Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tasting Julia's nipples

Back home now - it was a fun weekend but I won't see Jen for a few weeks as we have wedding things to take care of and it's the end of year sex party in York. I don't think I could cope with seeing her every weekend anyway as it would probably kill me (who am I kidding, I can't wait until we ll actually live together).


It was definitely a bit odd just sitting there chatting while wearing it, but the effect of the tingle gel had worn off so it was just a ‘thing’ that kept getting in the way. I was encouraged to try to suck the dildo off, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t bend myself round far enough to get the end into my mouth (it might be big, but it’s not *that* big).

It was after midnight when people started to leave – on the way out, Mel gave the cock a good fondle – I think she was trying to get the internal dildo to move, but she didn’t really know how to do it so I didn’t feel much. When she gave me a hug goodbye, she had a good grope of my breasts – I jumped when she did this and she pointed out that she had been sucking on them earlier, so a little touch was nothing. I’d pretty much forgotten that she had been doing that to me (as I said, I was distracted) and said that it wasn’t fair that I was the only one who had to show themselves off. Julia said that it was usually her in that situation and Mel told her that in the interests of fairness, she had to pull her top up and offer herself to Jen.

Jen said that I was the one who preferred smaller breasts and that I should get a reward for having put on a good show. I was instructed to kneel on the floor in front of Julia and give her nips a good licking/sucking. I knew exactly what Jen was trying to do, but Jules does have quite cute breasts and so I worked on them with my tongue until they were nice and hard. I had my hands on her outer thighs and they slowly edged up her legs. My fingers went slightly under her skirt and I remember thinking about her telling me earlier that she didn’t have panties on. I wondered what would happen if I kept moving my fingers up, but fortunately her skirt was sufficiently tight that I would have had to make it obvious what I was doing.

I stood up again and Julia was allowed to pull her top down – she gave my cock a quick rub to thank me and her and Mel left. Jen gave me a big kiss and asked if I wanted to stay downstairs with the remaining people, or head up for some fun. Naturally, I opted to go up to her room to fuck and once we’d said goodnight, we dashed upstairs. I caught her on the landing, lifted her skirt and positioned the dildo at the entrance to her pussy. I whispered to her that I was going to fuck her for a while and then we could go to her room to finish off. I was surprised when she wiggled her ass back against me and I slowly pushed the cock into her. We ended up with her bent forwards, leaning against the wall and me working the cock in and out of her cunt. I got up to a good speed and was pumping quite hard into her – I debated reaching around to finger her clit at the same time, but I was feeling quite horny myself so didn’t want to wear her out too soon, so I slowed my movements, pulled the dildo out and said that we should get undressed.

We dived into her room and Jen pulled her clothes off (it was somewhat easier for me as I just had my top on). I told her that I wanted to do things properly and asked if we could use the double ended dildo (she agreed and pulled it out while I removed the strap on). I was nice and wet (and Jen is always wet), so she slipped the dildo into herself, lay down on the bed and I mounted her (or the dildo). Our cunts were rubbing together in no time and we took turns rubbing clits while the other one humped back and forth on the dildo.
Things got quite energetic and I pointed out that anyone downstairs would be able to hear what we were up to, but Jen said she didn’t mind (it’s not as if they don’t know that we have sex). Jen tried her best to get me to cum first, but I held out (just) and got her to cum, before humping against her and playing with my clit until I came as well. I wasn’t ready to do anything straight away, but I knew I still felt horny so I pulled myself off the dildo and lay on top of her. We kissed quite deeply and when we broke the kiss, Jen commented that she should get me to kiss other girls more often as it clearly gets me worked up. This was a conversation that I knew we had to have, but not at that point (lust overrides the requirement to be sensible).

I squirmed around on top of her and then wriggled down her body and off to the side so that I could suck on her nipples and press my pussy against her leg. I reached down and took hold of the dildo (which was mostly still inside Jen), found a suitable position to hold it and used my thumb on her clit. I continued to do this until it was obvious that she was getting aroused again and then quickly pulled the dildo out of her (which elicited a gasp) and tossed it to the end of the bed. I’d been humping against her leg while doing this and I was now definitely ready for more. I wanted to get as much of her as possible and the best way to do this (I think) is to 69, so I climbed over her, pressed my cunt to her mouth, pulled her lips open and pushed my mouth between them.

Jen realised that I wasn’t in the mood to play around (I guess the fact that I was lashing her cunt, clit and lips with my tongue gave it away) and she returned the favour in kind. She wrapped her legs around my head and I kept going until she came. Unfortunately, she eased off licking me a bit while she was cumming, but I continued licking her (more gently) and this encouraged her to resume her work on me. There is something to be said for just having things done to you and not have to worry about concentrating on reciprocating – I really enjoyed feeling her tongue move around inside and over my pussy. I held back for a little while (but not too long) and as I felt the final build up of my orgasm, I buried my tongue in Jen again and moaned into her cunt as I came. Jen kept lashing my clit until I pulled away, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me back to her mouth. I was about to complain, but she changed to gentle kissing and licking (for which we use the name ‘kitty kissing’).

I was still licking her and after I’d enjoyed her bringing me down from my orgasm, I decided that I would help her have a third one. I moved off her and retrieved a vibrator from the drawer. I then knelt between her legs, rubbed the vibe up and down my cunt and then worked it into Jen’s. I worked it the whole way in, so the clit attachment was up against her clit and then turned it on. I’d already gotten her a fair way along with my licking, so it wasn’t too long before Jen was mewing away and squirming around on the bed. It looked like the feelings were quite intense – her head was stretched back and I saw her getting more flushed as her orgasm approached. I was only moving the vibe in and out a little bit (mostly so the attachment kept good contact with her clit), but I fucked her with it a bit more while she came. I wasn’t trying to torture her so I made sure not to over-stimulate her once she had cum and had another bout of kitty kissing (with the vibe in her, but not touching her clit).

I hadn’t intended to do anything to myself, but had ended up playing with myself while watching (and helping) her cum – I wasn’t really close to cumming and decided that it would be better to stop (she didn’t look like she was ready for a fourth round). I sucked my fingers clean, then sucked the vibe clean and lay down beside her. I pulled the covers over us and gently teased her nips with my fingers while we kissed and dozed off. I had some pretty good dreams – in one of them, I ended up sitting on the stairs while kissing Julia’s nips and she sat on my lap (while I was still wearing the strap on) and bounced up and down on it until she came. In another, I was sitting with Lucy’s friends from the previous evening, but was naked and they took turns stroking my body and playing with me until I came, then they all acted disgusted that I would do something like that so I had to run upstairs. I woke up a couple of times feeling horny and nearly woke up Jen, but decided to let her sleep.

When she got up to go and pee early in the morning, I couldn’t hold back any longer though and I followed her downstairs. Jen just had her robe on but I went down naked (it was just after 6 and there was no chance Lucy would be getting up that early on a Sunday). I waited in the kitchen while Jen peed and when she came out i was sitting up on the table with my legs spread. Jen said that she was still tired, but after a little encouragement, she agreed to have a quick play as long as we returned to bed afterwards.

We had a look through the fridge to see if there was anything we could use, but other than a cucumber (which was a bit larger than I wanted at that time of the morning) and some carrots that looked a bit past their best, we couldn’t find anything suitable. I was a bit disappointed as I’d hoped to find some of Lucy’s food to play with, but we decided to make up for it by doing things in the middle of the hallway, so we would be visible from the front door and from the door to Lucy’s room. Of course, we had to be quiet as Jen didn’t want Lucy to catch us (or rather *her*) naked. I retrieved a couple of pillows and used them in the hall so one was under my ass and the other under my head. Jen climbed on top of me and we 69ed until we had both cum. We then returned to bed and went back to sleep for a while.

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  1. Hi Andi

    Looks like Jen is enjoying using your exhibitionist streak making you cum so much and demonstrating the strap-on.

    And its great that she encouraged Mel and Jules top play and be played with - there must be more action coming with them.

    Did Lucy get to see up your skirt and view your naked pussy ?

    I love the way you described licking Jen's cunt and fucking her with the strap-on and vibe. Mike must have nearly creamed his pants when you told him - I nearly did!

    Cheers, John