Saturday, 25 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 7

If everything has gone to plan, I will be in Majorca by now. We (Mike Jen and I) have a number of things planned to make the trip memorable and hopefully we'll get a chance to do them.

On to the post lecture fun now.


We left the lecture (once it had ended) and went home for lunch. One of Lucy’s friends was there and we sat and chatted with them for a while. I went to get a drink and Jen told me that this was the guy who has fancied Lucy for ages, and even though he knows that she is gay (the Hispanic girl that Lucy likes is one of their joint friends), he still seems to hope that he might be in with a chance someday. Jen had told me about him before and I knew that I had seen him once or twice with Lucy, but not for any length of time (apart from my visit a few weeks before when we’d chatted to them).

Jen suggested that I go and get changed into something more comfortable and on the way past the living room she told Jen that we would be back shortly. Looking back, I think they guy was hoping that we were going to leave him alone with Jen, but I might be imagining that. We went up to Jen’s room and I was allocated clothing to wear: a black lacy bra, white lacy panties and my long (mid thigh length) partially see-through lacy dress. I thought it was a bit of an odd mix, but when I put it all on, I realised that it was designed to allow my bra and panties to be fairly clearly visible through my dress. Before we went downstairs, Jen pulled the crotch of my panties aside and went down on me, then fingered me until I got close to cumming. She wiped her fingers clean on my thighs, rubbed a bit of tingle gel into and over my pussy and dragged me down to the living room while I was still very aroused. We sat back on the sofa and Lucy’s admirer certainly noticed my change of outfit, even though nobody mentioned it.

I was actually more covered than I usually am so it didn’t feel all that exciting at first, but as we chatted, Jen put her arm around my shoulder and gently stroked my neck (for any new readers - this is a huge turn on me for). I knew it wasn’t enough to get me anything more than a little bit aroused, but it helped me to get in the right mood and change the way I was sitting a couple of times to allow a view up my skirt, a good view of my panties through the skirt and finally a direct view of my panties when I sat with my legs folded under me and my dress somehow got pulled up slightly without me noticing. I stayed curled up against Jen like this for a while and she idly stroked my legs – getting fairly close to my panties, but without touching them. I spent the whole time waiting for her to do something more to me (or make me do something to myself), but it was eventually time for him to leave. We all got up to see him out (he didn’t seem as bothered by us being there to interrupt his alone time with Jen by this point) and while we stood at the door chatting, Jen lifted the back of my dress and slipped her hand down the back of my panties. Her fingers danced around the entrance to my pussy and as soon as the door closed, she pulled my panties down.

Both Lucy and Jen burst out laughing and I found out that the whole thing had been planned by both of them together. Lucy had wanted to see just how devoted to her he actually was and Jen had suggested using me to tempt him. They had both noticed a bit of a bulge in his crotch which I thought was somewhat ironic as I had completely missed this and I’m the only one of the three of us who actually knows what to do with a cock.

We didn’t get up to much for the rest of the afternoon – Jen and Lucy both did a little work (probably not as much as they should have) and I rested for a bit (probably when I should have been doing some work as well). A few people were coming over that night to watch a movie (Jen’s place is marginally more central and some of the other members of the gang live with people who may not be entirely receptive to our little games). Just before people were due to arrive, Jen got me to strip and handed the white panties from earlier in the day to me. I was then made to answer the door each time someone knocked or the bell went and each time I wondered if it was actually someone I knew or was going to be a random person canvassing for votes or trying to convert us to their religion (the latter would have been amusing – I’m not sure they get many topless converts!).

When everyone had arrived, we ordered pizza (which always takes a while when you have a group), put the film on and settled down to watch it. It was nothing special and we made sarcastic comments as it went along. Jen’s hand occasionally strayed to my lap and had a gentle play with me, but never for too long. When the doorbell went, I was handed one of her blouses (it might have actually been Lucy’s as I didn’t recognise it) and was told to go and answer the door. I slipped the blouse on but wasn’t allowed to do any buttons up and the difference in our body shape meant that it didn’t do that good a job of covering my breasts. The pizza guy seemed to appreciate the view so I took the pizzas from him, turned around and bent over to place them on the floor, before turning back to pay him.

When the door was closed, I removed the blouse and took the pizzas in so we could eat while finishing the film. A little more fingering happened in the second half, but still not enough to do more than get me horny and when everything had finished and people left, I was ready for some proper fun with Jen. I’d cum a fair amount of times that day already, but the last time had been a while ago and Jen had been teasing me for a fair amount of that time so I guess it’s not too surprising I was horny. We went up to her room and Jen told me that we were going to get changed and have some fun. I waited while she sorted out our clothes and was pleased to see that she was effectively dressing us up in school uniforms: no bras, white panties and short tartan skirts (non-matching, unfortunately) long white socks for her and long black ones for me.

Once dressed, I was ready to go but Jen said that we were heading out for a walk after just a bit of a warm up session. This consisted of us taking turns to go down on the other person and get them close to cumming three times each. We took our time doing this so by the time we were going to head out, it was well past midnight. We headed out and Jen left a spare coat hidden by the door. It was a fairly cool night, but not too cold and we walked around for a while holding hands. We were mostly on residential back streets, so didn’t see too many people. We stopped a few times and kissed, fondled or fingered each other.

Jen selected a suitable spot and sat me down on a low garden wall. She lifted the front of my skirt and rubbed my panties, then pushed her hand into them and played with my clit properly. She told me to pee a little and I did as asked and felt it soak into my panties. Jen rubbed me harder and told me to pee a bit more, I did this and felt my ass get wet as it trickled out and soaked into my skirt. I unbuttoned my blouse so she could play with my breasts and spread my legs to allow her to better finger me. I had no idea if she was going to make me cum, but I really wanted to and as I got closer, I told her that I really wanted to. She said that my wish would be granted and during the final build up, she told me to really let go and empty my bladder. I did as she asked and soaked her hand, my panties, skirt and legs as I came. It felt incredible (but it had been quite a while since I’d cum (not since the second lecture) and Jen had been teasing me on and off since then) and she continued to rub me until my orgasm had completely ended.

I had a really nice afterglow but knew that I couldn’t relax just yet as I assumed Jen would want to be played with. I asked if she wanted to switch positions and she told me to stay where I was, looked round to check the coast was clear and then slipped her panties down her legs and placed them on the wall beside me. I had to put my legs together and Jen stood with her legs either side of them. She lifted the front of her skirt and told me to use both hands on her, so I pushed a couple of fingers into her and used the other hand to play with her clit. She was already wet and my fingers glided in and out of her easily. Once I was well underway, she peed a bit and sprayed my arms, front (my top was still mostly undone) and legs. I’d been expecting this so wasn’t too surprised and continued to finger and frig her.

With a bit of encouragement, I got Jen to unbutton her blouse and play with her breasts. This meant that she dropped the front of her skirt, but the light wasn’t really good enough for me to see that much and I have a fairly good idea of where everything is down there by touch anyway! I kept going and was treated to another spray, probably not quite as much as the first one and after a little while, Jen said that she was getting close. She stopped playing with her breasts and used a hand on my shoulder to steady herself while she lifted her skirt with the other one. I continued to work on her and just before she came, Jen let loose and a jet of urine ran down my arm and sprayed over my body. She ended up dropping her skirt and using both hands to hold herself up (so I guessed it was quite a good orgasm, but then again we *were* standing at the side of the street doing her favourite thing so I’m not too surprised). By the time she had finished cumming, the front of her skirt was pretty soaked and pee had run down her legs and soaked her socks. I was in a much worse state though as my whole front from my breasts down was splattered and my blouse, skirt and socks were completely soaked.

Jen quickly did her blouse up and allowed me to do the same. The air felt much colder on our wet skin and after grabbing Jen’s panties, we quickly headed home. We were a lot closer to her house than I had realised as even though we had been out walking for a fair time, we had walked in a big loop and were only a few streets behind Jen’s place. When we got home, I was told that I had to strip, leave my clothes outside and go in. If Lucy was already in bed, I could then fetch Jen, if she was still up, Jen would change into the clean coat and come in. Jen’s street isn’t as quiet as the one we had just been playing on, but there were few enough people around that I managed to hide behind a bush while I removed my clothes and then quickly nip into the house. I had a quick check for Lucy (who was in bed) and went to fetch Jen (and my clothes).

Once indoors, we went to the bathroom, Jen stripped out of her clothes and we had a quick shower. I was sent up to get towels and we finished getting ready for bed (the rest of the day-end girly tasks) before heading up to Jen’s room. She thanked me for playing along with her game and said that she had really enjoyed it and I told her that I would do anything she wanted. We kissed for a while and ended up fingering each other. It was obvious that we were going to go for another session before sleep, but before we started I told Jen that just because she had agreed the previous night to back off on the Mel/Jules situation, she didn’t need to completely stop doing thing with me while they were around.

I saw the evil glint return to Jen’s eyes and she said that she was sure we could find a happy medium, before flipping around and climbing over me in a 69 position. We had a quick session and ate each other to orgasm before curling up and falling asleep together.


  1. Hi Andi
    I posted this on your last post but invade you didn't read it, I want to know what free porn sites you use because I can't find any that are actually free

  2. Dear Andi,

    Long and careful research by an international team of top scientists has revealed that Your doctoral research was into novel and imaginative sex games. Your secret is out!

    Enjoy Your holiday!


    PS How long will we have to wait to read about Mallorca?

    PPS Please don't skip anything that happened between this post and Your holiday!

  3. Hi Andi,

    I'm sure Lucy's admirer enjoyed the view and used the image of your panties as wanking material, imagining they were hers.

    I'd love to come to one of your Pizza parties, the delivery guy must have enjoyed the view of your ass as ou bent over. Did the panties pull up into your pussy and show your cunt lips ?

    Then some outdoors sex - fantastic!

    Have fun in Majorca - all of you :)

    Cheers, John

  4. I put some information about the sites in my last post - get back to me to find out more.

    I certainly enjoyed knowing that Lucy's friend had liked the view - one of the things I imagined that night was him pulling his cock out and cumming all over me right in front of Lucy (and then as I got closer to cumming, I imagines Jen holding my cunt open so he could slide into me and fuck me while Lucy licked my clit).

    There will be a little while before I get to the holiday posts, but they will come in time.