Thursday, 5 May 2011

January Sex Party - Part 1

Lis is here again (she had an interview yesterday) so I'm posting this from the bathroom. Jen is arriving tomorrow and I'm trying to convince Lis to stay up so we can all hang out.


The next week, I should have been heading down to visit Jen, but we found out that there was a sex party planned in York and so of course, I had to go there. To make up for not seeing Jen, I arranged to have a week off work in the middle of February to spend with her. This was the third party that we would be attending and I was really looking forwards to it, but was no longer as nervous about being late or something going wrong to make us miss it. Having said that, I still headed down reasonably early on the Friday afternoon, which gave me the chance to meet up with everyone (or at least the people still in York) for the latter part of after dinner drinks on the Friday night. It had only been a couple of weeks since I’d seen them, but it was still nice to catch up. We ended up walking home with Cindy again but I wasn’t so bothered about not being able to stop and play as I was feeling quite tired and cold.

As soon as we got indoors, we went to bed to warm up. I was still feeling fairly tired and Mike offered me the opportunity to just lie there and have him take care of me. This sounded like a good idea and he disappeared under the covers. I spread my legs for him and let him lick me to an orgasm before he reappeared. He was quite sweaty (it is apparently warm between my legs under a winter duvet) and when he lay on top of me, I enjoyed the way his skin felt as it slid over mine.

As you would expect, his cock was hard and he pushed it against my crotch and rubbed back and forth. He said that my patch of pubic hair was now long enough that it wasn’t scratchy anymore and he humped against my mons while we kissed. I was still tired, but wanted to repay him for having made me cum so started to hump back against him until he guided his cock down and into my pussy. I swallowed it in a couple of thrusts and wrapped my legs around him. While we fucked, we discussed what we wanted to do the following night at the party, but decided that it would be more fun to just wait and see what happened. Mike had a good rhythm going by this time and he said that he could cum fairly quickly but wanted me to cum again. I told him I was getting tired and to just finish off inside me. He said he could wait until the morning before he came if I wanted but I told him I wanted him to cum in me and so he continued moving (he didn’t actually stop, even when saying he didn’t mind waiting). He sped up and pumped deep into me until he came, then stayed in me for a few minutes while we kissed before he pulled out. We then spooned while we went to sleep and Mike ended up back inside me (but didn’t do anything more than gently move).

When I woke up the following morning, he was inside me again, still moving in the same way. When he realised that I was awake, he reached down and started to rub my clit and pressed his cock hard into me. I murmured my approval and he started to pump in and out of me. We continued like this for a short while and I quickly felt my orgasm approaching (I have no idea why it was so quick). I told Mike I was going to cum and he told me to go ahead. I said that I wanted him to try to cum at the same time, but he wasn’t close to cumming (and he kept rubbing my clit while we were discussing this so I didn’t stand much of a chance). I conceded defeat and told him to just keep fucking my cunt and to feel me cum around his cock. I came pretty much while I was telling him to do this and it felt nice, but wasn’t that strong an orgasm.

Mike slowed down his movements once I had cum, but stayed inside me. He let on that he had actually been inside me for a while before I had woken up, just slowly moving and gently stroking my nipples (I assume this is why I was so turned on and why I ended up cumming so quickly). As my pussy calmed down from cumming, I started to flex myself around his cock and he told me that he didn’t want to cum (so he had more for the party). He offered to make me cum again if I wanted, but I thought that I should try to be a good girl and refrain from cumming as well.

Of course, my version of being a good girl may not quite be the same as that of other people and I told Mike that I at least wanted to suck his cock clean of my juices. He agreed to this, pulled out of me and I moved round and took him in my mouth. I worked on the head first, flicking my tongue over the glans, then licked up and down the shaft until he was clean, but covered in my saliva. I told him that I wanted to see how good he was at holding back and took the head in my mouth again, swirled my tongue around it and used a hand to pump up and down the shaft. As regular readers know, Mike is pretty good at keeping himself from cumming, but I was determined to give it a fairly good try. I used all the tricks I learned from Sue last year (it’s still rather embarrassing to know that my little sister knows more about blowjobs than I do) and in a couple of minutes, I could feel Mike squirming around.

I pulled my mouth off his cock and increased the speed I was jerking him off. I asked if I was winning and he told me that I was certainly getting there. I continued pumping my hand up and down his cock but also flicked my tongue back and forth over the head and he told me to stop as he couldn’t hold back any more. I almost kept going and made him cum, but the thought of having a decent amount of his cum in/on me at the party with people watching was too appealing so I just took the head in my mouth and gave it a final kiss. When I released it, I could see that the head was a deep purple colour and I watched as it twitched back and forth until Mike calmed down a bit. I straddled him, pressing my cunt against it and told him I was happy that he couldn’t resist my wiles, then slid back and forth on it slowly while we kissed (which of course undid all the work I had just done in cleaning it).

If it had been a normal Saturday, we would have certainly gone straight into round 2 (or round 1 for Mike), but I think we both knew that if we stayed in bed, we would end up just deciding to do things again, so we got up for breakfast. Mike was still fairly hard as we made breakfast (not helped by me brushing against him or backing my ass into his cock) and as we went in to sit down, he got me to bend over the table and slipped his cock back into me. He spread my ass cheeks apart and slowly moved in and out of me, describing the view he had. Having used the strap-on on Jen, it is now much easier for me to imagine what he can see (I’m quite familiar with how his cock looks) and it was a pleasant way to spend a few minutes. He stopped before we got too carried away and we sat down to eat (breakfast).

With food out of the way, it was time to take care of the initial grooming tasks for the night. We showered together and I was subjected to use of the pulse spray – for long enough to get me pretty worked up, but not enough to cum. Mike then shaved me and properly examined my decorative patch of hair. He used his hair clippers to get it all to the same length and I was quite pleased with the results as it felt soft and slightly fuzzy. Once I had been rinsed clean, he did the usual tongue test and again, got me fairly close to cumming before he stopped. He then trimmed his own pubic hair and ended up removing almost all of it (he didn’t shave and so still had stubble left, but it was long enough stubble that it didn’t feel prickly).

We went out to meet up with some people for lunch and I wore one of the remote control eggs. I felt so wet from our earlier easing, that I decided to wear some panties as I was quite worried that the egg might end up slipping out. Mike had the remote control and he used it both when we were walking into town and while we were sitting chatting over lunch.  Of course, it was never going to actually make me cum, the idea was just to keep me excited and ready for the main event that night. If it had been a ‘normal’ weekend, I’m sure that I would have found an opportunity to duck into a dressing room or a toilet and play with myself until I came.

When I got her alone, I thanked Vicky for letting me borrow Lis for a couple of days. Vicky told her that Lis had talked about some of the things we had discussed (sex positions) and hinted that Lis had told her about me being naked and having masturbated loudly enough for Lis to hear (but she didn’t elaborate on this as there were other people not too far away).

We had a quick wander round town then went home to rest. The rest of the afternoon was fairly chilled with only a little bit of teasing (in both directions) and once we’d had dinner and a further nap, it was time to get ready for the party. I hadn’t decided what I was going to wear (it didn’t seem quite as important as the whole point was to strip off), but of course I still wanted to look nice for at least the first 5-10 minutes. I ended up going for a long dress that buttoned up the back and a pair of holdups (nothing else – given my breasts were going to be exposed soon enough, I didn’t mind going without a bra). I finished by tying my hair up and throwing on a coat before we headed off.

We arrived about 20 minutes after the ‘official’ start of the party and there were a few people already there. We recognised them all by now (this was the third time we’d seen them) and it felt a lot more natural and less pressured. We chatted, danced and drank while others turned up and managed to restrain ourselves until a number of other people were kissing and playing with each other (still mostly clothed). While we were talking to some people, Mike undid a number of buttons on the back of my dress and lipped his hands into it, bringing them around to the front of play with my nipples. I was still completely covered, but they could still see what he was doing and after a couple of minutes, he undid the remainder of the buttons at the top of the dress and slid it down my arms. I had expected him to continue to play with my nipples, and his hands did return to them, but then he slid one hand down over my stomach and pushed it under the material of my dress (which was bunched up around my waist) and onto my pussy. I loved the way his fingers felt as they pushed mast the folds of my outer lips and pushed inside me, then moved onto my clit. The people we were talking to commented on how much it looked like I was enjoying what Mike was doing and he unbuttoned a couple more buttons on the dress, allowing it to slide over my hips and down my legs.

I hadn’t been the first person topless (or even the first one to be fingered as there were a couple on the sofa who were fairly getting into things), but I was the first one (out of the people we could see downstairs anyway) to be naked (assuming my stockings didn’t count). I stepped out of the dress and spread my legs enough for Mike to comfortably be able to access my pussy. I could feel Mike’s cock rubbing against my ass (through his jeans) and the bulge was fairly obvious in the trousers of the boy in front of me. They commented on how rapidly we had adapted to the parties and as I leant back against Mike I said that I had been ready for this for a long time. As much as I’ve enjoyed doing things in front of other people (like the times in front of Jen’s friends or even when I’ve been properly exposed on the roof of Jen’s old halls of residence), these parties are really the only time that we are properly free to do whatever we want without any danger of being caught (and by ‘caught’ I don’t mean having someone see us – that’s a large part of the appeal of it for me – I mean being caught and punished by the law). Of course, having the opportunity to get to see lots of other couples do things is just an added bonus...

Mike’s fingers were strumming away at my clit and I told him that I would cum quite soon if he kept going. I had wanted to use the teasing throughout the day to help give me a really good first orgasm, but at the same time, I really wanted to just cum and not delay it any more. I could see a few people watching us (some were watching the people on the sofa and they were too busy to be watching anyone else) and I told Mike to go for it. I was so close by the time I told him to continue, that it probably wouldn’t have made any difference anyway as my orgasm hit me only a few seconds later. I tried to keep looking around as I came so I could enjoy knowing who was watching, but in the end I just leant back against him and enjoyed cumming.

When my orgasm ended, Mike pulled his fingers out from my cunt, wiped them on one of my nipples and then let me suck them clean. I felt slightly self-conscious as I recovered, but then noticed that one of the couples on the sofa had moved on from fingering to having sex and remembered where I was (note previous section about feeling ‘free’). Even though people at these parties will have sex and be naked, not many people stay naked when they have finished doing things and I debated pulling my dress back on until we started our next session, but decided that for now at least, I would keep it off and I threw it over into the corner.


  1. Hi Andi,

    Part one got my cock nice and hard, I love your descriptions of Mike fingering your cunt in front of others :)

    Looking forward to part 2,3...

    Cheers, John

  2. And Lis is coming to see you again :)

  3. I wouldn't say that I'm quite used to it yet (it still feels really exciting), but I'm glad that we get the opportunity to keep doing it :)