Thursday, 30 June 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 9

I quietly told Jen and she said that once the evening started to wind down, we could all take a little walk. Jules pestered me to find out what she would have to do, but I told her that she would have to wait and it served her right for not being able to cum fast enough. When people finally started to leave, we got ready ourselves and told Lucy that we would be back in a bit (we offered to let her come with us, but she said she was feeling tired. I slipped a dress on, but Jules had to go out with just a coat over her panties. At various points on the way, Mel opened the coat and fondled her, but it was fairly cold, so she wasn’t subjected to this for too long.

We led Mel and Jules to Jen’s old halls (Mel figured out where we were going as she used to live there too). We headed up to the roof and I had been hoping that the usual group would have been up there smoking, but we had the place to ourselves. The plan had been to get Julia to put on a little performance for them (just as I had done in the past). I considered getting her to strip off and make herself cum while near the edge of the roof, but I thought that would be a bit mean given the temperature, so was going to give up when Jen said that she had a backup plan.

She pulled the dildo with the sticky base out of her bag and said that the idea had been for me to use it at some point during the week, but we could always get Jules to use it for her penalty. This seemed like quite a good idea to me and I liked the idea of watching her fuck it and potentially being caught. We headed down to where the laundry room was and were pleased to find nobody there. Jules told us that she had some idea of what she had to do and revealed that she had used the washing machine at home to cum a number of times when she was younger. I got her to describe what she had done and she told us how she would wait for her family to go out and put something heavy in it, set it on spin, remove her skirt/trousers and panties and press her pussy against it until the vibrations made her cum. Her parents had never caught her doing this, but her brother had – but he’d seen her fucking his friends, so it wasn’t exactly anything new to him. She hadn’t tried the exact thing we had in mind though, so when Jen chose a machine and stuck the dildo on top, she was intrigued to find out what it would feel like.

We set the machine going on spin, Jules slipped her coat off and clambered up onto the machine. She still had her boots on and I told her to remove them as well (so she was just wearing Jen’s g-string) and she sat with her legs on either side of the dildo and pushed her pussy against it (holding the dildo firmly in place). Between the cold and the stimulation, her nips were looking quite perky (and I’m sure you all know about my attraction to small breasts). Jules pulled the g-string aside and started rubbing her pussy directly against the dildo and I decided to give Jen what she wanted and told Jules that she had to ride it properly and we would give her further instructions. She didn’t need to be told twice and immediately crouched over the dildo. She pushed the panties aside again and lowered herself onto it. This wasn’t the first time we’d seen Julia’s pussy, but it was certainly the first time we’d seen it like this and we moved a bit closer to get a better look. Jen stood behind me and reached around under my dress to rub my pussy and I told Julia to push herself down fully onto the dildo and just press her fingers against her clit to let the movement of the machine do the work of stimulating her.

Of course, Julia wasn’t happy just sitting still and she humped up and down on the dildo (which gave us a good view of it sliding in and out of her). Jen pushed her hands into my tights and her fingers found my pussy. She played with my clit, then pushed her hands further in and her fingers between my lips. Jules had got the hang of pushing down hard on the dildo and letting the machine vibrate her body so her fingers rubbed against her clit and she had her legs spread wide so we could see everything. Jen whispered in my ear and asked if she could finger me properly. I wasn’t sure quite what she meant, but I figured that she was checking if I minded if Mel and Jules got to see anything and I told her to go ahead and do whatever she wanted. I actually wanted her to use one hand on my clit and the fingers and thumb from her other hand to fill both my ass and cunt, but managed to resist asking her to do this.

She removed her hands from my pussy and pulled my tights down to my thighs, told me to lean forwards against the machine that Jules was on, flipped the back of my skirt up and pushed two fingers into my cunt. After fucking me like this for a little while, she replaced her fingers with her thumb and used the fingers on my clit. Mel was concentrating on stroking Julia’s thighs and it dawned on me that if anyone came in now, they would have a wonderful sight. We weren’t hiding round the back where I had done things before, but were in a relatively visible position (which had seemed like a good idea when it was just Jules who was on display) and anyone would have had a direct view of Jen’s fingers pushing into me and Jules above/in front of me.

Despite the conversation I’d had with Jen earlier in the week about not wanting to do things with Mel and Jules, having her pussy just in front of me was very appealing (although I think the fact that I was getting close to cumming probably had quite a bit to do with this). I got a really good look at her legs (very shapely) and wished that she didn’t have the panties on so I could have seen everything. I considered getting her to stop and remove them, but she was obviously quite close to cumming and I didn’t want to be cruel. Jules started to cum and I told her to push down on the dildo and told Mel to hold her fingers in place against her clit (which she did). Jules seemed to quite enjoy the feeling that this gave her and she was a lot more adventurous in terms of the noise she made than I had been. It’s not that she was *really* loud, but she let out a long high pitched ‘oooohhhhhhh’ and I could see that she was really pushing down hard on the dildo.

I reached between my legs and took over rubbing my clit – I’d half expected Jen to tell me off, but she let me rub away while she kept fingering me. Jules finished cumming and she pulled herself off the dildo, but stayed up on the machine in front of me. Unfortunately the dildo slightly obstructed my view of her pussy, but I could still see it a little and I was sufficiently close that it wasn’t long before Jen’s fingering and my frigging made me cum. It was a fairly good orgasm and I had to hold on tight as my knees went a bit wobbly, but I stayed upright and enjoyed my orgasm.

Jen made me suck her fingers clean and so it only seemed fair to get Jules to clean off the dildo. She had to kneel on all fours and lick/suck it until she had removed all of her juices. It was obvious that she was fairly experienced at giving blowjobs (although from what I could see, I would guess that Sue is probably better). With the dildo cleaned off, she was allowed to get down and put her boots back on, but wasn’t given her coat back until we got to the lobby of the building. Once we were outside and about to go our separate ways, I was told to remove her (or Jen’s) panties and had to kneel down in front of her and slide them down her legs. I pocketed them and we headed back home.

On the way, we naturally talked about what had happened and Jen pointed out that I hadn’t seemed to mind doing things in front of them. I explained that I didn’t mind them seeing me (and admitted that I had rather enjoyed watching Jules), but I still wasn’t sure about actually doing things with them. I congratulated Jen on having the foresight to bring the dildo along and asked what she had originally intended for me to do with it, but she wouldn’t tell me. She did tell me that Mike had sent it down to her in exchange for a pair of her panties that she had worn for a day and masturbated in a couple of times. It transpires that this isn’t the first such exchange they have done – generally whenever Jen needs something sent down to help out with her (or their) plans, a similar exchange happens. Mike then uses her panties to cum (he both smells and tastes her off them) and once he has used them up, he cums in them and sends them back to Jen. Depending on what she wants in return, she sometimes has to then wear them again and masturbate with them on so he can imagine her pushing his cum into her cunt. I had no idea that this was going on (but it helped to explain the ready access that Jen has to items to tease me with) and I think might help to explain why she has been slowly loosening up around him (she’s still not going to sleep with him though).

When we got home, Lucy was still downstairs, although she had dozed off on the sofa. We woke her and she asked what we had been up to. We gave a brief description and Jen ended pushing her hand back into my tights – just to demonstrate how she had been fingering me. I thought this was a bit unfair, but when I complained, I was told that it wasn’t up to me to decide what happened and I had to remove my dress, pull my tights down to my ankles and bend right over while she vigorously finger fucked me from behind. There was no clit contact, but it felt nice and she kept it up for a minute or so before telling me I could undress completely (slip tights off) and that we should go to bed.

Lucy headed up and we went to the bathroom to get ready. We ended up using Lucy’s toothbrush on each other (not enough to cum, but enough to get it wet with our juices) and then headed up to bed. It had been quite a while since Jen had cum and she had obviously also been enjoying the evening (her pussy had been soaking when we had a play in the bathroom) so I offered to take care of her first. She said that she wanted us to do things to each other and so we ended up in a 69 position, but using vibes on each other. We pushed them fully into each other’s pussies and made sure the clit attachments were nestled tightly in place and brought each other off. We might have possibly kept Lucy awake as we moaned as much as we usually would in this position, but didn’t have our faces buried between the other person’s legs to help muffle the moans.

Once we had cum, I convinced Jen to let me eat her so I could get my face covered in her juices (it’s wonderful waking up with the smell of sex). I spread her lips wide and licked as deep into her as I could, smearing her juices over me, then we curled up together, kissed for a while as we ground against each other’s thighs and finally fell asleep.

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  1. Another wow!

    Good to see you enjoying the sight of Julia's cunt pounding the dildo on the washing machine. And you got a good finger fuck too!

    And what a revelation about Jen & Mike with her panties. Not quite as fresh as licking her juices off you but such a deliberate act - Jen making herself cum just for Mike and sending him her cummy panties. Even better when she gets them back covered in Mike's spunk to rub into her own cunt.

    Although Jen still doesn't want to fuck Mike maybe she will sleep - as in go to sleep - in bed with both of you ?

    Finishing the exhibitionist part in front of Lucy again. She will relax about her own nudity soon i hope.

    Now I have another stiffy to take care of :)

    Cheers, John xxx