Sunday, 3 July 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 10

I should be back in the country by now, but I don't know if I'll be awake enough to write a sensible opening comment so I'll queue this entry up as well. If I've got any comments, I'll reply to them tomorrow (probably).


On the Wednesday morning, Jen woke me up. Instead of going down on me though, I was woken by her crouching over me and rubbing her pussy over me. I helped her along by holding my breasts in place and allowing her to hump against my nips. She then proceeded to rub herself over most of my body (or my front anyway) until I felt somewhat sticky with her juices before flipping round and planting her face between my legs. Given that her pussy was just in front of my face it would have been rude to not accept the invitation, so I pulled her to me and we lapped away at each other. Jen was obviously more turned on than I was (she had been having an interesting dream) and I made sure that I gave her pussy a thorough going over with both my tongue and fingers.

She was doing a pretty through job on me and I wrapped my legs around her head to make sure she didn’t pull away. I tried to hold back, but I was also making sure I was taking my time with her so I ended up losing and cumming first (not the worst way possible to lose). She continued to work gently on me after I’d cum, but as she got closer to cumming, her gentle licking, became a bit more frenzied and she got me a good way towards cumming a second time before her orgasm ended.

I wasn’t rewarded with a second cum though (I *had* lost) and Jen rubbed against me a bit more before we headed down for breakfast. I had to go downstairs naked and Lucy was already in the kitchen. She had her breakfast already made, so I was told to put on the little apron and prepare Jen’s and my own. Jen gave my ass a couple of slaps while I did this – nothing too hard, but enough to apparently make it slightly pink. We sat down to eat breakfast and Jen got me to rub my pussy (hidden by the table) and lick my fingers clean – repeatedly. I wondered what Lucy thought of this and ended up asking her if she ever tasted herself in the same way and she admitted that she did. Jen said that because I was such a cum slut, I should make myself cum before I went to shower (where I would have to cum again). I asked Lucy if she minded and she just said that she was used to it by now and expected nothing less. I spread my legs and rubbed my clit, aware that both of them were closely watching me. I came and let out a series of little ‘oh, oh, oh’s and was then immediately sent to the shower to use the pulse setting to cum again.

It was really a bit too soon for me to actually enjoy it, but I used the rapid pulse setting and borrowed Lucy’s hairbrush and soon managed to get into it enough to cum. With that out of the way, I washed myself clean and did my hair before rejoining the others in the kitchen (with my customary too-short-to-cover-me towel which I ended up removing to use on my hair. I returned to the shower to help wash Jen (she likes me doing her hair) and I waited around while she got some work done (I actually ended up doing a bit of my own work).

Just before lunch, I was told that Lucy’s male admirer was coming round again and that I should get dressed (in)appropriately. I was given a miniskirt to wear (which I later found out had been borrowed) and a pair of Jen’s thong panties. I wasn’t allowed a bra, but wore a slightly less see-through top than during his previous visit. I pointed out that the push-up bra that allowed my nipples to show would have been better, but that was still at home so wasn’t available. We heard him arrive and left him and Lucy to have a chat for a while – passing the time in the usual way (or at least *one* one of the usual ways, by fingering each other). I was allowed to make Jen cum, but I was denied cumming (and I assumed this was to make me more willing to be teased when we finally ventured downstairs).

Lucy called up to us and said that the food was ready and we headed down. We sat at the table while we ate and Jen sat opposite me which allowed her to run her foot up my leg and rub her toes against my (or her) panties. This is nowhere near as effective as it is in movies (I didn’t end up cumming), but still felt quite naughty and was enough to keep me both aroused and nice and moist.

After lunch, we had a little time to kill before Jen’s lecture started so we all moved into the living room and sat and chatted. I assumed my usual position of sitting on the sofa with my legs half folded under me and leant against Jen and I knew that in the skirt I had on, this would give a reasonable view of my panties. While we talked, Jen gently stroked my neck and then let her hand drop to my breasts and she gently stroked one of my nipples. She wasn’t doing anything too overt, but the motion felt nice and I could feel my nips harden and my pussy tingling slightly. We kept this up during the conversation and by the time we had to leave, she was stroking and pinching my nips a lot more (still through my top).

He wandered with us part of the way to the lecture but left to head home. Once he had left us, we discussed his reaction to our little game and we had all noticed that he had been trying to cover his lap and stop his erection from being too visible. I thought that Lucy might be being a bit mean by teasing him like this (or getting me to tease him), but she saw it more as rewarding him for being a good friend.

I still had the same outfit on (with a coat over it) and my task for the day was described to me. Before we went in, I was handed a notepad so I could pretend to be taking notes – this time, we selected a bench near the back that had one other person sitting on it. Jen and Lucy sat at the far end to him and I moved down so I was a lot closer to him. I pretended to write notes for a while and then adjusted how I was sitting and folded the leg closest to him up underneath me. I used my left hand to stroke up and down my thigh, slowly pushing my skirt up (not that there was much ‘up’ for it to go) until my panties were visible. I was assiduously not looking in his direction so I had no idea if I was being watched, but slipped my fingers under the material of my panties and started to rub myself. I did this for a while before daring to briefly glance over and I was pleased to see that he was indeed looking over towards me (but he looked away when he saw me looking).

I pretended to not notice he was watching and adjusted my position again so I could slip my panties off and left them on the seat. I spread my legs and rubbed my pussy properly, then lifted a leg up and laid it on the bench so I was slightly facing towards him. It was now quite obvious that I was trying to show off but when I glanced at him the first time, he looked away again. It was only when he looked back and I indicated with a little nod, that he looked a bit more. I kept rubbing away at my pussy and pushed a couple of fingers in to myself. Unfortunately, I was using my left hand and because I was sitting much more centrally than the previous times, I thought it would be a good idea to pretend to keep taking notes in case the lecturer noticed (so I couldn’t use my right hand).

Not that having to go southpaw was going to stop me cumming – it just meant that it took a little longer. I fingered myself until I came and then pumped my fingers into myself before licking them clean. I had an idea and used Jen’s panties to wipe my pussy clean and then pushed them partway into me. I left them inside me for a couple of minutes before pulling them out and I remained with my skirt pulled up for the rest of the lecture (but I had to put my leg down from the bench as I was getting pins and needles). When the lecture ended, I quickly moved down to the end of the row where he was sitting and when he stood up to let me past, I pushed the panties into his hand and told them he could keep them if he wanted. Instead of letting him move out to the aisle to let me out, I pushed past him, face to face, and made sure that my breasts and crotch brushed quite firmly against him. I then left the room and waited outside for Jen and Lucy.

Once we met up, we quickly left (so he couldn’t figure out I was with them). I then found out that this was more ‘payment’ from Lucy – the guy had been helpful to her a while ago but was a bit of a geek and she thought he didn’t have many friends. They had seen a little of what I had done, but because I’d been partially facing away from them (and a fair distance away), I had to describe in full what had happened. I apologised for having given away Jen’s panties (but I don’t like her wearing panties anyway) and she said that it was fine but I’d have to pay for them somehow.

We went for a coffee and decided that as it was my last night there (for the visit) that we should get everyone together and have a party (students don’t really need much of an excuse). Jen and Lucy called people and on the way home we picked up some provisions. We flaked out for the rest of the afternoon and on waking, Jen and I had a gentle session with the double dildo. We had it buried between us, but didn’t do any manic humping, it was mostly just grinding gently against each other alternating with kissing. Jen decided that neither of us should cum, so we both ended up feeling horny.


  1. Dear Andi,

    I can't recall: is this the first time that You masturbated openly in front of Lucy?

    And You do realize, don't You, that Jen and Lucy pimped You twice in one day?

    I'm more than a little tempted to call You a very rude name, but I'm not sure how You'd take it!


    PS In what way may I help Lucy? Payment to be on what are now the usual terms!

  2. Well she has seen me play with myself before, but not with a good view (I think). But she only had a side view in the lecture and she had seen me in the previous lecture as well from closer up.

    I know that I was pimped out twice - it's not the last time it happens either...