Friday, 3 June 2011

February Sue Visit - Part 3

Jen's on her way up to visit me (her train is a bit delayed). It's really sunny and warm outside so I have a number of interesting things planned for the weekend for us to enjoy (and you'll get to enjoy them in a few months when I get round to blogging about them).

Back to Sue's visit... I might post the next entry on Sunday to try to catch up (although I'm trying to get a few entries written in advance to provide cover for when I'm away on our honeymoon).


This led to more talk about things we had done and I ended up letting her know about a lot more of the things I got up to when visiting Jen (playing on the roof and letting strangers watch me cum, the hardcore club, cumming in front of her friends). Eventually, I decided to tell her about the sex parties and we gave her a pretty detailed description of what we had done. Mike had been lying behind me and had started to spoon and fuck me while we had been talking about this and Sue had started to play with herself again – almost without realising what she was doing. When it became obvious that Mike and I were fucking seriously and not just playing, Sue slipped her PJs down a bit (presumably to give her more freedom to touch herself). I considered commenting, but planned on milking Mike dry anyway. I also had a fairly good view of her cunt as her fingers moved around and into it.

I ended up kneeling up and holding on to the headboard, when Mike went to push back into me, his cock nudged against my ass and I pushed back. He didn’t pop in straight away, but the invitation was clear enough and he lined up and pressed against me again. His cock slipped into my ass and I let out a low moan. Sue figured out that something was different and moved to have a closer look. She still isn’t into anal that much (not that we do it that often either) and let out a little gasp when she saw his cock sliding into my ass. Mike asked her to hand him the vibe she had been using and he pushed it into my cunt. I knew that it was covered with her juices and imagined them being mixed with my own. He removed the vibe, turned it on and pushed it back into me, then asked Sue to fetch one of the eggs. She picked one of the weaker ones, but with his cock and a vibe in me, it still felt good when he held it against my clit. I was given the job of holding it in place and Mike fucked me while Sue openly fingered herself (her PJs had been completely lost by this point.

My ass is obviously quite a bit tighter than my pussy and Mike kept telling me how good it felt. I was really enjoying all the stimulation and being able to watch Sue properly. I came first this time (but Mike was cheating). He held out until Sue came (which wasn’t too long after me) and then he pulled out and came over my back (I assume that it really was just so Sue could see that time). He seemed to cum more than I would have expected for his second orgasm, it’s not like I was completely covered or anything, but it felt like my back was quite wet. Mike rubbed the cum in to my back and ass and gave my cunt a quick lick before we both lay down.

It felt really good with the three of us together again and I decided to relent on making Sue sleep on the sofa. I was still determined that we wouldn’t actually do anything with her and told her that if she put her PJs back on, that she could sleep with us. The other condition was that I would sleep in the middle – it’s not that I didn’t trust Mike, but we occasionally start doing things in the middle of the night when neither of us are properly awake and I wanted to make sure that no ‘accidents’ happened. Sue was fine with my conditions and we curled up under the covers – Mike spooning behind me and Sue facing us so we could all talk. We slept pretty well even though the bed was a bit too small for three people. I ended up curled up against Sue’s back with her ass pressing against me and being sandwiched between her and Mike was a good way to keep warm.

I woke up in the morning as Mike moved down under the covers to eat me. I spread my legs and opened my lips for him and enjoyed his ministrations. Sue was still sleeping beside us and I managed to cum without waking her up – I didn’t stay silent, but I tried to be fairly quiet and I liked the idea of having a secret orgasm with her so close to me.

As you would expect for someone who enjoys eating pussy, Mike’s cock was nice and hard and as he kissed his way up my body I felt it rub against my leg, then my crotch and then slide into me. We kissed for a while and even though we were being quiet, Sue woke up. She commented on us doing things already and Mike told her that I had already cum once and we were about to start round two. Mike had been pressed deep into me and gently moving while we had been kissing, so it was easy enough to launch straight into things. We kissed deeply while we fucked and Mike ended up with his arms looped under mine so he could hold on to my shoulders and pull himself deep into me. We pretty much ignored Sue, but the few times I glanced over, I saw that she was watching us and her fingers were playing with her crotch. We continued fucking in this position – Mike was pushing against me quite hard and I told him that I thought I might be able to cum without touching my clit if he kept going. This encouraged him to push into me even harder and I concentrated on the feelings and played back a couple of fantasies in my mind to help things along. It worked quite well and I came to the image of a threesome involving Mike, Jen and I with additional help being given from various other people we like.

My actual orgasm happened fairly quickly and caught me by surprise so I didn’t have time to give Mike much warning – he didn’t mind too much though and kept moving in me until he came. He stayed on top of me (and inside me) while we relaxed and had a chat with Sue. She had cum at some point during our session and had her PJ bottoms pulled down to the middle of her thighs and her top mostly open, exposing her breasts. Mike commented on how she didn’t seem to be able to stay covered up and she just replied by asking if he was complaining about it (he wasn’t). Mike was still hard and I debated on going for round three (for me) but also needed to pee, so asked him to get off and told Sue to lie down so I could clamber over her. On the way over, cum started to leak out from my pussy and dripped onto her stomach (the rest ran down my leg when I stood up). I quickly went to pee and climbed back into bed from the bottom of the bed.

The ‘atmosphere’ was certainly back and Mike suggested that we get up to have breakfast. While we were making and eating it, Mike played with me a bit more and I ended up demonstrating additional uses for a banana. He didn’t do enough to make me cum, but when Mike and I showered together, he used the pulse spray on me and got me off for the third time that day.

As Sue went in to the bathroom, he suggested that she have a play with the shower again and when she returned, she told us that she had done just this and her pussy felt all tingly. We hadn’t really planned anything for the Sunday so ended up just lazing around – I was toyed with a little more, but only gently and we didn’t do anything else until it was time to head off to the station. Just before we left, I asked Mike if he wanted to relieve any pressure (he’d been hard for quite a bit of the day due to his playing with me) and he said that sounded like a good idea. I bent over the back of the sofa and flipped up my skirt and he took me in the middle of the living room, fucking me and fingering my clit. He suggested that Sue have a little play with herself, but not to cum, so that she could give her bf a really good time when she got back to Uni. It was only a brief fuck, but had the desired effect of Mike unloading into me (and me cumming of course). He didn’t seem to cum as much this time (or at least not much dribbled out).

We went to the station and Sue caught her train – Mike had about 30 minutes to wait so we just sat and chatted. We thought that we had done fairly well with Sue and hadn’t crossed too many lines but I assume that I’m going to get some comments saying otherwise, so here is our justification: We didn’t actually do anything with her – touch her or help her to cum. She watched us do things (and we watched her), but that could be considered no different than her looking through our porn collection to help her cum. When I ended up dripping Mike’s cum onto her, that was an accident – and if it hadn’t been, I would have probably stayed crouching above her and moved around so that I dripped it all over her body. Okay, with those points out of the way, feel free to comment and tell us how we have encouraged her to cheat on her bf...

Hmm, that was nowhere near as brief an entry as I thought it would be – I hope you enjoyed it though. 


  1. Andi- you should be able to write a few posts and schedule them to post at a time/date later in the future. This should cover the down time so to speak.

  2. I know I can schedule posts (although I always forget about it) - the problem is having the time to write them in the first place. By the time I write, have a play and then get Mike/Jen to check them, it takes a while.

  3. Hi Andi, I think having Sue watch you was just like being watched at the sex parties. A bit hotter maybe as she is your sister.

    As you were sleeping and cuddled up to Sue's back did your hand slip down and fondle her tits ? I'm sure mine would have :)

    When you dribbled MIke's cum onto Sue did she scoop it up and eat it ?

    Cheers, John

  4. "We thought that we had done fairly well with Sue and hadn’t crossed too many lines but I assume that I’m going to get some comments saying otherwise, so here is our justification"

    No justification needed as far as I'm concernced. I'm kind of hoping she dumps her boyfriend, given that it's clear Mike is better at giving her what she wants...

    From a purely selfish point of view of course, this blog is hotter the more people are involved :-)

  5. No, there was no fondling of Sue - I was pressed up against her for a bit of the night, but that was all. It was perfectly innocent - honest.

    Sue's bf seems to be doing a better job now and is taking his time a lot more with her when they do things. I somehow don't think anyone else is going to be joining us on an ongoing basis even though there are a good number of people that it would be fun to have join us (either Mike and I or Jen and I)