Monday, 27 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 8

On Tuesday morning, we woke up at roughly the same time. Jen didn’t have a lecture until 11, so we decided to have a lie in and to spend the time gently playing. We went down to the bathroom to brush our teeth first and I convinced Jen to go down naked as well (I had to agree to unspecified conditions for her to do this). I’d hoped that we would be discovered by Lucy, but we made it back up and into Jen’s room without being seen.

We had a fairly long session, copying the sort of kissing and lovemaking from an video. There was quite a bit of breast play and we just used fingers instead of any toys before finally going down on each other in turn. I let Jen eat me first so that I could then eat her and let her rest while I went to make breakfast for us (I’m so kind to her). One the way back to the room, I took a coffee in to Lucy and then returned to bed to eat breakfast with Jen. Lucy had already left by the time we got up properly so I didn’t have to put on my daily shower display. We did have a play with the shower though (not to orgasm) and on the way back upstairs, I convinced Jen to stop off in Lucy’s room to have another play with her vibe. She got me quite close to cumming (not right on the edge, but close enough for it to be very annoying when she stopped) and then said that we should get ready to go to her lecture. I wanted to take the vibe with me, but Jen convinced me that it might not be a good idea and suggested we take one of our own instead.

I was still quite excited when we were getting dressed, so was open to Jen’s suggestion of wearing s shorter skirt than usual. It didn’t make much difference when we were walking as my coat hid it and if I was going to have fun in the lecture, it would just be more convenient. When we arrived, I realised why Jen had warned me off taking Lucy’s vibe – she was there. We did our usual trick of waiting until the lecture had started and wandered in to sit on one of the empty rows near the back. Jen sat between us and we passed a couple of notes – me asking what she wanted me to do and Jen replying with ‘the usual, finger yourself’. Of course, Lucy got to see the notes as well and glanced over to me a number of times while I played with myself. At first, my skirt stayed on but Jen indicated that I should remove it so I slipped it down my legs and fingered myself properly. I came a bit quicker than I had the previous day and had to sit through the rest of the lecture somewhat bored. I didn’t wait until as close to the end before getting dressed again, but did make sure to bend over to pick up my coat while people were going past, giving a fairly good view up my skirt.
Once the lecture was over, we went for lunch and I was congratulated by Lucy for being sufficiently brave to semi-strip. Jen told her that that wasn’t the first time I’d done something like that and we tried to count the number of times (including the times in York and the times with Mike). Lucy was astounded that we’d managed to eat each other and do so much without being caught and Jen promised her that I could do even better (but wouldn’t elaborate as to exactly how).

We headed home and Jen did some work while I lazed around and tried to find something to watch on TV. Jen joined me after a while and we ended up fooling around a little bit on the sofa – nothing too heavy – and Lucy ended up coming down to join us (not in the fooling around sadly). We chatted for a while and Jen kept stroking her hands over my thighs and pussy. I was told to lie down on the sofa on my back so my head was at the other end to where Jen was sitting and my pussy was beside her. She pushed a couple of cushions under my ass and flipped my skirt up so she could stroke me properly. She rested her hand on my mons and ran her thumb up and down my slit, then rubbed my clit. Lucy could see everything, but nobody else seemed to mind so I just went with things and enjoyed it.

I felt Jen’s thumb curl round and press against my pussy, it slipped inside me and she pushed it the whole way in before starting a gentle fucking motion with it. She did this for a short time, then told me to open my legs further, so I let one drop down and rested my foot on the floor. Jen obviously wanted to show me off even more and replaced her thumb with two fingers from her other hand (she used her now rather wet thumb to rub my clit). I didn’t look directly at Lucy, but could see that she was certainly watching what Jen was doing. I decided to up the stakes a little and reached down to spread my lips – Jen didn’t stop me when I did this so I enjoyed knowing that I was now completely exposed to Lucy and I pictured her fingering herself while thinking of me. I told Jen I was getting close and she asked Lucy if she minded if I came (she didn’t). Jen didn’t hurry up her movements though and it took a little while for my orgasm to build fully and then start. I humped back against her fingers and when I came, I opened my legs a bit more and pulled my lips as far apart as I could (without it hurting).

Jen just steadily fingered me through my orgasm and when it ended, she wiped her fingers on my thigh, leaving a wet smear, before sucking them clean. I stayed in the same exposed position until I had caught my breath and then was instructed to remove my skirt (not that there seemed much point using it to cover myself anymore). We chatted a bit more and when Jen went off to the toilet, Lucy asked (again) if I really enjoyed being shown off in that way. I told her that I did and how much fun it could be and she said that she would never have the nerve to do the things I do. I told her that it could be great fun and as long as Mike and Jen were happy with what I was doing, then I was prepared to try almost anything (as long as it wasn’t illegal!). I was hoping that she would want me to teach her how to be more adventurous, but as much sex as I get, my life still isn’t quite the same as a porn movie, so she didn’t ask.

More people were coming round to visit that night so I was allowed to put a pair of panties on, but in return, I had to keep my skirt off. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but Jules and I ended up being the recipients of an oil massage by one of the guys. We both ended up lying in the middle of the floor with just panties on and had a surprisingly good massage. When it was over, we were still covered in oil and a few other people decided that it would be a good chance to give us a rub down. Neither Mel nor Jen objected to this and we each had a few people rubbing and touching us. Other than a bit of breast rubbing and the odd hand straying across the panties, it wasn’t too much, but was a nice step towards my fantasy of group sex.

We were towelled clean(ish) of oil and people decided that it would be good to have a competition to see who could cum first. The rules were discussed and it was decided that hands had to stay outside of panties and toys couldn’t be used (we would have had a bit of an advantage otherwise). We took our places on the sofa and the fingering started. Jen was whispering in my ear and describing one of my school fantasies where I’m fingered and fucked by the whole class. I was determined to win (Julia has beaten me at this competition before) and I vividly pictured everyone crowded around me, guys fucking me, others cumming over me, girls eating my cunt clean and others sitting over my face for me to eat them. I was paying just enough attention to hear that Julia was enjoying herself, but I could feel my orgasm getting very close and I imagined burying my face in the cunt of a particularly cute girl I remember while guy after guy emptied his load into my cunt. I came unashamedly and made a fair amount of noise as I did so.

As winners, we got to decide on the penalty and I thought it would be wise to wait a bit before making a decision, but Jen thought that to get things started, Julia should have to wear one of her g-strings for the rest of the evening. She was allowed to change in the kitchen, but it didn’t leave much to the imagination. I was sent up to put on a pair of patterned tights and returned with my pussy partially visible through them. Both Julia and I had to take turns sitting on the lap of the guy who’d given us a massage (as thanks). With a bit of wiggling around, we managed to get him hard (well, Jules got him hard and I just helped keep him that way when it was my turn to sit on his lap). It had been quite a good massage, so I decided to reward him a bit more and turned to face him so that he could have a play with my breasts. This meant that my pussy was in contact with the bulge in his jeans and I may have rubbed up and down a bit.

Mel thought it was only fair that Jules should get the same attention, so after I had finished, she was instructed to sit facing him in the same position. He didn’t seem quite as interested in Jules (breasts is one area that I definitely have the advantage over her), but she did a pretty good job of humping against him to make sure that he remained interested. At one point I wondered if she was actually going to keep going until one (or both) of them came, but she only did the frantic humping for a brief time. When I chatted with her after, she said that she would have happily kept going, but that Jen’s panties didn’t offer much protection and the jeans had been chaffing her a bit. I had another chat with her about things we had both got up to in the past (I’ll probably devote a blog entry to some of Julia’s antics at some point). As always, talking to her got me nice and excited and I decided on the penalty I wanted her to pay.


  1. Dear Andi,

    More! More!


  2. Hi Andi,

    Was Lucy fingering herself while Jen played with you on the sofa ?

    And did she take part in the rub down ?

    I'd love to give you a massage too if it means getting a lap dance :)

    Looking forward to hearing about Julia's penalty - I just know it will be a hot read.

    Cheers, John xxx

  3. Sadly Lucy didn't take part at all - she is either quite shy/reserved (relatively) or has a lot more self control than we do.