Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Open door shower cum

This is the last part of my visit to Jen. next entry Sue visits us again (but we were better behaved this time).


We were woken by the sound of Lucy going downstairs and I rolled over on top of Jen and kissed her while grinding against her leg. She let me do this and once she was properly awake, she started to push back against me. I told her I wanted to fuck her before breakfast and she said that I could as long as I agreed to wear whatever she asked when we went down for breakfast. Of course, I would have had to do this anyway, so I pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt and started to pump them in and out while we kissed more deeply. Jen’s fingers found my cunt and we pumped away in each other, getting more and more turned on.

I wanted to do something wild, but couldn’t really thing of exactly what would satisfy me, so ended up asking to do an energetic 69. I love tasting Jen, and if you really go for it, a 69 can be an incredibly messy and satisfying way to cum. We started on our sides, heads buried between each other’s thighs and licked as hard and as rapidly as we could. I licked Jen’s cunt and ass and at times had my nose almost buried in her cunt while I licked her clit – this had the wonderful side effect of making her juices the only thing I could smell and it helped to drive me on even faster.

Jen seemed to be enjoying eating me as well and we rolled around on the bed so we took turns on top. I could feel that I was getting close to cumming and rolled so that Jen was on top and I grabbed her ass to hold her in place. I started moaning into her cunt to try to let her know I was nearly there (I really didn’t want to break contact) and continued eating her as hard as I could. As I started to cum, I pushed my thumb into her ass (partly to stimulate her and partly to help hold her still). My orgasm felt really strong (which was just what I had wanted) and I continued to eat Jen the whole way through it. I was determined to let her keep working on me until she came and it wasn’t too long after I’d cum that I managed to achieve this. She lifted her head from my pussy and panted while she came – I licked until she had finished, then switched to gently licking (and she did the same for me).

Once we had both calmed down, she climbed off me and moved round to kiss me. We were both fairly messy and our kissing just helped to smear our juices together. Jen then bounced up and said it was time to go and eat. I was handed one of the short t-shirts (it covers my pussy and ass – sort of) and Jen went to wipe her face clean (which I wasn’t allowed to do). I was also told that I wasn’t allowed to pull the t-shirt down once I left the bedroom and by the time we’d made it to the bottom of the stairs my pussy was already peeking out.

Lucy was sitting having breakfast in her dressing down and with a towel round her hair. Jen asked me to get breakfast ready, which involved bending down and stretching up to get things out of cupboards and feeling the t-shirt ride up a little bit each time. I got our food ready and sat down at the table between Lucy and Jen (they were on opposite sides). Breakfast was fairly uneventful, but once we had finished, Jen suggested that I go and use the shower to ‘clean up’ my pussy (she actually used air quotes so I was perfectly aware what she meant). I asked if she was coming with me but she said she would finish her coffee and I should leave the door open so we could continue to talk.

I went into the bathroom (at the end of the kitchen) and pulled off my t-shirt. Neither Jen nor Lucy could see me, but I knew either of them could have looked in at any time and so I decided to put on a good show for them in case they did. I got the shower going and set it on the long pulse setting. It had already been on the short setting and I wondered if Lucy had been having a play during her shower – I assumed that she had and used the image to help things along. I assumed my usual position sitting on the corner of the bath and aimed the get at my pussy. I didn’t try to force it, but I allowed myself to moan, gasp and sigh to signal how good it felt. I alternated between using my free hand to finger myself and to hold my lips open and fully expose my clit so the jet could get better contact with it.

I was really getting into it and Jen called in to ask if I was enjoying myself. I gave an enthusiastic ‘oh yeah’ and decided that I may as well go for it. I set the spray to the short pulse setting and aimed it back at my clit. It really does feel a lot more intense (and I’m pretty sure that a woman must have had something to do with the design of this unit). I allowed myself to moan a bit louder and used the jet to get myself close to cumming. Knowing that there was nothing stopping Lucy from walking in at any time and that she could hear how aroused I was, was very exciting and I ended up cumming with two fingers working in my cunt while I used the thumb to hold back the lips on one side of my pussy. I don’t think I was any louder when I came, but there would have been no mistaking that I was indeed cumming.

I hosed down my body while I caught my breath and called out to Jen to fetch me a towel as I quickly washed my hair (or as quickly as I can wash it anyway – the one downside of long hair). The towel had arrived before I’d finished, so once I’d dried myself off, I rejoined them in the kitchen (wearing just a towel that was large enough to wrap around me, but not long enough to cover my pussy and breasts at the same time). Lucy said that it sounded like I’d enjoyed myself and I commented on how the shower had already been on the pulse setting. Lucy blushed a bit and just said that she might have given it a quick try to see what it was like and that it felt nice.

Jen went to shower while Lucy and I chatted. We moved into the living room which meant that I no longer had the table to hide behind, but it felt nice (as in relaxed) being able to be semi-nude around her. When Jen reappeared, we all headed upstairs to get dressed and meet people for a late brunch (I still contend that a brunch anytime after 12pm is actually lunch). I had to wear a very short pleated skirt which was hidden under my coat. It was long enough to appear decent, but when I sat down, I had to be very careful to not expose myself. Jules had another short tight skirt on and we compared notes to check that we were both pantiless (and braless in Julia’s case).

Near the end of the meal, Mel leaned over and asked if I’d enjoyed sucking Julia’s breasts and I told her that they were very nice. She told me I could have a feel of them and while a couple of people in the group kept a look out, I slipped my hand up under her top and onto her breasts. I had a fondle for long enough to get her nips hard (or hard-ish – at least enough that they were visible through her top when she straightened it up). I was then instructed to help hold Julia’s legs open while Mel slipped her hand up her skirt and fingered her (I’m fairly confident that she was actually fingering her because I could see moisture on Mel’s fingers when she pulled her hand out – plus, those two are as bad as Jen and I. I expected Jen to do the same to me, but I had apparently put on a good enough show the previous evening so I was spared any further teasing. This was probably a good thing as the cafe was too crowded (and our seats were in too public a place) for Jen to have made me cum, but I was a little disappointed that she didn’t do anything.

We made our way out to the airport and had a little play on the way (mostly her teasing me) – nothing too serious, but enough to feel good. Jen asked me how I had enjoyed being naked around Lucy and I told her that it had been unexpected but fun. I asked what else she had in store for me and she said I would have to wait and see.

As usual, she waited around at the airport with me until it was time for me to go through security – I realised how short my skirt was when I had to stand with my legs apart to be frisked. The lady didn’t have to touch my legs as I only had short socks on, but I could feel the air moving over my pussy and had to phone Jen to ask how much had been visible (nothing from where she was – but that was at the back of the queue). I was lucky in that there weren’t any children in the same row of seats as me, so I could just sit and read without having to worry about putting a coat over my lap. I got up to go to the toilet during the flight and as I edged past the person next to me, I had my arms up a bit to help raise the skirt enough to let the very bottom of my ass peek out. The guy was a bit older than Mike, but pretty good looking, so I did the same thing when I returned to my seat. For the rest of the flight I imagined us having hit some turbulence just as I was going past him, so I ended up falling onto his lap, feeling his cock get hard and then us fucking for the rest of the journey.

This meant that I was quite horny by the time we landed and I rushed home to play with myself – during which time I called Mike to tell him about the weekend. I managed two orgasms while we talked (for the second one, I went for DP with a vibe in each hole and an egg on my clit). Mike said that I sounded like I was really enjoying myself and once I was satisfied, we settled down for a more thorough talk.

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