she said that they had. Lis had found it a little bit too large for comfort initially, but Vicky took it slowly and had managed to get a good length of it into her when they fucked. Vicky hadn’t had the same problem and seemed to enjoy Lis fucking her with it quite a bit. They had also practiced jerking it back and forth (as they had done when Jen was wearing it) and Lis found this to feel particularly nice. She assured me that she had cleaned it thoroughly and I said that Jen would probably be disappointed as she would have been quite happy to taste their juices off it.

I was sitting facing Lis with my legs crossed, but I had a pleated skirt of reasonable length on (almost down to my knees), so she wasn’t able to see that I was naked under it. I pulled the external dildo out of the harness and pushed it under my skirt while telling Lis that Jen and I had also had great fun using it and how good the doggy position was for seeing what was happening. Lis could tell that I was only pretending to fuck myself with the dildo (it was only just under my skirt), but when I told her how Mike had watched Jen use it on me and given her tips, I allowed the head to rub over my pussy a couple of times.

We got on to talking about the other toys that Lis and Vicky had used and Lis even showed me a couple of them. The most powerful vibrator they have is a big pad that you can attach various fittings to. With Lis’ approval, I gave it a quick try (through my skirt) and it did indeed feel quite strong. When I said how good it felt, Lis said that she needed to visit the bathroom to pee and I assumed that she was giving me tacit approval to have a ‘proper’ play with it. She was only gone for a minute, but it was long enough to slide it under my skirt and directly onto my pussy – it did feel really good and I debated whether I should really go for it and just let Lis wander back in and find me with my legs spread, but I decided to be a good girl (for once) and wiped it clean before she returned.

We made arrangements for her to come up and visit me (following her previous failed attempt) and hoped that the snow wouldn’t interfere this time. I was looking forwards to showing her around my new town and having her all to myself for a number of evenings. Of course I had plenty of plans (but you’ll hear about those soon enough). Lis gave me a bag to hide the strap on it to carry it home and we said goodbye (we would be meeting up again with everyone later on that evening). I hurried home to Mike to have a quick play and take care of the feelings that had built up while chatting with Lis. He was waiting for me and when I told him about our conversation, he understood why I was feeling so turned on.

The house was a bit warmer now, but we decided to head up to the bedroom so that we could be comfortable. I was doing to undress, but Mike liked the idea of just flipping my skirt up and taking me as I was (as you know, he has a thing for pleated skirts – and also seems to be enjoying the long black socks/stocking look quite a bit). I climbed up on the bed and offered myself to him – he quickly stripped off and climbed up behind me. He teased me for a little while by rubbing the head of his cock around my pussy and then pulled away to dribble some of the tingle gel onto his cock. This was then pushed into me (which did a good job of getting the gel up deep into me) and we started. Mike dripped a little more of the gel over my ass and rubbed it over my asshole as we fucked. The tingling soon started and he added a little to my clit, but didn’t keep rubbing me there after he had smeared it in.

I told him that I had told Lis about him watching Jen take me in this position (which is why I had knelt on the bed that way) and he asked me to describe what I could have done with Lis’ vibe if I had been a bit braver. I described how I would have kept going when she returned from the bathroom and would have lifted my skirt so she could watch what I was doing. We imagined Lis climbing up onto the bed with me and taking hold of the vibrator, then rubbing it against my pussy as I pulled her top off and started licking her delicious little nipples. We (fantasy Lis and I) ended up in a 69 and I (the real me) ended up playing with my clit while Mike fucked me until we both had cum. I stayed in position when he pulled out of me and felt a small amount of his cum trickle out and run down onto my stockings. I rubbed as much of his cum into my thighs as I could and did then again when I sat up and a bit more cum ran out (I intended to keep the same outfit on when we went out later, so didn’t want the cum to be visible below the hem of my skirt).

Mike’s cock was softening, but I brought it back to life by sucking it clean. I imagined Lis behind me, using the strap-on while I sucked him, but I thought it would be good to wait a little while before doing anything more and so only sucked until he was clean. We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around, had something to eat and then headed out to meet up with people at about 8. Almost everyone was there and we had a fun evening – not much of interest (sexually) happened though and I wished I had worn a shorted skirt so I could have at least tried to ‘accidentally’ show off. After the pub, we went to a club for a couple of hours and I tried my usual trick of standing at the edge of the balcony, but once again was foiled by having worn a skirt that was too long, so I just ended up dancing (as badly as ever) until we decided to head home.

We walked part way home with Cindy and her bf – the downside of this was that we didn’t get to stop off in one of our usual spots to have a play. I had been hoping to do things properly and for us to both cum, but resigned myself to having to wait until we got home. To make up for it, we decided to do things in the front garden (and by garden I mean a tiny paved area with a low wall). It was late enough that nobody else was about on the street and our place is at the end, but there was still a little risk we could get caught (but then the risk is the thing that makes it fun). I leant against the wall and Mike fipped my skirt up and rubbed my pussy to get me wet. He then opened his jeans and pushed into me. While we fucked, I remember wondering why it is mostly during the winter that we do things in this spot (okay, the nights are darker, but the street is usually fairly quiet after midnight in the summer). I didn’t worry about this too much and ignored the cold as his fingers found my clit and played with it.

I had made the mistake of not wearing gloves, which had been fine when walking, but my hands were getting very cold while leaning on the wall and I told Mike that he would have to hurry. Fortunately, he enjoys doing things outdoors almost as much as I do, so he was well on the way to cumming anyway. It was a bit rushed, but still felt quite exhilarating and I forgot about the cold for a little while when I came. Mike wasn’t far behind me and we went in as soon as we had finished. Mike hadn’t even pulled his jeans up and so as soon as the door was closed, I took a hold of his still hard cock and he jumped (my hands were still frozen). It was quite amusing, but I needed to warm up, so we went up to bed, undressed and crawled under the covers. We teased each other for a while by pressing cold parts against warm parts (not in a sexual way – mostly hands and feet on arms and legs) and once we had warmed up, we decided it was probably time to get some sleep. Mike wasn’t up for doing anything else – he offered to eat/play with me, but I decided to wait until the following morning. With a little coaxing (only a very little), he got hard and we spooned while we fell asleep.

I was woken the following morning by him climbing down between my legs. I spread them, giving him full access to me and enjoyed the feelings as he licked me. Once I had cum, he asked if I would suck him off and I moved onto the floor, so I could sit between his legs (he was sitting on the edge of the bed). I spent a little while licking up and down the shaft, then took the head in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. I got a good rhythm going and bobbed up and down – I got a fair amount into my mouth, but I can’t do deep throat so I can’t get anywhere near the whole length in. Mike didn’t seem to mind this though and between sucking and a bit of hand action, I got him close to cumming. He said that he wanted to cum over me, so I finished him off with my hand and just a bit of tongue action on the head until he said he was about to cum. I pulled back slightly and watched his cum squirt out – some onto my face, then breasts and the last bit dribbling out onto my legs. I gave him a final (gentle) suck clean and then rubbed his cum in to my body and hair, before we headed down for breakfast.

We had a long chat about what had happened with Sue over Christmas. Mike had spoken to her at the end of the week and she had agreed that we shouldn’t really have let things go as far as they had. She said that despite that, she had really enjoyed what we had done and that it had been nice to be able to do things with Mike again. She didn’t specifically mention me licking her and Mike wisely decided that he wouldn’t bring it up. He said he found it very hard to tell if she was saying that she had enjoyed being able to do things with him or had enjoyed the whole situation (including my involvement). He once again told her to speak to her boyfriend about their sex life and she said that she would.

Along with reducing our alcohol intake (Mike has agreed to do this with me), we also resolved to not do anything more with Sue while she was dating her bf (or any other person). I think the temptation is always going to be there to let her watch us do things, but we will have to decide if we can ever do that without letting things go further (and if not, we won’t even let he watch).

Of course, not being allowed to do things with her physically, doesn’t mean that we can’t still fantasise about it or replay some of the things that we’ve done and we decided to return to bed to do just this before I had to get ready to catch my train. We recalled a whole variety of situations during the session, back from when we first let her spy on us while we had sex, to doing things openly in front of her, Mike licking and fingering her, then fucking her, threesomes with Mike between us, Jen having a lick of her pussy and finally up to Christmas where he humped against her and I licked them both.

We had been doing various things while recounting all of this, fingering fucking and sucking (when only one of us cold talk), but neither of us had cum yet (but we were both pretty worked up). We decided to move on to fantasy and extended what could have happened at Christmas to Sue and I in a 69 position while Mike took turns fucking us. I have a feeling that it’s actually not that easy to get a cock into a pussy and also get good tongue contact with the clit at the same time, but then again, I can’t imagine that Sue would actually want to 69 with me, so I guess reality doesn’t matter too much here (it *is* called a fantasy after all!). We finished off while I imagined her juices flowing into my mouth (much easier now I know properly what she tastes like). Mike came first this time and stayed pressed hard into me until I had cum. It had been quite an intense session and because we had been under the covers to keep warm, we were actually fairly sweaty.

We had a quick shower (we had spent longer than intended doing things) and I packed while Mike made a quick lunch. After eating this, we headed to the station and found out that the trains were barely running. After waiting around for a while (with many other people), we were told that the few trains that were running were so busy that I would be better trying again the following day. Now if I’d known that, we could have just stayed in bed and not come out into the cold (although I doubt we could have done much more straight away after our extended session). We headed back home and then went out to do Mike’s weekly shopping. When we got back, we settled down to watch some TV while we warmed up – there wasn’t much on so we ended up dozing off together and didn’t wake up until the evening. We both felt rather groggy when we awoke and didn’t properly come round until after we had eaten dinner. We had a fairly chilled evening and kept checking on the information about the trains. When we finally went to bed, we just had a simple session before falling asleep.

When we woke up the following morning, we had a quick fuck (spooning). This was a bonus session for me and I remember thinking how much nicer it is having someone there to do things with rather than just having to use my fingers or a vibe. Unfortunately Mike had to go into work so I was left to find my own way to the station and had to wait around for a train. Fortunately I had expected the boredom and had planned ahead. I was wearing the strap on (minus the external dildo of course) and I found that fidgeting around caused the internal dildo to rub against me – not a great deal, but enough to feel nice.

When the train finally arrived, it was packed and took ages. I had to stand for quite a bit of the journey and tried to pass some of the time by accidentally pressing my ass against various crotches, but soon realised that the harness for the strap on was far too solid to really allow me to feel anything. When I finally got home, I decided it wasn’t worth trying to go into Uni for the rest of the day, so just worked from home before popping out to stock up on food. It was a lot colder than it had been in York, but I went out without panties anyway (I had removed the harness when I first got in). Once dinner was out of the way, I curled up in bed, gave Jen a call and had a play with myself while we talked (Jen was playing with herself as well). I then had a quick chat with Mike (but no more playing) and got a relatively early night.


  1. Nice to read about fucking (and sucking) with Mike.

    Do you think Lis is opening up to you ? She didn't seem outraged when you said Mike had seen you using the strapon with Jen.

    Cheers, John

  2. Lis and I have had much more explicit conversations than that! I think she likes having a friend that she can be really open with (although she still gets embarrassed sometimes)