Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another Week with Jen - Part 6

I didn't realise that I had forgotten to post on Tuesday. To make up for it, I'll put the next posts up on Sat and Mon before going back to my 3 day cycle. I'm in York now and we're heading off on holiday (with the gang) tomorrow to Majorca for the week (Jen is coming as well and she should be arriving anytime now). I don't know if I'll have easy internet access there so I may not reply to comments until I get back, but I'll try to have some fun to write about later.

I think it's time for some lecture fun now (or at least in this post - it's actually time for packing...)


Jen was awake first on the Monday morning. She woke me and said that she would have used the usual method (oral), but that we were both somewhat sticky from the previous night’s session and I was sent to fetch a cloth from the bathroom. When I returned to the room, the strength of the smell of our juices hit me (I guess I’d gotten used to it overnight) and I left the door slightly ajar to allow the scent to drift out into the hallway. Once we’d both had a quick wipe, Jen said that she would go down on me, but I pointed out that given we were both awake, we may as well 69. Jen liked this idea and climbed on top of me.

She started work on my cunt and I licked all around her pussy and ass. I gave her a rim job for a little while and then fished out one of the small anal vibes from the bedside drawer (not easy when someone is lying on top of you). I gently pressed this against Jen’s ass and she didn’t pull away so I slowly pushed it in and turned it on. Jen let out an approving ‘mmmm’ into my pussy and I moved my attention to her pussy. We licked away and I pushed the vibe back into her ass whenever it slid out a little. I felt Jen’s finger moving over my ass and pushed back against it – she took the hint and I felt her work it into me (just a little, but enough to feel good) and then move it in and out in time with her licking. I broke contact with her pussy to encourage her to try to keep licking me through her orgasm and she murmured that she would. I’ve got to know her signals well enough by now to have a fairly good idea of how close she is, even when we’re 69ing, and I made sure that when she got close to cumming, I held back a bit to let me catch up.

I know that I have better control when I’m cumming, so I ended up not allowing her to cum until my orgasm had started. Technically, I just didn’t try to make her cum until I started to cum, I then licked her much more forcefully and continued to do this until she came (I’d finished by this time, but it meant that she had eaten me right through my orgasm). We kissed for a while (real kissing, not kitty kissing) and checked that everything was okay after out talk the previous night and I told Jen that I was ready to follow whatever orders she had for me. She just ginned at me and said that she had a few things in mind, but that we should get some food first.

I was sent in to wake Lucy up so she could join us. I wasn’t allowed to wear anything, but quite liked the idea of a naked me being the first thing that Lucy saw when she woke up. She wanted to snooze for 10 minutes, so I told her that we would have breakfast ready for her. I was given the frilly apron to wear while I helped make breakfast (Jen thinks it is sexy, but I think it just looks silly). We prepared toast, cereal, coffee and orange juice and Jen decided that the best way to add marmalade to Lucy’s toast was to smear the marmalade over my pussy and then transfer it to the toast. I convinced her to let me do the same to her (not quite as much, but it was the thought that counted) and I licked her clean. Jen was still licking me clean when we heard Lucy coming downstairs and even though Jen pulled away from me, Lucy could tell that we had been up to something (but that isn’t exactly unusual for us).

We had breakfast and I was sent off to the bathroom to have my morning shower-cum. By the time I’d finished, my pussy was perfectly clean again. I actually took my time and used the long pulse setting to get me most of the way there (it still feels good, but isn’t as intense so takes longer). It ended up giving me what felt like a deeper orgasm than the short setting, but maybe not quite as strong – I think more experimentation is needed!

Lucy showered next and while she was in the bathroom, I licked Jen clean (again). She didn’t want to cum again, but liked the idea of being eaten while Lucy was just in the next room. Once Lucy had finished and wandered past us with just a towel on, Jen showered. I joined her and spent a while washing her hair (I wish my hair was as soft and straight as hers). I had a play with her pussy, which she liked, but she still wasn’t ready to cum again (so much for all my training). We had to go up and get ready fairly quickly as Jen had a 10am lecture. I was given my outfit for the day which was pretty much the usual but with a new pair of black and white knee-high striped socks that were apparently designed to make people notice my legs and then notice my bare thighs above the socks – and then notice the rather short skirt. It wasn’t indecently short, but on the way to the lecture, I remembered that there was a set of open steps that we had to go up.

We arrived just before the start of the lecture and I made sure that I had removed my coat before going up the steps – I didn’t check if anyone was looking, but there was a group of people hanging around under the steps and I wondered if anyone was trying to get upskirt shots. We waited outside until it had started and then snuck in and sat on an empty row near the back at the opposite side to the door (to minimise the chance of anyone else late ending up sitting near us). Jen started taking notes and handed me our lipstick vibrator (it is disguised as lipstick and runs very quietly so is suitable for discreet use). She hadn’t actually told me that I had to play with myself, but I’d assumed that was the whole reason I was going to the lecture with her.

I folded my legs under me so I was sitting cross legged on the bench and pulled my skirt up. I decided to start off using just the vibe even though I knew it was quite weak (anything that vibrates without making noise doesn’t really vibrate that much – if you know otherwise, please leave a comment as I’m sure we can find a use for it!). It wasn’t going to get me off, but it certainly felt nice sitting looking down over the other people in the room with the vibe gently working on my clit. I just enjoyed the sensation for about 10 minutes, allowing my imagination to wander and fantasise about various scenarios. Jen leaned over and asked if I was actually going to cum and I quietly replied that I was, but I was enjoying taking my time. She ran her little finger over my pussy and commented on how wet I was – I guess the moisture had built up as I hadn’t touched myself (other than my clit). Jen sucked her finger clean and told me I could take as long as I wanted, as long as I came before we left the room. I asked her if that meant I could wait until the lecture had ended and cum while everyone was walking past and Jen said it was entirely up to me (although she knew that even I wouldn’t dare go that far).

I kept the vibe on my clit and went back to my fantasies. I imagined Mike and Jen both playing with me – just stroking my neck, sucking my nipples and occasionally touching my pussy – much in the same way as Jen had just done. This worked quite well as I wasn’t imagining anything stimulating me too strongly, so the feelings I was getting from the vibe tied in well with my fantasy. I ended up being wet enough that I felt a little of my juices trickle out of me and run down over my ass. I briefly worried about getting a wet spot on my skirt, but it was only a tiny bit of liquid (I’m not Jen) and I actually quite liked the idea of being marked with my own juices.

We were about halfway through the lecture now and while I was fairly sure that it wouldn’t take me long to cum, I thought that I may as well get started properly. I took hold of the vibe with my left hand and started to rub around my pussy, spreading my juices over my lips. I was indeed very wet and when I pushed a couple of fingers into myself, there was an audible squelch (it wasn’t really loud, but Jen heard it). I pumped my fingers into myself and was rewarded with more squelching sounds. A little more juice ran out and over my ass and I thought that i may as well use it, so rubbed my ring finger in the juice and then pushed it into my ass. The three fingered fuck is one of my favourites and I decided it was time to rub my clit properly. I put the end of the vibe in my mouth to hold it while I turned the base and then placed it on the bench beside us and used my left hand to rub my clit. I was trying to only move the bottom half of my arms so the lecturer wouldn’t notice, but it was a big room and we were near the back (and I didn’t really care too much by that point).

I don’t often get to cum (nowadays) in places with so many people present, so I didn’t hurry things along too much and really enjoyed what I was doing. I actually spent a lot longer fingering myself than I had intended (I think Mike’s done a good job at teaching me restraint) and when I finally came, it was quite strong. I had realised in the final build up that it was likely to be strong and really concentrated on being quiet. I did a fairly good job apart from some heavy breathing and when I’d finished, I relaxed back against the seat and gently stroked myself, rubbing my juices in to my lips and thighs.

The lecture ended and I stayed sitting as I was while people got up and started to leave. It was only when someone was about to walk past us that I put my legs down and flipped my skirt over my pussy. My fingers were still covered with my juices so I sucked them clean and we headed off to meet up with people for a drink. After spending an hour or so chatting, Jen asked if anyone would like to see me put on a show – the general consensus was that they would and so we headed off. After a while I recognised the route and we ended up at one of the sex shops we’d visited before. I asked Jen what I was meant to do and she handed me a pair of panties (white lace that matched my bra) and said I should ask to try on some outfits.
Jen and I went in together and had a quite general look round before heading over to the clothes. I selected a maid’s outfit and went to ask if I could try it on. I didn’t recognise the guy behind the counter and was told that they didn’t have changing rooms. I said that I didn’t mind and I would change in a corner if it was okay. 

The guy seemed a little confused by this, but said it was fine and watched me as I headed back over to Jen. A couple of our friends had joined us in the shop by now and I handed my coat to Jen, pulled my top off and slipped my skirt down my legs. After putting the outfit on, I went to look at myself in the mirror – it technically covered me, but only just. My cleavage was clearly on display and the skirt only just covered my panties when I stood up. I thought I should make the most of it and turned around, bent over and did whatever I could to show off my panties. My patch of pubic hair was quite visible through the material and I sat down to try on a pair of boots. The idea being that I had to lift my legs up in turn while I tied the boots up and gave a good view (I’ve done this before).

Having decided that the outfit wasn’t really for me, I removed it and slowly undid the boots while bending over. Once I’d removed the boots, I looked to Jen to see if I had done enough and she looked around to find something else. I was still just wearing my bra, panties and socks and I got a bit nervous when Jen picked up a whip with a heart on the end. I was instructed to bend over and Jen tried it out on me (only gently – she knows that I don’t enjoy pain as much as she does). After four or five slaps, she rubbed my ass better and then moved her fingers to my crotch. This only lasted about 10 seconds and Jen went to put the whip back.

I was then allowed to get dressed again and we headed out. I thought it had been a fairly tame session but found out that Jen had noticed it was later that we had realised and she needed to be back for another lecture. I was given the option of heading off with everyone else, heading home or going to the lecture with her. I decided to go and have another play (as I said, I don’t get the chance for lecture fun that often) but Jen told me that she had other plans for lectures so I didn’t need to worry. I decided to go along anyway and we basically repeated what I’d done earlier, but this time, Jen wrote me a note telling me to remove my shoes, socks, panties and skirt and put them all next to me. I did this and then fingered myself (I used the lipstick vibe a little, but not for as long before using my fingers). I had finished by about halfway through the lecture and I slowly got dressed again (not easy to do while trying to appear to be sitting still).


  1. Hi Andi

    How on earth could Jen not get distracted during the lecture ?

    I think she would have dipped her fingers in your cunt a couple of times and tested your juices.

    Does Jen also get naked in front of Lucy ? It might encourage Lucy to drop her towel :)

    Cheers, John

    PS Enjoy your holiday and bring back some hot stories for us.

  2. No, Jen just enjoys showing me off to Lucy. They've probably seen glimpses of each other naked (as they share a house), but nothing like the amount that Lucy gets to see of me.

  3. Dear Andi,

    Do any of you have a digital camera or 'phone that's capable of taking video? I'd love there to be footage of You masturbating naked from the waist down in the lecture. (I'd love to see it, but I wouldn't expect You to share, never mind publish, something like that).

    As to the frilly apron being silly, well, as a sissy I'd love to wear a frilly apron in front of beautiful Women and I think it would look just as sexy on a beautiful Woman such as You as it would on a sissy!


  4. Yes, we can take photos/videos, but we have decided not to post any more (even anonymous ones), with one exception that I'll write about in a little while.

    Lucy seemed to like the apron anyway.

  5. Dear Andi,

    I wouldn't expect You to publish them, but just knowing that they exist is exciting!