Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 2

Mike is coming up this weekend. It will be nice to have another weekend where I don't have to travel (although it's more fun when I go down to visit Jen than when she comes here). Hopefully we'll have good weather again and we'll be able to have some fun outside. This entry covers the first part of the Saturday...


We slept in fairly late on the Saturday and when we woke, went down to pee and brush teeth before we did anything. Once we had returned to Jen’s room, she applied some tingle gel to my pussy, slipped in one end of the long double dildo and mounted the other end. We took turns fucking each other with the dildo and spent a while kissing with it bend round between us. It wasn’t until we heard Lucy go downstairs that we actually got serious and started humping against it properly. We ground back and forth and I rubbed our clits. I really wanted us to cum together and managed to keep Jen quite close to cumming while I caught up with her. It wasn’t perfect, but it was probably the closet we’ve got to a proper simultaneous orgasm for quite a while and it meant that when Jen lay on top of me and we kissed, we were both experiencing the wonderful afterglow.

We stayed like this for a little while and eventually Jen climbed off me and slipped the dildo out. She gave me her end and I had to lick it clean while she took care of my end. With this taken care of, it was time for breakfast. I was given the blouse from the previous evening to wear and it didn’t seem worthwhile bothering to do it up so I left it open. Lucy had showered by the time we got downstairs, but she looked quite hung over and said she had a headache. Jen volunteered me to make a nice breakfast for her and ran upstairs to get me something more suitable to wear. She returned with a white frilly apron that technically covered my front, but gave a fairly revealing view of the sides of my breasts and did nothing to cover my back. Apparently it had been bought for a different (undisclosed) purpose, but Jen thought it was appropriate. I put the apron on and went about making breakfast for everyone (OJ, coffee, toast, eggs and cereal) and Lucy seemed to be a bit more alive by the time we had finished.

I was then instructed to go and shower (with the door open of course) and before I could clean myself, I had to make myself cum with the spray. I was more than happy to do this and removed the apron, carefully placed it over the back of my chair and sauntered in to the bathroom to have my fun. I went straight for the short pulse setting and came fairly quickly, then showered and dried myself off. Jen had fetched me a single towel and once I’d dried my body off with it, I wrapped it around my hair and rejoined Jen and Lucy in the kitchen (they were still drinking coffee – to help recovery in Lucy’s case and as a part of her addiction in Jen’s case).

Jen got me to stand beside her and she examined my pussy to see if I needed a shave (she only used her fingers – not the usual tongue test). She decided that I was fine and we all went up to get dressed. I checked my email while I was jotting down the notes for the previous evening and that morning and saw an email from Nancy (one of my more involved readers and email correspondents). It included a link to a site selling bondage gear (specifically a collar) and she suggested that it would be a good way to signify my relationship with Jen even when I was married to Mike. We both quite liked the idea and went in to show it to Lucy. We knocked before entering, but she was mostly dressed so we were allowed in – I was still naked as Jen had decreed that I wouldn’t be allowed to be fully dressed at any point that week if it was just the two (or three) of us in the house. I assumed that I wouldn’t be allowed to be fully dressed whenever the LGBT crowd were over either, but that hadn’t been specified).

Lucy had a silver torc that I tried on (backwards) and I quite liked the way it looked. We discussed the various options while she finished getting ready and I enjoyed just chatting while sitting naked on her bed. I sat with a leg curled under me so that I cold press my heel against my pussy – I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum, but just being able to subtly apply a bit of pressure on my clit while I was right in front of her felt nice. Lucy had texted Ramona to see if she wanted to meet up, but got back a reply saying that she was busy and she would see her another time. She was obviously a bit disappointed by this, but Jen had arranged to meet up with other people for lunch so Lucy decided to tag along with us.

I hadn’t been told what I would be wearing (and I knew better than to try to choose my outfit myself). As I had expected, Jen had a particular outfit in mind and when we went back into her room, she presented it to me. She had found a half-cup bra that allowed my nipples to stay exposed (but still supported my breasts). I was also given a short (mid-thigh) length, pale blue dress that buttoned up the front and matched the colour of the bra pretty well. It was a little large on me, but Jen said it would be fine. It was cold out, so I was allowed to wear long socks that matched the dress (also a matching pale blue – it’s good to know that Jen puts effort into organising these things). I had to keep the bottom button of the dress undone – this wasn’t enough to let anything be visible, but allowed it to flap open slightly as I walked and allow the upper part of my thighs to be seen.

We headed into town and met up with people. Jules had changed her hair colour again (it now had more black in it) and she had one of her semi-goth outfits on (not that cute). I chatted with a couple of the guys and one of the bi ones complimented me on my outfit. Jen told him that I would get to make proper use of it if we found somewhere suitable and I realised what I would be doing over lunch. We wandered for a bit and found a little place down one of the back streets (one of the group led us there) and it was reasonably quiet. We managed to get a couple of tables at the back and I knew it was the perfect place for what I assumed Jen had in mind. Once we had ordered our food, I was handed a pair of blue panties (that matched the bra) and was told to put them on. With a bit of wriggling around (they were a bit tight), I managed to get them on while sitting in the chair and Jen made a show of handing me the remote control egg.

When the coast was clear, I had to undo a couple more buttons at the bottom of my dress (so my panties were exposed), push the egg into my panties and position it so it was held against my clit (which is why the panties were a size too small). The food arrived and I had to flick my dress down over my panties, but once the waitress had gone, Jen pulled the material out of the way and put the remote in the middle of the table, offering it to anyone who wanted it. It was quickly taken and the egg sprung to life as people played with the buttons. I had to edge forwards slightly so the egg didn’t vibrate against the chair, but this gave a better view of the bulge in my panties so Jen didn’t mind. It felt rather good and I was a bit annoyed whenever someone changed the program to one that didn’t feel as intense, but they changed it back when I asked.

I asked Jen if I was meant to cum and she just said ‘of course, don’t be stupid’. As my ‘punishment’ for asking a daft question, she slowly unbuttoned my dress, just leaving the top button done up. There didn’t seem to be much point to this as it didn’t help hide anything so I suggested that she may as well undo it. Jen didn’t need to be convinced and the dress fell completely open. I got a number of comments about my bra and Jen had to check that nobody else had heard. My nips were already hard (the egg was working quite well) and Jen gave them a little fondle. Julia was invited to come over and return the favour of me kissing her nipples during my previous visit. She leant over and took my left nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I enjoyed the feeling of her stud on my nipple and stopped worrying about being caught (there were enough people facing up towards the counter that I assumed someone would warn me if the waitress came back).

I adjusted the egg through my panties and told Jen (and my audience) that I was getting close. I spread my legs wider (which helped pull the egg tighter against me) and held Julia’s head in place against my breast. I stayed silent while I came (just heavy breathing) and when I had finished cumming, they turned off the egg and Jen allowed me to button up the top half of my dress (even she gets a bit nervous about me being caught – which is somewhat ironic given she’s the one who makes me do all this stuff).

We finished off lunch and I suggested that someone else should have to copy what I’d just done. The natural choice was of course Julia, but I found out that she had done something similar the previous weekend (sitting in exactly the same chair). Finding out that this wasn’t just a random cafe that we had gone to was a bit of a surprise, but I’d had a good orgasm and didn’t really mind. I still thought it would be a good idea for someone else to try cumming with the egg, but I could see that Julia’s skirt wasn’t really suited for being easily flipped up out of the way and then back down to cover herself if anyone came along (this is why I don’t wear tight skirts).

I kept mu panties exposed for the rest of our time in the cafe (covering up whenever someone came over to the table) and buttoned my dress up again (apart from the bottom button) before we left. We went for a wander round some of the parts of town we don’t usually visit and found a few interesting little shops. I was allowed to take the egg out for a while, but had to put it back in during the afternoon and people took turns at turning it on (usually when I was talking to someone else). The panties may have been tight, but they didn’t hold the egg still while I was walking, so I had to keep adjusting it to keep it in contact with my clit. I didn’t manage to cum, but it felt quite nice for a while until the constant buzzing began to irritate me. It was about time for us to head home anyway and we arranged for people to come round later on before we headed out.


  1. Dear Andi,

    Many thanks for the name check!

    Oh, and by the way, WOW!


    PS When will we catch up with You?

  2. Its great the Lucy is happy for you to be naked around her. Maybe in time she will repay the compliment :)

    Interesting time in the cafe too, though I'm surprised that Jen didn't unbutton your dress to "help" you get the panties on, exposing your pussy at the same time.

    I hope the next part is posted soon, I expect the evening was very sexy!

    Cheers, John

  3. I don't think anyone (except Lucy) had seen my pussy by that point (I haven't re=read the entry to check where we're up to).

    I don't know if I'll catch up with writing for a while - I'm a good few months behind and still don't have that much time to spend on it.