Sunday, 5 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 1

Jen's gone back now but we had a fun weekend. It was a bit too cold today to do anything outside, but yesterday was nice and warm so we had fun.


The next week I headed down to visit Jen on the Friday, but this time I was visiting for a week. We can’t quite remember the reason why I was doing this, but I think it was to make up for having missed a visit due to going to a sex party in York. Jen assured me that she had an interesting week planned out for me and I asked how much of it Mike had helped to organise. She told me that he had helped a little, but a lot was purely down to her (I wasn’t sure if this made me more or less apprehensive as to what would be involved as Jen seems to really enjoy getting me to do things).

I didn’t leave work as early as usual on the Friday, so by the time I arrived it was fairly late. I’d told Jen not to come and meet me so that she could enjoy the evening with her friends. I called Jen when I was on the way to her home and she left the group to meet up with me. I arrived first and had unpacked most of my things before she arrived

I had been instructed to be naked for her arrival and had to answer the door in this state. I had checked out the window to ensure it was actually Jen, but I wasn’t at all sure if any of her friends were hiding (they weren’t) and she congratulated me for doing as I was told. As my reward, I was allowed to go down on her while she sat on the stairs. I used a couple of fingers on her and licked her until she came and we then headed upstairs so we could do things together.

Jen wasn’t ready to cum again so I was told to fetch Lucy’s vibes, sit at the top of the stairs and fuck myself with them. This felt good, but I really wanted to do things with Jen (I’d been missing her even though it had only been the usual two weeks since I’d seen her). Not that I didn’t enjoy cumming over Lucy’s vibes (I used one inside me and the other on my clit), but once I’d given them a quick wipe clean and put them back, I told Jen that I really wanted her. She did a sexy dance and slowly removed her clothes, teasing me by teasing herself to get me even more turned on. She opened the door to her room beckoned for me to follow (at which point I bounded after her).

We fell onto the bed and kissed, licked and fingered each other frantically. I was glad that Jen seemed to be into it as much as I was because I had *really* been missing her and wanted to be as close to her as I could. I wanted to get her to cum as many times as possible, but I was also aware that she can’t cum as often as I can and I didn’t want her to burn out too early on in the proceedings. I still had to do what she said though so when I was instructed to move round into a 69 position I did so. Jen pumped a couple of fingers in and out of my cunt and flicked my clit with her tongue before pulling my cunt open and pushing her tongue deep inside. I tried to do the same to her but my tongue isn’t as long or flexible as hers (she seemed to enjoy it anyway though).

Her tongue scoured the inside of my cunt and then she latched her lips around my clit and attacked it until I came. I moaned into her and attacked her back, desperate to make her cum before I couldn’t take any more. I felt her licking get weaker and knew that she was close, so went all out. I kept my pussy pressed against her face (Jen wasn’t holding me in place any more) and enjoyed the vibrations as she moaned and panted into my cunt. We kitty kissed for a while, then moved round to kiss properly. We chatted for a while and I further satisfied my desire for Jen by repeatedly fingering her and licking my fingers clean. Between our conversation and my constant tasting of her pussy juice, I think she got the idea that I had missed her and we were going to start round three when we heard the front door close.

Jen wiped her face clean and threw on her gown to go see who it was (we assumed it was Lucy, but didn’t know who was with her). It turned out that she was alone and I was summoned to head downstairs with Jen. I grabbed my dressing gown and Jen just looked at me and told me to not be silly. She handed me one of her blouses and said that I could only do one button up. Even though I’ve been dieting for the wedding, I’m not as slender as Jen (and my breasts are somewhat larger than hers), so I had the choice of partially covering my breasts or trying to hide my pussy. I decided to play along and went for a button in the middle which didn’t do much to hide either, but kept the blouse in place.

We joined Lucy who was having a drink of water in the kitchen. She was pretty drunk and seemed quite happy. We found out that she had got off with the Hispanic girl I’d met a while ago (who she had repeatedly told us she wasn’t at all interested in). Lucy went to pee and we then moved into the living room to sit down so she could tell us what had happened.

Lucy had been out with her ‘normal’ friends (mostly people from her course) and had finally admitted to Ramona that she liked her. I think Ramona had figured it out already and the two of them had ended up kissing and fondling (gently) for quite a while. It was really nice to see Lucy so happy (even if it meant it was even less likely we would get to do things with her – unless we could get Ramona involved too – hmmm). We were sitting on the sofa with Lucy at one end, me in the middle and Jen behind me. I had one leg curled up on the sofa and the other foot on the floor, so my pussy was quite visible to Lucy. As Lucy continued her description of what it had felt like to kiss Ramona, how soft her skin was and how beautiful her hair was (it was quite obvious that she was completely captivated by her) Jen had put her arms around me and started to stroke my breasts. Their fondling had only got as far as fondling each other’s breasts, but Lucy was quite open about how good it had felt.

Jen had pushed the blouse completely off my breasts and had stroked my nips to full stiffness. She was also nuzzling the back of my neck (this isn’t as sensitive as the front, but still feels nice) and she slid a hand down my front, undid the button on the blouse and continued moving her fingers down to my pussy. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but I didn’t want to stop her and when her fingers reached my pussy, she slid them up and down my lips and then lifted them to my mouth for me to lick clean. Lucy gave us a smile and Jen suggested that we head upstairs to continue our earlier game and I commented about how Lucy probably wanted to play with herself as well to finish off her wonderful evening.

We went upstairs and Jen told Lucy that we would make sure that we made enough noise to mask anything that Lucy was doing, said goodnight and went in to Jen’s room. We lay down on the bed and kissed while Jen rubbed my clit. She asked if I would like to watch Lucy and her new gf fucking and we quietly described the scenario to each other. I tried to finger Jen, but she said that she didn’t think she had the energy to cum again – I was a bit disappointed, but she pulled out the powerful plug-in vibrator (the one that had almost reduced me to tears a couple of weeks before) and ran it over my neck, breasts and pussy. It was too strong to feel nice when used on my neck, but did wonders at bringing my nipples to attention and worked its usual magic when used on my pussy. Jen kept encouraging me to be loud so we could keep our promise to Lucy and I liked the idea of her lying in bed, playing with herself and listening to me cum. I gave a running description of what I was feeling and how close I was getting to cumming. I made sure I was nice and loud when I came and imagined Lucy was cumming at the same time.

We kissed for a bit longer and I managed to convince Jen to let me go down on her. She still didn’t want to cum, but I promised that I would be gentle and that I just wanted to be able to taste her some more. I kept my word and licked around and in her, slowly and gently. I flicked her clit with my tongue a few times and hoped that she would change her mind, but after 5-10 minutes I realised that she was actually quite tired, so I gave a final lick up the length of her pussy and snuggled up beside her.


  1. How on earth did Lucy not finger her own pussy while Jen was dipping her fingers into your cunt ? She must have been squirming at the show right in front of her eyes!

    Cheers, John.

  2. She seemed to enjoy watching what was being done to me, but sadly she doesn't seem as easily led astray as I am. I know if the situation had been reversed, I would have helped out, but I seem to have very little will power in such things...