Saturday, 30 July 2011

March 2011 Sex Party - Part 3/4

Mike could tell this too and I felt him unbutton his jeans and his bare cock rub against my ass. He just rubbed between the cheeks at first and then pushed his cock between my legs so he could rub it against my now wet pussy. He partially slipped into me a couple of times, but pulled back out and kept just sliding his cock along the length of my slit until I was good and ready. The group on the bed were nearing completion so nobody was paying any attention to us as Mike slipped inside me. His cock felt so much better than the bottle and I pushed back against him so he could get into me properly.

The girl being eaten started to cum to a round of cheers and Mike slid in and out of my pussy while spreading my ass cheeks. I held on to a desk for balance and we watched as the guy and bi-girl came (pretty close together). When they moved away we had a good view of the girl on the bed as she still had her legs spread. Her pussy was quite hairy – and I know that many people like that, but I really don’t understand how it is nice to go down on someone really hairy (admittedly bi-girl had been using a dental-dam so she was probably mostly protected from it). The girl on the bed seemed quite out of it and bi-girl used a couple of fingers to fuck her with again. She didn’t make the girl cum, but kept this up for a minute or so before wiping her hand clean and straightening up the few bits of clothing she had left on.

It had been a nice display and I’d also got a fairly good view of the guys cock when he had pulled out of bi-girl (but Mike wasn’t as interested in that). Mike had started to rub my clit during the show and I now knew that I was definitely ready to cum again. Mike fucked me faster and I could feel my breasts swinging back and forth with each pump. A few people had stayed to watch us and I told Mike to empty himself inside me. He strummed his fingers over my clit and I came but he hadn’t finished yet and kept pumping into me over and over until he pushed deep into me and I knew he was cumming. He pushed into me a few more times before pulling out and moving over to sit down on the bed. I felt a little of his cum trickle out and run down one leg.

Mike seemed quite winded and when I went to sit beside him he said that he’d had two pretty strong orgasms and wasn’t sure he could do much more. I wasn’t too bothered by this as I’d cum four times already and felt pretty satisfied myself. I gave him a gentle stroke and we headed back downstairs to relax for a bit and just enjoy the atmosphere. There wasn’t anywhere free to sit as one couple were using the sofa to fuck and on one of the chairs, a guy was being sucked off. We stood and watched for a while then went into the kitchen to see what was happening there. Another couple were going at it – she was leaning against the counter and the guy was pounding into her from behind. Giant cock guy was there as well watching them and I noticed that he was quite interested in what was going on (the bulge was pretty prominent). I gave Mike a little nod and headed over to stand beside giant cock guy. We said hi (we’ve spoken before) and I asked if he needed a hand with anything. He asked if I wanted to fuck and I said that I wasn’t ready for that, but would be happy to blow him – which was an acceptable answer to him.

We headed upstairs so that we could be comfortable and found a free bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and undid the guy’s trousers, pulled them down and freed his cock from his shorts. It was as large as I remembered and I wrapped my hands around the shaft and started to slowly jerk him off. He took hold of his cock and aimed it at my breasts, using the head to rub my nipples with. I helped by holding my breasts up and after he had circled each nipples a few more times, I pushed forwards and caught the head between my breasts. I squeezed them together and rocked back and forth and he joined in with the motion so he was making reasonable strokes back and forth and I could feel the head of his cock bumping up against my chest. He seemed to like this so I suggested that we change positions to let him do it properly.

I lay back on the bed and let him crouch over me before I pushed my breasts around his cock. He could now slide back and forth much more and this position had the distinct advantage that his cock (slightly) bumped and rubbed against my neck. When I looked down, it was a very exhilarating view, watching his cock appearing from between my breasts and thrusting up towards my face. I’ve touched/held/rubbed & sucked a number of cocks at these parties, but this felt different somehow. I told him that I wanted to try sucking him off and after a brief interruption while he put a condom on (banana flavoured) he sat at the head of the bed, I gripped his cock in my hands and went down on him.

Despite his moniker of giant-cock guy, he isn’t freakishly large so it wasn’t difficult getting a decent amount of his cock into my mouth. I can’t do deep-throat, but I learned enough from Sue and have practiced enough on Mike that he certainly enjoyed my ministrations. He asked me to jerk him off at the same time but as I was kneeling forwards and using my arms for balance, we had to change position so I could do this. I mixed things up a bit and when he said that he was getting close to cumming, I gave him another tit-fuck. I was going to suggest that he removed his condom and continued to tit-fuck me until he came, but before I suggested that, he said that he wanted me to go back to sucking him.

I knelt on the floor in front of him and resumed the sucking and jerking that I had been doing earlier. I sucked hard, swirled my tongue around the head, flicked back and forth over it and stroked his cock and balls with my hands. He wasn’t shy about moaning and telling me how good it felt and how close he was getting to cumming. I kept going and used my tongue as fast as I could until he let out a moan and grabbed my head to hold me still. I held my head in place and gently licked around the head of his cock. The condom felt different in my mouth now and I was sure I could feel his cum squishing around inside it (and as long as it stayed inside I was fine). Only when his breathing had slowed back down did I pull away and look and my handiwork (and mouthwork) and I was pleased to see his swollen cock and a reasonable amount of cum.

I asked if he had enjoyed it and he just pointed and said that I should be able to tell that he did. A part of me wanted to turn around and slide my pussy onto his cock, but as I said earlier, we really weren’t ready for that. I did slide my hands under my skirt and start to play with myself while I watched his cock start to go soft and I reached out to fondle it again. He noticed what my hands were doing and asked if I wanted him to return the favour – I hadn’t been expecting to want to cum again, but I definitely had the familiar tingling in my pussy and so told him that I wanted him to finger me.

I lay on the bed, spread my legs and pulled my skirt up – he knelt between my legs, spread my lips and started to rub around my cunt. I noticed that his cock was now properly hard again and got him to move round and lie beside me in a 69 position (just without mouth contact). He resumed playing with my pussy while I peeled off the condom and let his cum drip out over his cock before taking it and rubbing all over it with my hands. I wiped the head against my chest a few times and used both hands to cup and rub the head. He was still a bit too sensitive for this, so I told him that I would show him a trick that a friend had taught me and gripped his cock just below the head and used my thumb to rub back and forth over the front of the head. I had to adjust my hold a couple of times (Mike had been the other way round when I did this to him), but once I had found the right spot, he really enjoyed it. I used my other hand to stroke up and down his shaft and caress his balls.

With a bit of direction, I had got him to use two fingers inside me and rub my clit with his other hand. It felt really good and I encouraged him to keep going and described everything that I could feel. I think he liked me talking dirty to him (and my descriptions were quite explicit) and I continued my one-finger (or thumb) stroking of his cock. I told him to move a bit faster and that I was about to cum and he joined in the dirty talk and told me that he wanted to watch my bald cunt as I came. As stupid as it may seem, it hadn’t really dawned on me how close up a view he was going to get, but the thought of him seeing everything in such detail was enough to send me over the edge and I came quite hard. He kept rubbing me and I tried to keep rubbing him, but didn’t manage to just use my thumb and reverted to just pumping my hands band and forth (but he didn’t complain). It wasn’t a long orgasm and I had to tell him to ease off a bit as it ended up feeling too intense, but I enjoyed it a lot.

He had also been enjoying what I had been doing to him and I asked if he wanted me to finish him off and if he thought he could cum again. He thought that he could and wanted to cum over me so I told him he could cum over my breasts and I flipped my skirt back over my pussy for some protection (not that I expected him to be able to produce a lot of cum by this point in the evening, but then again I had no idea how often or how much he could cum). He knelt up beside me and started to stroke his cock – he said that he was quite close already and that my technique had felt really good. He asked who it was that had shown me this and I just told him again that it was a ‘friend’ (I wasn’t going to tell him it was my little sister). I watched him pump his hand up and down the shaft – much more forcefully than I had been doing – and I reached over to give his balls another fondle. I cupped them in my hand and he let out a grunt and aimed his cock at my breasts. Only a small amount of cum came out, but he continued to wank himself and then squeezed his cock to get the last few drops out. I asked him to rub it in to my breasts with his cock, which he did, and I gave him another quick stroke as a thank you.

A few people had been watching us for the last part (apparently there had been another threesome in one of the other rooms at the beginning) and when it was obvious the show was over, they left us. I knew that I now definitely wouldn’t be able to cum again for a while (unless someone really teased me) and went to wash my hands off and find Mike. He was still downstairs and asked me what I had been up to, so I gave him a brief summary and he told me that he had been up to something similar. He obviously didn’t describe it in this much detail while at the party, but this is the best place to describe it...

Mike obviously knew what I had been going upstairs to do and he had wandered around and chatted to a couple of people. He ended up sitting on the sofa next to a girl and after talking for a little bit, he asked her if she was interested in doing anything. She asked what he had in mind and he moved his hand onto her leg and slid it slowly up her thigh. I’m sure he wasn’t quite as suave as he made himself sound, but he said he maintained eye contact with her and just continued to slowly slide his hand up her leg. She opened her legs a little and he took this as an invitation, so didn’t stop until his fingertips bumped against her pussy. She jumped a little and he commented on the fact that she was shaved and she asked him if he liked that (he does – as you well know) and he began to rub his fingers up and down her pussy, first around the outer lips, then up and down her slit and then pushing just ever so slightly between her lips so he could feel the soft inner skin.

She spread her legs a bit more but he just maintained the gentle teasing and guided one of her hands to his crotch. He was already hard and she rubbed him through his jeans until his fingers began to push a little deeper between her outer lips and made proper contact with her inner lips and clit. They kissed and she fumbled with his jeans to get them open and free his cock. She asked him if he wanted to fuck and he told her that he wasn’t allowed to (which is sort of true, but it was something we had agreed on, it wasn’t as if I had decided it by myself and just decreed it). The ‘rules’ (and these are actual rules that I know, not the unknown rules that mike and Jen have) at the parties are that you can do anything you want as long as it isn’t illegal and nobody is being forced to do anything), so she didn’t mind that he wasn’t going to fuck her and just started to rub his cock.

Mike’s fingers were now deep enough between her lips that he thought it was time to do things properly and slid them the whole way in. He pushed her skirt up so he could see what he was doing (or at least see a little better as it was quite dark). She had a completely shaved pussy and Mike watched his fingers pumping into her and rubbing around her lips and clit. She carried on jerking him off while they kissed and she asked him if he wanted her to suck him off but he said he wanted to just use hands (you might think this is a bit unfair as I got to suck guys off, but there was a good reason for the decision). The girl seemed fine with this as Mike was doing a pretty good job of distracting her with his fingers. He asked if he could play with her breasts and she moved back and slipped her top off before taking hold of his cock again.

Mike bent his head down and sucked, kissed and licked around her breasts and nipples. She had fairly small breasts (not Jen or Lis small, probably a B cup – or about Jo sized) that were nice and firm (another advantage of small breasts) and Mike worked quite thoroughly on her nipples with his mouth. He still had his fingers inside her and used his thumb on her clit – when he was finger fucking her, he ‘accidentally’ allowed his ring finger to bump up against her asshole a number of times – not enough to penetrate, but applying enough pressure to probably have some effect on her.

Mike says that she was rubbing a bit too fast and he had to get her to ease off a bit and he told her that he wanted to concentrate on making her cum and she was more than happy to let him do this. She was panting away and he guessed that she was quite close so he pushed his fingers into her to allow him to fully use his thumb on her clit. He went back to kissing her and pushed the knuckle of his ring finger harder against her ass – he kept rubbing her clit until she came and then slowly eased off, but kept his fingers inside her.

She had mostly carried on pumping away at is cock and as her orgasm faded, she said that it was now his turn. He told her to keep going and she changed the way she was stroking him. Each time she got her hand to the top of his cock, she swirled/twisted her hand around the head before moving back down. This felt a lot better than before and Mike moved a bit closer to her so that she could get better access. She kept doing this to him and he told her that he was getting close to cumming. He pulled his fingers out of her cunt and used his wet hand to fondle one of her breasts and leaned over to kiss her just as he came. He didn’t produce a lot of cum (it was his third orgasm of the evening), but managed to get a small amount on the underside of her breasts, her stomach, skirt and on her thighs quite near her cunt (as well as some on his jeans). She knew enough to ease off as soon as he had cum but she continued to gently stroke him and squeezed a little more out of his cock before wiping her hand clean. Mike gave her pussy another rub to say thank you and they straightened themselves up and chatted for a bit while they recovered.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

March 2011 Sex Party - Part 2/4

We were heading to a part of town we didn’t know too well and on the way, decided to stop off in a pub for a drink. I was perfectly aware how I looked and that was pretty much the point of going to a public place like that. I certainly got a number of looks and a group of lads kept pointing at me so I made sure that I sat on a stool located to give them a decent view up my skirt. We didn’t spend long in the pub as we were both eager to get to the party and get things started. After going the wrong way, we bumped into someone else going there and they guided us to the right house.

This was a much bigger house than the one we usually use. Only a couple of the occupants attend the parties, but the others were all away for the weekend, so we had decided to take over the house and utilise the space. Things had already started when we arrived and there was a girl sucking a guy off in the living room while people watched. I stripped off my coat and stood in front of Mike while we watched the display. Mike pressed up behind me and I could feel his cock hardening against my ass. Someone else suggested that the guy play with the girl and he leant forwards and reached over to fondle her ass. He couldn’t do very much given the position he was in, so her boyfriend valiantly pulled the girls panties down so the guy could stroke her ass properly and just about rub her pussy. Her skirt kept getting in the way so the guy asked someone to remove it – she started to object to this, but he held her head on his cock and once the skirt had been unzipped, she used a hand to help slide it down her legs. We now had a nice view of her ass and pussy lips (although her legs were still together) and the guy fondled her a bit, but soon stopped as he was getting close to cumming. The girl used her hand and pumped up and down his cock while keeping her mouth on the end and the guy pushed her head down onto his cock when he let out a moan (and presumably came).

The guy went to dispose of the condom and the girl stood up and went to pull up her skirt, but her boyfriend intervened and convinced her to keep it off. He helped to convince her by rubbing her clit and she ended up agreeing to keep the skirt off and just put her panties on. Mike had continued to press against me while we had been watching all this and one of his hands had found its way under my skirt and into my panties while the other was under my top and playing with my breasts. I leant my head back to kiss him and asked if he thought he could wait just a little longer before cumming as I wanted to try something. He knew what I had in mind as we obviously discuss what we want to do and what we are happy with each other doing (Jen is also involved in these conversations as I wouldn’t do anything unless she was also happy with me doing it).

I pulled my top off and stepped out of my shoes (I really don’t understand why women wear heels in some porn movies) and asked if anyone wanted me to suck them off. I had a taker straight away, but my plan was for a bit more than this. As soon as he had rubbered up, I knelt in front of him and started to suck and rub his cock. There was only one other couple doing things, so I had a number of people watching and asked if anyone else wanted a hand (indicating that I wanted to wank them at the same time). Someone else stepped forwards for this and I said that I wanted him to cum over me. I asked the guy I was sucking off if he could cum on me as well and he said that he would. I resumed sucking and did the best I could to rub the second guy at the same time. This isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies, but I took turns at who I was concentrating on and asked if anyone else wanted to cum on me at the same time.

Ideally I would have loved to be surrounded by guys to cum over me, but I ended up having to be satisfied with just the two I had. A couple of times I nearly ended up sucking off the wrong guy (the one without a condom on), but caught myself and just got a close up look of his cock as I wanked him. The guy I had been sucking said that he was getting close to cumming so I gave him another quick suck and pulled the condom off. It was a bit easier now to use a hand on each cock and rub them at the same pace. They asked me to go faster so I did and made sure that I knelt up so that they were aimed a bit below my face. Blowjob guy came first and his cum splattered out over my upper chest and breasts. He took over and squeezed out a few extra dribbles of cum that landed on my legs and I moved over to concentrate on my second sperm donor.

I now had both hands free and used one on the shaft and the other on his balls. I could feel the first lot of cum dripping down through my bra and over my stomach and it was wonderful knowing that another load was about to land on me. I rubbed the head of the cock around one of my cheeks, then under my chin and onto the other cheek. The guy said he was getting close to cumming so I aimed his cock right at my neck and looked straight up at him with a pouty look and told him to give me all of his cum. I continued to rub and squeeze his cock and felt his cum squirt onto my skin and run down my chest. It felt like he had emptied a fair amount over me and I was glad that my plan of doing this early in the evening before the guys had already cum had worked out. The guy took his cock and squeezed out a few more drops onto my breasts and legs and I looked down to see that my front was streaked with their combined cum – it had pooled between my breasts, but was slowly leaking out from the bottom of my bra and my skirt and thighs were covered in drops of the stuff.

I thanked them, stood up and went to clean off. I ended up removing my bra so I could wipe my breasts clean but decided to leave my cum-stained skirt on for a while. We grabbed a drink and chatted while we watched another couple make out (mostly just kissing and fondling). Mike and I were now really ready to cum and so I went to find bi-girl to see if she would participate in something we had planned. Once I’d explained what Mike wanted, she was more than willing to join us and we headed up to one of the bedrooms. Mike doesn’t really get to see Jen and I doing things properly (he’s seen us make each other cum but still hasn’t seen anything actually penetrate her), so I had suggested a make out session that he could watch properly. Jen was fine with this as long as we just used fingers and didn’t go down on each other (and she knows that it’s just sex and we’re not going to fall in love with anyone).

Bi-girl and I lay on the bed and started kissing. With her help, I quickly removed most of her clothes along with my skirt and panties and our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. It felt quite strange being with her, but once her fingers found my pussy I was sort of distracted. I slid a couple of fingers into her and marvelled at how different her pussy felt (only the fourth one I’ve had fingers in). Her clit was easy enough to find (although apparently it is more sensitive than mine or Jen’s as she didn’t like it being touched too much). We figured out how to enjoy each other though and got stuck in to the job at hand.

She seemed to enjoy kissing and licking my breasts so after a while, I did the same thing back to her. Mike watched us closely and later said that he really enjoyed watching us fingering each other. We had discussed how he wanted to cum during this session and I had left it up to him whether he wanted to fuck me or cum over us. It was obvious that we were getting closer to cumming and I saw him pull his cock free and start to rub himself. I assumed that he was going to cum over us and I told bi-girl that I wanted to cum and to rub me quickly. She did as I asked and I started to pump my fingers in and out of her (she seemed to like this). Mike joined us up on the bed and knelt between my spread legs (bi-girl was on her side beside me). We kissed messily and I moaned as my orgasm steadily built up. I couldn’t quite find the right movements to get bi-girl off quickly enough, but I kept at it and she didn’t seem to be complaining about what I was doing.

I moaned that I was about to cum and she pushed her fingers deep into me and fucked me pretty hard with them. We broke our kiss and I let anyone near know how much I was enjoying things. As soon as my orgasm started to fade, I tried using the same hard finger-fucking on bi-girl (who was still fingering me) and this seemed to get us somewhere. Mike said he was about to cum as well and I then felt his cum splatter over my body. I looked up and saw that some had landed on bi-girl as well (only her arm and back) and I guessed from the sounds that she was making that I was getting close to making her cum. Not knowing what else she liked, I just carried on doing what I was doing and she was soon panting away and cumming on my hand.

Her orgasm didn’t seem to last too long and when it finished, she kissed me again and rubbed Mike’s cum over my body. She didn’t seem to care that he had also cum over her and just wiped herself clean when she got up before getting (partially) dressed again. I used my panties to clean up a bit of the cum on me and pulled my skirt back on. Mike seemed a lot more settled after having cum but his hand still wandered under my skirt and pulled me to him so he could fondle me properly. Mike was sitting on the edge of the bed and he pulled me over so I was standing with my legs on either side of his. He guided me down so I landed on his cock (second attempt) and then pulled me down so he pushed into me.

I hadn’t expected him to be ready so quickly but I was soon bouncing up and down on his cock. Mike described how hot he had found it to watch me fingering and being fingered, seeing two cunts being attacked at the same time and cumming over us. I ended up dismounting and remounting him the other way around so that he could rub my clit and make me cum again. I tried to keep riding him so that he could cum, but I had to stop and rest as it felt too intense. I told him that I would be ready in a little while but he said that it was fine and he wasn’t quite ready to cum again anyway (he had just been so turned on by the display that he hadn’t been quite ready to stop either).

I dismounted and gave his cock a quick suck clean (which didn’t make it any easier to get it back into his jeans) and we had a look in some of the other rooms to see what was going on. We saw a girl being done by two guys (another of my fantasies) and Mike reached under my skirt again and gently rubbed my cunt and ass to simulate what was going on in front of us. They started off being fairly gentle – one guy was on his back with his cock buried in the girls pussy and the other guy was up behind her fucking her ass. The girl seemed to find it quite stimulating and kept asking them to go deeper into her (which they seemed quite happy to do). As things got more heated, they started to move faster and the guy in the girl’s ass came first. She wanted him to stay inside her, but he said it felt too strong and had to pull out (Mike assures me that this was quite reasonable) and he left the other two of them to finish off together. The girl could now move much more easily and she started to energetically ride the remaining guy. He fucked her back just as energetically and after saying something to him (which I *think* was ‘don’t you dare cum before I do’), she sat up and played with herself and came. The guy kept pounding into her until he came and she quickly rolled off him and they lay beside each other while they recovered. This gave a wonderful view of his still hard cock, shining with her juices and we watched as it slowly deflated and he pulled the condom off.

We went back downstairs and danced for a while (naked dancing with large breasts isn’t that comfortable) but Mike stayed to play with me so we migrated to one of the sofas. We started off with him just fingering me and me wanking him but he then said that he wanted to eat me before he came in me, so he knelt down on the floor, pulled my legs apart and went down on me. We were the only ones downstairs doing things at that point so a couple of people watched as Mike lapped away at my cunt. I had no idea if he was going to make me cum or just tease me and then fuck me so I just lay back and enjoyed the sensation. He got me quite close to cumming and then stopped. Just when I thought he was going to slide his cock into me, I felt something cold and looked down to see him push the neck of a beer bottle into me. It felt quite cold, but also rather exciting and so I helped by pulling my lips open and spreading my legs wide.

He started off slowly, working a little more of the neck into me with each stroke until I could feel the body of the bottle pressed up against my pussy. He asked me if I wanted to cum and I told him that was a stupid question, so he increased the speed and started to fuck me properly with the bottle. For some reason, it felt really naughty (and I like naughty) so I decided that I may as well help things along and used a single finger to rub my clit. I came very quickly once I started to do this and as soon as I stopped cumming, Mike pulled the bottle out of me and fastened his mouth to my pussy again. He ate me ferociously – licking both inside me and on my clit. I felt very sensitive and didn’t think I could cum again, but he held onto me, kept going and I soon felt another orgasm quickly beginning to build. Mike didn’t break contact with my pussy and my orgasm quickly exploded out of me. I apparently made quite a few squealing noises as I came and by the time I had finished, there were more people watching us.

Mike wiped his face clean on the inside of my skirt (the outside still had cum from my previous exploits on it). He says that he considered pulling his cock out and fucking me straight away, but he wanted me to cum while he was inside me and he guessed (correctly) that I probably wouldn’t have been able to cum again quite so soon. I sat where I was to rest for a bit as my legs felt quite weak. Mike moved up to sit beside me and we chatted for a while (between ourselves and with others). He dived down between my legs a couple of times to give me a quick lick, but only briefly each time. Once I had regained full control of my legs, we got up and went to get a drink and see who else was in the process of cumming.

We found bi-girl up in one of the bedrooms with her face buried between another girl’s legs while a guy fucked her. Mike found this quite arousing and rubbed up against me but I wasn’t quite ready to cum just yet so had to tell him to calm down and wait a little while - not that this stopped his hands from going to my pussy and breasts and fondling me. He was fairly gentle though it’s not as if he hasn’t had lots of practice at getting me in the mood) and while we continued to watch bi-girl be fucked and the other girl get closer to cumming, I knew that I would be ready to do more soon enough.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

March 2011 Sex Party - Part 1/4

We’re up to mid-March now and the end of term sex party. I got down to York quite late that night so missed going out with friends. Mike met me at the station and I was quite tired, but this didn’t stop us from taking advantage of the dark alleys on the way home to have a little play. It was actually a bit more than a little play this time and we kissed while Mike pressed me up against the wall, pushed his hand under my skirt and gave my clit a really good rubbing. I wasn’t being entirely passive and started off by rubbing him through his jeans, then unzipping them and pushing my hand into his shorts so I could wrap my hand around his cock and rub him properly.

We carried on like this for a few minutes until Mike said that if I continued, he would end up cumming. Of course, this just encouraged me to pull his cock free of his jeans so I could rub him even faster. He said if that was what I wanted, then that was what I would get and he lifted one of my legs, pushed his cock under my skirt and after a couple of stabs in the dark (literally) he pushed into me. We often use this particular alleyway to fool around in as it is usually quiet (and dark), but other people do come along from time to time so I asked if we were going to do things properly and Mike just pushed forwards and buried the length of his cock inside me as a reply. I pulled myself against him and said that (as always) I was willing, but he had to show me he was serious. He started to pump in and out of me and we kissed messily. He suggested that I turn around so he could rub my clit at the same time (as exciting as it was, I knew that I probably wasn’t getting enough direct stimulation to cum), but I told him that I wanted him to cum in me first in case we got interrupted.

Mike always prefers it when I’m going to cum as well, but he doesn’t mind just cumming inside me occasionally and I continued to encourage him by telling him how good his cock felt moving inside me. It didn’t take him long before me moaned and thrust hard into me a few times. He stayed still for a while, then pulled out and his cum immediately started to drip out down my leg. I told him to finger me while I was still dripping and he pushed a couple of fingers into me and finger fucked me. He let my leg down and cupped my ass with his other hand. He alternated between fingering and rubbing my clit and occasionally stopped to smear his cum over the area (I was leaking onto his hand). I loved the way it felt and urged him to keep going (which he did) and I managed to keep myself fairly quiet while I came (but I wasn’t silent).

Mike wiped his hand on my thighs, but they were covered in his cum already so he ended up using my skirt to dry his hand on. My legs felt a little shaky so we waited for a minute before heading home but then went straight there. Once indoors I examined the mess we had made. There were still streaks of cum on my legs and I pulled my skirt off to have a look at my pussy. I had shaved (thoroughly) that morning in the shower, so I knew that my lips were completely bald and Mike said that I was seducing him and it wasn’t fair. He wiped me clean with my skirt and knelt in front of me. I spread my legs and he pushed his face into my pussy and went to work on me. Apparently most of his cum had run out of me (or he just didn’t care) as he ate me with a passion. I ended up back against the wall (for the second time that night) with a leg over his shoulder and his tongue pushed into me and flicking over my clit. I came again and Mike did his version of kitty kissing to gently bring me down.

I took a seat on the sofa to relax and Mike helped to pull off the remainder of my clothes before stripping off his own. He stood in front of me and asked me to suck him, so I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock and gently stroked it while I took the head in my mouth and gave it a good suck. Mike said he wanted to fuck my mouth, so I positioned my hand halfway down the shaft and let him guide my head back and forth. Mike was obviously enjoying my mouth, but he said that he wanted to finish off inside me and that we should head upstairs to do things in comfort. Even when he had suggested this, he didn’t stop fucking my mouth and it was only when he got close to cumming that he pulled out and led me upstairs.

We got ready for bed first – I took off makeup and Mike did his teeth. He stood behind me while this was happening and rubbed up against my ass (I might have rubbed back). When I bent forwards to pick up my toothbrush, he slid back into my pussy. I expected him to fuck me there and then, but he just stayed in me and said we should finish getting ready. While brushing, I squeezed myself around him and he moved in me a bit and used a hand to fondle my breasts. Once he had finished with his teeth, he changed the head on the brush to one of the soft heads and put it on my clit. It felt really good, but made it somewhat difficult to concentrate on brushing my own teeth, but I managed to finish up and started to rock back and forth against him until we had a good fucking rhythm going. I was surprised that I was so turned on again so quickly but didn’t really question it. Mike pulled out of me and said it was time for bed and we quickly went into the bedroom to carry on.

He asked me to go on top and I mounted his cock and pumped up and down on it while he rubbed my clit. I was getting close to cumming again and told him to hurry up, so he pulled me down on top of him and started to piston in and out of me while one if his fingers pressed into my ass. This was all I needed and I told him that I couldn’t hold back much longer but he said that he was nearly there as well. He told me to cum and I concentrated on what he was doing to me and allowed my orgasm to burst out and pulse through my body. Mike continued to pump into me, over and over while my orgasm went on and only when I had completely finished did he push into me and stay still while me moaned that he was cumming. He didn’t ejaculate as much this time, but I still felt quite moist as we chatted and went to sleep.

I had to get up to pee in the middle of the night (I must be getting old) and gave my pussy a quick clean (nothing too thorough, just trying to remove Mike’s cum). When I returned to bed, I told him what I had done and that I was ready for him to eat me in the morning. He asked if I wanted him to eat me straight away but I was still quite tired (it was about 2am) and I told him that I needed sleep. This didn’t stop him pressing up behind me and I wiggled my ass against him until his cock stiffened. I reminded him that I had just got rid of his cum so he didn’t have to eat it and he said that he wouldn’t cum again, but pushed into me and we spooned while we went back to sleep. In this situation, I would have usually started moving and teasing him until we did end up fucking, but I’d had a long day and wanted to have energy for the following night.

As I had hoped, I woke up with Mike between my legs, gently licking me. I spread my legs wider to let him know I was awake and he took his time and slowly licked and nibbled the whole way round my pussy, then in-between my lips and finally spending more time on my clit. We probably spent about half an hour doing this before I finally came and when he moved up to kiss me, he slid straight into me. I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet, but he said that he didn’t want to cum anyway so he could save it for the party. We kissed for a little bit and as my pussy recovered, I started to flex myself around him.

I’ve spent quite a few months practicing this when I’m by myself. Obviously I can’t get any feedback from the dildos or vibes I’ve been squeezing, but I occasionally push my fingers into myself and squeeze and I’m fairly confident that I’m getting quite a bit stronger. Mike sort of notices the difference as we only see each other every couple of weeks, but I know I’m definitely able to apply a lot more pressure than I could six months ago. I can’t do any of the fancy effects like sending waves of compression rippling through my pussy that I read about in erotica (but I’m not sure if anyone can actually do those things outside of stories), but I can do enough for long enough that it affects him. At first, he just pushed deep into me and kept still so he could enjoy the sensation, but despite him saying that he was going to wait until later to cum, my contractions encouraged him to start moving. Once he was moving in me, the contractions had much less of an effect so I stopped and concentrated on pushing back against him. I could feel him sliding the whole way into me but he slowed his movements before he got too carried away and just pressed hard into me while we kissed deeply.

I squeezed my cunt around him again and he said that if felt really good, but he wanted to have lots of cum for later so I reluctantly let him go while pouting and saying he was no fun. He took umbrage at this and pulled my legs over his shoulders and lifted up my ass to his face (he had been kneeling between my legs after having pulled out of me. With a bit of jostling, he got my pussy to his mouth – my head and shoulders were still on the bed, but my body was at about a 45 degree angle, but he held me in place and ate me in a ferocious way. My legs were bent over his shoulders and my heels pressing against his back to help keep me in place. He mostly concentrated on my clit and it was quite an intense session, but it didn’t last too long (I’d been enjoying the squeezing and fucking as well) and when I came, I could feel it in my pussy as well as feeling a swirling sensation in my head (the position let more blood flow to my head).

As soon as I had finished cumming, he threw my legs back down onto the bed and asked if I still thought he was no fun. Before I could answer, he pushed his cock back into me and started to fuck me while he kissed me. His face was wet with my juices and I was still winded from my orgasm. My pussy still felt very sensitive (it had been quite a strong cum) and Mike was plowing his cock deep into me over and over, but I didn’t really have the strength to resist. I didn’t think he would be able to keep going for too long (he may be good at holding back, but he was moving hard and fast) so I just waited for him to cum. He stopped moving and just stayed pressed into me and I asked him if he had cum. He said he hadn’t, but was quite close and was just enjoying the feeling. I admired his restraint and considered trying to squeeze around him again, but I didn’t think I had the energy (and I certainly didn’t have the energy to endure another tongue lashing or fucking) so I did nothing.

We ended up falling asleep again until hunger woke us up and we headed down for breakfast. As I have become used to on the day of a sex party, Mike teased me and got me close to cumming a couple of times, but then stopped and left me hanging. We decided to head out into town to get some new underwear for the party (for me, not Mike) and I called round a few people to see if anyone wanted to meet up. We headed in to town and after a bit of hunting, I found what I was looking for. It was a fairly elegant white lace push up bra and matching panties. Unfortunately the panties had a solid crotch panel, but the rest of the material was fine enough that my little patch of pubic hair would be visible – and I didn’t intend to keep them on for the whole night anyway.

We met up with people for coffee – Vicky was there but Lis had to get some work done so couldn’t make it. I made a bit of a blunder by telling Vicky to make sure that Lis came along for brunch on the Sunday – she gave me a look to shut up and I realised that it might sound suspicious that she was responsible for what Lis would do, but I don’t think anyone else thought anything about it. I ended up showing her my new purchases and we had a conversation about the difficulties of buying nice bras for larger cup sizes (she is generally a cup size above me). Cindy joined in the conversation (she is a B cup) and said that it’s not always easier to get nice bras even in normal/smaller sizes (let alone getting ones that fit properly and feel good). It was obvious that my new bra wasn’t designed for comfort, but to give as much cleavage as possible and leave as much exposed as possible. I told them that it was for a special occasion but didn’t elaborate on what that occasion was (I’m sure Vicky wouldn’t have been shocked, and Cindy would have probably only been surprised, but it’s hard to shock her, if I’d said ‘it’s so we can go and spend the evening fucking with a group of people’ – but some of my friends are a bit more ‘delicate’ and Jo and Valerie might not have responded as positively).

Mike and the lads went off home and the girls and I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the shops and I tried a few things on. In one of the changing rooms, I went in with Jo (to different cubicles) and we talked while trying items on. Well, Jo was trying things on but I removed my skirt and played with myself while talking to her. I knew I wasn’t going to cum, but it was still nice to be doing things while so close to her (even if there was a wall between us). She chose a nice summer dress (being rather optimistic given the weather) and after a bit more wandering, I headed home. Mike had been put in charge of dinner and had just picked up a meal deal. We had dinner (with more teasing) and then started the job of getting ready for the night. We showered (even more teasing) and Mike gave my pussy a quick going over with the razor (I was still smooth) before giving his pubic hair a trim so it was very short. It took a while to do around his balls, but by the time he had finished, he looked nearly bald (the hair wasn’t quite short enough to be prickly, but short enough to not be that visible).

I spent a while straightening my hair until it was nice and glossy (this took a while, but is occasionally worth the effort). I know that I said previously that I thought I was getting a bit old to pull off the schoolgirl look (at least in public anyway – I don’t intend to give it up when in private just yet), but I had decided that if there was anywhere I could get away with it, it was at these parties. I put my new underwear on and between us, we examined what it covered and what it exposed. The bra did a really good job of pushing my breasts up, but the material covered a bit more than I had hoped. With a bit of tweaking I could just about get the tops of my nipples exposed, but not as much as the bra I’d worn at Jen’s place. The panties looked quite cute though and Mike stood behind me, pushed his cock between my legs and rubbed back and forth while he played with my (apparently) larger than usual breasts. He said that he was pretty much ready to burst so didn’t want to play for too long in case he got carried away and we finished getting dressed. I had decided to go all the way with my outfit, and put on a white gym shirt with three buttons, one of my red pleated tartan skirts and long white socks. I completed the look by putting my hair up in bunches and when I presented myself to Mike, he decided that maybe having another little play might be a good idea.

He quickly freed his cock from his jeans and we kissed while he rubbed it against my panties. I was fairly horny myself from the teasing during the day (and my general nature) and when mike pulled the crotch of my panties aside, I eagerly helped him to slide into me. I ended up with my back against the wardrobe and he fucked me while his hands moved under my top and played with my breasts. The material of the panties was stretched tight and felt good as Mike moved – he said that if we carried on any longer he would end up cumming and he really wanted to save his first load until the party so he slowed down and asked if I wanted to cum before we left. I thought that I would show solidarity with him and said I would wait as well so we could enjoy things properly. I gently licked his cock clean (without trying to stimulate it too much more) and we set off on a slow walk to the party (which was in a different house this time).

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lucy's 21st - Part 2

This is a slightly longer entry than usual, but finishes off the weekend. By the time my next post happens I will be Mrs Mike (assuming that he doesn't chicken out and run off - but I don't think he would find it that easy to find another bisexual nymphomaniac with a gf as cute as Jen to replace me). As I said in my last post, I will schedule the next few posts until we return so replies to comments will have to wait.

I like this post as I finally get to do something I've wanted to do for ages - I'm sure you'll figure out what I'm talking about.


We got dressed and lounged around for the rest of the morning. When Lucy finally surfaced, we naturally quizzed her on what she thought of the vibe. She told us it was the most powerful thing she had ever felt and was amazed at how I had endured it for so long (and I pointed out that being tied to a chair meant that I didn’t really have a lot of choice). Lucy didn’t give us all the details on what she had been imagining, but she said that she had really enjoyed the session and had dozed off again afterwards. We were meeting up with people for lunch so Lucy went to get ready and while she was in the shower, I snuck into her room and checked out the vibrator. It was still slightly moist and I was very tempted to taste her off of it, but I’ve started to be a bit more careful about things like that (I know that Mike, Jen and I are free from disease and I’d like to keep it that way – not that I think Lucy is likely to have anything, but you can never tell). I did pick up the pair of panties that were lying beside the bed and bury my face in them to inhale her scent. I almost ended up masturbating, but held back as I didn’t know how much time I would have before Lucy returned.

She tried on her new dress and showed it to us before getting changed into her clothes for the day and we all headed out. Lunch was nice and I got to meet some more of Lucy’s ‘normal’ friends. It was fairly subdued as Lucy had asked her LGBT friends to tone things down from our usual behaviour as some of her other friends can be a little sensitive. Lucy was in a really good mood and kept smiling at Ramona and I could tell that now she had decided to ask her out, she was desperate to get on and do it.Jen and I headed off afterwards as I had a second present to get for Lucy – I’d told Jen about this, but she hadn’t seen it – it was a set of underwear that was nothing special to look at, but was very similar to one that Pavlina has on in one of her early picture sets. I thought that it would go well under her new dress and be comfortable (and really wanted to see her in it to see just how close to my fantasy she would be) so purchased it for her and we spent a bit longer wandering round the shops.

We were going out to celebrate Lucy’s birthday, but had planned for any celebrations to continue back at the house afterwards, so had to pick up a few supplies on the way home. We arrived home late in the afternoon and started to get ready for Lucy’s night out. Three girls trying to get ready with only one bathroom caused a few problems, but we managed to figure things out. I had been trying to find a subtle way of getting Lucy to try on my secondary gift and had failed spectacularly so ended up just telling her that I had seen the underwear and thought it would go well with the dress and wondered if I could see what it looked like on her. She went to her room to change into it and returned wearing a dressing gown, which she opened to let me view the underwear. It looked really good on her (I still think that simple, cute underwear is far sexier than complicated lacy/frilly things). I told her that it looked ideal and commented on how she could get away without a bra – which I don’t think she was sure how to take, but I told her that I thought it was a good thing and gave Jen’s breasts a squeeze to remind her that I actually like smaller breasts (Lucy’s breasts aren’t really small – maybe a small B cup, but just small enough that she can go without a bra if she isn’t exercising). With a bit of encouragement, I got her to remove her gown completely and give me a twirl so I could admire her figure properly. I had looked at some of the pictures of Pavlina in that outfit earlier and it really was an uncanny resemblance (apart from the fact that Lucy didn’t show off her pussy or breasts like Pavlina did in the pictures).

We ate dinner together and Lucy was even more excited about getting together with Ramona. I was looking forwards to hearing the two of them go at it (which seemed like a natural conclusion given what they’d been doing the previous night) and I was already feeling wet with anticipation. We had the party to deal with first though and we had been told that we were still meant to behave, so I tried to keep my libido in check. With dinner over, we made our final preparations (which took quite a while) and Jen gave me my outfit for the evening. We were going to behave (as Lucy has asked) and so I wore a nice dress (not too short) with a flippy skirt and opaque tights. I skipped the panties, but wasn’t intending on doing anything that would allow people to realise this.

Lucy looked great in her new dress and knowing that she had Pavlina underwear on underneath it made it seem even sexier (I know I’m obsessed with Pavlina, but she was one of the first porn girls that Mike got me to fantasise about – and she is damn cute). We headed out for cocktails first - I had decided that I would allow myself to drink properly that night as I’d been well behaved since the start of the year (at least in terms of drinking anyway!). As often happens at these things, the various groups of friends didn’t mix that much at first and people generally stayed in their groups. As the night went on, we mixed a bit more and got to know each other (Lucy’s ‘normal’ friends obviously know that she is gay, but they just don’t know about the games that we get up to). A number of her straight male friends were quite enamoured by having lesbians around (they had been enjoying seeing Lucy and Ramona making out on a number of occasions) but while talking to them I found that a couple seemed to be at least slightly homophobic when it came to gay men.

We moved on to dancing (and more drinking) and people mixed a bit more freely now. I noted a few times that Lucy was with Ramona and they were gently touching each other’s hands and smiling lots. I saw that her male admirer had also noticed this and while I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to do anything to interrupt them, when I pointed it out to Jen, she said that it might be good for me to distract him. I thought that I could probably manage that and so we danced over towards him and started talking. Jen went off to get a drink, leaving me with him and I did my best to emulate Vicky’s sexy dancing. We danced for quite a while and even though I wasn’t pressed up tight against him, I’m pretty sure that on a few occasions when we bumped together, I could feel his cock. His hands roamed over my body – he mostly behaved though and only touched my breasts or ass a couple of times, and even then it was only briefly. I was very tempted to push his hands onto my breasts and hold them in place, but I had been enjoying slowly teasing him over the weeks so didn’t want to push things too far.

I eventually needed another drink and a chance to relax so told him I wanted to see Jen and set off to find her. It took a little while and I got sidetracked into dancing with a few other people, but we eventually met up and we went to sit down and chat with some people for a while. A bit later, we saw Ramona by herself and thought that we should find Lucy to see how she was doing (it was her birthday after all). We found her and she looked a little upset – it wasn’t difficult to guess what had happened and we were right, she had asked Ramona out and had been turned down. It hadn’t been a flat out rejection and they were going to talk about it, but it still wasn’t exactly the result that she had been hoping for. We managed to cheer her up (fortunately she is quite a positive & cheerful girl anyway) and got her back out to dance for a while longer. She danced for a bit with her admirer (we thought that the attention would do her confidence good) and by about 1am we felt that it was time to head back home.

Her LGBT friends knew about the planned party at her place, but didn’t want any of her ‘normal’ friends to know (so we didn’t have to behave as well). People went their separate ways and the plan was that we would delay Jen’s journey home to allow the others to get there first. Lucy was fairly drunk (as were Jen and I), so taking our time to get home wasn’t too much of a problem and when we arrived, our bedroom light was on, which was the sign that the others had arrived. We went in and a number of people jumped out and shouted ‘surprise’, while presenting a cake laden with candles. Lucy nearly screamed when people jumped out and she jumped a fair bit herself, but once she had calmed down, she was happy that she got a cake and that everyone was there to see her.

It wasn’t a really noisy party, but we carried on for another few hours. There was more alcohol (but also the cake, which made it better) and other than Jen removing my panties, everyone was still fairly well behaved as the night was really about Lucy and not random debauchery as usual. When people finally left, we sat and chatted for a while. Jen got the message that I wanted some alone time with Lucy and said that she was beat and would head up to bed. We were of course talking about Ramona so I told Lucy about how Lis and Vicky had a messy time getting together (and how things were still a bit complicated). Lucy had got a text from Ramona saying that she just wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted but she would call her the next day to talk and Lucy kept going over what would happen. She asked if I thought if Ramona was attracted to her and I told her that of course I did, she was one of the cutest, sexiest, most beautiful girls I knew (apart from Jen of course – and I’m not just saying that because she reads this).

Lucy told me that I was overdoing it a bit and I assured her that I really thought that and said that she knew full well how beautiful I thought she was and how much I liked her. I don’t know if it was on purpose (I don’t think it was), but she gave me a really cute coy look and asked if I meant it and I told her that I did and leant over to kiss her. I had intended it to be a fairly quick kiss, but when she kissed me back, I changed my mind and pulled closer to her. I had no idea what was likely to happen, but I thought that I knew Lucy well enough that she just wanted some comfort – and this seemed like a good way to help her end her birthday. We ended up with her half lying on top of me and kissed quite passionately for a while. I had her dress hiked up just enough to get my hands onto her ass (well, her panties) and her body felt amazing. I managed to hold back from going any further and it was probably just as well as I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted us to do anything more. After a bit more kissing and me telling her how beautiful she was, we stopped and just sat beside each other for a while.

Lucy asked me if Jen would mind about us making out and I told her that Jen knew I fancied her and she was my ‘free card’ (I omitted the fact that we each have a number of free cards, but that they have to be someone who we would both happily do things with). She said that she felt a bit happier (which was my aim – along with getting a chance to kiss her) and we decided that we should probably head up to get some sleep. When we stood up to go upstairs, I gave Lucy one more kiss and slipped my hands under her skirt again. I cupped her ass fully this time and pushed my tongue into her mouth. We broke the kiss and I told her once more that I really did think she was incredibly beautiful and just how much I had longed to do this with her ever since I’d first met her. Her hands were on my ass (on top of my skirt) and we kissed again. I pushed my fingers up under the legbands – not very far, but enough that I think it counts as me having felt her bare ass.

I’d like to think that if I had tried, I could have got her into bed, but I’m sure that would have been an incredibly bad idea in the long run even it would have been a phenomenally good one in the short term). It took all of my (drunken) self-control to stop my fingers from wandering all the way into her panties and between her legs and I desperately wanted to push my puss against her and hump myself silly. I pulled away again and told her that I needed to go up and see Jen and that she could make use of our super strong vibe again. Now that Lucy has seen me cum (in quite explicit detail), she seems a fair bit more open and said that she would go and enjoy herself properly. I made sure that she drank some water before going to bed and after fetching some for Jen, we headed upstairs together and said goodnight before going into our own rooms. Jen was only half awake, but asked me what I had got up to downstairs. I was (understandably) quite turned on and told her that I would give her the details later, but first I would repay her for being wonderful (and letting me make out with Lucy). Jen woke up fairly quickly when my fingers pushed between her lips and I locked my mouth onto one of her nips.

It was another fairly forceful and passionate session – Jen certainly got the message that something had happened downstairs, but it was only after I had fingered her to orgasm and then ate her until she came a second time. Jen was now properly awake (if a little winded) and as I fished around in the drawer, I told her that I would describe what had happened. I ended up deciding on using the rabbit and applied a small amount of tingle gel to it, before climbing back onto the bed. I sat facing Jen, spread my legs, pushed the vibe into me and turned it on. I told Jen what had happened while enjoying the feeling of the vibe churning up my pussy and stimulating my clit. Jen seemed surprised that I’d got so far with Lucy (or surprised that having got so far, we hadn’t gone further) and as I got closer to cumming, I got her to sit in front of me and hold the vibe in place while I kissed her. I came quite hard and after the vibe had been removed, we curled up together, me behind Jen and talked for a while.

Even though we had talked many times about doing things with other people (Mike doesn’t count in this case), this was the first time that either of us had really done anything with someone else without the other person present (I also don’t count the times when Jen has got me to kiss Jules or have other people play with me). I know that there can be a big difference between the idea of something happening and it actually happening and I wanted to make sure that Jen knew that as much as I had enjoyed kissing Lucy, that she (Jen) was my girlfriend and was the one I loved. Jen assured me that it was fine and that we had agreed to the rules. I asked her if she still liked the idea of having a threesome with Lucy and she told me that she wouldn’t be opposed to it if the chance arose. While we talked, I was teasing Jen’s nipples and had managed to get them nice and hard again. I knew that she was tired, but as an additional ‘thank you’, I described to her how a number of people could do things to her simultaneously – Vicky and Lis sucking her nipples, Lucy between her legs and Mel and Jules taking turns kneeling over her face for her to eat them.

I mixed up the fantasy so Jen had a chance to play with Vicky’s breasts and different people ate her and while describing all this to her, I slowly stroked her pussy. It didn’t take much to convince her that she could cum a third time, but I made sure that it didn’t happen quickly. I kept Jen close to cumming for quite a while and she was panting and moaning while she pushed against my hand and tried to cum. I made my descriptions more and more explicit and described how each girl in the fantasy would take turns playing with different parts of her and then lower their own dripping cunts onto her mouth. I alternated my descriptions with telling her how much I loved her and only let her cum once she had got to the stage of begging for release. As soon as Jen had finished cumming I slid down and pushed my head between her legs so I could kitty kiss her (and taste her – I wasn’t being entirely selfish). I felt incredibly turned on (mostly from the fantasy scene I had been creating for Jen) but decided that as much as I wanted to cum, it would somewhat spoil things if I then asked her to play with me. I considered masturbating but in the end, just curled up behind her again and kissed her neck (and maybe fondled her breasts) while she drifted off to sleep.

All through this, Jen hadn’t noticed that I had left the door ajar – not completely open, but enough that at least a part of my side of the bed was visible from the hallway (and certainly enough to let out the noise that we had been making). I could just see that Lucy’s door was closed and had no idea if she had heard us while playing with herself (or even if she had played with herself or just fallen asleep). I rolled away from Jen and lay with my legs spread, still debating whether I should make myself cum before going to sleep, but decided to just go and pee and then curl up with Jen again for the night.

Jen had a bit of a hangover the next morning, but Lucy and I weren’t too bad. We didn’t get up until quite late and I let Jen stay in bed while I made breakfast for her. Lucy joined me downstairs and I was initially nervous about how things would be between us (okay, so we hadn’t had sex, but it had been a pretty intense make-out session). It was a little awkward at first and I told her I was sorry if I’d gone too far but she said that it was fine and had helped stop her from being upset about Ramona (which wouldn’t have been a good way to remember her 21st). I told her that I had enjoyed the evening (leaving the kissing bit implied) and that I hoped she’d had fun when she went to her room. Lucy blushed a bit when I said this, but told me that she was quite sure that Jen and I had enjoyed ourselves as she had heard us. I wondered what she would have thought if I’d told her about the fantasy situation I’d constructed for Jen that had included Lucy (I had only really been whispering that part so I knew she hadn’t heard it over Jen’s moans).

I tried to stop eyeing her up (Lucy in a nighdress is kind of like Jen in a swimsuit) and asked if she had heard anything from Ramona (I am actually her friend and want her to be happy) and she said that she had texted her but hadn’t heard anything back yet. I told her to be patient and we headed up to Jen’s room with breakfast. Jen had dozed off again but woke up when I pulled the curtains back. She noticed that Lucy was with me and pulled the covers over herself (her bottom half had been covered but her breasts had been exposed) and I told her not to be such a prude (I was naked and had been the whole time downstairs). Jen sat up and Lucy and I sat on the bed to eat. I sat in a cross legged position so I was nicely exposed and we chatted while Jen used coffee and OJ to help clear her hangover.

We let Lucy head down to shower first and I asked Jen if she was ready to do anything yet (it was quite late in the morning and I still hadn’t cum). She said that she was up for doing something gentle so we ended up lying beside each other (top to tail) and rubbing and fingering to get one another off. I couldn’t resist a bit of kitty kissing afterwards, but I didn’t make Jen do anything to me and just gently enjoyed her pussy. Lucy had returned to her room by the time we had finished so we went down to shower. We spent a while washing each other down – I love the feeling of her soapy body under my hands (even when we aren’t doing anything other than washing). Jen felt a bit more refreshed after this and we headed up to get dressed for the day.

I wasn’t surprised when Jen gave me an incredibly short skirt to wear (shorter than usual and not one that I could go outside in). She decided that she liked it though and told me to bend over so that she could service me properly. I did as instructed and bent over the desk in front of the window. Jen pulled out the strap on, stood behind me, pulled my cheeks apart and pushed into me. It had been three weeks since Mike had last fucked me and while I had used vibes, the feeling is somewhat different, but the strap on feels a lot more like the real think. Jen spent a while giving my cunt a good churning and while we were fucking, Lucy’s friend came walking up the street to the house. He couldn’t see us as Jen has a net curtain and the light was off, but we heard him come knock, come in and go into the living room with Lucy. Jen pumped into me even faster and told me to rub my clit. I did as I was told and she pushed into me faster and harder. You don’t get the same sound of skin slapping against skin, so we didn’t make as much sound as we would have if it had been Mike in Jen’s place – I continued to rub my clit and quietly moaned as I got closer to cumming (Jen’s door was wide open so I didn’t know how well any noise would travel downstairs).

I was quite close to cumming when Jen pulled out of me, told me to stop touching myself and pulled a pair of panties out of the drawer (fairly heavily patterned lace ones). I had to put them on and head downstairs while Jen put her skirt on. I hadn’t been right on the brink of cumming, but I had been pretty close and really wanted to finish things off. I went and joined Lucy and her friend (who seemed quite happy to see me). I hadn’t checked in the mirror what my outfit looked like, but I knew that the dress barely covered my panties when I was standing up so I also knew that when I sat down they would be properly visible. I had heard on the way down that he knew about the situation with Ramona and had come over to check that Lucy was okay. I think that my panties had somewhat distracted him though as the conversation sort of tailed off. Jen joined us and we chatted for a while. Jen’s hand made it onto my thigh and she gently pulled on it so my legs parted slightly. He was trying to get Lucy to go out for lunch with him, but she said that she wanted to stay in so after a bit longer, he headed off (but he did check when I was coming back).

When he had gone, I had a chance to look at my outfit and was surprised to see that the panties were a bit more revealing than I had thought. I knew that he had a view straight up to my crotch but on closer examination, I realised that he would have easily been able to make out the little patch of dark hair on my mons (but probably nothing more). I was rather surprised that there wasn’t a wet patch on my panties as I was still quite horny from Jen’s interrupted fucking and had been enjoying my little display. Jen seemed to read my mind and her fingers went straight to my panties and pushed the material between my lips. She alternated between rubbing my clit (through the panties) and pushing the crotch right into my cunt. Jen had been doing this to me while Lucy and friend had been at the front door saying goodbye and if he had peered in the front window, he would have seen what was happening (but he didn’t). Lucy did though when she returned and just shook her head in dismay. I tried to point out that it wasn’t really my fault, but I think my argument was somewhat weakened by me sliding down on the sofa and spreading my legs to allow Jen better access.

Jen started talking to Lucy about random things, but didn’t stop her assault on my pussy. I was already getting close to cumming and had no idea if Jen would leave me hanging again or get me off, so I just enjoyed what she was doing and ignored everything else. She wasn’t mean this time though and concentrated on rubbing my clit (still through the panties – which now felt rather damp). I let out a series of ‘oh fuck’s and kept telling her I was going to cum and then pushed myself forwards against her fingers when my orgasm hit. It was definitely an ‘unnnggghhhh’ kind of orgasm (which I said fairly loudly) and then panted through the remainder of it. When I had finished, Jen pushed her fingers under the crotch and into my pussy before withdrawing them and pushing them into my mouth so I could taste myself. I was aware that Lucy was still watching me but I was encouraged by our session the previous night and wanted to continue to desensitise her to these sort of things in the hope that I would get to see her cum (or get to make her cum).

It wasn’t long before we had to head off to the airport so we had something to eat and then went up to change into something more suitable for travelling. Jen asked me to leave my panties so that she could sleep with them beside her and I told her that it was only fair I got a pair of hers in return. I removed my panties and Jen pushed them most of the way into my pussy. They remained there while she sat on the bed and I knelt in front of her to eat her. I didn’t lick inside her at all and just concentrated on her clit. When she had cum, I pushed a pair of her panties into her and left them there for a couple of minutes while she pulled my pair out of me. They were quite wet and in anticipation of the pair from Jen, I went to get a bag to put them in. When I returned, Jen pulled them out and bagged them for me and I put on one of my usual skirts.

We headed to the airport and had our customary goodbye fondle (under long coats). I got frisked at security but not too high up under my skirt. The flight was quiet enough that I managed to have a little play with myself, but not for long enough to actually cum. I made up for this when I got home though – I called Mike and told him about the weekend while kneeling on the bed playing with myself and getting Jen’s scent of her panties. Mike enjoyed hearing about it all as well and said that he came a fair amount to the image of Pavlina and I kissing and rolling around. I promised him that he would get to meet Lucy someday and he said that there were already plans for that (but didn’t tell me what they were).

Monday, 18 July 2011

Lucy's 21st - Part 1

Thursday will be my last post in person for a while (I'll schedule some to post in my absence), so I probably won't be replying to any comments but will answer them all when I get back in August. Thank you to everyone who has wished us well, I think I can assure you that we're not likely to calm down much once we're married so hopefully this blog will continue for a while (apart from the fact that I've got another 5 months of posts until I get to the present day).


The following week (start of March), I was meant to be going to visit Jen, but I wasn’t feeling to good, so had to call off the trip. Unfortunately, Mike had already arranged to do something else, so he couldn’t come up to visit me either, which meant that I had nobody to take care of me (in either sense). To be fair, I really wasn’t feeling up to doing much and spent quite a bit of the weekend sleeping, but I at least felt quite a bit better by Sunday night.

This was the first time in quite a while that I had (or would have) spent two weeks by myself without either Mike or Jen to play with and as I started to feel better, the realisation that I had another 5 days to go until I would see Jen didn’t feel good and I realised how they must feel (only seeing me every other week). I know that they both play with themselves when I’m not there (as do I), but as much as I love feeling my fingers sliding over my slippery pussy lips and rubbing the hard little nub of my clit, it just doesn’t compare to having someone else do things to me (and being able to do things to them of course).

I managed to get through the week by a slightly more intense regime of masturbation than usual and I took a few more chances with short skirts while on the train than I usually do. By leaving work a bit later than usual, I knew that the train would be quieter – this gave me the opportunity to find a location where only one person would see me and display myself while pretending to be engrossed in a book. I folded one leg under me and lifted the other up slightly so I could rest the book on my knee – while wearing a short skirt, this gives a clear view up to my pussy and I would sit and fantasise about openly masturbating for the person (of course I didn’t actually masturbate). Well, not until I got home anyway at which point I would strip and fuck myself with one of the vibes.

I only did things like this for the first half of the week. On Thursday and Friday, I restrained myself (although I allowed myself to fantasize), so that by the time I headed off to see Jen, I was desperate to cum. I dressed in my usual way to get the plane down, but for some reason I didn’t set of the detector so I didn’t get frisked. I managed to have a gentle play with myself on the plane (the person next to me had dozed off – and I had my jacket over my lap hiding what I was doing). Even if I hadn’t been saving myself, I doubt I could have actually cum (without someone noticing), but the gentle stroking was enough to keep me very aroused and ready for Jen. She met me at the airport and we had a quick hello smooch, but it’s much more difficult to do anything more there without someone noticing, so we headed back to Jen’s place. I didn’t manage to entirely behave on the way back and pushed her hand under my skirt – she got her fingers into me for a little while before we had to separate and we decided to wait until we were home before we resumed our session.

When we arrived, we had the place to ourselves but this time, instead of stripping off in the living room, we headed upstairs (Lucy had told everyone about our clothes being scattered over the room – not that this really bothered me as they’ve seen me naked and have a number of orgasms). We got up to Jen’s room and quickly stripped. I told Jen that she was going to have her work cut out to satisfy me but she assured me that she was up to the job. We didn’t even get completely naked before we fell onto the bed and started humping and grinding against each other. I wanted our first session to be just the two of us (no toys) and we used a number of positions. We avoided 69ing so we could kiss each other and ended up cumming while grinding against each other’s thighs.

My first orgasm felt good (after two days of not cumming – which is quite a long time for me), but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to satisfy my lust. Fortunately she was ready to spend a while in bed with me (which was the reason we hadn’t headed out to meet up with people). I was ready for some oral sex now and told her to get on top of me. She did this and I pulled her pussy to my face and got stuck in. She pushed her face between my legs, pulled my lips apart and started work on me and we hungrily slurped away at each other. I was sufficiently horny that I really went for it and licked around her cunt and ass, pushed my tongue deep into her cunt and flicked her clit as fast as I could. Jen was doing a pretty good job on me and I was enjoying the feeling of her long tongue inside me, but in the end I asked her to concentrate on my clit so I could cum again. She did as I asked and I used my legs to keep her head in place against my pussy. I was a bit selfish and held back from making her cum so that I didn’t interrupt what she was doing to me, but as soon as I got close, I resumed licking at full speed. I came first, but my moaning seemed to spur her along and she came not too long after me (I had actually finished cumming, but Jen was still licking me).

We were nice and messy now and Jen’s perfect hair was no longer as straight as it had been when she met me at the airport, but neither of us really cared. She moved round and we resumed our kissing. I knew that I still wanted more action, but Jen needed a break so I just rubbed against one of her legs while we kissed and enjoyed the feeling of the area getting wetter and wetter as I lubricated her. I spent a little while kissing her nipples until they were nice and hard and then started to gently stroke her pussy at the same time. She had been holding my head against her breasts for a while, but once I felt her starting to push back against my fingers I knew that she was ready for more and I pulled away and told her that she could relax and I would take care of everything.

I felt like doing something more strenuous this time handed Jen one of the vibes before I pulled her legs apart so I could get between them – pussy to pussy – in the good old scissor position. I humped against her and there were a few nice squelching noises (it’s wonderful how Jen can get so wet). Jen used the vibe on her nipples until I pointed out that it was meant to be pushed between us so we could get some decent clit stimulation. She slid the vibe down her pussy, so it was nestled between her lips and vibrating against her clit. Because I was the one doing the moving, I didn’t get quite as much benefit from it, but when I pushed against it, it felt good – and watching Jen get excited is always a sure way to help me towards my own orgasm. Despite being told to lie back and enjoy it, Jen pushed back against me in time with my thrusts (mostly) and as we got closer to cumming, I encouraged her to make lots of noise (as I was doing). Jen came first again (but she had the vibe helping her) and I pumped against her through her orgasm and when she dropped the vibe, I picked it up and pressed it against my clit. Our pussies and things were now coated with our juices (probably mostly Jen’s to be honest) and it slipped out of my hand a couple of times (you try holding a vibe in one hand while using the other to help balance and humping someone).

I could feel my orgasm building slowly and so I moved as fast as I could against Jen. After what seemed lick an age of humping and moaning, I knew I was about to cum. I had been describing to Jen exactly what I was feeling and she had resumed pressing back against me when her orgasm had passed. As I started to cum, I pushed the vibe away and used my fingers to rapidly rub my clit, feeling my hand getting covered in the juices. I lay back on the bed and stroked and strummed my clit while trying to push up against Jen so I could be touching her at the same time. Our legs were still entwined and I ended up on my side so I could fully press against her pussy and stayed like that for a while after I had pulled my hand away. I felt a lot more satisfied now and when I finally climbed back up to be beside Jen, I made a show of licking my fingers clean before kissing her and pulling her tight against me.

Jen seemed exhausted so I told her that I wanted another round and started to grind against her. She told me to stop taunting her and I admitted that I was in no state to repeat what we’d just done (I’m fairly sure that with a bit of a rest, I could have managed to cum again). We spent a while longer kissing gently and drifted off to sleep together. I slept much better than I had for the previous week and finally had got rid of the nagging desire to cum that had been with me (as I said before, doing things by myself just isn’t the same).

I woke up feeling quite refreshed and woke Jen as I had thought of something I wanted to try. It was Lucy’s 21st birthday and we had bought her a dress that she had been admiring and I decided that it would be a good idea for Jen to try it on and for me to make her cum while wearing it. Jen had already wrapped it, but we carefully cut the sellotape and got the dress out. Jen slipped it on – it wasn’t quite the right size for her, but it fitted well enough for what we had in mind. I got Jen to lie over me and we had a simple 69 session (it has a loose enough skirt that I could push up far enough to have easy access to Jen’s pussy. We made each other cum (I might have been fantasising that it was Lucy on top of me, which helped speed things along) and Jen removed the dress and we carefully folded it back into the wrapping paper and resealed it. We hadn’t heard Jen come back, but a quick peek allowed us to see that her coat was at the bottom of the stairs, so we snuck down quietly.

After quickly freshening up, we set about making breakfast in bed for Lucy. Once this was prepared, Jen loaded up a tray and I was tasked with carrying it upstairs while she took a smaller tray with the coffee. We knocked on the door and told her that we had breakfast and presents and then entered. I only had the little apron on (Jen had her dressing gown) so was fairly exposed, but Lucy has seen enough of me naked before so it wasn’t anything new. Lucy was a little groggy – she had been out late but hadn’t drunk much so she didn’t have a hangover. I presented breakfast to her and then went to fetch our present while she rearranged her pillows to sit up and eat. By the time I returned, she was upright and I handed her the present. She unwrapped it and was delighted with the dress. She said that she would wear it that night for her party and it would be perfect for her plans. It was obvious that she wanted to tell us what her plans were so we asked and she said that she was going to ask the little Spanish girl if she wanted to date.

Now things haven’t gone incredibly smoothly between them – they occasionally make out, but haven’t gone very far and Lucy has been very confused as to exactly what Ramona wants. It’s not like the initial situation between Lis and Vicky, where Vicky wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be with a girl – Ramona is definitely gay – but it reminded me of the whole ‘will they, won’t they’ situation. Lucy blurted out that the previous night, she had gone back to Ramona’s place after they had left the club and had spent a long time kissing and fondling each other. They hadn’t got completely naked, but had spent a while with hands under tops and under skirts. I wasn’t going to be happy with just little bits of information so asked exactly how far they had gone and Lucy admitted that they had fingers in each other’s panties and had a good feel of pussies. I couldn’t believe that they had gone that far and not cum – even with a normal sex drive that would be incredibly frustrating.

I had an idea and dashed back into Jen’s room. I returned with our strong plug-in vibe and offered it to Lucy. I offered it to her and told her that as it was her birthday, she should really enjoy herself all day. She was well aware of how impressed we were with this vibrator and I told her that Jen and I would go elsewhere and occupy ourselves so that we didn’t overhear anything that happened and she should recall what she had got up to with Ramona and let her imagination go wherever it wanted. Lucy seemed to like this idea and agreed to it much more readily than I had anticipated (I had started to prepare a whole speech about how it was healthy to masturbate and fantasise about things...). We left her to it and i heard the plug being pushed into the socket a minute or so later. Jen and I went downstairs to shower and get ready for the day and ended up having a play with toothbrushes on clits. We finished off with the pulse shower spray and took turns to bring each other off. After finishing up in the shower, we headed upstairs to get dressed and it sounded like Lucy had already finished, but we didn’t disturb her just in case.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Dinner with Lesbians - Part 2

It's my last weekend with Jen as a single woman (me that is, not her) and I'm visiting her at her home (currently waiting for my flight). It would have been quite nice to have been at her Uni with all her friends (or our friends now), but term is over and most of them have left for the summer, but I'm sure we'll make do. Unfortunately it's raining there at the minute, but hopefully we'll get some good weather over the weekend and can go out into the fields again...

Back to the end of Feb now...


We made it to the club, queued and went in. Lis, Vicky and Mike all had another couple of drinks – I only had one more (which was still enough to keep me feeling slightly drunk). We chatted (shouted) and danced and later in the evening when I was dancing with Lis, we noticed that Mike and Vicky were dancing quite closely. Lis told me that Vicky quite likes Mike and they get on really well (which I knew) and I told her that if that was the case, I could always offer Mike to Vicky for a night in return for a night with her (Lis). While the words were coming out of my mouth, I wondered if it was wise to say it, but I figured that Lis must have figured out that it wasn’t only Jen who would relish the opportunity to get her naked and explore her body. Lis didn’t seem to mind my comment and we continued to dance while she told me that she wasn’t sure if Vicky really liked him in ‘that’ way – she just enjoyed flirting with him. I thought that I may as well finish off properly so I told her that was a pity and held on to her a bit tighter. I really wanted to press up against her leg, but I knew that would have been going a bit too far and when the song ended, we all headed back to the bar to get some water and rehydrate.

Mike wanted to dance with Lis (he quite fancies her as well – but given all the stories I’ve told him about her, I’m not surprised) and so Vicky and I ended up going back out to dance together. I don’t really know Vicky as well as Lis (which is odd as I’ve known her for longer, but Lis and I have become fairly close since she came out to me and we spent ages discussing her attraction to Holly). Vicky is a pretty good dancer though (much better than me – she actually goes to lessons) and she knows how to move in an incredibly sexy way. We rubbed against each other as we danced (not in a sexual way – well, it was sexual, but only in the way latin dancing is meant to look sexy) and I imagined Vicky dancing naked with Lis (I know they’ve done this a few times). I did my best to keep up with her and sort of semi-rubbed against her. A couple of times I actually managed to rub my pussy on her skirt which felt really nice, but was only brief rubs, so not enough to be properly exciting.

We headed off to one of the quieter areas to rest and chat a bit more and I found out that people had been discussing another summer holiday. I proposed we got the gang together the next day (or at least those people who were still in York) and try to get something organised. I was beginning to flag a little and decided to call it a night. Vicky wanted to stay out and dance some more, so we said goodbye and Mike and I headed home. On the way back we sent out an invite for brunch and then concentrated on getting home so we could finish off the night properly.

Mike did his usual trick of half undressing me while I was unlocking the front door and had his jeans open within seconds of being indoors. He pushed into me from behind and pulled my top off over my head before undoing my bra. I told him that I needed to pee and he said to wait a minute while he removed his top and kicked his jeans and boxers off. We fucked with me leaning against the wall while he cupped my breasts and pulled on my nipples. He had moved on to rubbing my clit (which felt really good) when I had to stop in order to go and pee. Mike followed me upstairs, fingering me the whole way. When we reached the bathroom, he told me to wait a second and dashed into the bedroom to fetch one of my eggs. He said that he wanted to try something I do with Jen and instead of letting me go to the toilet, we stepped into the shower.

I found a comfortable position and presented myself to him again and he slipped back inside me. The egg was applied to my clit and the fucking resumed. I needed to pee quite badly, but I wasn’t quite at the point of bursting, so I managed to hold on until the egg really started to have an effect (at which point I was somewhat distracted. Mike continued to slide into me and asked me to contract my pussy around his cock. I tried to do this, but found that it was somewhat difficult and reminded me of the growing desire to pee. Fortunately I was getting close to cumming and knew that I only had to hold on for a short while. I asked Mike if he really wanted me to go for it and he told me to give it everything I had, just as my orgasm started. I let go and felt my pee flow out in time with my orgasm (at least it felt that way). I’ve learned enough from Jen to know how to enjoy this properly and I’ll admit that it did feel good.

Mike continued to pump his cock into me and he still had the egg held against my clit. I could feel my pee running down my legs and splashing back off Mike onto me but didn’t care and just went with it. He was moving much faster in me now and as my orgasm ended, I eased back on the amount I was peeing. He came fairly soon after and pulled out of my pussy as soon as he started to cum. He had managed one squirt in me which I felt run out almost straight away and the rest of his cum landed on my lower back, ass and pussy as he jerked himself off. I waited until he had finished cumming and asked him why he hadn’t cum inside me and he described the view he had of my legs soaked in my urine and his cum running out of me and splattered over my back and said that it was an incredibly hot view, knowing that I had been horny enough to want to do things and end up looking like that.

I reached around and rubbed his cum into my ass and pussy and then knelt to suck him clean. We had a quick shower (only of our lower halves) and dried off before heading in to bed. Mike seemed to have quite enjoyed our wet fuck, but assured me that he didn’t have any plans to really get into watersports the way Jen is. I wasn’t quite finished for the night and help to coax him back to attention by describing how Jen might be willing to let him rub up against her and pee over her while she came until he reminded me that it isn’t really possible to pee with an erection and he doubted that he could keep his cock down while humping Jen.

I was grinding my ass against his cock and told him that maybe he could just fuck me while I crouched over Jen and peed on her while she masturbated. Then when he pulled out, his cum could drip over her and as soon as he went soft, he could then add his own pee. He liked this idea and slipped inside me. I told him that I wanted him to cum in me this time and he agreed, but reached over and rummaged in the drawer. I pointed out that I still had the egg but he said that he was looking for something else. I trust him, so waited while he found what he was looking for (and he was still inside me, so I was able to amuse myself by squeezing around him). He adjusted his position and I felt something press against my ass. I thought at first it was his thumb, but as it slid into me, I realised it was one of our anal vibes (Mike can’t make his thumb vibrate).

With the vibe a good way inside me, he moved back to spooning me and started to move in and out of my cunt. The vibe slowly slid out of me, but whenever it got far enough, Mike’s body would bump it back into me. This had the effect of being fucked at two different rates – fast in my pussy and slower in my ass. I held the egg against my clit and Mike played with my breasts while we kissed and I enjoyed feeling so many parts of my body being stimulated. As you would expect, it wasn’t long before I could feel my orgasm building and between kisses, I moaned ot Mike that I was getting close. He told me to cum as much as I could that he would keep fucking me until I came a second time. I wasn’t sure if I could manage this, but I was sufficiently aroused that I wasn’t that concerned so just agreed to try.

We stopped kissing when I started to cum and Mike moved his hand up from my breasts to my neck and half cupped, half stroked it while encouraging me to be louder. All through my orgasm, he kept telling me to cum for him and to feel his cock working away in my cunt. My orgasm tailed off but I kept the egg in place. It didn’t feel as intense as I had feared and we kissed again, but Mike kept a hold of my neck this time. It felt like he was pushing the anal vibe deeper into me and I told him that I didn’t think my second orgasm was far off. He told me to hold on for just a little while and between kisses, his breathing was much more ragged. He told me he was getting closer and I told him that I was just about to cum anyway. I concentrated on holding back, and told him to fill me with his cum. He moaned in my ear that he was just about to cum and I relaxed and let my own orgasm start.

We moaned and swore together, me begging for his cum and him telling me how hot and wet my cunt felt. When he pushed tight against me, the anal vibe was pushed even deeper into me and he said that he could feel it vibrating against his cock. I stretched my head back to let him rub my neck and pushed the egg hard against my clit. It was the best simultaneous orgasm we’ve had for a while and I think we came at almost exactly the same time. Mike finished cumming first, but stayed pressed deep inside me, flexing his cock, until my orgasm passed.

We were both a bit sweaty by the time we had finished and Mike stayed inside me (he was still enjoying the feeling of the vibe) and we kissed until he finally went soft (this took a while due to the kissing and me squeezing his cock with my pussy). He did eventually slide out of me though and his cum started to dribble out over my ass. There wasn’t as much this time, but enough to leave a wet patch (I don’t mind this though). Mike fingered me for a little while and in return, I stroked his cock (not enough to bring it back to life). We eventually fell asleep with me curled up against him and one leg over his so my pussy was pressed against his thigh.

The following morning, I was woken by him going down on me (he’d made it down between my legs before I woke up). I asked how much of a mess I was from the night before and he just said that he was taking care of it. He licked all around my pussy, spread my lips and licked inside me, then worked on my clit until I was very aroused. He then climbed up my body and pushed his cock into me. If I’d been in any doubt about how well he had been eating me, the fact that his face was glistening with my juices was evidence of how well he had been doing. I tasted myself (as well as a bit of his cum) as we kissed and we finished things off with the traditional missionary position (maybe with just a little bit of clit rubbing to help things along). I wrapped my legs around Mike and helped to pull him deeper into me as he came. I kept him held inside me and tried to coax him into a second go, but he needed a break so we headed down to have a light breakfast before we got ready to head out.

I gave Jen a call while we sat downstairs. I sat at the dining table with my legs spread wide and described to her how Mike’s cum was slowly dripping out of my cunt and pooling on the chair. It didn’t take too much convincing to get her to have a play with herself and I joined in with her. I had her on speakerphone so Mike could listen in as well and by about halfway through, he decided that he might be able to manage a second round after all and ended up taking me from behind while I leaned over the table, moaning into the phone. Jen could hear us fucking and she put on a fairly good show for us (even though it was only audio). Mike rubbed my clit while fucking me and I came before he did, but let him continue to fuck me until he emptied his second load of the day into me. I had been encouraging Jen to hold back from cumming and we listened together while she finished off and came loudly enough that we wondered if Lucy had heard, but Jen didn’t seem to mind and just said that she would blame me.

Mike pulled out of me (still hard) and while his cum dripped down my legs, I told Jen about the holiday idea. I assured her that it wouldn’t be too expensive and she said that she would obviously want to come. I told her that I would make sure that she came as much as she wanted and that I needed to go get cleaned up as I now had boy-cum the whole way down my legs. Jen gave Mike a final tease by telling him that if she was there, she would lick me clean in front of him (which got a good twitch out of his cock). We headed up to the shower and cleaned up. Mike ended up hard again, but he didn’t think he was ready for another cum just yet. He thoroughly rinsed my pussy out and used the pulse spray on it for a little while before we got out and dried off. I continued to tease him while getting ready and he was certainly hard, but still not ready to do anything. In the end, he pushed me down onto the bed and said if I wanted to cum again so much, he would be happy to help. I ended up with two fingers in my pussy, one in my ass and his tongue on my clit. I pulled my legs wide apart and he fucked and licked me until I came.

His cock was still hard and I convinced him to sit on the edge of the bed while I sucked, wanked and tit-fucked him. He finally came while I was wanking him and flicking the head with my tongue. He didn’t produce much cum (but it was his third ejaculation of the morning). The little that did cum out went over my face or into my mouth and I wrapped my tongue around his cock and gently sucked him clean. Mike complained that his balls ached a bit and I felt a little bad that I had sort of forced him to do things, but it wasn’t as if I’d tied him down and repeatedly fucked him until he was dry or anything...

I left him to recover while I finished getting ready and packed up my things. He lay on the bed and I decided to push my luck just a bit further and get some revenge for the times he and Jen have forced me to do things and I climbed onto the bed and plonked myself down on his face. I only had a short skirt on so he had full access to my pussy and as he ate me, I watched his cock get hard again. I hadn’t intended to cum, but once he had started, it felt quite nice, so I allowed him to get me off one last time before it was time for us to head out (once he had washed his face).

We met up with people at the cafe and over brunch, we discussed various locations that we could go on holiday. Via the wonders of iPhones, we found a couple of cheat last minute deals and decided that as we had left it so late, we would take a chance, pick a week (or a couple of days) and try to pick up a cheap deal closer to the date. Mike managed to find an opportunity to quietly tell Vicky that I had cum four times that day already (which she seemed genuinely impressed by). We hung around town for a bit afterwards and went round the shops with a couple of people before it was time for me to head to the station. The weather was still quite cold and I had a long(ish) coat on, so Mike managed to get a good grope of my ass in while we kissed goodbye and even spent a little while giving my clit a rub while people walked past us.

If we’d got to the station a bit earlier, I think he could have made me cum, but I had to get on the train so I was left in a state of arousal. Unfortunately, the train was too busy for me to have any chance of finishing things off myself, so I contented myself by dozing and dreaming about all the things we could get up to on holiday. I already had quite a few plans and we’ve made some more since then. If we manage to do even half of them, it will be great fun.