Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 3

Back at home, Jen offered me the chance to cum, but warned me that there would be more action that night, so I decided to have a break and let my pussy recover. The three of us had dinner and got freshened up before people arrived. I was given a more suitable outfit for clubbing and a pair of pattered semi-opaque tights to wear. People started to turn up and we sat around chatting in the living room and kitchen – when Mel and Julia arrived, Jen said that it was time and she unzipped my skirt while Mel did the same to Julia. She had similar tights to me on (maybe slightly more opaque) and we were ordered to wander round in this state until it was time to leave. I wasn’t entirely sure how much was visible through my tights, so made a deal with Jules to check each other – this meant that I got to have a good look at her crotch and she did the same to me. Up close, I could certainly see a fair amount of her pussy and noticed that she has a piercing (it’s on her labia, not on her clit). We determined that we were fairly exposed, but from a distance it wasn’t too bad (and we both liked it anyway).

As promised, our skirts were returned to us when we got ready to head out and we went to one of our usual bars followed by a club. It was a pretty tame night in terms of being made to do things, but people drank a fair bit (I mostly refrained). By about midnight, things started to get a bit more interesting and Jules and I were both ordered to remove our tights (we were at least allowed to go to the toilets to do this). On our return, we were assigned a mission: we had to go and dance together and do whatever it took to entice some other people (either men or women) to start dancing with us. Once we had acquired our targets, we had to flirt with them and lead them on as much as possible with the aim of getting them to do as much as possible to us. (Note, I’m paraphrasing what we were told, I was probably the only one sober enough at that point to have used words like enticing or acquired!)

Jules and I had a quick chat to discuss our strategy and decided that it would be more efficient to work together and try to attract a couple of guys (a couple of girls dancing together seems to be a magic signal to get guys to approach them). We went to one of the less well lit areas of the club and started dancing together – we were trying to dance sexily, but not in a way that made us look like lesbians (I’m not quite sure how to dance in a way that shows I’m bi). It didn’t take too long before a couple of guys came over – we turned them down as they weren’t that good looking (not that I have a massively high opinion of myself, but given what we intended to do, we thought we may as well go for the best we could get) and moved a bit to find another spot. Another couple of guys tried and we decided that they would do so we danced with them. We danced close to them and rubbed up against them – my target tried to kiss me and I allowed him to kiss my neck, but didn’t let him kiss me properly.

I didn’t stop him when his hands went to my ass though (over my skirt) and I let him have a good play with it. I did the same back to him and then turned around and danced with my back to him so I could wriggle my ass up against his cock (and this also allowed me to confirm that he was nice and hard). It also allowed me to see how Julia was doing – her target had one hand on her ass and the other on her breasts. My guy already had his hands around me and he then fondled my breasts. I took hold of one of his hands and pulled it away from his breasts – he resisted at first (I assume he thought that I was objecting, but I tried again and managed to push his hand down to the front of my skirt and pressed it between my legs. He got the idea quickly enough and he pressed the material of my skirt onto my pussy and started to rub. I reached behind me and rubbed the front of his trousers.

I turned back to face him and continued to rub his cock, his hands went to my ass and slipped under my skirt. He said something which I assume to related to his discovery that I was naked under my skirt, but it was too loud to hear properly. His hands started to really knead my ass and his fingers dipped between my cheeks and rubbed against my pussy. I looked round and was pretty sure that I could see Julia’s ass cheek and her guy’s hand between her legs. We continued like this for a little while and I felt a top on my shoulder – I looked around and daw that it was Julia and she was alone. She shouted and told me that she had finished and we should head back. I was enjoying what we were doing and felt fairly safe as I knew we had our group of friends with us, but wasn’t sure how much more it would be wise to allow to happen. I yelled to the guy that it had been fun, but that we were gay and had just been experimenting – as expected, he didn’t believe me so I took the most direct approach and grabbed Jules. I kissed her (properly) and grabbed her ass. I broke the kiss to yell at her that I wanted to convince him I was gay and we kissed again while we fondled each other’s asses (her hands were under my skirt and she lifted it an one point so he could see she was really touching me. He made a comment and left us and we headed back to the rest of the group.

They had been watching us but wanted details of what exactly had happened. We’d both done pretty much the same thing – I think I might have had a bit more finger contact on my pussy, but Julia was pretty sure that she had managed to rub the guy enough to get him to cum (in his trousers – that’s why he left). It was decided that Julia had won this round (I hadn’t been aware it was a competition or I would have tried harder and made sure that both he and I had cum) and I needed to pay a forfeit. Jen decided what this would be, downed what was left of her beer and pushed the bottle under my skirt. This took me by surprise, but I stood still and allowed her to push the bottle into me (I was nice and wet from my partial fingering and making out with Jules). She briefly fucked me with the bottle – my pussy was hidden under my skirt, but everyone could clearly see what she was doing. She didn’t do this for long before pulling the bottle out and holding it up so people could see that the neck was wet with my juices. Julia got her bare ass fondled by Mel (I found out the next day that her pussy had been rubbed a bit as well, but I hadn’t been able to see that in the dark).

We debated going on to another club that would stay open later, but in the end decided that it would be cheaper to head back to someone’s house. It was somewhere I hadn’t been before and was a little small, but we managed to fit in. Many people continued to drink and Jen gave me a gentle fingering under my skirt, but not so anyone could see anything (I don’t think anyone really noticed at all). I wanted to head back home so we could do things properly – Lucy decided to stay so we went home alone.

The fresh air seemed to make Jen feel more drunk, but we made it home and I may have taken advantage of Jen’s drunken state. As soon as we got in, I pulled my clothes off and told Jen I was going to fuck her. I left my clothes litter along the hall and Jen’s were removed in the living room and thrown randomly around. She wasn’t really *that* drunk, but enough so that she didn’t seem to worry about Lucy returning and discovering us (which I think would have been quite fun) and we had a fairly long session fumbling around on the sofa. Jen ended up being desperate to pee and so dashed off to the bathroom. I followed and told her to hold back until I could give her a treat – she sat on the toilet and I sat on her lap so we could kiss. I reached down between us and rubbed her clit (it was a bit of an awkward position, but I knew she would like it). When she was just about to cum, she let go and pissed herself and continued this through her orgasm. It wasn’t actually that messy – only my hand and her thighs needed to be washed clean – and it was certainly worth it for the amount of enjoyment she got.

I made her drink a couple of pints of water as a pre-emptive strike against any hangover and we went up to bed so that she could finish me off. I was given the option of cumming any way I wanted and chose to be double fingered (a thumb in my pussy and ass). Jen fucked both my holes until I came and we then snuggled up and fell asleep fairly quickly. We were woken a bit later when Lucy called and said that she was about to set off. We decided that it was far too late for her to walk home by herself so we got dressed and walked out to meet her (she wouldn’t wait for us, so we met her about halfway). To clarify what I meant when I said we ‘got dressed’ – Jen got dressed properly and I was just given a coat to wear. I wasn’t allowed to button it up either so I had to walk along holding the front shut and when we met Lucy, I had to give her a big hug with my coat open (now if she had just been naked as well, the hug would have been  lot nicer).

We returned home and went straight up to bed – Lucy noticed my clothes strewn around the hallway but Jen had forgotten about the fact that her clothes were scattered around the living room. I removed my coat and followed Lucy and Jen upstairs – we were all fairly tired though so nothing else happened other than me pressing my pussy against Jen’s ass while we went back to sleep.


  1. Dear Andi,

    I love it when You cum over all dominant with Jen! And I love it when Jen cums over all dominant with You, too!

    Oh, sod it! You know I just love it when You and Yours cum!


  2. Hi Andi,

    I must start going to clubs again ! The chance of meeting someone like you rubbing my cock and letting me fondle your tits, ass and pussy sounds great.

    And you were able to get your tongue down Julia's throat too, what a bonus for you :)

    Were there many people about when you and Jen went to meet Lucy walking home ?

    Cheers, John xxx

  3. Nancy: I think we have a nice dominance game going on - neither of us would ever make the other do anything they really didn't want to and it is a good excuse to do new things 'because the other one told us to'.

    John: It was certainly an interesting evening and felt very exciting being fondled in that way