Saturday, 28 May 2011

February Sue Visit - Part 1

This will probably be another fairly quick entry to help catch up...

The next weekend, it was Mike’s turn to visit me. I had bought tickets for a burlesque party on the Saturday and was looking forwards to it, but in the middle of the week, I got a call from Sue asking if she could come and visit. Naturally, I was happy to have a chance to see her, but there was a bit of a panic to try and get a third ticket so she could join us. I warned her that we would be attending and that the dress code was ‘risqué’, but she is about the same size as me and I have enough ‘interesting’ clothes that I knew I could lend her something if she didn’t have anything suitable.

Sue arrived in the early afternoon and met me at work. I introduced her to some of my friends at the afternoon coffee break and then skived off so we could head home. On the way home, we had a chat and I made sure that she knew that we couldn’t do anything with her while she was still seeing her bf (Mike and I had chatted about this and we had agreed to try much harder to not let anything happen – unlike the failed attempt at Christmas). Sue seemed fine with this and said that she was happy to sleep on the sofa – she was only up visiting because her bf was away for the weekend, visiting some of his school friends.

We went to the station to meet Mike and stopped off for a drink, before going home for dinner. We would have usually fucked (or done something so that we came) as soon as we got in, but were being a lot more reserved as Sue was there and we hadn’t entirely figured out how things would work. After dinner we went to sit down and chat – I sat beside Mike on the sofa and Sue sat opposite us. As would be expected, the conversation turned to sex and how things had been going with Sue. She had taken our advice and she’d had a chat with her bf (a number of chats spread out over a few weeks) about their sex life. I can’t remember if I’d mentioned this before (and I’m not going back to check), but they have now both been tested for STDs and so no longer use condoms.

Sue says that she enjoys the feeling of his bare cock a lot more, but initially it actually made the problem worse (of him cumming too quickly). She found a gel that helps to numb the penis and they have been using that (it doesn’t completely numb it, but does enough to help reduce the feeling so he can last longer). At first, she found that it also had a numbing effect on her, but they figured out that if they applied it to his cock, waited a few minutes and then wiped off the excess, it still had the effect on him, but not on her pussy.

She has also been encouraging him to practice holding back, or getting close to cumming and then stopping for a while. She said that she started this off by demonstrating this to him – she sat on his bed naked and played with herself, keeping herself close to cumming for quite a while before allowing herself to cum. She then practiced this on him, using her mouth and tongue on his cock and getting him to tell her whenever he was getting close. This apparently helped him improve his control quite a bit (over the period of a month or so) and he seems to really enjoy Sue’s oral skills now that he can feel her mouth properly (without using condoms).

While we had been talking, Mike had started to stroke my neck – I had been sort of aware of this, but I ended up getting a lot more turned on that I realised. I really wanted to cum, but turned to Mike and confirmed that we wouldn’t be involving Sue in anything we did. He assured me that we wouldn’t but said that seeing as she was the one who sort of got us started on the exhibitionist thing, we couldn’t really justify not letting her watch. This made sense to me and I surrendered myself to his hands. He continued stroking my neck and we got Sue to describe some of the other things that she had done with her bf.

My top was soon removed and Mike stroked my nipples, bringing them to attention. I was squeezing my thighs together and knew I was ready to be played with. Listening to Sue’s descriptions of fucking and being fingered definitely helped me along and I had to run into the bedroom to get a vibe. I lay on the sofa with my head resting on a cushion and my legs across Mike’s lap. This gave him plenty of access to my pussy and he soon had my skirt pulled up and the vibe sliding into me while he rubbed my clit. I could feel his cock pressing against the back of my legs and gently wriggled them around.

Sue was sweet enough to ask if she was allowed to play with herself (so at least she had taken our earlier conversation seriously). I told her that as long as she didn’t get involved in what we were doing, I wouldn’t want to stop her from enjoying herself. She pulled her skirt up and started to finger herself through her panties, then pushed her hand into her panties and went to work properly. Mike’s thumb was strumming back and forth over my clit by this point and I was getting close to cumming – I concentrated on what he was doing to me and then felt my orgasm pulse out from my cunt. I couldn’t help but make some noise and Mike encouraged Sue to be a bit louder.

Once my orgasm ended, I stayed in the same position, with the vibe still inside me (but turned off) and we both watched Sue. We made a point of making sure she knew that we were really watching her and asked what it had felt like when she masturbated with her bf watching her. She admitted that she had quite enjoyed it (I’ll make a proper exhibitionist out of her yet) and as she got closer to cumming, Mike kept encouraging her to make as much noise as she wanted. She did a fairly good job and moaned her way through her orgasm. When she finally pulled her hand out of her panties, we could see that a couple of her fingers were glistening and as she sucked them clean, I’m pretty sure that Mike was thinking the same thing I was (how we would have liked to taste them). We kept our resolve though and didn’t try anything.

We chatted for a bit longer and watched a film before heading off to bed. Mike went out and helped get the sofa ready for Sue to sleep on and then joined me in bed. We both thought it was a bit strange having her sleep in the living room, but we soon found a way to distract ourselves (Mike’s fingers inside me and my hand stroking him). We chatted about some of the things that Sue had described and Mike asked if I would give him a blowjob. I agreed to this as long as he would eat me at the same time (I know that 69 isn’t the easiest/best way to do blowjobs, but I felt that I would enjoy it more. Mike certainly didn’t mind and I climbed over him and lowered my pussy to his mouth, before getting into position and starting to lick up and down his cock.

He licked around my pussy and ass, then spread my lips and pushed his tongue into me. We concentrated on eating each other, but varying our technique as we went along (Mike used fingers in me sometimes and I pumped up and down his cock while just sucking on the end). As usual, I came first and Mike kept gently licking me when my orgasm ended. I had managed to keep sucking on his cock through my orgasm and between licks, he told me he was getting close. I assumed that he would have said something if he wanted to cum over me or in my cunt, so I just kept going. The good thing about having his cock in my mouth is I can (or think I can) feel it getting slightly larger or harder just before he cums (I don’t know quite how to describe it, but *something* feels different).

I swirled my tongue around the head and he came – I had forgot that this was his first cum of the evening (actually of the day) and there was a fair volume. I hadn’t been sure if I was going to swallow it, but ended up doing so or we would have made a rather large wet spot (or I would have had to stop sucking him and spit it somewhere). I tried to keep kissing and sucking him gently but his cock felt somewhat sensitive so I moved around and we kissed (Mike isn’t overly keen on tasting his own cum, but I think his orgasm had somewhat compensated him).

He was still hard and I ground my pussy against his cock while we kissed. He wasn’t ready to go again, but enjoyed the feeling of my hot wet cunt and he grabbed my ass to help guide my movements. Even before he was ready to do things properly, we were humping against each other and I could feel his fingers kneading my ass cheeks. I broke our kiss and told him I wanted to fuck and he said he would give it a try. His cock still felt a bit sensitive at first, but he worked through this and we got into a good rhythm. I was on top and Mike held his hands up with his elbows resting on the bed while I held his hands for support. This allowed me to ride up and down quite well, but had the disadvantage of making my breasts sway too much to be comfortable. I debated stopping to put a bra on, but ended up just lying down on top of him so he could pump into me fast while we kissed. This is generally the best way for me to have a purely vaginal orgasm (OK, so I know my clit gets stimulation from our bodies slamming together, but neither of us actually touch it). He had a finger in my ass by the time I came and he kept fucking me hard until he came as well. I’m pretty sure that if I’d had an egg to use on my clit I could have cum again while he was fucking me, but two cums in a night isn’t too bad. With our lust satiated, we curled up and went to sleep – Mike was inside me at first, but went soft relatively quickly and slipped out of me.

I was woken in the morning by Mike’s tongue on my nipples and a finger rubbing up and down my slit. He kissed up to my neck and nuzzled it while he teased my clit. I could feel his cock pressing against my leg and he rubbed it against me while he worked. I asked him to use less pressure on my clit and he moved his finger so it was stroking around my pussy and only occasionally ran over my slit or clit. I knew this would give me a much gentler orgasm, but we don’t often have time to do this so I enjoy it when we do. It was quite a slow build up and I was squirming around on the bed – I knew I could have just asked Mike to rub my clit and I would have cum quickly, but I’ve come to appreciate the delightful torture of doing things very slowly. I was panting by the time my orgasm finally happened and made sure that Mike was perfectly aware how good it felt.

As expected, it was quite gentle, but deep. This is a really good way to cum (especially for the first orgasm of a session) as it leaves me wanting more and the recovery time is very low. That was a good thing as Mike was certainly ready and as soon as I had caught my breath, he moved down between my legs, lifted them up so my ankles were on his shoulders and pushed his cock into me. I was given the task of rubbing my clit and he pumped into me quite energetically. We fucked like this for a while and then heard a knock on the door (which had been ajar). Sue asked if she could join us (and then added ‘on the bed’). Mike still had his cock buried in me and there didn’t seem any point saying no, so she came over and sat beside us.

It felt good having an audience again and we resumed our fucking. Sue watched us for a little bit and then pushed her hand into her PJs and started to play with herself. Mike told me to hold back and let my orgasm build properly so we paced ourselves, allowing Sue to catch up. Mike alternated between the frenzied fucking that we had started off with and long slow strokes that allowed Sue to see the while length of his cock sliding in and out of me. I could see her getting more flushed and picked up the pace with my own clit rubbing and allowed myself to moan a bit. Mike carried on pumping into me and I knew he was getting close as he wasn’t watching what I was doing (he does this when he’s concentrating on other things to delay his orgasm). He waited until Sue started to cum before he went for it and alternated his view between Sue and I. He told me to cum as quickly as possible and it didn’t take much before my orgasm started. Mike kept fucking me with long hard strokes while I rubbed my clit and he came just before I finished cumming (if we’d timed it just a bit better, the three of us could have cum at once).

He pulled out of me and I felt his cum dribble out straight away. He moved up to my head and offered me his hard cock, shining with my juices (and his cum) and I pulled it to my mouth and licked it clean (or half licked it clean – I sort of wrapped my tongue and lips around the shaft while his cock lay over my mouth).

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