Friday, 20 May 2011

My strongest orgasm

I'm not sure if this was actually my strongest orgasm ever, but you'll understand why it is certainly a contender once you've read the entry. This is slightly shorter than usual so I'll post the next part on Sunday when I get back home (I'm back down visiting Jen this weekend). I got an early flight down and we're just heading out to meet up with people now...


We got home and all made dinner together, then tidied up. Jen and Lucy disappeared upstairs and I was told to remain in the living room. I had no idea what they were doing, but I was very curious as to how Lucy was involved with things (I know how I would *like* her to be involved). They were gone for a fair amount of time and Mel and Jules turned up (which at least meant I had someone to talk to). When other people turned up, Jen and Lucy came back downstairs and said that everything was ready and I had to follow Jen back upstairs. In her room, I was told to change into a different outfit (lacy top, no bra and short pleated skirt with no panties – nothing too unusual there). We went back downstairs and chatted over drinks. We were expecting a few more people to turn up, but Jen decided that she was too impatient to wait and said it was their fault for being late.

I was really wondering what she was referring to and asked her what was going to happen, but she said that I had to wait and see. I had to remain in the living room while she and Lucy disappeared upstairs again. When they returned, I was blindfolded and told to stand up and a minute later, was directed to sit down. I could tell that I was sitting on one of the kitchen chairs (I could feel the tall wooden back) and there was something on the seat. Jen fiddled around with my skirt and arranged it so that the object was pressing directly against my pussy. I felt my legs being tied to the chair legs, my hands tied behind the chair and then something being tied around my upper legs, pulling me hard against the chair. I could obviously hear people making comments about what was happening, but nothing that helped me to figure out what was going on. It was only when Jen pulled my blindfold off that I saw that it was our new powerful plug-in vibrator under my skirt and pressed up against my pussy.

I wasn’t too bothered about being made to cum in front of everyone (or the people who were there), but I didn’t quite understand what all the secrecy was about and why I was tied down (it’s not as if I usually object to being given orgasms!). Jen turned the vibrator on and the head started vibrating. Jen slipped her hand under my skirt and checked it was properly positioned (right against my clit) and then got Mel to push a pillow behind my back to push my forwards slightly. I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure it out, but I now realised that I was completely tied in place and wouldn’t be able to escape, but I was also being distracted by our wonderful toy, so i didn’t let it concern me. The vibrating head felt really good (although it made a bit of noise as it was also vibrating against the padded seat of the chair) and I tried to squirm around to vary the contact it had with my pussy (no matter how good something feels, variation is almost always a good thing).

As I described when we first got this toy (a Christmas present from Mike), it is pretty powerful and I knew that I would cum quite quickly so I was enjoying it as much as possible. Jen moved round behind me and pushed he hands down my top so she could play with my nips. She started to gently pinch and stroke them (they were already quite hard) and I was trying to hold back from moaning too much (but I’m told that I was whimpering quite a bit). Jen pulled the straps of my top down over my shoulders and pulled my right breasts out before asking if anyone wanted to have a play with it. Mel crawled over and knelt up beside me (if I’d been asked beforehand, I would have guessed it would have been her or Jules) and took over teasing it.

I was pretty close by now and Jen realised this – she told Mel to knock the vibe up another level and as soon as it started buzzing faster, I couldn’t do anything to hold back. I felt an intense orgasm burst out from my pussy and I definitely started moaning at this point. My orgasm didn’t last for very long, but when I tried to squirm away from the vibe, Jen pushed down on my shoulders to help keep me in place (the fact that I was tied to the chair meant that she didn’t have to do much to stop me moving). The buzzing now felt really intense and I couldn’t escape the vibe. Jen started to stroke my neck (I like this a lot, but I don’t think it made any difference in the face of the assault on my clit) and Mel took my nipple in her mouth. I heard a few people clap when she did this but was rather distracted by the vibe. I’m told that my language wasn’t entirely ladylike, but I could feel another orgasm building and the feelings were moving back into the enjoyable zone as it got closer.

I leant my head back to give Jen better access to stroke my neck and stayed like that as my second orgasm pulsed out from my clit. It felt stronger, but not quite as intense or sharp and was actually more enjoyable than my first one. It also seemed to last a bit longer (but I’m not sure how good my grasp of time was at this point). As my orgasm faded, (but the stimulation from the vibe didn’t), I realised that I might be in a bit of trouble. I told Jen that I didn’t think I could take much more and she whispered to me that this was payback for things I’d made her do over Christmas. It’s difficult to describe what the sensation was, but it felt like the vibrator was pulsing through my whole crotch and thighs. It was now definitely too strong to be pleasurable, but Jen showed no signs of letting me go or turning it off and instead, fished my left breast out from my top and offered it to Mel, who moved around so she was kneeling in front of the chair and started to play with both my nips.

I tried to pull away from the vibe, but between them, they held me in place and I felt some of the most intense stimulation that I can remember. I can usually cum quite a few times, so I wasn’t too surprised when I felt a third one start to build, but I generally have a bit of break between orgasm to recuperate (and this vibe is a lot stronger than our other ones). This time I was in no state to hold back and let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ as I came, which apparently became less coherent as my orgasm progressed. Mel seemed to have had enough of my breasts and moved back beside Julia to watch me. Jen took over playing with my nipples which she said were quite wet with Mel’s saliva.

This was nothing like the time at Christmas when I had been teased for hours – I had desperately wanted to cum then – so much that it almost hurt, but now I wanted nothing more than to have the stimulation stop. I wasn’t sure if I could cum a fourth time in a row so quickly, but I was quite sure that I didn’t want to and I begged Jen to turn the vibe off. I was told that i had to put on a show for a bit longer (Jen later said that she wanted to see if I would cum again). I was desperately trying to pull away from the vibe and the feelings felt like they were almost tearing through my body. Jen went over and joined the others to watch me for a bit and when she finally realised that I had actually had enough (or more than enough), she wandered back over and turned the vibe down to its lowest setting. This is still pretty strong and while it felt a bit better, I was relieved when she turned it off completely. I later found out that a couple of people had encouraged her to turn it off, but I completely missed this at the time.

My cunt still felt like it was vibrating and pulsing and the whole area felt really warm and wet (I briefly wondered if I’d ended up wetting myself, but I assumed that someone would have said something if that had been the case). Jen slowly untied me from the chair and while she was doing this, I realised that I’d been in such a state that I had been drooling (enough that it had run down over my chin, neck and down the side of my left breast). I couldn’t do anything to clean this up as my hands were still tied behind the chair, but it wasn’t as if I could have hidden it anyway and my muscles felt like they had no strength in them. Jen helped me off the chair and I flomped onto the sofa with my breasts still hanging out. My pussy was still tingling – although it felt more like really rapid throbbing and felt quiet warm. I wanted to have a check to ensure that everything was still where it should be (or more to the point to see if anything was as enflamed as it felt). I think Jen realised that she might have pushed me a bit too far and she came over to sit beside me to look after me. I felt quite tired and almost dozed off leaning against her (hmm, I must have become male).

It took about 15 minutes for me to feel like myself again and I tucked my breasts back in to my top. I had a well deserved beer and rejoined the conversation. I arranged myself so I was leaning against Jen, with my legs demurely half tucked under me – well, it would have been demurely if my skirt had been a bit longer, but I was trying to accidentally give Lucy a view up my skirt to my ass and pussy (I don’t know if she could see anything, but I liked imagining that she was looking). A few more people turned up and things were quiet for a while until Lucy mentioned having seen our new strap-on toy. People had already described my earlier antics to them and I was given the choice of repeating the display with the super-vibrator, or showing off the strap-on.

I was feeling much better by this point, but I was pretty certain that another round on the chair would have been too much, so I opted for the strap-on. Jen came with me to help tighten the harness and she applied a glob of tingle gel to the internal dildo before she attached it to me. I was allowed to leave the skirt on (although it didn’t do much to hide the main dildo) and Jen had me put on a pair of black stockings to complete the look. I was marched back downstairs and paraded around the room so that people could get a good look. Some of the guys had a feel of it and said that they thought it felt fairly authentic (and who knows what cocks feel like better than gay men?) and a couple of the girls had a little play with it as well. As expected, Jules was encouraged to have a good feel and she said that it wasn’t bad, but that she’d had bigger cocks in her time. I had to remove my skirt so I was now just wearing the stockings, lacy top and strap-on. Jen gave it a bit of a wank and described the internal dildo – I wondered if she was going to make me show them in the same way I’d shown Lucy, but I just had to keep wearing it.

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