Tuesday, 31 May 2011

February Sue Visit - Part 2

We stayed sitting on the bed and chatted for a while. There was an obvious atmosphere (Mike and I were still naked and Sue’s nipples were still hard enough to make points in the PJs). I don’t think it would have taken much for us to have lapsed and ended up fucking, but we once again stuck to our resolve and resisted temptation. When we got up for breakfast, Mike and I put dressing gowns on, but this didn’t prevent him (not that I was resisting) from fingering me and slipping his cock into me a couple of times.

When it came time to shower, I showed Sue the pulse setting and told her how much fun it was. I was very tempted to offer to direct the jet for her while she held her lips out of the way (her clit it slightly more hidden than mine), but realised that once we’d done that, things could quickly degenerate. We left her to it and when she returned, she confirmed that the shower was indeed wonderful and she wanted one (before anyone comments, she has a shower - I’m clearly referring to the pulse shower head).

I thought that we may as well investigate our outfits for the evening so we had time to buy and additional bits (if required). None of had been to a burlesque night before so we weren’t exactly sure what the dress code was. Mike was cheating and was just going in black tie. I had considered going in one of my more flamboyant and decedent dresses, but when Sue showed us her planned outfit, I decided to change my mind. She had got dressed in the bedroom and came into the living room to show us – a tight top that left her shoulders completely bare (but was tied around the neck) with a deep cut in the front that showed off a fair amount of her cleavage (actually more than a fair amount as the cut went down to the bottom of her breasts). She had a short black miniskirt on with suspenders (proper ones, with a suspended belt) and a garter. At Mike’s request she showed us her panties (black lace).

We all went into the bedroom and Sue undressed while I put on the dress I had originally intended to wear (and then she got dressed in her real clothes). Mike liked my dress, but I thought I could do better and spent a few minutes rummaging around. I already had a fair idea of what I wanted after seeing Sue’s outfit and I came up with something similar(ish). I don’t like tight skirts so I had a short pleated back skirt on with stockings and black lacy panties (much more see-through than Sue’s ones). I then wore one of my lacy tops with a half-cup push up bra that just about covered my nipples. Sue suggested that I wear a flesh coloured bra instead of the black one and I needed a new suspender belt (which I hardly every use), so we added these to the shopping list.

I got changed into my day clothes and after an hour or so of faffing around, we headed out to the shops. I managed to find the things that I needed fairly easily and Sue and I spent a while trying on clothes (that I can’t afford to buy) while Mike wandered off and had a look at TVs and computers (which he can’t afford to buy). We then met up and went for a light lunch before stopping off to buy food for dinner and headed home.

Once dinner was out of the way, I had a quick shower and Sue watched as Mike shaved and trimmed me (I was still growing the little patch of hair and this was the first time Sue had seen it). She watched us while Mike gave me the usual tongue test (not to orgasm) and Sue then showered while I got dressed and finally Mike showered while she got dressed (he’s a man so it doesn’t take as long for him to get ready). After he had showered, he got me to help trim his pubic hair, He ended up with an erection and I gave him a quick suck (again, with Sue watching before he jumped back in the shower to quickly rinse off.

We got a taxi to the event and arrived fairly soon after the doors opened. It wasn’t that busy but most of the people there were older than us (even older than Mike). The costumes were really varied from elaborate ballgowns (think historical drama), naval uniforms through to the sorts of outfits Sue and I had on and on to just suspenders, panties and bras. As time went on, more people turned up and a number of people around our age appeared.

The evening was centred around a show, but I wasn’t actually that impressed with the various acts. Between acts, we danced and Mike especially seemed to enjoy that fact that he got to dance with us both at the same time. On a trip to the toilet I removed my panties and adjusted my bra so that a bit more of my nipples were visible (they were still hidden by my top and the dark, but it felt nicer). Mike’s hands had been going under my skirt while we had been dancing and when he next went to grab my ass, he found out I had removed my panties. Despite the way some people were dressed, it didn’t seem to be the sort of place that we could get away with fooling around too much so it was only when we went to sit up in the balcony seats (the venue was an old theatre) that any fondling happened. It was still pretty tame, but when Sue realised that I was pantiless, we managed to convince her to do the same and we went and danced for a bit more (dancing is much more exciting in a short skirt without panties).

Sue ended up being asked to dance by another guy and she went off with him. When we saw her dancing, she was flirting rather outrageously and rubbing herself up against him. She did return to us after a few songs and I thought I could have a bit of fun. I danced with a couple of people and emulated what Sue had been doing (she is probably a better dancer than I am, but I’m still more daring). I danced right up against people, rubbing my pussy up and down their trousers and grinding against their cocks until they were hard. One guy turned me around and held my arms up while we danced and I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass. When he slipped his hands down my arms and over my chest, I didn’t stop him from copping a feel. His hands didn’t linger on my breasts for too long and moved to my waist, but he had another feel on the way back up.

I rejoined Mike and Sue and we watched another few acts (which were as poor as the first ones). The only good thing was that with the lights dimmed and everyone looking at the stage, it gave us an opportunity to have a bit of a play. Mike’s fingers went to my clit and gave it a good rub, smearing my juices all around my pussy and I pulled my bra down a bit further so my nipples were peeking out from it (before it had been the top parts of my aureole, now I had the actual nipple out - just). Mike got me quite close to cumming and I reciprocated by unzipping his flies and rubbing the head of his cock – if we’d been somewhere a bit more private, I’m sure we would have both cum, but there were too many people around and we kept being interrupted. With encouragement from us, Sue briefly fingered herself and sucked her fingers clean. When the show finished, we went for a final dance and then decided to get a taxi before everyone started to order them.

When we got back home, Mike and I went straight to bed (or at least straight into the bedroom). I was bent over the end of the bed and Mike pushed his cock into me. I pushed back against him and he reached around me to fondle my nipples through my top and he alternated between fucking me and keeping his cock buried in me while I squeezed myself around him. Sue came in after having brushed her teeth and asked if she could watch. I thought this would be fine, but when she sat on the bed and started to play with herself (remember, she didn’t have any panties on either), I suggested that it might be a better idea for her to put her PJs on so she was at least covered (not that I don’t have faith in our ability to resist temptation, but there is only so much temptation we can resist).

Sue dashed off and returned with her PJs, then stripped off and put them on. She resumed her earlier position on the bed and immediately stuffed her hand down the front of her bottoms and resumed her fingering. Her top ended up being open so she could play with her nipples, but neither Mike not I are really into breasts (or at least not large breasts) so I didn’t think that would be a problem.

We decided to get a bit more comfortable and got undressed (I really don’t get the appeal of suspender belts) and resumed our position with me kneeling up on the bed. Sue asked if she could use one of my toys and I told her to go ahead. When she returned, Mike took the opportunity to flip me over onto my back and we fucked in the good old missionary position. Mike rubbed my clit and I played with my nipples while pushing back against him. I kept telling him I wanted to cum and that I didn’t want him to stop and he kept going until I came. He fucked me for a few minutes more then pulled out and rubbed his cock until he squirted his cum over my stomach and breasts.

I asked him why he hadn’t cum in me (thinking it was so Sue could see him cum) and he just replied by saying ‘so I can do *this*’ and dived between my legs to eat me to another orgasm. His cum had mostly dribbled off my body by the time I came again and I now felt pretty satisfied (my earlier horniness had certainly abated). I hadn’t really been concentrating on what Sue had been doing, but found out that she had cum before my first orgasm and had just watched me cum the second time, but it looked like she might be interested in cumming again.

I needed a break though and after wiping off the remainder of his cum, we chatted for a while, discussing the evening and some of the more outlandish costumes. Now we had an idea of what you could get away with wearing, we started to make plans for the next one. We discussed the option of getting one of the boxes so we could really have a proper play while the show was on and imagines what it would have been like for one of us to be sitting watching the show while the other ate/sucked/fingered them to orgasm. Sue was surprised that we would do that much but I quickly reminded her of our holiday a couple of years ago and what she had been doing on the beach (which got a bit of a blush out of her, but not as much as it would have in the past).


  1. Dear Andi,

    "I really don’t get the appeal of suspender belts."

    A suspender belt is a garment for holding up a Lady's...

    ...man's erection!

    Sometimes, Andi, just sometimes, I despair of You.


  2. Hi Andi,

    I think you could manage to behave yourselves with Sue even if you were all naked. Sue seems to accept that she can't join in and is happy to watch.

    It's a great idea to get a box for the next event. I saw on the Graham Norton show that there is a couple in London that regularly fuck in their box in various theatres, whether they are real or just a rumour I don't know.

    I hope Mike gets the opportunity to be naked when Jen comes around. I'd have thought she was indifferent to his cock, or is she having thoughts about it now ?

    Looking forward to the next post as usual.

    Cheers, John

  3. The naked thing is still just a part of 'the rules'. I think it was originally so that nothing could 'accidentally' happen. Things are somewhat different now, but I can't imagine Jen is any more likely to want it inside her

  4. Exactly, things are different now, so Jen can feel confident that Mike will NOT fuck her, even in the heat of the action. But I'm sure he would love her to give it a try :)

    Cheers, John

  5. He would certainly love to give it a try, and you're right that things are different now - they are comrades in arms in pushing my sexual boundaries. A few other things have changed as well, but I'll write about those in time...