Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 4

I woke Jen up the following morning with my tongue on her pussy and she allowed me to eat her (and even reciprocated) before she went downstairs to pee. The water had done the trick and she was pretty much okay. We didn’t have much planned for the day other than a bit of shopping so decided to return to bed (to sleep). We actually dozed for a couple of hours and finally got up due to hunger.

On the way past her room, we woke Lucy up and about 10 minutes later she came down to join us. I had been given one of Mike’s work shirts to wear for the day (only half-buttoned of course) and Lucy had a nice nightdress on under her robe (which wasn’t fastened). Breakfast was fairly quiet, but after we had finished eating, Jen pushed my shirt of my shoulders and had a play with my nipples. She also slipped a hand down between my legs and stroked me before telling me it was time for me to go and shower. Jen said she would join me once I’d cum and she went up to get towels while I got the water running and assumed my shower masturbation position.

I pictured Lucy sitting at the table in her cute nightie and once again made enough noise to be sure she knew I was enjoying myself. I heard Jen and her talking and kept going until I came. Jen then joined me and we washed each other down and I used the shower to take care of Jen (Jen had closed the door when she joined me and she was fairly quiet). We gave each other a shave to ensure we were properly smooth (not just pussy, we do each other’s legs as well). Jen let me give her a quick lick test and she quickly tested me but said that I should be tested properly, so once we had dried off, we went to the living room and Jen ate me while I sat on the sofa (Lucy was in the shower while we did this). Jen did a very thorough job and kept me close to cumming for q while. I hadn’t realised it at the time, but she only made me cum when she heard the bathroom door open (so Lucy left the bathroom to sounds of me cumming). This also meant that when she stuck her head in the door, I was naked, with my legs spread and still experiencing the afterglow. When Lucy went upstairs, I told Jen that I was really liking the new rules of Lucy being allowed to see me naked. Jen said that there was more to come, but wouldn’t elaborate further.

As per my earlier instructions, I wore just the skirt while we were in the house. When it was time to go out and meet people for coffee, Jen got me to put on the coat I’d worn the previous night, but the shirt sticking out the bottom didn’t look right, so I was allowed to wear a longer coat (and socks as it was cold out). I felt incredibly naked (even though I had two layers of clothes on). I was allowed to keep my coat done up for most of the time, but had to show what I was wearing underneath whenever we were somewhere ‘safe’. As the day went on, Jen undid additional buttons on the shirt until only the two bottom buttons were done up. This gave a clear view of my front and (when my coat was open) down to just above my mons. In a couple of shops, Jen suggested that I try some items on and when in the dressing room, she fingered me.

In the first shop, she rubbed me enough to get me quite close to cumming and then stopped. In the second shop, I had to sit down and she went down on me, but after a bit of teasing, she still didn’t let me cum. On the way out of the dressing room, she wiped my pussy with her fingers and let Mel smell (who could apparently tell that I was horny from the smell). In the third shop (where Julia was subjected to something similar – but in a different dressing room), Jen got me really close to cumming and even though I pleaded with her to let me cum, she kept me just on the edge. When she went to fetch other clothes for me to pretend to try on (so we could stay longer) I was forbidden from touching myself and each time when she returned, she took me to the edge and then stopped.

By the time we left, I was feeling really horny and my shirt was completely undone (but I was still covered by the coat). Jen and I wandered down a quiet back street and just as I’d started to calm down, Jen told me to lean against the wall and make myself cum. I undid the bottom button on the coat and reached in to my pussy – it felt rather wet and my fingers easily slipped over my clit. I didn’t care if anyone could see anything and it took under a minute before my orgasm started. I rubbed away at my clit and let out some muffled whimpers – it was quite a strong orgasm – and as soon as I had finished cumming, I was dragged back out to where everyone else was. They knew why we had disappeared and I was told that I now looked quite satisfied.
We continued our shopping trip for a while and I was fondled a bit more, but nowhere near as seriously as before (I got to eat Jen for a bit in a dressing room and convinced her to let me make her cum). I got to tell Jules that I’d eaten Jen and Mel decided that it was time for them to head home for some proper fun. We arranged for a few people to come round later on and I could tell from who had been selected, that something would probably be happening.

Jen, Lucy and I went home and had some dinner and when people turned up later on, I was still wearing just the shirt (even the socks had gone when we got back to the house). We all discussed some of our favourite ways to cum (one of the reasons I’ve been putting the polls up) and Jules was made to remove her skirt (she had black panties on) and Mel rubbed her crotch while we talked. Mel was being quite forceful and pushed her fingers partly into Julia’s pussy, pushing almost enough of the material in to expose her lips. Julia was obviously enjoying it though and had to hump a cushion in the middle of the floor until she came. Mel sat behind her while she did this and played with her breasts through her top. When she had cum, her top was removed so she was just in her panties.

Jen said that I should change into something more suitable for playing and went to fetch a pair of semi-opaque tights (less revealing than the ones I’d worn on Saturday). I kept the shirt on until I’d pulled the tights up and then had to remove it. For most of the rest of the evening, people seemed happy with us being half-naked, but we weren’t forced to do anything else. It was only later on that things warmed up again – this was initiated by Mel stroking Julia’s panties and getting her to sit with her legs spread wide. Julia pointed out that it was my turn and my response of having cum in the middle of town earlier didn’t hold any weight. I had to assume the same position as Jules and Jen rubbed my crotch and pushed the tights between my lips and into my pussy. At one point I thought her fingers were going to tear through them and plunge into me properly, but opaque tights are quite strong.

While we were bring fondled, another couple played with each other a bit. They weren’t revealing as much as we were, but the girl was rubbing the front of the guy’s trousers and the bulge was fairly noticeable. The conversation about favourite ways to cum and positions to use was restarted and it came out that Mike and I enjoy food play (and then Jen admitted that she and I quite enjoy it as well). I’m not entirely sure how it happened (or who suggested it), but it was decided that I would put on a little show and demonstrate. We migrated into the kitchen and the table was moved to make enough space for everyone to stand (it’s not really big enough to be a good party kitchen).

Jen removed a pot of cream from the fridge (we’d planned on doing strawberries and cream later in the week) and poured a little of it over each breast. I rubbed the cream over my breasts and Jen then dribbled some more between my breasts so it ran down by front. As it ran over my stomach, Jen pulled the front of my tights out a bit and the cream ran down over my mons. She let go of my tights and rubbed my crotch – my body heat soon warmed the cream up, but Jen decided that she hadn’t added enough.

I was told to pull the front of my tights out away from my body and Jen poured a much larger amount of cream down between my breasts. This made its way down into my tights and pooled around my crotch and the very top of my thighs. I had to release my tights and Jen gave my pussy a much more thorough rub – I was actually quite impressed at how good a job my tights did at containing the cream (at first anyway - as Jen continued to rub, it began to seep through). Jen is obviously very practiced at playing with me and rubbed my clit until I was very turned on.

Mel thought this was an excellent idea and poured some cream into Julia’s panties. They didn’t contain it as well as my tights did and it dripped out down her legs. I watched Mel rub her panties and make a quite impressive creamy mess and then Julia was ordered to stand behind me and hump herself against my ass. Her hands went to my breasts and Mel added a bit more cream for her to massage in. Jen’s fingers continued to stroke my tights, rubbing the material against my clit and I pushed my ass back to help Julia out (this was more instinct than anything else). I was getting close to cumming and everyone could tell, but I didn’t care as it was fun. I would have happily let Jen pull my tights down and finger me properly, but she just continued rubbing me through them while Jules played with my nips.

I had a pretty phenomenal orgasm – it wasn’t a screaming, collapsing, panting orgasm, but it felt a lot deeper and stronger than the usual ones. I assume it was due to the couple of hours of low-level teasing, coupled with the situation, being watched, the cream and having two people touching me (Jules had been grinding against my ass quite a bit as well). I did stagger back a bit, but between Julia’s hands on my breasts and Jen’s hand in my crotch, I wasn’t really in any danger of falling over. When I looked down, my nipples were still very hard and my tights were no longer really doing much to contain the cream. I had the familiar feeling of embarrassment, but I’m getting used to ignoring it (and especially after a really good cum).


Next time - it's Julia's turn to cum again


  1. Dear Andi,

    Please don't keep us in suspense!

    Could it be that You're learning to sublimate Your embarrassment into arousal, just as Mike conditioned You to Lesbianism?


  2. Andi- I've been away for a bit but now I'm back. Haven't kept up on things (obviously) so a little fuzzy here. Is this another sex party?

  3. Why don't you read up on past entries if you're such a big of Andi's blog, now that you're back? Or maybe you're not that much of a fan after all? And no, it's not a sex party.

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  5. Nancy: I think I'm way past 'beginning' to do that. I don't think I'm really embarrassed about them seeing me cum - it's just a natural part of my exhibitionist side.

    Anon1: No this isn't a sex party - just an evening with Jen and her friends.

    Anon2; Be nice - this is meant to be a place for happy (or horny) people. I don't expect everyone to have read all my entries which is why I sometimes repeat explanations