Sunday, 8 May 2011

January Sex Party - Part 2

We went to sit down and have a drink (I was only having water and diet coke – I’m still sticking to my resolution). Both the sofas were in use, so we headed upstairs to sit on a bed while I got my breath back. Nobody else was up there (although one of the beds had already been used), so we wandered back down and ended up sitting on the stairs. This gave us a good view of what was going on and my hand wandered over to Mike’s jeans and fished his cock out. He was already hard and I gave him a gentle hand job, then knelt a couple of stairs down from where he was sitting and took his cock in my mouth. I quite liked this position as my ass was pointing down the stairs and I knew my cunt was completely visible to anyone looking up the stairs at us.

I alternated between bobbing my head up and down and using my hand and asked him if he wanted to cum over me or in me (both appealed to me, so I didn’t mind). He said that if he was going to unload, he wanted to do it in me so everyone could see it drip out. I continued to rub his cock and said that we should probably go to the kitchen where the light is better and he agreed. He half stuffed his cock back into his jeans and followed me downstairs. Nobody in the kitchen was doing anything interesting, but this didn’t stop us from what we had in mind. We kissed while leaning up against the counter and I fished Mike’s cock back out. I rubbed it against my pussy and then (with a bit of difficulty) pushed the head between my lips and partially inside me. He spread my ass cheeks and I humped against him, but couldn’t quite get the right angle to get him properly inside me, so we moved around and I leant against the counter, presenting my ass to him.

This was much easier and Mike moved up behind me and I felt his cock slip straight between my pussy lips and into my depths. Within a few strokes, he was all the way into me and started to slowly slide in and out. I could feel that he was spreading my ass cheeks so that anyone interested could get a good view. By breasts were swinging back and forth as Mike moved in me and I reached down to play with my clit. I squeezed myself around Mike’s cock and he told me that my cunt felt quite tight when I did that. I really liked the dirty talk while we were surrounded by people and as we got more into things, I told him to fuck me and described how nice his cock felt as it plunged into my cunt. One of Mike’s thumbs was rubbing over my asshole and pressed slightly into me and I told him that I was going to cum again pretty soon. He told me to hold back for a minute and sped up his pumping. I managed to resist rubbing my clit any faster until he told me that he was nearly ready. By this time, we had another couple of people watching us and I told him to fill my cunt with his cum.

Not long after I started to cum, he pushed into me a few more times and then pushed in even harder. He pumped a couple more times, pushing hard into me with each stroke and then stayed buried in me. We’d pretty much cum at the same time and he stayed in me until I had finished cumming and recovered. When he pulled out, I turned around and took his cock in my mouth (as much of it as I could – I still can’t do deep throat) and sucked him clean. I didn’t feel any of his cum leaking out until I was just finishing sucking him (which wasn’t long as he said his cock felt rather sensitive). When I stood up, a little more came out, so I stood leaning against the counter with one leg straight and the other bent out with the foot resting against one of the cupboard doors. While I stood like this, the rest of his cum oozed out of my cunt and ran down my straight leg, leaving a wet trail on the stocking. It had been a fairly big load (but it was his first cum of the day – and we had been teasing for quite a bit of the day). I ended up with his cum running right down to my foot and I thought that out of courtesy, I wouldn’t leave cum stains everywhere, so slipped my stockings off, used them to wipe my pussy clean and threw them onto my dress in the living room.

I was now completely naked, but having cum twice with people watching, I no longer felt at all self conscious. We decided to see what other people were getting up to and headed upstairs. One of the beds had two sets of people doing things – one couple fucking and one guy being sucked off by two girls. I didn’t realise at first that one of the girls was bi-girl (her hair was a lot shorter than at the last party). The guy looked like he was really enjoying what they were doing and was clearly quite close to cumming. He had a condom on, so we knew that we weren’t going to get any good cum-shots, but it was still incredibly hot to watch the two girls kissing around his cock and I whispered to Mike about the time that Sue and I had done that to him. I don’t know what their tongues were doing, but it certainly had the desired effect and he held both of their heads in place and came (we could see his cum in the condom when they moved their heads away).

We ended up chatting to the two girls while the guy went and disposed of the condom – it turned out that the longer haired girl was his gf, but they have an open relationship with bi-girl (it’s mostly the boy who does things with her, but the gf has also fooled around with her a couple of times). I don’t usually like short hair, but bi-girl’s new haircut did look quite cute and I wondered what it would be like to do things with her. I told them that I also had a girlfriend (I think bi-girl already knew this – apparently our sponsors had told people before we were invited along) and we had a chat about doing things with girls while Mike chatted to the other girl. His fingers were toying with my pussy while we all talked and bi-girl took the hint and started to play with the other girl. The boyfriend was back by this time and he started to play with the girls breasts while bi-girl had her hand up the girl’s skirt and was clearly doing something similar to what Mike was doing to me.

I moved over on the bed a bit so I could lie down and also make more space for the threesome. Mike had two fingers working in me and had started to rub my clit when he said he had a better idea. He finished off his beer and rubbed the neck of the bottle up and down my pussy. I watched as he spread my lips and pushed the neck into me and slid the bottle in until the body of it was pressed up against my pussy. It felt a little cold, but very hard and I knew full well that he could quite easily get me off like this, so I lay back to enjoy it (but continued to look over at what bi-girl was doing to the girl lying beside me. The girls skirt was now flipped up and while I couldn’t see it directly, it was clear that she was being fingered fairly vigorously. Mike pumped the bottle in and out of my cunt pretty quickly and rubbed my clit at the same time. I spread my legs and ended up lifting my left leg over the right leg of the girl lying beside me.

Bi-girl pulled her leg out and told me to wait a minute – I didn’t know what she was talking about until I saw her pull the girl’s panties down her legs and throw them onto the floor. Her leg was them put back over mine and I saw bi-girl bend down between the girl’s legs. I assumed that she was eating her and it looked like she was pretty good at it as the girl very quickly started making little moaning noises. My pussy was feeling rather good as well and I told Mike to keep going. There were a number of people standing around the bed and in the doorway watching us and I thought that we should put on as good a show as possible, so shifted the upper part of my body over towards the girl beside me and asked her to kiss me. She looked like she was getting close to cumming and she didn’t hesitate to turn her head towards me and help to pull our mouths together.

We kissed and our tongues went back and forth. She came while we were kissing and I could feel her moaning into my mouth (which is always incredibly hot). I half rolled towards her (slowly enough that Mike could adjust the angle he was using the bottle on me and felt her breasts – at first through her top, and then I pushed my hand under it and rubbed her breasts just through her bra. I briefly broke the kiss to tell her that I was getting close to cumming and we continued to make out until I came. I moaned into her mouth just as she had done to me – the orgasm wasn’t actually that strong, but I hammed it up a bit (all part of putting on a good show for our audience). I ended up rolling onto my back and lying with my legs spread. Mike left the bottle lying in me and I could feel it slowly sliding out and then fall onto the bedcovers.

As nice as it had been to get to kiss someone new while we both came, she wasn’t exactly my type (nowhere near as sexy as Jen or Jo/Lis/Clare/any of my other fantasy girls) and I didn’t really feel that satisfied by my relatively weak orgasm. I wasn’t ready to try to cum again just yet, but was more than ready to have a play and so asked if anyone wanted to cum over me. Nobody offered straight away and I was a bit disappointed, but the girl I’d been kissing said that her bf (the one she’d been sucking off before) would probably like to do it. He seemed amazed that she was offering him for this task, but was more than happy to give it a go. He climbed up on the bed beside me and pulled his cock out (which was already hard – probably from watching bi-girl eat his while I made out with her) and started to rub it. Mike asked if I wanted him to play with me but I said I was fine for now and I just watched the guy rubbing his cock.

It wasn’t particularly large (but large enough to get two mouths on it, so it wasn’t exactly tiny either) and I watched as his gf’s hand replaced his and started wanking him off. I played with my nipples and shifted my body down a bit so I could offer him a breast to rub his cock against (plus I wanted his to cum over my breasts and not too close to my pussy). The guy was getting clapped and encouraged to cum over me by the people watching and his gf pumped his cock even faster. I’d got my nips into a nice hard state by this point and continued to play with them with one hand. I used the other hand to reach up to the guys cock and helped to rub it. I gave his my best pouty look and asked how close he was to cumming and he said that he was almost there. I lay back down and offered up by breasts to him and he spurted his cum over them. As would be expected given he’d cum only a short while before, there wasn’t a great amount (so I didn’t get my fantasy of being covered in cum), but I massaged it in to my breasts and then realised that I should have kept a hand clean so I could have played with myself. I nearly asked Mike to take care of me, but one the guy had cum, he wasn’t as bothered any more and put his cock away.


  1. Looks like you are really getting into this now. Kissing another girl and feeling her tits then having a guy cum on your tits - I'd like to do that for your too :)

    Cheers, John

  2. I think the parties are some of the most exciting evenings we've had (at least the ones with just Mike and I). I used to be down your way occasionally (a couple of years ago) and have cum a few times in and around Cambridge (there is a big tree at the back of Trinity beside Garrett Hostel Lane that we've fucked against while people were walking past us on the other side of the bushes).

    Maybe if we're heading back down there I could put a show on for you and I think as one of my regular commenters, you at least deserve the right to cum over me :)

  3. It was certainly an interesting experience and I've always loved the idea of having people cum on me (and in me, but I'm too worried about disease to let random people do that).

    We've visited Cambridge a number of times - there is a tree at the back of Trinity that you can see as you walk out of town down Garret Hostel Lane that we've fucked against at night while people were walking past on the footpath on the other side of the hedge. We could see them, but were in the shadows so were quite well hidden.

    Maybe if we get round to visiting again (the person I knew has now left) I might reward you for being such a good commenter by stripping off of letting you cum over me...

  4. That would be fantastic for me. Perhaps you could mail me on my gmail account. Cheers, John

  5. Hi Andi, I was in town at the weekend and went down Garret Hostel Lane to see your tree. It is now inside a double gate so you may not be able to use it again.

    Of course if you go over the river there are lots of trees by the Backs to fuck against. I'd gladly show you :)

    Cheers, John