Thursday, 30 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 9

I quietly told Jen and she said that once the evening started to wind down, we could all take a little walk. Jules pestered me to find out what she would have to do, but I told her that she would have to wait and it served her right for not being able to cum fast enough. When people finally started to leave, we got ready ourselves and told Lucy that we would be back in a bit (we offered to let her come with us, but she said she was feeling tired. I slipped a dress on, but Jules had to go out with just a coat over her panties. At various points on the way, Mel opened the coat and fondled her, but it was fairly cold, so she wasn’t subjected to this for too long.

We led Mel and Jules to Jen’s old halls (Mel figured out where we were going as she used to live there too). We headed up to the roof and I had been hoping that the usual group would have been up there smoking, but we had the place to ourselves. The plan had been to get Julia to put on a little performance for them (just as I had done in the past). I considered getting her to strip off and make herself cum while near the edge of the roof, but I thought that would be a bit mean given the temperature, so was going to give up when Jen said that she had a backup plan.

She pulled the dildo with the sticky base out of her bag and said that the idea had been for me to use it at some point during the week, but we could always get Jules to use it for her penalty. This seemed like quite a good idea to me and I liked the idea of watching her fuck it and potentially being caught. We headed down to where the laundry room was and were pleased to find nobody there. Jules told us that she had some idea of what she had to do and revealed that she had used the washing machine at home to cum a number of times when she was younger. I got her to describe what she had done and she told us how she would wait for her family to go out and put something heavy in it, set it on spin, remove her skirt/trousers and panties and press her pussy against it until the vibrations made her cum. Her parents had never caught her doing this, but her brother had – but he’d seen her fucking his friends, so it wasn’t exactly anything new to him. She hadn’t tried the exact thing we had in mind though, so when Jen chose a machine and stuck the dildo on top, she was intrigued to find out what it would feel like.

We set the machine going on spin, Jules slipped her coat off and clambered up onto the machine. She still had her boots on and I told her to remove them as well (so she was just wearing Jen’s g-string) and she sat with her legs on either side of the dildo and pushed her pussy against it (holding the dildo firmly in place). Between the cold and the stimulation, her nips were looking quite perky (and I’m sure you all know about my attraction to small breasts). Jules pulled the g-string aside and started rubbing her pussy directly against the dildo and I decided to give Jen what she wanted and told Jules that she had to ride it properly and we would give her further instructions. She didn’t need to be told twice and immediately crouched over the dildo. She pushed the panties aside again and lowered herself onto it. This wasn’t the first time we’d seen Julia’s pussy, but it was certainly the first time we’d seen it like this and we moved a bit closer to get a better look. Jen stood behind me and reached around under my dress to rub my pussy and I told Julia to push herself down fully onto the dildo and just press her fingers against her clit to let the movement of the machine do the work of stimulating her.

Of course, Julia wasn’t happy just sitting still and she humped up and down on the dildo (which gave us a good view of it sliding in and out of her). Jen pushed her hands into my tights and her fingers found my pussy. She played with my clit, then pushed her hands further in and her fingers between my lips. Jules had got the hang of pushing down hard on the dildo and letting the machine vibrate her body so her fingers rubbed against her clit and she had her legs spread wide so we could see everything. Jen whispered in my ear and asked if she could finger me properly. I wasn’t sure quite what she meant, but I figured that she was checking if I minded if Mel and Jules got to see anything and I told her to go ahead and do whatever she wanted. I actually wanted her to use one hand on my clit and the fingers and thumb from her other hand to fill both my ass and cunt, but managed to resist asking her to do this.

She removed her hands from my pussy and pulled my tights down to my thighs, told me to lean forwards against the machine that Jules was on, flipped the back of my skirt up and pushed two fingers into my cunt. After fucking me like this for a little while, she replaced her fingers with her thumb and used the fingers on my clit. Mel was concentrating on stroking Julia’s thighs and it dawned on me that if anyone came in now, they would have a wonderful sight. We weren’t hiding round the back where I had done things before, but were in a relatively visible position (which had seemed like a good idea when it was just Jules who was on display) and anyone would have had a direct view of Jen’s fingers pushing into me and Jules above/in front of me.

Despite the conversation I’d had with Jen earlier in the week about not wanting to do things with Mel and Jules, having her pussy just in front of me was very appealing (although I think the fact that I was getting close to cumming probably had quite a bit to do with this). I got a really good look at her legs (very shapely) and wished that she didn’t have the panties on so I could have seen everything. I considered getting her to stop and remove them, but she was obviously quite close to cumming and I didn’t want to be cruel. Jules started to cum and I told her to push down on the dildo and told Mel to hold her fingers in place against her clit (which she did). Jules seemed to quite enjoy the feeling that this gave her and she was a lot more adventurous in terms of the noise she made than I had been. It’s not that she was *really* loud, but she let out a long high pitched ‘oooohhhhhhh’ and I could see that she was really pushing down hard on the dildo.

I reached between my legs and took over rubbing my clit – I’d half expected Jen to tell me off, but she let me rub away while she kept fingering me. Jules finished cumming and she pulled herself off the dildo, but stayed up on the machine in front of me. Unfortunately the dildo slightly obstructed my view of her pussy, but I could still see it a little and I was sufficiently close that it wasn’t long before Jen’s fingering and my frigging made me cum. It was a fairly good orgasm and I had to hold on tight as my knees went a bit wobbly, but I stayed upright and enjoyed my orgasm.

Jen made me suck her fingers clean and so it only seemed fair to get Jules to clean off the dildo. She had to kneel on all fours and lick/suck it until she had removed all of her juices. It was obvious that she was fairly experienced at giving blowjobs (although from what I could see, I would guess that Sue is probably better). With the dildo cleaned off, she was allowed to get down and put her boots back on, but wasn’t given her coat back until we got to the lobby of the building. Once we were outside and about to go our separate ways, I was told to remove her (or Jen’s) panties and had to kneel down in front of her and slide them down her legs. I pocketed them and we headed back home.

On the way, we naturally talked about what had happened and Jen pointed out that I hadn’t seemed to mind doing things in front of them. I explained that I didn’t mind them seeing me (and admitted that I had rather enjoyed watching Jules), but I still wasn’t sure about actually doing things with them. I congratulated Jen on having the foresight to bring the dildo along and asked what she had originally intended for me to do with it, but she wouldn’t tell me. She did tell me that Mike had sent it down to her in exchange for a pair of her panties that she had worn for a day and masturbated in a couple of times. It transpires that this isn’t the first such exchange they have done – generally whenever Jen needs something sent down to help out with her (or their) plans, a similar exchange happens. Mike then uses her panties to cum (he both smells and tastes her off them) and once he has used them up, he cums in them and sends them back to Jen. Depending on what she wants in return, she sometimes has to then wear them again and masturbate with them on so he can imagine her pushing his cum into her cunt. I had no idea that this was going on (but it helped to explain the ready access that Jen has to items to tease me with) and I think might help to explain why she has been slowly loosening up around him (she’s still not going to sleep with him though).

When we got home, Lucy was still downstairs, although she had dozed off on the sofa. We woke her and she asked what we had been up to. We gave a brief description and Jen ended pushing her hand back into my tights – just to demonstrate how she had been fingering me. I thought this was a bit unfair, but when I complained, I was told that it wasn’t up to me to decide what happened and I had to remove my dress, pull my tights down to my ankles and bend right over while she vigorously finger fucked me from behind. There was no clit contact, but it felt nice and she kept it up for a minute or so before telling me I could undress completely (slip tights off) and that we should go to bed.

Lucy headed up and we went to the bathroom to get ready. We ended up using Lucy’s toothbrush on each other (not enough to cum, but enough to get it wet with our juices) and then headed up to bed. It had been quite a while since Jen had cum and she had obviously also been enjoying the evening (her pussy had been soaking when we had a play in the bathroom) so I offered to take care of her first. She said that she wanted us to do things to each other and so we ended up in a 69 position, but using vibes on each other. We pushed them fully into each other’s pussies and made sure the clit attachments were nestled tightly in place and brought each other off. We might have possibly kept Lucy awake as we moaned as much as we usually would in this position, but didn’t have our faces buried between the other person’s legs to help muffle the moans.

Once we had cum, I convinced Jen to let me eat her so I could get my face covered in her juices (it’s wonderful waking up with the smell of sex). I spread her lips wide and licked as deep into her as I could, smearing her juices over me, then we curled up together, kissed for a while as we ground against each other’s thighs and finally fell asleep.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 8

On Tuesday morning, we woke up at roughly the same time. Jen didn’t have a lecture until 11, so we decided to have a lie in and to spend the time gently playing. We went down to the bathroom to brush our teeth first and I convinced Jen to go down naked as well (I had to agree to unspecified conditions for her to do this). I’d hoped that we would be discovered by Lucy, but we made it back up and into Jen’s room without being seen.

We had a fairly long session, copying the sort of kissing and lovemaking from an video. There was quite a bit of breast play and we just used fingers instead of any toys before finally going down on each other in turn. I let Jen eat me first so that I could then eat her and let her rest while I went to make breakfast for us (I’m so kind to her). One the way back to the room, I took a coffee in to Lucy and then returned to bed to eat breakfast with Jen. Lucy had already left by the time we got up properly so I didn’t have to put on my daily shower display. We did have a play with the shower though (not to orgasm) and on the way back upstairs, I convinced Jen to stop off in Lucy’s room to have another play with her vibe. She got me quite close to cumming (not right on the edge, but close enough for it to be very annoying when she stopped) and then said that we should get ready to go to her lecture. I wanted to take the vibe with me, but Jen convinced me that it might not be a good idea and suggested we take one of our own instead.

I was still quite excited when we were getting dressed, so was open to Jen’s suggestion of wearing s shorter skirt than usual. It didn’t make much difference when we were walking as my coat hid it and if I was going to have fun in the lecture, it would just be more convenient. When we arrived, I realised why Jen had warned me off taking Lucy’s vibe – she was there. We did our usual trick of waiting until the lecture had started and wandered in to sit on one of the empty rows near the back. Jen sat between us and we passed a couple of notes – me asking what she wanted me to do and Jen replying with ‘the usual, finger yourself’. Of course, Lucy got to see the notes as well and glanced over to me a number of times while I played with myself. At first, my skirt stayed on but Jen indicated that I should remove it so I slipped it down my legs and fingered myself properly. I came a bit quicker than I had the previous day and had to sit through the rest of the lecture somewhat bored. I didn’t wait until as close to the end before getting dressed again, but did make sure to bend over to pick up my coat while people were going past, giving a fairly good view up my skirt.
Once the lecture was over, we went for lunch and I was congratulated by Lucy for being sufficiently brave to semi-strip. Jen told her that that wasn’t the first time I’d done something like that and we tried to count the number of times (including the times in York and the times with Mike). Lucy was astounded that we’d managed to eat each other and do so much without being caught and Jen promised her that I could do even better (but wouldn’t elaborate as to exactly how).

We headed home and Jen did some work while I lazed around and tried to find something to watch on TV. Jen joined me after a while and we ended up fooling around a little bit on the sofa – nothing too heavy – and Lucy ended up coming down to join us (not in the fooling around sadly). We chatted for a while and Jen kept stroking her hands over my thighs and pussy. I was told to lie down on the sofa on my back so my head was at the other end to where Jen was sitting and my pussy was beside her. She pushed a couple of cushions under my ass and flipped my skirt up so she could stroke me properly. She rested her hand on my mons and ran her thumb up and down my slit, then rubbed my clit. Lucy could see everything, but nobody else seemed to mind so I just went with things and enjoyed it.

I felt Jen’s thumb curl round and press against my pussy, it slipped inside me and she pushed it the whole way in before starting a gentle fucking motion with it. She did this for a short time, then told me to open my legs further, so I let one drop down and rested my foot on the floor. Jen obviously wanted to show me off even more and replaced her thumb with two fingers from her other hand (she used her now rather wet thumb to rub my clit). I didn’t look directly at Lucy, but could see that she was certainly watching what Jen was doing. I decided to up the stakes a little and reached down to spread my lips – Jen didn’t stop me when I did this so I enjoyed knowing that I was now completely exposed to Lucy and I pictured her fingering herself while thinking of me. I told Jen I was getting close and she asked Lucy if she minded if I came (she didn’t). Jen didn’t hurry up her movements though and it took a little while for my orgasm to build fully and then start. I humped back against her fingers and when I came, I opened my legs a bit more and pulled my lips as far apart as I could (without it hurting).

Jen just steadily fingered me through my orgasm and when it ended, she wiped her fingers on my thigh, leaving a wet smear, before sucking them clean. I stayed in the same exposed position until I had caught my breath and then was instructed to remove my skirt (not that there seemed much point using it to cover myself anymore). We chatted a bit more and when Jen went off to the toilet, Lucy asked (again) if I really enjoyed being shown off in that way. I told her that I did and how much fun it could be and she said that she would never have the nerve to do the things I do. I told her that it could be great fun and as long as Mike and Jen were happy with what I was doing, then I was prepared to try almost anything (as long as it wasn’t illegal!). I was hoping that she would want me to teach her how to be more adventurous, but as much sex as I get, my life still isn’t quite the same as a porn movie, so she didn’t ask.

More people were coming round to visit that night so I was allowed to put a pair of panties on, but in return, I had to keep my skirt off. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Jules and I ended up being the recipients of an oil massage by one of the guys. We both ended up lying in the middle of the floor with just panties on and had a surprisingly good massage. When it was over, we were still covered in oil and a few other people decided that it would be a good chance to give us a rub down. Neither Mel nor Jen objected to this and we each had a few people rubbing and touching us. Other than a bit of breast rubbing and the odd hand straying across the panties, it wasn’t too much, but was a nice step towards my fantasy of group sex.

We were towelled clean(ish) of oil and people decided that it would be good to have a competition to see who could cum first. The rules were discussed and it was decided that hands had to stay outside of panties and toys couldn’t be used (we would have had a bit of an advantage otherwise). We took our places on the sofa and the fingering started. Jen was whispering in my ear and describing one of my school fantasies where I’m fingered and fucked by the whole class. I was determined to win (Julia has beaten me at this competition before) and I vividly pictured everyone crowded around me, guys fucking me, others cumming over me, girls eating my cunt clean and others sitting over my face for me to eat them. I was paying just enough attention to hear that Julia was enjoying herself, but I could feel my orgasm getting very close and I imagined burying my face in the cunt of a particularly cute girl I remember while guy after guy emptied his load into my cunt. I came unashamedly and made a fair amount of noise as I did so.

As winners, we got to decide on the penalty and I thought it would be wise to wait a bit before making a decision, but Jen thought that to get things started, Julia should have to wear one of her g-strings for the rest of the evening. She was allowed to change in the kitchen, but it didn’t leave much to the imagination. I was sent up to put on a pair of patterned tights and returned with my pussy partially visible through them. Both Julia and I had to take turns sitting on the lap of the guy who’d given us a massage (as thanks). With a bit of wiggling around, we managed to get him hard (well, Jules got him hard and I just helped keep him that way when it was my turn to sit on his lap). It had been quite a good massage, so I decided to reward him a bit more and turned to face him so that he could have a play with my breasts. This meant that my pussy was in contact with the bulge in his jeans and I may have rubbed up and down a bit.

Mel thought it was only fair that Jules should get the same attention, so after I had finished, she was instructed to sit facing him in the same position. He didn’t seem quite as interested in Jules (breasts is one area that I definitely have the advantage over her), but she did a pretty good job of humping against him to make sure that he remained interested. At one point I wondered if she was actually going to keep going until one (or both) of them came, but she only did the frantic humping for a brief time. When I chatted with her after, she said that she would have happily kept going, but that Jen’s panties didn’t offer much protection and the jeans had been chaffing her a bit. I had another chat with her about things we had both got up to in the past (I’ll probably devote a blog entry to some of Julia’s antics at some point). As always, talking to her got me nice and excited and I decided on the penalty I wanted her to pay.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 7

If everything has gone to plan, I will be in Majorca by now. We (Mike Jen and I) have a number of things planned to make the trip memorable and hopefully we'll get a chance to do them.

On to the post lecture fun now.


We left the lecture (once it had ended) and went home for lunch. One of Lucy’s friends was there and we sat and chatted with them for a while. I went to get a drink and Jen told me that this was the guy who has fancied Lucy for ages, and even though he knows that she is gay (the Hispanic girl that Lucy likes is one of their joint friends), he still seems to hope that he might be in with a chance someday. Jen had told me about him before and I knew that I had seen him once or twice with Lucy, but not for any length of time (apart from my visit a few weeks before when we’d chatted to them).

Jen suggested that I go and get changed into something more comfortable and on the way past the living room she told Jen that we would be back shortly. Looking back, I think they guy was hoping that we were going to leave him alone with Jen, but I might be imagining that. We went up to Jen’s room and I was allocated clothing to wear: a black lacy bra, white lacy panties and my long (mid thigh length) partially see-through lacy dress. I thought it was a bit of an odd mix, but when I put it all on, I realised that it was designed to allow my bra and panties to be fairly clearly visible through my dress. Before we went downstairs, Jen pulled the crotch of my panties aside and went down on me, then fingered me until I got close to cumming. She wiped her fingers clean on my thighs, rubbed a bit of tingle gel into and over my pussy and dragged me down to the living room while I was still very aroused. We sat back on the sofa and Lucy’s admirer certainly noticed my change of outfit, even though nobody mentioned it.

I was actually more covered than I usually am so it didn’t feel all that exciting at first, but as we chatted, Jen put her arm around my shoulder and gently stroked my neck (for any new readers - this is a huge turn on me for). I knew it wasn’t enough to get me anything more than a little bit aroused, but it helped me to get in the right mood and change the way I was sitting a couple of times to allow a view up my skirt, a good view of my panties through the skirt and finally a direct view of my panties when I sat with my legs folded under me and my dress somehow got pulled up slightly without me noticing. I stayed curled up against Jen like this for a while and she idly stroked my legs – getting fairly close to my panties, but without touching them. I spent the whole time waiting for her to do something more to me (or make me do something to myself), but it was eventually time for him to leave. We all got up to see him out (he didn’t seem as bothered by us being there to interrupt his alone time with Jen by this point) and while we stood at the door chatting, Jen lifted the back of my dress and slipped her hand down the back of my panties. Her fingers danced around the entrance to my pussy and as soon as the door closed, she pulled my panties down.

Both Lucy and Jen burst out laughing and I found out that the whole thing had been planned by both of them together. Lucy had wanted to see just how devoted to her he actually was and Jen had suggested using me to tempt him. They had both noticed a bit of a bulge in his crotch which I thought was somewhat ironic as I had completely missed this and I’m the only one of the three of us who actually knows what to do with a cock.

We didn’t get up to much for the rest of the afternoon – Jen and Lucy both did a little work (probably not as much as they should have) and I rested for a bit (probably when I should have been doing some work as well). A few people were coming over that night to watch a movie (Jen’s place is marginally more central and some of the other members of the gang live with people who may not be entirely receptive to our little games). Just before people were due to arrive, Jen got me to strip and handed the white panties from earlier in the day to me. I was then made to answer the door each time someone knocked or the bell went and each time I wondered if it was actually someone I knew or was going to be a random person canvassing for votes or trying to convert us to their religion (the latter would have been amusing – I’m not sure they get many topless converts!).

When everyone had arrived, we ordered pizza (which always takes a while when you have a group), put the film on and settled down to watch it. It was nothing special and we made sarcastic comments as it went along. Jen’s hand occasionally strayed to my lap and had a gentle play with me, but never for too long. When the doorbell went, I was handed one of her blouses (it might have actually been Lucy’s as I didn’t recognise it) and was told to go and answer the door. I slipped the blouse on but wasn’t allowed to do any buttons up and the difference in our body shape meant that it didn’t do that good a job of covering my breasts. The pizza guy seemed to appreciate the view so I took the pizzas from him, turned around and bent over to place them on the floor, before turning back to pay him.

When the door was closed, I removed the blouse and took the pizzas in so we could eat while finishing the film. A little more fingering happened in the second half, but still not enough to do more than get me horny and when everything had finished and people left, I was ready for some proper fun with Jen. I’d cum a fair amount of times that day already, but the last time had been a while ago and Jen had been teasing me for a fair amount of that time so I guess it’s not too surprising I was horny. We went up to her room and Jen told me that we were going to get changed and have some fun. I waited while she sorted out our clothes and was pleased to see that she was effectively dressing us up in school uniforms: no bras, white panties and short tartan skirts (non-matching, unfortunately) long white socks for her and long black ones for me.

Once dressed, I was ready to go but Jen said that we were heading out for a walk after just a bit of a warm up session. This consisted of us taking turns to go down on the other person and get them close to cumming three times each. We took our time doing this so by the time we were going to head out, it was well past midnight. We headed out and Jen left a spare coat hidden by the door. It was a fairly cool night, but not too cold and we walked around for a while holding hands. We were mostly on residential back streets, so didn’t see too many people. We stopped a few times and kissed, fondled or fingered each other.

Jen selected a suitable spot and sat me down on a low garden wall. She lifted the front of my skirt and rubbed my panties, then pushed her hand into them and played with my clit properly. She told me to pee a little and I did as asked and felt it soak into my panties. Jen rubbed me harder and told me to pee a bit more, I did this and felt my ass get wet as it trickled out and soaked into my skirt. I unbuttoned my blouse so she could play with my breasts and spread my legs to allow her to better finger me. I had no idea if she was going to make me cum, but I really wanted to and as I got closer, I told her that I really wanted to. She said that my wish would be granted and during the final build up, she told me to really let go and empty my bladder. I did as she asked and soaked her hand, my panties, skirt and legs as I came. It felt incredible (but it had been quite a while since I’d cum (not since the second lecture) and Jen had been teasing me on and off since then) and she continued to rub me until my orgasm had completely ended.

I had a really nice afterglow but knew that I couldn’t relax just yet as I assumed Jen would want to be played with. I asked if she wanted to switch positions and she told me to stay where I was, looked round to check the coast was clear and then slipped her panties down her legs and placed them on the wall beside me. I had to put my legs together and Jen stood with her legs either side of them. She lifted the front of her skirt and told me to use both hands on her, so I pushed a couple of fingers into her and used the other hand to play with her clit. She was already wet and my fingers glided in and out of her easily. Once I was well underway, she peed a bit and sprayed my arms, front (my top was still mostly undone) and legs. I’d been expecting this so wasn’t too surprised and continued to finger and frig her.

With a bit of encouragement, I got Jen to unbutton her blouse and play with her breasts. This meant that she dropped the front of her skirt, but the light wasn’t really good enough for me to see that much and I have a fairly good idea of where everything is down there by touch anyway! I kept going and was treated to another spray, probably not quite as much as the first one and after a little while, Jen said that she was getting close. She stopped playing with her breasts and used a hand on my shoulder to steady herself while she lifted her skirt with the other one. I continued to work on her and just before she came, Jen let loose and a jet of urine ran down my arm and sprayed over my body. She ended up dropping her skirt and using both hands to hold herself up (so I guessed it was quite a good orgasm, but then again we *were* standing at the side of the street doing her favourite thing so I’m not too surprised). By the time she had finished cumming, the front of her skirt was pretty soaked and pee had run down her legs and soaked her socks. I was in a much worse state though as my whole front from my breasts down was splattered and my blouse, skirt and socks were completely soaked.

Jen quickly did her blouse up and allowed me to do the same. The air felt much colder on our wet skin and after grabbing Jen’s panties, we quickly headed home. We were a lot closer to her house than I had realised as even though we had been out walking for a fair time, we had walked in a big loop and were only a few streets behind Jen’s place. When we got home, I was told that I had to strip, leave my clothes outside and go in. If Lucy was already in bed, I could then fetch Jen, if she was still up, Jen would change into the clean coat and come in. Jen’s street isn’t as quiet as the one we had just been playing on, but there were few enough people around that I managed to hide behind a bush while I removed my clothes and then quickly nip into the house. I had a quick check for Lucy (who was in bed) and went to fetch Jen (and my clothes).

Once indoors, we went to the bathroom, Jen stripped out of her clothes and we had a quick shower. I was sent up to get towels and we finished getting ready for bed (the rest of the day-end girly tasks) before heading up to Jen’s room. She thanked me for playing along with her game and said that she had really enjoyed it and I told her that I would do anything she wanted. We kissed for a while and ended up fingering each other. It was obvious that we were going to go for another session before sleep, but before we started I told Jen that just because she had agreed the previous night to back off on the Mel/Jules situation, she didn’t need to completely stop doing thing with me while they were around.

I saw the evil glint return to Jen’s eyes and she said that she was sure we could find a happy medium, before flipping around and climbing over me in a 69 position. We had a quick session and ate each other to orgasm before curling up and falling asleep together.

Friday, 24 June 2011

All packed

We're all packed now and will soon be setting off. Jen was wearing her swimsuit for me earlier (I don't know why, but I find her completely irresistible when she has that on) and as a little teaser of one of our plans, I have acquired a very skimpy bikini for her to wear (and when I say skimpy, I mean really skimpy. I'm not sure if I'll actually make her wear it around other people, but it'll be interesting to see her reaction when she gets to see it.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another Week with Jen - Part 6

I didn't realise that I had forgotten to post on Tuesday. To make up for it, I'll put the next posts up on Sat and Mon before going back to my 3 day cycle. I'm in York now and we're heading off on holiday (with the gang) tomorrow to Majorca for the week (Jen is coming as well and she should be arriving anytime now). I don't know if I'll have easy internet access there so I may not reply to comments until I get back, but I'll try to have some fun to write about later.

I think it's time for some lecture fun now (or at least in this post - it's actually time for packing...)


Jen was awake first on the Monday morning. She woke me and said that she would have used the usual method (oral), but that we were both somewhat sticky from the previous night’s session and I was sent to fetch a cloth from the bathroom. When I returned to the room, the strength of the smell of our juices hit me (I guess I’d gotten used to it overnight) and I left the door slightly ajar to allow the scent to drift out into the hallway. Once we’d both had a quick wipe, Jen said that she would go down on me, but I pointed out that given we were both awake, we may as well 69. Jen liked this idea and climbed on top of me.

She started work on my cunt and I licked all around her pussy and ass. I gave her a rim job for a little while and then fished out one of the small anal vibes from the bedside drawer (not easy when someone is lying on top of you). I gently pressed this against Jen’s ass and she didn’t pull away so I slowly pushed it in and turned it on. Jen let out an approving ‘mmmm’ into my pussy and I moved my attention to her pussy. We licked away and I pushed the vibe back into her ass whenever it slid out a little. I felt Jen’s finger moving over my ass and pushed back against it – she took the hint and I felt her work it into me (just a little, but enough to feel good) and then move it in and out in time with her licking. I broke contact with her pussy to encourage her to try to keep licking me through her orgasm and she murmured that she would. I’ve got to know her signals well enough by now to have a fairly good idea of how close she is, even when we’re 69ing, and I made sure that when she got close to cumming, I held back a bit to let me catch up.

I know that I have better control when I’m cumming, so I ended up not allowing her to cum until my orgasm had started. Technically, I just didn’t try to make her cum until I started to cum, I then licked her much more forcefully and continued to do this until she came (I’d finished by this time, but it meant that she had eaten me right through my orgasm). We kissed for a while (real kissing, not kitty kissing) and checked that everything was okay after out talk the previous night and I told Jen that I was ready to follow whatever orders she had for me. She just ginned at me and said that she had a few things in mind, but that we should get some food first.

I was sent in to wake Lucy up so she could join us. I wasn’t allowed to wear anything, but quite liked the idea of a naked me being the first thing that Lucy saw when she woke up. She wanted to snooze for 10 minutes, so I told her that we would have breakfast ready for her. I was given the frilly apron to wear while I helped make breakfast (Jen thinks it is sexy, but I think it just looks silly). We prepared toast, cereal, coffee and orange juice and Jen decided that the best way to add marmalade to Lucy’s toast was to smear the marmalade over my pussy and then transfer it to the toast. I convinced her to let me do the same to her (not quite as much, but it was the thought that counted) and I licked her clean. Jen was still licking me clean when we heard Lucy coming downstairs and even though Jen pulled away from me, Lucy could tell that we had been up to something (but that isn’t exactly unusual for us).

We had breakfast and I was sent off to the bathroom to have my morning shower-cum. By the time I’d finished, my pussy was perfectly clean again. I actually took my time and used the long pulse setting to get me most of the way there (it still feels good, but isn’t as intense so takes longer). It ended up giving me what felt like a deeper orgasm than the short setting, but maybe not quite as strong – I think more experimentation is needed!

Lucy showered next and while she was in the bathroom, I licked Jen clean (again). She didn’t want to cum again, but liked the idea of being eaten while Lucy was just in the next room. Once Lucy had finished and wandered past us with just a towel on, Jen showered. I joined her and spent a while washing her hair (I wish my hair was as soft and straight as hers). I had a play with her pussy, which she liked, but she still wasn’t ready to cum again (so much for all my training). We had to go up and get ready fairly quickly as Jen had a 10am lecture. I was given my outfit for the day which was pretty much the usual but with a new pair of black and white knee-high striped socks that were apparently designed to make people notice my legs and then notice my bare thighs above the socks – and then notice the rather short skirt. It wasn’t indecently short, but on the way to the lecture, I remembered that there was a set of open steps that we had to go up.

We arrived just before the start of the lecture and I made sure that I had removed my coat before going up the steps – I didn’t check if anyone was looking, but there was a group of people hanging around under the steps and I wondered if anyone was trying to get upskirt shots. We waited outside until it had started and then snuck in and sat on an empty row near the back at the opposite side to the door (to minimise the chance of anyone else late ending up sitting near us). Jen started taking notes and handed me our lipstick vibrator (it is disguised as lipstick and runs very quietly so is suitable for discreet use). She hadn’t actually told me that I had to play with myself, but I’d assumed that was the whole reason I was going to the lecture with her.

I folded my legs under me so I was sitting cross legged on the bench and pulled my skirt up. I decided to start off using just the vibe even though I knew it was quite weak (anything that vibrates without making noise doesn’t really vibrate that much – if you know otherwise, please leave a comment as I’m sure we can find a use for it!). It wasn’t going to get me off, but it certainly felt nice sitting looking down over the other people in the room with the vibe gently working on my clit. I just enjoyed the sensation for about 10 minutes, allowing my imagination to wander and fantasise about various scenarios. Jen leaned over and asked if I was actually going to cum and I quietly replied that I was, but I was enjoying taking my time. She ran her little finger over my pussy and commented on how wet I was – I guess the moisture had built up as I hadn’t touched myself (other than my clit). Jen sucked her finger clean and told me I could take as long as I wanted, as long as I came before we left the room. I asked her if that meant I could wait until the lecture had ended and cum while everyone was walking past and Jen said it was entirely up to me (although she knew that even I wouldn’t dare go that far).

I kept the vibe on my clit and went back to my fantasies. I imagined Mike and Jen both playing with me – just stroking my neck, sucking my nipples and occasionally touching my pussy – much in the same way as Jen had just done. This worked quite well as I wasn’t imagining anything stimulating me too strongly, so the feelings I was getting from the vibe tied in well with my fantasy. I ended up being wet enough that I felt a little of my juices trickle out of me and run down over my ass. I briefly worried about getting a wet spot on my skirt, but it was only a tiny bit of liquid (I’m not Jen) and I actually quite liked the idea of being marked with my own juices.

We were about halfway through the lecture now and while I was fairly sure that it wouldn’t take me long to cum, I thought that I may as well get started properly. I took hold of the vibe with my left hand and started to rub around my pussy, spreading my juices over my lips. I was indeed very wet and when I pushed a couple of fingers into myself, there was an audible squelch (it wasn’t really loud, but Jen heard it). I pumped my fingers into myself and was rewarded with more squelching sounds. A little more juice ran out and over my ass and I thought that i may as well use it, so rubbed my ring finger in the juice and then pushed it into my ass. The three fingered fuck is one of my favourites and I decided it was time to rub my clit properly. I put the end of the vibe in my mouth to hold it while I turned the base and then placed it on the bench beside us and used my left hand to rub my clit. I was trying to only move the bottom half of my arms so the lecturer wouldn’t notice, but it was a big room and we were near the back (and I didn’t really care too much by that point).

I don’t often get to cum (nowadays) in places with so many people present, so I didn’t hurry things along too much and really enjoyed what I was doing. I actually spent a lot longer fingering myself than I had intended (I think Mike’s done a good job at teaching me restraint) and when I finally came, it was quite strong. I had realised in the final build up that it was likely to be strong and really concentrated on being quiet. I did a fairly good job apart from some heavy breathing and when I’d finished, I relaxed back against the seat and gently stroked myself, rubbing my juices in to my lips and thighs.

The lecture ended and I stayed sitting as I was while people got up and started to leave. It was only when someone was about to walk past us that I put my legs down and flipped my skirt over my pussy. My fingers were still covered with my juices so I sucked them clean and we headed off to meet up with people for a drink. After spending an hour or so chatting, Jen asked if anyone would like to see me put on a show – the general consensus was that they would and so we headed off. After a while I recognised the route and we ended up at one of the sex shops we’d visited before. I asked Jen what I was meant to do and she handed me a pair of panties (white lace that matched my bra) and said I should ask to try on some outfits.
Jen and I went in together and had a quite general look round before heading over to the clothes. I selected a maid’s outfit and went to ask if I could try it on. I didn’t recognise the guy behind the counter and was told that they didn’t have changing rooms. I said that I didn’t mind and I would change in a corner if it was okay. 

The guy seemed a little confused by this, but said it was fine and watched me as I headed back over to Jen. A couple of our friends had joined us in the shop by now and I handed my coat to Jen, pulled my top off and slipped my skirt down my legs. After putting the outfit on, I went to look at myself in the mirror – it technically covered me, but only just. My cleavage was clearly on display and the skirt only just covered my panties when I stood up. I thought I should make the most of it and turned around, bent over and did whatever I could to show off my panties. My patch of pubic hair was quite visible through the material and I sat down to try on a pair of boots. The idea being that I had to lift my legs up in turn while I tied the boots up and gave a good view (I’ve done this before).

Having decided that the outfit wasn’t really for me, I removed it and slowly undid the boots while bending over. Once I’d removed the boots, I looked to Jen to see if I had done enough and she looked around to find something else. I was still just wearing my bra, panties and socks and I got a bit nervous when Jen picked up a whip with a heart on the end. I was instructed to bend over and Jen tried it out on me (only gently – she knows that I don’t enjoy pain as much as she does). After four or five slaps, she rubbed my ass better and then moved her fingers to my crotch. This only lasted about 10 seconds and Jen went to put the whip back.

I was then allowed to get dressed again and we headed out. I thought it had been a fairly tame session but found out that Jen had noticed it was later that we had realised and she needed to be back for another lecture. I was given the option of heading off with everyone else, heading home or going to the lecture with her. I decided to go and have another play (as I said, I don’t get the chance for lecture fun that often) but Jen told me that she had other plans for lectures so I didn’t need to worry. I decided to go along anyway and we basically repeated what I’d done earlier, but this time, Jen wrote me a note telling me to remove my shoes, socks, panties and skirt and put them all next to me. I did this and then fingered myself (I used the lipstick vibe a little, but not for as long before using my fingers). I had finished by about halfway through the lecture and I slowly got dressed again (not easy to do while trying to appear to be sitting still).

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 5

I'm sitting at Jen's kitchen table naked writing this. Jen has been helping but then slowed things down quite a bit by crawling under the table and licking me (which was rather distracting). 

Now for the end to our creamy night...


I could still feel Jules grinding against my ass and asked if she was going to be allowed to cum. I assumed that we would have to switch positions and she would get the same treatment, but Mel pulled a chair out for me to sit on. Jen went to get Mike’s shirt to cover the chair with (it’s not the first time he’s got cream on his clothes, but usually he gets to be involved in the enjoyable bits when it happens). I sat down and Jules sat on my lap, facing away from me but pressed up against my body. Mel poured some of the cream down her front and I was instructed to play with her breasts while Mel rubbed Julia’s panties. This carried on until Jules was squirming around and her nips were nice and hard under my fingers – her breasts are quite firm and were quite fun to play with, especially with the added cream.

Jules was told to lean forwards and I had to hold her panties away from her body while Mel poured some cream down her back. Once it had run into her panties, Jules was pushed back against me and I had to resume teasing her nips. Mel poured the remainder of the cream (there was only a little left by this point) directly into Julia’s panties and pushed her hand in. I could feel the cream leaking out over my legs and Mel’s hand moving as she fingered Jules. It was obvious that Julia was getting close to cumming from the way she was wriggling around and her breathing. My breasts were rubbing against her back with the cream making everything rather slippery. I had my chin resting on Julia’s shoulder so I could see what I was doing to her breasts and I could just about see down her body to her panties and Mel’s fingers pumping into her cunt. I couldn’t actually see her pussy, but it was close enough and I did quite enjoy it.
I thought that I may as well help out properly and kissed and nibbled on her earlobe and the side of her neck. 
Jules came and I continued to tweak away at her nipples. Mel fingered her even faster, pumping in and out rapidly until Jules let out a little cry and seemed to relax a bit. Mel slowed and then stopped her fingers, but kept her hand in Julia’s panties for a little while before pulling them out and making Jules lick her fingers clean.

We had to stay sitting on the chair for a while so that everyone could enjoy the creamy mess that we’d become. I still had a hold of Julia’s breasts and when I looked round I noticed that even one of the gay men seemed to have a noticeable bulge in his trousers. We were given the job of cleaning the mess up – which wasn’t easy as we kept dripping more cream onto the floor. Eventually it was decided that we had done enough and the others would finish up while we went to get cleaned up. I had assumed that we had finished for the evening, but we were then told that we had to stay dressed (or as dressed as we were) and shower together.

We were soon standing under the running water and while it would have been fairly easy to get rid of most of the cream with the shower (they have really good water pressure), we had to start off with the shower up in its holder. We washed each other down, starting with hair, then front and back. It was obvious that we wouldn’t be able to get the cream out without a bit more water, so were allowed to use the shower directly. I directed the shower onto Julia’s panties and ran the spray all over them before she pulled them away from her body so I could direct the spray inside. With her panties as clean as we could get them, I cleaned her legs (she has quite nice legs) and it was then my turn.

It was a bit more difficult to rinse the cream out of my tights, but we managed to get most of it out. Jules then knelt in front of me and used the shower on my legs, rubbing away to try to get as much of the cream out as possible. It felt rather good whenever the spray wandered over my pussy, even through the tights, and I half expected Jen (or even Lucy) to suggest the pulse setting.

Once we had cleaned up as much as we could, everyone was ushered out (except Jen and Mel as we belong to them) and we were told that we could strip off completely and get clean properly. I know that Mel has seen glimpses of my pussy before, but I think this was the first time she got a good unobstructed look at it – not as good a look as Jules got though as she had to give my legs another clean (but I got to do the same to her). She had a thin strip of hair on her mons that was almost a chestnut colour and her pussy lips were nicely shaved. I’m not really used to being that close to another girl’s pussy (except Jen’s or Sue’s) and I very nearly gave in to temptation and gave it a little kiss. My hands came very close to her pussy but I didn’t touch it. I did get a good feel of her ass as I washed it though and it is nice and firm – but she is quite a bit younger than I am. We were then taken upstairs to Jen’s room and allowed to select new panties to wear. I went for simple white cotton ones and Julia selected a pair of Jen’s red bikini panties.

We rejoined the rest of the group and were congratulated for our show. I had a fairly long chat with Jules and she detailed more of the things that she is made to do when I’m not around to help provide the entertainment (of course I already knew about a number of them from Jen, but there were times when she was made to perform when Jen wasn’t around). I also got her to tell me about some of her early sexual experiences (some of which she’d told me before and some were new to me). I really like the way Jules describes things as she doesn’t hold back and will go into as much detail as I ask for – I’m fairly sure she enjoys talking about it as much as I enjoy listening, as her nips ended up nice and hard (it generally takes actual stimulation for that to happen to mine) and she was pressing her thighs together.

People didn’t stay too late as some of them had early lectures the following day. When Mel and Jules left, Jules had to put her coat on and then remove her (or Jen’s) panties (which were handed back to Jen). Even though it was a bit cold out, she was made to go back home (or to Mel’s home) with just her coat and shoes on. Jen slipped her hand down the back of my panties and her fingers made it to the entrance to my pussy – she didn’t do much to me, but we were standing in front of the open door and the cold air on my skin felt quite nice.

I assumed that she would remove my panties as soon as everyone had gone (now that Lucy was allowed to see me naked), but I was allowed to keep them on until we had got ready for bed. We crawled under the covers and before we got distracted, I told Jen that I wanted to have a chat about what we’d done that evening. She asked if I’d enjoyed it (which I clearly had) and I told her that it was more about doing things with Mel and Julia. Jen knows that I don’t find Mel that attractive (or rather that I’m not that attracted to her) – we’ve talked about it before (and she reads this blog). She also knows that I sometimes think Julia is somewhat cute, but I explained that I just wasn’t sure how much I wanted things to develop between us and them (as I’ve hinted before, I’m pretty sure Jen wants a foursome).
We’ve spoken in the past about who we are allowed to do what with (mostly who Jen is happy to let me do things with) and in general we agree on which of our friends we would like to get involved with our games. 

We’ve agreed that if any of us (including Mike) wants to veto the other two including another person, that we would respect that. We both know that we each have favourites who we would like to do things with (Jo, Lis and Lucy for me, Lis and Vicky for Jen). Jen explained that it wasn’t so much that she fancied Mel, but she had met her in Fresher’s week and had looked up to her as she seemed so confident (and was more experienced with girls than Jen). She had watched as Mel had managed to get a number of girls while Jen was still nervous about her sexuality. We discussed how it had felt for me to be naked in the shower with Jules while Mel watched us and I admitted that I didn’t dislike it. We actually chatted for quite a while and in the end, Jen agreed that she would tone things down a bit with Jules but in return, I would have to follow any other instructions she gave me. I was doing this anyway, so agreed, but pointed out that I Jen didn’t have to stop doing things while Mel was around and she said that she would find a happy medium.

Things had got a bit intense during the conversation and we’d come closer to arguing than we had in a long while, but with everything sorted out, we decided to take some good advice I’d been given (never go to bed/sleep angry with the other person) and used the best method available to show that we still loved each other and that everything was fine. We had a reasonably long session, kissing and grinding against each other while we each described the things that we loved the most about the other person. We kept this up until our faces and things were soaked with our saliva and juices respectively and then decided that it was time to finish things off. It seemed right to only use our bodies on each other (no toys) and we ended up in the scissor position and humped against each other, our cunts sliding back and forth with our juices acting as lube. Jen came first and I had a quick finger of my clit to catch up, then went back to humping against her cunt until I came as well.

We debated going down on each other to clean up a bit, but it was nice falling asleep with such a strong smell of sex in the room. As a reconciliatory gesture, I went and fetched the panties that Jules had been wearing and we had a good smell of them. Even though she had showered just before putting them on, we could still detect her scent on them (it was noticeably different to ours). After a session like we’d had, we didn’t manage to go to sleep straight away and while we spooned (Jen against my back), she gently stroked my pussy and I reached my arm around and played with her from behind.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 4

I woke Jen up the following morning with my tongue on her pussy and she allowed me to eat her (and even reciprocated) before she went downstairs to pee. The water had done the trick and she was pretty much okay. We didn’t have much planned for the day other than a bit of shopping so decided to return to bed (to sleep). We actually dozed for a couple of hours and finally got up due to hunger.

On the way past her room, we woke Lucy up and about 10 minutes later she came down to join us. I had been given one of Mike’s work shirts to wear for the day (only half-buttoned of course) and Lucy had a nice nightdress on under her robe (which wasn’t fastened). Breakfast was fairly quiet, but after we had finished eating, Jen pushed my shirt of my shoulders and had a play with my nipples. She also slipped a hand down between my legs and stroked me before telling me it was time for me to go and shower. Jen said she would join me once I’d cum and she went up to get towels while I got the water running and assumed my shower masturbation position.

I pictured Lucy sitting at the table in her cute nightie and once again made enough noise to be sure she knew I was enjoying myself. I heard Jen and her talking and kept going until I came. Jen then joined me and we washed each other down and I used the shower to take care of Jen (Jen had closed the door when she joined me and she was fairly quiet). We gave each other a shave to ensure we were properly smooth (not just pussy, we do each other’s legs as well). Jen let me give her a quick lick test and she quickly tested me but said that I should be tested properly, so once we had dried off, we went to the living room and Jen ate me while I sat on the sofa (Lucy was in the shower while we did this). Jen did a very thorough job and kept me close to cumming for q while. I hadn’t realised it at the time, but she only made me cum when she heard the bathroom door open (so Lucy left the bathroom to sounds of me cumming). This also meant that when she stuck her head in the door, I was naked, with my legs spread and still experiencing the afterglow. When Lucy went upstairs, I told Jen that I was really liking the new rules of Lucy being allowed to see me naked. Jen said that there was more to come, but wouldn’t elaborate further.

As per my earlier instructions, I wore just the skirt while we were in the house. When it was time to go out and meet people for coffee, Jen got me to put on the coat I’d worn the previous night, but the shirt sticking out the bottom didn’t look right, so I was allowed to wear a longer coat (and socks as it was cold out). I felt incredibly naked (even though I had two layers of clothes on). I was allowed to keep my coat done up for most of the time, but had to show what I was wearing underneath whenever we were somewhere ‘safe’. As the day went on, Jen undid additional buttons on the shirt until only the two bottom buttons were done up. This gave a clear view of my front and (when my coat was open) down to just above my mons. In a couple of shops, Jen suggested that I try some items on and when in the dressing room, she fingered me.

In the first shop, she rubbed me enough to get me quite close to cumming and then stopped. In the second shop, I had to sit down and she went down on me, but after a bit of teasing, she still didn’t let me cum. On the way out of the dressing room, she wiped my pussy with her fingers and let Mel smell (who could apparently tell that I was horny from the smell). In the third shop (where Julia was subjected to something similar – but in a different dressing room), Jen got me really close to cumming and even though I pleaded with her to let me cum, she kept me just on the edge. When she went to fetch other clothes for me to pretend to try on (so we could stay longer) I was forbidden from touching myself and each time when she returned, she took me to the edge and then stopped.

By the time we left, I was feeling really horny and my shirt was completely undone (but I was still covered by the coat). Jen and I wandered down a quiet back street and just as I’d started to calm down, Jen told me to lean against the wall and make myself cum. I undid the bottom button on the coat and reached in to my pussy – it felt rather wet and my fingers easily slipped over my clit. I didn’t care if anyone could see anything and it took under a minute before my orgasm started. I rubbed away at my clit and let out some muffled whimpers – it was quite a strong orgasm – and as soon as I had finished cumming, I was dragged back out to where everyone else was. They knew why we had disappeared and I was told that I now looked quite satisfied.
We continued our shopping trip for a while and I was fondled a bit more, but nowhere near as seriously as before (I got to eat Jen for a bit in a dressing room and convinced her to let me make her cum). I got to tell Jules that I’d eaten Jen and Mel decided that it was time for them to head home for some proper fun. We arranged for a few people to come round later on and I could tell from who had been selected, that something would probably be happening.

Jen, Lucy and I went home and had some dinner and when people turned up later on, I was still wearing just the shirt (even the socks had gone when we got back to the house). We all discussed some of our favourite ways to cum (one of the reasons I’ve been putting the polls up) and Jules was made to remove her skirt (she had black panties on) and Mel rubbed her crotch while we talked. Mel was being quite forceful and pushed her fingers partly into Julia’s pussy, pushing almost enough of the material in to expose her lips. Julia was obviously enjoying it though and had to hump a cushion in the middle of the floor until she came. Mel sat behind her while she did this and played with her breasts through her top. When she had cum, her top was removed so she was just in her panties.

Jen said that I should change into something more suitable for playing and went to fetch a pair of semi-opaque tights (less revealing than the ones I’d worn on Saturday). I kept the shirt on until I’d pulled the tights up and then had to remove it. For most of the rest of the evening, people seemed happy with us being half-naked, but we weren’t forced to do anything else. It was only later on that things warmed up again – this was initiated by Mel stroking Julia’s panties and getting her to sit with her legs spread wide. Julia pointed out that it was my turn and my response of having cum in the middle of town earlier didn’t hold any weight. I had to assume the same position as Jules and Jen rubbed my crotch and pushed the tights between my lips and into my pussy. At one point I thought her fingers were going to tear through them and plunge into me properly, but opaque tights are quite strong.

While we were bring fondled, another couple played with each other a bit. They weren’t revealing as much as we were, but the girl was rubbing the front of the guy’s trousers and the bulge was fairly noticeable. The conversation about favourite ways to cum and positions to use was restarted and it came out that Mike and I enjoy food play (and then Jen admitted that she and I quite enjoy it as well). I’m not entirely sure how it happened (or who suggested it), but it was decided that I would put on a little show and demonstrate. We migrated into the kitchen and the table was moved to make enough space for everyone to stand (it’s not really big enough to be a good party kitchen).

Jen removed a pot of cream from the fridge (we’d planned on doing strawberries and cream later in the week) and poured a little of it over each breast. I rubbed the cream over my breasts and Jen then dribbled some more between my breasts so it ran down by front. As it ran over my stomach, Jen pulled the front of my tights out a bit and the cream ran down over my mons. She let go of my tights and rubbed my crotch – my body heat soon warmed the cream up, but Jen decided that she hadn’t added enough.

I was told to pull the front of my tights out away from my body and Jen poured a much larger amount of cream down between my breasts. This made its way down into my tights and pooled around my crotch and the very top of my thighs. I had to release my tights and Jen gave my pussy a much more thorough rub – I was actually quite impressed at how good a job my tights did at containing the cream (at first anyway - as Jen continued to rub, it began to seep through). Jen is obviously very practiced at playing with me and rubbed my clit until I was very turned on.

Mel thought this was an excellent idea and poured some cream into Julia’s panties. They didn’t contain it as well as my tights did and it dripped out down her legs. I watched Mel rub her panties and make a quite impressive creamy mess and then Julia was ordered to stand behind me and hump herself against my ass. Her hands went to my breasts and Mel added a bit more cream for her to massage in. Jen’s fingers continued to stroke my tights, rubbing the material against my clit and I pushed my ass back to help Julia out (this was more instinct than anything else). I was getting close to cumming and everyone could tell, but I didn’t care as it was fun. I would have happily let Jen pull my tights down and finger me properly, but she just continued rubbing me through them while Jules played with my nips.

I had a pretty phenomenal orgasm – it wasn’t a screaming, collapsing, panting orgasm, but it felt a lot deeper and stronger than the usual ones. I assume it was due to the couple of hours of low-level teasing, coupled with the situation, being watched, the cream and having two people touching me (Jules had been grinding against my ass quite a bit as well). I did stagger back a bit, but between Julia’s hands on my breasts and Jen’s hand in my crotch, I wasn’t really in any danger of falling over. When I looked down, my nipples were still very hard and my tights were no longer really doing much to contain the cream. I had the familiar feeling of embarrassment, but I’m getting used to ignoring it (and especially after a really good cum).


Next time - it's Julia's turn to cum again

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 3

Back at home, Jen offered me the chance to cum, but warned me that there would be more action that night, so I decided to have a break and let my pussy recover. The three of us had dinner and got freshened up before people arrived. I was given a more suitable outfit for clubbing and a pair of pattered semi-opaque tights to wear. People started to turn up and we sat around chatting in the living room and kitchen – when Mel and Julia arrived, Jen said that it was time and she unzipped my skirt while Mel did the same to Julia. She had similar tights to me on (maybe slightly more opaque) and we were ordered to wander round in this state until it was time to leave. I wasn’t entirely sure how much was visible through my tights, so made a deal with Jules to check each other – this meant that I got to have a good look at her crotch and she did the same to me. Up close, I could certainly see a fair amount of her pussy and noticed that she has a piercing (it’s on her labia, not on her clit). We determined that we were fairly exposed, but from a distance it wasn’t too bad (and we both liked it anyway).

As promised, our skirts were returned to us when we got ready to head out and we went to one of our usual bars followed by a club. It was a pretty tame night in terms of being made to do things, but people drank a fair bit (I mostly refrained). By about midnight, things started to get a bit more interesting and Jules and I were both ordered to remove our tights (we were at least allowed to go to the toilets to do this). On our return, we were assigned a mission: we had to go and dance together and do whatever it took to entice some other people (either men or women) to start dancing with us. Once we had acquired our targets, we had to flirt with them and lead them on as much as possible with the aim of getting them to do as much as possible to us. (Note, I’m paraphrasing what we were told, I was probably the only one sober enough at that point to have used words like enticing or acquired!)

Jules and I had a quick chat to discuss our strategy and decided that it would be more efficient to work together and try to attract a couple of guys (a couple of girls dancing together seems to be a magic signal to get guys to approach them). We went to one of the less well lit areas of the club and started dancing together – we were trying to dance sexily, but not in a way that made us look like lesbians (I’m not quite sure how to dance in a way that shows I’m bi). It didn’t take too long before a couple of guys came over – we turned them down as they weren’t that good looking (not that I have a massively high opinion of myself, but given what we intended to do, we thought we may as well go for the best we could get) and moved a bit to find another spot. Another couple of guys tried and we decided that they would do so we danced with them. We danced close to them and rubbed up against them – my target tried to kiss me and I allowed him to kiss my neck, but didn’t let him kiss me properly.

I didn’t stop him when his hands went to my ass though (over my skirt) and I let him have a good play with it. I did the same back to him and then turned around and danced with my back to him so I could wriggle my ass up against his cock (and this also allowed me to confirm that he was nice and hard). It also allowed me to see how Julia was doing – her target had one hand on her ass and the other on her breasts. My guy already had his hands around me and he then fondled my breasts. I took hold of one of his hands and pulled it away from his breasts – he resisted at first (I assume he thought that I was objecting, but I tried again and managed to push his hand down to the front of my skirt and pressed it between my legs. He got the idea quickly enough and he pressed the material of my skirt onto my pussy and started to rub. I reached behind me and rubbed the front of his trousers.

I turned back to face him and continued to rub his cock, his hands went to my ass and slipped under my skirt. He said something which I assume to related to his discovery that I was naked under my skirt, but it was too loud to hear properly. His hands started to really knead my ass and his fingers dipped between my cheeks and rubbed against my pussy. I looked round and was pretty sure that I could see Julia’s ass cheek and her guy’s hand between her legs. We continued like this for a little while and I felt a top on my shoulder – I looked around and daw that it was Julia and she was alone. She shouted and told me that she had finished and we should head back. I was enjoying what we were doing and felt fairly safe as I knew we had our group of friends with us, but wasn’t sure how much more it would be wise to allow to happen. I yelled to the guy that it had been fun, but that we were gay and had just been experimenting – as expected, he didn’t believe me so I took the most direct approach and grabbed Jules. I kissed her (properly) and grabbed her ass. I broke the kiss to yell at her that I wanted to convince him I was gay and we kissed again while we fondled each other’s asses (her hands were under my skirt and she lifted it an one point so he could see she was really touching me. He made a comment and left us and we headed back to the rest of the group.

They had been watching us but wanted details of what exactly had happened. We’d both done pretty much the same thing – I think I might have had a bit more finger contact on my pussy, but Julia was pretty sure that she had managed to rub the guy enough to get him to cum (in his trousers – that’s why he left). It was decided that Julia had won this round (I hadn’t been aware it was a competition or I would have tried harder and made sure that both he and I had cum) and I needed to pay a forfeit. Jen decided what this would be, downed what was left of her beer and pushed the bottle under my skirt. This took me by surprise, but I stood still and allowed her to push the bottle into me (I was nice and wet from my partial fingering and making out with Jules). She briefly fucked me with the bottle – my pussy was hidden under my skirt, but everyone could clearly see what she was doing. She didn’t do this for long before pulling the bottle out and holding it up so people could see that the neck was wet with my juices. Julia got her bare ass fondled by Mel (I found out the next day that her pussy had been rubbed a bit as well, but I hadn’t been able to see that in the dark).

We debated going on to another club that would stay open later, but in the end decided that it would be cheaper to head back to someone’s house. It was somewhere I hadn’t been before and was a little small, but we managed to fit in. Many people continued to drink and Jen gave me a gentle fingering under my skirt, but not so anyone could see anything (I don’t think anyone really noticed at all). I wanted to head back home so we could do things properly – Lucy decided to stay so we went home alone.

The fresh air seemed to make Jen feel more drunk, but we made it home and I may have taken advantage of Jen’s drunken state. As soon as we got in, I pulled my clothes off and told Jen I was going to fuck her. I left my clothes litter along the hall and Jen’s were removed in the living room and thrown randomly around. She wasn’t really *that* drunk, but enough so that she didn’t seem to worry about Lucy returning and discovering us (which I think would have been quite fun) and we had a fairly long session fumbling around on the sofa. Jen ended up being desperate to pee and so dashed off to the bathroom. I followed and told her to hold back until I could give her a treat – she sat on the toilet and I sat on her lap so we could kiss. I reached down between us and rubbed her clit (it was a bit of an awkward position, but I knew she would like it). When she was just about to cum, she let go and pissed herself and continued this through her orgasm. It wasn’t actually that messy – only my hand and her thighs needed to be washed clean – and it was certainly worth it for the amount of enjoyment she got.

I made her drink a couple of pints of water as a pre-emptive strike against any hangover and we went up to bed so that she could finish me off. I was given the option of cumming any way I wanted and chose to be double fingered (a thumb in my pussy and ass). Jen fucked both my holes until I came and we then snuggled up and fell asleep fairly quickly. We were woken a bit later when Lucy called and said that she was about to set off. We decided that it was far too late for her to walk home by herself so we got dressed and walked out to meet her (she wouldn’t wait for us, so we met her about halfway). To clarify what I meant when I said we ‘got dressed’ – Jen got dressed properly and I was just given a coat to wear. I wasn’t allowed to button it up either so I had to walk along holding the front shut and when we met Lucy, I had to give her a big hug with my coat open (now if she had just been naked as well, the hug would have been  lot nicer).

We returned home and went straight up to bed – Lucy noticed my clothes strewn around the hallway but Jen had forgotten about the fact that her clothes were scattered around the living room. I removed my coat and followed Lucy and Jen upstairs – we were all fairly tired though so nothing else happened other than me pressing my pussy against Jen’s ass while we went back to sleep.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 2

Mike is coming up this weekend. It will be nice to have another weekend where I don't have to travel (although it's more fun when I go down to visit Jen than when she comes here). Hopefully we'll have good weather again and we'll be able to have some fun outside. This entry covers the first part of the Saturday...


We slept in fairly late on the Saturday and when we woke, went down to pee and brush teeth before we did anything. Once we had returned to Jen’s room, she applied some tingle gel to my pussy, slipped in one end of the long double dildo and mounted the other end. We took turns fucking each other with the dildo and spent a while kissing with it bend round between us. It wasn’t until we heard Lucy go downstairs that we actually got serious and started humping against it properly. We ground back and forth and I rubbed our clits. I really wanted us to cum together and managed to keep Jen quite close to cumming while I caught up with her. It wasn’t perfect, but it was probably the closet we’ve got to a proper simultaneous orgasm for quite a while and it meant that when Jen lay on top of me and we kissed, we were both experiencing the wonderful afterglow.

We stayed like this for a little while and eventually Jen climbed off me and slipped the dildo out. She gave me her end and I had to lick it clean while she took care of my end. With this taken care of, it was time for breakfast. I was given the blouse from the previous evening to wear and it didn’t seem worthwhile bothering to do it up so I left it open. Lucy had showered by the time we got downstairs, but she looked quite hung over and said she had a headache. Jen volunteered me to make a nice breakfast for her and ran upstairs to get me something more suitable to wear. She returned with a white frilly apron that technically covered my front, but gave a fairly revealing view of the sides of my breasts and did nothing to cover my back. Apparently it had been bought for a different (undisclosed) purpose, but Jen thought it was appropriate. I put the apron on and went about making breakfast for everyone (OJ, coffee, toast, eggs and cereal) and Lucy seemed to be a bit more alive by the time we had finished.

I was then instructed to go and shower (with the door open of course) and before I could clean myself, I had to make myself cum with the spray. I was more than happy to do this and removed the apron, carefully placed it over the back of my chair and sauntered in to the bathroom to have my fun. I went straight for the short pulse setting and came fairly quickly, then showered and dried myself off. Jen had fetched me a single towel and once I’d dried my body off with it, I wrapped it around my hair and rejoined Jen and Lucy in the kitchen (they were still drinking coffee – to help recovery in Lucy’s case and as a part of her addiction in Jen’s case).

Jen got me to stand beside her and she examined my pussy to see if I needed a shave (she only used her fingers – not the usual tongue test). She decided that I was fine and we all went up to get dressed. I checked my email while I was jotting down the notes for the previous evening and that morning and saw an email from Nancy (one of my more involved readers and email correspondents). It included a link to a site selling bondage gear (specifically a collar) and she suggested that it would be a good way to signify my relationship with Jen even when I was married to Mike. We both quite liked the idea and went in to show it to Lucy. We knocked before entering, but she was mostly dressed so we were allowed in – I was still naked as Jen had decreed that I wouldn’t be allowed to be fully dressed at any point that week if it was just the two (or three) of us in the house. I assumed that I wouldn’t be allowed to be fully dressed whenever the LGBT crowd were over either, but that hadn’t been specified).

Lucy had a silver torc that I tried on (backwards) and I quite liked the way it looked. We discussed the various options while she finished getting ready and I enjoyed just chatting while sitting naked on her bed. I sat with a leg curled under me so that I cold press my heel against my pussy – I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum, but just being able to subtly apply a bit of pressure on my clit while I was right in front of her felt nice. Lucy had texted Ramona to see if she wanted to meet up, but got back a reply saying that she was busy and she would see her another time. She was obviously a bit disappointed by this, but Jen had arranged to meet up with other people for lunch so Lucy decided to tag along with us.

I hadn’t been told what I would be wearing (and I knew better than to try to choose my outfit myself). As I had expected, Jen had a particular outfit in mind and when we went back into her room, she presented it to me. She had found a half-cup bra that allowed my nipples to stay exposed (but still supported my breasts). I was also given a short (mid-thigh) length, pale blue dress that buttoned up the front and matched the colour of the bra pretty well. It was a little large on me, but Jen said it would be fine. It was cold out, so I was allowed to wear long socks that matched the dress (also a matching pale blue – it’s good to know that Jen puts effort into organising these things). I had to keep the bottom button of the dress undone – this wasn’t enough to let anything be visible, but allowed it to flap open slightly as I walked and allow the upper part of my thighs to be seen.

We headed into town and met up with people. Jules had changed her hair colour again (it now had more black in it) and she had one of her semi-goth outfits on (not that cute). I chatted with a couple of the guys and one of the bi ones complimented me on my outfit. Jen told him that I would get to make proper use of it if we found somewhere suitable and I realised what I would be doing over lunch. We wandered for a bit and found a little place down one of the back streets (one of the group led us there) and it was reasonably quiet. We managed to get a couple of tables at the back and I knew it was the perfect place for what I assumed Jen had in mind. Once we had ordered our food, I was handed a pair of blue panties (that matched the bra) and was told to put them on. With a bit of wriggling around (they were a bit tight), I managed to get them on while sitting in the chair and Jen made a show of handing me the remote control egg.

When the coast was clear, I had to undo a couple more buttons at the bottom of my dress (so my panties were exposed), push the egg into my panties and position it so it was held against my clit (which is why the panties were a size too small). The food arrived and I had to flick my dress down over my panties, but once the waitress had gone, Jen pulled the material out of the way and put the remote in the middle of the table, offering it to anyone who wanted it. It was quickly taken and the egg sprung to life as people played with the buttons. I had to edge forwards slightly so the egg didn’t vibrate against the chair, but this gave a better view of the bulge in my panties so Jen didn’t mind. It felt rather good and I was a bit annoyed whenever someone changed the program to one that didn’t feel as intense, but they changed it back when I asked.

I asked Jen if I was meant to cum and she just said ‘of course, don’t be stupid’. As my ‘punishment’ for asking a daft question, she slowly unbuttoned my dress, just leaving the top button done up. There didn’t seem to be much point to this as it didn’t help hide anything so I suggested that she may as well undo it. Jen didn’t need to be convinced and the dress fell completely open. I got a number of comments about my bra and Jen had to check that nobody else had heard. My nips were already hard (the egg was working quite well) and Jen gave them a little fondle. Julia was invited to come over and return the favour of me kissing her nipples during my previous visit. She leant over and took my left nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I enjoyed the feeling of her stud on my nipple and stopped worrying about being caught (there were enough people facing up towards the counter that I assumed someone would warn me if the waitress came back).

I adjusted the egg through my panties and told Jen (and my audience) that I was getting close. I spread my legs wider (which helped pull the egg tighter against me) and held Julia’s head in place against my breast. I stayed silent while I came (just heavy breathing) and when I had finished cumming, they turned off the egg and Jen allowed me to button up the top half of my dress (even she gets a bit nervous about me being caught – which is somewhat ironic given she’s the one who makes me do all this stuff).

We finished off lunch and I suggested that someone else should have to copy what I’d just done. The natural choice was of course Julia, but I found out that she had done something similar the previous weekend (sitting in exactly the same chair). Finding out that this wasn’t just a random cafe that we had gone to was a bit of a surprise, but I’d had a good orgasm and didn’t really mind. I still thought it would be a good idea for someone else to try cumming with the egg, but I could see that Julia’s skirt wasn’t really suited for being easily flipped up out of the way and then back down to cover herself if anyone came along (this is why I don’t wear tight skirts).

I kept mu panties exposed for the rest of our time in the cafe (covering up whenever someone came over to the table) and buttoned my dress up again (apart from the bottom button) before we left. We went for a wander round some of the parts of town we don’t usually visit and found a few interesting little shops. I was allowed to take the egg out for a while, but had to put it back in during the afternoon and people took turns at turning it on (usually when I was talking to someone else). The panties may have been tight, but they didn’t hold the egg still while I was walking, so I had to keep adjusting it to keep it in contact with my clit. I didn’t manage to cum, but it felt quite nice for a while until the constant buzzing began to irritate me. It was about time for us to head home anyway and we arranged for people to come round later on before we headed out.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 1

Jen's gone back now but we had a fun weekend. It was a bit too cold today to do anything outside, but yesterday was nice and warm so we had fun.


The next week I headed down to visit Jen on the Friday, but this time I was visiting for a week. We can’t quite remember the reason why I was doing this, but I think it was to make up for having missed a visit due to going to a sex party in York. Jen assured me that she had an interesting week planned out for me and I asked how much of it Mike had helped to organise. She told me that he had helped a little, but a lot was purely down to her (I wasn’t sure if this made me more or less apprehensive as to what would be involved as Jen seems to really enjoy getting me to do things).

I didn’t leave work as early as usual on the Friday, so by the time I arrived it was fairly late. I’d told Jen not to come and meet me so that she could enjoy the evening with her friends. I called Jen when I was on the way to her home and she left the group to meet up with me. I arrived first and had unpacked most of my things before she arrived

I had been instructed to be naked for her arrival and had to answer the door in this state. I had checked out the window to ensure it was actually Jen, but I wasn’t at all sure if any of her friends were hiding (they weren’t) and she congratulated me for doing as I was told. As my reward, I was allowed to go down on her while she sat on the stairs. I used a couple of fingers on her and licked her until she came and we then headed upstairs so we could do things together.

Jen wasn’t ready to cum again so I was told to fetch Lucy’s vibes, sit at the top of the stairs and fuck myself with them. This felt good, but I really wanted to do things with Jen (I’d been missing her even though it had only been the usual two weeks since I’d seen her). Not that I didn’t enjoy cumming over Lucy’s vibes (I used one inside me and the other on my clit), but once I’d given them a quick wipe clean and put them back, I told Jen that I really wanted her. She did a sexy dance and slowly removed her clothes, teasing me by teasing herself to get me even more turned on. She opened the door to her room beckoned for me to follow (at which point I bounded after her).

We fell onto the bed and kissed, licked and fingered each other frantically. I was glad that Jen seemed to be into it as much as I was because I had *really* been missing her and wanted to be as close to her as I could. I wanted to get her to cum as many times as possible, but I was also aware that she can’t cum as often as I can and I didn’t want her to burn out too early on in the proceedings. I still had to do what she said though so when I was instructed to move round into a 69 position I did so. Jen pumped a couple of fingers in and out of my cunt and flicked my clit with her tongue before pulling my cunt open and pushing her tongue deep inside. I tried to do the same to her but my tongue isn’t as long or flexible as hers (she seemed to enjoy it anyway though).

Her tongue scoured the inside of my cunt and then she latched her lips around my clit and attacked it until I came. I moaned into her and attacked her back, desperate to make her cum before I couldn’t take any more. I felt her licking get weaker and knew that she was close, so went all out. I kept my pussy pressed against her face (Jen wasn’t holding me in place any more) and enjoyed the vibrations as she moaned and panted into my cunt. We kitty kissed for a while, then moved round to kiss properly. We chatted for a while and I further satisfied my desire for Jen by repeatedly fingering her and licking my fingers clean. Between our conversation and my constant tasting of her pussy juice, I think she got the idea that I had missed her and we were going to start round three when we heard the front door close.

Jen wiped her face clean and threw on her gown to go see who it was (we assumed it was Lucy, but didn’t know who was with her). It turned out that she was alone and I was summoned to head downstairs with Jen. I grabbed my dressing gown and Jen just looked at me and told me to not be silly. She handed me one of her blouses and said that I could only do one button up. Even though I’ve been dieting for the wedding, I’m not as slender as Jen (and my breasts are somewhat larger than hers), so I had the choice of partially covering my breasts or trying to hide my pussy. I decided to play along and went for a button in the middle which didn’t do much to hide either, but kept the blouse in place.

We joined Lucy who was having a drink of water in the kitchen. She was pretty drunk and seemed quite happy. We found out that she had got off with the Hispanic girl I’d met a while ago (who she had repeatedly told us she wasn’t at all interested in). Lucy went to pee and we then moved into the living room to sit down so she could tell us what had happened.

Lucy had been out with her ‘normal’ friends (mostly people from her course) and had finally admitted to Ramona that she liked her. I think Ramona had figured it out already and the two of them had ended up kissing and fondling (gently) for quite a while. It was really nice to see Lucy so happy (even if it meant it was even less likely we would get to do things with her – unless we could get Ramona involved too – hmmm). We were sitting on the sofa with Lucy at one end, me in the middle and Jen behind me. I had one leg curled up on the sofa and the other foot on the floor, so my pussy was quite visible to Lucy. As Lucy continued her description of what it had felt like to kiss Ramona, how soft her skin was and how beautiful her hair was (it was quite obvious that she was completely captivated by her) Jen had put her arms around me and started to stroke my breasts. Their fondling had only got as far as fondling each other’s breasts, but Lucy was quite open about how good it had felt.

Jen had pushed the blouse completely off my breasts and had stroked my nips to full stiffness. She was also nuzzling the back of my neck (this isn’t as sensitive as the front, but still feels nice) and she slid a hand down my front, undid the button on the blouse and continued moving her fingers down to my pussy. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but I didn’t want to stop her and when her fingers reached my pussy, she slid them up and down my lips and then lifted them to my mouth for me to lick clean. Lucy gave us a smile and Jen suggested that we head upstairs to continue our earlier game and I commented about how Lucy probably wanted to play with herself as well to finish off her wonderful evening.

We went upstairs and Jen told Lucy that we would make sure that we made enough noise to mask anything that Lucy was doing, said goodnight and went in to Jen’s room. We lay down on the bed and kissed while Jen rubbed my clit. She asked if I would like to watch Lucy and her new gf fucking and we quietly described the scenario to each other. I tried to finger Jen, but she said that she didn’t think she had the energy to cum again – I was a bit disappointed, but she pulled out the powerful plug-in vibrator (the one that had almost reduced me to tears a couple of weeks before) and ran it over my neck, breasts and pussy. It was too strong to feel nice when used on my neck, but did wonders at bringing my nipples to attention and worked its usual magic when used on my pussy. Jen kept encouraging me to be loud so we could keep our promise to Lucy and I liked the idea of her lying in bed, playing with herself and listening to me cum. I gave a running description of what I was feeling and how close I was getting to cumming. I made sure I was nice and loud when I came and imagined Lucy was cumming at the same time.

We kissed for a bit longer and I managed to convince Jen to let me go down on her. She still didn’t want to cum, but I promised that I would be gentle and that I just wanted to be able to taste her some more. I kept my word and licked around and in her, slowly and gently. I flicked her clit with my tongue a few times and hoped that she would change her mind, but after 5-10 minutes I realised that she was actually quite tired, so I gave a final lick up the length of her pussy and snuggled up beside her.