Saturday, 18 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 5

I'm sitting at Jen's kitchen table naked writing this. Jen has been helping but then slowed things down quite a bit by crawling under the table and licking me (which was rather distracting). 

Now for the end to our creamy night...


I could still feel Jules grinding against my ass and asked if she was going to be allowed to cum. I assumed that we would have to switch positions and she would get the same treatment, but Mel pulled a chair out for me to sit on. Jen went to get Mike’s shirt to cover the chair with (it’s not the first time he’s got cream on his clothes, but usually he gets to be involved in the enjoyable bits when it happens). I sat down and Jules sat on my lap, facing away from me but pressed up against my body. Mel poured some of the cream down her front and I was instructed to play with her breasts while Mel rubbed Julia’s panties. This carried on until Jules was squirming around and her nips were nice and hard under my fingers – her breasts are quite firm and were quite fun to play with, especially with the added cream.

Jules was told to lean forwards and I had to hold her panties away from her body while Mel poured some cream down her back. Once it had run into her panties, Jules was pushed back against me and I had to resume teasing her nips. Mel poured the remainder of the cream (there was only a little left by this point) directly into Julia’s panties and pushed her hand in. I could feel the cream leaking out over my legs and Mel’s hand moving as she fingered Jules. It was obvious that Julia was getting close to cumming from the way she was wriggling around and her breathing. My breasts were rubbing against her back with the cream making everything rather slippery. I had my chin resting on Julia’s shoulder so I could see what I was doing to her breasts and I could just about see down her body to her panties and Mel’s fingers pumping into her cunt. I couldn’t actually see her pussy, but it was close enough and I did quite enjoy it.
I thought that I may as well help out properly and kissed and nibbled on her earlobe and the side of her neck. 
Jules came and I continued to tweak away at her nipples. Mel fingered her even faster, pumping in and out rapidly until Jules let out a little cry and seemed to relax a bit. Mel slowed and then stopped her fingers, but kept her hand in Julia’s panties for a little while before pulling them out and making Jules lick her fingers clean.

We had to stay sitting on the chair for a while so that everyone could enjoy the creamy mess that we’d become. I still had a hold of Julia’s breasts and when I looked round I noticed that even one of the gay men seemed to have a noticeable bulge in his trousers. We were given the job of cleaning the mess up – which wasn’t easy as we kept dripping more cream onto the floor. Eventually it was decided that we had done enough and the others would finish up while we went to get cleaned up. I had assumed that we had finished for the evening, but we were then told that we had to stay dressed (or as dressed as we were) and shower together.

We were soon standing under the running water and while it would have been fairly easy to get rid of most of the cream with the shower (they have really good water pressure), we had to start off with the shower up in its holder. We washed each other down, starting with hair, then front and back. It was obvious that we wouldn’t be able to get the cream out without a bit more water, so were allowed to use the shower directly. I directed the shower onto Julia’s panties and ran the spray all over them before she pulled them away from her body so I could direct the spray inside. With her panties as clean as we could get them, I cleaned her legs (she has quite nice legs) and it was then my turn.

It was a bit more difficult to rinse the cream out of my tights, but we managed to get most of it out. Jules then knelt in front of me and used the shower on my legs, rubbing away to try to get as much of the cream out as possible. It felt rather good whenever the spray wandered over my pussy, even through the tights, and I half expected Jen (or even Lucy) to suggest the pulse setting.

Once we had cleaned up as much as we could, everyone was ushered out (except Jen and Mel as we belong to them) and we were told that we could strip off completely and get clean properly. I know that Mel has seen glimpses of my pussy before, but I think this was the first time she got a good unobstructed look at it – not as good a look as Jules got though as she had to give my legs another clean (but I got to do the same to her). She had a thin strip of hair on her mons that was almost a chestnut colour and her pussy lips were nicely shaved. I’m not really used to being that close to another girl’s pussy (except Jen’s or Sue’s) and I very nearly gave in to temptation and gave it a little kiss. My hands came very close to her pussy but I didn’t touch it. I did get a good feel of her ass as I washed it though and it is nice and firm – but she is quite a bit younger than I am. We were then taken upstairs to Jen’s room and allowed to select new panties to wear. I went for simple white cotton ones and Julia selected a pair of Jen’s red bikini panties.

We rejoined the rest of the group and were congratulated for our show. I had a fairly long chat with Jules and she detailed more of the things that she is made to do when I’m not around to help provide the entertainment (of course I already knew about a number of them from Jen, but there were times when she was made to perform when Jen wasn’t around). I also got her to tell me about some of her early sexual experiences (some of which she’d told me before and some were new to me). I really like the way Jules describes things as she doesn’t hold back and will go into as much detail as I ask for – I’m fairly sure she enjoys talking about it as much as I enjoy listening, as her nips ended up nice and hard (it generally takes actual stimulation for that to happen to mine) and she was pressing her thighs together.

People didn’t stay too late as some of them had early lectures the following day. When Mel and Jules left, Jules had to put her coat on and then remove her (or Jen’s) panties (which were handed back to Jen). Even though it was a bit cold out, she was made to go back home (or to Mel’s home) with just her coat and shoes on. Jen slipped her hand down the back of my panties and her fingers made it to the entrance to my pussy – she didn’t do much to me, but we were standing in front of the open door and the cold air on my skin felt quite nice.

I assumed that she would remove my panties as soon as everyone had gone (now that Lucy was allowed to see me naked), but I was allowed to keep them on until we had got ready for bed. We crawled under the covers and before we got distracted, I told Jen that I wanted to have a chat about what we’d done that evening. She asked if I’d enjoyed it (which I clearly had) and I told her that it was more about doing things with Mel and Julia. Jen knows that I don’t find Mel that attractive (or rather that I’m not that attracted to her) – we’ve talked about it before (and she reads this blog). She also knows that I sometimes think Julia is somewhat cute, but I explained that I just wasn’t sure how much I wanted things to develop between us and them (as I’ve hinted before, I’m pretty sure Jen wants a foursome).
We’ve spoken in the past about who we are allowed to do what with (mostly who Jen is happy to let me do things with) and in general we agree on which of our friends we would like to get involved with our games. 

We’ve agreed that if any of us (including Mike) wants to veto the other two including another person, that we would respect that. We both know that we each have favourites who we would like to do things with (Jo, Lis and Lucy for me, Lis and Vicky for Jen). Jen explained that it wasn’t so much that she fancied Mel, but she had met her in Fresher’s week and had looked up to her as she seemed so confident (and was more experienced with girls than Jen). She had watched as Mel had managed to get a number of girls while Jen was still nervous about her sexuality. We discussed how it had felt for me to be naked in the shower with Jules while Mel watched us and I admitted that I didn’t dislike it. We actually chatted for quite a while and in the end, Jen agreed that she would tone things down a bit with Jules but in return, I would have to follow any other instructions she gave me. I was doing this anyway, so agreed, but pointed out that I Jen didn’t have to stop doing things while Mel was around and she said that she would find a happy medium.

Things had got a bit intense during the conversation and we’d come closer to arguing than we had in a long while, but with everything sorted out, we decided to take some good advice I’d been given (never go to bed/sleep angry with the other person) and used the best method available to show that we still loved each other and that everything was fine. We had a reasonably long session, kissing and grinding against each other while we each described the things that we loved the most about the other person. We kept this up until our faces and things were soaked with our saliva and juices respectively and then decided that it was time to finish things off. It seemed right to only use our bodies on each other (no toys) and we ended up in the scissor position and humped against each other, our cunts sliding back and forth with our juices acting as lube. Jen came first and I had a quick finger of my clit to catch up, then went back to humping against her cunt until I came as well.

We debated going down on each other to clean up a bit, but it was nice falling asleep with such a strong smell of sex in the room. As a reconciliatory gesture, I went and fetched the panties that Jules had been wearing and we had a good smell of them. Even though she had showered just before putting them on, we could still detect her scent on them (it was noticeably different to ours). After a session like we’d had, we didn’t manage to go to sleep straight away and while we spooned (Jen against my back), she gently stroked my pussy and I reached my arm around and played with her from behind.


  1. Dear Andi,

    More hot stuff!

    Do You realize this is the first time I've even read a hint of an argument between You and Jen, Mike or anyone else for that matter?

    I'm pleased You enjoyed the make-up sex!


  2. Hi Andi,

    That was a hot weekend !

    Nice to see your exhibitionist tendencies are still strong and you enjoyed putting on a show with Jules. Do you think Mel intended that as a prelude to a foursome ?

    I strongly suspect Mike would veto any actual sex with another girl until Jen relents in some way.

    I have to agree with Nancy about your argument, I can't remember any hint of one previously either. I also agree it was a good idea for both of you to cum before going to sleep :)

    As always, i'm looking forward to the next installment with a stiff cock :)

    Cheers, John

  3. Oh we argue - both Mika and I and Jen and I, but I don't tend to write about arguments as I assume most people are here for the sex and not for a soap-opera. Make up sex is almost always good though!

    I'm pretty sure that Mel wants Jen, but I'm still not that attracted to her. I'm not sure that Mike would object if he got to hear about it (or even better, see it), but you'll have to wait to see if anything happens with anyone else.

  4. Of course, I meant Mike - not Mika