Saturday, 14 May 2011

Meeting Lucy's friends

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The following weekend (start of February now) it was my turn to visit Jen at Uni. This was the first time that I had to carry the strap on while going through security (the rules were that we couldn’t cheat and put it in hold luggage). I wore a variant of my usual outfit – short(ish – mid thigh) pleated skirt and long socks that came almost to the top of my thighs (they were a little too long for me). I did get frisked as security (the dangers of wearing skirts with metal studs in them) and the girls hands went sufficiently far up my legs that she went above where the socks ended. Her hands were incredibly close to my pussy (but there was no contact) and I was quite glad that I enjoy that sort of thing (from a human rights perspective, I still think the enhanced pat downs by the TSA are horrendous – especially when they do it to children).

Anyway, if I get going off in that direction I’ll end up ranting for ages - and that’s not what this blog is about, so back to more exciting things. The flight was fairly uneventful (it was too crowded for me to try to match Jen’s feat of cumming while airborne) and Jen met me at the airport. The house was empty when we got home and we debated going out to meet up with people, but it had been three weeks since we’d seen each other and so we decided to take the opportunity to use Lucy’s room to have some fun.

We threw my bag into Jen’s room and moved into Lucy’s room to get things started. I showed Jen my nicely trimmed patch of hair and we compared how hers was longer (a little too long and we noted that we needed to buy something to take care of it). Jen had been wearing panties and I scolded her for this, but went down on her anyway. She lay across the bed and I knelt on the floor to eat her – but not to orgasm. Before she came, I stopped and said that I wanted to use the strap on and ran into her room to get it from my bag. When I returned, I removed my skirt and she helped me put it on, ensuring that the internal dildo was well fastened so i could enjoy what we were about to do as well. I pulled off her top and it joined my skirt on the floor and Jen knelt on the bed on all fours.

I was just about to get up behind her when I thought of something to add to the mix and I pulled out a pair of Lucy’s panties – a little lacy black pair that I was sure would look very sexy on Lucy (and I know they look sexy on Jen). I got Jen to pull them on and then resume her position on the bed and I knelt behind her, pulled the panties to the side and pushed the dildo into her. I fucked Jen for a while before I reached around her and rubbed her clit (the way Mike does to me when he’s doing me doggy style). I alternated between pushing my hand into the panties and rubbing her through the panties to make sure that her juices would get onto them. Jen was really enjoying what I was doing and while I was having fun, I wasn’t getting too much sensation from the dildo so I was getting worked up, but knew I would have to wait until Jen had cum for me to properly enjoy myself.

I kept working away at Jen until she started her mewing and I knew she was in the final build up to her orgasm. I told her to let go and cum as much as she could and she told me that it wasn’t as if she usually held anything back. She came and was a bit more vocal than usual – not screaming or anything, but certainly a bit louder. I kept fucking her until she told me to stop and after I pulled the dildo out, I knelt behind her and gently kissed around her pussy.

Jen rolled over onto her back and we kissed for a while with the strap on pressed up against her stomach. When I decided that it was finally my turn, I sat up, took a hold of Lucy’s panties and slid them down Jen’s legs. I was happy that they were quite moist with Jen’s juices and threw them down beside us on the bed while I had a quick proper taste of Jen. I stood up to remove the strap on and when I went to put Lucy’s panties back in her drawer (at the back to give them a chance to dry) I discovered a new vibrator (we don’t know if it was actually new, but we hadn’t discovered it before). It wasn’t anything special – just a standard vibe, but the thought that it had been in Lucy was enough for me to want to use it and so I handed it to Jen and made myself comfortable on the bed.

Jen ran the vibe up and down her own pussy first just to make sure it was lubricated, but soon realised that I was sufficiently horny that that wouldn’t have been an issue anyway. She pushed it into me and slowly fucked me with it, asking how it felt and how it would feel if it was Lucy doing this to me. Her thumb found my clit and she crouched over me so she could lick my nipples for a while, before moving down between my legs and replacing her thumb with her mouth. It felt wonderful to be back with Jen and I could tell that it wasn’t going to be long before I would cum so I described to Jen how if Lucy was there with us, she could be wearing the strap on and pumping it into Jen’s cunt the way I had just done. Jen liked this idea so I continued to describe the fantasy as my orgasm approached. I tried to hold back a little bit but also really wanted to cum, so I didn’t last for long before I let go and surrendered to my lust. Jen’s tongue felt really good and she pumped the vibe in and out of me with a good rhythm. I told her when I’d had enough and she pulled the vibe out and just used her tongue on me (gently) until my orgasm was completely finished.

Jen crawled back up my body and we kissed while my hands stroked over her back and ass. I was a little surprised that she was already grinding against me (it usually takes her longer to want a second round) and I told her that I could use the vibe on her. She pointed out that it was getting late and we had no idea when Lucy would be returning (we’re not quite sure what her response would be to finding us fucking on her bed with her sex toys) and I agreed that we should head into Jen’s room to finish off. Before we left, I rubbed one side of the dildo along Jen’s pussy and we held it between us while we kissed and licked it clean. I hid it back in the drawer where I had found it, we gathered up our clothes and headed in to Jen’s room.

As soon as we got into the room, Jen said it was time to get started and we fell onto the bed. We ended up just 69ing, using fingers and mouths on each other, but in a pretty intense – almost animalistic – session. I know that Jen really got into it because when I started to finger and lick around her ass, she did the same back to me – we didn’t do a lot of this, it was mostly pussy play, but it’s still not that often that she does that.

We had finished up and were lying under the covers talking when we heard Lucy come back and we could hear that there were other people with her. We weren’t going to go down, but they called up to us to see if we were awake or ‘otherwise engaged’ and when we said that we were just talking, we were told to go down and see them. Jen pulled on her skirt and top (but left her panties off) and I was given a t-shirt to wear (it was fairly long). We wandered down and said hi, then stayed and chatted for a while. It wasn’t the usual group of people and I was glad that I hadn’t been made to wear anything too revealing (not that I would have minded them seeing, but it might have been awkward letting ‘normal’ people see me semi-naked and I didn’t want to upset/annoy Lucy).

I made sure I sat down carefully and Jen was fairly well behaved. She had an arm around me and was idly stroking my neck – I was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to try to make me cum in front of them (and if she had, it would have been her fault), but as the gentle stroking continued, I could feel myself getting turned on again. I made sure I didn’t fidget, but I couldn’t do anything to hide the fact that my nipples were getting hard. I did lean back and quietly ask Jen if she knew what she was doing and she just gave me her mischievous grin and said that she did. She only continued to stroke my neck gently, enough to keep me aroused, but not enough to get me too turned on and I ended up relaxing and enjoying the experience. We stayed and chatted for about an hour before we decided to go back to bed (I had the excuse of being tired from travelling). I wasn’t quite as careful when I got up – I don’t think I actually showed off any naughty bits, but I came fairly close.

Jen’s hand slipped up under my t-shirt on the way upstairs and when I pushed it out of the way, she grabbed my hand and reminded me that I was meant to do whatever she wanted. We were most of the way up the stairs and out of sight of the door to the living room, so I turned around to face her, pulled the t-shirt off and told her that I would naturally do anything she wanted. She flashed her wicked little grin at me and said that she had something in mind. I had to lie down at the very top of the stairs with my ass at the edge and my legs spread, with my feet resting one step down from the top. I was instructed to play with myself and when I had started, Jen stood over my head and lowered herself onto my face.

Now I’m used to Jen being demanding when I’m visiting, but she wasn’t usually quite this horny (not that I was complaining) and I licked her cunt in time with the movements of my fingers on my own pussy. I could almost feel the open space of the stairs and the clear line of sight up to my pussy, but I also knew that unless someone came upstairs, or went to the front door, that it was unlikely we would be seen (and again, Jen had instructed me to do this, so if we offended Lucy’s friends, it wouldn’t be my fault). I was still feeling quite horny from the teasing on the sofa and I’m fairly well practiced at masturbation (a lot more so now as I have to take care of myself during the week). Having Jen’s pussy on my mouth was also helping (I love the way it feels and tastes) and I started licking Jen faster and harder to try to get her off.

Jen hadn’t told me whether I was meant to make myself cum or not, but in the absence of any instructions, I just went with what felt best and continued to finger myself until I came. I moaned into Jen’s pussy to let her know I was cumming and when my orgasm finished, I brought my hands up so I could hold her in place and lick her better. I had no idea what was going on downstairs as my hearing was pretty muffled by Jen’s legs, but I assumed she would stop me if anyone was coming. It didn’t take too long before she was humping against my mouth and I knew she was getting close. I kept eating her, concentrating more on her clit and finally felt her shudder. I kept licking, but not as forcefully, until she pulled away from me and said that I’d done well. She helped me up and tossed my t-shirt downstairs before we headed into her room and got into bed.

Once safely under the covers, I commented on her enhanced sex drive and she said that she had just been missing me. I told her that I liked it (and liked the fact that she had missed me) and wondered how long it would last for. I was genuinely quite tired by this time, but would have gone for round four if she had wanted – but she was also tired so we decided to call it a night and just chatted until we fell asleep.

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