Tuesday, 31 May 2011

February Sue Visit - Part 2

We stayed sitting on the bed and chatted for a while. There was an obvious atmosphere (Mike and I were still naked and Sue’s nipples were still hard enough to make points in the PJs). I don’t think it would have taken much for us to have lapsed and ended up fucking, but we once again stuck to our resolve and resisted temptation. When we got up for breakfast, Mike and I put dressing gowns on, but this didn’t prevent him (not that I was resisting) from fingering me and slipping his cock into me a couple of times.

When it came time to shower, I showed Sue the pulse setting and told her how much fun it was. I was very tempted to offer to direct the jet for her while she held her lips out of the way (her clit it slightly more hidden than mine), but realised that once we’d done that, things could quickly degenerate. We left her to it and when she returned, she confirmed that the shower was indeed wonderful and she wanted one (before anyone comments, she has a shower - I’m clearly referring to the pulse shower head).

I thought that we may as well investigate our outfits for the evening so we had time to buy and additional bits (if required). None of had been to a burlesque night before so we weren’t exactly sure what the dress code was. Mike was cheating and was just going in black tie. I had considered going in one of my more flamboyant and decedent dresses, but when Sue showed us her planned outfit, I decided to change my mind. She had got dressed in the bedroom and came into the living room to show us – a tight top that left her shoulders completely bare (but was tied around the neck) with a deep cut in the front that showed off a fair amount of her cleavage (actually more than a fair amount as the cut went down to the bottom of her breasts). She had a short black miniskirt on with suspenders (proper ones, with a suspended belt) and a garter. At Mike’s request she showed us her panties (black lace).

We all went into the bedroom and Sue undressed while I put on the dress I had originally intended to wear (and then she got dressed in her real clothes). Mike liked my dress, but I thought I could do better and spent a few minutes rummaging around. I already had a fair idea of what I wanted after seeing Sue’s outfit and I came up with something similar(ish). I don’t like tight skirts so I had a short pleated back skirt on with stockings and black lacy panties (much more see-through than Sue’s ones). I then wore one of my lacy tops with a half-cup push up bra that just about covered my nipples. Sue suggested that I wear a flesh coloured bra instead of the black one and I needed a new suspender belt (which I hardly every use), so we added these to the shopping list.

I got changed into my day clothes and after an hour or so of faffing around, we headed out to the shops. I managed to find the things that I needed fairly easily and Sue and I spent a while trying on clothes (that I can’t afford to buy) while Mike wandered off and had a look at TVs and computers (which he can’t afford to buy). We then met up and went for a light lunch before stopping off to buy food for dinner and headed home.

Once dinner was out of the way, I had a quick shower and Sue watched as Mike shaved and trimmed me (I was still growing the little patch of hair and this was the first time Sue had seen it). She watched us while Mike gave me the usual tongue test (not to orgasm) and Sue then showered while I got dressed and finally Mike showered while she got dressed (he’s a man so it doesn’t take as long for him to get ready). After he had showered, he got me to help trim his pubic hair, He ended up with an erection and I gave him a quick suck (again, with Sue watching before he jumped back in the shower to quickly rinse off.

We got a taxi to the event and arrived fairly soon after the doors opened. It wasn’t that busy but most of the people there were older than us (even older than Mike). The costumes were really varied from elaborate ballgowns (think historical drama), naval uniforms through to the sorts of outfits Sue and I had on and on to just suspenders, panties and bras. As time went on, more people turned up and a number of people around our age appeared.

The evening was centred around a show, but I wasn’t actually that impressed with the various acts. Between acts, we danced and Mike especially seemed to enjoy that fact that he got to dance with us both at the same time. On a trip to the toilet I removed my panties and adjusted my bra so that a bit more of my nipples were visible (they were still hidden by my top and the dark, but it felt nicer). Mike’s hands had been going under my skirt while we had been dancing and when he next went to grab my ass, he found out I had removed my panties. Despite the way some people were dressed, it didn’t seem to be the sort of place that we could get away with fooling around too much so it was only when we went to sit up in the balcony seats (the venue was an old theatre) that any fondling happened. It was still pretty tame, but when Sue realised that I was pantiless, we managed to convince her to do the same and we went and danced for a bit more (dancing is much more exciting in a short skirt without panties).

Sue ended up being asked to dance by another guy and she went off with him. When we saw her dancing, she was flirting rather outrageously and rubbing herself up against him. She did return to us after a few songs and I thought I could have a bit of fun. I danced with a couple of people and emulated what Sue had been doing (she is probably a better dancer than I am, but I’m still more daring). I danced right up against people, rubbing my pussy up and down their trousers and grinding against their cocks until they were hard. One guy turned me around and held my arms up while we danced and I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass. When he slipped his hands down my arms and over my chest, I didn’t stop him from copping a feel. His hands didn’t linger on my breasts for too long and moved to my waist, but he had another feel on the way back up.

I rejoined Mike and Sue and we watched another few acts (which were as poor as the first ones). The only good thing was that with the lights dimmed and everyone looking at the stage, it gave us an opportunity to have a bit of a play. Mike’s fingers went to my clit and gave it a good rub, smearing my juices all around my pussy and I pulled my bra down a bit further so my nipples were peeking out from it (before it had been the top parts of my aureole, now I had the actual nipple out - just). Mike got me quite close to cumming and I reciprocated by unzipping his flies and rubbing the head of his cock – if we’d been somewhere a bit more private, I’m sure we would have both cum, but there were too many people around and we kept being interrupted. With encouragement from us, Sue briefly fingered herself and sucked her fingers clean. When the show finished, we went for a final dance and then decided to get a taxi before everyone started to order them.

When we got back home, Mike and I went straight to bed (or at least straight into the bedroom). I was bent over the end of the bed and Mike pushed his cock into me. I pushed back against him and he reached around me to fondle my nipples through my top and he alternated between fucking me and keeping his cock buried in me while I squeezed myself around him. Sue came in after having brushed her teeth and asked if she could watch. I thought this would be fine, but when she sat on the bed and started to play with herself (remember, she didn’t have any panties on either), I suggested that it might be a better idea for her to put her PJs on so she was at least covered (not that I don’t have faith in our ability to resist temptation, but there is only so much temptation we can resist).

Sue dashed off and returned with her PJs, then stripped off and put them on. She resumed her earlier position on the bed and immediately stuffed her hand down the front of her bottoms and resumed her fingering. Her top ended up being open so she could play with her nipples, but neither Mike not I are really into breasts (or at least not large breasts) so I didn’t think that would be a problem.

We decided to get a bit more comfortable and got undressed (I really don’t get the appeal of suspender belts) and resumed our position with me kneeling up on the bed. Sue asked if she could use one of my toys and I told her to go ahead. When she returned, Mike took the opportunity to flip me over onto my back and we fucked in the good old missionary position. Mike rubbed my clit and I played with my nipples while pushing back against him. I kept telling him I wanted to cum and that I didn’t want him to stop and he kept going until I came. He fucked me for a few minutes more then pulled out and rubbed his cock until he squirted his cum over my stomach and breasts.

I asked him why he hadn’t cum in me (thinking it was so Sue could see him cum) and he just replied by saying ‘so I can do *this*’ and dived between my legs to eat me to another orgasm. His cum had mostly dribbled off my body by the time I came again and I now felt pretty satisfied (my earlier horniness had certainly abated). I hadn’t really been concentrating on what Sue had been doing, but found out that she had cum before my first orgasm and had just watched me cum the second time, but it looked like she might be interested in cumming again.

I needed a break though and after wiping off the remainder of his cum, we chatted for a while, discussing the evening and some of the more outlandish costumes. Now we had an idea of what you could get away with wearing, we started to make plans for the next one. We discussed the option of getting one of the boxes so we could really have a proper play while the show was on and imagines what it would have been like for one of us to be sitting watching the show while the other ate/sucked/fingered them to orgasm. Sue was surprised that we would do that much but I quickly reminded her of our holiday a couple of years ago and what she had been doing on the beach (which got a bit of a blush out of her, but not as much as it would have in the past).

Saturday, 28 May 2011

February Sue Visit - Part 1

This will probably be another fairly quick entry to help catch up...

The next weekend, it was Mike’s turn to visit me. I had bought tickets for a burlesque party on the Saturday and was looking forwards to it, but in the middle of the week, I got a call from Sue asking if she could come and visit. Naturally, I was happy to have a chance to see her, but there was a bit of a panic to try and get a third ticket so she could join us. I warned her that we would be attending and that the dress code was ‘risqué’, but she is about the same size as me and I have enough ‘interesting’ clothes that I knew I could lend her something if she didn’t have anything suitable.

Sue arrived in the early afternoon and met me at work. I introduced her to some of my friends at the afternoon coffee break and then skived off so we could head home. On the way home, we had a chat and I made sure that she knew that we couldn’t do anything with her while she was still seeing her bf (Mike and I had chatted about this and we had agreed to try much harder to not let anything happen – unlike the failed attempt at Christmas). Sue seemed fine with this and said that she was happy to sleep on the sofa – she was only up visiting because her bf was away for the weekend, visiting some of his school friends.

We went to the station to meet Mike and stopped off for a drink, before going home for dinner. We would have usually fucked (or done something so that we came) as soon as we got in, but were being a lot more reserved as Sue was there and we hadn’t entirely figured out how things would work. After dinner we went to sit down and chat – I sat beside Mike on the sofa and Sue sat opposite us. As would be expected, the conversation turned to sex and how things had been going with Sue. She had taken our advice and she’d had a chat with her bf (a number of chats spread out over a few weeks) about their sex life. I can’t remember if I’d mentioned this before (and I’m not going back to check), but they have now both been tested for STDs and so no longer use condoms.

Sue says that she enjoys the feeling of his bare cock a lot more, but initially it actually made the problem worse (of him cumming too quickly). She found a gel that helps to numb the penis and they have been using that (it doesn’t completely numb it, but does enough to help reduce the feeling so he can last longer). At first, she found that it also had a numbing effect on her, but they figured out that if they applied it to his cock, waited a few minutes and then wiped off the excess, it still had the effect on him, but not on her pussy.

She has also been encouraging him to practice holding back, or getting close to cumming and then stopping for a while. She said that she started this off by demonstrating this to him – she sat on his bed naked and played with herself, keeping herself close to cumming for quite a while before allowing herself to cum. She then practiced this on him, using her mouth and tongue on his cock and getting him to tell her whenever he was getting close. This apparently helped him improve his control quite a bit (over the period of a month or so) and he seems to really enjoy Sue’s oral skills now that he can feel her mouth properly (without using condoms).

While we had been talking, Mike had started to stroke my neck – I had been sort of aware of this, but I ended up getting a lot more turned on that I realised. I really wanted to cum, but turned to Mike and confirmed that we wouldn’t be involving Sue in anything we did. He assured me that we wouldn’t but said that seeing as she was the one who sort of got us started on the exhibitionist thing, we couldn’t really justify not letting her watch. This made sense to me and I surrendered myself to his hands. He continued stroking my neck and we got Sue to describe some of the other things that she had done with her bf.

My top was soon removed and Mike stroked my nipples, bringing them to attention. I was squeezing my thighs together and knew I was ready to be played with. Listening to Sue’s descriptions of fucking and being fingered definitely helped me along and I had to run into the bedroom to get a vibe. I lay on the sofa with my head resting on a cushion and my legs across Mike’s lap. This gave him plenty of access to my pussy and he soon had my skirt pulled up and the vibe sliding into me while he rubbed my clit. I could feel his cock pressing against the back of my legs and gently wriggled them around.

Sue was sweet enough to ask if she was allowed to play with herself (so at least she had taken our earlier conversation seriously). I told her that as long as she didn’t get involved in what we were doing, I wouldn’t want to stop her from enjoying herself. She pulled her skirt up and started to finger herself through her panties, then pushed her hand into her panties and went to work properly. Mike’s thumb was strumming back and forth over my clit by this point and I was getting close to cumming – I concentrated on what he was doing to me and then felt my orgasm pulse out from my cunt. I couldn’t help but make some noise and Mike encouraged Sue to be a bit louder.

Once my orgasm ended, I stayed in the same position, with the vibe still inside me (but turned off) and we both watched Sue. We made a point of making sure she knew that we were really watching her and asked what it had felt like when she masturbated with her bf watching her. She admitted that she had quite enjoyed it (I’ll make a proper exhibitionist out of her yet) and as she got closer to cumming, Mike kept encouraging her to make as much noise as she wanted. She did a fairly good job and moaned her way through her orgasm. When she finally pulled her hand out of her panties, we could see that a couple of her fingers were glistening and as she sucked them clean, I’m pretty sure that Mike was thinking the same thing I was (how we would have liked to taste them). We kept our resolve though and didn’t try anything.

We chatted for a bit longer and watched a film before heading off to bed. Mike went out and helped get the sofa ready for Sue to sleep on and then joined me in bed. We both thought it was a bit strange having her sleep in the living room, but we soon found a way to distract ourselves (Mike’s fingers inside me and my hand stroking him). We chatted about some of the things that Sue had described and Mike asked if I would give him a blowjob. I agreed to this as long as he would eat me at the same time (I know that 69 isn’t the easiest/best way to do blowjobs, but I felt that I would enjoy it more. Mike certainly didn’t mind and I climbed over him and lowered my pussy to his mouth, before getting into position and starting to lick up and down his cock.

He licked around my pussy and ass, then spread my lips and pushed his tongue into me. We concentrated on eating each other, but varying our technique as we went along (Mike used fingers in me sometimes and I pumped up and down his cock while just sucking on the end). As usual, I came first and Mike kept gently licking me when my orgasm ended. I had managed to keep sucking on his cock through my orgasm and between licks, he told me he was getting close. I assumed that he would have said something if he wanted to cum over me or in my cunt, so I just kept going. The good thing about having his cock in my mouth is I can (or think I can) feel it getting slightly larger or harder just before he cums (I don’t know quite how to describe it, but *something* feels different).

I swirled my tongue around the head and he came – I had forgot that this was his first cum of the evening (actually of the day) and there was a fair volume. I hadn’t been sure if I was going to swallow it, but ended up doing so or we would have made a rather large wet spot (or I would have had to stop sucking him and spit it somewhere). I tried to keep kissing and sucking him gently but his cock felt somewhat sensitive so I moved around and we kissed (Mike isn’t overly keen on tasting his own cum, but I think his orgasm had somewhat compensated him).

He was still hard and I ground my pussy against his cock while we kissed. He wasn’t ready to go again, but enjoyed the feeling of my hot wet cunt and he grabbed my ass to help guide my movements. Even before he was ready to do things properly, we were humping against each other and I could feel his fingers kneading my ass cheeks. I broke our kiss and told him I wanted to fuck and he said he would give it a try. His cock still felt a bit sensitive at first, but he worked through this and we got into a good rhythm. I was on top and Mike held his hands up with his elbows resting on the bed while I held his hands for support. This allowed me to ride up and down quite well, but had the disadvantage of making my breasts sway too much to be comfortable. I debated stopping to put a bra on, but ended up just lying down on top of him so he could pump into me fast while we kissed. This is generally the best way for me to have a purely vaginal orgasm (OK, so I know my clit gets stimulation from our bodies slamming together, but neither of us actually touch it). He had a finger in my ass by the time I came and he kept fucking me hard until he came as well. I’m pretty sure that if I’d had an egg to use on my clit I could have cum again while he was fucking me, but two cums in a night isn’t too bad. With our lust satiated, we curled up and went to sleep – Mike was inside me at first, but went soft relatively quickly and slipped out of me.

I was woken in the morning by Mike’s tongue on my nipples and a finger rubbing up and down my slit. He kissed up to my neck and nuzzled it while he teased my clit. I could feel his cock pressing against my leg and he rubbed it against me while he worked. I asked him to use less pressure on my clit and he moved his finger so it was stroking around my pussy and only occasionally ran over my slit or clit. I knew this would give me a much gentler orgasm, but we don’t often have time to do this so I enjoy it when we do. It was quite a slow build up and I was squirming around on the bed – I knew I could have just asked Mike to rub my clit and I would have cum quickly, but I’ve come to appreciate the delightful torture of doing things very slowly. I was panting by the time my orgasm finally happened and made sure that Mike was perfectly aware how good it felt.

As expected, it was quite gentle, but deep. This is a really good way to cum (especially for the first orgasm of a session) as it leaves me wanting more and the recovery time is very low. That was a good thing as Mike was certainly ready and as soon as I had caught my breath, he moved down between my legs, lifted them up so my ankles were on his shoulders and pushed his cock into me. I was given the task of rubbing my clit and he pumped into me quite energetically. We fucked like this for a while and then heard a knock on the door (which had been ajar). Sue asked if she could join us (and then added ‘on the bed’). Mike still had his cock buried in me and there didn’t seem any point saying no, so she came over and sat beside us.

It felt good having an audience again and we resumed our fucking. Sue watched us for a little bit and then pushed her hand into her PJs and started to play with herself. Mike told me to hold back and let my orgasm build properly so we paced ourselves, allowing Sue to catch up. Mike alternated between the frenzied fucking that we had started off with and long slow strokes that allowed Sue to see the while length of his cock sliding in and out of me. I could see her getting more flushed and picked up the pace with my own clit rubbing and allowed myself to moan a bit. Mike carried on pumping into me and I knew he was getting close as he wasn’t watching what I was doing (he does this when he’s concentrating on other things to delay his orgasm). He waited until Sue started to cum before he went for it and alternated his view between Sue and I. He told me to cum as quickly as possible and it didn’t take much before my orgasm started. Mike kept fucking me with long hard strokes while I rubbed my clit and he came just before I finished cumming (if we’d timed it just a bit better, the three of us could have cum at once).

He pulled out of me and I felt his cum dribble out straight away. He moved up to my head and offered me his hard cock, shining with my juices (and his cum) and I pulled it to my mouth and licked it clean (or half licked it clean – I sort of wrapped my tongue and lips around the shaft while his cock lay over my mouth).

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Open door shower cum

This is the last part of my visit to Jen. next entry Sue visits us again (but we were better behaved this time).


We were woken by the sound of Lucy going downstairs and I rolled over on top of Jen and kissed her while grinding against her leg. She let me do this and once she was properly awake, she started to push back against me. I told her I wanted to fuck her before breakfast and she said that I could as long as I agreed to wear whatever she asked when we went down for breakfast. Of course, I would have had to do this anyway, so I pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt and started to pump them in and out while we kissed more deeply. Jen’s fingers found my cunt and we pumped away in each other, getting more and more turned on.

I wanted to do something wild, but couldn’t really thing of exactly what would satisfy me, so ended up asking to do an energetic 69. I love tasting Jen, and if you really go for it, a 69 can be an incredibly messy and satisfying way to cum. We started on our sides, heads buried between each other’s thighs and licked as hard and as rapidly as we could. I licked Jen’s cunt and ass and at times had my nose almost buried in her cunt while I licked her clit – this had the wonderful side effect of making her juices the only thing I could smell and it helped to drive me on even faster.

Jen seemed to be enjoying eating me as well and we rolled around on the bed so we took turns on top. I could feel that I was getting close to cumming and rolled so that Jen was on top and I grabbed her ass to hold her in place. I started moaning into her cunt to try to let her know I was nearly there (I really didn’t want to break contact) and continued eating her as hard as I could. As I started to cum, I pushed my thumb into her ass (partly to stimulate her and partly to help hold her still). My orgasm felt really strong (which was just what I had wanted) and I continued to eat Jen the whole way through it. I was determined to let her keep working on me until she came and it wasn’t too long after I’d cum that I managed to achieve this. She lifted her head from my pussy and panted while she came – I licked until she had finished, then switched to gently licking (and she did the same for me).

Once we had both calmed down, she climbed off me and moved round to kiss me. We were both fairly messy and our kissing just helped to smear our juices together. Jen then bounced up and said it was time to go and eat. I was handed one of the short t-shirts (it covers my pussy and ass – sort of) and Jen went to wipe her face clean (which I wasn’t allowed to do). I was also told that I wasn’t allowed to pull the t-shirt down once I left the bedroom and by the time we’d made it to the bottom of the stairs my pussy was already peeking out.

Lucy was sitting having breakfast in her dressing down and with a towel round her hair. Jen asked me to get breakfast ready, which involved bending down and stretching up to get things out of cupboards and feeling the t-shirt ride up a little bit each time. I got our food ready and sat down at the table between Lucy and Jen (they were on opposite sides). Breakfast was fairly uneventful, but once we had finished, Jen suggested that I go and use the shower to ‘clean up’ my pussy (she actually used air quotes so I was perfectly aware what she meant). I asked if she was coming with me but she said she would finish her coffee and I should leave the door open so we could continue to talk.

I went into the bathroom (at the end of the kitchen) and pulled off my t-shirt. Neither Jen nor Lucy could see me, but I knew either of them could have looked in at any time and so I decided to put on a good show for them in case they did. I got the shower going and set it on the long pulse setting. It had already been on the short setting and I wondered if Lucy had been having a play during her shower – I assumed that she had and used the image to help things along. I assumed my usual position sitting on the corner of the bath and aimed the get at my pussy. I didn’t try to force it, but I allowed myself to moan, gasp and sigh to signal how good it felt. I alternated between using my free hand to finger myself and to hold my lips open and fully expose my clit so the jet could get better contact with it.

I was really getting into it and Jen called in to ask if I was enjoying myself. I gave an enthusiastic ‘oh yeah’ and decided that I may as well go for it. I set the spray to the short pulse setting and aimed it back at my clit. It really does feel a lot more intense (and I’m pretty sure that a woman must have had something to do with the design of this unit). I allowed myself to moan a bit louder and used the jet to get myself close to cumming. Knowing that there was nothing stopping Lucy from walking in at any time and that she could hear how aroused I was, was very exciting and I ended up cumming with two fingers working in my cunt while I used the thumb to hold back the lips on one side of my pussy. I don’t think I was any louder when I came, but there would have been no mistaking that I was indeed cumming.

I hosed down my body while I caught my breath and called out to Jen to fetch me a towel as I quickly washed my hair (or as quickly as I can wash it anyway – the one downside of long hair). The towel had arrived before I’d finished, so once I’d dried myself off, I rejoined them in the kitchen (wearing just a towel that was large enough to wrap around me, but not long enough to cover my pussy and breasts at the same time). Lucy said that it sounded like I’d enjoyed myself and I commented on how the shower had already been on the pulse setting. Lucy blushed a bit and just said that she might have given it a quick try to see what it was like and that it felt nice.

Jen went to shower while Lucy and I chatted. We moved into the living room which meant that I no longer had the table to hide behind, but it felt nice (as in relaxed) being able to be semi-nude around her. When Jen reappeared, we all headed upstairs to get dressed and meet people for a late brunch (I still contend that a brunch anytime after 12pm is actually lunch). I had to wear a very short pleated skirt which was hidden under my coat. It was long enough to appear decent, but when I sat down, I had to be very careful to not expose myself. Jules had another short tight skirt on and we compared notes to check that we were both pantiless (and braless in Julia’s case).

Near the end of the meal, Mel leaned over and asked if I’d enjoyed sucking Julia’s breasts and I told her that they were very nice. She told me I could have a feel of them and while a couple of people in the group kept a look out, I slipped my hand up under her top and onto her breasts. I had a fondle for long enough to get her nips hard (or hard-ish – at least enough that they were visible through her top when she straightened it up). I was then instructed to help hold Julia’s legs open while Mel slipped her hand up her skirt and fingered her (I’m fairly confident that she was actually fingering her because I could see moisture on Mel’s fingers when she pulled her hand out – plus, those two are as bad as Jen and I. I expected Jen to do the same to me, but I had apparently put on a good enough show the previous evening so I was spared any further teasing. This was probably a good thing as the cafe was too crowded (and our seats were in too public a place) for Jen to have made me cum, but I was a little disappointed that she didn’t do anything.

We made our way out to the airport and had a little play on the way (mostly her teasing me) – nothing too serious, but enough to feel good. Jen asked me how I had enjoyed being naked around Lucy and I told her that it had been unexpected but fun. I asked what else she had in store for me and she said I would have to wait and see.

As usual, she waited around at the airport with me until it was time for me to go through security – I realised how short my skirt was when I had to stand with my legs apart to be frisked. The lady didn’t have to touch my legs as I only had short socks on, but I could feel the air moving over my pussy and had to phone Jen to ask how much had been visible (nothing from where she was – but that was at the back of the queue). I was lucky in that there weren’t any children in the same row of seats as me, so I could just sit and read without having to worry about putting a coat over my lap. I got up to go to the toilet during the flight and as I edged past the person next to me, I had my arms up a bit to help raise the skirt enough to let the very bottom of my ass peek out. The guy was a bit older than Mike, but pretty good looking, so I did the same thing when I returned to my seat. For the rest of the flight I imagined us having hit some turbulence just as I was going past him, so I ended up falling onto his lap, feeling his cock get hard and then us fucking for the rest of the journey.

This meant that I was quite horny by the time we landed and I rushed home to play with myself – during which time I called Mike to tell him about the weekend. I managed two orgasms while we talked (for the second one, I went for DP with a vibe in each hole and an egg on my clit). Mike said that I sounded like I was really enjoying myself and once I was satisfied, we settled down for a more thorough talk.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tasting Julia's nipples

Back home now - it was a fun weekend but I won't see Jen for a few weeks as we have wedding things to take care of and it's the end of year sex party in York. I don't think I could cope with seeing her every weekend anyway as it would probably kill me (who am I kidding, I can't wait until we ll actually live together).


It was definitely a bit odd just sitting there chatting while wearing it, but the effect of the tingle gel had worn off so it was just a ‘thing’ that kept getting in the way. I was encouraged to try to suck the dildo off, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t bend myself round far enough to get the end into my mouth (it might be big, but it’s not *that* big).

It was after midnight when people started to leave – on the way out, Mel gave the cock a good fondle – I think she was trying to get the internal dildo to move, but she didn’t really know how to do it so I didn’t feel much. When she gave me a hug goodbye, she had a good grope of my breasts – I jumped when she did this and she pointed out that she had been sucking on them earlier, so a little touch was nothing. I’d pretty much forgotten that she had been doing that to me (as I said, I was distracted) and said that it wasn’t fair that I was the only one who had to show themselves off. Julia said that it was usually her in that situation and Mel told her that in the interests of fairness, she had to pull her top up and offer herself to Jen.

Jen said that I was the one who preferred smaller breasts and that I should get a reward for having put on a good show. I was instructed to kneel on the floor in front of Julia and give her nips a good licking/sucking. I knew exactly what Jen was trying to do, but Jules does have quite cute breasts and so I worked on them with my tongue until they were nice and hard. I had my hands on her outer thighs and they slowly edged up her legs. My fingers went slightly under her skirt and I remember thinking about her telling me earlier that she didn’t have panties on. I wondered what would happen if I kept moving my fingers up, but fortunately her skirt was sufficiently tight that I would have had to make it obvious what I was doing.

I stood up again and Julia was allowed to pull her top down – she gave my cock a quick rub to thank me and her and Mel left. Jen gave me a big kiss and asked if I wanted to stay downstairs with the remaining people, or head up for some fun. Naturally, I opted to go up to her room to fuck and once we’d said goodnight, we dashed upstairs. I caught her on the landing, lifted her skirt and positioned the dildo at the entrance to her pussy. I whispered to her that I was going to fuck her for a while and then we could go to her room to finish off. I was surprised when she wiggled her ass back against me and I slowly pushed the cock into her. We ended up with her bent forwards, leaning against the wall and me working the cock in and out of her cunt. I got up to a good speed and was pumping quite hard into her – I debated reaching around to finger her clit at the same time, but I was feeling quite horny myself so didn’t want to wear her out too soon, so I slowed my movements, pulled the dildo out and said that we should get undressed.

We dived into her room and Jen pulled her clothes off (it was somewhat easier for me as I just had my top on). I told her that I wanted to do things properly and asked if we could use the double ended dildo (she agreed and pulled it out while I removed the strap on). I was nice and wet (and Jen is always wet), so she slipped the dildo into herself, lay down on the bed and I mounted her (or the dildo). Our cunts were rubbing together in no time and we took turns rubbing clits while the other one humped back and forth on the dildo.
Things got quite energetic and I pointed out that anyone downstairs would be able to hear what we were up to, but Jen said she didn’t mind (it’s not as if they don’t know that we have sex). Jen tried her best to get me to cum first, but I held out (just) and got her to cum, before humping against her and playing with my clit until I came as well. I wasn’t ready to do anything straight away, but I knew I still felt horny so I pulled myself off the dildo and lay on top of her. We kissed quite deeply and when we broke the kiss, Jen commented that she should get me to kiss other girls more often as it clearly gets me worked up. This was a conversation that I knew we had to have, but not at that point (lust overrides the requirement to be sensible).

I squirmed around on top of her and then wriggled down her body and off to the side so that I could suck on her nipples and press my pussy against her leg. I reached down and took hold of the dildo (which was mostly still inside Jen), found a suitable position to hold it and used my thumb on her clit. I continued to do this until it was obvious that she was getting aroused again and then quickly pulled the dildo out of her (which elicited a gasp) and tossed it to the end of the bed. I’d been humping against her leg while doing this and I was now definitely ready for more. I wanted to get as much of her as possible and the best way to do this (I think) is to 69, so I climbed over her, pressed my cunt to her mouth, pulled her lips open and pushed my mouth between them.

Jen realised that I wasn’t in the mood to play around (I guess the fact that I was lashing her cunt, clit and lips with my tongue gave it away) and she returned the favour in kind. She wrapped her legs around my head and I kept going until she came. Unfortunately, she eased off licking me a bit while she was cumming, but I continued licking her (more gently) and this encouraged her to resume her work on me. There is something to be said for just having things done to you and not have to worry about concentrating on reciprocating – I really enjoyed feeling her tongue move around inside and over my pussy. I held back for a little while (but not too long) and as I felt the final build up of my orgasm, I buried my tongue in Jen again and moaned into her cunt as I came. Jen kept lashing my clit until I pulled away, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me back to her mouth. I was about to complain, but she changed to gentle kissing and licking (for which we use the name ‘kitty kissing’).

I was still licking her and after I’d enjoyed her bringing me down from my orgasm, I decided that I would help her have a third one. I moved off her and retrieved a vibrator from the drawer. I then knelt between her legs, rubbed the vibe up and down my cunt and then worked it into Jen’s. I worked it the whole way in, so the clit attachment was up against her clit and then turned it on. I’d already gotten her a fair way along with my licking, so it wasn’t too long before Jen was mewing away and squirming around on the bed. It looked like the feelings were quite intense – her head was stretched back and I saw her getting more flushed as her orgasm approached. I was only moving the vibe in and out a little bit (mostly so the attachment kept good contact with her clit), but I fucked her with it a bit more while she came. I wasn’t trying to torture her so I made sure not to over-stimulate her once she had cum and had another bout of kitty kissing (with the vibe in her, but not touching her clit).

I hadn’t intended to do anything to myself, but had ended up playing with myself while watching (and helping) her cum – I wasn’t really close to cumming and decided that it would be better to stop (she didn’t look like she was ready for a fourth round). I sucked my fingers clean, then sucked the vibe clean and lay down beside her. I pulled the covers over us and gently teased her nips with my fingers while we kissed and dozed off. I had some pretty good dreams – in one of them, I ended up sitting on the stairs while kissing Julia’s nips and she sat on my lap (while I was still wearing the strap on) and bounced up and down on it until she came. In another, I was sitting with Lucy’s friends from the previous evening, but was naked and they took turns stroking my body and playing with me until I came, then they all acted disgusted that I would do something like that so I had to run upstairs. I woke up a couple of times feeling horny and nearly woke up Jen, but decided to let her sleep.

When she got up to go and pee early in the morning, I couldn’t hold back any longer though and I followed her downstairs. Jen just had her robe on but I went down naked (it was just after 6 and there was no chance Lucy would be getting up that early on a Sunday). I waited in the kitchen while Jen peed and when she came out i was sitting up on the table with my legs spread. Jen said that she was still tired, but after a little encouragement, she agreed to have a quick play as long as we returned to bed afterwards.

We had a look through the fridge to see if there was anything we could use, but other than a cucumber (which was a bit larger than I wanted at that time of the morning) and some carrots that looked a bit past their best, we couldn’t find anything suitable. I was a bit disappointed as I’d hoped to find some of Lucy’s food to play with, but we decided to make up for it by doing things in the middle of the hallway, so we would be visible from the front door and from the door to Lucy’s room. Of course, we had to be quiet as Jen didn’t want Lucy to catch us (or rather *her*) naked. I retrieved a couple of pillows and used them in the hall so one was under my ass and the other under my head. Jen climbed on top of me and we 69ed until we had both cum. We then returned to bed and went back to sleep for a while.

Friday, 20 May 2011

My strongest orgasm

I'm not sure if this was actually my strongest orgasm ever, but you'll understand why it is certainly a contender once you've read the entry. This is slightly shorter than usual so I'll post the next part on Sunday when I get back home (I'm back down visiting Jen this weekend). I got an early flight down and we're just heading out to meet up with people now...


We got home and all made dinner together, then tidied up. Jen and Lucy disappeared upstairs and I was told to remain in the living room. I had no idea what they were doing, but I was very curious as to how Lucy was involved with things (I know how I would *like* her to be involved). They were gone for a fair amount of time and Mel and Jules turned up (which at least meant I had someone to talk to). When other people turned up, Jen and Lucy came back downstairs and said that everything was ready and I had to follow Jen back upstairs. In her room, I was told to change into a different outfit (lacy top, no bra and short pleated skirt with no panties – nothing too unusual there). We went back downstairs and chatted over drinks. We were expecting a few more people to turn up, but Jen decided that she was too impatient to wait and said it was their fault for being late.

I was really wondering what she was referring to and asked her what was going to happen, but she said that I had to wait and see. I had to remain in the living room while she and Lucy disappeared upstairs again. When they returned, I was blindfolded and told to stand up and a minute later, was directed to sit down. I could tell that I was sitting on one of the kitchen chairs (I could feel the tall wooden back) and there was something on the seat. Jen fiddled around with my skirt and arranged it so that the object was pressing directly against my pussy. I felt my legs being tied to the chair legs, my hands tied behind the chair and then something being tied around my upper legs, pulling me hard against the chair. I could obviously hear people making comments about what was happening, but nothing that helped me to figure out what was going on. It was only when Jen pulled my blindfold off that I saw that it was our new powerful plug-in vibrator under my skirt and pressed up against my pussy.

I wasn’t too bothered about being made to cum in front of everyone (or the people who were there), but I didn’t quite understand what all the secrecy was about and why I was tied down (it’s not as if I usually object to being given orgasms!). Jen turned the vibrator on and the head started vibrating. Jen slipped her hand under my skirt and checked it was properly positioned (right against my clit) and then got Mel to push a pillow behind my back to push my forwards slightly. I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure it out, but I now realised that I was completely tied in place and wouldn’t be able to escape, but I was also being distracted by our wonderful toy, so i didn’t let it concern me. The vibrating head felt really good (although it made a bit of noise as it was also vibrating against the padded seat of the chair) and I tried to squirm around to vary the contact it had with my pussy (no matter how good something feels, variation is almost always a good thing).

As I described when we first got this toy (a Christmas present from Mike), it is pretty powerful and I knew that I would cum quite quickly so I was enjoying it as much as possible. Jen moved round behind me and pushed he hands down my top so she could play with my nips. She started to gently pinch and stroke them (they were already quite hard) and I was trying to hold back from moaning too much (but I’m told that I was whimpering quite a bit). Jen pulled the straps of my top down over my shoulders and pulled my right breasts out before asking if anyone wanted to have a play with it. Mel crawled over and knelt up beside me (if I’d been asked beforehand, I would have guessed it would have been her or Jules) and took over teasing it.

I was pretty close by now and Jen realised this – she told Mel to knock the vibe up another level and as soon as it started buzzing faster, I couldn’t do anything to hold back. I felt an intense orgasm burst out from my pussy and I definitely started moaning at this point. My orgasm didn’t last for very long, but when I tried to squirm away from the vibe, Jen pushed down on my shoulders to help keep me in place (the fact that I was tied to the chair meant that she didn’t have to do much to stop me moving). The buzzing now felt really intense and I couldn’t escape the vibe. Jen started to stroke my neck (I like this a lot, but I don’t think it made any difference in the face of the assault on my clit) and Mel took my nipple in her mouth. I heard a few people clap when she did this but was rather distracted by the vibe. I’m told that my language wasn’t entirely ladylike, but I could feel another orgasm building and the feelings were moving back into the enjoyable zone as it got closer.

I leant my head back to give Jen better access to stroke my neck and stayed like that as my second orgasm pulsed out from my clit. It felt stronger, but not quite as intense or sharp and was actually more enjoyable than my first one. It also seemed to last a bit longer (but I’m not sure how good my grasp of time was at this point). As my orgasm faded, (but the stimulation from the vibe didn’t), I realised that I might be in a bit of trouble. I told Jen that I didn’t think I could take much more and she whispered to me that this was payback for things I’d made her do over Christmas. It’s difficult to describe what the sensation was, but it felt like the vibrator was pulsing through my whole crotch and thighs. It was now definitely too strong to be pleasurable, but Jen showed no signs of letting me go or turning it off and instead, fished my left breast out from my top and offered it to Mel, who moved around so she was kneeling in front of the chair and started to play with both my nips.

I tried to pull away from the vibe, but between them, they held me in place and I felt some of the most intense stimulation that I can remember. I can usually cum quite a few times, so I wasn’t too surprised when I felt a third one start to build, but I generally have a bit of break between orgasm to recuperate (and this vibe is a lot stronger than our other ones). This time I was in no state to hold back and let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ as I came, which apparently became less coherent as my orgasm progressed. Mel seemed to have had enough of my breasts and moved back beside Julia to watch me. Jen took over playing with my nipples which she said were quite wet with Mel’s saliva.

This was nothing like the time at Christmas when I had been teased for hours – I had desperately wanted to cum then – so much that it almost hurt, but now I wanted nothing more than to have the stimulation stop. I wasn’t sure if I could cum a fourth time in a row so quickly, but I was quite sure that I didn’t want to and I begged Jen to turn the vibe off. I was told that i had to put on a show for a bit longer (Jen later said that she wanted to see if I would cum again). I was desperately trying to pull away from the vibe and the feelings felt like they were almost tearing through my body. Jen went over and joined the others to watch me for a bit and when she finally realised that I had actually had enough (or more than enough), she wandered back over and turned the vibe down to its lowest setting. This is still pretty strong and while it felt a bit better, I was relieved when she turned it off completely. I later found out that a couple of people had encouraged her to turn it off, but I completely missed this at the time.

My cunt still felt like it was vibrating and pulsing and the whole area felt really warm and wet (I briefly wondered if I’d ended up wetting myself, but I assumed that someone would have said something if that had been the case). Jen slowly untied me from the chair and while she was doing this, I realised that I’d been in such a state that I had been drooling (enough that it had run down over my chin, neck and down the side of my left breast). I couldn’t do anything to clean this up as my hands were still tied behind the chair, but it wasn’t as if I could have hidden it anyway and my muscles felt like they had no strength in them. Jen helped me off the chair and I flomped onto the sofa with my breasts still hanging out. My pussy was still tingling – although it felt more like really rapid throbbing and felt quiet warm. I wanted to have a check to ensure that everything was still where it should be (or more to the point to see if anything was as enflamed as it felt). I think Jen realised that she might have pushed me a bit too far and she came over to sit beside me to look after me. I felt quite tired and almost dozed off leaning against her (hmm, I must have become male).

It took about 15 minutes for me to feel like myself again and I tucked my breasts back in to my top. I had a well deserved beer and rejoined the conversation. I arranged myself so I was leaning against Jen, with my legs demurely half tucked under me – well, it would have been demurely if my skirt had been a bit longer, but I was trying to accidentally give Lucy a view up my skirt to my ass and pussy (I don’t know if she could see anything, but I liked imagining that she was looking). A few more people turned up and things were quiet for a while until Lucy mentioned having seen our new strap-on toy. People had already described my earlier antics to them and I was given the choice of repeating the display with the super-vibrator, or showing off the strap-on.

I was feeling much better by this point, but I was pretty certain that another round on the chair would have been too much, so I opted for the strap-on. Jen came with me to help tighten the harness and she applied a glob of tingle gel to the internal dildo before she attached it to me. I was allowed to leave the skirt on (although it didn’t do much to hide the main dildo) and Jen had me put on a pair of black stockings to complete the look. I was marched back downstairs and paraded around the room so that people could get a good look. Some of the guys had a feel of it and said that they thought it felt fairly authentic (and who knows what cocks feel like better than gay men?) and a couple of the girls had a little play with it as well. As expected, Jules was encouraged to have a good feel and she said that it wasn’t bad, but that she’d had bigger cocks in her time. I had to remove my skirt so I was now just wearing the stockings, lacy top and strap-on. Jen gave it a bit of a wank and described the internal dildo – I wondered if she was going to make me show them in the same way I’d shown Lucy, but I just had to keep wearing it.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Strap-ons, showers and cafes

Blogger appears to have settled down now - we took the opportunity at the weekend to have a play with styles, let me know if you like the new look and I'll make alterations if people want. Unfortunately, my Picasa account was deleted due to lewd photos being on there - does anyone have any good suggestions for free photo sharing sites where I can put up galleries for you to enjoy?


I woke up first in the morning, feeling much refreshed, and woke Jen up via the usual method. Once I’d made her cum, and while she was getting her breath back, I fished around in my bag for a surprise that I’d brought with me. I pulled out a shower head – the same one that we had bought for my place – and told her that it was the second part of her birthday present. Jen’s place has really good water pressure (probably related to the bathroom being downstairs) and we thought that this pressure, combined with the really good pulse setting on this shower head, could make for some very interesting showers.

Jen had been slowly stroking my pussy while we had been discussing how good the shower might be and I asked her to stop teasing me and give me my morning orgasm. She told me that she could tease me for as long as she wanted and if she decided that I wasn’t allowed to cum for the rest of the weekend, then I wouldn’t get a chance to cum (but would be mercilessly teased). I knew better than to argue with her and spread my legs before telling her that my cunt was hers to do (or not do) whatever she wanted with and that I would follow her instructions, but added that I would really like to cum and thought we could have a lot more fun that way. Fortunately, Jen agreed with me and went down on me, pushing her tongue into my pussy and eating me out to a very satisfactory orgasm.

We headed down for breakfast – I was given a light robe to wear (without a belt). When I asked about Lucy seeing me, Jen said that Lucy didn’t mind if I was partially naked and that she was now quite used to ‘strange things’ happening whenever I was there. Jen wore her dressing gown (tied up), but it still meant that we could fool around a bit while we were getting breakfast ready (nothing too serious, just a bit of fondling and fingering). We were in the middle of eating when Lucy joined us – we sat and chatted for a while and Jen kept tugging at my robe, causing it to fall open enough to expose a breast. I kept covering up but in the end Jen said that she wanted to be able to see my topless. She moved around behind me and pushed the robe off my shoulders and reached over to cup my breasts. Lucy had seen me topless before so I wasn’t too surprised when she didn’t say anything about it, but Jen then started to play with my nipples, pinching and teasing them (gently) until they were hard.

We all continued chatting as if this wasn’t happening (although it was quite clear that I was enjoying what Jen was doing to me). My robe had slipped completely off by this point the table hid Lucy’s view of me from the stomach down. Jen suggested that I show Lucy the things I had brought with me. I went to put my gown back on but Jen said that there wasn’t any need for that and checked with Lucy that it was fine with her if I was nude (to which Lucy just nodded and said she didn’t mind). I stood up and felt rather self-conscious – I may have lost a fair amount of weight, but I’m not as slim as Jen or Lucy. I went up to Jen’s room and realised that I wasn’t sure exactly what it was she wanted me to bring so I packed the shower head back into my bag and took the whole lot down.

When I returned, Jen said that Lucy had been interested in seeing the strap on. I pulled it out of the bag and let her have a proper look at it. Jen got me to demonstrate how the dildos went into it and connected together and once I had it assembled, said that the only way to properly understand it would be for me to wear it. This was new ground – Lucy had briefly seen Jen rub my pussy as her (Jen’s) birthday party (along with anyone else who had been in the room), but this would be showing something entering me (for the brief period she would see until the harness covered it up). As I’d said earlier to Jen, I was quite prepared to do anything she instructed me to do, so I got her to help strap it on. The way it worked,  don’t think Lucy actually got to see anything as the internal dildo slipped into me, but I certainly felt it and I knew that she knew it was inside me.

Once it was strapped on, Jen showed Lucy how well the main dildo was held in place by the harness and we ended up discussing how realistic it felt to use it (to be fair, I was the main contributor to this part of the conversation). Lucy asked what positions it could be used for and Jen said the one she liked best was being taken or taking me from behind. She leant against the table in front of me and pushed back against the dildo – I went to lift her dressing gown (I’m not even sure if I was just joking or if I would have pushed the dildo into her) but Jen told me to behave and that I wasn’t meant to be the one who decided what we did. She briefly demonstrated to Lucy how jerking the dildo transferred the movements to the internal dildo and the section that rubs against the clit – not for long enough to do a great deal to me, but it still felt really nice.

I was then instructed to remove the harness and suck the internal dildo clean. I assumed that all girls (or at least all girls who like sex) are willing to taste their own juices so this didn’t seem like too big a deal. Once I had finished, Jen told me to get the shower head connected up, so I headed into the bathroom to do this.  While I was fiddling with this, she told Lucy how good it was and when I informed them that it was working, they came in to see. Lucy put her hand into the jet and I changed it from long pulse to short pulse and back a few times so she could feel the difference. She asked what it actually felt like to use and Jen said that I would be happy to demonstrate if she wanted. Lucy didn’t believe her (and neither did I at first – given this was the first time I had been fully naked around Lucy I hadn’t expected anything else).

Jen told me to sit in the corner of the bath and spread my legs. As surprised as I was, I was also rather thrilled at having Lucy watch me (remember that Mike and I have cum many times to the pictures of Pavlina), so I did as Jen asked. I was told to pull back my outer lips and expose my clit and as soon as I did this, the spray was aimed squarely at my clit. I didn’t have to pretend that it felt good – Jen had the shower set on the rapid pulse and the excitement of the situation meant that I reacted quite favourably to the stimulation and couldn’t do anything to stifle the gasp that escaped me. I thought that Jen was going to make me cum in front of Lucy, but after having demonstrated the two pulse settings (and what effect they had on me), Jen directed the jet away from me and said I could close my legs.

Lucy commented that it looked like it would be worth exploring and Jen told her that if she wanted, I would be more than happy to use it on her (then asked me to confirm that this was the case, at which point I just nodded). As I’ve said before, it is very different doing things in front of strangers and at the sex parties than it is in front of Jen’s friends who I now know fairly well. I was now calm enough to be a little embarrassed at what had just happened, but I tried to not show it. Jen ushered Lucy out of the room and told her that it was time to give the shower a proper test.

Jen stripped off and joined me in the bath. I offered to use the shower on her but she said that i deserved first go, so I resumed the position I’d been in earlier and she aimed the jet back at my clit. While she worked on me with the spray, she asked me if I’d liked letting Lucy watch and i told her that it had been nice, but that I was quite surprised (both that Jen had told me to do it, and that Lucy had watched). Jen explained that if I was able to openly fuck in front of people with Mike, then she was allowed to show me off a bit more and I realised that she had probably been having some more conversations with Mike to plan things. I didn’t really care (I love them both) and I was concentrating more on what the jet was doing to me. It was now on the short pulse setting and the water was pattering against my clit – I told her that I was getting close and she said that I should feel free to make noise if I wanted. I wasn’t overly loud, but I moaned as much as felt good and didn’t worry if anyone could hear me.

By the time I finished cumming, Jen was ready to have a go and told me to hurry up and switch positions. Fortunately, there isn’t much effort required to use the shower, so I could catch my breath while I got Jen started. As usual, I started with the long pulse setting and when she got going, moved to the short setting. I encouraged Jen to make noise and to her credit, she wasn’t being silent, but she was still quite restrained. As she got closer to cumming, I leant towards her and whispered that if she wanted to pee as she came, she could go ahead and do so. I watched her chest and neck get more flushed as her orgasm approached and knew she was cumming when she started to squirt pee at me. She mewed a little as she rode her orgasm, and if my pussy still hadn’t been tingling from the water jet, I would have probably played with myself. When she asked me to move the jet away, I replaced it with my mouth and gently licked her – not that I could taste much as she had just been quite thoroughly rinsed.

We then showered and washed each others’ hair, before helping to dry each other off and heading out into the kitchen. Lucy was still sitting there, reading a magazine and I imagined that she had been playing with herself while she listened to me (and maybe even Jen) cumming. It was a bit too cold to stand around with wet hair, so we all went upstairs and had a girly hour, drying and styling each other’s hair (obviously we didn’t need to dry Lucy’s hair). We eventually got dressed (Lucy got dressed in her room) and headed out to meet up with people (for coffee of course). As expected, I was instructed to wear a short skirt, but was told to also wear a pair of white cotton panties under it.

We had time to wander around the shops for a little while before we went to the cafe and Lucy needed to buy a couple of things – which meant we got the opportunity to see her posing (dressed). It was the usual crowd at the cafe but we couldn’t get to sit in a secluded area so I knew that I wouldn’t be expected to perform and could relax and just chat to people. Jules was there and we had a good catch up chat – she said that she was relieved that I was back as she is their default person to ‘tease’ (in the interesting sense) when I’m not around. I pretended to act dump and asked her what sort of things she had been made to do (as if Jen and I don’t talk about such things) and she described the usual set of things – being semi-naked (or fully naked in front of some of the group), Mel fingering her and making her cum... I told her that I knew she loved it just as much as I do and she agreed.

Jules is actually quite cute when she isn’t doing her tough girl act. She had cut her hair fairly short and it now had pink and green through it. She was wearing black lipstick and heavy eye shadow, along with a short tight leather skirt and tight t-shirt (and I was fairly certain the she didn’t have a bra on underneath). I was wondering about panties and Mel seemed to notice me staring at Jules’ thighs. She placed her hand on Jules’  leg and slid it up under her skirt (or as much as she could given how tight the skirt was). Jules jumped a bit and I took this to mean that Mel’s hand had come in direct contact with her pussy.

Jen decided to join in the fun and moved over to sit beside me – she ran her hand up my thigh and pulled my legs slightly open – ironically, having the white panties on meant that it was much easier for people to see up between my legs (even if they could only see the panties) and Jen slid her hand up until the side of her thumb was pressing against my crotch. I glanced around to see if anyone (outside our group) had noticed, but realised that it was only our friends sitting across the table from us who could actually see what was happening. Both Mel and Jen were fairly careful and whenever anyone else came too close to our tables, they moved their hands back slightly. It wasn’t serious fondling – I don’t think that either Jules or I were stimulated anywhere near enough to get anything more than a little aroused, but was interesting enough just because we weren’t tucked away in a corner like we usually would be at such times.

We never found out just how far things could have gone as the place got busier and we decided that we couldn’t just sit around chatting (we had all finished our drinks). We headed off and a couple of people left, but we arranged for people to come over and visit later on. I found out that one of the boys who had been over with Jen the previous night is someone who fancies her (and has done so since her first year). I pointed out the obvious fact that she is gay and asked if she was at all interested in him. She isn’t, but she really likes him ‘as a friend’ (I bet he loves hearing that) and think he is really sweet. I was surprised that I hadn’t met him before, but thinking about it, the previous night was the first time I had properly met any of Jen’s normal friends (not the extreme part of LGBT that Mel introduced her to and I usually see).

While we wandered around, I decided to see if my intuition had been right and I mentioned to Julia that, from her reaction when Mel’s hand went under her skirt, it seemed like she was going commando. She confirmed that this was the case and asked if I was the same, so I told her that Jen had ordered me to wear panties. I thought I may as well find out everything and mentioned that it looked like she didn’t have a bra on and she confirmed that this was also the case – it was quite clear that I was wearing one (breasts the size of mine don’t stay up by themselves). I had expected Jen to either try to make me cum or to get me to remove my panties, but we had a normal afternoon (that’s normal for normal people) and ended up going home to have dinner before other people started to turn up. On the way back (it was now just Jen, Lucy and myself), Jen said that if we’d managed to find a suitable place in the cafe, the plan had been to make me cum somehow and she showed me that she had brought along one of the remote eggs which would have been placed in my panties so everyone could have had a play with the remote control.


Next entry - my strongest orgasm ever...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Meeting Lucy's friends

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The following weekend (start of February now) it was my turn to visit Jen at Uni. This was the first time that I had to carry the strap on while going through security (the rules were that we couldn’t cheat and put it in hold luggage). I wore a variant of my usual outfit – short(ish – mid thigh) pleated skirt and long socks that came almost to the top of my thighs (they were a little too long for me). I did get frisked as security (the dangers of wearing skirts with metal studs in them) and the girls hands went sufficiently far up my legs that she went above where the socks ended. Her hands were incredibly close to my pussy (but there was no contact) and I was quite glad that I enjoy that sort of thing (from a human rights perspective, I still think the enhanced pat downs by the TSA are horrendous – especially when they do it to children).

Anyway, if I get going off in that direction I’ll end up ranting for ages - and that’s not what this blog is about, so back to more exciting things. The flight was fairly uneventful (it was too crowded for me to try to match Jen’s feat of cumming while airborne) and Jen met me at the airport. The house was empty when we got home and we debated going out to meet up with people, but it had been three weeks since we’d seen each other and so we decided to take the opportunity to use Lucy’s room to have some fun.

We threw my bag into Jen’s room and moved into Lucy’s room to get things started. I showed Jen my nicely trimmed patch of hair and we compared how hers was longer (a little too long and we noted that we needed to buy something to take care of it). Jen had been wearing panties and I scolded her for this, but went down on her anyway. She lay across the bed and I knelt on the floor to eat her – but not to orgasm. Before she came, I stopped and said that I wanted to use the strap on and ran into her room to get it from my bag. When I returned, I removed my skirt and she helped me put it on, ensuring that the internal dildo was well fastened so i could enjoy what we were about to do as well. I pulled off her top and it joined my skirt on the floor and Jen knelt on the bed on all fours.

I was just about to get up behind her when I thought of something to add to the mix and I pulled out a pair of Lucy’s panties – a little lacy black pair that I was sure would look very sexy on Lucy (and I know they look sexy on Jen). I got Jen to pull them on and then resume her position on the bed and I knelt behind her, pulled the panties to the side and pushed the dildo into her. I fucked Jen for a while before I reached around her and rubbed her clit (the way Mike does to me when he’s doing me doggy style). I alternated between pushing my hand into the panties and rubbing her through the panties to make sure that her juices would get onto them. Jen was really enjoying what I was doing and while I was having fun, I wasn’t getting too much sensation from the dildo so I was getting worked up, but knew I would have to wait until Jen had cum for me to properly enjoy myself.

I kept working away at Jen until she started her mewing and I knew she was in the final build up to her orgasm. I told her to let go and cum as much as she could and she told me that it wasn’t as if she usually held anything back. She came and was a bit more vocal than usual – not screaming or anything, but certainly a bit louder. I kept fucking her until she told me to stop and after I pulled the dildo out, I knelt behind her and gently kissed around her pussy.

Jen rolled over onto her back and we kissed for a while with the strap on pressed up against her stomach. When I decided that it was finally my turn, I sat up, took a hold of Lucy’s panties and slid them down Jen’s legs. I was happy that they were quite moist with Jen’s juices and threw them down beside us on the bed while I had a quick proper taste of Jen. I stood up to remove the strap on and when I went to put Lucy’s panties back in her drawer (at the back to give them a chance to dry) I discovered a new vibrator (we don’t know if it was actually new, but we hadn’t discovered it before). It wasn’t anything special – just a standard vibe, but the thought that it had been in Lucy was enough for me to want to use it and so I handed it to Jen and made myself comfortable on the bed.

Jen ran the vibe up and down her own pussy first just to make sure it was lubricated, but soon realised that I was sufficiently horny that that wouldn’t have been an issue anyway. She pushed it into me and slowly fucked me with it, asking how it felt and how it would feel if it was Lucy doing this to me. Her thumb found my clit and she crouched over me so she could lick my nipples for a while, before moving down between my legs and replacing her thumb with her mouth. It felt wonderful to be back with Jen and I could tell that it wasn’t going to be long before I would cum so I described to Jen how if Lucy was there with us, she could be wearing the strap on and pumping it into Jen’s cunt the way I had just done. Jen liked this idea so I continued to describe the fantasy as my orgasm approached. I tried to hold back a little bit but also really wanted to cum, so I didn’t last for long before I let go and surrendered to my lust. Jen’s tongue felt really good and she pumped the vibe in and out of me with a good rhythm. I told her when I’d had enough and she pulled the vibe out and just used her tongue on me (gently) until my orgasm was completely finished.

Jen crawled back up my body and we kissed while my hands stroked over her back and ass. I was a little surprised that she was already grinding against me (it usually takes her longer to want a second round) and I told her that I could use the vibe on her. She pointed out that it was getting late and we had no idea when Lucy would be returning (we’re not quite sure what her response would be to finding us fucking on her bed with her sex toys) and I agreed that we should head into Jen’s room to finish off. Before we left, I rubbed one side of the dildo along Jen’s pussy and we held it between us while we kissed and licked it clean. I hid it back in the drawer where I had found it, we gathered up our clothes and headed in to Jen’s room.

As soon as we got into the room, Jen said it was time to get started and we fell onto the bed. We ended up just 69ing, using fingers and mouths on each other, but in a pretty intense – almost animalistic – session. I know that Jen really got into it because when I started to finger and lick around her ass, she did the same back to me – we didn’t do a lot of this, it was mostly pussy play, but it’s still not that often that she does that.

We had finished up and were lying under the covers talking when we heard Lucy come back and we could hear that there were other people with her. We weren’t going to go down, but they called up to us to see if we were awake or ‘otherwise engaged’ and when we said that we were just talking, we were told to go down and see them. Jen pulled on her skirt and top (but left her panties off) and I was given a t-shirt to wear (it was fairly long). We wandered down and said hi, then stayed and chatted for a while. It wasn’t the usual group of people and I was glad that I hadn’t been made to wear anything too revealing (not that I would have minded them seeing, but it might have been awkward letting ‘normal’ people see me semi-naked and I didn’t want to upset/annoy Lucy).

I made sure I sat down carefully and Jen was fairly well behaved. She had an arm around me and was idly stroking my neck – I was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to try to make me cum in front of them (and if she had, it would have been her fault), but as the gentle stroking continued, I could feel myself getting turned on again. I made sure I didn’t fidget, but I couldn’t do anything to hide the fact that my nipples were getting hard. I did lean back and quietly ask Jen if she knew what she was doing and she just gave me her mischievous grin and said that she did. She only continued to stroke my neck gently, enough to keep me aroused, but not enough to get me too turned on and I ended up relaxing and enjoying the experience. We stayed and chatted for about an hour before we decided to go back to bed (I had the excuse of being tired from travelling). I wasn’t quite as careful when I got up – I don’t think I actually showed off any naughty bits, but I came fairly close.

Jen’s hand slipped up under my t-shirt on the way upstairs and when I pushed it out of the way, she grabbed my hand and reminded me that I was meant to do whatever she wanted. We were most of the way up the stairs and out of sight of the door to the living room, so I turned around to face her, pulled the t-shirt off and told her that I would naturally do anything she wanted. She flashed her wicked little grin at me and said that she had something in mind. I had to lie down at the very top of the stairs with my ass at the edge and my legs spread, with my feet resting one step down from the top. I was instructed to play with myself and when I had started, Jen stood over my head and lowered herself onto my face.

Now I’m used to Jen being demanding when I’m visiting, but she wasn’t usually quite this horny (not that I was complaining) and I licked her cunt in time with the movements of my fingers on my own pussy. I could almost feel the open space of the stairs and the clear line of sight up to my pussy, but I also knew that unless someone came upstairs, or went to the front door, that it was unlikely we would be seen (and again, Jen had instructed me to do this, so if we offended Lucy’s friends, it wouldn’t be my fault). I was still feeling quite horny from the teasing on the sofa and I’m fairly well practiced at masturbation (a lot more so now as I have to take care of myself during the week). Having Jen’s pussy on my mouth was also helping (I love the way it feels and tastes) and I started licking Jen faster and harder to try to get her off.

Jen hadn’t told me whether I was meant to make myself cum or not, but in the absence of any instructions, I just went with what felt best and continued to finger myself until I came. I moaned into Jen’s pussy to let her know I was cumming and when my orgasm finished, I brought my hands up so I could hold her in place and lick her better. I had no idea what was going on downstairs as my hearing was pretty muffled by Jen’s legs, but I assumed she would stop me if anyone was coming. It didn’t take too long before she was humping against my mouth and I knew she was getting close. I kept eating her, concentrating more on her clit and finally felt her shudder. I kept licking, but not as forcefully, until she pulled away from me and said that I’d done well. She helped me up and tossed my t-shirt downstairs before we headed into her room and got into bed.

Once safely under the covers, I commented on her enhanced sex drive and she said that she had just been missing me. I told her that I liked it (and liked the fact that she had missed me) and wondered how long it would last for. I was genuinely quite tired by this time, but would have gone for round four if she had wanted – but she was also tired so we decided to call it a night and just chatted until we fell asleep.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

January Sex Party - Part 3

Oops, once again I forgot to post this on time. I'll post the next entry from York on Saturday to get back on track. We don't have too much planned for the weekend but I'm sure we'll find some way to keep ourselves amused.


I got up and went to wash his cum off my hands, then headed downstairs with Mike to get a drink. I bumped into bi-girl again and we chatted for a little while. I asked her if there were any gay/bi guys at the party and she said that she didn’t think so (and agreed with me that pretty much everyone prefers watching  girls do things with each other – not that I have anything against gay men, I just prefer watching girls). There wasn’t much action going on other than a girl sucking a guy off. He didn’t have a condom on and we watched as she got him close to cumming and he pulled out of her mouth and came over her face. I was definitely feeling ready for a bit more action now and I pulled Mike’s hand to my pussy. He pulled me back against him and I could feel that he was also ready for more, but one of the other guys who had been watching interrupted us and asked if I had enjoyed watching the blowjob.

I told him I had and he asked if I wanted to do him. Mike, Jen and I had discussed how far we wanted to allow things to go and had agreed that as long as neither of us had penetrative sex with anyone else and I didn’t do anything ‘serious’ with another girl, then we could experiment a bit. (Basically, Mike is the only person allowed to actually fuck me – or Jen I guess now that we have the strap on). I told the guy that I was happy to blow him as long as he wore a condom, or if he preferred, I would use my hand and he could cum over my breasts. He didn’t take long to decide that he would prefer a blow job and so I helped him put a condom and got him to sit on the sofa. I knelt down in front of him and gently stroked up and down his cock (it was slightly smaller than Mike’s, but otherwise pretty similar, if a bit hairier). I was a little nervous as this would only be the second person I’d ever blown, but I was fairly convinced that I could do a good job and so started work on the head. I felt so naughty doing this that I had to drop a hand down to my pussy and play with myself – I spread my legs a little and leant forwards so that anyone watching could see my fingers working on my pussy and I balanced so I could use my other hand on his cock.

I didn’t go for the subtle drawn out approach and used my tongue to pay quite a lot of attention to his glans – swirling around it, flicking it and sucking the whole head while I pumped away at the shaft. I had a couple of fingers buried in my cunt and debated trying to make myself cum, but decided I would wait until I had finished and would let Mike help me cum. I had a quick break in the middle to wrap my breasts around his cock and tit-fuck him for a little while (he seemed to enjoy this), but I soon returned to sucking and rubbing him. This time I used my other hand on his balls (I was very gentle) and used my tongue to apply a lot more pressure to the head. He told me he was getting close and held my head on his cock. I kept licking and sucking and then felt his cum squirting into the condom. It was a very strange sensation (I can’t remember ever having used a condom while sucking Mike off), but I carried on, just a lot more gently – now flicking my tongue over the head and slowly swirling it around.

When I pulled away, I could see how much the guy had cum and it was bizarre knowing that I had done that myself (I know that I’ve made people cum with my writing, but this was with my own mouth and hands). I asked him if it had been okay and he said it had felt great (and I guess the cum filled condom attested to that). I felt quite pleased with myself and told Mike that I was now really ready for some more action. He asked me to rinse out my mouth before we kissed and I took a swig of his beer. He then pulled his jeans down and sat on the sofa – I climbed over him and lowered myself onto his cock and asked him what it had been like watching me. He said that it was a bit strange to watch, but I had seemed to enjoy it. I squeezed myself around him and told him that I wanted to be fucked properly and that he had to cum in me. Mike’s hands moved around to cup my ass and he helped guide me up and down. I pressed my mouth against his and we kissed while I played with my clit.

I was soon bouncing up and down on his cock and his fingers were edging closer to my asshole. I was close enough that I didn’t care what he did and just moaned into his mouth when I felt his fingers pulling at my asshole and then a fingertip entering me. He told me to not cum too soon and I eased off on my clit play. He pushed back against me harder so our bodies slammed together and after a little while I told him that I was getting close to cumming and didn’t think I could hold back. He said I could cum whenever I wanted, but he would keep going until he came. I held back for as long as I could and concentrated on squeezing my cunt around him, but in the end I lost and started to cum. This was a much better orgasm than the one upstairs and it also lasted longer (but Mike was still pounding away inside me). I finished cumming before he came, but I continued to moan away. He still had his finger in my ass and he thrust into me a few more times before cumming and holding me tight against him. I tried squeezing myself around him a couple more times, but my pussy was getting tired from all the exercise and I ended up just pushing down on his cock.

Some cum dripped out when I climbed off him, so I bent over and sucked his cock clean. A couple on the other sofa seemed to have been inspired by our display and we watched them fuck. The girl still had her dress on and I told her to do it properly and get naked so we could see. This led to a chant and in the end, she relented and let a couple of people unzip it and pull it off over her head. She had a pretty nice figure and firm breasts (so they didn’t bounce as much as mine do) and we enjoyed the display they put on (she wasn’t as loud as I had been, but it was obvious that she was really enjoying what they were doing). When they had finished fucking, we wandered upstairs in the hope of finding a threesome to watch, but there was just a single couple doing a 69 with a few people watching. We watched them finish off (the girl swallowed) and went back downstairs.

There was nothing interesting happening and the party certainly seemed a lot more subdued than the previous ones. I hadn’t seen giant cock guy and when I asked I found out that he couldn’t make it. The pretty blonde girl that we saw bi-girl eat also wasn’t there (nor was her bf). Things started to wind down a little earlier than before as well and I felt a little silly being completely naked. I debated with Mike as to whether I should get dressed again and he could tell that I was a bit disappointed with how the party was. He went and cleared a space on the table and helped me up onto it. I was instructed to sit with my feet up on the table on either side of me and scooch my ass to the edge of the table. He knelt on the floor in front of me and went down on me. Because we were the only thing happening, I got a lot of attention and I watched everyone watch what Mike was doing to me. He teased me for a little bit and it felt nice, but he wasn’t doing enough to make me cum so I asked him to do more. He said that it was up to me to make myself cum and moved around to the back of the table to help me lie down. This gave him a better angle to work on licking me and when he returned to kneeling between my legs, he ate me until I came. He didn’t stop though and kept going – I wasn’t sure how much I could take, but I was determined to hold on for as long as possible.

The feelings were very intense – I’d already cum quite a few times and his tongue was working away at full speed. I had to be careful to not writhe around too much as there were bottles beside me, but I couldn’t hold back from moaning and panting. I was still enjoying knowing that I was being watched (it was almost like my fantasy of having things done to me in front of the class at school or in front of the lecture theatre) and the more I thought about this, the more I enjoyed it. I told Mike if he kept going that I thought I could cum again and he continued to eat me. I could feel my second orgasm building and continued to moan until it exploded out from my cunt. I arched my body and then pushed him away from me as the stimulation was really too intense to take any more. I lay on the table, uttering ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ until my pussy stopped throbbing and then asked him to help me sit up.

We went and sat on the sofa and I thought that I deserved a beer to help me recover. We chatted to a few of people and it no longer seemed at all strange that I was naked and they were in various states of undress. My display had convinced a couple of people that they could probably get another fuck in before they left and they had gone upstairs. I was in no state to do anything else, but we wandered up to the bedroom to watch them. They had a fairly quick fuck – the guy lay on his back and the girl rode his cock. She had quite a cute ass and it was exciting watching his cock slide between her cunt lips over and over again, but I was spent and was only half watching as they finished off.

I ended up nearly falling asleep on the bed beside them (after they had finished), but decided that we should get home so I could sleep in our own bed. Mike called us a taxi and I pulled my dress back on (it was rather crumpled, but I didn’t care). We said our goodbyes and headed home, where I went to sleep (without our usual night-time session – but I think I’d done enough to justify missing it!).

I was woken by the phone the next morning but I felt surprisingly refreshed (I guess not really drinking helps with that). Holly had called to let me know that Anna was in town (she had been at a wedding) and people were meeting up for brunch. The phone had woken Mike up as well and when he realised who it was calling, he immediately started to play with me and gave me a signal to keep Holly talking. He pulled my legs apart and dived in between them, pulled my pussy lips open and then pushed his face into my cunt. It felt pretty good but I tried to keep concentrating on the conversation with Holly so I could keep her on the line. After he’d eaten me for a couple of minutes, he rummaged around in the drawer and pulled out an egg. I was then instructed (via sign language) to lie on my side and he lay down behind me and slipped his cock into me. The egg was applied to my clit and Mike started to fuck me. I could tell from the way he was going that he wanted to try and finish things off while Holly was still on the phone so I steered the conversation onto some gossip about people at work (so that she would be the one doing most of the talking) and then helped to position the egg better against my clit.

Mike pulled out of me and after a bit more hand waving, I realised that he wanted me to kneel up. I moved into this position and rested my head on the pillow (so I could still use a hand to hold the egg). Mike got behind me, pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed back into my cunt. I continued to make appropriate noises to Holly so that she would continue the ‘conversation’ and Mike started really pumping into me hard and fast. A couple of times our bodies slammed together, but he kept adjusting his movements so that it wasn’t too obvious. I was getting quiet close now but couldn’t really tell him other than waving the little finger of the hand I was holding the phone in. I concentrated on my breathing as I came and made sure I didn’t give away what we were doing. It was a pretty good orgasm (aren’t most of them?) and I stroked my clit with the egg for as long as I could before I let it slip from my fingers. Mike picked it up and gave it back to me, but he got the message when I put it to the side. I used my free hand to indicate that he should hurry up and he continued to push into me over and over again. He them pushed in deeper a number of times before stopping inside me and then resuming with very slow movements.

I continued my conversation with Holly for a little while longer and then we hung up so we could get ready to go and meet for brunch. Mike’s cum had slowly been dribbling out of me while I had been talking and I had idly been playing with it, making a further mess of my pussy and thighs (although I had already been quite messy from the previous evening’s antics). We went and showered and had a very light breakfast before getting ready to head out. I ended up taking my things with me to save having to go back home before I caught my train. I went for one of my slightly longer pleated skirts (still above the knee, but only just) and a fairly tight t-shirt with a good bra on under it (another advantage of getting married is that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight for the wedding). I finished the outfit off with long black socks (but you couldn’t really tell they were socks and the tops were hidden by the skirt).

We took a slow meander into town and had a little time to look round before we met up. It was good to see Anna again and she was just as bubbly and energetic as ever. I had forgotten how cute she was and vowed to use her more in our fantasies (okay, she’s not as cute as Jo, but variety is a good thing). I debated telling Holly about our morning’s antics while I was on the phone to Holly, and if it had involved anyone but Holly I probably would have, but I’m pretty sure that Lis still has a bit of a thing for her so I decided to keep quiet. I couldn’t help myself from picturing Lis between Holly’s legs, tonguing her to an orgasm while Mike fucked Lis. Just for good measure, I put Jo on top of Holly’s face and could almost immediately feel my pussy starting to tingle.

I almost ended up going into a shop to try some clothes on (and maybe have a little masturbate in the changing rooms), but decided against it and we just wandered around some of the back streets for a while. We ended up stopping off for a coffee to pass the remaining time before my train and then made our way to the station. The train was quieter than usual and I had a couple of rows of seats to myself – I would usually have taken advantage of this situation, but I was feeling fairly tired so ended up just dozing off. I did fall asleep with my fingers pressed down between my legs (outside my skirt) and my coat over my lap to hide my hand. I constructed an elaborate fantasy involving Anna and various other people as I drifted off to sleep, but this didn’t carry over into my dreams. Whenever I woke up, I would create a different fantasy and it all had the effect of getting me feeling fairly horny (but still no interesting dreams).

When I finally arrived back home, I called Jen and gave her the full details of the party and the fantasies I’d been constructing on the train. She was disappointed that I hadn’t had more of an opportunity to try and move our agenda with Lis forwards (but she appreciates that it’s highly unlikely to ever move beyond the fantasy stage).