Thursday, 12 May 2011

January Sex Party - Part 3

Oops, once again I forgot to post this on time. I'll post the next entry from York on Saturday to get back on track. We don't have too much planned for the weekend but I'm sure we'll find some way to keep ourselves amused.


I got up and went to wash his cum off my hands, then headed downstairs with Mike to get a drink. I bumped into bi-girl again and we chatted for a little while. I asked her if there were any gay/bi guys at the party and she said that she didn’t think so (and agreed with me that pretty much everyone prefers watching  girls do things with each other – not that I have anything against gay men, I just prefer watching girls). There wasn’t much action going on other than a girl sucking a guy off. He didn’t have a condom on and we watched as she got him close to cumming and he pulled out of her mouth and came over her face. I was definitely feeling ready for a bit more action now and I pulled Mike’s hand to my pussy. He pulled me back against him and I could feel that he was also ready for more, but one of the other guys who had been watching interrupted us and asked if I had enjoyed watching the blowjob.

I told him I had and he asked if I wanted to do him. Mike, Jen and I had discussed how far we wanted to allow things to go and had agreed that as long as neither of us had penetrative sex with anyone else and I didn’t do anything ‘serious’ with another girl, then we could experiment a bit. (Basically, Mike is the only person allowed to actually fuck me – or Jen I guess now that we have the strap on). I told the guy that I was happy to blow him as long as he wore a condom, or if he preferred, I would use my hand and he could cum over my breasts. He didn’t take long to decide that he would prefer a blow job and so I helped him put a condom and got him to sit on the sofa. I knelt down in front of him and gently stroked up and down his cock (it was slightly smaller than Mike’s, but otherwise pretty similar, if a bit hairier). I was a little nervous as this would only be the second person I’d ever blown, but I was fairly convinced that I could do a good job and so started work on the head. I felt so naughty doing this that I had to drop a hand down to my pussy and play with myself – I spread my legs a little and leant forwards so that anyone watching could see my fingers working on my pussy and I balanced so I could use my other hand on his cock.

I didn’t go for the subtle drawn out approach and used my tongue to pay quite a lot of attention to his glans – swirling around it, flicking it and sucking the whole head while I pumped away at the shaft. I had a couple of fingers buried in my cunt and debated trying to make myself cum, but decided I would wait until I had finished and would let Mike help me cum. I had a quick break in the middle to wrap my breasts around his cock and tit-fuck him for a little while (he seemed to enjoy this), but I soon returned to sucking and rubbing him. This time I used my other hand on his balls (I was very gentle) and used my tongue to apply a lot more pressure to the head. He told me he was getting close and held my head on his cock. I kept licking and sucking and then felt his cum squirting into the condom. It was a very strange sensation (I can’t remember ever having used a condom while sucking Mike off), but I carried on, just a lot more gently – now flicking my tongue over the head and slowly swirling it around.

When I pulled away, I could see how much the guy had cum and it was bizarre knowing that I had done that myself (I know that I’ve made people cum with my writing, but this was with my own mouth and hands). I asked him if it had been okay and he said it had felt great (and I guess the cum filled condom attested to that). I felt quite pleased with myself and told Mike that I was now really ready for some more action. He asked me to rinse out my mouth before we kissed and I took a swig of his beer. He then pulled his jeans down and sat on the sofa – I climbed over him and lowered myself onto his cock and asked him what it had been like watching me. He said that it was a bit strange to watch, but I had seemed to enjoy it. I squeezed myself around him and told him that I wanted to be fucked properly and that he had to cum in me. Mike’s hands moved around to cup my ass and he helped guide me up and down. I pressed my mouth against his and we kissed while I played with my clit.

I was soon bouncing up and down on his cock and his fingers were edging closer to my asshole. I was close enough that I didn’t care what he did and just moaned into his mouth when I felt his fingers pulling at my asshole and then a fingertip entering me. He told me to not cum too soon and I eased off on my clit play. He pushed back against me harder so our bodies slammed together and after a little while I told him that I was getting close to cumming and didn’t think I could hold back. He said I could cum whenever I wanted, but he would keep going until he came. I held back for as long as I could and concentrated on squeezing my cunt around him, but in the end I lost and started to cum. This was a much better orgasm than the one upstairs and it also lasted longer (but Mike was still pounding away inside me). I finished cumming before he came, but I continued to moan away. He still had his finger in my ass and he thrust into me a few more times before cumming and holding me tight against him. I tried squeezing myself around him a couple more times, but my pussy was getting tired from all the exercise and I ended up just pushing down on his cock.

Some cum dripped out when I climbed off him, so I bent over and sucked his cock clean. A couple on the other sofa seemed to have been inspired by our display and we watched them fuck. The girl still had her dress on and I told her to do it properly and get naked so we could see. This led to a chant and in the end, she relented and let a couple of people unzip it and pull it off over her head. She had a pretty nice figure and firm breasts (so they didn’t bounce as much as mine do) and we enjoyed the display they put on (she wasn’t as loud as I had been, but it was obvious that she was really enjoying what they were doing). When they had finished fucking, we wandered upstairs in the hope of finding a threesome to watch, but there was just a single couple doing a 69 with a few people watching. We watched them finish off (the girl swallowed) and went back downstairs.

There was nothing interesting happening and the party certainly seemed a lot more subdued than the previous ones. I hadn’t seen giant cock guy and when I asked I found out that he couldn’t make it. The pretty blonde girl that we saw bi-girl eat also wasn’t there (nor was her bf). Things started to wind down a little earlier than before as well and I felt a little silly being completely naked. I debated with Mike as to whether I should get dressed again and he could tell that I was a bit disappointed with how the party was. He went and cleared a space on the table and helped me up onto it. I was instructed to sit with my feet up on the table on either side of me and scooch my ass to the edge of the table. He knelt on the floor in front of me and went down on me. Because we were the only thing happening, I got a lot of attention and I watched everyone watch what Mike was doing to me. He teased me for a little bit and it felt nice, but he wasn’t doing enough to make me cum so I asked him to do more. He said that it was up to me to make myself cum and moved around to the back of the table to help me lie down. This gave him a better angle to work on licking me and when he returned to kneeling between my legs, he ate me until I came. He didn’t stop though and kept going – I wasn’t sure how much I could take, but I was determined to hold on for as long as possible.

The feelings were very intense – I’d already cum quite a few times and his tongue was working away at full speed. I had to be careful to not writhe around too much as there were bottles beside me, but I couldn’t hold back from moaning and panting. I was still enjoying knowing that I was being watched (it was almost like my fantasy of having things done to me in front of the class at school or in front of the lecture theatre) and the more I thought about this, the more I enjoyed it. I told Mike if he kept going that I thought I could cum again and he continued to eat me. I could feel my second orgasm building and continued to moan until it exploded out from my cunt. I arched my body and then pushed him away from me as the stimulation was really too intense to take any more. I lay on the table, uttering ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ until my pussy stopped throbbing and then asked him to help me sit up.

We went and sat on the sofa and I thought that I deserved a beer to help me recover. We chatted to a few of people and it no longer seemed at all strange that I was naked and they were in various states of undress. My display had convinced a couple of people that they could probably get another fuck in before they left and they had gone upstairs. I was in no state to do anything else, but we wandered up to the bedroom to watch them. They had a fairly quick fuck – the guy lay on his back and the girl rode his cock. She had quite a cute ass and it was exciting watching his cock slide between her cunt lips over and over again, but I was spent and was only half watching as they finished off.

I ended up nearly falling asleep on the bed beside them (after they had finished), but decided that we should get home so I could sleep in our own bed. Mike called us a taxi and I pulled my dress back on (it was rather crumpled, but I didn’t care). We said our goodbyes and headed home, where I went to sleep (without our usual night-time session – but I think I’d done enough to justify missing it!).

I was woken by the phone the next morning but I felt surprisingly refreshed (I guess not really drinking helps with that). Holly had called to let me know that Anna was in town (she had been at a wedding) and people were meeting up for brunch. The phone had woken Mike up as well and when he realised who it was calling, he immediately started to play with me and gave me a signal to keep Holly talking. He pulled my legs apart and dived in between them, pulled my pussy lips open and then pushed his face into my cunt. It felt pretty good but I tried to keep concentrating on the conversation with Holly so I could keep her on the line. After he’d eaten me for a couple of minutes, he rummaged around in the drawer and pulled out an egg. I was then instructed (via sign language) to lie on my side and he lay down behind me and slipped his cock into me. The egg was applied to my clit and Mike started to fuck me. I could tell from the way he was going that he wanted to try and finish things off while Holly was still on the phone so I steered the conversation onto some gossip about people at work (so that she would be the one doing most of the talking) and then helped to position the egg better against my clit.

Mike pulled out of me and after a bit more hand waving, I realised that he wanted me to kneel up. I moved into this position and rested my head on the pillow (so I could still use a hand to hold the egg). Mike got behind me, pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed back into my cunt. I continued to make appropriate noises to Holly so that she would continue the ‘conversation’ and Mike started really pumping into me hard and fast. A couple of times our bodies slammed together, but he kept adjusting his movements so that it wasn’t too obvious. I was getting quiet close now but couldn’t really tell him other than waving the little finger of the hand I was holding the phone in. I concentrated on my breathing as I came and made sure I didn’t give away what we were doing. It was a pretty good orgasm (aren’t most of them?) and I stroked my clit with the egg for as long as I could before I let it slip from my fingers. Mike picked it up and gave it back to me, but he got the message when I put it to the side. I used my free hand to indicate that he should hurry up and he continued to push into me over and over again. He them pushed in deeper a number of times before stopping inside me and then resuming with very slow movements.

I continued my conversation with Holly for a little while longer and then we hung up so we could get ready to go and meet for brunch. Mike’s cum had slowly been dribbling out of me while I had been talking and I had idly been playing with it, making a further mess of my pussy and thighs (although I had already been quite messy from the previous evening’s antics). We went and showered and had a very light breakfast before getting ready to head out. I ended up taking my things with me to save having to go back home before I caught my train. I went for one of my slightly longer pleated skirts (still above the knee, but only just) and a fairly tight t-shirt with a good bra on under it (another advantage of getting married is that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight for the wedding). I finished the outfit off with long black socks (but you couldn’t really tell they were socks and the tops were hidden by the skirt).

We took a slow meander into town and had a little time to look round before we met up. It was good to see Anna again and she was just as bubbly and energetic as ever. I had forgotten how cute she was and vowed to use her more in our fantasies (okay, she’s not as cute as Jo, but variety is a good thing). I debated telling Holly about our morning’s antics while I was on the phone to Holly, and if it had involved anyone but Holly I probably would have, but I’m pretty sure that Lis still has a bit of a thing for her so I decided to keep quiet. I couldn’t help myself from picturing Lis between Holly’s legs, tonguing her to an orgasm while Mike fucked Lis. Just for good measure, I put Jo on top of Holly’s face and could almost immediately feel my pussy starting to tingle.

I almost ended up going into a shop to try some clothes on (and maybe have a little masturbate in the changing rooms), but decided against it and we just wandered around some of the back streets for a while. We ended up stopping off for a coffee to pass the remaining time before my train and then made our way to the station. The train was quieter than usual and I had a couple of rows of seats to myself – I would usually have taken advantage of this situation, but I was feeling fairly tired so ended up just dozing off. I did fall asleep with my fingers pressed down between my legs (outside my skirt) and my coat over my lap to hide my hand. I constructed an elaborate fantasy involving Anna and various other people as I drifted off to sleep, but this didn’t carry over into my dreams. Whenever I woke up, I would create a different fantasy and it all had the effect of getting me feeling fairly horny (but still no interesting dreams).

When I finally arrived back home, I called Jen and gave her the full details of the party and the fantasies I’d been constructing on the train. She was disappointed that I hadn’t had more of an opportunity to try and move our agenda with Lis forwards (but she appreciates that it’s highly unlikely to ever move beyond the fantasy stage).


  1. You seem a little disappointed with the sex party this time even though you did give a bj to only the second bloke ever - I'm jealous it wasn't me!

    I hope you have a bit more fun in your next post.

    Cheers, John

  2. It's not that I didn't enjoy the party, it just felt a bit 'less' than the ones before. I don't think I've suddenly got used to them (and it certainly wasn't boring), but there just wasn't as much energy there as the previous times.

    We've been to another two parties since then and they were better (and I'll write about them in due course). I replied to your comment in Part 2 (which got deleted with the Blogger problems), but I'll comment again and I think you'll appreciate it.