Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another week with Jen - Part 11

The problem with holidays is catching up on things afterwards - I'm now more tired than before I left! It was a good week though and will make for some good entries in time. Jen got shown off quiet well to the group (not in quite the same way I get shown off to her friends though). I'm heading back to York for the end of year sex party this weekend - it was meant to be last weekend, but we've obviously been accepted by the rest of the group as they decided to postpone it when they found out we would miss it. It seems like hardly any time since the last one, but I'm not complaining (as long as I can get some rest beforehand so I have the energy to do things).


We had a quick dinner and freshened up before people arrived. I was given a new outfit to wear (one of my schoolgirl ones, complete with white socks) and had to put my hair up in bunches. This felt a little odd as I was almost the oldest person there (and I think I’m getting a bit old for the schoolgirl thing when in public), but I assumed I was going to be played with (and wanted to cum) so I didn’t really mind. People arrived and it turned into a fairly drunken affair. I even had two beers, so I wasn’t quite sticking to my aim of really cutting back, but I wasn’t exactly going mad – having said that though, having been used to only having a single drink a night meant that I was feeling a little tipsy.

One of the guys suggested that we play strip poker (I should point out that this was one of the bi guys – so he gets to win no matter who ends up being undressed). Enough people thought this was a good idea that the remaining holdouts were bullied into agreeing and we moved things out of the way so we could sit down in a big circle on the floor. It transpires that one of the guys was actually quite good at poker, but when this was realised, people ganged up on him and he soon started to lose his clothes. People were still drinking so nobody objected when then had to remove any clothing and a number of people were soon topless. The first one naked was one of the gay guys and he was forced to remain sitting where he was while we continued to play. He actually had a pretty impressive looking cock (not as big as giant-cock guy from the sex parties) and this was helped by the fact that his boyfriend kept brushing it with his hand so it stayed erect.

A couple of girls (me included) ended up in just our panties and when the other girl had to strip off, she moved up onto the sofa with her girlfriend to fool around. Of course, we watched what was happening (which somewhat slowed the game down), but they didn’t do much more than kiss and suck on each other’s nipples (I was hoping to see some proper fingering or oral sex). They eventually got dressed again and the game soft of petered out, but Mel forced Jules to remove her panties and dance naked with her (Mel wasn’t naked, just topless).

Jen thought this looked like a good idea and as we danced, her hands pushed their way into my panties and slowly worked them down over my ass. Her fingers traced over my ass and dipped between my legs, gently running over my pussy and my panties finally made it far enough down that they were free and slid down my legs I stepped out of them and continued to dance with Jen. I wondered if she was going to make me cum while naked and every time her hands moved to my pussy, I open my legs to allow her access, but other than stroking my lips, not much happened. I was definitely the least drunk person in the room and thought that I should take advantage of the situation a bit by humping against Jen as we danced. She caught on to what I was doing though and I was sent upstairs to put on the strap on (which we hadn’t really used much during my visit).

I cheated a little bit and added some tingle gel to the internal dildo and my clit and by the time I’d got the harness tightly fastened, I could feel it starting to work. I returned to the party and resumed dancing with Jen, pushing the dildo up against her and trying to slide it between her legs (which ironically would have been easier if she’d been wearing jeans). I was passed around and danced with a few other people – a couple of the gay guys seemed to quite enjoy having the dildo bumping up and rubbing against their crotches and even tried to fondle me (or at least the dildo).

This led Jen to suggest that we have a competition to see who could jerk me off in the best way. Of course, the people who did it ‘best’ weren’t the ones who gave me the most enjoyment (as I’ve said before, it needs a quite different movement from normal wanking to transfer the feeling to my pussy). I was quite impressed at how good some people were at jerking me off though and I’m quite sure that id I’d been a guy I would have easily cum. I was particularly impressed with how the gay men did it – but thinking about it I suppose that makes sense – they get twice the practice of anyone else – doing themselves and doing whoever they are with.

The next phase was for Jen to teach them how to move the dildo so that I did get to feel something. People varied on how well they did at this, but between them, I got pretty close to cumming a couple of times. I was quite enjoying having a number of people play with me (indirectly) so I didn’t try to hurry things along at first, but after a couple of near-orgasms, I began to get a bit impatient. As soon as this was obvious though, Jen suggested that someone try to suck me off. I first had one of the guys blow me, then it was up to Jules to take over. They both looked like they were doing a good job and the crowd seemed to like this, but I obviously couldn’t feel anything so it was a bit boring for me.

I had calmed down a bit by the time this finished and when we returned to dancing I suggested to Jen that we could go upstairs and finish things off (or start things properly – depending on how you look at it). She said that we should stay with everyone for a little while longer and I was passed around again but there was a bit more breast fondling this time. When I danced with Jules she turned away from me and rubbed her ass against the cock. I thought that I may as well play along (it was my last night there after all) and pushed back so the dildo slipped between her legs. It didn’t go inside her, but Jules pushed back and forth and Jen told me that I was making contact with her pussy and she was playing with her breasts while we ‘danced’ like this. It didn’t go any further though and I returned to dancing with Jen (who told me I’d done a good job). We kissed for a while and I pressed up tight against her, trying to encourage her to come up to bed with me. In the end she relented and told everyone that we would be back in a while. I was a bit disappointed in this, but on the way upstairs, she explained that we would take care of our immediate horniness, then return and then do things properly when people had gone.

We decided not to use the strap on and gave the dildo a clean before taking it off. For our quick session, we resorted to just lying on the bed and kissing while using eggs on each other. As we got closer to cumming, we stopped kissing and just maintained eye contact, enjoying the feelings of both love and lust that we could both see and feel (this is a really intimate way to cum and I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try at least a couple of times). Once we’d cum, we had another quick kissing session and got dressed before heading back downstairs. I was allowed to put clothes on (as if it made any difference by that time) and when we rejoined the party we found out that a couple of people had already decided it was late enough and headed home. We had to endure comments about people knowing what we’d been up to, but these were cut short by just admitting that we’d popped up for a quick fuck.

We danced and chatted a bit more and other people decided to head home. In the end there were just a couple of people left and we had to heavily hint that we wanted to go to bed to get them to leave. Once we were alone, Jen and I told Lucy that we would take care of the initial cleanup if she wanted to head up. We bagged some of the mess, but I got a bit distracted when Jen slid a hand under my skirt while I was bending over. Lucy looked in on us on her way back from the bathroom, saw us messing around and just said ‘oh for fuck sake’ and headed up to her room. This allowed us to get a bit more naked though and we kissed and played with each other while we danced and slowly stripped.

Jen went to fetch a couple of ice cubes and we took turns using these on each other (mostly on the nipples and pussy) and we ended up with cold water dripping down our bodies (but very hard nips). We sat on the sofa and I warmed up Jen’s nips with my mouth and then licked my way down her body to her pussy. I started licking and sucking on her clit and she stopped me to point out that she could hear buzzing coming from upstairs. We knew what this would be and quietly snuck out to the hallway. We carefully made our way upstairs and were rewarded with the unmistakable sounds of a vibrator in use, coupled with very quiet moans. I immediately moved so I could lick Jen (she was sort of crouching on all fours) and tried to be as quiet as I could so I could still hear Lucy. I managed to get Jen off before Lucy came and we switched positions.

Jen started to lick me and I used a hand to rub my clit – I felt that I was quite close to cumming anyway and really wanted to cum before Lucy did, but she beat me to it. I considered telling Jen that Lucy had finished (she was distracted with taking care of me) and I wondered how likely it was that Lucy would come out of her room. I expanded that into a nice fantasy to help speed my orgasm along (she comes out, discovers us and makes me eat her while Jen eats me). Other than a bit of heavy breathing, I managed to be silent when I came and Jen continued to gently lick me until I indicated I’d had enough. We crept back downstairs to get ready for bed and then went up to Jen’s room.

Jen was looking quite tired but agreed to share the long double dildo between us while we fell asleep. I really want some kind of reverse strap on so that when we’re in this position (me spooning behind her), I have something that I can gently move against.


  1. Dear Andi,

    I'm pleased You're back safe and that You had a good time. I can't wait to hear the details!

    This is another very sexy entry.

    If I may be rude, how old are You now? It doesn't really matter, as I feel that You'll never be too old to dress as a Schoolgirl: in fact I think it's probably sexier as You get older and it becomes more inappropriate and, therefore, more embarrassing - and I know how You just love to be embarrassed!

    As to the reverse strap-on, why not try a Fun Factory Share? They're similar to a Feeldoe, but much cheaper. Sh! is a good place to shop for them. The idea would be for Jen to wear the short end in Her bum and give You something to rub against. Of course, I'm sure She'd require You to return the compliment!


  2. PS Cumming while looking into Mistress's eyes is very difficult: I find that my eyes roll back into my head while I'm cumming! I can only think that we must be doing something right!

  3. Hi Andi,

    How many of the other guys/girls were gay/straight when you played strip poker ? It seems like you were soon naked for them :)

    Finally you hear Lucy buzzing her vibrator into het cunt and cumming, maybe she will leave her door open a bit next time if you let on thst you heard her.

    Cheers, John xxx

  4. I'm now 26 (but I haven't ever let anyone on here know when my birthday is).

    Most of the people were gay (or at least bi) at the strip poker game. It wasn't quite the same being naked at a time like that, but was still fairly fun